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Harry sighs for the third time since he walked into his office at the Ministry. The report for his last mission, which he solved last week, were due this evening and he had spent the whole night working on the damn thing without getting a wink of sleep. Bloody reports. He will never understand why they were necessary to be done, when the mission was completed successfully because truly there was really no need for detail paragraphs of the 5W’s or the analysis of what could be improved for the next time. Harry places the quill down on the desk, his head dropping down on the polished flat base of the wood in a loud thump. 

“Harry, you alright mate?” Ron asked from his side. The prat was eating a chocolate frog, with his body slummed down on the chair and his feet resting on the table. 

Harry turns his head and gives him a flat “Not that I appreciate your company, but why are you here Ron?” he simply asked, his brain suddenly craving for a strong cup of coffee. His best friend shrugged his shoulders “George said, that he doesn’t need much help today in the store” Harry blinked, it’s been only three weeks since Ron decided to quit Auror for good and join his brother; George at the  Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. “Besides, ‘Mione said that she’ll be done around 5:00. I thought I should come and spare some time with my best mate” 

Harry had only opened his mouth to answer when the door knob twisted and Hermione Granger-Weasley walked wearing her business suit looking very elegant, with her arms fooled towards her chest as she held heavy files in them. 

“I knew you would be here” she says looking at her husband with soft eyes, then walking forward to kiss him gently. Harry watches as Ron’s face lit up, she pulls back and he flashed her a grin, giving her the same love-struck look which he used to give her back in Hogwarts. He gulps, noticing a strange kind of sting making its way in his heart. Harry scolds himself, he can’t possibly be feeling jealous of his best friends. No, he thinks, he isn’t jealous of his best friends, he’s jealous of the love they have. He thinks back to the time, when he felt the same kind of love for the beautiful, strong and wise Ginny Weasley. How he loved her long scarlet hair, her stunning skin and the freckles on her cheeks. He still doesn’t know what went wrong, why he fell out of love. Though, it doesn’t matter anymore, he suppose, after all they did went through the two miserable months before their official break-up where they tried to work things out but only ended up arguing or sitting on the other side of the sofa with a very awkward and heavy air around them. 


He snaps out of his thoughts, his head turning to the sound of the voice which called his name to see that Hermione is frowning at him. 

“Er, yes?” he says nervously. 

“Are you feeling alright? I called you three times” Hermione says stepping forward towards him and placing the back of her hand on his forehead “You don’t seem to have a fever” she mutters, looking a little worried. Harry smiles at her “I am fine, just tried” he yawns “didn’t get any sleep last night, was working on the bloody reports” he points his figure at the thick pile of white sheets placed messily beside his elbow. 

Hermione shakes her head “Oh Harry, how many times do I have to say this; don’t leave your reports to last minute” she frowns at him, looking slightly disappointed. Harry shrugs his shoulder, he yawns again making her shake her head at him in almost a fond way.

“Oh! before I forget” Hermione says, her voice holding excitement as Harry reaches his hand forward and grabs his water bottle “Did you guys see the Prophet today?” she says, shuffling toward the pile of papers and books she was holding in her arm. Harry and Ron glance at on another, watching her curiously “Oh!” She says slipping out the newspaper as Harry opens the cap of the bottle. 

Harry takes a huge gulp of water “Look at this!” Hermione insists shoving the paper at his face. The man blinks, grabbing the paper, rolling the water in mouth as his eyes scan the front page of the prophet. 

Harry spits out the water from his mouth, “Gross mate!” he hears Ron’s voice, which sounds faded to his ears as he stares at the picture in front of him with wide green eyes and his mouth falls open “No. Fucking. Way” he says stiffly, eyes never moving away from the picture in front of him. 

His reaction makes Ron jump of the chair with curiosity “What!?” the red-head says leaning over his the Auror “Bloody hell!” he shouts, with his eyes practically popping out of his skull “Is that MALFOY!?” Ron asked looking at his wife, who give him a nod.

