that little hand ruffling his hair at the end

where marinette flirts
  • so alya told her to start flirting with adrien if she liked him so much, and the magazines give her step-by-step guides with 15 ~Chill~ Ways to Flirt With Your Crush Without Totally Embarrassing Yourself, so there’s no way this can go horribly wrong, right?
  • okay but marinette has to be realistic, when has anything ever gone right for her?
  • 1. like their instagram and watch their snapchat: okay but marinette already does this, she follows all of adrien’s social media and collects his takes from photoshoots and knows his schedule, and honestly, there’s really nothing he does that she doesn’t know about it? the whole point of watching his snapchat and liking his instagram would be for him to notice her, but it’s not like she can tell him that she does this, because that would be creepy right? but for the most part she thinks she has this part down pat. 
  • 2. make eye contact: and this one is damn near impossible. every time she looks at adrien, and he looks back, her heart turns into a puddle and she wants to melt. but okay, the magazine said to make eye contact, so that’s maintain eye contact, right? don’t look away as soon as he catches her looking. okay, she tells herself. i can do this.
  • adrien and marinette spend the rest of the week in multiple staring contests. alya and nino are extremely confused, but the game catches on, and soon the whole class spends Madame Bustier’s lectures in staring contests with the rest of their classmates. there’s a running scoreboard, and chloe and alya are surprisingly good at the game, which isn’t that surprisingly at all considering how many glare-showdowns they’ve had throughout the year. 
  • adrien just wants to beat marinette once, and how is it fair she’s so good at this??? marinette just wants to know why it’s not working; she hasn’t gone through dry eyes, blurry vision, and headaches for nothing. at this point, she’s read to pour Johnson’s No More Tears shampoo directly in her eyes to get them back to normal. 
  • 3. let your emojis do the talking: 🍆😛:eggplant: :yum:
  • alya sent it from marinette’s phone, and marinette is too busy dying to say anything about it. adrien still buys her eggplants for a month because he thinks they’re her favorite.
  • 4. wave and say “hi” when they walk by: marinette had to quit when her over-aggressive wave nailed nino in the nose and broke it. alya called him “raccoon eyes” for weeks. it didn’t matter though, adrien didn’t even wave back (though it might have been because his best friend was bleeding on the school steps). 
  • 5. invite your crush to hang out as a group: seems easy enough, right? she invites alya, nino, and adrien over for a study group at her house, but alya and nino cancel at the last minute to give her “some alone time with adrien”. only it doesn’t work out that way because she’s forced to actually learn physics when adrien notices she had some troubles with it and tutors her for the rest of the night. 
  • 6. say something simple, then keep the conversation going: marinette had trouble talking to adrien in the first place, so it was a miracle if she even got something simple out. adrien saves her the trouble anyway when he complicates her cat sweater, but it doesn’t go the way she imagined because it devolves into a heated argument over whether chat noir or ladybug was better, and oh my god, how could she be arguing with her crush over how much she sucked?
  • 7. remember what they tell you, and bring it up later: so adrien refuses to speak to her since she said ladybug sucked, and marinette is panicking internally 24/7. she makes him a hat to apologize because it’s summer and it’s blue, and when he asks her how she knew blue was his favorite color, she just smiles and tells him she read it in a magazine article. 
  • adrien looks touched either way while marinette wishes she could sink through the floor because she’d gone nearly a whole year without adrien knowing she read magazine articles about him. 
  • 8. give them a sincere compliment: 
  • adrien: “so what do we know about penguins already for this biology presentation?”
    marinette: “penguins are inefficient walkers…. they’re cute…. but not cuter than you.”
    adrien: “…thanks, marinette.”
  • adrien: “thanks, marinette. you’re so helpful.”
    marinette: “that’s me. i’m always helpful. i’ll always try to help you. you know, like… i’d totally hold a revolving door for you. i know that’s counterproductive, but you’re worth it.”
  • adrien: “god, they never get all the makeup off after a shoot.”
    marinette: “you know, i would really be okay with seeing you without makeup. that’s how much i like you.”
    adrien: “what?”
    marinette: “what?”
  • 9. casually touch their arm when you’re talking: marinette casually strokes adrien’s arm during their next study session.
    adrien: “… why are you touching my arm?”
    marinette: “i’m checking the seam work.”
    adrien: “….that’s my skin though.”
    marinette: “shh, don’t disrupt a designer at work.”
  • 10. offer them a fry: okay, but marinette doesn’t particularly like fries, so she figured she’d find another way to work this in. it happens one morning while she’s about to go to town on her croissant when she overhears adrien mentioning to nino that he’d forgot his breakfast, so she shoves the food in front of him and rushes away. alya can’t stop laughing at agreste’s startled expression when marinette shoved a croissant in his face without prompt. regardless, alya shares her own breakfast when marinette admits she didn’t have anything else to eat.
  • 11. give them something thoughtful: marinette buys adrien a ladybug-spotted scarf because she knows he likes the superhero. he protests when she gives it to him, but she just shrugs and said she owed him one anyway after dissing his favorite superhero before. 
  • the next day he gives her a matching chat noir one.
  • 12. tease them: she can barely keep a straight face when she teases adrien in front of nino and alya about always smelling like camembert. she even buys him three cheese wheels one day, but he only flushes darkly as he shoves them in his bag. she wants to apologize in case she hurt his feelings, but later that day, she notices that the cheese is gone. 
  • man, he must really like his cheese, she thinks in awe, and spends the rest of the day trying to figure out why adrien kept glaring at his bag during class. 
  • 13. steal their hat and put it on your head: adrien doesn’t wear hats, so she stole nino’s instead. adrien spent the rest of the day trying to set her up with his best friend. 
  • 14. ruffle their hair: marinette ruffles adrien’s hair when she walks into the classroom one morning. some strands end up tangled in her bracelet, and the two spend the remainder of class in the nurse’s office as she tries to cut them loose. 
  • 15. sit in their lap: marinette is a little hesitant to try this one, but alya ends up taking matters into her own hands and pushes marinette into adrien’s lap one day while the three of them and nino were visiting a cafe for lunch. marinette is flustered and apologizes profusely, and she finally finds the courage to look into his eyes. but instead of angry!agreste, she seems wide, shocked green eyes as adrien begins to laugh uncontrollably. marinette starts to giggle and shakes her head and it’s not until she looks at him again that she realizes… this whole situation seems really familiar…
  • “…chat noir?” she asks suddenly.
  • “what?” adrien asks. 
  • “what?” alya asks.
  • “what?” nino asks.
  • “oh my god,” marinette says and dies.

