that little hand ruffling his hair at the end

BTS Reaction ||When you randomly caress his cheek.

You stare at him with a loving gaze, unable to understand how you ended up with him. You carefully watched him, observing every single detail about him; the way his hair falls, the way his jaw curves, the way his eyes stare…everything he about him you observed. As you sat/laid next to him, your hand raised itself up to his hair, ruffling it a little, then to his face… 

J-hope: At first, Hoseok would get confused as you randomly caressing his cheek but soon he will return the loving gaze. He would put down whatever he was doing just to pull you into his lap and he peppers you kisses and showering you compliments. Soon enough he’d turn the cute intimate moment into a war zone with tickling fights. He’d carry you on his back and spin you until you had to beg him to stop.  

Jimin: Jimin would instantly smile, adoring you, he’d blush a little which caused you to smile. “What are you doing?” He’d ask with a playful tone. “Nothing.” You replied calmly as you messed with his hair again. Jimin put down his phone and took off his headphones. “Come here,” He’d say with a grin, “It’s time to cuddle” 

Jin: Jin would smile at you and in return, you would smile back. He loves you deeply and keeps loving you. He would take you hand into his and kiss the tips of your fingers before saying, “I love you Y/N” 

Jungkook: As Kookie looks up to you, you notice a slight tint on his cheeks as he avoids eye contact. He shyly asks you, “W-what are you doing jagi?”  You would chuckle at him before placing an innocent kiss on his cheek and leaving to go do some work.

Rap Monster: Namjoon would grab your wrist and gently pulling you closer as he closed his laptop, witching all his attention to you. His mood would instantly change and be more lovey dovey. He’d place a passionate kiss on you lips before turning his relaxing time into relaxing cuddle time. He’d hold you close as if he was seeing you for the last time and take in the sweet and elegant sent of your perfume, or your shampoo.

  Suga: The second you touch his silky soft skin, he woke up from his sleep. He stared at you with a ice cold look making you nervous and wishing you hadn’t bothered him. Your chest tightened. As you begin to slowly pull your hand away from his face, he grabbed your wrist, “Why did you stop?” The corner of his lips tugged into a sly smirk. You sighed in relief, why does he do this to me? Yoongi laughed before pulling you into a hug and forcing you to fall asleep as did he. His hand would wrap around you protectively making sure you were comfortable and that you wouldn’t have any other choice but to sleep with his. 

V: Tae would cock his head to the side where you hand rested on his face and flash you a rectangular grin. He would start giggling like a dork causing you to join in. Your goofy yet handsome boyfriend shifted his head onto your lap and started talking about his day.  

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