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Detention | Reggie Mantle

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Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader

Description: A bad day leads to you getting detention and getting close to the last person you’d ever thought you would.

Warnings: there’s a swear or two in there fo’sho.

Word Count: 1977

A/N: this isn’t the greatest and trying to write reggie was different but here we are. lemme know what you think. i also just added everyone from my usual tagslist bc i remembered this time. ok cool. 

Trouble wasn’t something you found yourself in often. You were the good student with the highest grades, never truant and had a reputation for being nice and polite to everyone. It was one of the reasons why everyone enjoyed your company. You were usually the nicest, friendliest and most positive person around school. There’d only been one time you’d ever gotten into trouble and that was in second grade when you’d stole Jughead’s hat off his head because you thought it was cool and put it on your own. He’d cried because you’d refused to give him it back so the teacher yelled at you, gave you a timeout and made you gave the hat back.

That was the only time in your whole sixteen years of age.

Up until today.

It had been a particularly bad morning. First the stupid alarm hadn’t gone off making you half an hour late then the moment you stepped outside mother nature decided to work against you and send a mass of rainfall. There had been no time for the bus so you’d ran all the way to school getting splashed by the passing cars on the road. By the time you got to school you were drenched, late and in the worst mood possible. Your usual happy smile was nowhere to be seen. Instead, you stormed into the classroom, threw your books down on the desk and sat yourself in your seat with a huff, arms crossed over your chest.

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Beauty and the Beast AU (1)

Summary: Y/N has always been in love with fairy-tales. They give her an escape from the dark and blood world she lives in. With the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out soon she’s excited as could be. Her boyfriend Dean however has a few issues with it. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, OFC, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Language, heavy making out, fondling, almost smut, angst, a lot of fighting

Word Count: 5,433 (I’m not even sorry)

A/N: This is my fist part to my Beauty and the Beast AU. Hug thank you to @love-kittykat21 for beta reading and helping me with this! Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

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“Hey,” a large hand gripped your shoulder, shaking you gently, “Y/N wake up.” Grimacing, you pulled yourself away from Dean’s body looking up at Sam. He had a big smile on his face,  the alarm clock illuminating his face. Looking at the harsh, glaring, green numbers you groaned. It was barely six in the morning and Sam was ready to get going. “Get up, I wanna tell you something.” His voice was soft and timid, attempting not to wake his brother up.

“Okay, just give me a second.” You whispered back to him, getting up as slowly as you could, Dean simply turned away, pulling the crisp white sheets along with him.

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Wolf AU: BTS reaction to you coming home late

Jin: Jin was sitting on the couch waiting for 4 hours after you didn’t showed at the time you usually do. When he heard the door opened, he turned and saw you and immediately he ran to you.
“Jagi! Why are you coming home so late? Are you hurt?” 

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Jimin: You texted him you were going to be at a party and is going to be home around 10. When you didn’t come home at 10, Jimin just thought you were having a little fun and is coming home a bit late. When the clock strike 12, this is the time Jimin got worried. Right when he was to call you, the door opened and you walked in. 
“Oh Babe! I was just about to call you! You must be tired, so take a shower and we can cuddle”

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Jungkook: You arrived home late due to work and found Jungkook sleeping on the couch. You went to the couch and slowly pat him on the head and give him a kiss to wake him up.
“Hi jagiya, you’re home”

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Jhope: You were working late one and your phone died. There was an accident near you, so when Hoseok saw the news, he thought you got into the car accident. He immediately told the boys and ran to your workplace with tears running down his face. When he saw that you were leaving your workplace, he  ran to you and hugged you.
“Y/N!!!!!! I thought I lost you! I got so scared” 

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V: You were getting V’s present for his birthday and the line in the mall was so long, so it took you longer than you expected
“Hi babe! I made dinner! You look tired. Let me take those bags from you.” 

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Suga: You were discussing with a man in the piano store about buying suga a new piano since the one at home is old. It became late and by the time you got home it was already 11. 
“Babe, where were you so late?”

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Rap Monster: You got home late due to traffic when you were at a friend’s house.
“Glad you’re home babe”

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~ Happy Valentine’s day to all Destiel shippers out there! ~

Angels didn’t sulk, Castiel was sure of it. Or at least, he had been sure of it, until this morning. Until he found himself dejectedly sipping his coffee in the bunker’s kitchen, using Sam’s laptop to look for an interesting case to distract him from this ridiculous… Well, sulking.

February 14th. It shouldn’t make a difference, of course. It was a silly human tradition, Castiel shouldn’t even care about it in the first place. Even though Sam had encouraged him during their talk yesterday. Had almost convinced Castiel to go for it and do something for Dean, something to finally show Dean how he felt.

But Castiel had chickened out, and decided that he wouldn’t -couldn’t- do it. Surely Sam had it all wrong; Dean didn’t see Castiel that way, there was no chance, and he’d merely make a fool of himself. Not to mention, things would get tense and uncomfortable around the bunker.

With a heavy sigh, Castiel closed the laptop, not even lucky in finding a case to take his mind off of whatever wild random Valentine’s day dates that Dean without a doubt had planned for today.

He put down his empty mug, already planning to go for a drive to clear his head, when someone suddenly coughed pointedly. Castiel turned his head at the sound, tilting it and meeting green eyes and a flustered face.

“Dean? Is something wrong?” He asked, slowly getting up from his seat.

“No.” Dean replied right away, making a sound that could either be a huff or a laugh. “Just wanna say… The card is giving me cavities from just looking at it, but yeah, me too.”

Castiel frowned at his favorite human, puzzled, at which Dean rolled his eyes and dangled something in front of him, clearly a Valentine’s themed card. On it were flowers, bees, and the rather cheesy line ‘I want to BEE yours’.

Written in one of the corners was Castiel’s name, the hand writing much like Castiel’s, but not quite identical. There was no way that Dean could’ve known that though.

“Dean, I…” Castiel started, about to betray his main and only suspect; Sam Winchester.

But Sam was saved when Dean cut Castiel off with a swift kiss, gentle but sure, right on the lips. Castiel blinked in wonder when Dean pulled back, smiling sheepishly and rubbing the back of his neck.

“Look man, I get it, I know we need to talk about this…” Dean muttered, his eyes never leaving Castiel’s. “But I just… I’ve waited a long time, hell, so have you. Would it kill us to have some fun today and leave the serious crap for tomorrow?”

Castiel answered him with a kiss of his own, a feeling of pure bliss knocking the breath out of both of them. They could talk later, the angel decided as their kiss deepened, Dean’s hands finding their way into Castiel’s hair. For now, this was enough. Castiel made a mental note to thank Sam tomorrow.


Sneakily peeking through the kitchen door, Sam Winchester breathed a relieved “finally”.

So he’d cheated a little to at last escape that never ending tension between his older brother and their guardian angel; could anyone really blame him after seven years? He shrugged, giving himself a well-deserved pat on the shoulder, whistling a tune as he headed to his room to get ready for his lunch date with Eileen.

Close as Strangers: Chapter 2

Close as Strangers: Chapter Two

Can’t believe the amount of support on Close as Strangers. Thank you so much! Let me know what you think about this part.

Hope you enjoy :)

Word count: 4.7k

Genre: High School au, angst

part one

It was Wednesday and you were ready to go home. The final bell, finally, rang and you headed to your locker. You opened your locker and grabbed your backpack and the books you needed. You were stuffing your math book and notepad into your bag as Jungkook approached his locker. He was probably going to be coming home with you this afternoon. Since that’s what you both agreed on, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

You two had only really said, ‘hi’ to each other at your lockers this week. Plus, he hadn’t texted you since the whole Friends dvd thing. Not that you had been waiting.

“Hey, Y/N?” Jungkook asked.

You shut your locker and turned to him, “Yes?”

“We’re still on for after school, right?”

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Playing House

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Intro: So I wrote this one out of the blue the other day when I was inspired by a prompt kinda thing that read: “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.”  - so that is where this came from.  

This is also for @trekken81 who wanted a fluffy Bones story so this is as fluffy as it gets I think haha

Oh and this has a little bit of the Bones Headcanon: where Bones takes his date’s pulse to know if they like him - this is the fic I was writing where I got the idea, and it’s in there a little, but I want to write a fic where that is kinda the main focus.  Eventually…

ALSO: Sorry peeps but there will be no Messy p.t. 2 on Sunday because finals are kicking my ass and the only reason I am posting this is because I had it already done and haven’t posted in a while.  Sorry y’all. 

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 1,903

Summary: You are playing house with Bones, Jim, and Joanna McCoy.  Fluff ensues.  


“Okay.  You can play daddy, and Auntie Y/N can play mommy!" 

You locked eyes with Bones as his daughter assigned the different roles, and he rolled his eyes and shrugged at you. 

"And Uncle Jim can be my doggie!” Jo squealed and hopped over to Jim who had an incredulous look on his face. 

“Awww, Jo, why do I have to be the doggie?  Why can’t your daddy or Y/N be the doggie?” Jim whined, and you held back a snicker. 

“Because your hair is fluffy and Auntie Y/N and daddy are gonna get married.” Jo said matter-of-factly, leaving Jim with his jaw dropped. 

“Uh, peanut?” Bones started, giving you a side-glance as he grabbing his daughter’s wrist to get her attention, “Auntie Y/N and I aren’t getting married." 

Jo looked very seriously into her daddy’s eyes, crossing her little arms over her chest, "Well I say you are.  And you said this is my game, didn’t you, daddy?" 

Bones looked flabbergasted at his little girl, and you couldn’t help but grin at the helpless look on his face.

"Why yes I did, Jo-bean.” Bones sat back on his heels, “I guess it’s alright if we get married in the game.”

“No, in real life too!” Jo assured, leaving all three of you speechless as she quickly began setting out toys and blabbering on about the game of house you were going to play.  It was all very elaborate. 

You caught Bones’ eye and gave him a quick grin, hoping beyond hope that your cheeks weren’t as red as his were.  

“Okay, daddy, you are leaving for work now, give me and Auntie Y/N a hug.” Jo commanded and Bones shuffled on his knees over to you, giving you and Jo a quick hug, then turning and shuffling over to Jim, giving him a pat on his head with a smirk. 

“Have fun at school!” Jo called, to Bones as he was knee shuffling out the ‘door’. 

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Answer Me

I know I said I wasn’t going to be posting any original content for a little bit, but I wanted to share something that I wrote back in Feburary for the lovely @memento-scribet for Valentine’s day. Her version is a little more specific for her though. Anyways here y’all go! My first reader insert!

Jason Todd x Reader (fluff)


Jason watched you as you slept. Your hair resting softly against the pillow next to him. It was 6 AM and the light from the approaching sunrise leaked into your shared bedroom.

A smile crept onto his face, memories flooding his mind. Memories of the firsts he shared with you. His heart swelled at the mere sight of you and he couldn’t bear being away from you. He decided, today was the day.

You stirred a little in your sleep, repositioning yourself in bed. Jason moved quickly to soothe you back into a deeper slumber, placing his hand on the crown of your head. He gently ran his fingers through your hair, tracing the lines of your locks.

You relaxed next to him, letting out the softest and cutest of snores he’d ever heard. Jason breathed out a laugh and went back to bed.

When you woke up you smelled something burning. It took you a moment to register the aroma, first pausing to check the time.

When it finally registered in your half awake awareness that there was a very real possibility that your house could be burning down, you rushed downstairs.

