that little turd nugget



Let’s be honest though, I probably was going to pull an all nighter anyway. But thanks to Max, now I’m spending it trying to make sure he doesn’t kill off any more people in this AU.

dorkifiedness-deactivated201502  asked:

We were watching Frozen on the bus to a band trip and when Hans said "your sister is dead, I tried to save her but I was too late" or something someone in the front shouted "NO YOU DIDN'T YOU LITTLE TURD NUGGET" it was funny

I’ve always wanted to watch the movie with someone who hasn’t so I get the chance hear someone’s comments but… Yeah.. Hans doesn’t even try. He’s just a bit of a fixer upper. 

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your feminism is garbage and entry level, seeks to achieve nothing and will succeed in achieving nothing

I tried to climb the ivory tower but it was inhabited by biphobic, ableist pieces of actual shit… There were these little turd nuggets with goggly eyes flapping their shitty mouths and making up yet more shit, so I climbed back down to mingle with the rest of the peasants who were deemed unworthy. Sorry!