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#DanversSistersWeek Day 6: Double Date

Danvers Sisters featuring Sanvers and a light smattering of Supercorp. If you’re a Karamel fan, you might want to skip this one. 

P.S. @whatdoidowiththisthing asked me what I had against a nice old-fashioned romantic comedy after my angsty Alex No/Alex Yes and Badass Sisters. Hope this makes up for the feelings!!

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They end up going on a lot of double dates. It doesn’t seem like something they’d end up doing, when Kara first arrives, because she’s so strange and doesn’t have any friends. But as she gets older and acclimates, this sunny personality starts popping out of her, and people are drawn to her.

Boys are drawn to her.

And as Alex gets older and acclimates to having an alien sister, she gets less and less popular. She’s too smart, too overprotective, too careful about setting aside time for Vicky. People are threatened by her.

Boys are threatened by her.

So they end up sort of meeting each other in the middle. By their sophomore and junior years of high school, Eliza’s comfortable with Kara going on dates if Alex is there too. And, honestly both sisters prefer double dating anyway.

It lets Alex keep an eye on Kara. It lets her keep an eye on Kara’s date. And it lets her keep her own date at arm’s length. If Alex and her date are chaperoning, even just the smallest amount, then they can’t just make out in the car, or he can’t slip his hand under her shirt and try to get to second base, or pressure her to go further, not because she doesn’t want to, of course, but because her little sister is there.

She doesn’t realize for years that double dating with Kara was the most effective cock block in the world. All she knows then is that she’s more comfortable with Kara there.

And it’s not like any boy could hurt Kara, or overpower her, or even slip something into her drink. But Alex doesn’t want to find out how much control Kara has over her superstrength in a moment of panic. Best to be there herself, flexing her muscles from surfing and soccer and track and practicing what will later become her signature snarl.

And Kara likes doubling because being around Alex makes her feel safe. Alex is the only reason she has ever felt at home on this planet, and while she’s doing much better at pretending to be human, Alex is still the only one who can soothe her when she’s startled or subtly smooth over a moment when she’s said the wrong thing.

And when it gets to the kissing phase, Alex comforts her after she breaks the noses of two boys in a row.

So for the last couple years of high school, they double date as a rule. And Vicky and the other seniors commiserate with Alex (oh my god, I can’t believe you have to chaperone her again, you must be dying for some alone time with him! You’re a saint, really) and Alex just nods and hums a little.

But Alex is unprepared for college. She’s unprepared for college because suddenly she’s not at home, suddenly she can’t keep an eye on Kara and on Kara’s date.

And suddenly she doesn’t have a good reason for not rounding the bases with any guy she goes on dates with. She misses Kara – misses her humor and her smile and her way of relaxing Alex even if her date totally sucks – but she also really misses her easy out.

She puts it off for a while, and then decides to get it over with.

She sleeps with her boyfriend Rob in the spring of her first year. It’s fine.

He comes to visit Midvale for a week over summer break, and they go on a double date with Kara and this boy she met at the pool where they’re both working as lifeguards. His name is Kyle and he has blonde hair and nice pecs, and it’s very Sweet Valley High.

And it’s only when Alex sees her boyfriend Rob reflected in Kara’s eyes – sees how he isn’t generous with Kara, how he doesn’t go out of his way to make sure she likes him, how he’s constantly trying to pull Alex away from Kara to get some alone time, that Alex realizes she doesn’t actually like Rob.

Kyle, on the other hand, is completely sweet, trying very hard to impress the big sister Alex knows Kara goes on and on about, doing nothing more than holding Kara’s hand all night and buying her three different ice cream cones when she can’t decide what she wants.

It’s almost too Sweet Valley High.

Alex breaks up with Rob during the date.

Kara, in a show of incredible generosity that only Alex really understands, gives her one of her ice cream cones. Kyle sneaks away to buy Kara another one and doesn’t complain when Kara links arms with Alex instead of with him as they stroll down the street.

