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Marty when you're really close to Zack while dating/while you're taking a break

- Marty hates Zack a little bit
- He hates how that stupid prick can always make you smile or laugh
- He hates that that glorified bean pole is your best friend
- And Marty sure as shit hates that when you and him have a fight, you go running to Zack
- So… Marty does what Marty does to ensure that you stay his: villainous things
- He goes through your phone while you’re asleep or in the shower, just to make sure nothing untoward is happening
- He creeps your twitter feed and Instagram account
- When you and Zack get a little too close for his comfort (which is within the same neighborhood of each other), he must worm his body in between you and Zack
- Zack, that asshole, is a touchy feely bloke too so Marty always had to show him exactly what for… by grabbing your ass possessively in plain view of all
- Both you and Zack are strictly friends, though you did try to date long before Marty was in the picture. It just never worked, as you had explained at length, multiple times.
- Zack thought it was hilarious to wind Marty up, always taking an opportunity to tweet to you that he misses you and your hugs or to remind you of an inside joke
- Marty would fume
- you’d have to calm him down
- Which usually meant dragging him off to a secluded area to… fuck some sense into his head.

What the RFA members have each other named as in their phones

Random heacanons @vallraiene and I came up with because contact names can be funny as shit

Yoosung - Little bro
Jaehee - Coffee Lady☕️
MC - 💕Princess💕
Jumin - Trustfund Douche
V - V
Saeran - The other tomato dude

Zen - Narcissist
Jaehee - Mom friend™
MC - Rika?
Jumin - Scary rich guy
Seven - DEFENDER OF JUSTICE 707 (Seven insisted that be his contact)
Saeran - The Edgy Twin

Zen - ❤️Zen❤️
Yoosung - Yoosung Kim
MC - Best Friend💕
Jumin - Kill me now
V - Jihyun Kim
Saeran - Oh god not another one

Zen - trash
Yoosung - Future Assistant
MC - Future Assistant #2
Jaehee - Assistant Kang
Elizabeth the 3rd - ❤️The perfect being❤️
Seven - Luciel Choi
V - Jihyun
Saeran - Seven???

Zen - the almighty albino™
Yoosung - 💛Cutie💛
MC - The main ho
Jaehee - Scary coffee lesbian
Jumin - Mr. Grey ;)
Elizabeth the 3rd - Elly❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙
V - Aesthetic Tumblr dad
Saeran - Evil Twin
Vanderwood - Mullet Daddy

Zen - Annoying
Yoosung - Needs a life
MC - Who even is she???
Jaehee - Cool Judo Lady
Jumin - Pretentious Douche
Seven - Annoying brother
V - Traitor
Vanderwood - What even is your gender


Zen - he Andrew
Yoosung- you song
Jaehee - Josh are you coming
Jumin - German
Seven - Lucille chili
Saeran - Sarah enjoy

okay when I direct hamlet I know exactly what I want in the opening scenes

the audience will be in traverse. when they come in hamlet will be sitting in his designated seat, on his phone. audience comes in, house lights down, stage lights up, hamlet is still on his phone. audience to either side confused, maybe annoyed like ‘who does this guy think he is smh smh’. opening battlements scene happens, hamlet pays no attention, doesn’t draw attention to himself, just sits in the audience, probably reading cracked.

end of scene one, start of scene two. claudius gertrude et al enter, take their place up on the raised stage at one end of the traverse. hamlet looks up, takes note, puts away phone. claudius starts his big long speech. hamlet pulls out bag of doritos and very loudly opens them. claudius pretends not to notice as hamlet loudly eats doritos while he tries to do his big diplomatic speech. gertrude is very embarrassed. hamlet is being a little shit. probably annoys audience to either side - offers them a chip, nudges them so he can roll his eyes at something claudius says to them, etc. claudius finishes with laertes, turns to address hamlet. 'and now our cousin hamlet, and our son (and lil shit I s2g if I didn’t love your mother)’. hamlet addresses his first line ('a little more than kin and less than kind’) to his neighbour in the audience. not until gertrude suggests that it only 'seems’ with him does he drop his doritos, stand up, and address his mother. once he’s done with his 'I know not seems’ speech, he’s embarrassed and angry at having shown such emotion, and sits angrily back down in the audience. he doesn’t get up until partway through 'too too solid flesh’, which he starts off addressing to his neighbours

// I know this didn’t really ask for nsfw but I still felt it
so slight nsfw ahead



- He was on break at rehearsals when his phone lit up, alerting him that he had gotten a message from you.