Needless to say, flirting was not her forte. But hey, she still got the man in the end, right? …. alright, it’s a work and progress, but still. 

it’s friday afternoon and they’re not going out later, not going to any party. they’re back at isak’s place after school and getting changed into something more comfortable, even picking something from one of isak’s drawers. and when isak takes his shirt off, even calls him “hey, isak!” and isak looks up and even pokes his belly button and isak jerks back, half gasping, half laughing and he says “oh, really?” and even wiggles his eyebrows and tries to reach for his belly button again, but this time isak is quick to make a step back, and another one when even tries to reach him again, and he asks “is this war?” and even shrugs, an amused smile on his face and he replies “maybe”. and that’s how even ends up capturing isak with his arms just a minuter later, that’s how they end up on isak’s bed, that’s how they end up kissing and laughing and kissing again 

after a little while, even asks isak “i haven’t seen eskild in a bit, what’s up with that?” and isak tells him “oh, yeah. one of his co-worker has been sick this week or something so he had to fill in for him. he’s like, been working non-stop” and even seems to think for a second before he says “i think we should do something nice for him. like, food and clean up a little? what do you think?” and isak looks up at him, his chin resting on even’s chest, a small smile across his lips and he says “you know you’re like the best person i know?” and he means it, from the bottom of his heart 

“i think eskild became a vegetarian a few weeks ago, so we have to make something without meat. pasta?” even lets out a chuckle, tells isak “we’re not making pasta isak, that’s all you guys eat around here” and isak replies “that’s not true!” and then he also lets out a chuckle, adds “i mean, it’s a little true.” even opens the fridge and looks around. “hmm, you know, once i had this tofu stir-fry with veggies, it was goooood” and isak says “sounds fancy. i trust your judgment” and even gives him a peck on the cheek, replies “you better”. and then they go to the grocery store, because there’s no tofu in the fridge, and the only vegetable they have is half a head of broccoli. isak puts a bag of chips and a bag of sweets in the cart, says “i mean, eskild loves chips and candies. plus, they’re vegetarian” and evens laughs and shakes his head. “i’m sure eskild will appreciate the thought” 

and so they make the stir fry. isak cuts the vegetables and the tofu into cubes, poking at the tofu, a questioning look on his face and he says “i’ve never had tofu before” and even tells him “it can be really yummy when cooked right.” even starts cooking, tosses the food around in the pan a couple of times, like he’s done this hundreds of times. when the food is done, he grads a fork, picks a piece of tofu and red pepper, gently blows on it and brings it to isak’s mouth. and isak eats the bite and nods in approval. “’ery ‘ood”. and then they quickly do the dishes, and at some point isak places his wet and slightly cold hand under even’s shirt, on the small of his back, and even starts a little in surprise, and isak tells him teasingly “revenge for earlier”

