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Hi! I adore your writing and it'd absolutely make my week if you could write either Noelian or Howince with #19, please & hundreds of thank-yous!

Thank you to you! I’ve never really written Noelian before but I’ve given it a try for you. So here we go:

“The paint’s supposed to go where?” Julian asked, raising his eyebrow in a way that he knew (from years of experience) would set Noel off kilter and make him squirm in the most wonderful way.
“Uh,” Noel mumbled, looking at the suggestive eyebrow and beginning to fidget just like Julian had known he would. “Everywhere there’s skin?”
“Hmm,” Julian responded, letting the noise rumble darkly in his chest as he stood up slowly, unfolding himself until he towered over the other man, which only increased the fidgeting. “And you think that’s necessary for the role do you?”
Noel pursed his lips as he considered the question with a seriousness that it didn’t really warrant. He knew on some level that Julian was messing about, messing with him, but he couldn’t help but play along. It was what they did, after all, and when Julian set something up, Noel couldn’t do anything other than follow his lead.
“Well, yeah,” he answered after a pause, ruffling his hair and smiling sideways at Julian as he approached. “It’ll hardly look like the Hitcher if the green stops at my neck, will it?”
“I guess not,” Julian shrugged, stopping in front of Noel and making a point of not slouching, so that the shorter man had to really look up at him, rather than just pretending to, like he so often did. “And exactly what will ‘the Hitcher’ be wearing in this scene? This Shower scene?”
It was a loaded question. Julian already knew the answer, had written half the scene, had laughed himself silly when Noel had put on the gravely Cockney accent and pretended to soap up his “thin, green body”, but he asked it in such a way that Noel had to give him an answer.
“Well, he’s in the shower, isn’t he,” he hedged, “so naturally he’s wearing his pants. Little kiddies watch this show, Ju, it can’t get too pervy.”
“No, we wouldn’t want that,” Julian dead panned and Noel felt the laughter snort out through his nose, rushed and full of nervous energy.
Julian did this, from time to time. Flirting and making Noel hot under the collar and leading them around in circles but never to the point they probably ought to have got to, and got over, years before.
“So, I’ve just got get it done, don’t I?” Noel said, trying to sound cockier than he felt. “Hard life, being an actor, having to have three lovely young ladies cover your body in paint with their little sponges.”
“Mmm,” Julian hummed but Noel wasn’t sure if he was agreeing or just mulling the idea over in his dark, curly brain. “And those sponges will go everywhere, won’t they. On your arms,” he traced a finger up Noel’s bicep as if to demonstrate, “ and under your arms where you’re still ticklish, because you’re a child in a man’s body.” The finger traced under his armpit and then down over his chest, making Noel shiver. “And all the way down to this spot here,” he rested his finger just above Noel’s pubic bone, leaving it there until Noel began to feel that same heat he always felt, hating the way Julian avoided his eyes, even when he was doing something so damned intimate. “And your thighs of course.”
Suddenly the hand swept lower, long, oversized fingers caressing his inner thigh and making him squeak at both the surprise and the intense sensation.
“Christ!” he gasped as Julian gave a squeeze and then pulled back, stepping around him and breezing out the door of the green room like nothing had happened.
“Good luck with that,” he called over his shoulder, grinning like a wolfman and only making Noel’s - predicament - worse.
He gaped after him, mouth open as wide as his eyes in disbelief at what the man thought he could get away with, and did!
“Well I can’t now!” he wailed to Julian’s retreating back but all he got was hearty, dark laughter in return which off course didn’t help one bit.

Pearlapis First Kiss

ohmygongora WHELP here’s the prompt you wanted!! This was actually longer than I expected it to be (from four to SEVEN pages) but I just couldn’t stop typing. I had to stop a few times and cease from fangirling because these two are just too cute. Hope you enjoy!

“Whaaa that was so much fun!” Pearl heard the screen door crash open as her fellow comrades and girlfriend excitedly entered the temple. She put her screwdriver on the coffee table and inspected the item in her hands, making sure that it was perfect. She looked to see Lapis bouncing along with Amethyst.