“He wasn’t good enough for you,” Kara tells her softly, around a mouthful of ice cream.

“I know,” Alex agrees. “Or, I mean, I guess I know now. It’s hard to tell, you know?”

Kara nods sagely.

“Kyle seems great though. You like him?”

And Kara just beams.

Alex excuses herself after she finishes her cone. Kara’s seventeen and Kyle has been nothing but sweet all night. They deserve some alone time.

Kara goes to National City University. Alex comes to visit halfway through Kara’s sophomore year – what would be Alex’s junior year if she were anyone else but is actually her last semester as an undergrad.

Kara’s dating a lacrosse player, and she insists on setting Alex up with one of his friends.

Kara’s boyfriend completely sucks. His friend is just as bad.

They end up having a long heart to heart talk that night, Kara in her little twin bed, Alex in a sleeping bag on the floor, the lights off and Kara’s roommate snoring away in her own little bed.

Kara’s only dating the lacrosse player to feel normal, she tells Alex. And boy, does Alex get that. She reminds Kara of Kyle, of other boys who will want to date her and who will treat her right. Who will respect her, who will take her needs seriously.

She’s beautiful and smart and lovely and kind and she can’t get pimples or get fat on this planet, and she could have her pick of any boy on this campus.

Kara breaks up with him while Alex is still visiting, and calls her not two weeks later to gush and squeal over this new boy who writes poetry for the school paper and has already written her four poems.

Alex thinks that might be too much of a pendulum swing, but she keeps her mouth shut.

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Originally based on: Hello! I was wondering you you could write one where the reader and Dean are married and Dean like to watch her doing normal everyday things and every time he sees the rings he just smiles and kisses her hand??

A/N: “Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.“ ― William Cullen Bryant

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1,781

Warnings: pregnant!reader.

Seasons of Love (Part I), Spring (Part II), Summer (Part III), Winter (Part V)

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Autumn had arrived early that year in Lebanon, Kansas. The perpetual heat of summer was thrown out the window the moment September hit the calendar, an odd event to all Winchesters, but there hadn’t been many complains about it. Although floating around on the clear waters of the pool at the Lebanon Recreation Center had been fun, the scorching heat of the sun and the permanent mosquito bites outweighed the good side of the season.

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Miami High - 6

Lauren’s POV

We cuddled after having a morning quickie and I’m so happy that she remembers and doesn’t regret what happened between us last night.

“I’m going to go shower” She said poking my nose, and left.

I went downstairs and the whole house was a mess. Red cups every where, and passed out people all over the place. My maids already started cleaning up. “Sorry Marielle. I didn’t know so many people would come last night.” I said to one of my maids that was around my age. “It’s okay Miss Jauregui. We have bigger staff today to clean.” she smiled and left. We grew up together for the most part. She lived in bottom floor of the house with her family. I woke up the passed out people and pretty much kicked them out so I can have sometime alone with Camila.

She came down the stairs in a baggy tee shirt with no pants, hair in a messy bun and her glasses. She’s absolutely perfect. We hung out and were making breakfast together; pancakes and bacon. I had extra batter on my finger so I took the opportunity to wipe it onto Camila’s cheek.


“That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” I smirked at her. She grabbed a marshmallow from the pantry, bit it, licked the inside and stuck it on my forehead.

“Oh Camz. It’s so on!” I grabbed a handful of powder as she grabbed a couple eggs and started running.

“Your house is big enough, I can hide from you!” I slowed down my pace as she booked it. I wanted to take the challenge.

It went silent as I went all over the house. I went outside and turned a corner, and I was pelted with eggs.

“Ha sucks to suck!” she ran off and I wasn’t about to let her go again.

I caught up to her and threw the flour all over the back of her head.  I grabbed her from behind, picked her up and spun her around. “Lo! I just took a shower!” we were both laughing. I haven’t felt this happy in a while.