they put three plates on the table, the pan in the middle, and eskild arrives soon later, they hear him open the door. they also hear him walk toward the kitchen and say “oh wow, it smells good in here” and when eskild peaks his head into the kitchen, isak exclaim “tadaaa!” gesturing toward the table with his arms extended wide. and eskild simply stands there, and it takes him a second before he says “oh my god, you made this?” and isak tells him “well, even made this” and even wraps his arm around isak’s waist, says “isak totally helped me, it was teamwork”. and eskild looks a little tired but his smile is totally sincere and then he walks toward them, wraps an arm around each of them and they both hug him back and eskild sighs and says “you boys are the best” and isak tells him “well, you’re pretty great, too” and eskild ruffles his hair as he says “well thank you, baby jesus”

and they all sit and eat diner, and isak and even are holding hands on the table as eskild tells them about his day, about this cute guy he met at work and his annoying boss. he asks them about their week, says “i feel like i haven’t seen you guys in a week. i mean, i think i literally haven’t seen you guys in a week” and he lets out a little laugh and yawns. after a short while he ends up looking at his watch and saying “i think my wild and young days are over, i’m going to go to bed at nine on a friday night” he stands up and stretches out his limbs, and then gives each of them a long kiss on the cheek, says “thank you, thank you again. appreciate this a lot, boys” and isak laughs and wipes his cheek, says “you’re welcome, eskild, good night, sleep well”. and when eskild goes to his room, isak takes even’s hand and brings it to his face, plants little kisses on his palm and on each of his fingers, asks “dishes, then movie in my room?” and even smiles and nods, repeats “dishes, then movie in your room”

Chicken Pt 1.

Finally! My story for MLM March ^_^ 

Part 1 is Adrino part 2 (coming soon) is Ninoir 

This definite has set up for OT4 potential because I can’t help myself, but the story itself WILL BE just Adrino/Ninoir  with background Alyanette and unrequited Adrienette. Where it goes after that who know ^_^

anyways hope you enjoy part 1

It was all Alya’s fault.

To be fair Adrien probably should have been paying better attention to the conversation around him, but still…

One minute he was happily enjoying his iced chai latte, distractedly scrolling through the Ladyblog and only catching every third word of his friends conversation and the next he was drenched in said Chai Latte stuttering and blushing like… well like Marinette. He still wasn’t sure what that was about.

The two had been arguing about flirting. Nino and Alya that is. Something about chickens… he really should have been paying more attention.

The important thing was he had not been prepared for his best friend to lean over and whisper “you know you are incredibly attractive right?”

Then came the blushing and the spilling of drinks.

Alya had doubled over laughing while Nino had helped attempt to clean up the mess. But even his traitorous best friend hadn’t bothered to hide the extremely satisfied gleam in his eyes.

The afternoon just got worse from there.

It started small. An innocent ruffling of his hair, sitting just a little too close in class. Little compliments messaged between their tablets when the teacher wasn’t looking. At first Adrien was flattered. It was always nice when his friends were affectionate. Given the lack of physical and vocal attention he got at home, Adrien was always desperate for more of the casual affection he saw his friends display so easily. Sadly he was still not secure enough to general initiate or ask for it himself.

Once class ended though it picked up to a whole new degree.

They had made plans before hand to go to the arcade together after school was out given Adrien’s surprisingly free schedule.

The had barely made it more than 10 steps from the school when he felt Nino casually lacing his finger through his own.

Adrien felt the blush returning with force while Nino continued his casual conversation with Alya, who shot them a glare before all but climbing on top of Marinette, who simply laughed and rolled her eyes before reaching back to toy with Alya’s hair.

It wasn’t that he disliked anything Nino was doing. In point of fact he rather enjoyed the increased affection more than he wanted to admit. He just wished he had any clue what was happening.

By the time they reached the arcade hand holding had morphed to Nino’s arm wrapped around his waist. At one point he was pretty sure Nino had sniffed his hair before commenting that ‘all those showers are paying off because you smell really good.’

Adrien was fairly certain that his make up artist was going to kill him because his face seemed to have morphed into a permanent shade of red. Of course there was also the chance that Alya would kill him first. She had been shooting daggers at them while Marinette giggled and occasionally whispered things into her ear.

“Ok,” Adrien asked when Alya and Nino disappeared off to get tokens, “what is going on today?”

Marinette raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“What is with the two of them?” he gestured in the direction their friends had gone, “I mean you and Alya have been hanging all over each other- which is fine, I mean it’s not like it’s the first time but you are being kind of… extra, today. And Nino is… just what’s going on?”

Marinette’s expression morphed into a look of amused pity, not unlike the look Ladybug tended to shoot him after he had crashed headfirst into the pavement. It wasn’t very reassuring.

“Oh… weren’t you paying attention at lunch?”

“Yes… no… it wasn’t that interesting listening them to bicker about movie troupes so I kind of tuned them out.”