As you quickly made your way down to the kitchen you heard voices. Two voices to be exact. Two voices belonging to the two people you loved the most in the world.

“Where’s mama daddy? Is she still sleeping?” your baby asked, sitting at the breakfast bar. Their speech characterized by the classic toddler tributes, especially the inability to pronoun Ls properly, replacing them with a gentle W sound.

Jason moved closer to yours and his child, kissing their cute little forehead before moving back in front of the stove.

“Yeah, mommy’s still sleeping,” Jason responded tending to what was cooking.

Your baby pouted in response, “I want mommy.”

Jason chuckled, their stubbornness reminded him of you, “I know you miss mommy. I miss mommy too, but let’s let her sleep more okay?”

Your baby pouted more, angry that they couldn’t see their mommy. Jason lowered the heat setting on the stove.

“Let’s let mommy sleep more okay?” Jason approached his child again asking in his baby voice, tickling them and bringing them up toward his chest for kisses.

“Okay?” Jason asked continuing to kiss your child. Sweet giggles filled the air. You watched from a far, enjoying their little moment. A smile had found permanent residence on your face as Jason continued his ‘kiss attack’ and your child continued to giggle. Jason’s deep voice contrasting the baby’s high pitched squeals.

You leaned against the wall, still smiling and wondering what wonderful deed you must have done to have been blessed with these two. As you lost your self to your wondering, a voice called back your attention.


Your eyes connected with your child’s as they called out to you from their father’s arms.

“Daddy look mama’s awake,” they pointed out, both verbally and with a little finger in your direction.

“Yeah she is, isn’t she,” Jason responded placing one last kiss on their cheek as he walked in your direction, toddler still in his arms.

“Good morning my love,” putting the baby down for a second, he leaned in to place a kiss on your lips.

You smiled in response with a soft verbal, “good morning to you too.”

“Good morning mommy!” Your child greeted you with a big smile, arms raised in a sign of wanting to be picked up and wanting a hug from mommy.

You swooped down to pick them up and were promptly greeted with kisses, cuddles, and an “I love you mama.”

After all three of you settled, the table was set and breakfast was served. What was served included heart shaped items of your favorite breakfast foods, pink lemonade, and fruit he had tried his best to present in a similar heart shape arrangement. Jason may not be the best cook, but he sure did have a handle on how to prepare the prefect breakfast and seamlessly integrate Valentine’s Day.

After breakfast and a little more playing with the baby, the three of you got ready to go to the park by the river.

From learning how to hang upside down from the monkey bars with daddy to swinging on the swings with mommy to spinning together on the merry go around, the park held a whole day’s worth of fun for the family.

After the park the three of you went down to the sides of the river to feed the ducks, where Jason was briefly chased by a few of the swans for sneezing too loudly in their direction, it must’ve been seen as a threat.

It started to get colder outside due to the increasing lack of direct sunlight, but despite the breeze the baby was sound asleep in their stroller. Before they knew it, the sun had started to set and it was time to go home.


“Hey,” Jason wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed his lips to your neck.

You’d just put your child down for a nap after a bath and some running around the house with them screaming, “mommy look I’m batman” whilst wearing the batman onesie Bruce had gifted them.

“Hey,” you responded relaxing into his warm embrace.

“I have a surprise for you. Wear something nice,” Jason whispered into your right ear before placing a warm kiss on your cheek and disappearing.

Despite feeling a little off put by the way he’d asked and where he had gone since he asked, you followed his instructions.

As you finished up getting ready, the door bell rang. You slipped on your outfit and headed to the door.


You’d expected Jason. It was Roy.

“Oh hey Roy! What are you doing here?” You asked, gently patting little Lian who was asleep in her own father’s arms.

“Jason asked me to come over. Oh, he asked me to give you this,” Roy pulled an envelope from his back pocket and handed it to you, “and watch the kid while you guys are out.”

“Oh, um. All right,” you furrowed your brow for a second before letting the two in.

After you pointed out everything he would or potentially would need, Roy wished you a good time, shooed you out of your apartment, and reminded you to read the card.

It was a simple card, pink water washed cardstock with five simple words (and one shape) hand written on it: “Meet me on the roof, ♡ Jason.”

Running your fingers over the card and Jason’s writing you made you way upstairs. As you walked you thought about your lives together, how happy he made you, and wonderful baby you’d brought into this world together. Before you knew it, you’d arrived. Wiping the tears that had welled up in your eyes, you opened the rooftop door.

What you saw took your breath away. Jason set up the perfect date up on that rooftop. Everything you’d ever liked in dates since the two of you started seeing eachother, from the flowers, to the table, to the decorations. Everything was everything you’d dreamt.

Jason even served your favorite foods, a list complied through the years from dates large and small.

After the food, the two of you found yourself cuddling and talking on the stand alone porch swing that had always been up there, which Jason had surrounded with candles, over looking the city wrapped in blanket.

Jason watched you recount the swan ordeal from earlier. As the smile on your face widened and laughed escaped your lips, Jason’s heart beat faster and faster. He knew it was now or never.

“Hey babe, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, sure. What?” you responded.

Jason sucked in a breath and moved off the swing.

You looked at him with a confused expression. You had expected him to ask how he’d gotten so lucky; it was always what he followed with.

As Jason moved, getting down on one knee, it registered.

“Will you marry me?”

Your answer was instantaneous. You sprung towards him, capturing him into the tightest of hugs, happy tears racing down your cheeks.

“I’ll take that as a yes then?” Jason chuckled as you cried and nodded.

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12x13: Mamma Drama

I’m not usually that into Discourse™ but it’s about time that someone acknowledges that Sam has been forced to work with a lot of people who have hurt him.  1k of that happening.

Be wary of some very vague discussion of Bucklemming consistent consent issues.

There are little half-moon crescents dug into his palms.

Sam forces himself to relax his hands.  The little grooves remain for a few seconds before fading from red, to white, to nothing at all.  He takes a few breaths in through his nose and releases them through his mouth.  It doesn’t help as much as his and Jess’s yoga instructor had claimed it would, but then, Sam hadn’t expected it to.

He’s been staring at the map table for about two minutes straight without blinking, so Sam forces himself to get to his feet and make his way to the kitchen.  Dean had stormed off to his room and Mom off to…somewhere a few minutes ago, so there’s no one to intercept him.

Good.  He doesn’t want to talk about this.  Not right now.

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hi, can i request a deliveryboy!au with hoshi? :)

- hoshi is the delivery boy for this fried chicken restaurant called KOKO’S
- he took it because he really needed a job but also because he found out that employees get a 50% discount and he was like SIGN ME UP
- he uses the restaurant’s scooter to make deliveries, and he’s so fast?? he always makes it to his destination on time
- he wears this helmet with the restaurant’s logo on it and when he takes it off his hair is all messy and it’s cute
- everyone in the restaurant loves him. chef seokmin always gives him some fried chicken to take home after his shift, the regular customers always cheer for him to dance, and owner seungcheol’s always telling him he’s doing great
- he loves it there because they’re just like family
- one night, KOKO’S is ready to close in about thirty mins when all of a sudden the restaurant gets a phone call
- seungcheol picks it up and after scribbling down a few things, he hangs up and tells hoshi that he has one more delivery to make
- “after this, just drop off the scooter and the debit machine and you can go home. this’ll be your last delivery of the day.”
- hoshi nods his head and waits around for the chicken to be fried, and when it is, he’s on his way
- he goes outside and places the chicken on the back of his scooter and drives off into the night. once he finds the apartment, he parks his scooter out front and walks up the stairs to get to the person’s room
- now there’s you
- you’re walking home alone after buying some snacks and drinks from the convenience store and you’re getting a little paranoid because it’s late and dark out
- you turn your head around every time you hear a sound and you walk a little faster
- all of a sudden, this cat shrieks which scares you and you trip over your own feet
- only to fall over a scooter parked outside an apartment
- the scooter falls with a crash and you realize that the side mirror on the right is cracked and the side mirror on the left fell off and you’re like oh. no.
- while you’re trying to make the scooter stand again, someone suddenly yells “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SCOOTER??” and you let go of the scooter out of surprise and it falls with a crash AGAIN
- you look up with a scared expression on your face to see this boy running up to you
- you say “i’m so sorry!!! there was this cat and i got scared and—”
- the boy takes his helmet off and you’re like……. omg he’s cute……
- while you’re apologizing, the boy just makes the scooter stand and dramatically falls to his knees at the sight of the broken mirrors and the scratches
- he shakily takes out his keys and tries to turn it on but…… nothing….. the engine roars for a few seconds before just dying
- it was an old scooter already so the two crashes were enough to make it meet its end
- you take out your wallet and tell him “i’ll pay for the damages!!! how much do you need???” and the boy just says “…’s not mine….. it belongs to this restaurant i work for….”
- and you gasp because omfg you’re going to get this boy FIRED
- you know you’ll never be able to live with that guilt so you tell him “i’ll go to the restaurant with you. i’ll tell them everything.”
- and he looks up and you continue “i mean….. it’s my fault anyway, i don’t think i’d be able to live if you took the blame for what i did”
- but the boy is too kind and says “don’t worry about it. i’ll manage. it’s my fault for not parking in a safer location…….. thanks anyway”
- he flashes you a little smile and walks away while rolling his scooter and you can’t help but feel so bad…
- you start walking in the direction of home but you keep stopping in your tracks because the guilt is eating you up alive
- you sigh and turn around and quietly follow the boy who’s thankfully still in sight
- after a few mins of walking, you see him park his scooter out front before entering a restaurant called KOKO’S and you know about it because your friend loves their chicken
- as you approach the restaurant, you look through the windows and you could see the boy looking down while who you’re guessing is the owner scolds him and you know it’s because of the scooter
- before the situation could get any worse, you swing the restaurant’s door open and rush inside, making the two boys turn to you
- the owner politely tells you that they’re closed while the boy just looks at you with a shocked expression on his face
- you walk up to the owner and say “i…. i was the one who broke the scooter”
- and you explain everything and you think they’re going to be understanding of this whole situation
- but no
- before you know it, both you and the boy are getting scolded by them and he asks “what’s your name?” and after you tell him, he says “you’re going to be working for me until you could help hoshi buy a new scooter.”
- your jaw falls and hoshi just nods his head because there’s no arguing with him
- he continues “without the scooter, deliveries will take longer with only one person. so you’ll be helping him make deliveries.”
- after giving your info, you and hoshi exit the restaurant together and he says “hey…. why did you come by? i told you i was going to be fine”
- and you say “oh no i just couldn’t just let you get in trouble all by yourself you know…….”
- hoshi grins at your kindness and says “well since we’re going to be working together from now on, it’s nice to meet you!! my name’s actually soonyoung, but everyone calls me hoshi”
- you say “it’s nice to meet you too. i’m (name)!!”
- hoshi is a gentleman so he walks you home and when you enter your apartment, you just collapse on your bed and just stare at the ceiling like…… did that really happen…….
- yes it did
- because the next day, you wake up to the sound of your ringtone which is “replay” by shinee
- you pick up and it’s seungcheol who asks “where are you?? your shift is starting in fifteen mins” and you look at the time like oooh my goSH AM I REALLY GOING TO BE LATE FOR MY FIRST DAY ON THE JOB
- you tell him “oh i’m on my way there!! just went to get a quick breakfast…… ahahah…….”
- you get ready in like five mins and then sprint all the way there but you know what, you make it in time good job
- hoshi’s already there, picking up the delivery bags from the kitchen and he gives you one bag while he carries the two others
- seungcheol tells you guys “okay so here’s the address for this order. come right back because you having another one on its way!”
- you and hoshi exit the restaurant and it’s quiet while you’re both walking, when your phone goes off and you pick it up to see that it’s a friend of yours asking if you wanted to hang out
- after telling them you’re busy, you hang up and hoshi screams “YOU LISTEN TO SHINEE????” and your eyes light up like “YEAH!!! YOU DO TOO???”
- and you both bond over shinee and talk about your favorite songs
- you guys surprisingly make it to your destination on time and you notice just how kind and polite hoshi is to the customer
- after getting the payment for the chicken, you and hoshi rush back to the restaurant for the next order
- and it’s like that for the rest of the day and the next few days after that
- you and hoshi become really good friends and before you know it, you’re having so much fun with hoshi
- after long days, seokmin makes fried chicken for you guys and you both happily eat it
- seungcheol notices how much happier hoshi seems
- it’s hard to see because he’s always smiling but…… to him, it’s plain as day
- of course this doesn’t last forever because you and hoshi eventually get enough money to buy a new scooter and well….. you’re not needed anymore
- seokmin makes you and hoshi one last meal to eat together and while you both spend it happily….. there’s a certain sadness in his eyes……. you’re not sure why……
- hoshi decides to walk you home and once you both make it there, he says “so uhh…. it was nice working with you….”
- you say “it was nice working with you too….. you made it fun!!” and he tells you “you made it fun too!! just….. if you….. want any chicken, you know where to go. we’ll be happy to see you again”
- you nod your head and say good night before shutting the door
- the next morning, you wake up and realize that you don’t need to go to work
- you should be feeling happy but instead you feel so empty…..
- at the same time, hoshi wakes up and smiles on his way to work, ready for another fun day with you when he realizes
- you don’t work there anymore
- seungcheol notices how much hoshi is sulking and even the regular customers don’t like seeing him this way, he’s usually always smiling and filling their days with sunshine
- about a week passes without you two seeing each other, and hoshi makes it really obvious that he misses you
- seokmin tells him “hoshi just confess to them” but hoshi’s like “what??? nooo i can’t??? what if they don’t like me back???? i’ll never be able to see them ever AGAIN”
- seungcheol pats his head and says “ok hoshi, i know you miss (name), but you still have some work to do” he hands him a little piece of paper with an address written on it
- he tells him “don’t be late. oh and give this to the customer too.” he gives him a tiny little envelope and sends hoshi on his way
- hoshi rides the new scooter there and rings the doorbell before suddenly freezing
- because he knows this apartment…… it’s—
- you open the door and jump in surprise to see hoshi standing by your door
- you say “hoshi??? what are you doing here???” and he says “what do you mean??? i’m here for your order” and you’re like “…..but i didn’t order anything…..”
- hoshi’s like HOW COULD HE DO THIS TO ME
- he then takes out the little envelope and hands it to you “seungcheol said this is for you, maybe it has some answer on it??”
- you take the envelope and open it and it says
- “enjoy the meal, you kids. tell hoshi he has the rest of the day off, and just go on a date already. i’ll let you borrow the scooter this once. just don’t break it again.”
- hoshi asks “so?? what does it say??” and you shake your head like “oh nothing!!” but hoshi manages to snatch it out of your hands and after reading it, his whole face turns red
- he says “i’m SO sorry about all this….. uhhh you can have the chicken, i’ll just be on my way now…..”
- but you stop him “hoshi wait” and he turns around
- your cheeks turn pink as you say “….if you don’t mind….. i wouldn’t mind actually going on a date……”
- and hoshi’s face lights up and he runs up to you and says “REALLY??” and you laugh and just say “YES HOSHI”
- after eating the chicken, hoshi takes you out on a date in the city and he drives the scooter while you’re sitting in the back with your arms wrapped around him
- at the end of the day, hoshi drops you home and goes back to the restaurant during closing time to drop off the scooter
- inside, he goes up to seungcheol who’s counting the cash register and he gives him a big hug
- when he lets go, he tells him “you’re the best!!!!”
- he smiles at him and says “i’m guessing things went well?” and he nods his head “thank you!!!”
- after a quick good night, he leaves the restaurant and seokmin tells him “you’re such a softie”
- and seungcheol just laughs “you know hoshi deserves it.”

