that look mister stop

[This imagine was requested by @mainstreamed-maddythank you all for your patience, requests, and love. All requests are accepted. I hope you all enjoy! MILD TRIGGER WARNING: THERE IS A DELICATE SCENE IN REGARDS TO AN ACCIDENTAL/SOMEWHAT ON PURPOSE SUICIDE ATTEMPT]

I had been in the guest bedroom (that has never once been a room to any guest) for a little over two hours. Mister J rarely came in here so it seemed like the opportune place to be alone for a while, then again, he wasn’t even home so I was alone anyway. I lay curled up in the faux fur lined hanging egg chair, silently crying while wrapped up in my fuzzy pink blanket with a few empty bottles of wine and a box of chocolates. 
Now as a rule that Mister J and I both oddly saw sense in, we don’t drink. We can serve alcohol, we can hold an alcoholic drink just for show, but we never take even a sip. There was a method to our madness, you see. Alcohol only made my voices more prominent, they only made us more unstable and unpredictable. The reason why we worked, the reason why he had gotten so far is because he was crazy, I was crazy, but we were the smart kind of crazy. We were reckless but our risks were calculated for the most part, there was always a plan. Give us any sort of narcotics and the whole world burns.
I’m not one for breaking, I can take more hits than most, but sometimes it’s not the physical blows that break you. So, there I was, sobbing into a pillow, completely pissed drunk with little whispers in my ear… and then he walked in. 
He was on the verge of saying something about the club and in the middle of unbuttoning his shirt when he stopped in his tracks. 
Nonchalance wasn’t going to fix this, but my drunken mind thought otherwise so sniffling, I wiped my eyes and sat up.
“H-H-Hiya P-P-Puddin’, what’s wrong?” 
His eyes flicked to the few bottles of wine I had with me and his eyes narrowed, “Those better be sparkling water, Y/N, or we’re going to have a problem,” he growled. 
I crumpled then, my sobs coming out heavy and fast and I rose gripping one of the bottles by its neck. 
“We already, have a problem, Mister J,” my speech was mumbled and slurred.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” 
I scoffed, throwing the bottle at him and he sidestepped, watching it hit the wall and shatter before his cool blue-grey eyes focused on me. 
“I don’t like you drunk,” his tone was clipped, angry. 
“You don’t give a damn about me, don’t even gimme that, Mister J,” 
He has never cared, you’re just his toy. There are thousands more just like you. Batman knows it, Mister J knows it, but poor little Y/N can’t face the music. The voices whispered and I smacked the side of my head with a violence, yelling out for them to stop. Mister J looked at me in a way my brain couldn’t process and he shut the bedroom door. 
“I want you to tell me what this is all about, doll.” 
He knows, he is just playing with me now. Always playing, always playing, always fucking playing. I stumbled a little, still holding my head because the voices wouldn’t shut up and Mister J began again. 
“Who made you cry?” 
Who? Who? “You silly, but you don’t care.” 
He rolled his neck, cracking it, a tick that always meant he was angry, irritated, or feeling something. 
“Careful, doll. Now I don’t recall saying anything genuinely rotten to you tod-” 
“That’s right! That’s right, did you hear that?” I giggled, a sad and twisted little giggle when I realised he wouldn’t have heard what the voice in my head had said. “It said, you wouldn’t give a shit if I fell off this here balcony.“ I backed up, pulling the door open and he advanced slowly. 
“Now why would it say such a thing, why would you think such a thing?”
He said it in a curious way… in a way that made me even more sad because why would I question him? Why would I think such bad things about my puddin’? Always in your head Y/N he is always in your head, mixing you up, but now you see. But I don’t want to see!
“You can make a thousand more of me,” I felt empty now, tapping my forehead gently, and my back hit the guard rail. 
“I don’t want to make another one, I want you, do you understand? Aren’t you happy? Don’t you love me? Why are you doing this?” He asked in a voice softer than silk, he was trying to calm me I think. Or trick you. The voices whispered.
“I fell for your stories… for your lies… The Bat made me see, don’t you understand? The Bat, told me how stupid I was for thinking you could ever,” I lifted myself so I was sitting on the guard rail.
“Y/N,” he growled. 
Ever. Care about me.”
I let go of the railing so all I would have to do is tilt my body backward and that would be it. Do it, Harley. Jump. Jump. Hitting my head I screamed again for the voices to stop, my voice hitching as I fell back. Oh! 
But he had me, his hands curled around my ankle and I stared down at the little cars and realised I could have just been a mangled heap all the way down there. Leaning up I grabbed his arm and he released my leg, yanking me up and over the rail and we fell back. He clutched me to his chest and I sobbed, I held onto him for dear life and I sobbed into his chest while he stroked my hair. Whether from exertion or… something else his heart was beating hard and fast. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I whimpered. 
He didn’t say anything for a moment, he just lifted me into his arms and carried me back inside, yelling for Frost who entered promptly. 
“Yeah, boss?” 
“Grab the Doc, she has been drinking,”
And with that he was gone and I was still crying but I felt weak, tired, my head lolling and in a moment of tenderness his lips brushed the heart on my cheekbone. 
“We’ll fix you up Y/N… we’ll make it right.”

***Y/N P.O.V

I woke up feeling better, there was an I.V in my arm that was pumping me with fluids to eradicate the alcohol in my system. Mister J was sitting beside me, absently playing with his hunting knife. 
“I don’t like it when you’re presumptuous,” he said. 
Licking my lips I sat up, cupping the side of his neck with my hand and he looked at me then. There was an angry, frustrated, and confused look in his eyes and I brushed my nose against his. 
“I know… I’m sorry… he got into my head. He… he found my weakness,” 
Mister J’s confusion grew, and I squeezed his hand, “You. He made me doubt-” 
“Don’t you ever do anything like that again or I’ll kill you myself,” 
He left me then, moving towards the door but he paused for a second, turning his head but he didn’t look at me. 
“The Bat will hurt for this, for you.” 
And with that he was gone, it was the only thing I needed. It was his way of saying I do care about you, whatever he said was wrong. It was his way of telling me that I mattered to him in the only way he knew how and that was more than I could ever ask for.

[I might make this scene longer for fun or recreate it in Mister J’s point of view further down the line but I am not sure. I am happy with it, I hope you guys are too. Feel free to message me with requests, feedback, or even if you just want to chat.][I also sincerely ask that none of my work is posted elsewhere and in the event that it is please at least credit the author. Thank you]

Hellooooo everyonee! :D Hope you all are having an great daaay and I wrote you guys new part to the story! :)

Enjoy <3

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“Can’t let go” Jimin story - Part 2

For next few days Jimin and you only have been texting each other.
He would always say “Goodmorning or goodnight beautiful” and that would make you so happy..

Few times it happened that you two are in a same class.Jimin would always turn his head towards you and smile at you.
“Mister Jimin,please stop looking at miss Y/N and pay attention to the class” teacher would say to Jimin
You would smile and put your head down because you know people are looking at you and Jimin.
“Sorry sir..” Jimin would say and look back at you again and then pay attention to class

After class you picked up your books and walked out of the class,Jimin followed you from the behind.
“Y/N” he said and you stop to walk and tunr around towards him
“Yes?” you smiled
“Do you wanna grab some lunch later?” he looked at your eyes
“Don’t be shy Y/N…It’s just a friend lunch” he smiled getting closer to your face
“Fineee,I’ll goo” you smiled 
“Okay” he winks and walks away

You don’t usually do this,but you couldn’t stop looking at his ass.It was just an amazing ass..
“God what am I doing?” you laugh at yourself 
“Y/N!” Olivia shouts in your ear and you jump a little
“Whyyyyy do you have to do that?!” you look at her
“It’s just fun” she laughed
“What you doing later?” she added
“Why you ask?” you look at her
“Well I wanted us to go to the mall,since I need to buy some stuff” she explains
“I..Kind of like going to lunch with Jimin” you said
“You what?” you raised her eyebrows
“He just asked me to go after class to the lunch” you explain
“Ohhhhhhhh…..So it’s a date?” 
“What?! No It’s not” you laugh
“It’s a date okay”
“Olivia it’s not-”
“I can’t hear youuuuu” she said walking away
“I-” you roll your eyes and walk to the classroom

It happens that Jimin was in the same class as you,again.
“You in this class too?” he asked as you sat next to him
“Yup” you laugh 
“Wow,well I like that” he nodded his head
“I like it too” you looked at him and you two smiled at each other
“OKAY CLASS!” teacher walks in yelling 

Jimin and you look at each other again with serious faces.
“What’s up with him?” Jimin wispers to you
“I don’t know” you wisper back
“CLASS YOU WILL DO SOMETHING!” teacher again yelled sitting on a chair in front all of you
One guy raises his hand
“Yes you?” teacher points at him
“Why are you shouting?” 
“Because..I am excited for this project” teacher smiled
“Ahhhh okay” he added and stood up again

All of you laugh at him and his acting.
“You all will be separated in pairs…” he walks around the classroom
“It’s a thing where,one of you has to do a pose and another one has to draw them” he added

You got really nervous,but still felt excited about the project…YOu didn’t know who will you be paired up with.

“But why did you want us to do that?” one of the guys say
“Because I wanna see the art” he said
“I don’t get it” Jimin wispers to you and you laugh 
“It’s okay,I don’t get it that well either” you said
“OH LOOK AT THEM!” teacher comes up to you two 

Teacher gets closer and closer to Jimin,he almost fell off the chair,because he was trying to make some distance with the teacher.
“Okay,you two” he said pointing
“W-what?” you asked
“You guys are paired up” he smiled
“Good luck! NOW let’s see other pairs!” he walks away from you two

Jimin and you look at each other.
“I..” he started
“When does that needs to be finished?” you raised your hand
“Tomorrow” he smiled
“Oh Jesus Christ” Jimin shaked his head “No”
“You don’t want-” you started
“No! I wanna do it,It’s just we have to do that tomorrow” he looked at you
“Well it will be tiring,but still..We can do it!” you smiled and pushed him a little
“My place or yours?” 
“Jimin and Y/N,please talk after the class” 

After class Jimin and you decided that you will come to his place at 7pm.
“But you still going?” he asked
“Where?” you were confused
“To the lunch?” 
“Ohhhh about that…My friend has to-”
“It’s okay…Next time” Jimin licked his lips and nodded his head
“You’re not mad?” 
“No,why would I be?” 
“I don’t know…” 
“Y/N I am not mad,see you later” Jimin laughed and walked away
“Byee” you said

Something about Jimin made you nervous to be around him.You think of him only as friend,at least for now.But the way he looks at you and smiles,it makes you go crazy.