I put her down, “It’s fine, WE can go take another one” I responded seductively. I leaned down so our foreheads were touching with my hands still on her waist. I saw that she was leaning in to close the space between our mouths, so I pushed her back a little bit.

“Lauren, why won’t you kiss me? Last night and just now? Am I doing something wrong?” oh god.

“No Camz, it’s not you I promise. It’s just that.. you and Austin are still dating and after what you said about your parents.. I just don’t know. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. I haven’t been this happy in a while and it’s only when I’m with you. I don’t do relationships Camila.. I thought you knew that.” I regretted the last thing I said immediately.

“Oh, yea. Of course. I’m sorry.” She sighed. “Can we atleast take that shower together?” she asked, giving me the most adorable puppy dog face ever. I agreed and we went.

We had shower sex, with out kissing each others lips. I know it doesn’t make a difference because we were already fucking, but I guess it just makes sense in my head. I was laying on my bed with my back against the head board, watching TV. I glanced towards the bathroom door which was half way open. She was putting make up on in the mirror. I stared for a little longer than I should have, but I couldn’t help it. She looked over at me through the mirror and smiled.

She came out of the bathroom and jumped on the bed, straddling me. “Need a ride home?” I asked.

“Yea. But I think I need to ride something else first.” She said seductively, rubbing against my clothed crotch.

Her cell phone rang, and she got up leaving me blue balled.

“Hola mami!… Sí… Sí…Yo también te quiero. Esta bien adios mami!” (Hey mom… Yes… Yes… I love you too. Okay bye mom!) She hung up. “I have to go now, my parents are out and they need me back to go babysit my little sister.”

“Okay that’s fine” I hugged her and whispered in her ear, “The fact that you speak spanish was a huge turn on.” I smacked her ass, put on a leather jacket and grabbed my keys.

We were driving in my jeep for a few minutes until I reached down to her lap and held her hand. Unusual for me, but it felt absolutely perfect. We stayed in a comfortable silence for a couple of minutes.

“Lauren I realized something.” She said, looking out the window. The view was out towards the beach.

“What is it, beautiful?”

“We barely know much about eachother.”

I don’t usually open up to the girls I’ve been with. Everyone leaves eventually right? But for some reason, I want to know more too. “Well, what do you wanna know about me?”


“Well.. I was born here in Miami, and lived here til I was 3. My family and I moved all the way to New York because of my parents work. That’s where I met Zayn and Austin since all of our parents worked together. We grew up together and when we were 15, we moved here. Oh and my favorite color is red.”

“But why? Why’d you come back here?”

“Uhm.. Tell me about yourself.”

She hesitated, “Well. I moved from California because.. my Dad got transferred for his job. I love the Arctic Monkeys and Ed Sheeran. And my favorite color changes, depending on my mood.”

“What is it right now?”

“I guess blue. Because I’m happy and relaxed. Turn right on the next street.”

We turned the corner, and stopped infront of her house. “Wanna come in? You can meet my sister if you want. Her names Sophia, she’s six.”

“Ooh already asking me to meet your family? Shouldn’t we go on a date first?” I joked. We walked into her house.

“I know it’s not much. Plus we haven’t finished unpacking everything yet.” She said. I looked around and it looked pretty cozy. When we walked in, there was a hallway that led to a living room that was connected to the kitchen. Her backyard was small, it had a firepit in the center with seats all around.

“Sophie! I’m home, come downstairs! And please wear some clothes!” She yelled out. Soon after, we heard little footsteps running and coming down the stairs.

“MILA!” a little girl said with two feet hitting each step coming down the stairs. She jumped into Camila’s arms like a koala when she was close enough.

“Hi baby! I’ve missed you!” Camila said.

“Me too sissy. How was the basketball game? Did you guys win! I hope you did because that’s cool and I like cool th-”

“Why don’t you ask the varsity captain Soph?” She answered, pointing at me.

Sophia’s eyes widened, “Woooooow. I’m your biggest fan miss!”