thank you for your request!! ^^

Eyeliner And Blush

Request: Omg could you write an imagine about kookie falling in love with his makeup artist?! Like he’d be so sweet and she’s all shy and ugh it’d be too cute

A/N: I found sometime to write a little something! Enjoy!

Originally posted by hohbi

Sitting comfortably in the corner of the quiet dressing room, you scrolled aimlessly through your phone. You had already set everything up for when the boys arrived and and the other makeup artists had gone to grab some breakfast for everyone. They’d be back soon so you took a few minutes to sit down before you’d be standing for hours.

Pulling your white jacket further up your shoulder, you glanced at the door, wondering how long the other ladies would be. The boys would be there any minute and you were bad at talking to them. You always got nervous and just quietly did their makeup. You were also pretty new to the team so you didn’t know them that well to begin with.

When the door finally did open, you took a sigh of relief a little too soon. In walked one of the managers along with Jungkook. You froze for a second and waited for one of them to speak.

“Where is everyone…?” the manager spoke more to himself more than to you. “Could you get started on him? I have to go figure something out with the other boys. I’ll be back soon with the rest of them,” he explained to yourself before giving Jungkook a pat on the shoulder and leaving the two of you alone in the dressing room.

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anonymous asked:

Can I have some jack x reader ?(after the Fall ) :3 (fic or hc :3 )

Sure thing, dear anon! We’ll be going with headcanons for this one because we are still working on the last part of the Ineffable series and therefore are a little busy. We hope you enjoy! 

  • This poor, old man has such a hard shell; he always seems so grumpy and unapproachable. His intimidating looks and attitude have scared many people away but you know how he truly is inside: the most caring and affectionate person in the world.
  • Just don’t expect him to show this side of him in public. He barely displays his affection except for some subtle hints: he’ll hold open doors for you, give you his jacket if you’re cold, or give you a reassuring pat on the shoulder. On a good day, he might even hold your hand for a short time. It gets really interesting once you’re alone with him.
  • Jack needs a lot of affection in private. And I really mean a lot. After everything he’s lived for blew up (quite literally), you are the only ray of hope left in his life. Your embrace really helps him release all the stress and anxiousness inside. 
  • At night he will always be by your side, holding you close to his chest and resting his chin on the top of your head. Be aware that this man suffers from nightmares from time to time. When these occur, just be sure to be there for him and give him a hug, no talking necessary.
  • Two words: trust issues. Don’t worry, you are definitely not the reason for this; blame the people who brought down Overwatch. These events took quite a toll on him so it will take a long time for him to trust you. Once he does, though, it will definitely have been worth the wait because that’s when he’ll take off his mask/visor. Jack is very self-conscious when it comes to his face (and age), so make sure to give him reassurance that you truly love him for who he is.
  • I mentioned that this guy was caring, right? Well, I forgot to say that I meant OVERLY caring, in a way that can be kind of scary sometimes. Someone bumped into you and accidently hurt your shoulder? He’ll teach that punk a lesson. You stubbed your little toe on the kitchen table? He’ll carry you to the sofa, give you painkillers, and get some ice. You got a small cold? Prepare for a drive to the emergency room.
  • He gives a lot of compliments, especially if you lack self-confidence. He wants you to know that you are the most beautiful and perfect person he could have ever wished for to enter his life. However, he dislikes receiving compliments. It’s not that he doesn’t believe you, he just absolutely hates the way he can’t stop himself from getting flustered and blushing intensely.
  • Kisses from Jack are rare since he barely takes off his visor. But they are always very sweet and full of emotions. Because he sometimes has trouble expressing his love for you with words, hugs and kisses are his way of showing you how important you are. 
  • Meanie on the streets, softie in the sheets. ‘Nuff said. 
Bedtime story

(Child) Robb Stark x (Child)Reader x (Child) Jon Snow

Words: 895
Notes: Y/N = your name.

Warnings: fluff.

Imagine being a child living in Winterfell with Robb and Jon, and falling asleep in Robb’s bed with him and Jon.


It was, all in all, a warm night: a wool blanket was enough to keep Robb, Jon and you warm. You three were in Robb’s room, wrapped together in bed with you stuck between them, listening intently to the Old Nan telling the Rat Cook tale. In all honesty, you couldn’t tell which was scarier, if the story or the Old Nan herself. The cook was giving you the creeps, but at the same time you were trembling because of the shrunken wrinkled face that appeared so ghostly by the candle light. As the woman was speaking, you imperceptibly turned to glimpse Jon, serious and focused; then you looked at Robb and saw him smirking off his face. It certainly seemed like you were the only one who was almost frightened to death; anyway, you couldn’t let the two boys knowing about it, so you swallowed your fear and went back to listen to Old Nan.

It seemed like hours until the story ended and you were now watching the woman leaving slowly and wobbly, not before she recommended Jon and you to return to your respective bedrooms. As to make a point, Old Nan left the door open letting the cold air from the hallway in.

– Are we going? – Jon asked you, but Robb started to protest.

– Already tired? – he complained standing up on the furs of his bed while his half-brother, instead, got off jumping on the floor. Jon handed you your little shoes even before he could put his own on, to keep you from touch the cold ground with bare feet.

– If lady Catelyn finds us here, she will scold us again – he insisted looking up to Robb.

– I can hide you! – the auburn haired boy exclaimed and with that he jumped off the bed too and grabbed one of Jon’s boot. Jon tried to steal it from his grasp, but he failed. – And – his brother went on looking at you, – Y/n wants to stay, I know!

He then got closer to you that were slipping the second shoe on, – Stay here, Y/n – he plead. Meanwhile Jon finally succeeded in having his boot back.

– Jon… – you begged with an uncertain expression on your face, hoping not to make him mad. Actually, the idea to stay alone in your dark room after that creepy tale really wasn’t so appealing. That happened every time and this was the reason you played for time with Robb and Jon so often after curfew. So, it was only your fault if lady Catelyn had dressed the three of you down for the last three days. Being the apple of his mother’s eye, Robb didn’t seem to mind the scolds at all, but Jon, of course, was another matter. Lady Catelyn didn’t like him and he knew it pretty well, and he just wished not to make her upset; but as a little child, he also wished to stay with his friends having fun as long as possible. Because of that, now he was staring at his feet, one still bare and cold on the floor, pondering what to do.

Robb patted his shoulder with a wide smile – Let’s build up a barricade! – he said.

– A barricade? – you asked confused, watching as Robb closed the door of his room trying to be as silent as possible and then Jon giving up to your will with a sigh. He took off the only boot he was wearing and reached you on the mattress, quickly followed by Robb.

– A barricade against the Rat Cook – he explained glancing strangely at Jon, who started to crawl towards you murmuring – Because if you don’t hide…

– He will eat you! – they both burst out tickling you and making you scream. Anyway, Robb was fast enough to shout you up by putting a hand on your mouth, scratching your belly with the other along with Jon. After a while they got tired and exhausted from all the laughs, and let you rest, panting breathless.

– I hate you – you whined moving under the blankets. You covered yourself above your head, and in there you listened to the boys whispers.