Jimin on other side can’t stop thinking about you.The way you smile at him too.
When you get confused and shy around him sometimes.
It makes him like you even more.

“Olivia just takeee it” you look at her while she’s trying out a dress
“I don’t know” she was looking herself in the mirror
“You are just..I can’t stand you anymore,I’ll be outside” you said and walked in front of the store.

You looked around then took your phone in your hands and check some stuff on it.
“Jimin you are so crazy man” Chris shouted on purpose 
You lifted your head up right away and look around..You spot Chris and Jimin together laughing.
You laughed
“What are you doing here?” you asked
“This is soo cute.Whenever you guys go,you see each other” Chris teases
Jimin gives him a serious look and he stops to laugh.
“This is Chris,my dumb friend” Jimin smiled
“Heeeey” Chris looked at him
“He needed to get something,so I went with him” Jimin explains why is he here
“Y/N you left-” Olivia smiled
“You are Jimin” she said pointing 
“Yeah I am” 
“That is the guy you’re-” you slap Olivia’s arm
“That she what?” Jimin smiled looking at Olivia then at you
“Nothing” you said instead of Olivia
“Okay this is weird” Chris was confused
“Yeah” Olivia nodded her head

You lick your lips and look at Jimin then look away.
“Let’s go home” you said
“B-bye” Jimin said as you two were walking away,you didn’t want to say anything because you were embarassed 
“Damn it,I should have teased you too about her!” Chris slaps his head

Jimin just shaked his head and looked at him.
“Let’s go Chris” 
“I kind of like that Olivia girl” 
“Good for you man,good for you” 
“What’s wrong with you now?”
“Nothing.I’m okay” Jimin smiled

Chris rolled his eyes and continued to walk with Jimin.
Jimin was just bothered with you just going off without saying anything.
“Jimin” Chris looked at him
“She’s just shy,don’t be bothered with a stuid thing” 
“How did you know?”
“Because..Umm you are my FRIEND obviously?!” Chris laughs
“She’s cute” Jimin bit his lip thinking about you
“She was so shy when you asked a question” 
“I like that…”Jimin smiled

His phone rings and It’s you.
“Hey” Jimin answers
“Hey,um..I wanna say sorry for the thing that happened before” you laughed a little
“Nah,It’s finee..I know you like me”Jimin teased you and smiled
You stayed speachless,you didn’t know what to say.
“Y/N you there?” Jimin added laughing a little
“I know you like me” you smiled biting your lip
“Hmmm..Maybe and maybe not” Jimin smiled
“I knooow youu” you laughed
“I know you too” 
“Okay,umm see you later,bye” you added and hang up
“Jesus Christ” you thought to yourself and put one hand on your chest:Your heart was beating so fast.
You were actually really hot right now,you couldn’t cool off.

“Okay” you said as you walked to Jimin’s room door.Yoou knock on it and he opens it.
“Hi..Come in” Jimin opens the door and you walk in.
“Okay we gotta do this quick and good” you laughed leaving your stuff on his bed
Jimin sits next to you,little bit closer.
“Who will be the model? I mean how will we do this” he laughed
“Umm..Well you be a model and I will draw you” you smiled looking at him
Your heart skipped a beat as you noticed he was sitting closer to you.You tried to stay cool.
“Okay” he nodded his head

You stood up to get everything prepared..He turns his head towards you and smiles at you.
“Why you o that?” you asked 
“DO what?”
“Smile at me?”
“Is there something wrong with that?”
“You don’t like it?” he stood up and camed towards you
“I like it” you smiled and tapped his chest
“I know you do” he smiled licking his lips
“HEY JIMIN! OH SHIT-” a guy walks in
“Did I interrupt something here or…?” he added
“Oh no,nothing..What’s up?” Jimin looked at him

While Jimin was talking to him.You were looking at his face,lips,neck..His hands,muscles..Everything.
All you wanted to do is hug Jimin for the first time to feel his embrace..Those strong arms to be wrapped around you and holding you tightly.
“Okay,see you then,bye” guy said and walked out
“Y/N?” Jimin noticed you looking at him
“Ah what now?” you look up at him
“We gonna do this thing or?” he laughed at you
“Yeah,just go there and look trough the window” you point

Jimin noodded his head and walked over to the window.
“No” you said
“I need something better,like maybeee…You can take off your T-shirt?” you smiled and felt nervous
“Okay,sure..” Jimin winks at you 

He starts to take off his T-Shirt,you bit your lip watching him.
He throws the T-Shirt on his bed and looks at you.
“Is it good now?” Jimin smiled
“Y-yeah” you couldn’t stop looking at his abs,his whole body.
“I know you like what you see” he winks
“Oh stop it!” you laugh rolling your eyes.

All that Jimin had on himself was torn jeans,a silver necklace over his neck and his beautiful body showing..You were almost out of breath how hot he looked.
He was standing,with his hands in his pockets..His vains showing from his arm muscles to his hands.
That was your weakness about a guy.Them vains showing.

You were looking at him and drawing him..He was in some deep thought while looking trough the window.
“God Y/N I can’t stay like this anymore,can we take a break” Jimin laughed
“Of course” you laughed 
“Oh thank you” Jimin relaxes his body and sits on the bed
“How you doing so far?” 
“Good” you smiled
“Daaamn I even look better when you draw me” he smiled looking at you while looking at the drawing
You laughed looking at him.
“You look nervous” Jimin said and sat back on the bed again
“Why would I be nervous?” you look at him
“Well I don’t know,but” Jimin said raising his shoulders
“I am not nervous at all” you smiled

You hear from the outside,how rain is falling hard.
”Why would..Oh God” you said
”You don’t like rain?”
”No..Not a all when it’s raining that hard”
”Well you’ll stay here with me,till it stops” he smiled
”I guess..I don’t know”
”I know you want to Y/N” 

You rolled your eyes and stood up.
Jimin and you got back to the drawing.When you finished it,the rain still hasn’t stopped.
“I guess I am staying” you said
“You will wait till the rain stops or?”

Jimin was sitting on a chair and you were laying on his bed.
Both of you were laughing and getting to know each ther more.
“And then I was like-” Jimin stopped to talk when he notices you’re asleep
He smiled and took a blanket and cover you up..
“I knew you can’t stay awake till it stops” he laughed and tok another pillow and layed on the floor next to the bed.

Dearest (Joker x reader) 6

Chapter 6

Y/N’s curiosity got the better of her when she went exploring by herself in an old insane asylum. Little did she know of the murderous psychopath lurking in the shadows, obsessed and determined to break her and make her his.

Warning; SMUT

Mister J put his hands on both sides of the tub and bent down, looking down at you. Just the sight of you right now, was enough to push him over the edge. Your legs squeezed together with your knees above the purple liquid surface. I was looking up at him with my innocent, angelic eyes and tilted my head slightly to one side. He was breathing heavily, lips parted as he took in the sight of me. He placed his cold hand on my back and started rubbing it in circular motions. I let my eyelids fall and sighed, just by touching a small part of me he could make my entire body shiver, wanting more.

He extended his hand towards me and waited for me to grab it. I did, hesitantly. Using my other arm to cover what I could muster. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as exposed as I do now. The room temperature hit my skin like a little wave and caused tiny goose bumps to form on my arms and thighs. Mister J didn’t take his eyes off my body for one second, devouring me with his stare. He turned around, grabbed a red silk robe and put it over my shoulders, letting it hang over my wet Y/H/C hair.

 ‘’Have you ever been touched like this, kitten?’’ he asked as he pinched on of my nipples. I gasped quietly and turned my head so that it met his. ‘’No, never.’’ I replied as he kept toying with it between his fingers. He let go and walked out of the bathroom and into his master bedroom, which was right outside. I knew he meant for me to follow him, but I needed a minute to collect myself before going through with this. I was afraid I’d get too nervous and back out, although I’m not sure that would be entirely up to me. I looked in the mirror. My hair was wet and fell down the sides of my shoulder. The red silky robe really complimented my face, making the red blush in my cheeks more visible.

 I walked out to see my mister j standing there with his black pants on, waiting for his babydoll. He looked me up and down as I walked towards him. ‘’Come to daddy.’’ He said as he grabbed my chin and pressed his longing lips against my swollen ones. This kiss was more desperate and passionate then any before, we had both wanted this for a long time. He squeezed my ass and used his grip to pull me closer to his body. I could feel his bulge through my robe, which caused my body to heat up. 

He spun me around and pushed me down on his satin sheets, my robe falling half-open, revealing parts of my breasts and my bare, crossed legs. He crawled down and slithered over me, a dark shadow covered my naked body. When he had me beneath him, completely under his control, he used one hand to slide the sides of my robe down to the sides. I was now completely exposed to this psychopath. I closed my eyes and tried to regulate my breath.

 ‘’God, you’re so perfect’’ he mumbled as I suddenly felt a kiss on my leg. I remained quiet, and felt a knot in my stomach. My heart was racing and I felt completely and utterly defenseless. I wanted more, but I was also scared of feeling more. He could definitely sense my anxiousness and the tension in my body. He fed on it, thrived on it. He loved having this control over me, my fragile body laying beneath him, his for the taking. He started placing wet kisses and little bites from my leg, to my knee and up to my thigh when my eyes snapped open. It felt like my body was a about to explode and I was scared I was gonna start moaning.

 My legs had always been a sensitive part of my body so whenever someone touched me, I would always flinch, giggle and pull away. ‘’S-stop’’ I whimpered. Mister J looked up at my pleading eyes and growled in annoyance. Then he quickly and firmly snaked his arms between my legs, spread them and gripped the sides of my thigs, holding me down. I was unable to move and before my brain could register all the sudden movements, mister j ran his tongue up my slit. My back arched immediately and I couldn’t help but let a moan escape my lips. ‘’God, you’re so fucking wet for your daddy’’ he groaned, his face buried between my legs. I moaned at his words and barely manage to utter a mmmm to confirm.

