that little smile at the end

Say You Won’t Let Go [seb stan]

Summary: Marvel’s new movie takes on a dance scene and while in rehearsals, you and Tom Holland pick up choreography quickly. It may end in a jealous Sebastian Stan?

Pairing: Sebastian x reader

Dance Routine

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“So, I step–,” Sebastian readjusted the cap on his head again, “Can you repeat for me the steps?” The choreographer nodded and smiled as she pulled him to the side at the end of the rehearsal. The Marvel universe was prepping for the next movie, a spy film staring Black Widow.

Tom, Sebastian and Chris were featured in it, joining her as she did some intel on a secret mission. You had joined the cast as a hacker type computer agent and you were all currently working on a choreography that was a little out of the normal.

The choreographer normally was teaching fight sequences but with this being a spy film, the Russo Brothers wanted a slightly different direction away from the jam-packed action sequences. You were preparing for a dance number where the five of you were doing intel at the super villain’s gala while trying to find an entrance to their lab headquarters.

Chris and Scarlett worked at a fast pace, picking up the footing quickly as they had waltzed around the room in each other’s arms. Your character, having a story line with Bucky, was supposed to start dancing with Peter and have Bucky cut in.

The problem was, Sebastian was struggling with the dance. He was fantastic with fight sequences, so you weren’t sure why the dancing was different. Everyone began to pack up their stuff as a second dance choreographer came up to you. “Hey, Y/N, great work today,” they cheered as you took a sip of water and thanked them. “I was wondering, remember how I taught you and Tom that dance early last week when you guys stayed after to practice?”

You nodded, Tom had really wanted to perfect his sequence, asking you to stay and rehearse with him. When she realized you two were still there, she had asked if she could run through a new routine for her class she was teaching. You and Tom had been picking up rather quickly, so you agreed. It’d been fun.

“Would you be willing to do the routine again for me to film? You guys work so well together,” she asked, holding a camera. Tom stood behind her, small smile on his face and waving.

“Sure, I’m free,” you placed your bag back down as she cued up the music. As James Arthur’s ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ came on over the speakers, Sebastian looked up and watched intently as you two danced and the closeness between you.

When the routine was done, everyone left cheered and headed out. “That was great,” Sebastian came up behind you, nodding to the performance.

“Hi, oh gosh,” you blushed, “I didn’t realize you were still here, you liked it?”

“I didn’t realize you and Tom were so close,” he pointed out and pulled his bag over his shoulder. His tone was a little too acidic and your eyebrows furrowed slightly. His posture told you he was on edge, fist clenching his bag, jaw clenched.

“We were just dancing Seb,” you stepped back slightly, “Is everything okay?”

“I should go,” he announced, turning away from you and pacing out of the large stage where you were rehearsing, leaving you confused and distraught.

Inktober 2018 Tangledtober day 20 Sweet

The evening was calm, Eugene and Cass were still somewhere out the castle. In the kitchen, a blondie princess and a little alchemist were finishing the surprise cake for Cassie’s Birthday. They made some cupcakes, cookies and a not-so-big chocolate cake. Varian was decorating the cake with pinky mousse roses. Rapunzel saw her friend and laughed with a childish smile. He looked her with innocent eyes.

-What happens, princess?

-You-you have-something on your nose- she said trying to keep calm.

-Uh? My nose? But what can be on my…- he looked at his own nose and then understood. -…ouh, how did that end there?”

I remembered that Raps knows how to bake as well as Varian (serum cookies xD lol) and I imagined this. It was so strange to draw Varian with bare hands and with other color of apron. Even without his googles. I hope you like it! They’re so sweet just like the desserts they are baking 💕




oh my god I was a tiny bit nervous about how they would handle it and, as a white person it seemed ok? maybe there’s some more noticeable things in there that could be criticised but overall it seemed rly well handled and Damn they rly went right in for everyone didn’t they.

good!! they should have! sure, the ending moral wasn’t at all subtle but, you know what? sometimes things shouldn’t be. I was uncomfortable throughout a good Chunk of this episode and that was exactly the intention and I enjoyed the entire story. especially during the actual event. that was agonising and upsetting.