You made her mad – Robb said and Jon answered back he was the one who tickled you more. Later you heard the soft sound of the covers raising as the boy slipped down there with you.

– Sorry, Y/n – Jon muttered grasping the hem of your nightdress as Robb laid down next to you too; you felt Robb’s little hand stroking your cheek and then he asked – You’re not crying, are you?

Fully aware you succeeded in your plans, you started to giggle.

– You really are stupid! – and they tickled you again.


Catelyn found the three of you sleeping in Robb’s bed when she came to check for her son. Even if you disobeyed her for the fourth time in a week, she could not disturb your dreams. The simple way Robb rested, keeping you in a genuine embrace and holding Jon too at the same time, melted her heart.

– Oh, Ned… – she whispered as her husband walked in, unable to hide a warm smile.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and placed a kiss on her temple.

– Let them stay here for tonight.

Catelyn nodded. They gave a last look to you and went out, closing the door gently as not to waken you.


This was very short, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway =)

Juice Ortiz Journals

A/N: Request from @wiild-nirvanaaa
Juice drops Abel off to preschool for a week, finding himself attracted to Abel’s teacher. Shenanigans ensue. I had so much fun writing this, I hope you like it, lovely! No warnings :)

Monday, 12th February, 10:00am, convenience store parking lot

Dear diary,

Just met my future wife. She is made of sunshine and I’m already in love with her.

I got asked to take Abel to school this morning because everyone was busy. I thought I could just drop him off and head back to TM but I’m now lovesick, humiliated and eating a box of shame donuts in the carpark of the convenience store.
Why did I think it was a good idea to tell his teacher, Miss Jones, that I was available? She only asked me where Jax and Tara were, and I told her they were busy with work this week and needed a hand getting Abel to school. That would have been enough, but then she asked me for my name. I said, and I quote, “Mr Single & Ready to Mingle”.
I should have told her I was “Mr Idiot and Desperate.” That would have been more accurate.
Thankfully she laughed and I had a moment to recover when she said I could call her Max. I told her she could call me Juice, and managed not to say she could “call me anytime”.

Oh God, I’ve eaten five donuts and now I have “Me & Mrs Jones” stuck in my head.
I’m going to have to move towns now. Excommunicate myself from SAMCRO. They’d never let me transfer as a Nomad once they hear about this, they’ll all be dead from laughter. 

Monday, 10:00pm, still thinking about my secret shame

Maybe I can get Happy to mercy kill me, as a favour.

Tuesday, 13th February, 1:00pm, TM Garage, hiding under a car pretending to work

Dear diary,

Had to take Abel again today. Jax asked if it would be alright if I took Abel to school all week, and because I’m a glutton for punishment, I said yes.
Max didn’t say anything about my misfortune of tongue yesterday, so I assumed she must be some sort of angel. She sure looks like one.
Brown, wavy hair, pretty pale skin, and she smiles a lot. Not like, mentally deranged, unblinking smiling. Genuine smiling, blinking the right amount. It turns me in to an idiot.

Not an idiot like that time I fed that dog meth and it bit Tig’s behind, just an idiot where my brain doesn’t brain anymore and my mouth doesn’t mouth anymore.
I told her I would be dropping off Abel all week. As I was leaving she asked me to remind Jax and Tara to send a paint shirt in with Abel tomorrow as they were painting Valentine’s Day cards.
I said I would let them know, and if they needed someone to come play Cupid, I looked great in a diaper. She laughed and I’m pretty sure it was because she thought it was funny, and not because she was scared of me and was trying to keep me pacified.
I mean, I did look fetching in a diaper, but it’s not something you say to any sane person you were trying to impress.
Then again, I’m not sane, but I only ate 3 shame donuts today, so that’s a win.

Wednesday, 14th February, 11:15am, clubhouse

Dear diary,

I’ve never felt more ashamed in my life. 

I felt like the universe was sending me a sign that since Max hadn’t called the authorities on me for my performance the last few days, it meant that she liked me. I figured that since it was Valentine’s Day, I would make a small, sweet gesture. If she liked it, then it would confirm my suspicions and I would ask her out the next morning.
It pains me to recount this, diary, but you have to take the good with the bad. You don’t have triumphs without trials. When you go through hell, just keep going. If ‘plan A’ doesn’t work, there’s 25 other letters in the alphabet.

When did you become a writer for Hallmark, Juicy Boy? - Chibs

Still Wednesday, 11:35am, locked in the clubhouse bathroom, Chibs swearing at me through the door

Just beat Chibs over the head with my journal and now I’m hiding out so I have some privacy to write about my pain without being killed.

So I decided to compose a poem for Max to tell her how much I liked her without actually telling her to her face. Because if I’ve learnt anything, someone can’t reject you if you’re not there to hear it. You just avoid any area of town they happen to frequent and pretend like nothing happened.
I taught the poem to Abel, rehearsing it in the car all evening while he was eating dinner and on the way to school in the car. Jax and Tara had invited me over to thank me for helping with Abel.
Jax thought it was weird that I was getting his kid to be my wingman, but Tara thought it was cute, and we all know who the real genius in that relationship is.
(Hint, it’s not that blond ferret.)

It was game time, Abel had repeated the poem perfectly to me and I had given him a copy of it written down in case he got stage fright. I was just gonna get him to give her the note, but I thought it was more romantic coming from the kid.
On the note I had put “Wanna get dinner this Friday night? Yes/No”. Abel just had to give it over to her and bring it back with her answer.
Instead of walking him right up to the room, I hung back a little. I would go unnoticed, but I stood close enough to the door that I could hear. He must have gotten stage fright, because he just grabbed the note and gave it straight to her. I waited, watching as Max opened the note, ready to pat myself on the back.
Instead, she scrunched up her face, signature smile completely gone. Max looked up, searching for me, and came over.
“Juice, I’m sorry, but this is frankly immature. And having Abel deliver this for you is grossly inappropriate. If anything like this happens again, I’ll be reporting it.”
Before I had the chance to say anything, she turned and walked in to the classroom.

I walked out of the school and got in the car, so confused as to what went wrong. I hadn’t gone with the dirty limerick Chibs had taught me, so when I opened the note, I was shocked to see that it was something all together different than the one I had intended to pass on.
It was a crude stick figure drawing, of both myself and Max in a very R-rated position. I had to congratulate the artist, for their accuracy of my mohawk and tattoos on a stick figure, but deduct points for the over-exaggeration of Miss Jones’ breasts.

After my shock had worn off, I realised who had done it. Jax. He was the only Son who knew of my plan.
The betrayal cut deep, and I sped away from the school to the store, buying a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, dipping my shame donuts in to my shame ice cream. 
If it wasn’t going to cause my untimely death, I would have gone to the clubhouse and murdered our prez right then and there.
Instead, I stuck his hand in a bowl of warm water while he napped on the couch in the clubhouse. Take that, Pisspants Teller.

Wednesday, 11:42am, still locked in the clubhouse toilet, Chibs and now Jax swearing at me through the door.

This is my home now. I’m never getting out of here alive. Worth it.

Thursday, 15th February, 5:15pm, my room, clubhouse

Dear diary,

There is literally no greater romantic genius than myself.

I managed to get out of the bathroom, relatively unscathed. I’m on bathroom cleaning duties for a week, but I’ll get a prospect to do it.

I went to the hospital to visit Tara to get some romantic advice. I told her about what happened, and after Tara called and scolded Jax for 15 minutes, she told me that she would be happy to call the school and speak to Max to explain.
I told her how kind it was, but I wouldn’t want poor Abel to have to leave the school because his father is a sadist.
Tara said that I could go tomorrow with Abel to explain myself, and she was certain that flowers and the temptation of a romantic, quiet dinner at a small restaurant was sure to work.

Today, diary, I would make my final grand gesture before giving up on love.
I woke up and drove over to Clay and Gemma’s house early in the morning to swipe a few bunches of flowers from Gemma’s garden. I wanted fresh flowers but the store didn’t open until 8:30.
I went before the sun came up so I wouldn’t be busted. Gemma would have killed me, but that was a risk I was willing to take in the name of love.

I picked up Abel and we drove to the school. I made sure to congratulate Abel on his successful mission yesterday, because even though his father is a treacherous hot mess crapbag, the kid did good. I wasn’t going to be the one responsible for his potential future self esteem issues just because his dad is a-

Come on, Juice, the picture was hilarious. Also, don’t cuss me out in your little diary, I am your prez and I can put you on bathroom duties for two weeks if I want. - Jax

As I was saying, I drove my hilarious, majestic, king-like friend’s heir to his place o’ learnin’. We got to the classroom, and Max’s face was one of slight disappointment, but she seemed to be a lot calmer than the previous morning.
This is how it went down.

Juice: Max, before you say anything, let me apologise for yesterday. I don’t want to name names, but the person behind the note you received thought that by giving you theirs instead of the one I had prepared, they would display wit and humour. Please forgive him, as I have. His mother didn’t hug him enough. If you w-

Ortiz, you’re full of shit. Abel told me you begged her to forgive you and you asked her out to McDonalds, you tight arse. You’ve been hanging out with Happy too often. Oh, and you’re on toilet duty for a month. I told the prospects to tell me if you try get them to do it. - Jax

Oh my God, Jax, get out of my room!! I didn’t ask her to McDonalds, you redneck! I asked her to the burger joint on Main Street. I wanted to keep it simple, so there was no pressure and we had a comfortable place to get to know each other.

But she already knows you’re a twat. What else could she possibly need to know? - Chibs

Well you can both go screw yourselves, she said yes, that I was sweet and we’re going out tomorrow night. Success!


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Title: The Cat in the Coat

Anonymous Request: “2, I know it’s 3 in the morning but I can’t find my cat. 21, you knocked on my door at 1 AM, to cuddle? 39, I’m not going to keep having this conversation. 47, go on, I dare you. with Pan please!”


Anonymous Request: “Hey!! I have request where Peter’s sad for some random reason and he doesn’t want to do anything, always stays in his tent.”

Warnings: just a couple curse words

This is absolutely way too fluffy and cuddly and I’m so sorry for your feels because I literally cried when I wrote this, simply because it is goals.


An unusual darkness had drifted over the camp. Now, before you question too much, it most definitely was not the kind of darkness you get when you get when you put a blanket over your head. It was the kind of darkness that you feel, the kind that soaks up into your brain and makes you feel, well, exhausted.

Neverland had been like this for what you would call a week, or perhaps less or more, on mainland time. All you knew was that nothing had happened to cause it, and the feeling felt as though it had popped up overnight.

And, in this sudden darkness, you had unfortunately found a way to lose something, because although it was a dark emotion over the camp, it had also brought about a literal darkness.

Around the camp, deep, navy blue clouds made their way inwards, and the sun had failed to make an appearance. The island was cold and dreary and dark in almost every definition, and that made it impossibly easy to lose things.

This darkness, you knew, matched the mood of the leader of the island, who hadn’t left his beloved hut since the dreary time started. The only time you ever caught even the slightest glance of him was when he turned on the light of his room during the night. Then, you could watch the shadow of his figure pacing back and forth in front of the window, contrasting with the dull yellowish-orange light, as if he had the hardest decision ever to make.    

