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Happy Day of the Dead heroes!

The halloween update is over and it was amazing, I’m gonna be honest tho…I was expecting a Dorado make over, something day of the dead related, with perforated paper everywhere and maybe a couple altars and ofrendas.

I imagine Reyes would be a little disappointed too so he started doing his own decorative crafts, embracing his inner mexican. Little did he know he’d have to do one for each hero… so expect more of these, maybe.


Baby Frida was the Happiest Frida!
I decided to put photos of young Frida Kahlo because we mostly see photos of her when she is older as an incredible artist.
Pose fotos de Frida cuando era una niña por que pienso que vemous fotos de ella cuando ya era una hermosa artista.

Surprise R

My buddy R is in town, which surprised me and I think maybe surprised him too; I was expecting him later in the month. Still, I have a very mellow social life so I was able to get out to see him, and we had dinner at a little Mexican place in our old neighborhood. He was telling me about this woman he’s dating.

For context: R is involved in helping California, which has just legalized some forms of marijuana (I don’t know the specifics) set up weed farms. His personal and professional life is heavily involved in many varieties of weed. 

R: Yeah, she’s cool, she’s like a break from all the work I do, because she’s not involved in that field at all.

Me: What does she do?

R: She’s an officer in the Navy. I don’t know what she does specifically.

Me: *choking on a chip* Does she know what you do?

R: What do you mean?

Me: Specifically what you do, does she know? I mean I know it’s legal, but.

R: She knows I’m working in agriculture.

Me: You should have that conversation.

R: Yeah, we…we probably should. 

It’s nice that no matter how far away he lives or how much he matures, it is apparent he will always need me for relationship advice. 

Then we got distracted because R’s friend Greg showed up and wanted to have a serious discussion with us about the fluoride in our drinking water and how it’s impairing cognitive function. 

I do miss R when he’s not around. He brings the circus with him.


I’ve seen a couple negative posts about the upcoming Pixar movie Coco based around the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos and how Lee Unkrich shouldn’t have made this film because he doesn’t have Mexican roots.

No one ever complained about two white Jewish guys writing the music for a musical about black people facing racism in America (Hairspray). Lee is a gifted storyteller who has had an entire team (with many Latinos) doing immense amounts of research and work on this film and even the director of The Book of Life has said he is excited for the film.

Be supportive of a production that will showcase Mexican culture in a MOTHERFUCKING PIXAR FILM that will reach millions of people and have a main character (Miguel) who will definitely resonate with little Mexican kids and their families.

Dia de los Angelitos

The holiday of Dia de los Muertos is not just one day. It is a celebration consisting of three days, a triduum if you will. It begins on October 31 and ends on November 2. 

The festival also contains what is called Dia de los Angelitos (Day of the Little Angels) or also called Dia de los Inocentes (Day of the Innocents) which primarily focuses on the children who have passed away into eternity. This might help ignorant people (gabachos I’m looking at you) understand that our holiday is not a Mexican Halloween gimmick or something focused on death, terror, and fear. It is about the celebration of life. It is the life of our family and friends from the adults to the children. 

Dia de los Angelitos remembers our babies and all the young ones who were taken too early. We celebrate their memory by placing milk, galletas and toys in honor of our little angels. 

The Mexica (Aztecs) believed that those babies who had died went to the fourth heaven where the trees would drip down milk for the babies to be nourished by. This was in hope that once the current world would be destroyed they would get a second chance at the new world that would be created. During this Dia de los Muertos holiday don’t forget all of the Angelitos too.

Yes, it’s racist.

Let me tell you guys a little something, here.

Mexican people have always been victims of the damn “Moustache, sombrero, poncho and nopal” stereotype and it needs. To. Stop.

Mexico is a very beautiful country full of colour, art, history, culture, biodiversity, you name it, we have it. I am proud of belonging to such a beautiful country and it really, REALLY pisses me off to see drawings of Sombra with a fucking moustache, sombrero and maracas. You have any idea how harmful that stupid stereotype is?

A fucking singer got banned from Mexico for saying that Mexican women “have big moustaches and are ugly”

Frankly disgusting.

So please do yourselves a favour and stop spreading that crap. You want to draw Sombra in something a little more Mexican? Look up folkloric dresses from Mexico. Look for Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Sinaloa, Durango, I don’t know. Find a list of the Mexican States, pick one, and draw her in those dresses.

Seriously, look at this colour:

Or if you want less colour and a fresh look, here


Anyway, treenerd out. Get your shitty racist crap out of my dash.