I loved the characterisation here, too!! there were a lot of little interactions that were just understanding smiles and laughter and that rly adds a lot to the different relationships! I think that’s what was missing in Ghost Monument. the supporting cast just seemed sorta… there, being told alongside Team Tardis rather than a part of the same story.

the actress playing Rosa Parks?? incredible. she felt so warm, endearing, and strong, and I just loved her within the first few moments.

also like, regarding general Doctor Who stuff, I can see why this series was described as ‘60s Who meets Modern Who’ bc I’m totally feeling that educational historical vibe. and I am so here for that back-to-basics format. they feel like a proper little found family again, exploring and learning all w/ this sense of wonder and I’m just so thrilled this is Back. I would’ve rly liked that w/ Twelve and Bill, tho. it’s a shame they missed out.

Ashton Irwin Imagine (request)

This is a request from @emma1998sblog (I’m sorry it took so long hun but I hope you like it ☺️)

👀 if you want a request, HMU 👀

You and your boyfriend Ashton we’re finally reunited after he flew you out to join him on tour. The distance put strain on your relationship and everyday you were apart from each other, you craved the silly little things more and more. Silly little things like him being goofy, his laugh, the way his eyes creased up as he smiled, the way your fingers intertwined with his when you held hands. You loved nothing more than just to feel his presence as you were right now, watching him run around an empty field with his three best friends in the dark and you could not be happier.

‘Calum! Pass it, pass it to me! Cal- never mind.’ He shouted across the empty space to Calum, who attempted to kick a football to Ash, but instead it ended up going in the opposite direction, causing you to giggle at his look of disappointment.

‘I thought you were supposed to be good at this guys!’ You laughed from your spot on the grass, wrapping a blanket around you for warmth. The boys, including Ash, look over at you all smiling shaking their heads and shrugging.

The mousy-brown haired man starts to walk over to you with a sparkle in his eye and a cheeky grin on his face that you loved unconditionally. When he reaches you he reaches out his arms and picks you up off the ground, making you squeal and laugh. “I’d like to see you do better Y/N’’ he chuckles, finally setting you down on the floor.

You stand as close to him as you could possibly be, your arms wrapped around his neck. Giving him a peck on the nose your mouth curves into a grin, “Game on Mr Irwin!” You challenge, immediately running after the ball, mainly in the direction of Michael.

Ash quickly becomes confused as you look as if you are about to tackle the poor boy to the ground just to prove him wrong- which in time you do, both you and Michael falling on the floor in fits of laughter, but once you see him running over you quickly get up once again and start running with the ball, heading towards the net.

Ash runs towards you with the same cheeky grin in his face, mixed with a look of determination, which makes you kick the ball into the net, and surprisingly last Calum, in a panic. Being dramatic you start cheering, mocking Ash. ‘She shoots and she scores!!! Oh yeah!! Commiserations to Ashton Fletcher Irwin, you tried babe’. You laugh, seeing Ash trying his very best to act mad at you, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t help but smile at how adorably goofy you were being, he could never be mad at you.

“I guess you could do better then baby” he pulls you into his arms and kisses you,making you instantly melt. God, you loved his kisses.

“I told you Ash, I’m basically Ronaldo” you laugh, burying your head into his neck. You were so glad that you were back together again, you just wanted things to stay like his forever, or at least as long as it possibly could, but for now you just focused on the moment you were in and how good it felt to be back in his arms again.

“I love you babe” you mutter quietly. He lifts up your head with a finger and looks you in the eyes intensely. “I love you too”

imagine being in new york with shawn and going on a little food adventure to that super famous nugget place. y'all go and stand in a relatively short line, much to your surprise, and end up ordering a shit load of nuggets, fries and mac and cheese. of cOURSE he pays for it and taps his phone on the debit machine before you even have a chance to turn yours on, to which you grumble at him and push an exasperated sigh in the direction of the cashier with greying hair who smiles fondly and pats your hand.