“Did you see that hit that I did? I was like.. BOOSH!” Lapis made a swooping motion with her arms, accompanied by her emphasized sound effect. Amethyst laughed at her.

“It’s called a spike Lapis. And YES! I’m sure Kofi is going to feel that bruise in the morning.” The purple gem plopped down on the couch adjacent to the one Pearl was sitting on while Lapis let herself fall beside the pale gem. Pearl felt Lapis cuddle into her and she coughed, straining to hide her blush from her friends.

“So, how was the game?” Pearl asked anyone that would answer. Garnet leant against the counter as Steven crawled next to Pearl’s unoccupied side.

“It was great!” Steven piped in. “Unlike last time, we actually got to finish the game without any interruptions. The Pizza’s won though.”

“We let them win,” Garnet stated while adjusting her shades.

Lapis finally noticed the object in Pearl’s hand and hugged her arm, “What do you have there?”

“Oh, while you guys were out, I paid a visit to the Sky Temple and found this: a hypergalactic telescope with four interstellar mirror instruments! The poor thing was falling apart when I found it but luckily I was able to refurbish it and align the glasses correctly.” She handed it to Lapis.

“Here, you can have it.” Pearl gently placed the telescope onto one of Lapis’ hands and waited patiently for her reaction. The blue gem silently took it with awe then looked up at Pearl with a confused expression.

“Well since you’re staying with me- I mean us- I thought you’d miss being at Homeworld, so I thought that fixing an ancient Gem telescope would help your homesickness…” Pearl chuckled to herself, her free hand rubbing her neck sheepishly.

Maybe I should have thought this through more clearly…

But then she was engulfed in a bone crushing hug, Lapis’ hair tickling her nose.

“Thank you thank you thank you! Oh Pearl, what can I say? This is just so generous, you’re too nice!” The blue gem nuzzled her head under Pearl’s chin, her blush coming back tenfold.

“O-only for you..” Pearl managed before squeaking from Lapis folding her legs underneath her and shuffling her body- more like butt- on her lap.

“Ugh, this is cheesy. I’m leaving before I get any more lovey on this dovey.” Amethyst gestured to herself before hopping off the couch and striding to the temple door, her room opening to its usual messy interior. Pearl looked to Garnet and she just shrugged.

“I don’t know, I’m used to it. But I’ll leave you two be.” She waved to the both of them and walked towards the temple door as well.

Pearl let out a puff of breath she didn’t even know she was holding and hugged Lapis closer to her chest.

“Thanks again for the gift. I’m really glad that I chose you to be my sappy girlfriend.” Lapis turned her head so that she could look up at Pearl. “But I love it.” She added with a little deviousness in her deep blue eyes.

Pearl couldn’t help but smile back. Both gems stayed in that position for a while, aquamarine clashing with navy. Pearl felt herself lean closer Lapis, eyes straying to the gem’s silent lips. But at the last minute, Pearl caught what she was doing and jerked her head away, clearing her throat in a way to mask her action.

“AHEM, uhh, w-why don’t you go try it out? I want to make sure that it’s actually working.”

“Oh! Sure!” Lapis picked herself up off of Pearl’s lap and cradled the instrument in her hands.

“I’ll be outside!” And the ocean gem was gone. Once Lapis left, Pearl slumped back on the couch and groaned, mentally berating herself.

What were you thinking going in like that?? It was not in the least reasonable to just take advantage and-

Pearl’s thoughts were disturbed when she felt a pair of eyes on her. She looked to where she thought it might have been coming from and breathed in a short intake of breath.


She had forgotten all about the star child beside her when Amethyst and Garnet left and here she was, practically displaying PDA in front of the young boy.

Something that he is NOT supposed to be exposed to at his age.

“So….” the small child teased, “What was that?” He wiggled his eyebrows and formed a coy grin on his smug face. If she wasn’t embarrassed then, she was certainly embarrassed now.

“I-I-I I was just- it kinda. She was….uh- bleh?” Pearl sputtered out.

Wow, she must be real flustered if she’s stuttering this badly, Steven thought to himself. He mechanically patted Pearl on the arm.

“There there. It’s not a bad thing wanting to kiss your girlfriend. I totally understand.”