- Instantly he’s like Oh boy!! It’s my angel coming to wish me good luck!!!

- Then he opens it with a big grin expecting a cute little note and holy shit he literally drops his phone and a coworker goes to pick it up for him and he sCREAMS NO DONT TOUCH THAT

- Instantly finds a closet or bathroom and might send you a quick nude tbh even if you were just in underwear with a dirty message he’ll send a dick pic or something no shame

- He’s so turned on by the situation of receiving something like that in public not gonna lie, it’s so exhilarating and from his picture.. you can tell he’s pretty excited ,,

- Messes up his lines a lot after that because all he can think of is fucking you when he gets home and just wants the day to be done

- Expect the beast to be released as soon as he steps through that door


- In the middle of a meeting when you sent it, it was a pretty boring one so he decided to break his table manners and look at it anyways

- When he opens it he gets chills THE GOOD KIND you know when you eat something that tastes like jesus tears or see something really aesthetic, yeah that’s the chills he gets because it was so unexpected and he literally worships your body

- His eyebrows raise too which cause a lot of people to notice he isn’t paying attention and they call him out on it so he has no choice but to leave you on read

- That’s terrifying for you because is he mad?? did he not like it? Why is there no response

- As soon as he escapes from the meeting he calls you and asks a million questions

- He’s asking about how new the lingerie is, the designer, literally everything like what the fucc Jumin why is this important

- But expect amazing phone sex once he gets into his personal office because he’s so worked up about that picture he can’t help himself, its fun to imagine what you’re doing on the other line as well.



- His knees sHOOT UP and hit the desk when he gets the picture and the professor starts to get really upset with him shit

- At lunch break he’ll text you back with a million cringey emojis and saying how he needs a warning next time babe his boner was so obvious to hide while walking out of class

- Start to send dirty messages and he will flip; his face is so red people are like hey Yoosung are you okay?? literally looks like he’s having an allergic reaction.

- If he gets away to hide in the bathroom he WONT send a nude but he’ll send a picture of him in the mirror with a tomato face captioned “ look at what you’ve done to me!! ;; ” and it’s just adorable, screensaver material


- Like Jumin, she was in the middle of a meeting when she got your message. But waits until everyone’s packing up their things to check it so she doesn’t seem disrespectful.

- As soon as she opens it she’s super surprised and audibly gasps which causes people to start to turn and look she doesn’t know what to do

- So she really quick clicks off her phone and ignores all questions until she can rush to the bathroom or somewhere private to.. take a closer look, at your picture.

- She compliments you because damn you look great how is her girlfriend a literal goddess?? But Love.. im at work right now.

- Exactly that’s the fun it it ~

- She won’t send one back but she might send a few suggestive messages about the things she’s going to do in order to punish you big time when she gets home. dominator jaehee everyone


- He hadn’t come out of his office in days and you were sick of him just coming out to pee or eat some food like no seven, eat me

- The chatroom was the place where you could talk to him because he was in there every so often, so that was nice at least.

- It was just you and him in there, sending pointless messages of jumbled words back and forth. Before you decided to surprise him a bit.

- As soon as you send a revealing picture in the chatroom he literally screams because everyone can see that MC n o

- Saves it right away though before scrambling to delete it from the messenger

- Finally once it’s gone he makes his way to the bedroom to find you, in the same outfit youd worn in the picture. But it looked so much more better in person. expect to be punished with the wrath of god seven-zero-seven himself


- He was at a dinner with some friends who also were photographers, they were just chatting back and forth about different projects and such.

- V had already been shooting you a few texts here and there but didn’t want to seem rude so the conversation was sort of inconsistent.

- He sent a message asking what you were doing all by yourself back home and holy shit the picture you send him makes him jump so fast he hits the table and everyone looks

- His face is really red and everyone asks if he’s okay, he replies yes before apologizing; excusing himself to the restroom.

- When he’s in there he just stares at the picture and gets really flushed and warm before messaging back, something romantic honestly he’s not great at dirty talk

- Fidgety the entire dinner, he can’t focus on conversation all he can think of is what you’re doing at home without him.