Marinette bite her lower lip in a clear attempt to bit back another giggle and Adrien felt his heart sink.

“So you’ve really have no clue what’s going on?” she asked.

Adrien said nothing, wondering if maybe his father had been right about sticking with home schooling.

“They’re playing chicken.”


“You have no idea what I am talking about do you,” Marinette sighed. “It’s a game… sort of. More like a contest. You try to see how far you can flirt with someone until you get scared and have to stop.”
“Oh,” Adrien said softly, not sure what to make of the swell of disappointment he felt at her words. “So all of this was just a game?” He tried to keep his voice light, but he saw Marinette’s eyes widen in understanding.

“Well, yes and no,” she said hurriedly,  “I mean part of the challenge is that it should be someone you actually like. Otherwise it’s too easy you know?”

Adrien gave her a somewhat pained smile, still not sure how he felt about this whole revelation.

“Honestly we thought you knew,” Marinette continued looking honestly concerned, “we just thought you were really bad at it.”

“Hey!” Adrien protested, although he felt his smile widen in genuine amusement at her guilty confession.

“Sorry,” she said, ducking her head in shame.

“Eh, it’s not your fault,” Adrien said “I should have realised something wasn’t right when Nino started flirting with me.”

Marinette stared at him. “Just how oblivious are you?” she blurted then immediately slammed a hand over her mouth.



“Seriously, what am I missing now?” Adrien sighed and trying to give Marinette his best puppydog expression.
“Well I already told you- the game isn’t fun unless you are flirting with someone you are actually at least a little bit interested in,” she said, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

“Oh…” Adrien said stupidly. “Wait, so Alya… and you… did you know?”

Marinette gave him a bemused smile. “She isn’t exactly subtle, and this isn’t our first game of chicken.”

“Oh… so are you guys, like an official couple then?”

Marinette flushed. “It’s complicated.”

“Something holding you back?” Adrien asked curiously.

“Well that answers my question about how oblivious you are,” Marinette muttered, no longer meeting his gaze her cheeks still stained a charming shade of pink.

Before Adrien had a chance to ask her to elaborate on what THAT was about Nino and Alya came back with two cups full of coins.

“So what are you two kids talking about,” Alya said leaning over and giving Marinette an eskimo kiss which she happily returned.

“Marinette was explaining the finer points of chicken,” Adrien said.

“Oh, you told him? There goes half my fun,” Nino complained.

“Wait he didn’t know?” Alya said her eyes lighting up, “Well no wonder you were beating me so badly! You were basically playing on easy mode.”

“Hey,” Adrien sputtered indignantly feeling more than a little put out by this whole thing already, “maybe I will beat all of you at this game.”

All three of his friends gave him a wide eyed look before bursting out into laughter.

“Adrien you don’t flirt,” Alya said between chortles.

“Yeah dude,” Nino said slinging an arm over his shoulder, “don’t get me wrong you are adorable and I love you, but you are about as smooth as a cactus.”

Adrien glowered. “I can be smooth.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Marinette said soothingly, “besides as much as Alya hates to admit it, no one ever beats Nino at this game.”

“I will some day,” Alya said smirking at the boy in question.

“Is that a challenge?” Adrien asked looking at his gloating best friend.

“Its not a challenge bro. It’s just a fact,” he smiled, leaning in a little too close. Adrien forced himself to hold his ground.

“What if I like a challenge?” 

“Trust me,” Nino continued with a smile, “there is nothing you could do that would phase me when I am involved in a game of chicken.

Adrien smiled as he got a terribly brilliant idea.

“We’ll see.”

andy-quick  asked:

Hey! Could you do one where the reader is dating Tim and whenever she visits the manor, Damian clings to her because he has this huge crush on her and basically just Damian sneaking in between the Tim and reader's fluff? Thanks! Love ya! ✨

Hi, sorry for the long wait! I feel like I diverted a lot from what you wanted… but nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy this!

The moment Damian hears the front door open and Pennyworth’s voice greeting you, he casually gets off the sofa he had been laying on and walks out from the living room, just in time to see you. The smile on your face when you see him is very bright – he feels smug about it – and you pad towards him.

“Hello, Damian.” You wrap your arms around him and Damian smiles in to the hug before wrapping his own arms around you too. If this was somebody else, Damian would have hiss and scowl at them, before threatening to take off their hands permanently for even thinking about touching him. “How are you?”

Damian pulls away to answer your question. “To pass time I read a few books just now.” In other words, he had been bored while waiting for you to arrive. You knew Damian well enough to understand his roundabout way of telling you about his feelings honestly. You laugh warmly at that.

“Can you show me what you read? I finished the book you recommended a week ago and now I am itching to get another book.” You tell him excitedly – surprisingly (though by this point, you really should not be surprised by anything Tim’s family procures) Damian has some really good tastes in books.