“Y-you do?”

“Sure! I mean, I sometimes catch Lars and Sadie kissing when I walk into The Big Donut so I’m totally immune to it!”

It’s not a disease..

“But why didn’t you?”

“I uh…” Pearl turned her attention away from Steven, ears burning from the prolonged exposure of this awkward situation.

“I-I don’t know how to kiss…” Pearl whispered, more to herself. And she really wanted to kiss Lapis. After making up and sort of starting over, they had spent more and more time together, learning about each other and sharing mutual interests in a lot of things. They had recently declared their liking to each other and had begun dating. If.. cuddling on the couch and sleeping under the warm glow of the TV was considered dating.

It took a while for Pearl to admit but she loved Lapis. She loved how she would dance quietly on her own when she thought no one was looking, and she loved how she got overexcited over the mere thought of the ocean and how vast it was. Pearl wasn’t one to express her feelings expertly. She was great at displaying worry and happiness when needed but she struggled a bit when it came to love so she hoped that giving Lapis a little present would help.

And she thought she would then have the courage to show Lapis how much she cared for her.

“That’s okay, I know someone who does!”

“You do?” Pearl asked once again. Who was this mystery person Steven knew who was intact in the art of philematology? Surely they must have access to countless knowledge on such information.

“Yeah! My dad!”

Oh, of course. How could I forget.

“We can go there right now and you can get advice!” Steven started pulling on Pearl’s arm, tugging the taller gem along with him.

“I don’t know Steven.. Isn’t your dad.. busy or something?”

“Probably, but if any of the Crystal Gems need help, I’m sure he’d open himself to some free time! Now come on!”

Pearl sighed and let herself be led by the persistent child.

Might as well..

They had sneakily crept out the temple whilst Lapis was on the beach, engrossed in her new toy, but when Pearl thought the blue gem turned around, she had grabbed Steven and jumped off in the direction of Greg’s carwash.

She wasn’t surprised when she saw Steven’s dad lounging outside his van on a pool chair.

“Hey dad!” Steven leapt out of Pearl’s arms and ran towards his reclining dad.

“Oh Steven! And Pearl! What brings you guys at this stretch of the town? You two in dire need of guitar lessons? There’s a special right now; two lessons for the price-”

“Sorry dad but this is much more important than your awesome guitar lessons.”

“W-what could be more important than-”

“Pearl needs kissing advice!”

“WHAT??!!” Pearl and Greg shouted in unison with Greg being more surprised whereas Pearl exclaimed incredulously.

“S-S-Steven! I-I think there’s a better way of saying that..”

“You need MY advice on KISSING???”

“Well, I think I’ll just leave you two then; wouldn’t want to hear in on some grown up stuff right? I’ll see you back at the Temple Pearl! Bye dad!” And just like that, Steven was gone.

That… cunning little-

“So…” Greg started. Pearl turned to him and sighed, palm rubbing at her eyes.

“That bad huh?” Greg shifted his position so that he was sitting on the foot of the chair, patting the spot beside him. Pearl silently took her seat and leant her elbows on her knees, gaze tiredly looking forward.

“So, there’s someone you want…. to kiss…?” In all of Greg’s years spent with the Crystal Gems, never in his life would he had known he would be needed for something like this.

“Y-You don’t have to say who it is if you don’t-”

“Lapis Lazuli.” Pearl stated nonchalantly.

“L-L-Lapis??” Today just kept getting interesting for the old rockstar.

“Yeah…” Pearl leaned back a little and looked at the sky, “We’ve been dating for a while now and I.. I want to show her how much I care for her- I mean, aside from giving her presents and holding hands- I think that it’s just that time, you know?”

“Uh huh…” Greg responded, not knowing how he should approach this.

“And when Rose was still around,” Pearl continued, “she’d talk about all the fun things you and her would do. She mentioned kissing once and she looked so happy when she shared it with us.”

“W-whaa? Rose talked about u-us kissing??”

“Yes, but my point is: she just looked so happy and she couldn’t stop smiling and just…” Pearl moved forward again and rested her chin atop her palm.

“I want to make Lapis feel like that also.”