 Just when I thought, the feeling couldn’t get more intense he started putting all of his attention on my clit. He moved his tongue in circles and sucked harshly on it, making me grip the sheets so tight I could’ve ripped them in half. The feeling was almost too much for me and I instinctively tried to close my legs. Once mister J felt that, his grip got harder and he pushed my thigs further apart and started sucking on my clit harder and faster than he had before. ‘’Fuck!’’ I almost shouted as my thighs started trembling. He put my clit between his silver grills and nibbled gently on it.

As I felt my orgasm starting to build up he pulled away and got up on his knees, looking down at me. My breathing was soft and heavy and my cheeks were pink. He purred into my ear as he grabbed my neck and kissed me viciously, biting my lower lip so hard a little drop of blood ran down my chin. He then grabbed a fistful of my hair and used it to bend my head back, revealing every part of my neck and throat to him. He placed small kisses from my collarbones and up to my chin. Then he used his tongue to lick the drop of blood up till my mouth before he attached his lips back on mine.

If I wasn’t a hot mess before, I was now. ‘’You want more, baby?’’ he asked, lust visible in his voice. ‘’Yes daddy’’ I breathed out. ‘’Say it, say iit.’’ He growled in the crook of my neck. ‘’Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty pleease daddy?’’ I pouted at him and licked the blood of my lower lip. He practically ripped his jeans and boxers off and crawled in-between my legs. My pupils were dilated and my eyes were huge, looking at his magnificent creature on top of me.

We looked at each other for a few seconds before he thrusted himself into my soaking wet pussy. ‘’Aaaah fuck’’ he groaned as he moved in and out of me while keeping a tight grip on my neck. ‘’You’re so fucking tight, kitten’’ I put my hands on the back of his head and gripped his green hair. We never lost eye contact. ‘’You feel s-soo good daddy’’ I could barely speak between moans. ‘’Come on puddin, fuck me harder’’ I said with a raspy voice before biting his lip. We were both surprised at my sudden sexual confidence but he didn’t hesitate for a second to thrust his entire length into me. He started to pick up the pace and groaned between heavy breaths. The sound of his growling and my moaning turned me on even more.

 Mister J placed one hand around my neck and slid the other down to my clit, rubbing it in pace with his thrusts. This caused me to arch my back in pleasure and lift my head back into the pillow, which mister j saw as an opportunity to tighten his grip around my neck, almost cutting my air supply. ‘’You gonna be a good little girl and cum for your daddy, huh?’’ he said inbetween grunts. ‘’Yes, - yes yes’’ I moaned for him.

 I felt his thrusts getting sloppier as I felt my orgasm building. He released one final, loud groan as I felt his warm liquid fill me. This pushed me over the edge and I gripped his hair tightly as I moaned and arched my body up towards his, seeing white.

We both panted, catching our breaths while looking at each other. ‘’Oh, I’m definitely gonna keep you, kid.’’ Mistah j laughed and bit my earlobe.

Howdy, Neighbour


For skipsupport3 who prompted “ Au idea: Newt moves to a new neighborhood and Graves is his newt door neighbor. Graves not a people person, but he getting tried of hearing his neighbor’s loud pets and decides to go over and give a piece of his mind. First time seeing Newt he’s starstuck”

Perry did not sign up for this shit. Okay, he didn’t. He wanted a quiet apartment, with quiet neighbours, in a quiet neighbourhood. His job as a captain of a police precinct is very tiring and stressful and when he goes back to his apartment, he wants peace and quiet. That is not what he gets. Instead, he gets a noisy neighbour who has a fucking zoo in their apartment. Perry will hear barking, screeching, hissing—once, Perry swears he heard roaring. Like what the fuck?

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(Don’t) Hop on my Back

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Paring: Eren/Levi

Summary: Based off the AU: I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed.

Eren never said he had perfect vision. (Eren’s text name is based off of this video starting at 1:45)

For Ereri Week Day 7: Soumates

AO3 Link                                                      

Eren never said he had perfect vision.

To be completely honest he was a step below being called legally blind, so looking back on the incident, it wasn’t entirely because he was texting Armin about snemes (snail memes).

What also didn’t help was Mikasa decided that her long hair, which was then reaching the middle of her chest, was making her become unbearably hot and since it was the beginning of summer she might as well cut it off into a bob-styled haircut.

Long story short; this lead up to Eren being slammed to the ground by the not-so-Mikasa-person.

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Dearest (Joker x reader) 8

Y/N’s curiosity got the better of her when she went exploring by herself in an old insane asylum. Little did she know of the murderous psychopath lurking in the shadows, obsessed and determined to break her and make her his.

Warning; smut and violence 

Chapter 8

Adrenaline was pumping through my veins as my puddin hit the gas and my body was thrown back in my seat. ‘’OOOh-ho-ho HA HA’’ his maniacal laughter filled the streets as we sped through Gotham City. When he stopped the car outside of his club, a bouncer walked up and opened the door for me. I got out, in my golden glory, wrapping my arm around Mister j’s waist and rested my head on his shoulder as we walked in.

All eyes were on us. Strippers, gangsters, bartenders and mob-bosses turned their heads as we walked past them. My pudding had gotten all dressed up for the occasion. White shirt, buttoned down and his golden cane. ‘’Listen cupcake, why don’t you go dance for me, while daddy takes care of business.’’ He held my chin with his fingers and stroked my lower lip with his thumb. ‘’Sure thing, Mistah J’’ I smiled and walked over to the bar.

Once everyone saw whom I belonged to, they practically bowed in my presence. Frost had told me that Mister J only visited his club for business meetings or for pleasure. So once he made an appearance, everyone made sure the club was in the best shape. Mister J didn’t just kill people who vexed him or owed him money. Sometimes he would slit some random poor bastard’s throat just for fun. He fed on the thrill of the kill.

 ‘’Whatcha having, miss?’’ the bartender asked me, a friendly smile on his face. I clicked my tongue and tapped my fingers on the surface of the bar. ‘’You got mimosas?’’ my eyes lit up. ‘’Of course, miss and of course it’s-uh on the house.’’ He stuttered a bit and turned around to fix me my drink. I wonder what it’s like to work for Mister J. Hah!, poor fools, they had to be scared out of their minds. Spill a drink, bang, you’re dead. Play a song the boss doesn’t like, bang, you’re dead. I looked over to a separate section of the club. My pudding sat there with his cane in his right hand, gripping and squeezing it as he threw glances at me. 5 or 8 men had just walked in and was headed towards the room Mister J sat in. They had to be the ones he was doing business with.

I started feeling a little out of place. I had never really been to a real big club before, especially not one like this. Without Mister J by my side, I wasn’t really sure what to do while he was handling business. Should I walk around and mingle, or just sit here and admire him? I refuse to dance before I’m a little tipsy. ‘’Here you go, beautiful’’ Mister Bartender said as he handed me my drink. ‘’Thanks’’ I chirped and spun around on the red barstool. The strippers wore black and golden animal masks and grinded on each other like wild animals.

Taking a sip of my drink whilst looking over at my puddin, I noticed the three strippers in the room. I felt a little knot form in my chest as I looked at them bending over and grinding on their poles in basically nothing. He wasn’t paying that much attention to them but I still saw him throwing them glances once in a while, which he wasn’t throwing in my direction anymore. I waved at the bartender with my finger and ordered three shots of tequila.

I knew he was probably used to having cheap girls throwing themselves over him all the time, plus he had probably fucked every girl he had working for him, but I still couldn’t help feeling a little jealous. He was my puddin. I grabbed one after one of the shot glasses of tequila, placed the rim at my lips and threw my head back. Swallowing and scrunching my nose, I slammed the flat of my hand on the bar and cursed under my breath. Let’s do it.

I got up and walked up the little staircase that led to the stage in the center of the room where the strippers were. When they noticed, they all made way for me and humbly smiled as they let me grab a hold of the golden pole in the middle. I felt the alcohol stinging in my throat and burning in my stomach.

I grabbed the pole and threw myself around it, sliding down as I teasingly spread my legs before I arched my back and slid up again. The others stood in silence for about three seconds, and then they looked at each other and smirked. They joined in and I felt the beat of the music flow through my body. Looking over, I saw that Mister J had caught up on what was happening, and had his eyes glued on my body. I slid down the pole, slowly, while shaking my hips, my eyes locked on his.

One of his potential business clients was talking to him, but he didn’t take his eyes of me. I grabbed one of the male dancers and pushed his back to the pole. I grabbed his neck and dropped down to my knees, ran my hands up his legs, ass out and body swaying to the beat. I could see Mister J’s eyes filled with lust as he enviously glared at me. I was pushing his limits.

As I continued throughout the song, if felt a few drops of sweat form on my forehead. I let completely go of myself and danced my heart out. It could have been the tequila, or the rush of his eyes on me, but I was feeling every inch of myself. When the song ended I stepped off the stage and started wandering around, chatting to employees and other criminals.

In the corner of my eye, I saw four men staring at me with lustful eyes as they started walking in my direction. One of them grabbed my hips and placed his arms around my torso. ‘’And who might you be, hotness? Haven’t seen you around before.’’ I chuckled and smiled at the three others, standing in front of me. ‘’That’s for me to know and you to wonder’’ I smirked as I tried to remove myself from his grip and keep walking. But he tightened his grip, forcing me to stay put between his arms. One of the other ones walked up and lifted my chin up with his finger as he smiled. ‘’You’re a pretty little thing aren’t you.’’ ‘’How about you come play with us a little, huh sweetheart?’’ the third joined in. They obviously hadn’t been here long enough to register who I came here with.

I looked over to my pudding to check if he had noticed what was happening, but he wasn’t there anymore. Neither was any of his business associates or henchmen. The strippers were backing away from the stage and into a backroom and this was when I noticed that there were barely any people left in the club. Uh-oh.

‘’GENTLEMEN!’’ Mister J exclaimed, as he appeared, walking towards us with his gun in his hand. UH-OH. The four men froze, their eyes wide with fear as they saw who was talking to them. ‘’Are you bothering, this nice young lady?’’ he asked, with his hands open and his eyebrows raised. ‘’Uhm- No! no, of course not Mister J, we would never. We were-uh just uhm making sure she wasn’t alone.’’ On of them stuttered, his eyes glued to his feet.