“Is he wearing… make-up?”

Ron and Hermione blink at one another, they turn their head towards the raven hair man noticing the strong grip of his hands on the newspaper.  

Harry’s eyes scan over every inch of Malfoy’s face, he looks different. His cheeks don’t look as curved in like they did during the war, they look healthy like he’s been eating properly. The dark bags under his eyes are completely gone, his grey-silver eyes hold the same confident they once did before the war. He has an ear piercing now a, Harry noticing liking his lower lip slowly and that bow tie, Harry thinks dragging his lower lip under his teeth. Oh yeah, Malfoy looked different. Very different. Good different.

 “Why is he modelling for muggles? Does he live there now? Is he a muggle now? Is that where he’s been hiding for 3 years? Do you think he works as a model?”

“Oh no” Ron says with his knowing tone of voice “Here he goes again”

Hermione only sighs, shaking her head at the man sitting in front of him who looked like he has completely forgotten about his surrounding as he observes the picture of Draco Malfoy with his round sparkly green eyes, she smiles when she notices a familiar fire breathing in them once again.  

Hello fandom, this is just a short AU I randomly thought off where Draco ends up in the muggle world after the war and becomes a model. In a world where he’s known as ‘Dray’ and is questioned about his scars and this is his way of answering. *Actually, I just wanted to draw Draco, with red eye shadow XP the idea occurred to me later.*

I hope u all like this, this is my first time drawing Draco.  

@scarlet47‘s submission and OH MY GOD just YES! ❤️

“I can see you judging me and, well, that’s pretty unfair, isn’t it? You’d do the same thing if I wasn’t hanging around.”

“It’s that time of the year where I sit in front of the heater and hope I don’t have to leave my house.”

“You’re always so grumpy. It’s kind of cute.”

“Do I really look that tired?”

“If I don’t keep busy, I think about too many things.”

“Was this really necessary? This many people can’t fit inside my house.”


Grae: So, since you’re basically the expert on this place in comparison, what’s there to do around here?

Kia: Not much of anything, really. There’s a couple of movie theaters and arcades downtown. There’s also a skate park, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Grae: Hell yeah! Do you skate?

Kia: Only if I want to break my neck. I tried once and I sprained my wrist, so that was the first and last time.

Grae: Maybe I’ll have to teach you. It’s really not as hard as it looks.

Kia: Hmm, maybe. (chuckles) So, where’s your first class?

Grae: Erm … English with Ms. Lowry?

Kia: Oh! That’s right next to mine! Want me to walk you there?

Grae: Sure, sounds good..

DS Dreammare: “Brother”

“i can’t do this without you”

Nightmare froze, but he didn’t turn around to look at the other. No, he would not do it. He would not give that satisfaction to the other

“Please brother, don’t leave… I lose you once, I can’t lose you twice” Dream said, wings twitching nervously.

He knew that it was improbably that Nightmare accepted to be with him. His brother was really stubborn and the most probably thing is that he still despised him.

“I can’t stay… You know it Dream, your whole ambition all this time has been get me dead. I can’t trust you, not anymore”

What was this feeling? His wings twitched, while he felt his chest burn like he was drowning. What was he feeling?

“Please,brother… I still love you”

Nightmare laughed.

It was a long, hysterical and painful laugh. It was a bad pretext of laugh. It was only the crying of someone who could not stand it more.

“I love you too. But I can’t Dream. You killed, you killed so much people… I… I can’t love you more. I need to move on”

Dream got closer, catching the wrist of the other.

“Don’t leave… Please, I’m your brother….”

“I’m sorry… But you are not my brother”


I’m sorry, hhhHhh my English is too shitty ik.

This is kind of based in the DS Dreammare made by Kai.

Dreamswap made by @onebizarrekai

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Hi Emma, I know this is a really weird question but it was just recently that I forgot to turn of my tumblr notifications and my friends accidentally saw my studyblr. And they start teasing me about it and spreading it around. They also went and looked at my studygram and I'm feeling quite apprehensive about posting. I'm starting to feel annoyed and I really don't know what to do.