- He had been so focused in his computer work that he’d been ignoring you most of the day.

- The first few texts he just glanced at until he saw a picture notification and grew curious. As soon as he opens it he pushes all his work aside to find you.

- Who knew a simple little nude could motivate him so much?

- But he can’t find you anywhere?? Responds asking where are you before saving the picture ;;)

- Saeran.. I was in your office the whole time


- Comes back to his office right away and holy shit there you are, all laid out for him like a perfect little present?? He feels terrible for not even noticing you there but he’ll make up for it.

Kent has routines. He’s naturally a superstitious guy, but nowhere close to being excessive by hockey standards, but something changed after the incident with Jack. He starts to have these little routines. His therapist said it was probably because he’s seeking some semblance of balance, which Kent thinks is a load of shit. So he cuts his peanut butter-Nutella sandwiches diagonally and never horizontally (who the hell cuts sandwiches horizontally?) So maybe he pets Kit no less than ten times before a game. So maybe when he wakes from another nightmare about finding Jack on the bathroom floor, he doesn’t go to sleep until he’s counted to ninety. It’s not a big deal.

He still waits for the fallout when Tater starts sleeping over more often, when he tries to find his sweatpants but all he finds, to his annoyance, are Tater’s socks and jeans made for giants. He wait for Tater to abandon him, or maybe not abandon him but still for the impending freak out looming like an eternal storm because Tater is not part of his routine.

But it doesn’t happen.

They make peanut butter Nutella sandwiches together, licking chocolate off their fingers and cutting their sandwiches diagonally. Kit curls into a ball and rests on Kent’s stomach while Kent uses Tater’s lap as a pillow while he reads some Russian classic, Dostoyevsky, probably, or one of those dead Russian literary greats whose names remind Kent of keyboard smashing (“Kenny, this is Eat, Pray, Love.” “Oh.”) on their couch like he’s lived there for ages, and not only every so often when their schedule happens to match up. And when Kent shoots up in bed, shaking from another bad dream, he feels Tater reach for him from his left, blindly, tiredly, and say “Shh, is dream. Shh.” And Tater kisses him on the jawline, alternating between sides, exactly 7 times, because “is lucky number. No more bad dreams.” Like it’s a routine.

When he kisses Kent tonight, he’s visibly tired, so he ends up mouthing at Kent’s jaw like he’s a fish gaping for water.

“What the hell are you doing?” Kent says. Tater’s lips are moving very gently along his skin, and it’s getting ticklish.

“Tired,” he says, and finishes his kisses with a real one, complete with an obnoxious smack. “There. 7 kisses. Eh. More or less. Good enough.”

“90’s a luckier number.”


“Got me pretty far, you know. Have the trophies to prove it.”

“7 is better. More lucky.” Tater saves this into Kent’s hair. “90 I think is little bit ok.”

“Oh yeah? What do you know about luck?”

“Lots,” Tater says, rubbing Kent’s arm gently. “I’m lucky man.”

“How so?” Kent says quietly, his eyes nearly sliding shut again. “You don’t–“ He yawns. “You don’t have a Cup.”

“Not yet,” Tater agrees. “But have hockey. And Kent Parson. And Kit. And sandwiches cut in…” He gestures vaguely, his hands flapping gently like birds, like he can’t quite grasp the word, then says something in Russian, a slow, full rumble that Kent adores. “You know.” He waves his fingers again, mimicking a shape.

“Triangles?” Kent prompts, huffing a laugh in Tater’s throat.

“Hah! Yes. Triangle sandwiches. Most lucky shape, I think.”

“Okay,” Kent says, his heart so, so full, and snuggles back in to Tater’s arms. “If you’re so sure.”

“Always sure.”

@kutabarekitsune here you go boo:

victuuri college au in which yuuri is a freshman and is rooming with his friend phichit. phichit shows yuuri to a really good café and there he meets a really hot barista and college dropout named victor. yuuri orders his and phichit’ she coffee fast, and rushes out of the door all flustered. right when he’s about to throw away his coffee cup, he sees the words “victor nikiforov” a heart below it, and a phone number. phichit snorts in the other room because the little shit obviously planned it all ;)

“Holy shi—Mom, MOM, MOM take a picture take a picture take a pictu—”
-Tsukishima Akiteru, Founder of the Suki Tsukki Society



Well, I’m a day late but sh

Hope everyone’s having a nice holiday break 

Tsukishima Kei’s the type of person who tries to preserve the physical integrity of the wrapping paper his presents are wrapped in. 1 because he’s not a savage, and 2 because when there are people watching him open their presents, he likes seeing them squirm. 