‘’Are they bothering you, dollface?’’ Mister J looked at me, waving his gun around. I decided to join the fun and play his little game. I pouted and blinked at him like a little child. ‘’A little’’ I said with a baby-voice. ‘’Aawwe’’ he pouted as he looked at his innocent little queen. Then he quickly raised his gun and fired four shots, all in their stomach. They all fell to the ground like little dominos and I walked over to my pudding, slung my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek with one foot up in joy.

He was about to say something when one of the men started groaning in pain and grabbed his stomach, rolling over to the side and looked up at us with pleading eyes. Mister J rolled his eyes at the man and looked at me. He took my hand and placed the gun in my small palm. Then he slithered behind me and grabbed my hips. ‘’Finish him, little one’’ he murmured as while he nibbled on my earlobe. I raised my arm, took my aim and pulled the trigger. My heart skipped a beat when I felt the gun go off in my hands.

Mister J growled loudly as he pushed me roughly against the wall and attacked my lips with his. He bit, sucked and licked my neck as he grabbed my ass with all the force he had in his body. Both of our bodies were filled with adrenaline and lust and we needed to touch each other. ‘’Daddyy?’’ I asked as his grills bit down on my neck. He mumbled a small mmm in reply, too focused on pleasing me to chitchat. ‘’Thank you for saving me from those pigs’’ I sighed, barely getting the words out because of the pleasure of his touch.

Mister J stopped and looked at me with his crazy dark eyes. ‘’They touched what belongs to me. I should’ve ripped their faces off.’’ He angrily growled as he pressed his crotch against mine. ‘’I wanna thank you, daddy’’ I said softly and suggestively as I ran my hand down his chest and grabbed his itching crotch. Mister J growled as his chest rose heavily. Before I had time to react, he grabbed my arm hand dragged me with him to his private room.

I pushed him down on the couch and bowed down. Placing my fingers on his knees, I slowly pushed his legs open and squeezed his thigh. ‘’You want me?’’ I teased and ran my hand up and down his thigh.

He shot me a deadly glare as I got on my knees and put my fingers under his chin. ‘’I’m all yours’’ I said seductively while grabbing his hard cock through his tight pants. Mister J grabbed my hair and pushed my head down as he unzipped his pants and looked at me. I pulled them down and locked my fingers around his cock. Then I licked the bottom of his shaft and all the way up to his head. I used my tongue to circle it and flicked it on his tip. He groaned and threw his head back in frustration. ‘’Don’t tease me.’’

I grabbed his cock and placed my lips at his head as I took all of him into my mouth. He sighed and stroked my hair. I started bobbing my head up and down, faster each time. I loved feeling him writhe under my touch. He was bucking his hips up, pulling strands of my hair, growling and purring as I pleased him. ‘’Such a good little girl’’ he groaned breathlessly.

I grabbed one of his balls and squeezed it gently while I kept sucking his cock. I felt him twitch in my mouth as he pulled my hair tighter. ‘’Daddy’s gonna cum, baby’’ he growled. I looked up at him. ‘’Yeeah?’’ I asked as my eyes met his. This was enough to send him over the edge. He growled loudly and threw his head back, his grip on my hair loosened as I felt the warm liquid fill my mouth. I got up and sat in his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck. Breathlessly, he planted tiny kisses from my chest up to my forehead and held me. ‘’Let’s go home, doll.’’

I nodded and got up, got off him and walked out of the room. In the main room stood frost in all of his glory, trying his best to hide the smirk that was on his face. I giggled as I walked past him and out the front door. Weird. Mister J’s Lamborghini wasn’t there. I was about to turn around and walk back inside when I felt a soggy cloth cover my mouth. It burned my lips and once I inhaled, everything went black.

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(Anon with the doc ignis au) yes exactly. Imagine gladio was melted everytime he sees ignis in his white doc coat and he just went all weak and saying "the problem is my heart ignis only you can fix my loneliness" and ignis just sigh so hard because his bf can be so cheezy "Gladio I have to go to work today." Lol i actually have a thing for ignis being a doctor because he fits so well I do know gladio gets so turn on when ignis put on that white coat.

Hahahaha, the worst of this case is that Gladio’s completely going to use the “heart problem” at some point.


“What’s wrong with it, mister Amicitia?”

“It swells when I look at you and stops when you smile.”



“Here’s the number for the heart specialist, you’ll find him from 9 am to 3 pm”


“Or you can phone to this other number if you want to arrange a date.”

“Ignis, you’re not getting the point.”

Besides, Ignis in a doctor uniform…who wouldn’t melt? :)

[I apologize in advance for the bad image quality of the photo’s above. I hope you all enjoy my second imagine fic and I will be taking requests if anyone would like]

           “Now, chocolate, strawberry or vanilla?” Griggs asked. 
           I could do nothing but whimper around the gag and hate myself when satisfaction lit his eyes. I clutched the arms of the chair, my wrists rubbed raw and bleeding as I struggled feebly against my restraints.  
           “My job is to keep you alive until you die!”
           The bastard better hope he kills me because when I get out of this prison, and I will there will be no mercy. He will beg and he will cry, and he will wish for death and when he wants it most I won’t give it to him. Mister J and I will have fun with him… Mister J. I whimpered again. You didn’t do it right you fuckers! I wanted to yell, you didn’t put the damn tube in right! But all I could do is lose myself in the discomfort as Griggs videotaped me like the depraved asshole he is. Something tells me when I get out of these restraints he’s going to want to run because the devil is coming for him. The devil is coming for him. The devil is coming for him.

***One day prior to the Belle Reves Jail Break***
           Mister J glanced up impatiently from the blue prints, a gun in his hand and it was never good to be near the boss when he had a weapon. He was unhinged, more so than usual ever since he lost Y/N. After the plane went down and Frost went down with it I was placed in Frosts position, but right now I was the mailman about to deliver bad news. If this didn’t go well I’d soon have a replacement. 
           “What?”He demanded half growling in anger and frustration.
           “Well… you see… one of the tech guys when hacking into the Prisons mainframe found something disturbing in regards to Y/N on one of the-”
           I flinched as he slammed both hands on the table, walking around it towards me with that unpredictable look in his eyes. 
           “All that chit-chat is gonna get ya hurt!” One of his hands squeezed my shoulder, while the other placed the gun under my chin and I gulped. 
           “Now, what’s this about my Y/N? What are they doin’ to my doll in there?” 
           With shaking hands I removed my cell phone from my pocket and pulled up the link. He watched the video intently, his breath coming out harder and harder with each passing second. When it was over he released me, grabbing my phone from my hand and throwing it across the room with a yell. 
           “I’m comin’ for ya Y/N, and when I do honey we’re gonna paint the walls in his blood for ever thinking he can touch what belongs to me.” 
           Pain split through my stomach and my hands covered the gunshot wound instinctively. Dropping to my knees the Joker laughed, leaning back into it like my death was the funniest thing he had ever seen. 
           “I’m afraid it just wasn’t working out.” 


           I backed away from the swat team as the door to my cell was broken open and one solitary figure walked in. I hoped… I mean he couldn’t have… but I wished… but who else could it be? And then I had my answer, his mask was off and I tears filled my eyes as I gasped “Puddin!” And I pulled him into my arms. He held me and the level of relief and happiness I was feeling (mixed with a few espressos) had me on a high. 
           “Let’s go home, Y/N” He said, his voice low and gravelly and I was already home. 
           “Can we bring the espresso machine?” 

           I stretched along the bear skin rug, having been covered in a silk duvet sometime during the journey back to puddin’s penthouse. There was a playing card on a silver serving tray with a bottle of grape soda and a single rose. The message on the card read “Come join me for Spring Break”. My brows knit together in confusion and I got up, still in my prison uniform, and I brought my rose with me following the trail of petals. It was when I entered the kitchen however, that the path of flower petals dwindled into droplets of blood. Lying on the kitchen counter was pink pliers, a brown lead sprinkler, and a white cat o’ nine tails labelled Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla. A light bulb went off inside my head and I grinned taking all three, I had always loved Neapolitan. 
           Entering the living room there was mister J, sitting on the living room table across from a bound, gagged, beaten, and cut up Griggs with a nasogastric intubation in his nose. Part of his mouth was cut in a grim half-smile so I could see his teeth, and there was goop on the floor beside him. 
           “Well, well, well Y/N. What is it you got there honey?” Mister J asked.
           I giggled, skipping over to him and setting them down. “Toys puddin’” 
           He pulled me to him, he wore nothing but a pair of dress pants and I ran my hands up his torso, winding my fingers into his hair. 
           “Do you like your new toys Y/N?” 
           Taking his lower lip between my teeth he growled as I tugged on it, looking over at Griggs who was sweaty and shaking. 
           “He likes to watch me you know?” I knew exactly what I was doing but I didn’t stop.
           I looked to Mister J, pressing myself to him and trailing my fingers down his arm. 
           “He liked to call me names; hotness, sugar tits, nice ass, and I got him real hot and bothered, didn’t I?” I asked Griggs as I moved away from puddin’ and sat down in the bastards lap.
           His panicked ramblings were incoherent around the gag. Mister J’s breath was coming out harder now. 
           “He wanted me,” I looked to Griggs. “I know you wanted me, you were always watching, and then he’d hit me. He’d hurt me mister J,” I whimpered for the show of it even though Griggs had hurt me.
           Mister J yanked me two him, aiming a gun at the assholes face with his free hand. 
           “You’re choice Y/N” 
           Part of me thought it would be too fast, another part of me just wanted him out of the way so I could be alone with my puddin’. I reached for the gun, sliding my index finger over top of his but I didn’t stop looking in his eyes. I felt the judder of the gun as it fired shoot up my arm and we let the gun fall to the floor with a clatter. 
           “You won’t be taken from me again Y/N” 
           “You want me handsome? I’m all yours.” 
           Grabbing my hips roughly he lifted me into his arms, biting a trail down my neck as he carried me back to the bear skin rug. 

