that little mustache

Headcanon: The first time Widowmaker and Reaper met following their both being in Talon wasn’t the first time they’d officially met. However, it didn’t mean they liked each other any more. 

Widowmaker & Reaper © Blizzard

Artwork © Branded-Rose


Newborn monsters!
For when you want a little monster pal of your own but you don’t want to have to choose.

The Mystery Monster listing lets you get a totally surprise monster in the mail! 
You can give me some basic specifications like colors you hate/love, any expression you’d prefer, but for the most part it’ll be a complete surprise what you receive!

Gerard Lacroix

When he makes his predictable return from the dead like everyone in Overwatch does. I want him to still have his dumb little mustache and he needs to be a badass with knives. Give him knife traps that work like rakes in cartoons, knives with grenades on them, have him climb stuff with knives, and his ultimate is him throwing all of his knives Dio style at the enemy. He also has to be the most flamboyant, over dramatic, and some what awkward guy on the team. Make him do dumb action movie one liners, have him awkwardly try to flirt with Widow, have him try to talk about how they’ve all kind of died at one point, have victory poses where he juggles, or spins his knife, or make him pose like Dio with his knives and have him say “Genji said this pose will make me ten times cooler,”. Give him a dumb laugh too. 

in which everyone is grossly in love with jack & bitty’s love
  • the guys put on a whole show of fining / sin bin / chirping because they know this is a Big Secret Deal & they want jack and bitty to feel like normal teammates (lol str8 people trying too hard, amiright)
  • but secretly everyone is just….kind of in love with jack and bits’ relationship
  • ransom once walks past them in the kitchen, where bitty is sitting on the counter, stirring something & humming along to the radio. jack is buzzing around the room grabbing things and measuring things and Literally Every Time he passes by bitty, he leans down to give him a lil kiss
  • ransom makes an embarrassing noise at how cute the entire thing is and has to pretend he saw roaches to cover
  • lardo sketches them when she’s feeling grumpy. they’re just so cute together, and soft and happy and just the process of visualizing their sappy lovestruck expressions is enough to pull her out of small funks
  • (she does eventually paint one of the sketches; it’s their wedding present)
  • shitty has actually cried about how happy he is for both jack and bitty on several different occasions. it usually ends with him flopped on top of one or both of them, mustache a little wet with beer and snot, cuddling the everloving shit out of his disgustingly adorable best friends. 
  • chowder is literally counting down the hours to when jack and bitty are ready for the world to know about their relationship so he can tell farmer. he’s already plotted out their first double date. he has an agenda. 
  • nursey is actually the most Chill out of everyone about jack and bitty, but he is not immune to their love. sometimes when he’s rereading shakespeare’s sonnets for class, he can’t help but think of them. 
  • sometimes he’ll send snippets of them to bitty, who he knows is gonna send them to jack, accompanied by twelve heart emojis.
  • (it makes his inner romantic grin to know he’s helping his bittiest bro romance a professional athlete.)
  • dex took the longest to wrap his head around the idea of Jack Zimmermann dating another guy, but the fact that it’s bitty isn’t really a surprise. he bought him a brand new oven when they were just friends. he’s clearly In Deep. 
  • dex is actually lowkey obsessed with this new, in love Jack Zimmermann. the dude was a cranky bastard the year before, he’s heard horror stories from before his time, and now he’s all relaxed and smiley and literally Always Touching Bitty and honestly dex is a little jealous. 
  • and holster-
  • oh holster.
  • holster has written friend fiction about them. 
  • he’s not proud.
  • and it’s a secret he will take to his grave.

Giiiirls, what have you cooked up for Father’s day this time? 

What? Nothing, Dad! Why do you sound so suspicious? 

Last year you took me “fishing” in white-water rapids, and I ended up in the hospital with a concussion! 

Aww, Dad, we already told you that was an accident! 


Dad, this would be a lot easier if you helped us! 

Daddy’s busy with his newpaper, sweetie, you’re doing fine. 

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prompt idea: everyone's reaction to the fact that pidge has been hiding their trash meteor fluff buddies in the castle of lions for months


“You know, Pidge,” Shiro says, somewhat weakly. He’s standing in the doorway with Keith, staring slack-jawed into Pidge’s bedroom. Approximately four dozen Pastel Space Caterpillars blink curiously back at them, little mustaches glowing far too cheerfully in the dim lighting. “When you said you needed help, this isn’t exactly what I thought you meant.”

