that little smirk when his smelling the cookie

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I was thinking about if Luca or Klaus asked them something sexual like "How far have you guys gone?" or something (then blushing and stammering ensues). But I would really be happy with anything that you do! So feel free to do anything you want

In response to karrotstix‘s prompt, which was delightful. We never really see Klaus in Elias’ route, even though there’s a lot of Elias in the Klaus route, so I thought it would be fun to show the elder brother’s reaction to Elias’ new relationship. 

This morphed into quite a long production, so I hope you guys enjoy!  Spoilers for both routes.

If it wasn’t obvious already, this is Elias x mc.

Please give me more prompts!  This is too much fun.  Just drop them in my ask.

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Elias was late.

Klaus stood near the train station, scanning the street for any sign of his brother. The two younger Goldstein brothers made a trip home every so often on the weekends. But this was a first – his uptight little brother was always punctual, if not early. At least Elias had sent a magic note, though the hastily scrawled message – “Running late – meet you at station” – raised more questions than answers.

Finally he caught sight of Elias, weaving through the street, his blond hair glinting in the waning daylight. Klaus checked the station clock – only 5 minutes before the train left – and leveled a glare at his younger brother that Elias could undoubtedly feel from all the way across the street.

“What happened?” Klaus demanded as Elias finally approached. “Did you get lost?!”

“I sent a note, didn’t I?” his brother replied, a little defensively, before ducking his head. “Sorry to make you wait…there was something last minute.”

They made their way on and into an empty train car. Having put away his bags and sat down, Klaus was preparing to launch a verbal assault on his brother when something caught his attention. “What is that sweet smell – cookies?” He frowned at Elias. “Do you smell cookies?”

Elias sheepishly reached into his pack and withdrew a bulging pastel bag, tied with a pink ribbon. At the sight of the unexpectedly feminine packaging, Klaus’ eyebrows nearly rose into his hairline.

“There’s one for you too,” Elias added, his cheeks turning pink. He reluctantly pulled out another bag, and tossed it to Klaus.

Klaus caught the package, turning it over in his hands with a smirk. “So my little brother has found himself a girlfriend.”

Predictably Elias’ face flamed. “S-so what?! There’s nothing wrong with that!”

Klaus laughed. “I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it. Who is the lucky girl?” Then his eyes narrowed astutely. “Could it be…Clara Hart?”

“How did you know?!”

Klaus rolled his eyes and began untying the ribbon on his bag of cookies. “She’s your Buddy, isn’t she? And if it wasn’t obvious already, did you forget I sometimes teach your class, dumbhead? You think I don’t notice when you can’t take your eyes off a girl? You’re terrible at hiding it.”

Elias groaned, which was confirmation enough of Klaus’ suspicions.

“But really, Clara Hart?” Klaus continued. “I’ve seen her grades. They’re miserable. They’re dragging you down, little brother. How’d you end up with such a worthless girlfriend?”

Klaus bit into a cookie just as Elias scowled darkly. “Don’t call her worthless.”

The cookie’s flavor burst into Klaus’ mouth like a ray of sunshine. A crumbly texture with a soft center, a sweetness that balanced the richness of the chocolate chips, and a subtle hint of salt which complemented everything else perfectly. And it was still warm.

It was incredible. It was the best cookie he’d ever had.

“Not worthless,” Klaus corrected, eyes wide in shock. He stared into the bag in disbelief. “If only she were half as good at magic as she seems to be at making cookies…”

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Kai: "Got it." [Scenario; Request]

The soft piano tunes echoed the silent room as he moved swiftly – turning accurately at the moment the tune changed, it left you amazed as you held onto the video camera from a distance. You were stepping down each step on the stairs to be the same level as him as he danced – as he moved swiftly according to the music as if his soul was immersed to the music.

However, he noticed you very clearly as he smiled at you through the mirror ahead of you.

You smiled back but only for a brief moment as your eyes focused back on the video camera where you needed to catch up with him to get a good angle despite him dancing to a slow paced song – it was still breathtakingly beautiful as he had nothing but just a simple white t-shirt along with a pair of black leggings; how can someone still look so dashingly handsome?

You pressed the red button when he had stopped the same time the piano keys died off from the speakers. He let the music play as you set the video camera down, your hands eagerly clapping for him, “Encore!” You cheered cutely, causing him to smile at you through the mirror again but this time, he turned around and extended his arms, his eyes begging you to come to him as he wanted to hug you; he had missed you dearly after several days of not being able to see you as much as he could.

Him having a busy schedule always had its flaws but being able to see him up close like these always made things easier to get by.

“I’ve missed you.” He breathed out beside your ear, his long arms around your body as you hugged him back, “Me too…”

He couldn’t help but chuckle at how you clung onto him as he pushed you away delicately just to kiss your forehead, “Have you been well?”