[This fic was originally going to be a bit more intense but I decided to tone it down a notch. It is from a different fanfiction of mine (A Harley Quinn origin story) if any of you would like the alternate version (or the missing scene of what happened to Griggs before Y/N entered the living room) let me know or if you have any fic requests do not be afraid to send me a message]

In the Beginning - Part 1

Word Count: 2203

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Laying next to Dean with your arms wrapped around him, you heard Sam rummaging through the bathroom getting a bag together. Dean was sound asleep and you assumed Sam thought you were too. He walked out of the room and stopped to look at you both before turning and shutting the door behind him. You could hear the engine of the car outside waiting for him and within seconds it sped away. You thought about following him but when you felt Dean start to twitch and his breathing pick up you wrapped yourself tighter around him. He woke up startled with a gasp. “You’re safe.” You soothed, running your hand up and down his back.

“Hello, Dean.” Castiel’s voice came from behind you and you jumped, turning yourself to face him. “What were you dreaming about?”

“Hello to you too.” You mumbled under your breath when Castiel ignored you.

“What, do you get your freak on by watching other people sleep?” Dean snapped. “What do you want?”

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Can You Keep Up Part 5

Can You Keep Up Part 5

Can You Keep Up Part 1

Can You Keep Up Part 2

Can you Keep Up Part 3

Can You Keep Up Part 4

A/N: I’m not even sure if this is any good, but I had fun writing it. I hope you enjoy it. May have some graphic content in this update. I might be editing this update later on adding things. I’ll let you know if I do.

Suggested Music to Listen to

Meg Myers - Desire

It was a friday morning and you were sitting at your lab table for chemistry waiting for everyone to enter the classroom so the day could begin. The cap of your pen was in your mouth and you were chewing on it. The class begins to fill and someone sits down beside you and drops their books loudly. You jump slightly looking at the person beside you and pen cap falls from your mouth.

“You’re not my lab partner.” You bluntly say lifting your head up.

“I’m not?” He asks scrunching his face and looking around the class room. Students were filing in a taking their seats. “Your partner seems to be out. I think I can make class interesting today, so lets be partners.”

“What if I don’t want an interesting class and would prefer to work alone?” You ask opening your text book. Your eyes roll as you open your note book to prep for taking notes. “There’s a test coming up soon and I can’t be distracted.”

“But there is so much chemistry between us.” He lifts his chemistry book up and points are the word Chemistry.

“Very funny Brett.” You huff and rest your elbow on the table again.

“Don’t act like nothing has happened between us (y/n)” He leans in and you can feel his body heat. He whispers. “I know how you get. You’re acting like it didn’t happen.”

“What is it that happened?” You bite your bottom lip and slowly lift your head up. “Refresh my memory please.”

“Well..” He swallows hard staring at your mouth.

“Nothing hmmm?” You pout then lift your pen up and place your hand on your note book.

“There was dancing and some touching,” Brett starts again looking you in the eye. “And some hot reactions, the hair’s is extra fluffy today if you find yourself needing to grip onto to it at any given time.”

Your upper lips twitches up into a snarl. Your hear was pounding loudly.

“Stupid trendy hair cut.” You whisper.

“What was that?” Brett asks.

“You’re that confident huh?” You ask lifting your brows.

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His little girl (Joker fanfiction) 4

Request: Are requests still open??💗 If they are then could u maybe do one where you are Batman younger sister but you are also secretly in love with the Joker??

Part 4

When you were back in your room with the door shut behind you, you let out a big sigh of relief, admiration, confusion, frustration and everything else that was racing through your mind. Had you fallen for the Joker?

Exhaling softly, you allowed your eyes to flutter open the next morning. You curled into a ball and hugged the duvet, devouring the heat that the sunshine had provided your blanket with. Then your expression turned into a frown as you began contemplating everything about yourself.

Why had you let the Joker touch you in the way that he did last night, without automatically pushing him away in disgust and repulsion? Why had you let him lead you in a soft and slow dance when you knew those gentle, caressing hands had also performed violent acts of bloodshed?

You needed to think clearly and not let him slither his way into your head. He has done it before, he will do it again and he is probably doing it right now. What else could it be? Love? No way, not possible. The only logical explanation as to why he had taken you, was that you were the Batman’s little sister and he needed advantage. Now he had it. You didn’t mean shit to him, you told yourself repeatedly as you paced back and forth around your little room.

The sound of sheets curling made you stop dead in your tracks. He was awake. Somehow, despite what happened last night, you could not allow yourself to relax in his presence. He was one of the most dangerous psychopath to ever walk this earth, and he was in the next room.

Straitening your pink nightgown, you ran into the bathroom, on your tiptoes. Maybe he wouldn’t come into the bathroom if he thought you were indecent. As realization struck you, you slapped your forehead and shook your head. Yeah sure, fat chance idiot. Standing in front of the mirror, you were tugging on the fabric of your nightgown when you heard your bedroom door creak.

‘’Kitten?’’ Mr. J purred as he took a step inside and scanned the room for his little pet. The minute he saw that you weren’t in your bed, you could hear his sharp and beastly inhale all the way to where you were standing. ‘’I think.. the little kitten wants to play hide and seek’’ you could hear that he was moving closer as he was speaking. 

Frantically looking around the bathroom for a semi-decent hiding spot, your eyes landed on a big wooden chest, which you slid behind.

You couldn’t help yourself but smile as you heard him miserably turning the room upside down looking for you. Deciding it would be best not to make him angry by keeping him looking forever; you put your lips together and whistled. 

Mister J growled as he heard his little kitten teasing him and started walking towards the bathroom. ‘’Come out darling, don’t you wanna play with daddy?’’ he cooed and bent down to look under the sink.

The bathroom was small, so it wouldn’t take him long to find you. ‘’Mmmm.. I spyyyy with my little eeye’’ he bent down to your hiding spot. ‘’BOO!’’ you squealed and giggled as you lifted yourself up and shyly looked down as you put a strand of your hair behind your ear. 

Mister J kept staring at you and everything time you looked up and met his eyes; you looked down again, biting your lip and blushing. ‘’Look at me’’ he growled and placed his finger under your chin.

You breathed heavily and reluctantly forced your head up to meet his eyes. When you did, your heart started pounding in your chest, that same way it did at the Wayne party. 

The feeling of admiration, fright, lust, curiosity and hatred overwhelmed you but as you were about to look down again, Mister J stopped your chin from moving and placed his hand on your jaw as he launched forward. ‘’You really are a pretty little thing, aren’t ya?’’ he growled as you glanced down at your trembling body.

You stopped shaking and looked into his eyes. Your body was filled with amazement. You had never seen so much and so little in a pair of eyes. They looked so alive, yet not human. Not answering him, you stood there, trying to figure out what could be going on in his head. What could a man like that be thinking?

Mister J snapped his fingers in front of your face, making you jump. ‘’WH-a?’’ you blurted out and widened your eyes. The Joker mocked your shocked expression and bobbed his head around, amusing himself. ‘’Why so serious?’’ he laughed and leaned in. 

A part of you let go a little and you smiled at him, pursing your lips together slightly. Mister J tilted his head to the side and inhaled, as his eyes grew wild. ‘’God, you’re soo.. good.’’ His voice almost cracked because of a burst of laughter he forced back.

A part of you wanted to bury your head in his chest and just smell him. Instead, you slowly back away and slid beside him, to exit the bathroom and see if he had some clothes you could put on so you wouldn’t have to walk around in a nightgown for the rest of your stay. 

Although, J had something else mind. Before you could pass him, he grabbed your arm and pushed you so that your back hit the porcelain sink with a thud. You groaned in pain but didn’t have time to do or say anything before his lips were on yours.

You immediately started kissing him back and wrapped your hands around his neck. Mister J placed his hands on the sides of your stomach as he leaned you down, so that you were lying over the bathroom sink.

 You could feel his hard member starting to twitch in his black pants as your tongues fought for dominance. Feeling his bulge on the exposed skin on your thigh caused a tickling and warm feeling to spread throughout your entire body as you let out a sigh into the kiss.

The kiss wasn’t messy, or dirty, or extremely sexual. It was a different kind of touch. A sensual, mad touch. You were completely lost in his touch. He had full control of your body, your mind, your spirit, and you had no problem giving that up if it meant he would give you attention.

Your heated make-out session was abruptly interrupted by the sound of a throat clearing. Both of your heads turned to the doorway where Frost was standing with his eyes squinted and his arms crossed. Mister J dramatically sighed and threw his head back like a little kid. ‘’We’ve got company in the kitchen.’’

Frost excited the room and Mister J straightened his back and looked back at you. ‘’There are clothes on the bed, kitten. Throw them on and follow me.’’ He placed his hands on each side of your cheek and leaned in again. ‘’Oh and by the way-‘’ he let his hands slip down to your butt and squeezed. ‘’We’ll pick up where we left off later, doll’’ he grinned as he bit your lower lip hard and disappeared out the door.

You were left alone with reddened cheeks and a panting chest as you pushed your back into the wall behind you and placed the palm of your hand on your heart, sighing and smiling to yourself as you thought about your Mister J.

When you paced out of the bathroom, all wobbly and giggly, you saw the outfit he had laid out for you. Bastard. It was a pair of black stockings, a tight little skirt and a pink sweater that revealed your shoulders. Reluctant, you eventually decided that would look less slutty than walking out in your short nightgown.

Dressed in Mister J’s custom-made attire, you followed the sound of voices and shyly made your entrance into a room with at least 20 people in it. When the floor creaked as you took a step inside, everyone’s head turned and you froze. You looked at Mister J who was standing behind a man with a knife plastered to his throat.

‘’Y/N! Glad you could join us! Take a seat baby.’’ He looked ecstatic as you made your way to an empty seat and crossed your legs, uncomfortable at the sight of every man’s eyes eyeing up and down. Although, when Mister J noticed, he threw them a glare that made them all glue their eyes to the floor, sweat dripping down from their foreheads.

‘’Now, Tony. Where do you keep the money?’’ Mister J purred as he played with the man’s earlobes from behind. The man called Tony chuckled and spit at the ground. ‘’As if I’m telling you, clown.’’ Mister J sighed and put his hands on his shoulders. ‘’Tsk, tsk, tsk’’ 

He bent down and slithered around him like a snake before he stood up with his golden jacket over his shirtless torso. The man glared at him, a seam of fright now slightly visible in his eyes. Mister J’s eyes widened and he looked around at his goons. ‘’What? Is it the hair?’’