“I see..”

“And you’re the only person I’m really close to that has had an experience in this. I mean, I HOPE that Steven hasn’t kissed anyone yet, though I’m not opposed to him choosing Connie. She is a sweet girl but I don’t think they should start that at such a young age. Anyway- getting off topic-” Pearl turned her body so she was facing Greg, all seriousness glowing in her eyes.

“I need advice on kissing.”

“Oh uh..” Greg scratched at his beard and pondered for a second. “Y-you know that it involves the lips, yeah?”

Pearl nodded, “Why yes, and it requires 34 facial muscles for the buccinators and orbicularis oris to pucker the lips into the necessary placement. I know all about kissing Greg, I just need to know how to do it.”

“Oh okay. Uh, all I can say is that you just got to feel it.”

“I just have to feel it?” Pearl repeated, confused. Greg nodded, a little shine in his eyes.

“If you love Lapis as much as you say you do, then you’ll know the right moment! Trust in the funky flow yo! That’s what Steven always says.”

“Hmm.. I guess.” Pearl sat in her spot, gears grinding in her mind. Finally she stood up, and lent out a hand at Greg.

“Thank you Greg, I couldn’t have asked for better advice.” She shook Greg’s hand and bid him farewell, eager to find Lapis.

She took the human way home, which consisted of her actually walking to her destination instead of jumping to it. The walk helped calm down the pale gem and it allowed her to clear her mind. It took Pearl about fifteen minutes to circle around the bottom of the cliff and to the front of their beach house where she saw Lapis still on the beach front, telescope over her eyes.

“Hi Lapis.”

Said gem looked away from inside the telescope and towards Pearl, smile forming across her face.

“Pearl!” Lapis ran to the taller gem and jumped into her arms. “This thing is amazing! You can see all the way to Titan and even scope back to look at the crab nebulae! I love it!” She buried her face into Pearl’s chest and sighed happily. Pearl closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment they were having.

“Here let me show you.” Lapis led her girlfriend to the edge of the shore and sat them down. She showed Pearl what she was able to see with Pearl presenting Lapis a few stars form her own knowledge.

“Look, you can see Homeworld.” Pearl handed the telescope to Lapis and leaned back on her hand, the other intertwining with one of Lapis’.

“Wow, it looks so much prettier from here..” The blue gem set down the instrument on her lap and leaned back onto Pearl, enjoying the warmth the two were sharing.

“Do you… do you miss it? Homeworld” The taller gem asked quietly. Lapis felt Pearl rest her head on top of hers. She sighed and blinked up at the shimmering star in the sky, it’s pinkish glow barely visible through the atmosphere.

“Yeah.. I do.. Even if it is more advanced than I thought it would be. But..” Lapis turned around and took Pearl’s face into her hands, moving her head so that she can stare at her.

“I’d rather be on Earth, with you, because I think that you’re far prettier than Homeworld and you can offer much more things to me than what an old dusty planet can.” Lapis spoke softly.

Pearl felt her heart skip and beat and her breathing falter. How did she deserve such an amazing gem? She smiled down at Lapis and the blue gem smiled back, a twinkle in her eye rivaling what Steven had to offer. Pearl then turned her head slightly in Lapis’ palm so she could kiss the ocean gem’s hand.

She heard the girl beneath her gasp in surprise and Pearl opened her eyes, looking down at Lapis with a new resound emotion. Lapis searched Pearl’s light blue eyes, veining to look for an explanation but all she could find were… enlarged pupils.

Pearl on the other hand, was just moving out of instinct, or passion if that was what humans called it. She kissed Lapis’ hand again before taking them into her own and placing them over her shoulder, bringing the smaller gem closer to her. It was all going so smoothly for the Homeworld gem, like they were dancing. And she was all but Pearl’s humble dance partner.

It wasn’t until when they were nose to nose did Lapis finally squeak out a response.

“You know.. it’s going to be high tide soon.” Lapis breathed out. She could feel her own air hit her face as it bounced off of Pearl’s.

“And?” Pearl leaned closer, not really registering what Lapis was saying.