The trees that surrounded the camp, the ones you once found brilliant green and filled with life, had now turned into nothing more than eerily twisted shadows grazing the ground. The bright moonlight practically begged to show through, and you knew that in any other situation you would have slept through the haunting howls the wind made as it blew through them. But not tonight, so far anyway, because you were on a mission, or perhaps more if you look at it in the right way.

“Here kitty, kitty…”

That’s right, that so dearly missed lost thing? A cat. A dumb old cat that you had somehow fallen deeply in love with, to the point that you were standing where you were- the borders of an enchanted forest that looked as though it would swallow you alive if you took as much as one step out of line. For some reason, the cat had grown on you, and it made you worried sick to know that it, rather he, could be lost or eaten as you called for him.

A bubble formed in the pit of your gut as you looked towards the sky again, watching as the moon was swallowed up once again by the dreary clouds. A sudden realization hit you, at the same time a cold droplet of water rushed down the side of your face.

“Great, just great! What else has this damned island got to throw at me, huh?” You murmured desperately beneath your breath, afraid that if any of the boys heard you they would think you were crazy, which come to think of it maybe you were.

A sigh escaped your mouth, and you decided that one last attempt would be thrown. In a very panicky tone, you shakily called out one last time.

“C'mon…here kitty, kitty, kitty!”

After hearing no crunching of leaves or desperate meows of help, you decided to call the outside searching quits. By that time, however, freezing cold rain had started pouring heavily from those dumb heavy clouds, and you swore you’d never had a worse night in your life.

You accepted defeat for the night, and with slumped shoulders decided it was best to head back before you caught a cold. Your mind reeled at the thought of not having a warm fluffball packed tightly against your thigh as you slept, and your stomach lurched. A much warmer droplet of liquid made a trail down your face, and you realized that you had starter crying.

All this over a cat? Well, yes, because that cat, no matter how dumb it may sound, brought a much bigger aspect of love to your heart than any of the boys had ever even attempted to create.

You sniffled, hair drenched in water and shivering visibly. You wrapped your arms around yourself to conceal at least a bit of body temperature.

Then, a simple, and probably bad, idea made itself present within your mind.

Pan might know where your baby is!

Although unlikely, you used the hope of possibly finding the cat curled up at his feet as a comfort. And, before you could actually rationalize this decision, your feet had started to make a beeline towards Pan’s hut.

After blindly maneuvering your body through the labyrinth of objects between you and the hut, your hands hit a hard wooden surface.

You stood, completely still, for a moment on the other side of his door. Your hands rested lightly on the wood, and you looked down for a moment in thought.

“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea…maybe I should just go back and hope the cat’s back in the morning…” you thought, hesitantly biting your lip in thought.  

However, against all logical thinking, your arms pushed the door open. You made no move for quite a few moments to walk into the hut. Then, as if your legs had a mind of their own, they too moved you ever closer to where the king of the island himself slept.

You squeezed your eyes shut, fiddling with the sopping wet hem of your shirt. A burst of adrenaline shot through you as you fully realized where you were, and you heart beat picked up. After taking a deep breath, you felt your fingers began to quiver.

This was it.

“Pan…” you finally whispered out, only to be met with another round of quiet snores.

An awkward feeling in the pit of your stomach formed, and you almost turned back around and walked back out… if you’d not had a sudden memory of you and the cat together pop into your head.

Once again, you called, slightly louder, into the darkness, “Pan…”

After no response, you decided that you’d try one more time, and if it didn’t work you’d leave.

You cleared your throat, speaking in a clear tone, “Peter Pan?”

You cringed as his heavy breathing halted, and fear set into your chest.

All too suddenly for such a late time of night, he sprung up into a sitting position, his eyes snapping open and flickering around the room until they landed on your dark figure.

To say the least, you looked absolutely pitiful. Your hair and clothing was completely soaked through, sticking to your skin uncomfortably. Your face was red and your eyes were bloodshot, puffy from crying. Your lips formed a pounted frown of dismay, though you tried to cover it with a fake, pitiful smile.

“(Y/N)?” Pan questioned, a worried look on his face.

You suddenly bad, as if you’d woken a sleeping puppy, for he looked tired too; eyes strung with bags from being deprived of sleep, hair a mess, clothing wrinkled and twisted from sleep. He looked just as pitiful as you, only not as wet.

“Uh, yeah, you know what- um, never mind-” you squeaked, voice cracking mid sentence as you tried to conceal all evidence of your distress.

“What’s wrong?” He asked in curiosity, voice wavering higher in question.

You heard the shuffle of clothing, and then light flooded the walls of hut, leaving lingering shadows in its presence. A disheveled looking Pan stood from the bed, wobbling slightly from standing up so fast without having done so previously.

You looked down as he came closer, thoroughly embarrassed by the state you were in. You felt like you looked like a wet rat, and knew that you probably looked just as so.

“N-Nothing, I’m just gonna-”

“(Y/N)…” he warned, cutting you off mid sentence.

You huffed, trying to stop you voice from wavering as you spoke, “I know it’s, like, 3 in the morning…but…

You paused and hesitated for a minute, afraid that he would laugh at you for your reasoning. You could feel your throat tightening in on itself, and you didn’t know if you could utter the last part of the sentence even if you wanted to.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?”

…I can’t find my cat…

After taking a moment to let what you’d said sink in, he sighed and dragged a hand down his face in relief. You felt ashamed for waking him up for something so stupid.

It’s just a cat, you idiot…

With tears burning your eyes, you turned, waving you hand in dismissal, “See, I told you it was stupid-”

“Hey, wait, wait!” He reassured, “Just hold on, let me get you some dry clothes…”

You watched, completely shocked, as he walked over to his dresser and started getting to work on finding clothes that would fit. His movements were slow, almost delayed, as he rummaged through the drawers, because of the obvious fatigue that plagued his body.

You let your eyes wonder back down to the floor, hands folded together in from of you. Now, usually you weren’t this bashful, but for some reason you felt as if the situation called for it.

“Pan, really, it’s okay, I’ll just get the clothes wet when I back walk to my hut…” You trailed off quietly, but this time made no move towards the door.

“Really, it’s fine. Here,” he said, shoving the soft material into your hands before you could try to object again.

He patted your shoulder, running his thumb lightly across it comfortingly, and you looked up to meet his eyes, “There’s a little room over there that you can change in.”

You followed the direction of his pointing finger, giving him a weak smile as you turned.

After ducking your head once more, you walked off. You found yourself faced with a small room, no bigger than a small closet. After looking up and around, you decided to finally close the door.

You let out a deep breath, dragging a hand down your exhausted face. Your face and hair were still wet, but the water did an awful job at concealing the actual tears. You wiped your eyes with your soaked sleeve, and then began the task of changing into dry clothes.

It felt beyond luxury to be finally wearing clothes that didn’t freeze you to the bone. Goosebumps were still present, but not as prominent as before. The large shirt made you feel, well, not as bad, though your head just couldn’t stop wondering back to your beloved cat.

You slowly pushed the door open once more, wet clothes crumbled up together in your hand. A large portion of your legs were presented to the open air, which made it much easier to be cold; the wooden floor you stood on didn’t help to conceal warmth either.

You coughed towards the boy, who was preoccupied in moving his pillows and blankets back onto the bed. He glanced up after a moment, and a small smile took over his face as he saw your state.

You had crossed your legs, still standing I remind you, to warm them. Your arms were crossed over your chest, trying your best not to touch the cold, wet clothes to the rest of you. Your face had cleared up quite a bit, but dark circled made themselves present under your once bright eyes.

“Ah, there we are, feeling any better?” He asked, reaching out to take the clothes from you.

You shrugged, watching as he practically threw the clothes to the floor near the door. He stretched up as he turned towards you, his arms reaching up towards the ceiling.

You watched in awe as his muscles flexed, and felt like you’d start drool if he didn’t stop. Your eyes were fixated on him, unable to tear themselves away. Your jaw was slacked slightly, and your lips parted.

As soon as you met his eyes, you knew he’d seen you watching him. He smirked cockily, raising an eyebrow in your direction.

Your eyes widened, snapping down to the floor as a blush tinted your cheeks. You slapped your hands over your eyes, groaning quietly in dismay.

The sound of bedsprings being bounced upon made you look back up, still extremely embarrassed and red in the face. Your eyes were met with something you certainly never expected to see.

A sleepy looking Pan, sitting promptly on his bed, getting ready to tuck himself under the covers. Your stomach dropped as you realised that he was probably tired of you, and you turned towards the door to leave. Your head was lowered, and you awkwardly rubbed your arm as you trekked towards it, being as quiet as you could so that you didn’t disturb him trying to get to sleep.

“Where are you going?”

You glanced up, meeting eye to eye  with a very confused looking boy. He was tucked under the fluffy mound of pillows and blankets, almost as if he was trying to lure you in. You watched as he raised an eyebrow, patting the soft matress beside him.

You titled your head, not sure if you were taking what he was suggesting in the right way. You looked around the room, just to make sure that he wasn’t hinting things at another person…which was highly unlikely. After finding nobody, you looked back at him and furrowed your brows.

He rolled his eyes, lifting up the blanket as an invitation for you. Although the offer was all too tempting, you knew that you shouldn’t…right?

“Oh, Pan, I don’t want to intrude, I was just-”

He huffed, giving you a disbelieving stare. He could see right through your act.

“Just c'mere, (Y/N).”

You rubbed your arms to rid youself of unwanted nerves, and then took a timid step forward. Soon enough, you found yourself at the foot of his bed, still scared that you had somehow misunderstood his actions, or that it would only be awkward if you climbed right in next to him.

You pushed your thoughts aside, deciding that you were too tired and cold to matter anyway. With a nervous lip bite, you lifted one leg onto the bed. Then, the other leg.

Finally, you found yourself shyly crawling towards the inviting warmth beneath the blankets. You felt as though your face was on fire, your fingers trembling from pure nervousness.

You sat awkwardly on your knees as you reached where the blanket opened up. Do you just…scooch on in? What if that makes it awkward and he asks you to leave?

Before you could second guess yourself, he rolled his eyes once again, and one of his arms swung out from under the blankets. He hooked an arm around your waist, reeling you closer to him like a fish on a line. He lifted the blakets, pulling you beneath them, and then tucked them caringly around you.

One arm swung around your ridged body lazily, while you felt the other arm come to rest above your head.

You stuttered aimlessly in surprise, not even caring how stupid you probably sounded. Your eyes stayed wide, and you felt your body become more tense by the second.

“Jesus, calm down, huh?” He chuckled, his breath blowing just past your cheek as he spoke.

You blinked rapidly in the darkness. How on earth had you found yourself stuck in such an…unusual position, with the ruler of Neverland himself? To be completely honest, you thought the boy didn’t really like you that much, but now you had started to think otherwise.

So…you knocked on my door at three in the morning to cuddle, did you?

Your face started to heat up as embarrassment rose in your chest. As a stutter once again left your mouth, which was supposed to be an understandable sentence, you found yourself at blank for anything to say.  Your mouth popped open and closed, as if it would help you form words.

“N-No, well, I mean- it’s not like that!” You finally rushed out, grasping at the blanket with clammy hands.

“Oh…I think it’s exactly like that…” he muttered huskily into your, probably red, ear.

The sound gave you chills.

You squeaked, shrinking slightly further into the blankets and away from his face. However, before you got too far, the arm around your waist caught you, pulling you right back up.

Uneasiness spread through your tummy, and you didn’t know if it was fear or butterflies; you decided it was probably a mix of both.