Damian huffs his chest with pride and nods his head. “Of course – we should go to the library! Father managed to buy me a few more books too. I think you might quite enjoy the new readings as well.” You nod your head and glance at Alfred who is watching the exchanged with bemused eyes. You wave your hand at him and he nods his head at you. The two of you left for the library, with you forgetting the first reason you came to the manor.

That is how Tim finds you a good half an hour later. You were supposed to meet up with him so the two of you can spend some time together and then have hi-tea but when you did not come knocking on his door the moment you texted him you had arrived, that is when he knew something was up.

This lead to him leaving his bedroom to look for you. He had been about to go to the garden – because that is also one of the places you like to go to whenever you visit the manor – when Alfred had kindly led him to the library, keeping a small smile on his face when Tim finally realizes just who had taken away all of your attention.

The moment you spy him though, all of his worries, bubbling annoyance and little tinge of jealousy disappear because the smile on your face looks incredibly bright and there is just something about the way you look at him that made him extremely happy. “Tim!”

Damian shoots him a glare and Tim does his best to ignore the youngest Wayne and heads to his girlfriend instead. He presses a kiss at the top of your head before putting an arm around you, sneakily giving Damian a smirk. He can see Damian gritting his teeth before picking another book to give to you.

Your attention is immediately back on Damian. “Oh, I have heard great reviews about this one; are you sure it is alright for me to be borrowing this much?” You look away from the book Damian handed to you to the growing pile of books. You are so going to have your hands full for the upcoming weeks.

“Tt.” Damian nods his head affirmatively. “Of course – father would not mind and Drake certainly would not stop you from reading.” Damian looks at your boyfriend. “He knows how much you love to read.” He smirks knowing how he had just effectively cut short any possible interactions he would have with you.

This was probably one of the reasons why Tim and you got so well together. You were obsessed with reading books, books in general just as much as he is with his work and his technology.

You laugh. “Thank you, Damian; I will make sure to return all of them in one piece.” You tell him as you gather the books in to your arms. Tim, seeing how you are struggling with the amount of books, took a couple with him. “Thank you, Tim.” You press a kiss close to Tim’s mouth.

“Should we ask Alfred to make a few sandwiches and head to the gardens?” Tim asks you as he stare at you. You smile brightly and nod your head. “The weather is really good too. Come on.”

Damian huffs and crosses his arms quietly. He knows your time with him is coming to an end.

You turn to look at Damian and smile before ruffling his hair with your free hand. “Thank you for this, Damian! Come see me later before I leave yeah?” You tell him and when he smiles at you, you grin back at him happily. Damian is such an adorable little kid; really makes you miss your own little brothers.

Tim wraps his arm around your waist and pull you closer to him, sticking his tongue out cheekily at Damian.

“Tim, love, stop aggravating Damian and let’s go.” You swat playfully at your boyfriend – it’s not like you were unaware of this weird rivalry the two of them have got going. You just choose to ignore it most of the time.


‘You know,’ Sirius smiled as he sat back into the battered wicker chair. ‘It days like this that make it all worth it.’

James laughed into bottle of butterbeer. ‘Please warn me if you’re going to wax poetic for the next half hour about how great life is, I need to call Remus to come and stop you.’

Sirius shook his head, laughing along with him. ‘No, don’t. He’s enjoying himself.’ Sirius smiled to himself as he watched his boyfriend walking across the fields, or maybe even skipping, not that he would ever admit it.

‘We did well, you know.’ James said, setting down the bottle.

‘What?’ Sirius asked, snapping out of his moment.

‘Ours lives, they went well, considering what we like in school. I don’t think anyone would have predicted we would end up here in fifth year.’

Sirius snorted. ‘True. Probably thought we would end up in prison, or better yet, dead.’ 

James smiled. ‘Yeah, we were awful.’

‘We weren’t that bad..’

‘We hexed those third years so they couldn’t get out of a tree.’

‘Haha, that bit was an accident, though we flooded the dungeons for almost a week that one time.’ 

‘And hung Severus from the ceiling of the great hall.’

‘And charmed the ears of those Slytherins…’

‘And you were both the biggest tossers I had ever met.’ 

Both the boys turned to look and the red-head standing next to them. She smiled and she sat down carefully on James lap, and he happily slid his arm around her back. 

‘But you grew up.’ Lily grinned. ‘A little, at least.’ She added as she watched Remus shoot sparks out of the end of his wand and set fire to some grass, his group of spectators all cheering as he did.

Sirius let out a bark like laugh and moved to stand up. As he rose both his knees made little clicking noises and James eyebrows shot up. 

‘You’re getting old mate.’ He smiled. 

Sirius just rolled his eyes. ‘Coming from you, half of your hair is white.’

‘It is not!’