“he seems like a good one, you’re very lucky”

it takes alot in him not to kiss you when you look at him and bump his shoulder, saying “yeah….it’s been a year and i can’t get over it yet”

the food comes with time and when the teen girl with short red hair and a septum piercing calls your order number, her pale green eyes light up at the sight of your boyfriend approaching the counter. a hug, a thank you and her brilliant smile is exchanged for your food and the cold air does alot to help settle the blush in shawns cheeks.

“so where are we going to eat?” you ask, shoving a fry in your mouth.

“i dunno. maybe your place? i don’t want to go back to the hotel right now”

his hand presses against the small of your back to steer you in the direction of the jeep and it warms you instantly.

“okay well lemme call my roommate and see if she’s home.” shawn humms in acknowledgment and unlocks the doors, making sure to open the passenger side for you before jogging over to sit behind the wheel.

“do you think she’d mind if we got food?” he mumbles and you shake your head.

“nah she’s not like that, she’ll probably just go out and give us space”

shawn catches the flash your phone makes as a notification pops up on the screen and he leans forward to read it, clicking his seatbelt in at the same time

noor ahmed 💋: yeah i’m not home rn so it’s cool. don’t fuck on the couch again tho pls

you both laugh and shawn presses a kiss to your forehead. turning the key and shifting the gear into drive, pulling out of the parking spot smoothly.

“tell her i said no promises” he grins, and you giggle, typing up a reply.

no promises! don’t be surprised if you show up and see me sitting there, bbq sauce on my tiddies!

Derek’s protective

I wrote this back in 2017 and decided to just post it. This isn’t edited, so if it doesn’t make sense or there is bad spelling sorry not sorry. Enjoy :)

prompt: YN is Stiles little sister and he forgets to pick her up at school so she’s stuck in the rain. Derek is very protective of his little stilinski.

I sat on the front steps of school, the raindrops bouncing off of my history book in a horrible attempt to keep my head dry. I glanced down at my watch for the time, 4:35, mentally cursing myself for letting my phone die, and not accepting a ride from Sarah.

Dance class was every Tuesday, ending precisely at 4:00, and every Tuesday Stiles would fly into the parking lot between 4:05 and 4:12 with a half attempted apologetic smile.

Looking back down it was now 4:37, Stiles had to have forgot, and at this rate i’d probably be stuck here all night. I shoved my history book back into my backpack and slung it over my shoulder, walking home was my only option.

My dance uniform clung to my body, making it real uncomfortable to walk. I was soaked from head to toe.

The sound of a car approaching made me relieved, only when I looked back it wasn’t that stupid familiar blue jeep. The all black suv drove past me, hitting its breaks and pulling over up ahead. A thousand thoughts ran through my head, we lived in Beacon Hills, where the impossible was possible, so my fight or flight mode was on. I stopped walking, was I about to get abducted? The sherif always sided with Stiles but maybe for once he’d be in trouble for forgetting me.

A man stepped out of the suv, but the rain made it hard to see. He was wearing an all black suit that looked expensive. As he walked towards me I dropped my bag, turned around and started to run back towards the school.

“Y/N!” the voice yelled, stopping me in my tracks. The voice was familiar, one I hadn’t heard in a long time.

“Get in the car Y/N , let me drive you home” The rain calmed down just enough for me to see Mr.Argent standing back at his car with the passenger door open. He had my bag in his hand, tossing it inside before looking back at me. “Please just get in the car, you’re soaked, and now I am as well”

Mr.Argent was far from a stranger, and I knew he would never hurt me. Allison was one of the best friends i’ve ever had, we were practically sisters. But I hadn’t faced Mr.Argent since her funeral, it was too hard, this… this is too hard.

“No, it’s alright, I can walk” I insisted, wishing i hadn’t dropped my bag which was now thrown somewhere in his front seat.

“Allison would never forgive me if I let

you walk home in this rain” he gestured up towards the sky, the gray clouds that looked to be disappearing quickly came back. There was a large crack of thunder making me jump. That was the last push I needed, immediately running over and hopping in the passenger seat.

He went around to the drivers side, putting on his seat belt before putting the car in drive. His eyes went back and forth from the road to me. Every now and this he’d let out a little huff, like he wanted to say something but couldn’t come up with the words.