Isaac Lahey | The little Mexican Girl

Count of words: 1003

Warnings: none 

A/N: I really don’t know… I hope you like it ♥

Requested?: Yes 

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Hello can you do an isaac imagine where the girl is from Mexico and… idk I just want that 😂😂😂 btw your blog is amazing ❤️all the love 😂🌚💙

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

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Have you ever been the new kid in school? Well despite your answer I’m sure you know it sucks. My name is Y/N. I just moved in Beacon Hills from Mexico. I was really standing out in the hall way of my new school today. I was a random girl, lost, not knowing where evreything is, with a purse over my shoulder. My hair was easily covering my scared expression. Thank God. But it also got a lot of attention. People would stare at it and me while I was trying to find the principal’s office. Well I had really long extremely curly brownhair. Everyone seemed to stare as if they’ve never seen hair in their lives again.
Just as I was walking down the hallways looking down someone just randomly grabbed my arm. “Hey I saw you passing this hallway three times already. Are you lost or something?” Said a gorgeous looking guy with a beautiful british accent. “No! I mean, maybe. Ok, yes. I’m super lost!” I said furstraded as he laughed and took my arm guiding me somewhere. “My name’s Isaac.” He said while turning his head towards me for a while. “I’m Y/N.Nice to meet you Isaac.” I said looking at him and then down at my hands again. “Here. The principal’s office. I’m sure she’ll help you more than me.” He said and laughed a bit living you at the mercy of your own thoughts.
Turns out, the principal was so nice. She told me where everything is, helped me find my locked and talked with me for a while. Maybe this didn’t suck after all. Or did it?! I was standing by myself again, in front of my locker, staring at the schedule on my hand and my books. I was lost in my head, questioning how I would even make friends if I’m so shy, until a hand grabbed my shoulder. “Hey!” It was Isaac looking at me with those beautiful eyes of him. Y/N, focus! “Hey!” I said shyly barely seeing the group of people around me. There was an awkward silence until one of them spoke. “Oh, sorry! We’re so rude! My name is Stiles. Stiles Stilinski.” Said the boy and extended his hand for a handshake. “Y/N.” I quietly said and accepted the gesture. Shortly after I was introduced to all of them and was invited to eat launch with them.
“So, Y/N, where were you living before moving here?” Asked Stiles, curiosity evident in his voice. “Well, I was born and raised in Mexico. M-“ “But your English is so good!” Was all Scott noticed, interrupting me. “Scott, it’s rude to interrupt someone when talking. Also, why so surprised. I am American and am fluent in Spanish.” Lydia said looking at him as if he said the stupidest thing in the world. “I-it’s ok. My mother is American. She is not very good with Spanish so I learned English alongside that growing up.” I said and softly smiled as Isaac wrap his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer. “Aw, my little Mexican girl.” He said laughing a bit just as everyone followed.
Months were passing by and my bond with the guys was getting stronger and stronger. They were acting suspicious as if something was bothering them all but when I walked closer everyone changed the subject. I was starting to get annoyed as this was happening everyday but I was always a step closer on finding out what it was. So, today, I was going to follow Isaac and see what was going on. There was always this specific day every month that none of them would hang out. That day was today.  Consequently, here I was hiding behind a tree, following Isaac as carefully as possible, cause, as I’ve picked up, this boy has amazing hearing.
After a long creepy walk into the woods we finally reached a huge house next to a lake. I saw the boys greeting each other in front of the door as Lydia opened it for them.  I followed close behind finding a way to get in from broken wall that was obviously unnoticed.
“What do you mean someone followed you?” a voice said. “I don’t know Scott, I just felt like someone was following me and now I can smell a familiar scent I can’t identify.” Another voice, probably Isaac’s, judging from the accent said. “Wow, great. Stiles just chain him and then we are going to find out who you smell.” Scott said and left the room while Stiles did as said. “Just don’t break this wall to, wolfie.” “No promises, human.”
After that little encounter of the boys I stayed hidden inside this little room. The door seemed to be locked but no one seemed to care enough to search in there. A roar suddenly shook me of my place making me fall on the door. Hard! So hard it surprisingly flung open. “Y/N!” Isaac’s voice said looking at me. But his face was different. Hairs grew from the sides and his eyes were glowing yellow. “I knew the scent was familiar. I would ask you what you are doing here,” growl “but I’d prefer you left just so I don’t hurt you.” He said looking at me as another growl came from his mouth. I slowly went closer to him, still in a safe distance. “I said leave! I didn’t say come closer.” He said again flashing another growl as his face was shot up. I kept my pace, slowly but calmly moving closer to him. “Y/N LEAVE!” He yelled as I kept ignoring his warnings. Finally I made it directly in front of him. “Just go. I don’t want to hurt you!” He pleaded his face looking a bit relaxed. “Then you won’t.” I said softly touching his face, slightly caressing it. Just then our lips met, as his body completely relaxed, heart melting at the contact. “ Aw, my little Mexican girl!” Was all he said after we stopped, grasping for air.