(and 3, he likes to save them as memorabilia)

Bucky 100% has Sam saved in his phone as Big Bird, and he learns to photoshop just so he can put Sam’s contact photo as his head on big birds body, and he sets bird is the word as his personal ringtone and birds chirping as his text tone, Bucky is a little shit I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life

okay but listen davekat humanstuck popstar AU. Dave is like a kesha-level troll in that a lot of his music is glitzy and ironic but he’s actually super talented, cares a lot about his fans, and dresses with like g-dragon level absurdity, with a lot of gender-fuckery and biting social commentary if you’re listening close enough. kanaya is one of his designers, and she hits up karkat to be her date to a red carpet event because rose is busy, and karkat is some little hipster nerd who only listens to like the national and bon iver, so he has never heard any of dave’s music or seen his videos. 

there’s an afterparty in some penthouse, and karkat hates everybody there and hates the fancy liquor, so he just goes out onto balcony to get some air, and finds this blond dude with smudged eyeliner fucking around on his phone and drinking Smirnoff out of the bottle all by himself all “its a clusterfuck in there shit gives me anxiety” and karkat just chills with this deadpan weirdo for hours not knowing he’s the dude the party is for 

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Gosh I just wanna be a naughty little tease and bother the shit outta Harry while he's like on an important business call so he can spank my bum red

*swallows loudly*

It starts with a simple kiss to his temple, quick and fleeting because you know how he gets. He pats your knee in acknowledgement before he shifts to turn away a bit as he mutters a response to whoever he’s on the phone with.

And you know you’re playing on dangerous territory but you can’t help and grab his hand in yours, pressing kisses to each knuckle and giving it a loving squeeze. He holds your hand for a bit before dropping it to jot down some notes on the pad of paper he has. 

And you’re getting antsy now, and this call is dawdling on and on and rubbing your thighs together isn’t helping in the slightest. You bite your lip and swing a leg over his, and he turns to look at you with a deep frown on his face and eyebrows that are furrowed together. He’s trying to listen to the call but you’re being awfully distracting with your nappy hair and pouty lips.

You take the moment and snuggle into his lap, muttering something about a cuddle and he sighs deeply but a hand is on your lower back moments later, keeping you there. 

You know he’s at the end of his wits now, only being able to give you so much attention. He’s a patient man, and he loves you- but there’s a time and a place and this isn’t it.

You know exactly how this will end, and it’s what you’ve wanted since the phone rang. You wiggle around in his lap, moving your bum back and forth and leaning forward to accidentally press your hand between his legs. He hisses in response and immediately a hand comes on top of yours and throws it aside.

He pushes away from you, and the look in his eyes is deadly serious and he’s lost the playful glint he usually has in them. His mouth is in a tight line and the hand on your back is digging into your skin. 

He shakes his head, once. And you know your jig is up. You hop off his lap and turn to look back at him as you leave the living room, and that’s when you hear him wrapping up. 

“Yes, sir. Monday it is. Have a good day.” He mutters and he shuts the phone off quick and is up in a heap, running after you.

“Yeh think you’re funny, love? Tryin make me hard while I was on a call?” He growls, grabbing you by the waist and turning you around.

You glance up at him and lick your lips before you respond, “Well… did it work?”

His eyes narrow and you glance down between you two to see for yourself.

“Nuff o’ tha’. Gonna teach yeh a lesson fo’ being so naughty, pet.” He says before he scoops you up and throws you over his shoulder, heading up the stairs with a playful smack to your bum. 

One, that counters the activities to come of course. 

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Prompt: “Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “Because you’re wearing two different shoes.” ( *whispers* do IT )

Prompt #145
Thanks, Vans!!

It was a shit day, okay?

He woke up exactly 42 minutes late, his phone hadn’t charged over the night, the 10-page rhetoric essay that was due in —fuck, fourteen hours —was barely half finished, he missed the last bus and it was raining. Of course it was fucking raining.