Mister J kept mentally torturing they guy who seemed confident and strong at first until he was left a stuttering mess. He stomped on top of his foot with so much force that he probably broke a few toes. Mister J rolled his eyes as if the man’s shriek of pain was the most annoying thing that had ever happened to him.

‘’You knooow. You remind me of my father.’’ Then he got closer, grabbed the man by his throat, and threw him down to the floor. ‘’I hated my father.’’ A single gunshot to the head ended the man’s life and you winced as you saw the scene unravel in front of you. 

You felt disgusted and scared, but at the same time, a wave of impressiveness and idolization washed over you as you watched him straighten his golden jacket before he walked over to you.

You looked up at him with your curious little eyes as he pulled something out of his jacket pocket. It was a golden necklace that said; ‘’Property of The Joker.’’ He leaned in and put it around your neck. His face was so close to yours that you could feel his breath on your lips. ‘’Now, where were we?’’

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[ text ] Yeah, you looked good in your dress last night but really, it looked way better on my floor.

[ → Mister Perfect ] Eric!! 

[ → Mister Perfect ] Stop, my cheeks are starting to get redder than my hair.

[ → Mister Perfect ] Besides, I really loved my dress and I haven’t shaved my legs that day with those… pain strips? gummy strips? 

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william walks in to his new school and immediately bumps in the disciplinary committee director "oh i'm so sorry mister." he stops and looks him over "those stars on your chest make me feel like you are important in this school. so could you tell me who i report to for a school uniform and where i go for home room" it was 30 minutes before school started

The man stared down at william. “I am not the one to talk to here. You were supposed to buy your own uniform. So you’re out of luck.”

Reflection Part 2: Class Reunion

Original Summary: It’s a new semester at the school where Natsu teaches, and he’s in for a surprise once he steps through the doorway to find a familiar face… once that really, really shouldn’t be there. 

a/n: this is the third (well, technically fourth) thing that I’ve posted today! That’s gotta be some sort of record for me, lol. But, I’ve been putting this off for way too long and promised my twin ( lonestorm​ ) forever ago that I would make a part 2 of this and… i finally did it. I hope you guys are ready for some major cheesiness, because how else would I write a nalu reunion(;

I hope you enjoy<3

Part I

“Would you stop fidgeting? You look fine.”

Layla frowned, keeping her head down and eyes on the studded heels that her mother had all but forced onto her feet. They were completely impractical for walking on the field- she knew for a fact they would immediately sink into the grass- and she had tried voicing such reason to her mother, but to no avail.

“I’m actually surprised you’re not more into this sort of thing.” Natsu gestured to the line of students behind the bleachers, preparing for the announcer to introduce them one by one. It was homecoming night, and somehow the young blonde had been coerced into participating. “Your mom used to look forward to this stuff all year.”

“Yeah well,” the girl huffed, adjusting the top of her strapless dress that her mother’s assistant Virgo had helped pick out. “I do love clothes and this sort of stuff, but walking out there in front of the entire school in these clothes is another story. Do you see the shoes she’s making me wear?”

Natsu chuckled, reaching out to squeeze the girl’s shoulder before sending her off in the direction of the other kids. “Stop worrying so much. You’ll be fine.”

“Says the guy who gets to watch from the sidelines,” she grumbled, pausing to twirl a piece of blonde hair around her finger that had lost some of its curl.

“Hey now, I’ve served my time. Who do you think walked Luce down the field all four year-“ Natsu stopped, noticing the girl’s shift in body language. While both had grown closer since the first semester, and both were all but certain that he was Layla’s long lost father, the girl had yet to ask for confirmation from her mother.

She didn’t want to get her hopes up, just in case, and Natsu understood that.

It was true that they’d since bonded since the first day of school and Natsu had started to act the slightest bit more paternal, but until they knew the truth, he was still her teacher before anything else. Bringing up Lucy and their previous high school romance was the wrong thing to say in front of the freshman, who was still coming to terms with the fact her favorite teacher could possibly wind up being her previously estranged father of fifteen years.

“Hey,” he said, softening his voice. “Don’t worry, really. You’ll be fine.”


“I promise.”

“Pinky promise?”

“Layla,” he laughed, sending her in the direction of the field once more. “Go already.”

“Don’t trip!” He called after her, smirking when he saw the glare that she shot him over her shoulder.


“That’s Mister Jerk to you!”

“Would you stop fidgeting? You look fine.”

Natsu took a deep breath, running a hand through his hair before checking his watch for the sixth time in the past five minutes. “I’d say de ja vu if I didn’t feel so nauseous.”

Layla wrinkled her nose at him. “That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Yes it- shut up!”

She laughed, enjoying seeing her teacher so flustered. She couldn’t really blame him though, and understanding where his nerves were coming from.

It was parent teacher night.

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She sat in the bus seat in front of me. She had to be somewhere between five and six; the perfect age for me. She was alone and, judging by the state of her short blonde hair, she’d been that way for a long time. Good, that means no one will miss her. All I needed to do was get her someplace more private and then all my wildest dreams would be fulfilled. Tonight was looking to be a good night.

I leaned forward in the seat, unable to wait before I saw the rest of her. She sat there, a book in her lap, which she began to read aloud.

“Lightfeet hate humans and use them as their primary food source. They are incredibly aggressive, slowly tearing their victims to shreds before consumption. They only come out at night and tend to stay hidden. As such, there is no well documented information regarding their appearance. All that’s known is tha-“ She stopped suddenly and turned to look at me, “Hellow mister.”

I hesitated only a second before speaking with my most friendly voice, “Hello Lass, what’s your name?”

“Rosalyn. I’m five and four months.” She smiled a smile that nearly took my breath away.

“Wow! That’s amazing!” I smiled as the bus came to a stop in front of a darkened park.

“Sorry, I have to go now.” With that she closed her book, stood, and walked from the bus. I quickly got off after her and followed her into the park. This was the perfect place, what more could I ask for. This would be it. I could feel the warmth spread throughout me as I watched her stop under a street lamp. I slowly approached, pulling the cloth soaked in chloroform.

It happened so quickly. One moment I was reaching out for her and the next I was thrown nearly 12 feet into the air, only to slam into the ground legs first. The sound of my legs breaking ripped through the air, followed by my screams. Rosalyn stood a few feet away, staring at me as I lay there unable to move.

“Are you sure he can’t hurt me, Spot?” She looked behind me and I heard a loud growl followed by thumps as the street lamp hopped into view. It leaned over and lightly patted Rosalyn on the head. I watched as she leaned into the pat with a smile.

“Okay, I believe you. Hurry up, I’m starving.”

My eyes widened as the thing that looked like a street lamp began to hop over.

AU: Bad Boys are Good Boys ft. Calum Hood

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“Okay now pluck the third string,” he instructed. I picked the metal chord and felt how the thrum of its sound resonated through my body. I picked at the riff he’d been teaching me. He smiled as the notes took on the shape of the little melody. “That’s it,” he encouraged. I missed a note and furrowed my brows. “No don’t stop. C’mon, keep going,” he insisted.

My eyes swept over the sheet music as my brain translated the dots and lines into commands for my fingers to follow. I went down till the end of the page, the world reduced to the page, my fingers, and the feel of the bass. I blocked out the shallow breaths over my shoulder until the last bar stumped me three times and the trance was broken. I scowled at the page, “I can’t do the last bit.”

His fingers overlaid mine and guided them down a fret, “It’s easier if you use these two fingers instead.” I played the five notes without missing a beat and smiled. The page ended, the bass’ vibrations subsided, and I suddenly became very aware of how the curves of my arms fit into the nooks and crannies of his. His breaths were suddenly the only sound in the room, I cleared my throat and sidestepped away.

“You should probably be learning how to calculate the length of a line now,” I commented while placing the bass on its stand. He sighed, probably thinking he’d averted attention away from the fact that I was supposed to be tutoring him. “Come on Cal.” Of course teaching me a little bit of the bass was his idea but I wasn’t about to let him leave without a new formula jammed into his brain.

Calum knew by this point that it was useless to argue with me. Quite ironic considering all he ever seemed to do at school was get into fights. Only two years at Glendale High and he’d already managed to claim the title of ‘school badass’.  It was easy to see why though; he kept a great chasm of distance between him and everyone else, this made easy by the resting bitch face he perpetually wore. It always seemed that he was upset about something. Given his attitude, I got the vibe that he probably was. Upset at what though, I wasn’t too sure. His grim ways spared little room for patience and he often got into meaningless brawls; fist fights were his specialty (and not because it was a poorly-kept secret that he was a boxer). But aside from all this, he did have that intimidating aura about him. Besides his sour expressions, he had a swagger in his walk and a tone to his voice that gave off the impression that he was used to being at the top of the food chain. As well, his exceptionally visible tattoos and face piercings greatly enhanced his punk look. While quite popular with a number of the ladies throughout all the grades, girls weren’t exactly fawning over this bad boy. His refusal to interact gave off more of an outcast-feel, rather than the cookie-cutter brooding mysterious stereotype. 

Branded as a violent, unfeeling, social outcast, we’d definitely rocked the social pyramid when I’d been assigned as his tutor. No one wanted to admit it, but our school definitely did have a social order. Not to get a big head, but I was definitely up a good bit higher on there than most. As to why; I’ll never be quite sure, but I was. The news of badass Calum Hood being my student flared through the school, with no need of oxygen to assist in fanning the flames. Me? No president of any clubs, not of student council, definitely not a cheerleader, but against all odds, still very much liked at Glendale. An innocent girl, unfortunately stuck with this criminal-bound menace sparked many a rumor. But when our tutoring sessions resulted in nothing more than the absence of his scowl when it was me who accidentally brushed past him in the halls, order had been restored. And besides, I had a boyfriend.