‘It is love.’ Lily laughed as she ruffled it with her hand. James just pouted.

‘Merlin, to be 15 again.’

‘Prongs, we have our own 15 year old now.’ Sirius grinned, looking again at Remus.

‘Yeah, and he’s my fucking grandson.’

‘Language James!’ Lily hissed, batting him with her hands as the front door of the cottage opened.

‘Dad,’ Harry sighed. ‘James has just broken your grandfather clock with a broom he found in your cupboard.’

Sirius laughed. ‘As if we didn’t break everything in your parents house James, I bet you Teddy told him where it was as well.’

‘Yeah, that’s the other thing,.’ Harry said smiling slightly. ‘Ginny has just given Teddy a massive bollocking because he charmed the remainder of the broom to try and sweep it up and they’ve managed to break the rest of the furniture in the sitting room. She then had a go at me one for not telling them to stop.’

Lily snickered. ‘I love that girl Harry.’ 

‘So do I, unfortunately.’ Harry grinned. ‘But I need you two to go and tell them off, because I really can’t be bothered and Ginny is going to go berserk if she sees what they’ve done upstairs.’

James leapt up, knocking Lily off his lap. ‘On it, come on Padfoot, lets go and control our kids.’

‘Wait wait,’ Sirius grinned. ‘Remus!’ he called. 

Remus, Lily Luna, Albus and Regulus* all turned to look over at them, Remus still in the middle of explaining what some magical creature he had just picked up was.

‘I want him to come to.’ Sirius said waving them over. ‘He is going to love this.’

‘You three dare give those boys any ideas and I swear to God..’ Lily warned. ‘Ginny and I will wage war.’

James just bent down and kissed his wife, her crows feet scrunching up as she smiled. ‘Wouldn’t dream of it darling.’

*Regulus is the name I have given to another imaginary child Sirius and Remus have because I want it to be true so much it hurts.

Too sweet for me

Pairing - kang daniel x reader - fluff
Words - 450.
Warnings - quite short? other than that, none.

Originally posted by jamesandchriss2

It was spring. Pink cherry blossoms were bloomed everywhere, and you were busy taking pictures on your phone of them. While swiping the photos you took, you feel a sudden cold on your right cheek. Shuttered, you turn around, supporting your cheek.

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Nursey and Dex stress study in the library | 800 words


Both of their laptops were whirring in distress, and they had their legs tangled under the small table they were sharing in one of the corners. They were living in the library, the Haus too full of stress and their dorm rooms just too full. It had been a blessing that they had a found a table near a wall with outlets.

Their table is a mess. There’s a mishmash of empty and full cans of energy drinks and coffee cups littered in between notebooks and books, as well as empty wrappers for energy bars and chocolate. There were bottles of water at their feet that they ducked for occasionally whenever they remembered.

Nursey was bundled up in one of Dex’s hoodies, hair in a stupid topknot on his head as he didn’t have time for a haircut, and he was tired of running his fingers through it to keep it off of his face.

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Two Moons (pt.1)

Word Count: 1144

Genre: Fluff/Angst (?)

Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader/Sehun ft. EXO

Summary: You’ve been dating him for two years, but now you see him less and less. You try to adapt and live your life normally with the boys at the apartment. 

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Can you do 10 and 17 for Feysand? :)

10. staring at the other’s lips, trying not to kiss them, before giving in

17. height difference kisses where one person has to bend down and the other is on their tippy toes

A/N: I started this fic and then forgot where the story was going but I remembered!  I think it’s a fun one so I hope you all enjoy it :)

Also reminder that everything I post here is also on Ao3!


It all starts when Feyre takes the cooking class because she ‘wants to eat like an adult’ or something to that effect.  They’d managed to get sidetracked halfway through her rant about not being poor students (not that he ever qualified as the former) with the two out of the three food products left in their refrigerator - chocolate syrup and whipped cream make for fun, mini pickles not so much - so forgive him if the conversation’s content slipped his mind.  He’s certain Feyre forgave him…

But she ended up taking the two month class, doing well, and instituting a bi-weekly ‘dinner party night’ for their friends to all come over and sample her newest culinary endeavor.  And that’s when the jokes start. 

No one in their little ‘inner circle’ of friends had seen Rhysand in a long-term relationship (probably because he hadn’t had one) before Feyre so these evening soirées gave them the opportunity to see live-in boyfriend Rhysand at his peak.  Which apparently involves a lot more casual PDA than anyone expected - mostly quick pecks to the forehead and lips, only occasionally deepening enough that everyone starts clearing their throats dramatically.

It’s one of the former though, that really sets things going.  Rhysand is about to take a seat at the table as Feyre sweeps in with a full to the brim wooden salad bowl that brings a wave of citrusy freshness with it, when she tilts her head and rises on her toes like nothing and Rhysand barely takes a breath before he’s leaning down and pressing his lips to hers.

