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2-d peeking into the bathroom to use it but accidentally catches you taking a shower, please :3

2D: 2D isn’t used to sharing a bathroom with someone, so it’s natural that he doesn’t bother knocking before he walks in. As he’s unbuckling his pants is when he’ll notice the water is running, and he’ll freeze; if he’d never seen you naked before he instantly panics, but if he had, there’s a little more temptation to peek inside. He stares at your silhouette in the shower for a few seconds before he decides it’s best not to interrupt you, and slowly exits the bathroom. He does eagerly await you coming out in just a towel, though. 

SSS – Lex Talionis

Since I met my goal at Camp Nano yesterday, I want to celebrate with a little sneak peek from the next chapter of Lex. Thanks to all my cabin mates at camp and a special one to @papofglencoe for betaing and general awesomeness! <3

“I have to tell you something.”

He freezes, seemingly terrified of what I have to say. He doesn’t say anything, silently urging me to continue.

“It’s about that day.” It’s still too difficult to say it—the day I killed your mother—but he knows what I mean. “I should have told you sooner, but I didn’t know how and—”

“Katniss,” he interrupts, approaching me and putting his hands on my shoulders. “What is it?”

“She told me something, right before…”

It’s a couple of seconds before he speaks. “What?”

“She said that you… That you hit her.” He relaxes his shoulders, but I can’t quite read his facial expression.

“I know,” he murmurs. How could he possibly know? He was unconscious. As if sensing my question he continues. “I mean I don’t know what she said to you. But I’ve somehow always known what I did.”


“I’ve dreamt about it several times. But it’s always felt so real, so I thought there was more to it.” He pauses. “Like a memory. It’s only fractions, so I don’t know the details. Just that feeling. I was so angry that there was only one thing I could think of to relieve it.”

There seems to be more to this, but he bites his tongue. “Tell me everything, Peeta,” I urge him. “If you remember anything else, now is the time to tell me.”

He envelops me in a tight hug, holding me like it’s the last time. “It felt good. It felt so good, Katniss.”

Thanks for reading! If you like this story, please let me know! <3


I wasn’t tagged since I’m very new to the simblr world but here’s a little peek into my rendition of @alwaysimming‘s The Edge Of Seventeen Tag.

I searched my whole gallery and found my six main founders EVER in The Sims 4. These are my Legacy challenges and 100 baby challenges matriarchs.

From left to right we have:

Magda WindwhisperOlivia LancasterAnabella LeroyNeha LifehouseAura Heavenly & Rosie Prestine.

Let me know if I should make separate posts for each one of them! :)

Have a great day!


Pretty Little Liars 7x13 Sneak Peek - Hanna’s design makes the front page

       (FLASHBACK~! 4 years ago…)

Chat:  We should just… hang out sometime!  Just… to bond, y'know? We should become better friends.

Ladybug (blushing intensifies): I’d like that… But… what do you want to do?

Chat:  I don’t know… what do you like to do with your friends?

Ladybug:  Well… I like video games!

Chat:  Me too!  But wait… I don’t think we can get away with sneaking a television out of our homes.  What else?

Ladybug:  Well, I like fashion too.  Sometimes my best friend and I give each other makeovers!

Chat:  Youuu… want to give me a makeover?

Ladybug (excitedly): Oh!!!  C-can I???

Chat (caving at the first puppy-dog eyed look from LB, chuckles): Knock yourself out, Little Lady.

Ladybug (stops breathing, gasps, squees dramatically, hugs him): Oh Chat, I can’t wait!!!

       (Later On…)

Ladybug: W-wow! Your hair is so soft! Are your parents like hairdressers or something?

Chat: Haha, nothing like that. I guess I’m just lucky?

Ladybug: Totally! I’d kill to have hair this soft!

Chat: I could buy you some of the conditioner I use.

Ladybug (whispers): I love you…

Chat: What?

Ladybug: What?

Have a little sneak peek at what’s coming up on the next part of our When Duty and Desire Meet collab for our Older!Chat AU: Ladybug and Chat Noir’s origin story!  This drabble was written by both @midnightstarlightwrites and myself! <3


6.16 Mother’s Little Helper sneak peek #1

Giving In

In which Harry and y/n are too impatient to wait until Valentines Day…

A/N: Shoutout to @stylesunchained for the title because I was seriously stumped.  Anyway, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS! This is probably the filthiest thing I’ve ever written so… enjoy. 

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Like, okay, I know it’s just food, but 

a) Damn, look at those protective shielding reflexes,
b) He nails four of them with the return fire in the same momentum without even taking time to aim,
c) he looks really pissed. (and then it all turns into goofy food fight fun)

Kinda begs the question: How many times has he done this for the royal family when it wasn’t just food?


Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

requested by @musainrules <3

Make You Mine

I’ve kind of had a craving for angry, jealous Dean lately… 

Gator @salvachester - this one’s for you <3

You climb out of the back seat, tugging your skirt down self-consciously. Dean is staring at your legs, his jaw clenched, and even Sam swallows hard, then turns away.

“Does it look that bad?” you ask, worried for a moment that maybe you’re not dressed appropriately to be an FBI agent.

Sam clears his throat, and Dean growls out, “You look fine.”

You straighten your jacket, lift your chin, and get into the head space you need, a little condescending, a little no-nonsense, like you’re used to getting what you ask for. Dean gives you one more glance and, looking like he’d like to eat someone, leads the way into the police station.

You and Sam trail Dean to the front desk, standing a step behind and flashing your badges dutifully when the officer on duty asks if he can help you. “What can we do for the FBI?” he asks, just a touch of snark behind his words, and you can almost feel Dean’s thunderous frown. He’s been on edge for days, and this day seems to be a bad one. His temper has been unpredictable, his level of patience almost zero, and you cringe a little internally at what his reaction might be.

“Is your superior officer around? Maybe the big boys should talk,” he snaps, and the officer behind the desk stands up, all six feet and at least four inches of him, maybe even a little taller than Sam.

“Listen, Agent Hetfield. We don’t take kindly to feds coming in and throwing their weight around. If we can help, fine. But don’t go making demands like we owe you. We work for a living around here, too.”

You can almost feel Dean’s chest swelling, his temper ready to blow, and you step forward, one hand on his arm as you push your way in front of him. “Sorry, Officer – Thomas, is it? Please forgive my partner, this case has him a little wired.” You turn to look up at Dean, your lips tight as you speak to him in a pleasant voice, aware that he will hear the anger beneath. “Agent Hetfield, Agent Hammett, why don’t you go get that coffee we were talking about? I’ll get what we need here and meet you outside.” You narrow your eyes at him, the threat behind them clear.

“Yeah. Why don’t we just do that,” he grinds out, giving a curt nod to the officer and turning on his heel to stalk to the door, flinging it open without a pause. Sam smiles politely, then turns to follow him.

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Zach accidentally hits you in the head with a basketball

Request: “Hello ☀️can i request an imagine? the reader is a theatre kid and is walking around the school practicing her lines only to accidentally walk into the gym and be knocked out by zach demosey throwing a basketball durning a game? the show is v sad and realistic and I was thinking this might be a little bit lighthearted! maybe it’s set before hannah got depressed? so she and Tony and clay are watching the game too? 💛 thank you 💛💛”

“You okay closing up the classroom (Y/N)?” Melanie, one of my drama classmates, asks me.

“Yeah, I should be fine Melanie. Enjoy the game.” you say with a small smile.

It’s Friday night and you’re still at school in the drama classroom, going over some of your lines for an upcoming play at Liberty High.

Melanie, flashes you a sweet smile. “You should really come to the game too, (Y/N). There’s nothing better than watching a bunch of sweaty, hot guys dribbling around a basket ball.” She says dreamily, with a small giggle.

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Dear Evan Hansen Aesthetics

I love how throughout Dear Evan Hansen, Evan becomes less of “Act 1 Evan” and more like Connor. The way he holds himself, the way he dresses. He still wears the blue button up or collared shirt, but during most of Act 2, he covers it up by wearing a gray jacket - just like Connor wore. Actually, right after “Good For You” when Connor and Evan are standing side by side, they are wearing identical outfits. I love when shows subtly use costume design to add so much more to the story. Evan was trying so hard to no longer be “Evan.” He now had that family he’d always wished for - Connor’s family. But in reality, he still is Evan. He’s still that awkward kid that plays with the hem of his shirt. That little blue collar peeking through the gray still shows that he’s still right there - just masked. The gray jacket just goes to show how much he was becoming (or already like) Connor. The good relationships that turned sour. The feeling of giving up on everything he worked hard on. The feeling of having it all, yet nothing at the same time. Evan and Connor are the representations of the same kind of person. They were the same person. They just chose different paths to follow. Well, maybe not. They both chose the same path at some point in their lives, but Evan’s path took a detour.

It’s notable to point out that Evan looses the jacket right after “So Big/So Small” - which if you haven’t heard yet, gives Heidi Hansen to chance to tell Evan how much he honestly and truly means to her - something that (as far as the audience knows) Cynthia Murphy never did with Connor. This sign of “losing the mask” or becoming someone new is such a poetic change. Something that only Costume Design could pull off successfully. You can actually tell during the Finale that during the year that we don’t see, he’s become more confident, more like the true Evan Hansen. I think it’s at that moment when we really see who he truly is.

Emily Rebholz may or may not get nominated for Costume Design for the 2017 Tony’s. (I personally think she should!) Regardless, that simple act of putting Evan in a basic gray hoodie speaks for so much of his character.

“That’s the challenge of contemporary clothing: We need to be able to translate a large amount of truth through how these characters appear.” - Emily Rebholz