that lobster shirt is so bad

Imagine Dating Jimmy Darling...

request: Could you do dating headcanons for Jimmy Darling please? Thank you!


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- when you first met, hiding his hands behind his back

- flirting with you for awhile and then getting distant

- one day your friends and you go to the freak show and that’s when you find out his secret…

- him running away from you but you chasing after him, “no no, it’s not like that”

- him crying when he realizes that you don’t care about your lobster hands

- you growing to love his hands and the fact that he is just special

- swooning when he holds your cheeks with his hands

- always making fun of his wifebeater but secretly loving that you can see his chest and arm muscles so well

- “are you ever going to get a real shirt?” “are you ever going to stop being beautiful?”

- the freaks LOVING you

- his mom asking you to take care of him when she is gone

- teaching him a lot of basic things

- having endometriosis (medically bad period cramps) but not knowing and anytime you are in extreme pain him rubbing your feet

- him buying you sweets and yummy food on your period despite money issues

- dates in town

- finding a beautiful lake and it being your favorite date spot

- him making you a surprise picnic and the food being terrible but eating it anyway because he tried

- him always letting you know that he loves you so that you never feel alone or unloved and you doing the same