that little white cat thing



Protests against oflaxacin have turned violent.  One kitten is quoted as saying, “mrrrm!”

Strong words indeed.

All sources indicate that medicating will be continued as planned, despite this outburst.

slain [kuroo/akaashi]

kuroaka assassins!au based on this answered ask i posted

tl;dr: kuroo is an assassin hired to kill akaashi, akaashi figures out he’s being watched, he manages to catch kuroo and then uses….. v special means for his interrogation method B)

~2.5k words

Kuroo is hired to kill him. That’s the task that he’s given.

Not a terribly hard concept to understand, really, when your job is an assassin on the side. Kuroo does it for the money, but he also does it for the thrill. His victims are lucky, though, because he’s a merciful, quiet killer. He doesn’t make them suffer, even if his clients request it. He’s not a murderer, he’s just doing his fucking job.

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5,867

Summary: The Reader finds out she’s pregnant and leaves the life, desperate for normalcy and safety for her unborn child. Somehow, Sam and her are reunited. How will they figure things out for them and the future of their family? Set in beginning to mid season 8. 

Warnings: Smidgens of angst, pregnancy, birth, preterm birth, complications from pregnancy, complications from preterm birth, medical situations, mentions of blood, Sam with a baby, Uncle Dean being way too cute, parental cuteness, familial cuteness, heavy petting, beginnings of smut, language, and so much fluff it’s disgusting. 

A/N: Soooooo…this was supposed to be more angsty than it came out. At least my outline was. But it came out fluffy and I’m more okay with that.  I love this and I’ve been working on this for a long time, it’s my current baby and has the potential to be a series, depending on the feedback, so keep that in mind. And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to @lipstickandwhiskey for the beautiful personalized aesthetic! Love you boo! ***EDIT: I swear on my life I did not realize I would be posting this the same day that Jared would be announcing him and Gen were having Padababy #3! But really, thrilled for them and I kind of love that the timing was so perfect. So without further ado…***

Tags: At the bottom. Also, I only do a forever tags list, not by series. So if you’ve asked to be tagged but didn’t specify a character, I stuck you on the everything list. Currently, I have an ‘everything,’ ‘Sam,’ and ‘Dean’ list, so if you want to be moved, let me know. Also, if you want to be added/removed, let me know!

A small pain shot through your abdomen and you sucked in a breath, not thinking too much about it. You’d become accustomed to those recently, thinking it was just the stretching and strain of your muscles, it was never anything that alarmed you. Rubbing the spot that twinged, you were greeted with a kick from inside and you smiled. What had originally scared the shit out of you had become your greatest joy in a short time. Giving the spot a small pat, feeling another kick in return, you turned back to your work, pulling over another stack of papers to input the numbers and information into the computer.

At the end of the workday, you stretched as you stood from your chair, more slight pains from sitting so long making your body ache, and began getting ready to go home. It was a different ache than you were used to, much different from before…but that was another lifetime ago, another person.

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anonymous asked:

ok but consider: mat n steph meeting online and living far away and meeting irl for the first time -🌹

Stephanie was pretty sure she was going to jump out of her skin before she even saw matpat13. Well, the odds were pretty high considering she had no idea what they looked like and her anxiety was high enough that skin jumping felt like a very real possibility. Still, a small part of her was pretty sure she’d know matpat13 just by his presence even if she didn’t know his face. Despite going on a year and a half of online friendship, they’d agreed that it would be best not to share identifying information that had (somehow) worked. They’d spent hours upon hours talking about music and books and pets (matpat13 had a cat, an adorable little white and brown thing with green eyes. Steph admittedly saved every picture of their kitty to her phone so she could have something to make her smile on days when she or her friend were too busy to talk).

They’d gotten insanely close, considering Stephanie didn’t even know if matpat13 looked like or even if they were even a boy or a girl. The lack of personal info somehow made it easier to talk about her hopes and dreams and fears. And sure, she’d had the occasional passing curiosity to know more about her mysterious friend, but that was… risky. Steph would admit, she fostered a tiny crush on this mysterious friend of hers. But if she didn’t know matpat13 from any Tom, Dick, or Harry on the street then it could just remain a tiny crush. Something laughable and unrealistic, certainly not something she’d ever have to confront.

And then matpat13 had to go and ask if they could meet.