Hey :-) This is something I’ve worried about too - I always turn off my notifications when I see them! The first thing to do is either change your URL/username or (at least for Instagram) make it private. To be really honest, there isn’t much you can do if they’re quite savvy with finding Tumblr blogs. The only way to go back to anonymity from them is delete and restart without too much information. However, it would be a complete shame to delete what you’ve spent time creating :-( How I look at it is, if my friends found mine I wouldn’t stop. It wouldn’t be enough to stop me posting. So for me looking at the bigger picture, that means it doesn’t matter! I do often feel that if they found it they’d think it was weird because of the nature of it. However, I know in my heart that I love what I do with studyblr/gram, I feel I contribute which is the most important thing, and if it helps me with my studies that is key. I think your friends are rude for teasing and spreading it around. That is something I really hate people doing, regardless of the subject. I wouldn’t let it consume you but if you want, take steps to hide yourself. I have a lot of my friends blocked on Instagram and Tumblr so you could do that xxx

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I'm with you on needing booze for ep 4 as well. I also hope they won't romanticize things and play it off like he's losing a love cause it is mentioned like you said later in the book that he never loved Geneva so if they changed that that changes so much and messes so much up. If they make it romantic and like he loves her i'm afraid that will make us look at least the show version of J&Cs love as not meaning much anymore. I agree they do need to play up the blackmail as well.

If they make it romantic and like he loves her i’m afraid that will make us look at least the show version of J&Cs love as not meaning much anymore. 

That’s literally the only thing that gives me hope that maybe we have it all wrong. They’ve made a distinct effort to play up the “Reunion of the Centuries.” I don’t trust them, but I also wonder if they’d really be so stupid to diminish Jamie and Claire’s love story. Me, overreact about something and then find out it ends up not being a big deal? *Nervous giggles* That’s never happened before! 

Fuck this storyline.

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Hello! I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. The first one is about astrology. I can't relate to my sign at all. I was born April 7th but everything I read about aries is the opposite of what I am like. Do you have any clue why that might be? The second question is about cleansing crystals. I bought some sage because I heard that works but how do I use it to cleanse crystals? Thank you so much

Hello! Thank you for these questions!

1. Look into your natal chart. Search ‘free natal chart cafeastrology,’ it’s a top result and is a great place to start.

The first things I think of for people not identifying with their Sun (and I know a lot from experience, it took me a v long time to see how much of my sun I really am) are:
-Not understanding their Sun/misinterpreting the Sun. My Sun is in Virgo, a sign commonly described as 'materialistic’ but this doesn’t describe me at all. After learning a lot more about myself and different expressions of the sign that I’m not materialistic necessarily, but I do place massive value on material possessions that have sentimental value to me (and I fall in long with every leaf, rock, weed, and flower I come across) so in this way I am materialistic.
-Misunderstanding what is expressed by the Sun placement. Remember, the Sun is not so much who you are, or your most important sign. This placement is only your outer expression to the world- who you are outside if yourself and in public.
-Other placements like your Moon and Rising or if you have an overall dominance with a sign are all placements that might feel more 'you.’ (Moon: Your inner self, your emotional side. Rising: Your identity, this is a tough placement to explain but it’s also known as your first house or midheaven) One or a combination of these could be the part of your chart that sort of 'outshines your Sun placement.

And just as a side note, in my personal experience, Aries are one of the more difficult people to figure out. I always expect to predict them and never do. Aries are fire signs, which can be expressed by them always being 'intensely’ themselves. So if your Moon or Rising is more in tune to your true sense of self, then it would make sense if those placements are more prominent in your personality.

You might think of your Sun sign as kind of a lense through which the rest of your natal chart is seen through by outsiders.