Castiel springs through puddles, backpack hugged to his chest because he forgot his umbrella and the last thing he needs are his laptop and school books getting soaked.

He chances a look at his phone, barely clinging to 8% of life, and the clock tells him with little sympathy that it’s 9:00 a.m. He’s late.

It takes another four minutes to reach the academic hall and he barrels through a gaggle of associate professors and onto slippery linoleum.

The classroom door sings the most pitiful announcement of his presence, making Cas cringe and drawing seventeen pairs of eyes. Cas meets one particular pair, glazed with a mix of humor and concern and Cas grimaces in response, trying to discreetly lower himself into the desk closest to the door.

“Rough morning, Castiel?” Dr. Harvelle asks, eyes going back to her sheet of notes.

Cas sighs, too shaken to take the barb in stride. He stares down at the beige tabletop of his desk. “Yes, ma’am.”

Dr. Harvelle calls the class back to order and Cas breathes easier with every eye that leaves him. But he can still feel one gaze and refuses to look up again because he doesn’t want to talk about it. He just gets his laptop out, opens a blank Word document, and tries to speedily type up all the notes projected on the white board. 

He’s just finished the slide when a text alert pops into the right corner of the screen. 

Dean: Are you okay?

A hundred answers come to mind but Cas doesn’t have the energy to lie or tell the truth.

Cas: Why do you ask?

Ah, deflection. 

Dean: Because you’re wearing two different shoes.

Cas’s head whips down and, sure enough, he has one white sneaker and one red.

He straightens and stares ahead blankly for a moment before leaning back in complete defeat. He doesn’t hear another word Dr. Harvelle says for the rest of the hour.

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you know something i really love? tony’s touch screen devices. more specifically, how they can execute tremendously complex and specific tasks with very little input

like oh. choose This Option in the menu, tap the phone twice, voila. you have commandeered a screen being used by some high profile government committee. tap the wristwatch a couple of times, and press this one button? congratulations, you have hacked into the security profile of a supermax facility

i mean do you understand how much prior work probably goes into this shit? tony and his all-purpose hacking buttons?? i fucking love it. it’s so fucking fake. it’s “i invented self-sustaining clean energy using scraps in a cave” and “i hacked into the pentagon in high school on a dare” and “i have an AI that literally casually compiles confidential information from SHIELD, FBI, and CIA because i asked” levels of super fake. it’s unadulterated superhero bullshit and holy fuck i love it

Just Because

Anon Requested:  20&45 drabble with kookie? Smut?

God my smut skills are shit, I’m sorry you guys idk why I can’t make a decent smut.

Originally posted by baekyeolkaisoogirl

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1563

Warnings: Smut

“Did you just throw that at me?”

“Just because.”

You knew that when you got into a relationship with Jungkook that his attention could never be 100% on you, you knew that, you accepted that, but when he actually had a few days off you would think that he wouldn’t stay on his phone all day.

You were excited when Jungkook called you because you haven’t talked to him in little under a week due to promotions and everything, you came right over unlocking the dorms front door with the key Jungkook had gave to you and walked right in hoping to see your boyfriend waiting for you, but no. He was sitting on the couch, tv on and feet resting on the small ottoman in front of him. You closed the door signaling that you walked in, you expected at least a small glance at the very least, you questioned why he even called you over to see him if all he was going to do was keep his nose buried in his phone.

You sat down on the other side of the couch he was sitting on and decided not to say anything. The silence got old to you real fast, you wished the silence caressed your skin like the small breeze from the air conditioner against your skin did but it didn’t. You felt irritation grow inside of you and a part of you wanted to just get up and leave because you didn’t even think he would have noticed. Just as you huffed out a breath of air Jungkook dropped his legs from the ottoman, eyes still glued to his phone, fingers tapping away mindlessly to whoever he was texting.

Who was he texting? What was so important that he had the nerve to ignore you? He stood up from his spot and you understood that he was now walking away. Every step he took you found yourself get angrier, you didn’t think you’d be this angry with him, you’re not the type of girlfriend to be needy or clingy and get angry at every little thing he does but today and not having any contact with him in a week has got you frustrated and the lack of attention and communication only made it worse.

