that little jump

Okay but Hanna asking Mona to help her with the game, especially after she explained her addiction and the years she spent at Radley for it, was pretty fucking insensitive. It’s like going up to an alcoholic who finally got their drinking under control and asking them to party hard and drink five bottles of vodka. And let’s not forget, Hanna was extremely rude to Mona for 5+ years, even after she apologized and helped out and saved their asses more times than you could count.  

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There are only two real instances that I can think of. Instances that aren’t Red doing a little hop skip and jump over the truth or speaking to someone else’s memories or version of the story:

One: The denial in Garrick, preceded by promise to Sam (and killing of Sam).

Two: The insistence at the end of 1x22, preceded by whisper and followed by back burns.

That’s it. Pardon me for not finding that to be an air tight case made by the writers. They left more than ample room for doubt. 


Receipt #21 as to how Emily Fields is always a step behind everyone else. 

All the other liars have had flashbacks to show the audience a glimpse of what they’ve dealt with during the five year time jump. Aria has hooked up with Jason, Spencer in Madrid with Caleb, Hanna dealing with her issues with Caleb, and Alison teaching/being with Charlotte. What do we see with Emily? The most relatable liar who was dealing with all kinds of life-altering events? Absolutely nothing. According to Marlene, Emily dropped out of college in Cali, went to Italy, taught Caleb how to surf, had a DJ’ing gig while sluttin’ it up in the nightlife with all kinds of girls. Booooi, that’s the most interesting five year backstory out of everyone and we don’t get see any of it? And for such a huge adventure like that, she hardly ever mentions it, herself?? As if she never did such a thing?? We couldn’t see Emily being a mess in Italy or even dealing with the news of Wayne’s death but we had to sit through flashbacks of Ezra and Nicole???

From romance to the actual writing of her character, Emily will always be one step behind everyone else.


Hᴏɴɢʙɪɴ ᴀɴᴅ Hʏᴜᴋ’s sᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ sᴛᴀɢᴇ ᴅᴜʀɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ Mɪʟᴋʏ Wᴀʏ ᴛᴏᴜʀ ɪɴ Jᴀᴘᴀɴ ♥

Honestly lesbian and gay exclusionists sound dumb as fuck. You sound like those people who try to compete for who “had it worse”. You know, the people who are always one uping and invalidating every experience you have, only to shout over you exclaiming, “IT WAS WORSE FOR ME. I DESERVE ALL THE HELP AND ATTENTION. YOU DON’T. YOUR EXPERIENCE IS INVALID BECAUSE I DEEM IT TO BE NOT AS BAD AS MINE!”

And it’s funny because the rest of the LGBT+ community DO face shit just as bad as you. Asexual/aromantic people are forced into gross “therapy” to try to “fix” them. Bisexuals/pansexuals are kicked out by their parents. Transgender/non binary people are violently attacked for not conforming to gender roles. And because you feel the need to exclude all of these people and put the spotlight on yourself, they all suffer in silence as you fucking YELL AT THEM, TELLING THEM THEY’RE NOT LGBT+ BECAUSE YOU SUPPOSEDLY FACE MORE OPPRESSION.

You are harmful. You are toxic. You are responsible for kicking these groups down so that you can stand on their backs and yell about “LGBT” (more like LG) rights.

If you’re not for all of LGBT+, including but not limited to; bisexuals, asexuals, lesbians, gays, trans folk, non binary folk, aromantics, pansexuals, etc. Then you’re for NONE of LGBT+ and you don’t deserve to call yourself LGBT+ and be a part of this community because LGBT+ is about love and the right to love and live authentically as your true self and for you to take that away from someone because they’re a different type of LGBT+ is disgusting.

I’m so tired of being oppressed in my own community.


He’s reading as she flits around the room getting ready for bed, he hasn’t read in a long time and is determined to get most of it read tonight, back propped up a bit as his long legs are spread across the mattress. He pays her no mind as she buzzes around the room, gaze not leaving the page as she crawls into bed next to him. He’s completely immersed in the words till she begins unbuttoning his shirt just a bit more.

She had gotten bored cuddled next to him moving instead to lay between his legs her elbows resting carefully on his hips while slender fingers trace over the two little birds. She’s not doing it for attention it’s just something she likes to do, trace them, his tattoos running her finger along the lines trying to feel a difference that isn’t there. He sneaks a glance looking to her face under the book, she’s not smiling or frowning her cheek smushed a bit as she rests her head in her free hand, she looks content it makes Harry feel funny he likes this just being in each other’s company not needing anything more than the comforts of each other’s presence … little does he know …

He returns to the words hand faltering as he turns the page, her nimble fingers cold against his stomach as she unbuttons the rest pushing it away with featherlight touches, she’s going for the butterfly, it’s her favorite one, she’s told him plenty of times before, that and the ferns she especially likes to trace with both hands mirroring the movements of one with the other across the identical ink.

She starts with the antenna to the right tracing the outing ending with the left antenna before running her fingers along the details of the middle. She too caught up with her tracing she doesn’t notice him setting down the book after dog earring the page, keeping his hands at his sides, it’s not hard just letting her do her thing biting at his plush bottom lip watching her touch him like he was some kinda work of art. She traced a finger down dragging it in a lazy circle around his belly bottom before weaving it through the course hairs crowing his boxers. His breathing has picked up a bit, something about the moment making his head swirl and blood begin to relocate.

She doesn’t know what she’s doing to him, starting at the rightmost part of the tattoo and tracing to the left, she feels it then as she shifts to have better access to the other branch, his growing cock, it’s been getting heavy and full with her touching, his lip is abused as he bites it to hold back the sounds. At the first feel she looks up at him shyly, “What’re yeh doin’ hmm?”

She looks back to where her finger is just starting the final tattoo, “I’m just touching you" she responds as her finger begins to move again. He doesn’t respond right away, letting her almost finish,

“Feels good”

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