“So.. it means that the water is going to hit us soon.” Lapis could feel herself leaning forward as well.

Hmm strange.

“Oh? And how do you know?”

“Because I can feel it. I can feel the tug and pull of the ocean.” And as Lapis said that, she felt Pearl scoot her body further into hers, initiating a small pant from Lapis.

“A-and I get a tingling in my body whenever it draws closer..” All she could see was Pearl now. Lapis didn’t register her hands coming up to the sides of her face. She could barely breathe.

You just got to feel it, Pearl remembered.

Oh, I’m going to feel it alright.

“And once it hits… it- mm!” Pearl had crashed forward, not like the way a comet crashes through the atmosphere and ruins the Earth, but more like a morning tide meeting the shore; a soft kiss to the sand and it is barely felt. Lapis felt Pearl move her lips over hers more so Lapis retaliated back with a glide of her own, issuing a small smile from her girlfriend.

They broke apart, noses grazing each other on the pull out and they stared at each other, happiness clearly on both gems’ faces.

“W-what was that?” It wasn’t a rude question, Pearl knew that. Lapis had made it sound more of an inquiring, curious question than an offensive one.

“It’s called a kiss. Humans do it when they feel… really attracted to someone.”

“Oh?” Lapis hummed. She smirks and bats her eyelashes up at Pearl. “Do you think you can show me again?”

Pearl playfully shook her head and gently placed her palms on Lapis’ face again. This time, she led her head towards hers and they met again with silent gasps. Lapis slid her lips over Pearl’s at the same time Pearl opened her mouth. The taller gem managed to catch the bottom of Lapis’ lip and gently sucked on it.

The whine that came with it spurred Pearl onward.

Her hands were shaking on Lapis’ face as she tried to bring them all the more closer. Pearl had decided to try something new so she took Lapis’ bottom lip again between her teeth and lightly bit down.

A harsh pull on her hair gives Pearl her desired answer. She licked the wound in apology and gave Lapis one last kiss before pulling away. She opened her eyes in time to see Lapis lean forward more, not wanting to break contact. But Pearl brought a hand up and brushed the bangs out of her girlfriend’s eyes, urging for her to open her eyes.

“That was… amazing.” Lapis couldn’t help but laugh. She giggled a little more before hugging Pearl. “Where did you learn to do that?”

She felt Pearl shrug her shoulders, “I don’t know, you just got to feel it.”

“Well, I guess I found my new favorite pass time.” Lapis poked Pearl on the nose and snuggled into her again.

“Even better than the telescope?”

“Even better.”

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Howince Head Canons, because it’s Cully’s Birthday!

Approximately a million years ago, the glorious culumacilinte prompted me for a number of Howard and Vince head canons… and I am slow as molasses, but I still have them all and have been plugging away. Today, in honor of her birthday, I am pleased to present the very first of those head canons, this one devoted to the subjects of Howard Moon & Childhood and Vince Noir & Family.

I hope you have fun with this, Cully! I felt like nothing could be a better present than the gift of tons of character thoughts and feels to roll about in, so: Happy Birthday! I got you a bag of assorted Feels and Thinks! Have the best day! <3<3<3<3

Howard Moon and Childhood

Howard was the very much wanted and loved child of very responsible, very comfortably middle-class, very loving parents… who really were not all that adept about openly expressing that love.

Howard’s parents gave him a tidy, safe, comfortable, liberal-minded, well-organized place to grow up and a terribly stable, structured home life (some would say boringly so), but they were never all that comfortable at doling out affectionate hugs and cuddles or gushing with effusive, encouraging praise and cheerleading and pride. Which is not to say that they weren’t supportive–quite the opposite–but Mr and Mrs Moon were just a bit too private and reserved and, frankly, too Northern to really feel comfortable with that sort of thing, beyond comforting pats on the back or a good clap on the shoulder, the kind that spoke a thousand words that would kill them all of embarrassment if ever expressed aloud. On the whole, this suited Howard rather well, because he himself is rather Northern and reserved–at least when it comes to certain things–and has the same instinctive wariness of too much open, genuine emotion. Or touching. He’s more inclined to handshakes than hugs in most cases, and he always was.

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