You never liked to fight with Jungkook, you never pushed him or got physical with him so you did the only thing logical. You turned around quickly, clutching on a pillow that was behind your back and chucked it as hard as you can. You don’t know what you were aiming for, you really wanted to hit his phone out of his hands but you knew if you actually succeeded in that and he dropped it and it happened to break that he surely wasn’t going to speak to you today. The pillow was easy to throw, it wasn’t extremely soft and was fairly firm so when it hit the back of Jungkook’s head his head jerked forward and as if it was in slow motion you saw his head raise back up, phone get tucked back in his back pocket and his body soon turn around to face you.

Your head instantly snapped to the tv before his eyes had the chance to land on you, you dropped any emotion you had on your face and focused on not looking at his expression whether it be amused or irritated. “Did you just throw that at me?” He asked, you felt relieved when you heard that there was no annoyance in his tone of voice. You glanced at him quickly before diverting your eyes back to the tv and shrugging at his question. “I don’t know did the pillow just magically levitate and decide to hit you in the back of the head?” You said, sarcasm dripping from every word that left your mouth.

You could see from the corner of your eye that Jungkook had leaned against the wall, arms crossing over his chest as he continued to stare at you who was still maintaining your focus on the television. “Why’d you throw it?” Jungkook said pushing himself off the wall and now brought himself towards you. Your head snapped at seeing him move and a big smile just appeared on your face. “Just because.” You shrugged again head craning up as Jungkook soon towered over you. Before you knew it Jungkook was leaning over you, your back hitting the arm rest of the couch and his lips trailed kisses down your neck. “Just…because…huh?” Jungkook said in between breathes, his hands pressing down into your hips as he pressed himself into you more.

“Jungkook, why are you-”

“Just because.” You didn’t have to see him to know that he was smirking against your neck. His hand trailed up from your side and found its way around your neck, his lips left your neck momentarily for him to pull you into him for a heated kiss. His lips easily dominated yours as he pinned you under him, hands sliding underneath your shirt and pulling it off all while he pushed one of his knees in between your legs spreading them apart. Your shirt was thrown on the floor and before you knew it your bra was unclasped and joined your shirt. You quickly pulled up at Jungkook’s shirt and he easily slid it off of him exposing his chest.

You haven’t seen him like this in a while so you found yourself staring longer than usual. Your hands slowly tracing each groove in his stomach before looking up at him to see his eyes staring down at you. “What’s wrong?” He whispered before taking your hand in his, you shook your head slightly smiling up at him before utter a small nothing. “We just haven’t-”

“I know.” He quickly interrupted, a sad smile appearing on his face. “I’m sorry.” You shook your head again telling him it was okay before pulling him down to you to reconnect your lips to his. Your hands took no time at all to work with the button and zipper on his jeans and helping him tug them down. They were only half way down when he reached for the waistband of your leggings. He easily slipped them off of you quickly pulling your lace panties off right after and finally pulling down his jeans and boxers tossing the clothes along the floor with the rest. You both were completely bare for the first time in what felt like forever, Jungkook eyed your naked chest hungrily before reaching up to run his soft hands over your chest. His lips found their way onto your neck trailing down love bites, you wrapped your legs around Jungkook’s waist pulling him in closer to you as your hands ran up his stomach, and you felt his stomach muscles tense under your hands and you couldn’t help but giggle slightly. “Oh you think that’s funny?” Jungkook breathed out pulling away from you quickly. “Just a lit- Fuck!”

Before any second thought Jungkook rammed himself inside you not letting you get used to his length which you really wished he had but the pain soon turned into pleasure moments after. It wasn’t long after until you felt Jungkook’s arm wrap under your back and pull you up, he was now sitting while you were straddled over him. “Ride me.” He groaned and you simply nodded, you began to move your hips against him, hands gripped the back of the couch beside Jungkook’s head for support. As you continued to ride him, he began to buck up against you. The sound of skin slapping skin filled the air.

All the thoughts of being ignored left your mind when he shifted from under you and began thrusting up hard, his hands took hold of your waist in a tight grip and began slamming you down into him at an ungodly speed. You let out a shriek of pleasure from the power Jungkook was thrusting up into you, you could feel your walls already clenching around him. “Jungkook…I-”

“Cum for me.” He groaned out and that’s just what you did, you could feel yourself unraveling around him, Jungkook continued to mercilessly drill up into you at a much faster pace before he stilled, a loud groan escaped his lips and you collapsed against his chest panting hard.