Neither his nor my reputation changed drastically at school. But here, in the confines of my dining room, we would completely forget our reputations. Not that mine influenced my behaviour anyways. And it seemed to me that nor did his; he acted how he wanted, when he wanted to, and school just happened to bring out the worst in him. Here though, here he was patient when teaching me a couple bars of a song on the bass and tolerant of when I sped through lessons at an alarming rate. Here, he willingly got to know me and had allowed himself to open up. Why our friendship had never extended into the world outside of cream-coloured walls of this room was an unspoken understanding of sorts. Too many raised eyebrows, ride whisperings, and less than welcoming glances were already known to him, and I wouldn’t know how to deal with the remarks. Since freshman year, our hallway exchanges had escalated from to awkward stares to smiles, but nothing more.

But here, he joked about the way I stick my tongue out in concentration and I teased him for the way his face crinkles when he doesn’t understand something. Here, we were friends.

“No but why is this necessary?” he whined.

“Because if you fail I take 60% of the heat for it,” I reminded him.

“But besides that,” he inquired.

“Well it depends what you want to go into. For instance, I’m looking to drop out and become a hobo so this is completely unnecessary but I need something to pass the time in the meanwhile.”

He chuckled, “One of those singing hobos?”

“Singing? That’s been done to death. I’m going to start the first-ever hard-core, totally metal, completely punk rock hobo band,” I said with a straight face.

“You’re completely insane,”

“You’re completely wrong. I am 100% mentally on point.” I glance down at his work, “Nice work…I’m guessing you don’t want to become a hobo?”

He laughed once again and moved on to the next question, he seemed to be faring well with the concept so I busied myself with my own work. Though we were the same grade, he’d failed math so in that subject, he was still technically in grade ten. He was breezing through the course however, the teachers complying with the idea of giving him the lessons and work ahead of time in hopes of ensuring that he graduate with his class. Due to his special case, I’d been told that agreeing to continue our tutoring would require me to spend at least an hour with him every day, rather than the standard three times a week. I hadn’t had the heart to stick him with another tutor, when we had just finally started to get along. I figured that sticking him with another tutor would just throw off the good pace he was making.

Before we knew it, five o’clock rolled around and he decided it was about time he started heading home. I continued my work as he packed up his stuff when the table began to vibrate. He put down his textbook and helped me search for my phone under the mountains of paper we’d accumulated. After finding it under his black pencil case, he handed it to me.

“Thanks,” I took the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Gem,” the caller answered.

“Oh hey babe, what’s up?” Calum finished packing quickly and slung his backpack over his broad shoulders. “Oh wait – hold on,” I instructed. I got up and walked him to the door, waving goodbye as he walked out. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much, just wanted to see how you’re doing,” he replied.

“I’m good, just finishing up my math work, how was your day?” I asked. Danny and I talked for a good hour or so before I told him that I had to finish my chemistry assignment for tomorrow.

“Alright. Oh speaking of tomorrow, want to come over after school?”

“I can come over at like 5:30, but I have to tutor after school,” I reminded him.

“That punk? Still?” he sounded quite annoyed.

“Danny, it’s not that big of a deal. He just needs help finishing up grade ten so he can start his mixed math stuff and graduate with our class.” How many times I’d already explained this to him, I wasn’t sure but lately he’d been pretty impatient about the situation. He questioned why it had to be me tutoring him, he complained about how we barely got to see each other, and snapped that having classes together hardly promised any time together after I reminded him that we had six out of eight classes together. I argued that he was being ridiculous and that it would help if he didn’t waste the “scarce amount of” time we did get to have some one on one time by arguing about how we didn’t get to see each other. By my estimations this had been the third time this week we’d had this argument this week. I ended up staying on the phone with him going back and forth like this for another fifteen minutes.

“I just miss you babe,” he sighed.

“I’ll be over at 5:30 at the latest tomorrow. Swear,” I promised.

“Fine,” he caved. “See you.”

“Bye Dan.” I sighed at his contact photo after hanging up and started on my chemistry work.




The next morning brought a rare – but not entirely foreign – sight; Calum was at my bus stop. He was bent down at a little girl’s feet, tying her pink plaid converse. As I neared, I heard him talking to her, “So then the bunny’s ears cross to make an X and then you put the top one through the bunny’s mouth like this…” The little girl watched in amazement as he transformed her shoes into a rabbit, which then morphed into her tied shoes.

“Thank you Mister Calum!” she said as he stood. Him, being over six feet, he towered over the little girl, much like the CN tower to a tourist. Yet, this and his rather menacing ensemble had little to no effect on her toothless smile of gratitude. The little girl skipped down the street and stopped at a school bus stop.

“Aw would you look at Mister Calum,” I mocked. “Not such a badass at the hands of little girls now are ya?”

With a straight face he questioned, “What gives you the impression that I’m a badass?” We looked at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter. After calming down he explained that, “She was stooped over in front of that tree over there staring at her shoe laces and she was trying so hard to tie them. I couldn’t not take a closer look. She does that weird tongue thing you do when she concentrates – ”

“I’m telling you it works,” I interrupted.

“Yeah, whatever,” he rolled his eyes. “She started getting frustrated and her eyebrows furrowed so closely together I thought she might end up with a unibrow if it stayed like that any longer. And I couldn’t just leave her to develop a unibrow in the cruelty of this world. Kids would eat her alive!”

“Unibrows must be prevented at all costs,” I agreed.

“So I helped the kid tie her shoes after explaining that the metal on my face is actually parts of my system that are sticking out and that I’m actually part robot. Oh and did you know that the ink on me are actually symbolic commands for my missions?”

“That’s only Cyborg 101 Mister Calum.” We continued talking at the stop while waiting for the bus, discussing only the most important topics (including his latest missions) until a question I’d been meaning to ask popped back into my head. “So why are you at my stop?”

“Oh yeah.” He slung his backpack to his front so he was able to unzip the small, trademark pocket of the Jansport. He pulled out a long strip of fabric. “The strap on your bass looks older than the two of us combined and I know it was your dad’s…so uhm…I figured you’d be upset if it snapped. Anyways, I got another strap for mine so I thought you could have this one.” He handed me the slightly worn white strap, sharpie-marked with a ‘C’ at one end.

I smiled as I unzipped my own bag to stash away the strap, “Thanks Calum. You didn’t have to come by though, you could’ve given it to me this afternoon.”

“I also came by to tell you that I can’t come this afternoon. Family thing,” he explained curtly. Family was a touchy subject for him, so I didn’t push. “Would’ve texted but my phone’s dead. I forget to charge it.” He nodded his head slightly, as if gesturing to something behind me and I knew the bus had arrived.

We got on the bus and spotted the only empty seat left near the back of the bus. Averting his gaze out into space, Calum took hold of the overhead bar with ease, I took the cue and sat made my way to the seat. The bus began moving just as I sat, and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. I looked out the window right before the bus’ speed vanished Converse girl’s wave from sight.

The ride, much like the rest of my day, was silent. Mundane and groggy from the tiresome atmosphere of the high school society, the day progressed slowly as if the clocks had continuously broken down. Social drama had taken a backseat and made way for a ‘kill me now I actually don’t give a fuck’ kind of day. All four of my classes seemed double their length. Even vocals had lost its appeal on account of we were learning theory. The note names and key signatures melted and mushed together in a blur of lines that I didn’t care about at all. The only thing I did care about was the sweet sound of the end of day bell signaling our freedom from this week’s never-ending hump day.

I walked out of the choir practice room, into the adjacent band practice room that I had to make my way through in order to get out into the hallway. I bumped into someone on the way out, causing them to drop their sheet music. She sighed as I bent down to assist in picking up the mess I made and in the process, found a familiar piece of plastic.

I scanned the class, knowing band was one of the few he regularly attended and made my way over to the amp next to the room’s exit. “You dropped this,” I handed Calum the pick and he gave me a quiet “Thanks,” as I stepped out into the crowded, end-of the day stampede of a hallway. An overeager freshman was a mere step away from knocking me over as he raced to his friends and (after narrowly avoiding me) he took down a boy from my honors chemistry class. The poor guy was blind without his glasses and was desperately attempting to reunite himself with his spectacles. Spotting them next to the blue-bin just to his right, I made my way towards them.

But as I approached, I found myself wishing that it was me on the floor, blind and completely unaware of my surroundings. Because just beyond the obscenely thick glasses, were a pair of heels facing my boyfriend’s favourite pair of Jordans. The shoes were much too close for comfort, and the situation only got worse as you went up. My eyes followed the angle of her perked leg and I noticed that there was only an obscenely small gap separating them. The gap continued to narrow as my sight took in the snug way their chests fit together. But worst of all was the way their lips melded ever-so-perfectly together in such a way that it was difficult to tell whose mouth was whose, even more so since the cunt’s red lipstick was smudged all over.

I felt my face get hot and the need to get out of there flared ferociously; unable to be doused by the tears that began to form. Through blurred vision, I noticed that I’d forgotten my backpack and stormed my way back to the choir room. Lifting my arm up to angrily wipe my eyes resulted into me bumping into someone yet again, but I marched onwards to the relieving vacancy of the choir room and slammed the door behind me. I took a seat next to my backpack and let the tears fall. Thoughts swirled around me in a vicious hurricane.

This is what you get for not spending enough time with him.

You had this coming.

This is your fault.


No it wasn’t. It wasn’t my fault he was a dickhead. It wasn’t my fault he was a brat. It wasn’t my fault she was skank. It wasn’t my goddamned fault. I took a couple minutes repeating these words inside my head, forming an uplifting chant. It wasn’t my fucking fault. He was a fuck. I wasn’t responsible for his being a bastard. None of this was my fault.

My tears suddenly replaced with white-hot rage, I yanked my bag on and stomped out of the room. The choir’s practice room had been soundproofed a while back, which probably explained why I hadn’t noticed the commotion coming from the open door of the band room. But even as I maneuvered my way around the band’s chair setup, I didn’t notice the screams and yells coming from the hallway. The shouts mirrored the war raging on up in my head, so it wasn’t until I actually stepped out into the hall that I noticed the mass of students.

This crowd differed greatly from the usual chaos of students. Rather than rushing off in their own paths, creating an intricate weaving of bodies, they instead were all focused around a handful of people. The crowd’s chant, “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!” rung through my ears as I started to walk away. I had no interest in witnessing some stupid school brawl.