“Please, call me Lauren” I said smiling at her. She smiled back, and tried to whisper in Camila’s ear. It’s loud enough for me to hear. “She’s really pretty Mila. Do you think I can get an automograph?”

“Just ask her, Sophie” Camila replied, putting her little sister down.

“Lauren can I pwetty please get your automograph?” She said with an adorable puppy dog face that resembled her sisters.

“Of course Sophie! Go get a pen and piece of paper” and she ran off upstairs again.

“She likes you Lo” Camila said, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind. “Austin came over the day after he asked me out. She didn’t like him at all.” She kissed my shoulder.

“How does she know me anyways?”

“I might have talked about you..”

I smirked at her. Sophie came down with a pen and paper, and I signed it.

Dear beautiful Sophia Cabello,

You’re the very first person who asked for an autograph from me. You’re beautiful, keep chasing your dreams. Whatever happens, I’ll be YOUR number one fan too. Years from now if you find this, I’m sorry it sucks.

      Love always,

             Lauren Jauregui #27

I wrote it and gave it back. “I want to cook you guys dinner.” Whoa, where did that come from, Jauregui?

“Sure!” Sophia exclaimed.

Camila put on some music and we all made dinner. She helped Sophia make salad and brownies while I made a homemade pizza. Once it was finally done, we sat done infront of the TV and coffee table watching Beauty and the Beast. 

Camila snuggled into me after she finished her food. Sophia’s eyes were glued to the screen. “Dinner was amazing Lo. Pizza is actually one of my favorite foods. Where in the world did you learn how to cook like that? She whispered. 

"Parents were rarely home because of work. My cook and baby sitter, Harry, would always cook dinner and he would give me tips and let me help.” I smiled down at her, wanting to kiss her so bad. 

“SHHH! THE BEST SCENE IS COMING ON!” Sophia yelled at us, putting a finger over her mouth.


I stayed over at Camila’s house until her parents came home. They were very welcoming and sweet people. 

On Sunday Camz and I texted and facetimed nonstop, and got to know eachother better. I found out her favorite Disney movie was The Little Mermaid, her favorite book was the fourth book of the Harry Potter series (in which was my favorite too), she loves writing and she has a huge heart.  We have a lot in common, too. 

Unfortunately, she was still with Austin. She has too big of a heart to dump him. The good part was that Austin was suspended from school for a couple of days. 

On Monday during English class we passed notes to eachother and played tic tac toe for the most part. In Chemistry during our lab, we were both touchy-feely. Whenever I would lean my back against the lab table, she would graze her butt over my dick and teased me under the table. 

After school the group hung out at the mall and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I have to admit, it was one of the best times the group had in a while. Austin missed out. 

On Tuesday Camila and I continued to be flirty. At practice we ran suicides until the cheerleaders came in to practice their routines. I showed off for a bit and Austin was on the bleachers since he was also suspended from the game. During water breaks I watched her practice, and she caught me staring. She winked and went back to work. 

After practice was the first time I saw Ariana for the first time since we fucked, and she was being really distant. She had bags under her eyes and didn’t seem as joyful as she usually was. 

On Wednesday was when it hurt the most. Camila was being really distant, since today was the day that Austin was allowed back into school. He had his arm around her all class and all lunch. During chemistry she wouldn’t talk to me, so I let it be. During practice, it really bothered me. Why does it bother me? I don’t get attached to girls. 

We ran drills and the girls came in at the usual time. During water break, Troy ran over to Ally and kissed her while Austin did the same. “Times up back on the court!” I don’t know what came over me, but I had to say it. Seeing her with him just made me angry. 

We had a scrimmage before the end of practice. It was two vs two and it was Troy and I against Austin and Siope. We were leading  9-8, the first to 10 would win. The girls were cheering us on like they would at an actual game. 

Troy went for a three pointer and missed it. Austin and I both went for the rebound, and he stole it. He elbowed me downwards, and as I fell he landed on my ankle. I felt a twist in it. 


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