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Like, okay, I know it’s just food, but 

a) Damn, look at those protective shielding reflexes,
b) He nails four of them with the return fire in the same momentum without even taking time to aim,
c) he looks really pissed. (and then it all turns into goofy food fight fun)

Kinda begs the question: How many times has he done this for the royal family when it wasn’t just food?


july 6, 2017 - refresh

yesterday and today were my first 2 days of my summer aesthetics class! it’s going quite well so far, and my professor is pretty cool. here’s a little peek of my recent notes + some daisies that i saw while walking to class. :’)

currently listening to: “summer’s day [v2]” - jinsang

okay so…. this is something i was working on a looooong time ago, like really long time ago!… i kinda already posted a little sneak peek on my blog before, but i’m sure no one even remembers it anymore….
anyway, i’m obviously not gonna finish this, one is cuz my art kinda improved since then and it’s hard to continue it, and mostly cuz i don’t want to :P
most of it is scetchy and lazy drawn, but meh! what do you expect?.. just wanna share this for some reason, cuz why not? -3-

AU belongs to @thebbros


Just a sneak peek of one of the series of prints I’m working on for Bronycon! This one just came to me last night so all of these were only just done today, but I’m honestly excited for them.

Originally the concept was “Twilight has the ability to summon her friends” and while that remains intact, I don’t know if Twilight can only summon her friends’ spirits because she’s the only one alive, or what she’s actually summoning is the power of the Elements of Harmony, but each element shapes themselves into their current bearer’s visage (aka the Mane 6). If the latter, the rest of her friends would be fine and alive, and the only time Twi ever uses this summons is because she goes where they physically can’t accompany her. (if you guys have a preference to which backstory, let me know!)

Regardless of how it happens, the basic concept remains and I thought it’d be a fun project to work on. There’s some tidbits of lore here and there in it too, so I’m excited to share that too! :3

Dissonance [Prologue]

summary: There’s something about the girl with flowers that fascinates the God of the Underworld. || [hades!bucky x persephone!reader] || mythology au

warnings: none, for now

note: Here is a little sneak peek/introduction to the Mythology AU that I’m writing with H (@mangowoods). He’s gracing me with the permission to use some excerpts from a book he’s written called ‘The Gods are Dead.’ Everything in blockquotes is from his book. He has a chapter up on his page if you’d like to go check it out. Without further ado, here is Dissonance. Also, I made this little visual. Tell me what y’all think; feedback is always appreciated!

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6.16 Mother’s Little Helper sneak peek #1


Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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