2. Smoke cleansing. Just set up a cleansing area and let the sage burn safely in close proximity to the items. If the smoke can touch them, or share their space it can be a very calming and gentle process. I like to imagine the wisps of smoke are gently brushing and then breezing away any negativity.

Followers, any suggestions for specific ways and methods you use with smoke cleansing?

Thanks again for asking these questions, I’m sorry it took me a while to get to this, I was a little low energy this week. I’m usually very quick to respond and would be happy to answer any of your other questions!

I was gonna do a graphic for this but I’ve had a long day & I’m really tired SO. Instead it’s just going to be a singular post. 

Consider this a permanent starter call. 

What this entails is :

You are okay with me sending in memes, questions, situations related to our characters, etc.
You are okay with discussing plots before a new starter.
You are okay with me just tagging you in random things, from one liners to longer starters.
You’re cool with building up bonds / friendships / relationships etc. between muses.
You’re just looking to have fun in general, my dudes.

Just give this like a post to let me know that we’re all alright with just kind of. Being chill about how we rp etc. Ofc, please make sure that our stuff lines up with my rules or the like but other than that, let me know. Hit that heart~.

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So headcannon that Karma can do amazing voice impersonations, so he just like stands outside a door impersonating Nagisa's voice like: "Isogai? Open the door, my hands are full." Then Isogai looks at Nagisa who is in the room with him and both of them freezes. Isogai's like "n-no Nagisa's right next to me!" Karma is trying really hard not to laugh outside. "It must be an imposter then! Isogai open the door!" And he starts pounding on it. Nagisa is terrified because he hears his own voice.


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what's your opinion on the fact that people make vocaloid songs "based" on your work and style but end up nearly imitating you?

depends on the context! (which i think i know what you mean but i just have to clarify everything as best as i can so people dont start assuming im bashing on ppl who are simply inspired by me and henceforth have some similarities)

so if someone were to write one song imitating my style for fun, that’s totally fine with me, in fact its really cool to see people try to impersonate my style for fun! but thats only cool for, like, a once or twice only thing

NOW if people make works Inspired by mine and as a result do look kinda similar, id encourage them to try more original ideas but i think all artists have had points in their lives where they looked a bit too similar to someone else (i had a time like that) so i can understand, just give them some time

NNNNNOW when someone’s music/art looks and/or sounds so much like mine (old or new) that you could genuinely believe it was something i made in the past, and they do it Every Single Time they make something and their art/music/pv style only becomes more and more similar to mine, thats where i have a problem

i cant do anything about it of course, but i. mmmmmmmmmmmmm please stop @ those ppl


Penny : You okay Jayson?

Jayson : Yeah, I’m great I… um… I’d like to ask you something. To Julian actually.

Julian : Go ahead.

Jayson : Well, I would like to ask your daughter’s hand.

*Insert Julian’s shocked face right here*

Julian : Uh, you know, we’re in the 21th century son, you don’t have to do this.

Jayson : I know! I just wanted to do things properly. Leanny is really important to me. She believes in me more than I believe in myself.

Penny : Julian, just give the boy your blessing please.

Julian : Okay, okay, don’t look at me like that! Jayson, you have my blessing.

Jayson : Thank you sir!

Penny : *whispering* Don’t call him sir, it makes him feel old.



I really find it truly baffling when people say…


(yes I know these are supposed to be read from bottom to top but regardless, in any order, I love this response) :D

Thing is, this is text, yet… without any subtextual confirmation of this, you could be flat out lying. I mean, were you really doing all these things as you narrated them to me? Or, like Dean reminds us, sometimes we shouldn’t trust what characters are saying

Sometimes, it’s actually the subtext that lets us know the truth.

It’s either the music of doom or the guilty looks or the shiftiness or evasiveness that belie the words…

Because I think you were actually just typing, and if I’d been in YOUR kitchen, I think I would’ve just heard a bunch of clickity clackity typing sounds… CHECK AND MATE.

Baby’s first ritual!