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Okay but let me present to you: AU where Yuuri and Yuri are actually friends

Yuri Plisetsky is 15 and is the Junior Grand Prix gold medalist. He’s the rinkmate of Russia’s national treasure, Victor Nikiforov, and everyone expects him to be perfect, to live up to Victor’s reputation.

And sometimes, it’s hard to deal with all that pressure. Especially when you’re 15 and angsty and don’t want anyone to know just how scared and overwhelmed you are.

So when Yuri finds Yuuri crying in a bathroom stall after the GPF, he kicks the door down, and thrusts a handkerchief into the older skater’s face, telling him to “Wipe yourself off. You look disgraceful.”

Yuuri is perplexed, but he also finds the little punk kinda endearing.

Later, at the banquet, Yuri stomps angrily up to Yuuri to ask him gruffly if he’s feeling any better, and Yuuri laughs and ruffles his hair, reassuring him that he’s alright now.

Yuri hisses and bats his hand away, saying that he’s not a child, but he doesn’t walk away. He and Yuuri talk all night, and Yuuri doesn’t end up drunkenly seducing his idol.

Yuuri and Yuri start texting back and forth pretty often, and Yuuri ends up doing not too badly for the rest of the season, because Yuri is there to call him before competitions and yell at him to stop being a wimp, and threaten to actually fly out to Detroit to personally kick his ass if he doesn’t do well enough.

And Yuri, who’s seen Yuuri at his weakest, doesn’t feel too bad at letting Yuri see his vulnerable side. Sometimes Yuri will call Yuuri and not say anything, and Yuuri will know exactly what to do. He’ll reassure him that he’s amazing and he’ll do well and that, even if he doesn’t, no one’s going to bite his head off. At the very least, Yuuri will always respect him, and that’s enough for Yuri.

When, at the end of the figure skating season, Yuuri’s come out with a Gold in Four Continents and a silver at Worlds, Yuri excitedly suggests that he come to Russia to train under Yakov.

Yuuri hems and haws for a few weeks, but eventually, he agrees.

Yakov doesn’t have to be convinced to accept him.

Yuuri is in St Petersburg for exactly one (1) hour before Victor falls hopelessly head over heels for him.

Yuri is maybe a little possessive of his friend though, and he and Victor often finds themselves fighting for Yuuri’s attention.

Yuuri is stuck in the middle of it all, utterly oblivious.

But when he starts to maybe fall for Victor, Yuri grudgingly agrees to be his wingman.

He still doesn’t think that stupid, arrogant, flighty Victor deserves his best friend, but if it’ll make Yuuri happy, Yuri will accept him.

(But not without first giving Victor a frankly terrifying talk about what exactly he’ll do to him if he ever makes Yuuri cry.)


John x Reader

Requested by Anon

You glared at John as he smiled and bought a drink for a girl at the bar. Instead of coming back over to you he stayed with her, flirting with her friends who seemed to flock around him.

“You’re not mad as that?” Finn asked as you cocked your head, sliding and arm around the boy’s shoulder as you ruffled his hair with the other hand.

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Deer In The Headlights // Huang Renjun


the prompt: could you write Renjun scenario based on Owl City-Deer In The Headlights? Fluff ending please, if possible.

words: 1215

category: song rec + fluff

author note: i love owl city sm i don’t even care. i also love renjun, he’s only a few days younger than me bless. so soft and nice; just wants to draw and talk abt moomin!! (honestly he’s so cute i lov)

- destinee

Originally posted by donghyukslee


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Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls and everyone in-between and outside, you have asked, and I, as your resident imagines blog owner, am obliged to serve. 

May I present to you, the long awaited sequel to Space Hair (now with shotgunning):

Golden Eyes (<– link to AO3, it’s also below the cut)

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B.A.P: making out style

Bigbang ver.

Bang Yongguk:  

-bites his lower lip when he looks at you

-would run his finger through his hair and slowly walk up to you

-he’d slid his arm around your waist and pull you close to his chest 

-happy gummy smile 

-he’d brush with his lips over yours

-tease you a little bit

-but then he’d press his lips on yours 

-not too hard but not too soft 

-every now and then he would leave a trail of kisses from the corner of your mouth to your ear or your neck 

-his tongue would gently trace the outline of you lower lip 

-his hands would caress your sides and your back 

-you’d probably often make out in the studio 

-when it’s late and he is working on his songs 

-but then he turns around in his chair and just wants to hold you for a moment 

-when he has to return to his work he would place his hands on your cheeks 

-and give you a kiss on the forehead

-his lips would feel smooth and maybe he’d wear lipbalm 

-his kisses probably taste like peppermint


Kim Himchan: 