You didn’t know how long you were against his chest, but once you regained your breath you slowly sat up and rolled off of him sitting beside him. You let out a big huff but a smile came upon your face soon after. “You know, that was totally worth you ignoring me today.” You admitted before interlocking fingers with him. Jungkook’s head snapped down to you, “I wasn’t ignoring you.”

“Then who were you texting all day?” You now looked up to him, confusion covering all of your features. “Why do you think all the guys aren’t here? We all had the day off, I just needed them…preoccupied.” You raised your eyebrows as the sudden realization dawned on you, you looked at both of your scattered clothing along the living room then soon turning to face Jungkook again. “Where are they now?” Jungkook looked at the clock, his eyes squinted as he tried reading the time. “They should be-”

A knock on the door interrupted Jungkook before your head snapped over, eyes widening ten times in size.


when Adam Parrish goes to college and people learn about his boyfriend they get so confused because no one knows all the details about Ronan they know little snippets from Adam, what his roommate has figured out from hearing phone conversations, so every so often people put their brilliant Ivy League minds together to compare notes about this Ronan guy and it’s a mess cause like:
“Okay the other day Adam asked about his daughter. Ronan’s a dad. He’s gotta be like 30”
“No he’s a farmer he’s got goats”
“I heard he had, like, a raven or some shit”
“I’m pretty sure he teaches Latin”
“How can he teach Latin and also be a street racer though?”
“Are we sure Adam Parrish only has one boyfriend. Maybe these are all different people”

Part 1.1 - Sex & Nobu

“So baby please, baby please no promises..”

I picked up the phone right away when he called, because well, I always picked up the phone for Niall. That’s just how our relationship – if that’s what you wanna call it – was, simple as. I had met Niall a little over three years back, introduced to him through a mutual friend while his band was stopped in LA during one of their tours. We hit it off immediately; him a super laid back, genuine, funny and incredibly intelligent guy who always had something interesting to talk about, and me…well, a complete sucker for all of the above and, of course, a good alcoholic beverage. It didn’t hurt that he was literally the cutest guy I had ever laid eyes on, though he was vastly aware of that fact.

I knew exactly who he was even before we had officially met, my friend heeding me a nice warning, I guess you could say. I kept an open mind meeting him but was instantly enamored and blown away by just how normal he actually was. If I hadn’t known how famous he was to begin with, I definitely wouldn’t have guessed just from hanging out with him; he was just that cool of a person. And he seemed pretty damn keen on me too.

We hooked up that very first night we met, going back to his hotel room and fucking the life out of one another. Definitely not in my plan but definitely not a regret on my part either. The sex was fucking fantastic, probably one of the best lays I had ever had and while Niall was eager to keep doing…whatever it was that we were doing, we both made it clear that it was to be nothing more than that. He was extremely busy, as was I with my own life, and he travelled so much that it just couldn’t be any other way.

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bitty goes to providence for the weekend and calls jack and plans out some stuff to do together and also “jack, please have flour, and eggs. sugar. BUTTER” bc last time bitty came over jack had nothing to bake with and bitty was…twitchy.

and fun fact: jack is a little shit, too.

jack is just waiting for bits to open the fridge and hes go his phone ready to snap a picture and bits doesnt look in the fridge until morning and he wants to make pancakes and he opens the fridge and its empty.

except for one tub of I Cant Believe Its Not Butter

bitty is kind of in a trance? until he hears jacks phone make a camera click sound (jack likes the click sound btw bc hes a photography nerd) and bitty looks into jacks eyes and he looks so betrayed! but jack just opens another compartment in the fridge and theres eggs and fruit and BUTTER and instantly bittys like ‘oh thank god’ but also 'jack you little shit’

after pancakes, bitty holds jacks face in his hands and says 'never again’. jack dies of his canadian moose chuckles.

bittys shocked I Cant Believe Theres No Butter face becomes jacks background on his phone.

Tongue Tied || Peter Parker x Reader

I was supposed to write a drabble for Tsukishima for my DeviantArt page, but lost the muse to do so. here, have another peter parker x reader that no one asked for (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m writing this in celebration of finally reaching 400 followers!!! ;w; this means so much to me ahhhh and I’m super excited!!

so to celebrate, I’m writing this story, which was inspired by ranma ½ where the doctor character loses his shit whenever the girl he’s in love with is close to him.