You felt the fingers of his hand lift your shirt, only enough so that they could run along the place you were ticklish the most, and the same place you felt the butterflies; your stomach. The direct contact made your mind feel fuzzy.

As his fingers danced across the soft skin, you squirmed and tried not to burst into a fit of giggles, but at the same time it made you feel calm. He noticed, you assumed, as you felt him smile against you.

Then, as you layed there with him, you realised that the storm outside had slowed down, just a bit, and the rain wasn’t beating harshly against the window anymore. Instead, the only sound from outside you could hear was the calming sound of tiny droplets landing unevenly on the roof of the hut.

“So, did you come here so early in the morning to cuddle, or did it just happen to be a coincidence?” He teased, his fingers halting their movements, to which you almost let out a whine.

I am not going to keep having this conversation!” You huffed, hiding your face in the extremely soft comforter.

“You did, didn’t you?” He said, again teasingly.

You buried your head deeper into the bkankets, perhaps to cover up the bright scarlet blush, or perhaps because your nose felt frozen in the open air.

He laughed quietly, a laugh that sounded much more like snicker than an actual laugh, as he watched you. His chest bobbed up and down against your back as he did so, which made you giggle slightly.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed, sweetheart! Most girls would love to come cuddle with me in the middle of the night…if you know what I mean…”

“Pan!” You shrieked, popping your head back out from beneath the warmth of the comforter.

He laughed at your surprised reaction, watching your eyes widen as you turned to face him.

As you met his own eyes, you found that he had started to wiggle his eyebrows at you, smirking cheekily as he did so. You did everything you could to not laugh at him, but, in the long run, found that you had no chance with the look he was giving you.

“I swear, I’m going to slap you, you idiot.” You said through bursts of laughs.

With that being said, his arms fell back around your waist. The smile fell slightly from his face, and he yanked you towards him so that your chests touched. His arms locked around you like a seatbelt, allowing you no movement, and his breath fell over your face.  

Go on, I dare you.” He challenged, and suddenly the mischievous smile fell back onto his face.

It was then that you realised that he was talking about your threat; that you were going to slap him. Your face flashed with relief, the color slowly moving back into your face.

You scrunched up your nose and pulled one of your arms from beneath his, shoving his face away with palm of your hand as the two of you laughed. He grabbed your wrist and tucked it in between the two of you, keeping it away from his face. You knew he found no offense to it, after all it was just a joking action.

The sound of laughter slowly dispersed, no longer bouncing off the walls. The room was comfortably quiet, all noise except the rain against the roof being silenced, leaving the two of you in your own little bubble.

You began to realize just how close you actually were to Pan. So close that you could feel lingering breaths rolling down your face and neck, tickling you their whole way down. You felt the warmth of him pressed against you, and the quiet droning on of his steady heartbeat beating against your chest. His eyes, those bottle-green beauties, you watched lingering down the length of your face. His fingers ran up and down, from your shoulders to the edge of your hips, making tiny goosebumps arise, the hair on your arms and side standing on end.

Then, a noise quite unlike any other  broke through the boundary of silence. The tiny sound you had very much missed since you’d found it lost, the sound that practically radiated innocence and fragility.

Your head popped up from the pillows, and you wriggled slightly out of the tight and protective grip of Pan. He gave you a confused look, to which you returned by pointing a finger to the corner where one of his warm coats layed.

You swung your legs over the edge of the bed, growing colder by the minute as you exited the warmth of the blanket.

You stumbled, not too gracefully, towards the pile of Pan’s clothing, feeling as though you were on a mission; in reality, you kind of were.

Another upset mewl came from the strewn about coat. This sound made you rush towards it faster, and when you arrived to it, you found an odd looking lump moving about underneath it.

You timidly reached for the lump, just in case it wasn’t what you hoped. The second your hand touched the moving being beneath the coat, it let out another panicked noise. This time you heard it loud and clear; it was a meow, and better yet a meow for help.

You quickly and gently removed the clothing from the scene, and what you saw made your heart jump in happiness.

“Oh!” You cried, scooping up the tiny cat, and cuddling him to your chest.

You showered the cat in kisses and affection, leaving not one inch of him untouched. He meowed, butting his head against your chin, and pawing gently at your hands for you to pet him.

“Pan, look! I found him!” You yelped, a wide smile spreading across your face.

“Is that the thing I kept hearing when I was trying to think?” He murmured, sitting up with messy hair and facing you.

You nodded as you made your way back to the bed, “Must have been, and you didn’t tell me when I came in looking for a lost animal?”

He smiled and shrugged, flopping back down upon the soft mattress. His arms tried to wrap around you to pull you down again, but the cat in your arms hissed and swatted it away.  

“That’s what you get for being a dick and not telling me that it could’ve been him in here,” You pouted, glaring jokingly at Pan.

You laughed quietly at the cat as it started to wiggle from your arms, while Pan glared daggers at the small creature. You placed him down on the bed, watching as he gracefully slithered beneath the blanks and to where  Pan’s feet were.

“And you like that thing?” He asked, this time actually pulling you down to him.

He squeezed you possessively to him, and you could practically hear the pout in his voice. You shrugged in response, nuzzling yourself closer to Pan as you spoke.

“Yeah, he’s feisty and independent. I think you’re just jealous…” you chuckled, watching as he tucked the both of you into the soft blankets.

It was evident by the halted rain and the clear, bright moon shining through the window that Pan’s mood had increased immensely. You couldn’t help but be proud of the fact that you had been the one to accomplish this.

That night, you came to realize two things: One: Pan’s emotions are strongly connected to the weather; he’s sad or angry, the island looks and becomes sad or angry with him. And Two:

…You don’t always have to be a lonely cat lady…


Jungkook watched as you laughed with the guys and began cleaning up the kitchen table.

Oh, noona, let me help! He stood up abruptly and took the plates out of your hand. You looked up at the tall maknae and smiled. It was strange having all of the guys in the apartment, they were well-mannered and way less annoying from what Namjoon had described. Following Jungkook into the kitchen and rolling up your sleeves, you turned on the faucet.

So we will be working together soon. You said over your shoulder and you could tell that Jungkook stiffened at the conversation starter. I’m nervous too, I’ve never written a series before, but I’d love to hear your ideas. They want it to be something a bit romantic, but I don’t want to be cliché. You continued and Jungkook rolled his eyes.

They always want to set me up with someone. I feel like all I am is a pretty face. He sighed and dried the dishes as you finished cleaning. You stopped the water and looked at him.

Maybe, I can push the envelope. You said more to yourself, but Jungkook’s confused face forced you to explain further. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable with anything that I write, so maybe we can push it being romantic, maybe instead, we make it something different than the usual things. Tae did a historical series, Jin oppa is working on that time travel series … Maybe we can work on something that is more career based. You began spouting off ideas and Jungkook smiled.

You would go against orders for me? He questioned and raised an eyebrow. He had you pegged all wrong, you weren’t a mean person, maybe Namjoon was right about you wanting to hear his ideas.

Sure, it’s not that big of a deal. You shrugged. You were never one to let the networks completely control you. If anything, the networks were scared to give you any real orders because they didn’t want you quitting. You had quit projects before and were known for being a bit of a loose cannon. Jungkook raised his eyebrows at your nonchalant nature, maybe he could learn a thing or two from you.

Yea, yea. Hey, aren’t we going hiking or something? Jungkook tried to sound nonchalant but it failed as he asked and you smiled.

Right, let’s round up the troops. You patted his arm as you walked past. Making eye contact with Namjoon and giving him a little nod, he clapped his hands together and gestured at the group.

Alright, guys, let’s go! The leader of BTS was back in power and the guys grumbled in response. Getting up they made their way out the door, following you down the hallway.

The hike only took about an hour, but there was a large amount of complaining from Yoongi and Hobi. Yoongi was tired. Hobi was realizing he was more of a city boy.

How the hell do you walk so fast, Y/N? Hobi stated out of breath as you continued up the hill.

See that landing? That’s the top. It’s like 20 more feet. C’mon! I thought you were the choreography captain! You gave Hobi a bit of a pep talk and the guys all got excited by the burn.

OOOOH HYUNG IS BEING CHALLENGED!!!! Tae screamed as you looked at him with a confused gaze.

What? No! I was just giving a pep talk! You tried to backtrack, but Tae continued to jump around and scream about the challenge.

Alright, race. Last one buys lunch. You watched a determined Hobi take his mark. You exchanged glances with Namjoon who shrugged and told you to go with it. Taking your mark, Jin grabbed his hand towel as a makeshift flag.

On your mark, ready, set, GO! The flag went in a downwards motion and you began running. About 5 feet from the landing, you tripped and Hobi passed you, winning the race. Namjoon made his way to your side and you tried to shrug it off, but you had twisted something.

Y/N’s been hanging out with Namjoon hyung too long! She’s becoming the queen of destruction! Jimin laughed as Yoongi smacked the back of his head.

Are you okay? Namjoon questioned with concerned eyes.

Nothing that a little ice and elevation can’t fix. I’m more upset that I’m buying lunch, I see how you guys eat! You tried to play it cool and the guys all laughed, but Namjoon continued to look at you up and down.

Climb on. Namjoon knelt in front of you as the guys watched while smacking each other on the arm. You looked up at the group as they jeered at the two of you.

JH: Look at the happy couple. … MY: I swear, they’re going to make me sick. … JM: I told them not to fall in love! … JK: I think it’s cute?

I’m calling the hospital. Jin grabbed his phone, but you snatched it from him while on Namjoon’s back.

Seriously, it’s not big deal. Let’s just go down and try to find a place to eat. You convinced the worried elder and Namjoon began walking down the hill.

He could feel your heartbeat on his back as he watched the rest of the group race down. If there was one thing that lit a fire under their asses it was food so he predicted the guys would make it down the hill in 30 minutes. But he had precious cargo on his back and walked down the hill cautiously.

I swear, if you don’t move a bit faster, we might die up here. You said to him with a huff.

Oh, I’m sorry what was that? I thought that I was helping a little injured wife of mine. He laughed as you huffed and rested your head on his shoulder. He leaned his head against yours as the two of you hiked your way down after all the others.

Don’t Take the Girl (Joshaya)

Pairings: Joshaya (major), Rucas (slight)
Word count: 3820 words
Summary: Josh and Maya through the years. Greatly inspired by Tim McGraw’s ‘Don’t Take the Girl
A/N: Been wanting to write this for a while. Here’s my first Joshaya fic so I hope you guys enjoy :)

Summer 2009

“Cory! Riley! C'mon! We’re getting late,” ten-year-old Joshua Matthews bounces on his feet, excitement coursing through him as he waits for his older brother and niece to come down.

He only sees Cory, Riley, Topanga and now Auggie, every few months when they come to visit him in Philadelphia or when he goes to New York with his parents. Josh has been waiting to go on a fishing trip with them for so long, and he is not sure that he can wait much longer.

Josh calls for them again, smiling sheepishly at Topanga when she shushes him. His new nephew, Auggie, is in her arms as she sways him, fast asleep.

He is about to call for them again when Topanga shushes him, looking pointedly at the baby in her arms. Josh smiles at his sister-in-law apologetically and kisses his new nephew on the cheek before he starts to make his way to drag Riley down.

He stops when he hears light footsteps coming down the stairs, grinning at Riley as she skips to where he is. Behind her is her best friend, Maya, and Josh politely smiles at her.