“How did you smuggle so many of these things in?” Lance gawks. Hunk’s delighted, already inside cooing at a handful of the pastel yellow friends.

“I didn’t ‘smuggle’ them, thanks,” Pidge says, “And I never meant to have fifty-something of them here or I wouldn’t have let them get used to my room. I only started with two.”

(Accepting mini-prompts tonight!)

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May I request the RFA finding out that MC has a giant ball python? Named Noodle? Im sorry if its too much or specific aa

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Sure! My local music shop has a ball python (I mean the pictures look the same so I think it’s that) and it has a little mustache!! It’s a sweetie.

- When he first came over and saw the cage, he nearly yelped, but managed to hold it back as he saw you quickly go to the giant snake and coo at it
- “Hey, Noodle woodle, how are you today?”
- How could you talk so normally to it??
- It would take him ages to get used to it, and he would def be too scared to even let it slither on him.
- But, eventually, he would be willing to join you in greeting and talking to it, just. Please keep it in the cage until his poor heart gets used to it.
- When she first saw it at your house, she screamed.
- Granted, it was a first reaction, and when you explained the giant creature was your pet, she tried to calm down a bit.
- When you let it wrap around your shoulders and it’s little tongue flicker on your cheek, she did giggle a bit, especially when your face lit up
- It would take her a few months to be open to it crawling on her, and the first few times she would let out a little squeal and beg you to get it off, but otherwise she’d do her best to help take care of big ol Noodle with you
- No. No no no no no.
- Snakes eat cats, especially big snakes. Hell, depending on how big it was it could eat a person!
- He wouldn’t mind you having it, per say, but he would never, ever, let you bring it into his home for Elizabeth 3rd’s sake.
- Otherwise, he wouldn’t mind joining you at your home, listening to you coo and giggle at it, feed it, etc
- He’d be interested in learning more about it, and maybe, maaaybe, he wouldn’t mind trying to pet it as well.
- If it came to you living with him, that snake was getting its own room that no one could open without a key, and it was a room far from Elizabeth 3rd, but even then he would still be anxious.
- (He would still help you spoil it, since it would make you happy.)
- Oh my god.
- His princess had a huge snake? His sweet princess was bad ass enough to handle having such a scary thing as a pet??
- He loves you.
- But…It’s still a little nerve wracking. How are you not scared? How are you so relaxed near it??
- how can you stand feeding it???
- He’s constantly impressed, and he would act like he wasn’t scared whatsoever
- (He was very scared)
- But he would want to take so many pictures with it, with you having it wrapped around
- He’d also counter any Elizabeth 3rd talk with Noodle. Jumin spamming pictures? Zen is going to spam pictures of Noodle’s impressive teeth
- (thank you for letting him take so many pictures, he’s so happy being able to shove this in Jumin’s face)
- Holy Fuck
- He loves it.
- He was nervous at first, but once it got used to him he was trying to dress it up and put glasses on it for fun (Fake glasses, at least)
- You’ve came home more than once with Noodle slithering around in Seven’s jacket
- “Does Noodle like noodles? Or chips? Or is it strictly poor little mice?”
- “Seven, if you try to give him chips I will hurt you.”
- Seven would most likely be the one to love it the most.

Fun things featured in the Phantom of the Opera book

-Nadir/The Persian/Daroga, who knew Erik when he was in Persia

-Erik’s backstory as a Persian assassin

-Christine’s backstory but more detailed and sadder sometimes

-Raoul’s little mustache

-La Sorelli who doesn’t do much but she’s a ballerina with a knife that’s cool

-Erik going to the masquerade and his cape says not to touch him so naturally someone touches him and he breaks that guy’s wrist

-Managers named M Richard and M Moncharmin and they were changed in the movie for some reason

-Also Mamma Valerius she’s cool



Book 1: Water - Chapter 6 “Imprisoned” (Part 1)

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes | When Phil realizes Dan spends so much time in the bathroom telling himself off, he decides to take matters into his own hand’s and starts leaving Sticky Notes to cheer his best friend up. | Phan | Teen and Up | TW: Self-Hate | 2,541 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

I have an exam due soon but then I read this prompt (x) and I just had to write it. My exam will have to wait.

Look! There’s fanart now! Thanks to hopelesslyhowell

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