We turned onto my street and I could see the sheriffs car in the driveway. I sunk down in my seat, hoping if he was outside or looking out the window he wouldn’t see me. “Can you actually bring me to Derek’s” I asked, looking him in the eyes for the first time in a long time. He looked at the car parked out front before looking back at me and nodding.

The ride was quiet, the only noise being the raindrops bouncing off the car. He cranked the heat when he caught sight of me shivering, just like any good dad would.

When we pulled into Derek’s parking lot he put the car in park and turned to face me. “It’s good to see you’re still human.” he looked me up and down, like the way a parent would their child, taking in their appearance to make sure they aren’t hurt.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, “why wouldn’t I be?”

Just then Derek appeared in the doorway leading upstairs to the loft. His arms were crossed over his chest, eyes red like he was giving a warning. Mr.Argent got out of the car while I gathered my things. He exchanged a few words with Derek before I climbed out of the car and ran for shelter, not that it really mattered, I was already soaking wet. Derek’s eyes were back to his normal green hue.

“Thanks Chris” Derek said, shaking his hand before grabbing a hold of me and pulling me into his chest. Derek kisses the top of my head whispering ‘c’mon let’s go inside’ before sliding an arm over my shoulder and leading me towards the elevator.

I looked back at Mr.Argent “Thanks for the ride” he nodded and smiled, before getting back into the car.

The elevator ride up was quiet. I couldn’t get a good read if Derek was angry, upset or annoyed. He was hard to read, but I knew from the tone of his voice something was up.

I heard voices coming from inside the apartment, and looked back at Derek ‘pack meeting’ he said dryly before pushing me to head inside.

“What did Chris Argent want” Scott asked as soon as we walked through the door. “Cal?” he says, looking me up and down, confused as to why i am all wet. I walk past everyone sitting in the living room and head straight for Derek’s. bedroom. All I want is a hot shower and some dry clothes.

While the water for the shower was heating up, I heard some loud noises coming from the living room. I poked my head out just enough to see Scott holding Derek back and Malia standing in front of Stiles.

“Stiles I want to rip your throat out right now! How could you forget to pick up your sister when it’s thundering and lightening out?! Thank god Chris saw her walking home or who knows where she would be!!!”

“I’m sorry I forgot! But if you haven’t noticed we have been a little busy trying to catch a pack of alphas!” You could hear the eye roll in his tone.

“Exactly Stiles!! A pack of alphas are out there! A pack of alphas that could have grabbed a hold of her! You don’t think!” His fists clenched by his sides, and his face started turning red again.

“Derek” I called, his eyes met mine across the room and he stopped. He was calm enough for Scott to let him go so he could walk towards me. His eyes left mine long enough to look back at Stiles and whisper “Just get out. I’ll take care of her like I always do”

This will forever remain as one of the most iconic 3RACHA videos of all time.

Changbin: Eh hyung, how about her?

Chan: She’s pretty 😅

Fan in the background: -sounds like she’s actually being stabbed- 


My boss’s never going to believe me if I look like this. You look fine! You look great.

This KM moment……

From one of the most recent concerts, messes with my heart so bad.

This was the end of Dope, when Jimin approaches Jungkook doing these little dance moves. JK does the ending pose, with his eyes following JM’s moves.

And then he looks up at (still moving) JM’s face and its as if he’s captivated with what he sees that he just stares with that dopey smile.

JM too, stops moving and smiles at JK. And then as if to break out the little bubble goes to tap JK’s chin and walks aways.

Leaving JK a little flustered and a whole lot happy.

No matter how someone takes their dynamic/relationship, you can’t look at this and deny that it is something so tender and beautiful.

you, Mister (Eddie Brock/Venom x Reader)

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: Venomโ€™s jealously finally reaches a breaking point while Eddie and you are getting intimate.

Rating: R (Fem!Reader, fingering, double penetration, tentacles, size kink, over-stimulation, unprotected symbiote sex)

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When he kisses you, the world falls away around you. His hand is under your ear, thumb caressing your cheek, and it was soft, slow, reassuring in ways that words could never be.

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