It is the first time that Josh has met Maya, and though he will never say it aloud because it would hurt Riley’s feelings, he is not particularly enjoying Maya’s company right now. The blonde girl is taking up all of Riley’s time and attention. He has not been able to spend time with his niece like he has planned for so long.

“Okay, guys, grab your coats,” Cory says as he walks down the stairs and into the kitchen. He kisses his wife on the cheek and Josh mocks them with kissy faces. Riley giggles at his silly gestures, making him feel like the coolest uncle in the world.

“Riley, help Maya into hers,” Topanga instructs her daughter, giving Maya a motherly smile.

Josh stops at that. Wait, Maya is coming with them?

“Cory, may I talk to you for a minute?” Josh seriously regards his brother. Cory and Topanga share a look, one of many that Josh has witnessed over the years. Husband and wife share a silent conversation before Cory follows Josh into the kitchen.

They greet their parents, calmly walking out into their backyard before Josh loses his cool.

“We can’t take Maya!”

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I Will Make You Believe You Are Lovely

Brendon making an insecure, trouble ridden reader feel loved <3

(Y/N/N) = Your Nick Name


You sit on the couch, snuggled up next to Pete watching Captain America: Winter Soldier, waiting for Brendon to come back. You lean against him and he wraps his arm around your shoulders and rests his right ankle on his left knee.

“When did they like exchange addresses? How’d he even know where Sam lives?” Pete asks out loud.

“Shut the up and watch the movie.” You laugh a little. You hear the door open and close but you’re too comfy and engrossed in the film to move. The sound of keys being placed on the table makes you look over and see Brendon, standing with a wrinkled forehead.

“Um…hi.” He says, confusedly. Pete looks over and nods.

“Oh hey, man.” He replies. You hear  Brendon walk into the kitchen and pour himself a glass of scotch. Pete gets a text and reads it before sighing.

“Alright, I gotta go.” You whine and pull him back down on the couch.

“Nooo, don’t leave.” He laughs and stands back up.

“Your Man Candy’s back, I don’t need to babysit you anymore.” He stretches and ruffles your hair.

“Alright, (Y/N/N). I’ll see you later.” You pout as he grabs his keys and puts on his shoes.

“See ya!” Pete yells. Brendon replies by yelling ‘Bye!’.

He winks at you before shutting the door behind him. You roll your eyes and lock the door, laughing at little at him.

When you turn around, you see Brendon strolling into the room, finishing off his glass. He sets it on the table before walking over to you. You expect a hug or a kiss but it’s neither of the two. He slams his hands on the wall behind you, pressing his body against yours. You can feel his body heat radiating off of him. You see his tattooed arms on either side of your head and you smirk, wrapping your arms around his waist and sticking your hands in the back pockets of his black skinny jeans.

“You enjoy your little date with Pete?” You roll my eyes.

“Brendon…” you whine.

“You were all nice and cozy, weren’t you.” He growls lowly.

“'Fuck outta here.” You smirk and chuckle. He slaps his hand against the wall.

(Y/N/N)?” He asks incredulously. You just giggle at his jealousy.

“Fuck no.” He grabs your face with his hands and aggressively connects your lips. His tongue slips into your mouth as your lips move in perfect sync. You pull your hands out of his back pockets and snake them up his back and into his hair. You tug on it a little which causes a moan to escape his mouth. He pats the back of your thigh twice notifying you to jump and wrap your legs around his waist. His large hands automatically grab your ass, kneading it through your thin shorts as he carries you upstairs, peppering your neck with kisses. He sucks on your sweet spot which makes you throw your head back in pleasure.

“Fuck, Bren.” He practically kicks down the bedroom door and places you on the bed. You shiver underneath his tall figure that hovers over you. Brendon pulls his shirt over his head, the small breeze giving you a whiff of his scent. He reattaches your lips as he slides your shorts off leaving you only in your t-shirt and underwear. He snakes his right hand under your shirt while the other unbuttons his pants. You let out a moan as he caresses your chest, your heart rate speeding up. Your mind begins to flood with thoughts.

‘Is this really about to happen?’

‘What will he think when he sees me with my clothes off?’

'Will he take one look and get disgusted?’

'Will he just leave after he realizes there’s nothing to chase anymore?’

Suddenly, he stops and sits back on his heels, running a hand through his hair. He lets out a completely humorless chuckle.

“Why’d you stop?” You sit up on your elbows, looking at the shirtless man confusedly.

“I can’t do it. I saw that…that look in your eyes of…hesitation. Anxiety.” He says, looking down. You sit all the way up.

“What? No, I was fine. I-”

“No, (Y/N)! You were shaking. I told you, I’m not gonna go that far until you’re ready.” He says, raising his voice a bit. You sigh, trying to convince yourself that he’s wrong but find it impossible.

“You’re right. I-I’m sorry.” You drop your head and cover your face as your eyes begin to burn with oncoming tears.

“No, no, no. Babe, why are you crying?” Brendon leans forward and pushes a strand of hair out of your face. You turn away from his touch and take a deep breath.

“We’ve been together for over a year and…” You inhale, trying to regain the strength in your wavering, cracking, voice. It didn’t work.  

“I’m still too fucking insecure a-and pathetic to give you what you deserve, Brendon. You’ve put up with my bullshit for 15 whole months and  I still can’t even….” You trail off into tears. He wraps his arms around you and moves so he’s sitting on your left.

“Babe, first of all: bipolar disorder is not bullshit, alright. It’s one hundred percent real. And on top of that you’ve been dealing with like, super severe anxiety which I’ve told you before, I know what it’s like and it sure as hell ain’t easy.” He sits in front of you and takes your hands in his.

“Second of all: You don’t owe me a damn thing, baby girl, alright? And I know you don’t believe me when I say this but you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I think you’re absolutely perfect and I’ll wait forever if that’s what it takes. Because you’re fucking worth it, (Y/N). I need you more than anything or anyone in the entire world and I promise to love and protect you with my entire being for the rest of my life.”

You grab onto Brendon, holding onto him for dear life. No one has ever said anything to you that has totally and completely left you speechless.

“I love you….so fucking much. I don’t know how I’d live without you.” You mumble into his shirt. He holds you in his arms and kisses your temple before resting his chin on the top of your head. It’s silent for a short moment until Brendon speaks up.

“(Y/N)?” He mumbles into your hair.

“Yeah?” You sniffle against his chest.

“Will….” He pauses for a second.

“Will you marry me?” Your heart drops. You pull away from him and look him in the eye. He’s grinning like an idiot.

“Brendon….are you- are you fucking with me right now?” You can feel tears coming on as he shakes his head. Your eyes widen as his smile does the same.

“Of course, Brendon! Yes, holy shit.” You start crying all over again. You wrap your arms around his torso and he adorably giggles as you push him on his back, straddling his waist. You attach your lips to his and they move in sync, slowly and passionately until you finally pull away for air.

“I love you, Brendon.” You smile, resting your head on his chest. He rubs your back.

“I love you too, Gorgeous. And I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I can’t wait to call you mine forever.”


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BTS Reactions To Another Member Accidentally Hitting You

Namjoon: As you arrived the boy’s practice room you heard a lot of yelling. The boys were playing dodgeball for their new BangTan Bomb. “I shouldn’t go in,”you thought. As you were about to leave Namjoon saw you waving you to come in.

You opened the door and then,“Jimin don’t throw the ball!”Namjoon yelled. You looked up just when the ball crashed to your face making you drop the cupcakes you brought in for the boys.

“That’s a waist of food!”Jin cried out.

“Way to go Jimin,”Namjoon said angrily.

“I’m fine by the way if anyones wondering,”you said rubbing your forehead.

“Not only did you ruin a good batch of cupcakes but you also hurt my jagi you’re really asking for it Jimin,”he said starting to make his way towards him.

“Hey we were playing I didn’t even she was coming,”he said backing away from Namjoon.

“Namjoon stop I have a few left in the car I’ll just go get it. Also the pain is going away it’s ok,”you said feeling worried for Jimin.

“Next time she isn’t going to save you,”he said giving him a look.

Taehyung: You were going to surprise the boys with food because they’ve been working nonstop for their comeback. “I really hope they like it,”you thought as you walked to their practice room. “I can do it blindfolded too,”you heard Jungkook say.

“Yea right,”Taehyung said as you entered the practice room not even noticing you.

“Just watch me,”he said tying his bandana on his eyes. He had a hola hop on his left leg as he started to jump around with it somehow managing not to trip over it.

“Hi guys I brought you guys food,”you spoke up.

“Ah jagiya have you been standing there the whole time? You shouldn’t have bothered bringing us food,”Taehyung said smiling at you.

“I’m hungry I don’t know about you,”Jin said grabbing the bag from you,”Thank you (Y/N).”

“I want food too,”Jungkook said he was still blindfolded as he walked towards your direction trying to take of the bandana. It got tangled in his hair and you went over to help but just then he unstuck himself but backhanded you on accident. “(Y/N) I’m so sorry I didn’t mean too,”he said wider not knowing wether to go near you or not. V watched the whole thing and just stared at him (gif).

“It’s ok Jungkook it was an accident,”you said laughing hiding your really red face.

“Kookie be careful next time you could’ve poked her eyed,”he said going over to you to see if you’re ok. “I’m fine Tae don’t worry,”you said smiling at him. “Ok let’s go eat!”he said dragging you with the set of the boys.

Hoseok: You went to practice with Hoseok because you wanted to learn the dance moves to Dope. The rest of the boys were practicing their own choreography not really paying attention to you and your boyfriend. “Ok I think I have the hang of it,”you said half believing yourself.

“Let’s see it then. After this we should get food I’m starving,”he said patting his stomach. You nodded as you started to dance but once it came to the chorus you tripped. “Let’s just go get food,”you said annoyed. “You’ll get it trust me,”he said giving you an encouraging smile.

You smiled back and remembered,”I made my famous seaweed soup!” All the boys turn to look at you once those words escaped your lips. “Thank you. Thank you,”they all said hugging you.

“I just need to heat it up a little so it won’t be so cold,”you said getting out of their grasp.

“I’ll help you,”Hoseok said opening the door. You both went to the kitchen were you started to heat up the pot of soup. “Thank you so much jagi for making us food,”he said hugging you.

“You’ve guys have been working hard on this comeback it’s the least I could do,”you said. You both waited for the soup to warm up and then called the boys in to eat. They all squeezed in the small dining room making a circle. You were sitting next to Hoseok and Jin who was excited to try your cooking.

“Can you pass me a bowl,”Hoseok asked you. Both you and Jin reached for the bowl at the same time causing him to accidentally hit you on the left side of your face with his elbow.

“(Y/N)! I’m sorry. Are you ok? Does it hurt?”Jin asked worried wide eyed.

You held your cheek,”Ah I hope I don’t have a bruise.”

Jin looked at Hoseok and he just stared at him with disgust,”My jagi makes food for us and you elbow her beautiful face how dare you?”

Jin: “Are you purposely bad?”you asked your boyfriend. He looked at you with a fake hurt expression,”Hey! I was actually trying!” You laughed,”I wonder how you dance when you don’t try.”

He pushed you playfully,”Ok that’s enough of criticizing Jin’s awful dance moves for today.”

“Jin stop flirting with (Y/N) we have to get this dance down,”Namjoon said.