You nodded with a grin, causing him to frown.

Your smile fell immediately, a hand of yours cupping his chin, “Are you okay? W-What’s the matter?”

He huffed at you, “How can you be fine when I’m here missing you day and night, angel?”

You couldn’t help but laugh quietly, shaking your head, “Ah… That’s what you meant.” You looked up to him with a much softer gaze, “I missed you a lot, too but knowing that you do what you love while you’re away, it helps me get by easier.”

He ruffled your hair, looking over your shoulder where he noticed the basket that was beside your video camera, “What did you bring?”

You followed his gaze only to give him a toothy grin when you faced him again, “I made your favorite chocolate chip cookies along with some lunch I’ve made at home before I came. You haven’t eaten, right?”

He pressed his lips into a thin line, making you slowly nod, feeling slightly dejected, “W-Well, I can always bring it back home to eat.”

He brought a huge smile to his face all of a sudden, “I’m kidding, angel. I’m starving.”

You growled at him, “You little…”

“But first,” He breathed out, holding onto your waist where he dragged you to the center of the dancing room, where you could see yourself in the mirror with him behind you, his head over your shoulder with that angelic smile of his, “Dance with me.”

You blinked at him, spinning around almost too quick to mutter out, “I-I’m not a good dancer, Kai! You know that!”

He gave you a warm smile, one of his hands holding onto your waist whereas he held onto one of your hands to bring it up where he smiled down on you, “Don’t worry, angel. You’re in good hands.”

You whined a little, “K-Kai… Can’t we just eat?”

He shook his head firmly, “No.”

You sighed and stood properly, your hands gripping onto his shoulder and his hand, “Don’t blame me if I step on your feet.”

His face brightened up, “That’s a good idea.”

“Yeah it is-what?!” You raised your voice a little when he had hoisted you up, only to gently place you back down on his feet – you weighed like a feather that it had no effect on him; this was going to be fun.

“Kai…?” You questioned weirdly as his hands moved back to your body and hand again, his lips never showing you a frown, “Shall we dance?”

You snickered, “I didn’t know this is how you dance with people…”

He smirked, “Only with you, angel.”

As if it was on cue, he started to sway gracefully to the music that suddenly came on – making you gasp as you held onto him with his feet lifting you up along with him; how did he do it? You were fascinated on how he delicately moved around the room with you on his feet, you could see through the mirror on how effortless it looked like; he looked flawless and to him, when he managed to peek at the mirror, he would smile on how beautiful you were as your hair landed on your shoulders nicely each time he turned around carefully with you on him – he was being twice as careful now.

When the song was nearing the end, he had made you step off his feet, making you stand on the floor again as he used a hand to spin you around. Without knowing, you followed what he made you do, spinning around elegantly until he stopped you, pulling you into his arms where you curled in until he had his arm wrapped around you with that same smile he had before you two even started dancing.

That is, if you could classify this as ‘dancing’…

“Wow…” He breathed out, making you look up to him what that shy grin of yours, “What?”

“I should bring you on stage with me one day.”

You snickered, shaking your head at him as you escaped his embrace, “You were the one doing everything, Kai. I just followed.”

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, following you to sit down on the floor when you were by the basket along with your video camera, “And you think it’s easy for people to follow with my pace? You’re good, angel. Too good.”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “You’re being a little too sarcastic there.”

He rubbed the back of his neck with a shy laugh, “You caught me, huh?”

You scrunched your nose, pointing at him, “You’re not getting any cookies, then.”

He gawked, “Why not?!”

“Because you’re too good for it.” You mimicked his voice, causing him to huff at you, “I do not talk like that.”

You shrugged, “Yes you do.”

“Come here you little.” He growled, lunging forward where he pinned you down on the floor, making you squeal when he rolled you over a few times with you hugging him back the best way you can with his arms around your waist. It didn’t take long for him to stop, lying on his back with you on top of him as he nuzzled his nose with yours, “God… I’ve really missed you, angel…”

You lightly kissed his nose, “It’s just for a few more days…”

He frowned, “That’s like… so many hours…”

You pressed your forehead with his, “Well… we can make use of the time we have now, Kai…”

He smirked, lips inching closer to yours, “I like the sound of that.”

Before his lips could touch yours, it seems like he could only groan against your lips when the door flung open, revealing the bunch of goofballs Kai calls ‘members’. They barged in with loud claps and coos as they knew this was about to happen – Kai hated this so much…

“Aw! This is so sweet!”

“Look! Lunch!”

“Guys, stop it – Kai needs time alone with-“

“Hey! I smell chocolate chip cookies!”

“Can we have some?!”

“Our little Kai is having his moment with his girlfriend, isn’t this cute?”

He shut his eyes tight, a glare ready to show as his grip tightened around your waist, “Remind me to lock the door next time, angel.”

You snickered, pecking his lips once, “Got it.”