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

warnings: none, just a really clumsy Peter Parker.

word count: 3,300+

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. Reblogs are fine!


Little did Peter know, just about everyone in his class was out to get him.

Now, it came as no surprise that Peter Parker wasn’t too poised even on his best days, but his clumsiness seemed to enhance by a tenfold whenever she was around.

[Full Name], a girl who seemed to blend in with just about any clique because of how kind and easy she was to talk to. The girl was not too popular nor much of a loner, she was just there.

But her presence was enough to turn Peter into a bumbling and tongue tied idiot. Many of the students who attended Midtown High could not find (or see) a reason why this Parker kid was so smitten with [Name]. All they knew was that watching Peter trying to communicate with the girl was hilarious.

Because of how his brain seemed to turn to mush around her, everyone who shared a class with both Peter and [Name] had conspired together to force the two of them together for the remainder of the year. They had no idea of the consequences, and was honestly just looking for a good laugh.

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anonymous asked:

I need a early morning domestic!Bucky x Reader pleaseee?

alright so its early in the morning and the sun is brightening the room and the comforter is kicked to the floor, because sebastian decided to climb on top of you and lay in between your legs with his head on your chest. instead of asking him what in the hell he was doing, you just breathe out a laugh and continue scrolling through your phone. what do you want for breakfast? you’d ask. and since he’s a little shit he’d probably say: you. with a cute, lopsided smirk on his face. the he’d start placing kisses down your bare stomach, from where he pushed up the t-shirt you were wearing. but he’d stop when he hears the pattering of two small feet, and when your little girl peeks her head through the door, with her teddy bear in hand, calling out a mommy? seb would smile and motion her over, with his head still on your chest; come here princess, he’d say, come cuddle with me and mommy.

We’ll Be Fine Pt.3

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: This is the last part of the request. I’m sorry for taking so long and I’m sorry that the part is so short! Thanks everyone who loved and followed the fic, and thanks to the anon who requested it!

Part 1 / Part 2

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replied to your



dark RC please tell me all your headcanons about…

dark rc tell me how often viktor phones home to hasetsu like every time yuuri turns around he’s gossiping with toshiya or talking abt boy bands with mari or embarrassing childhood stories with hiroko

Victor’s in the middle of retying his skate when the sound of Yuuri’s boring, default ringtone fills the air. Yuuri refuses to change it to literally anything else–even a less annoying stock tone–because it’s the only one he can hear through his headphones.

He looks up without pausing with his laces, fingers knotting by memory, and watches Yuuri brighten at whoever’s on the display.

“Hi mom!”

Victor couldn’t stop the smile that breaks over his face even if he tried. There’s just something about Hiroko–even the very thought of her–that feels like sunshine. 

“I’m good,” Yuuri says, and he turns to beam at Victor, who mimes a wave. “We got to the rink about twenty minutes ago. We had a bit of a, uh, late start this morning.”

The smile twists into something a little wicked and he bares a hint of teeth at Yuuri, who blushes to the roots of his hair and whirls around, showing Victor his back. Which probably doesn’t have the intended effect, since all it does is make Victor think about how his come looked dripping down the line of Yuuri’s spine. 

“It’s good to hear from you. I can’t remem–” Yuuri pauses, listens for a moment, and then says flatly, “Oh.”

Victor blinks as he turns around and practically throws the phone at him.

“It’s for you.”

Even when he reaches the ice, Yuuri just keeps stomping away.

Victor glances down at the little image of Hiroko on the display, the call duration ticking, and he waits until it gets to 0:01:20 before bringing the phone to his ear. Even numbers make him feel better about the state of the world. “Hello?”

“Hello, sweetheart! I was just at Hironobu-san’s stand, buying squid, when I saw the most adorable little dog and immediately thought of you. Do you have a few minutes to chat?”

He risks a glance at the ice. Yuuri manages to launch into a flawless triple axel and flip him off at the same time.

That’s when it hits him.

He’s now the favorite child.

Beaming, he waves at Yuuri and says, “For you, Hiroko-kaachan? I have an hour. Tell me everything!”