After a long day of studying & reading up on different spells etc. I felt compelled to try something! I haven’t been studying for that long, so I’ve been weary of rushing into things. However! I’ve spoken to a couple of witches and they’ve both encouraged me to start practising as you learn that way too. One even said she wish she had started practising sooner. The urge was really strong one Thursday afternoon, so I thought why not!

I’ve been looking at people’s spells and as I don’t have a lot of materials rn, I thought I’d adapt/try do my own spin. From what I understand doing your own thing/what feels right is encouraged anyway. I have a few saved and had my eye on some bath/kitchen things. This is the post that inspired my own self care ritual. I used one of the sigils from it!

Originally posted by dollmeat3

Self Care / Anxiety Ritual 

Intent: show myself some love & unwind
Time cast: after a new moon, in the afternoon 
Materials: 3 vanilla tealights w/ sigils, bath salts & an amethyst

I saw somebody recommend vanilla for anxiety and amethysts represent calming and happiness. I’ve been feeling really stressed out & miserable lately, I haven’t been taking good care of myself. My body needed a little love. 

I ran my bath and used some himalayan bath salts because that’s all I had. Bath salts feel luxurious and relaxing to me, I’m not sure if they symbolise anything. Once I carved the sigils into all three candles, I placed them next to the amethyst and lit them. I got in the bath, laid back and focused on the flames. I’m still practising meditating and grounding, so this felt easier. I was actually able to relax! (I have anxiety and depression, it’s incredibly hard to switch off sometimes)

All of a sudden, a chant just came to me!

I am beautiful
I am perfectly imperfect
I am loved

I said this a few times in my head and once out loud. After, I closed my eyes and thought about things I like about myself. Plus general positive thoughts: plans I’m making, exciting things coming up and my plans for the weekend. I laid there for a while feeling calm, happy, at peace. 

I did a face mask and washed my body. I thought about negative thoughts and feelings leaving as I washed away. 

My nervousness/on edge feeling just disappeared. I felt really good afterwards, like really refreshing. Mind, body & soul! It made me really enjoy my evening and I was totally in the moment. Spent some quality time with my boyfriend. I’m guilty of not being totally there sometimes, so this helped. 

So, yeah! I’m having fun just doing what feels right & experimenting. I was so shocked/overwhelmed, by how amazing I felt afterwards :)

I think will try do this again after another new moon & see if it’s the same. It’s also worth noting I also did it when I was pre-menstrual, so it definitely helped me relax!

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I have a crush and he's eyes are like the pretty night. He's a very hardworking person, a diligent learner, and he is one to do things that would always lead to perfection. He is a man of many talents, but he still remains humble. He is really cute and very very very good looking. But apparently, he has no idea who I am. I am hopelessly in love with Jeon Jungkook. --peach anon

Originally posted by jkguks

ughugh me too ):

sleepover friday - send me anything!

!!!!  pls help

  So I need some help. Im taking my classes online for the first 2 years of college. I’ve been homeschooled but I’ve never taken an online course and I’m quite nervous about it. My classes start Oct. 16 and at first I was very excited. but now as the time ticks down I just have more and more anxiety about it. I looked on here at tips for online courses and a lot of them were “don’t take them, they’re awful” or just other stories about how they are too much work or too stressful and its really scaring me because I’m about to register for 8 credits online. 

  If you guys have any motivation or just tips on some things I can do to get prepared, I would really appreciate it. Also, I have no clue about what supplies I’ll need besides my textbooks.

 please reblog or comment so I can hear you guys’ opinions. it will help a lot. 

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I have NO IDEA how do YOU think your love interest would be written??????