I was nearing the corner when I tall tattooed figure emerged from the centre of the wall of students. Calum, again? I sighed and fought my through the barricade of recording phones and shouts of encouragement. Acknowledging that he wasn’t my responsibility, I still pushed forward unable to let him screw up again. He’d been working so hard to ensure he’d be able to graduate with our class. He’d been attending (almost) all of his classes, had steered clear of all school drama, and his grades had skyrocketed. I couldn’t bear to watch his hard work go down the drain at the hands of some punk. I couldn’t let that happen to a friend.

With every intention of prying him off of whatever sorry idiot was getting his ass whooped, I pushed and shoved until I broke into the centre of the circle. Cal’s face was contorted into a mask of pure rage. His inked fist was raised; his arm a cobra prepared to strike. A girl with smudged lipstick was desperately trying to yank his arm back, but much to her dismay Calum evidently benched at least twice more than her flimsy body weight. My eyes shot down and followed his gaze towards the source of his anger. My mind reeled as I pieced together the scene in front of me:

Calum Hood; the undeniably lethal, socially exiled, completely unchallenged badass of our small town was beating up my douchebag of a boyfriend. My gut twisted itself into a sailor’s knot.

“Cal…” it was barely a whisper, but somehow it managed to claim the attention of the entire hallway. His fist dropped and Danny’s eyes shot in my direction. All eyes were on me but mine were searching Calum’s face. I shook my head softly and his anger subsided into what looked like sorrow. He gestured lightly to Danny and I looked down. Danny couldn’t quite look at me, or maybe Calum had broken his neck. Either way, he deserved it.


The silence was deafening and I felt my face grow warm again. The air suddenly became heavy with the sound of our principal’s voice, “Here’s a stupid question, but is everyone okay?”

No, no it’s not, I thought as the rush of scattering flesh created a breeze in the hallway. I felt a tear dribble down my face as I choked on his name, “Cal?” He closed the gap between us in one ginormous stride and wrapped me up, shielding me from the principal’s questioning looks, Danny’s distorted scowl, and the whispered gossip of our schoolmates. I grabbed a fistful of his black shirt and sniffled. I felt his chin rest on top of my head and I buried myself deeper into his chest.

Obviously thrown off by a caring Calum Hood, our principal cleared her throat, “Uh…Let’s – uhm – let’s get you to the school nurse Mr. Caldorn…Mr. Hood, and Miss….” I guess she couldn’t recognize me, what with my face underneath his biceps. “I’ll be expecting you in my office immediately after school tomorrow.”

I nodded slightly as Calum replied, “We’ll be there Principal Jennings.”

I wriggled my head out of his grip and he released me. I turned to face her, “First thing after school,” I promised as I wiped my eyes.

“Ms. Vander?” Jennings seemed shocked to see me coming out from Calum’s grasp. I nodded and I think she scoffed, “Alright see you two then…” She helped Dan up and led him to the nurse’s office. We watched the two of them disappear around the corner in silence.

“Let’s get you out of here,” he tugged on the sleeve of my shirt slightly and turned me around to face him. He took my face in his hands, inspected it, and frowned. “Gemma, you honestly look a lot better without these things,” he commented as ran a thumb over a cheek and cleared it of my drying tears.

“Cal…why?” I asked softly.

He jerked his head down the hall, “Not here, c’mon.” We walked briskly, towards the back of the school, we stopped on our way out at his locker to grab his jacket and continued towards an exit that I’d always assumed had been left untouched for decades. From the handprints among the thick layer of dust, each with digits this size of his, I assumed this exit had been in fact untouched for years on end until one Calum Hood arrived at Glendale. He pushed the door open, and was greeted with a low groan from it rusted hinges. I ducked under his arm holding it open. The exit lead to the back of the long building. The school’s fence towered menacingly over us, an odd combination of rust and foliage. He made his way along it, stopping at what seemed to be the most entangled section of the fence. He pushed back the curtain of leaves to reveal a Calum-sized hole in the metal. I bobbed through the fence and waited for him to appear beside me in the alley I found myself in. I followed him down the narrow passageway, until we were on the street at a bus stop.

“Don’t you have some family thing?” I asked.

“I’ll be honest, I just wasn’t in the mood for math today,” his profile gave me a small smile.

I laughed lightly, “Same.”

The smile disappeared, and his neck craned so he could look at me. “How are you?” he had this strange preference of the phrase, ‘How are you?’ over ‘Are you okay?’ and I was beginning to see the appeal.

I shrugged. “Been better, been worse.” The sailor’s knot still hadn’t unclenched itself so I looked down at the sidewalk and moved a pale pebble with my burgundy Vans. “You?”

“Why does that matter right now?”

“Why does it not?” This silenced him for a bit, and the bus rolled on by as he weighed his response options. We got onto the strangely vacant bus and headed to the back seats. He let me get in first and then took the seat next to me.

As the scenery outside the window continued to change, he formulate da response, “Because,”


“How I feel doesn’t matter right now because,” he said simply.

I lifted an eyebrow, “Because what?”

“You know what,” I turned to face him.

Hid brows were mushed together, his eyes focused so intently on me. “Careful,” I tell him, “I think you’re forming a unibrow.”

He didn’t laugh. His mouth was a tight line but I could see him fighting the smile itching at the ends. But his expression was guarded as he looked past me, through the window and pondered wistfully, “I just don’t get it.” Afraid to ask, I hesitated but I ask him what anyway.

“So many things. But for starters, how you can be asking me how I feel after that fiasco. I mean – you know I hate asking, but are you okay?” he was looking at me now. I started to my mouth when he answered his own question, “No, no you’re not. And I know I should be helping you right now, but could you do me a favour? Could not pretend to be alright with me? Pretending isn’t exactly my cup of cocoa,” he hated tea and coffee. His eyes went dark then and he couldn’t quite meet my puzzled gaze. He looked down at his seat and shook his head slowly to himself, “You don’t have to pretend with me okay? And I’m done pretending with you.”

I was about to interject that he was always real around me when the full meaning of what he was saying clicked. We were friends now. Real friends, whom weren’t burdened with a geographical limitation. Not that we had much choice; the façade had disintegrated in the hallway, and everyone knew. But I realized now that we’d been the ones pretending, I could’ve dealt with the whispers and odd glances; the unsolicited attention. And all along we’d both known that both he and I were more than capable of handling crude looks, him with the experience, me with my ability to push aside personal feelings for the sake of others. So I had a new friend now, I really did have a new friend. It was no secret, there would be no curtains, no front act, but damn right there would be an audience. And I was okay with that.

“Yes Mister Calum,” I poked his shoulder. He looked up at me once again with a goofy little grin. “But if we’re not pretending anymore, then let’s not pretend that your feelings don’t matter here. Fuck to Danny and his dickheadedness, I broke into that fight to get you out. I didn’t even know it was Danny you were beating the crap out of. You’ve worked too hard to let it go to waste on some moron. You didn’t have to do what you did.” He shook his head, “Cal, you really didn’t.” He got up then, not exactly ending the conversation but stalling it as we got off the bus at my stop. We hadn’t discussed going back to my place as our destination, but over two year of tutoring had programmed this location into our heads as an after-school hangout. He leaned against the doorframe as he always did when I fished around my bag for my keys. Walking in, he B-lined for the couch as I plopped my bag to the floor and went into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. I walked over the steaming mugs and saw that he’d taken his old strap from my bag and replaced my dad’s old strap from the white bass with it.

“I really did have to.” I knew he wasn’t talking about replacing the strap.

“Why?” I asked him the second time today.

His eyes were busy monitoring the adjustment of the strap as he sighed, “Because bastards like that don’t deserve to walk around whole while – ” he put the instrument on its stand and faced me, “good people like you walk around carrying pieces of yourself in your dainty little hands.” He held his hands up at face level and I pressed my palms against his. The tips of my fingers came nowhere close to the ends of his and he continued on, “Now you see, your hands are too small to hold all of the pieces. But mine, mine can and then some. I’m just being generous and lending a hand.” English had always been his strongest subject and it was easy to see why. “And that, my dear Gemma is why I had to.”

“You aren’t getting suspended over my stupid little heart,” I said firmly.

He took a swig of his hot chocolate, “Two things;” he paused to lick his lips, “One, not a single part of you is stupid. Except maybe that little bit that decided to waste 16 months with Danny. Two, maybe I will, maybe I won’t but don’t worry about it. I can handle myself. Besides, it was worth it.” He reached for the bass once more and turned on the amp, “And before you say it, don’t even try to apologize okay? I know you feel bad, and will feel worse if I do get in some obscene amount of trouble but honestly it wasn’t your fault. It was my decision, it was Danny’s decision, and it was Danny’s fault. Got it?” he was talking about so many things at once, it made my head spin.

He plucked a few stings with the pick he’d materialized from his pocket then passed me the bass. He fumbled with the contents of his bag before producing the sheet of music he’d been teaching me. I started the piece, and let myself get lost in the melody. The beat seemed to keep time with my heart, until I fumbled a little and he quickly corrected my fretting with his long fingers. He played the rest of the piece with me, and I failed to make a mistake, even at the last bar. “Got it,” I answered. He was looking over my shoulder at the paper on the table and rested his chin on my shoulder. I moved the bass off of my lap and he reached over to put it back on its resting place. I sunk my back into the couch and he looked at me as I leaned my head back. I stared at the ceiling “I’m not okay,” I said.

“I know,” he replied. I scrunched up my nose and tipped my head in his direction to look at him. He scooted himself closer when I leaned into him, resting my weight against his body. His arms made their way around me and the top of my head found itself a comfortable spot in the groove of his shoulder. The sailor’s knot had undone itself and began being replaced with tugging sensation in my gut as his chin rested itself on my head for the second time that day. The day had been filled with so many firsts and seconds and I’ll continue to believe that they all happened for good reason.

“He’s a dick,” I stated.

“I know,” he said again.

“You’re such a good boy.”

I felt his body shake lightly with a chuckle. “Only for you,”

I shifted to look at him, “Badass goes soft for his tutor, what an archetype.” He chuckled once more and I felt a pair of soft lips on his forehead. Another first. “No more pretending?” I asked.

“None,” he promised as he went in for our second kiss of the day.