“Good luck!”you said smiling brightly at him. You left practice room and went to your car where you had batch of cookies. “I hope they like it,”you thought as you headed back to the practice room. The boys were doing a lot of kicks in this choreography and you watched as Jin was struggling to keep up.

“Jin you have to do it like this,”Hoseok said. He lifted his leg and his shoe flew off hitting your face. “Hoseok!”you and Jin said at the same time. “Sorry! Sorry!”he apologized horrified.

“You are so lucky I didn’t drop these cookies. It took me a lot of time and pressure not to burn them,”you said.

Jungkook: “Namjoon-hyung can (Y/N) come watch us practice?”Jungkook asked nervously biting his lips.

“Yes she can only if she makes her famous red velvet cupcakes,”he said.

“Ok!”your boyfriend said happily as he hung up. “Jagiya you can come,”he said happily.

“He asked for cupcakes didn’t he?”you asked as you came out of the kitchen.

“Yes but you made it right?”he asked.

“Yes I did. I could be cleaning this house up for you boys but you want me to go see you guys practice. You better not get distracted Kookie,”you warned.

“I won’t I promise,”he said,”Now let’s go.” You went into the kitchen as you got the box of cupcakes as you both got into the car that was waiting. “I’m just really excited for you to see this performance because I helped with it,”he said happily.

“Is there anything you can’t do?”you asked amazed.

“I can’t bake for now I’ll probably be better than you,”he said raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t get too cocky,”you said lightly pushing him. You arrived at the studio and walked to the practice room. “Hello,”you said to the boys who replied back enthusiastically as they saw the box of cupcakes.

“If Kookie misses up I get to eat his cupcakes,”Namjoon said.

“If you miss up, which you probably will, I get to eat hyung’s cupcakes,”your determined boyfriend said. “I’ll give you one of my cupcakes Namjoon,”Jimin said laughing.

“I won’t lose I’ve been practicing,”Namjoon said confidently.

Everyone started laughing and you cut them off,”Ok I just want to see the choreo that Kookie won’t stop talking about. Plus the cupcakes are getting colder by the second.” They nodded and hurried to their places as the music started playing. Everything was going fine for about a minute until the sweater throwing part. Namjoon threw his sweater directly at you but also his keys were in it. The keys hit your forehead making a small wound.

“Well there goes your cupcakes hyung,”Jungkook said cringing as he sees the small amount of blood coming from the wound.

Yoongi: “You don’t even do anything Yoongi,”you said frustrated as you got off the car. “Yes I do last week I took out the trash,”he said in a matter of fact tone.

“Wow so hopefully,”you said rolling your eyes. You walked in with your boyfriend to the practice room. Hoseok and Jin were the only one’s in the room. “Where are the other guys?”you asked.

“They said they’re going to be running late because they’re recording,”Jin said looking up from his phone. “I still don’t get why he has a flip phone,”you whispered. “I heard that,”Jin said smiling. “Sorry,”you said smiling shyly.

“Ah you bought us something didn’t you (Y/N)-ah?”Hoseok asked noticing the bag. 

“Sandwiches because Yoongi was suppose to help me make the rest of the meal,”you said looking angrily at your boyfriend. “(Y/N) are you seriously so upset with me?”he asked laughing. “Yes I am,”you said crossing your arms.

“Stop fighting because then Yoongi is going to take it out on us,”Hoseok said frightened.

“It’s because you won’t leave me alone when I’m trying to sleep,”he said.

Taehyung came in happily,”Good morning! (Y/N)-ah you came.” 

“Hi Taehyung,”you said smiling.

“Do we bother Yoongi when he’s sleeping?”Hoseok asked.

“You wake him up the most and without even trying,”Taehyung said laughing,”Like that one time you were shooing off a fly and you accidentally slapped hyung.”

“I wasn’t trying to slap you ok it was the fly and your mouth was open what if it had gotten in your mouth,”Hoseok said.

“But your hand was so close to his face. What did you expect?”Taehyung asked. “It wasn’t even that close. (Y/N) come here so I can show them how far away I was,”Hoseok said. You went over to where Hoseok as he demonstrated the whole scene.

“No that’s not how it happened,”Taehyung said,”This is how it went.” He slapped you lightly as Yoongi laughed at your surprised face.

“Taehyung! That hurt so much!”you said wincing, pretending that it actually hurt.

He looked at Yoongi terrified,”I didn’t mean to. Please don’t hit me.” 

“I’m just kidding Tae,”you said laughing.

Jimin: All the boys were acting like fools in the practice room trying to kill time until their choreographer arrives. “Why doesn’t he come already? I want to eat (Y/N)’s vanilla cake,”Jungkook whined.

“Can’t we just eat it now jagiya?”Jimin asked you.

“No you’ll be full and then won’t work as hard,”you said.

“Just one thin slice,”he said pouting. “Stop it’s not going to work,”you said looking away.

“Stop looking away from your handsome boyfriend,”he said trying to turn your head.

“Ah Jimin leave (Y/N) alone. You’ll get to eat the cake later,”Yoongi said pulling him away.

“Suga-hyung but I can’t wait until later I want the cake now,”your boyfriend whined making you giggle.

“You’re cake is really good (Y/N)-ah,”Jin praised you eating his slice of cake.

“Jin!”you and Jimin said at the same time.

“What?”he asked taking a bite.

“You were supposed to wait after practice,”you said.

“Now I get to eat cake too,”Jimin said running over to it.

“No I get a slice first,”Jungkook said already ahead of Jimin.

“Let your hyung get his slice first,”Jimin said pushing Kookie to the side.

“Kids stop or else you’ll knock off the cake,”Yoongi said.

“I’ll go cut the cake now since Jin already got his slice even if he wasn’t supposed to!”you said looking over at guilty Jin.

“Since I’m the second oldest get out the way,”Yoongi said pushing the two away. You rolled your eyes as you gave him his slice.

“The cake is as white as you Suga,”Jimin teased him.

Yoongi took a piece of cake with his fork and tried to flick at Jimin’s face but it landed on the back of your head. “What was that?”you asked touching the back of your head. Yoongi sat down quickly next to Jin and Jimin was left distraught not knowing what to do. “Who throw the cake?”you asked angrily.

“I don’t have any cake Jagi so it wasn’t me,”he said panicking. He turned to look at Yoongi, who was ignoring him.

“Yoongi-ah!”you said going towards him.

“I’m sorry I was trying to hit Jimin,”he said hurrying to the door.

anonymous asked:

Could you please do one where star turns marco into a bunny for whatever reason and tom doesn't know so when he rants to "marshmallow" about marco, marco actually hears it

Of course I could! What a cute idea! I hope you like it! I loved writing about it and I loved writing bunny Marco! Enjoy the fluff and cuteness!


“Oh jeez! Oh no, no, no, no, no!” Star cried. She sighed and placed the rabbit on the table. “Marco make a noise if you can understand me.” Star asked. Marco opened his little rabbit mouth and made some sort of squeak. Star sighed in relief. “Good, just stay here, I’m gonna go get you something to fix you right up!” Star promised, and she took off.

Marco huffed as he watched his friend walk off and he tried to bounce around. He made more irritated squeaks and made a fuss when he felt something pick him up and raise him out of the air. Tom put the rabbit down and tilted his head.

“Marshmallow? Are you okay? You seem grumpy.” Tom said. Marco made a squeak as to try and say he wasn’t Tom’s rabbit, but the demon didn’t understand him. He reached out to pet the rabbit, but Marco just made another angry noise and Tom pulled away. “Do you want to be left alone?” Tom asked. He sighed and sat down on the couch. “I get it… I don’t wanna be around me either.” He pulled his knees up to his chest and blinked back tears. Marco suddenly got very concerned for his friend, where was this insecurity coming from? Marco hopped over and nuzzled his way onto Tom’s lap. The demon beamed and he scooped the rabbit up.

“You do want to spend time with me!” He exclaimed, placing him back down. “I knew you liked me I just knew it!” Tom giggled. He pet the rabbit’s ears and smiled. “Just… don’t tell anyone about what I just said… I don’t think people know I do that. I just can’t help it sometimes, I freak out and think everyone hates me.” Tom rambled. “Does everyone hate me?” Tom asked the rabbit. Marco wished he could say something. He wished he could tell Tom that he was loved and valued… but alas, he was a rabbit.

“It doesn’t matter if they do… Marco hates me, and that’s all that matters.” Tom sighed. Rabbit-marco jumped onto the table and was shocked at Tom’s words. “I just… I like him so much! He’s so cool and funny and… cute! But everytime I talk to him I just get nervous and I’m so mean to him!” Tom cried.

Marco was too shocked to even make a little rabbit noise, he couldn’t do anything except stare at Tom. “I don’t mean to… I just get nervous and don’t know what to say. I feel like if I say I hate him and am mean to him he’ll never find out that I… UGH I’m so stupid!” Tom exclaimed, and flopped back on the couch. “I’m in love with my ex’s roommate.” Tom huffed. “That’s pretty dumb, huh?” He asked the rabbit. Marco hopped on the couch and cuddled on Tom’s lap. He wanted to do something to make him feel loved.

Marco would have given anything to be in his own body, to be able to show the demon that HE loved him, that Marco wanted him and that Marco returned these feelings. But as a rabbit, the most he could do was cuddle. Tom sighed and pet the rabbit gently. He picked Marco up and placed him in the pen.

“I’ll be back in just a minute.” Tom assured. “And don’t try to run off again Marshmallow, you’re too big to get anywhere, you can’t even fit under the deck.” Tom laughed and pet the bunny. “Aren’t you a chubby bunny-rabbit?” He giggled. Marco narrowed his eyes, offended.

My bunny body is perfect, thank you very much. He thought to himself and watched Tom leave.


Star smiled when Marco stood there, totally normal, and she put the original Marshmallow back in his pen. “Thank god I got you back to normal, some guy at the magic shop said you’d be like that forever.” She responded. Marco rubbed his head and laughed lightly.

“Yeah, thanks Star.” He smiled and watched the bunny smell the bowl of food and nibble on his little pellets. “He is awfully cute.” Marco added. Star nodded and patted the bunny, squealing at how soft and squishy it was. The duo looked up when they saw the door open and Tom wave at them.

“Oh hey… did we have plans today?” Tom asked blushing a bit, think he forgot. Marco shook his head.

“No I actually came by to talk to you.” Marco said Star looked up curiously, but the resumed playing with the bunny. Tom laughed and handed Star a treat.

“He’ll follow you around the house if you give him one of those.” Tom told her. Star grinned and fed the rabbit the treat. Laughing when he started bouncing around and following her, trying to see if she had more treats.

“Can I let him out to play?” Star asked. Tom nodded.

“Yeah just keep the door closed.” He told her. Marco smiled and tapped Tom on the shoulder. The demon turned around. “Oh right, you wanted to talk to me.” He reminded himself. Marco nodded and played nervously with his hands.

“Well… I just wanted to say um…” Marco blushed. “I’m a little nervous.” He admitted. “But I wanted to tell you that… I like you, a lot and wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date with me?” Marco asked. Tom froze, his face burning red, Star smiled big and pretended not to notice and tried to give the boys some privacy.

“A d-date?” Tom asked. Marco nodded. “I would love to!” He said way too fast. Marco giggled and held his hand.

“Great! Give me a call and let me know when you’re free.” Marco told him, before giving him a fast kiss on the cheek. “I can’t wait. I really look forward to spending time with you.”