Well, the number one thing I look for in a partner is empathy. Being a very empathetic person myself, it’s important to me that my partner would be as in-tune with/respectful/caring of my feelings, wants, needs, fears, dreams, etc as I am of theirs. The empathy has to extend to the world around them too, like empathy towards other people, animals, and nature. When my cat doesn’t like someone it’s a huge red flag to me, I really do think animals can sense things about people that we just can’t. Whereas people who are good with animals? HELL YEAH SIGN ME UP LET’S ADOPT PUPPIES KITTENS AND SNAKES INSTEAD OF BABIES PLEASE

People who aren’t empathetic or are rude/ignorant/needlessly cruel are super unappealing to me. So, they also should be pretty intelligent, even nerdy bc guess what I AM A NERD. Especially a history/art/space nerd. And with a sense of humor that jives well with mine (sarcastic, sometimes cutting, punny, deadpan, lately references a lot of Vines…). I like people who are adventurous or at least curious, curious about trying new things, going to new places, etc.

And if you wanna get real superficial, I like dark hair and generally dark eyes (anywhere from hazel to really really brown almost black), I like it when guys are taller/bigger than me and girls are shorter (but let’s be real I have much less preference when it comes to girls bc gIRLS), and I tend to notice people’s mouths if that makes sense? Some people just have really nice lip shapes, I really like full lips with a defined cupid’s bow idk man they’re cute.

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I really really want to be with this girl named zoei, but she's straight and is talking to this guy. Here's the thing, when she looks at me i get this feeling like maybe she might feel the same way. Like when I look at her, it's not just me wanting to be with her, if that makes sense lol. She's just amazing and beautiful and I don't want to get over her but it makes me sad cause I don't have her. What should I do?

if she’s straight don’t do anything, she will break your heart

Sometimes I feel really guilty for talking about my problems or the bad things my parents and my church are doing. At the same time I want to spite them for lecturing me to not tell others about the bad things they do because it’ll make them look bad.

Like, DUH, they’re going to think badly of you. They SHOULD, especially when you’re being manipulative, abusive, controlling, and a slew of other things that I could mention.

I have since made it an objective not to let the abuse that happens to me go unsaid. I’m not always gonna post it on tumblr, in fact that’s gonna be rare, but my friends know. I’m not gonna suffer in silence while they continue doing what they want to me.

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Hey there! Not a question, but just to say that I'm a young adult with Aspergers who's looked up to superman for the past couple years. I know it's background stuff for you (and honestly, it is for me) but your experiences regarding AS seem close to my own, so you writing about how you related to Clark was a really dang nice thing to read. Cheers and best of luck with writing one day for the character.

I usually don’t reply to any purely complimentary posts since it’d feel odd to repeat variations on “Thanks!” just to show people I got one (I do save them though!), but that one ended up pretty personal, so I’m so happy I’ve gotten a couple responses saying it resonated - really glad you got something out of it.

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I don't like life. The only thing I like in life is the possibility that there is a such thing as a soulmate even tho there's not. And I've been looking for a friend or an S/o forever but no one likes me. Sorry for rambling but what I'm trying to say is life suck when you are in between friends (or don't have any) and I was wondering if you knew how I should handle it?

I actually do believe in soulmates, even if they’re a platonic one.

I’m also someone who doesn’t really have any friends in real life. I hang out with family only, or I’m alone. I have one internet friend, but she lives on the other side of the country. We’ve had a text friendship for 5 years, which is cool, but it would be cooler if we could actually see each other lol

I think you have to find solace in being alone. I really wish I had friends sometimes, but I’m also perfectly fine spending a day by myself, in my room. Or going out alone, getting a tea and shopping. I know that’s a different feeling for everyone though, because not all people can find enjoyment in that. 

I’d also say to find something you enjoy (a tv show, youtubers, movie, book, anything) and make a tumblr for it. Follow other blogs that enjoy the same thing. Start talking to people that way. They don’t know you, can’t see you, so rejection isn’t that bad, if it even happens. If I hadn’t made this blog and started writing about dnp, I’d never have anyone to talk to. So, I may not have friends in real life, but I feel like I have a lot on here.

I’m sorry if this wasn’t helpful! It’s the best I’ve got.