It had taken a lot of thinking, but finally Steph had agreed to a face to face hangout. And so, matpat13 and CordyPie agreed to meet for the first time. It turned out they both lived in New York City (Stephanie definitely did not spend an hour wondering if she’d ever sat beside her friend on the subway or held a door open for them without knowning, if she’d ever brushed hands with her crush or innocently checked them out. Or what if matpat13 had ever checked her out?), and they’d made plans to meet at Central Park at 6 pm on the Friday. When Stephanie asked how they’d recognize each other, matpat13 had told her he’d be the one with the white rose, since she’d mentioned once they were her favourite. Needless to say, her crush may have grown three sizes at that moment.

And so that’s how Stephanie Cordato found herself bundled up in a jacket and hat, nervously holding two coffees (if her friend was bringing her a flower, the least she could do was provide the caffine) sitting on a worn bench and peeking anxiously at everyone who walked by. It was nerve wracking to say the least. What if her friend was some kind of creep? What if they were rude? ….what if they took one look at her and walked away? What if she wasn’t enough and they regretted ever agreeing to meet? The unexpected stinging pain in Steph’s chest almost took her breath away, she could feel tears in her eyes for just a moment at the idea of matpat13 seeing her and judging her lacking, inadvertently stepping on her heart on his way out. What if they met and she lost her friend?


Blinking back the tears, Steph was startled to see a white rose in front of her bowed head. It was beautiful, far more perfect than she’d expected from a rose in the middle of winter. Gloved hands wrapped in striped rainbow wool were offering the flower to her, and Stephanie let her gaze slowly drift up; a somewhat threadbare black jacket (she remembered matpat13 talking about the struggles of being a broke college student), a battered looking backpack slung over shoulders that were hunched over against the cold wind, a fluffy green scarf wrapped up around the person’s neck and face.

All she could see was a pair of nervous brown eyes watching her. Stephanie felt her anxieties disappear as she saw just how shy and anxious the boy in front of her was too. She suddenly remembered she wasn’t meeting a stranger, she was meeting a friend that she cared about and knew cared about her too. “You’re, ah… you’re CordyPie right? Or am I making a huge mistake and I now look like an idiot? I just… I remember you mentioning last winter that you got a new jacket and you liked how pretty the dark pink fabric was.” His voice was muffled somewhat by the scarf and with his free hand, he managed to tug it down to reveal probably the most genuine smile Steph had ever seen, sweet and shy and a little hopeful. ‘Oh.’ She thought, feeling her heart stutter. ‘Oh.’

“So uh…” A gloved hand nervously ruffled his brown hair, the ends of it hanging into his eyes and making him look almost adorably boyish to Stephanie. “I’m matpat13. Or Matthew. Or Matt. I mean, whatever you wanna call me. I know you know me better as my username. You can just call me MatPat, if you want of course. Most of my friends usually do. S'cause my names Matthew Patrick.” Matthew let out an unsure laugh, his smile wavering a little. “Sorry. I’m rambling. But you are CordyPie right?” Stephanie watched him for another moment, taking the rose carefully and stroking the soft petals. “Yes. But you can call me Steph. Stephanie Cordato, it’s nice to finally meet you Matthew Patrick.” She said, smiling up at Matt and feeling a flutter in her chest at the way his smile came back in full force once again.

Do let me keep you

(Or: In which Dan and Phil get a cat.)

Disclaimer: These fictional characters are based on real people. I do not claim to know them, nor do I cast aspersions on them.
Wordcount: 7662
Warnings: Animal injury/death (not the cat!), very mild body image issues, societal pressures against everything which isn’t the perfect romantic/heterosexual love story.
AN: Thank you very much to my beta adoringphil and artist moreorlester, and to silverluminosity for suggesting the title. This is likely my last fic for the phandom, so I figured it was probably time to write that kitten!fic I’ve been promising for two years, right? :P It’s been real, phandom. More details as to my departure here, but for now, click here to view Sam’s incredible art (also embedded below), and enjoy the story.


Quite how they talked each other into getting a cat, neither was entirely sure.

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INTP conversation of the day

And yes it was a conversation because she gave an appropriately timed audible response. 

*INTP kneels next to the cat watching loads of little white moth things dancing around the pond*
INTP: Aren’t they pretty, baby. Very pretty.
Cat: *swats at one*
INTP: But you have to be the fairest of them all, don’t you?
Cat: *meows*
INTP: *serious face* You know I’d take a poisoned apple for you.
Cat: *stares and walks away*
INTP: Glad to know you feel the same.