-he’d start with random kisses on your cheek

-at the most random time 

-probably when you’re watching a movie or something like that

-he has his arm around your shoulder and look at you 

-but you wouldn’t notice it, so he’d start to place playful kisses all over your cheek 

-you’d laugh and turn your face to look at him 

-he would smile so bright and bend forward to reach your mouth

-his kisses would be gentle and soft 

-slow movements, lots of smiles 

-his soft tongue would slowly caress your lips 

-he would play with a streak of your hair 

-occasionally brushing your cheek with his thumb 

-sometimes making out with him would end up in the bedroom 

-and he’d moan every now and then into the kiss, his breathing would get a little bit heavier 

-but sometimes he would just softly break the kiss, lean his forehead against yours 

-and ,with his eyes closed, he would smile at you 

-his breath would hit your lips when he whispers that he loves you 

-he would give you a last kiss on the tip of your noise 

-and then continue with whatever he was doing before 

-his lips would feel so soft, so unbelievable soft 

-his kisses probably taste like coffee                                                                                                  

(oh lord have mercy on my soul)

Jung Daehyun: 

 -he would innocently just ask for a kiss

 -maybe when he takes a break from dance practice 

 -you’d walk with him around the ts building 

 -and then he would ask you, grinning from ear to ear

 -so you would give him a short peck on the lips 

 -but he’d catch your hands and hold you close

 -he would stare into your eyes

 -slowly move closer until you can feel his plump lips on yours 

 -they would be a little bit cold from the wind outside

 -slightly moist, his lips would softly touch yours 

 -I think he would grab your butt during the kiss 

 -but you’d place his hand back on your waist 

 -he’d giggle and deepen the kiss a little bit more

 -and he would pull you into his arms, wrapping his coat around your body

 -as fast as the kiss would have started

 -as fast would it end 

-hed gently break it, smile at you and ruffle your hair

 -he’d take your hand and walk back to the building 

 -his lips would feel a little bit chapped, but so familiar 

-his kisses probably taste like vanilla                                                                  

Yoo Youngjae:

-you would have regular make out sessions

-every day when you come home from work he would pull you into a warm embrace 

-his sweet laugh would be music to your ears 

-before you can even take of your jacket he would leave a trail of kisses from you forehead 

-over your nose

-and down to your lips 

-where he would whisper “I love you” and then 

-Before you’re able to answer

-he would press his lips onto yours 

-and deepen the kiss with gentle movements 

-placing his hands on your cheek and brushing with his thumbs over your cheekbones 

-he would sometimes stop the kiss, smile and start to kiss you again 

-the taste of his mouth would invade your senses 

-he’d nearly smile all the time 

-but slowly he’d let go off you, knowing that you’re probably hungry or exhausted from work 

-he’d break the kiss once again, gifting you with his loving smile  

-and then he would prepare some food for you 

-his lips would feel silky and soft 

-his kisses probably taste like chocolate cake 

(everyone has so sexy gifs and then there’s youngjae)

Moon Jongup:

 -when it comes to kisses he would be really surprising

-he’d grab your hand when you’re on your way to the bedroom 

-show you his sweet and shy smile 

-pull you into his arms and wrap your hands around his middle 

-and then he would place his lips on yours, being a little dominant, but not in a bad way 

-he’d be the protective kisser 

-not letting you go for a second 

-moving his lips demanding but tenderly on yours 

-but anyway his tongue would shyly search for yours 

-and tease you a little bit 

-letting his tongue run over your lips again and again 

-he would giggle quietly and deepen the kiss one last time before he slowly let’s you go 

-his cheeks would be tinted in a pale red 

-both of you would have to catch your breath 

-but then you would smile at each other 

-he’d kiss you on the top of your head and then continue with his daily routine 

-his lips would feel a bit rough, but loving. 

-his kisses probably taste like cinnamon 

Choi Junhong:

-you would catch him staring at you, when you are both laying in the bed 

-you would work on something on your laptop 

-he would work on something, but get distracted by your natural beauty 

-you’d return his look 

-he’d smile, blush and raise his hand to stroke your cheek 

-he would carefully lean towards you, look into your eyes and gently place his lips on yours 

-soft and diffident 

-but the kiss would grow 

-he would move his lips more daringly 

-he’d pull you into his lap, play with a streak of your hair and bite softly into your lower lip 

-his tongue would cheekily search for yours 

-small, nearly inaudible moans would escape his mouth 

-he would press his lips a bit more demanding on yours

-his kiss would be wet, deep and it’ll leave you breathless 

-his lips would feel warm and smooth 

-and his kisses probably taste like a mix of cherry and chocolate


~Admin Tatsmato~

(Is this still fluff? Who would have known that this is so hard to write (because the temptation to make it sexual is high) goddamnit, my soul has left my body)

Jughead & Reader: Unintentional

Summary: You’re dating Archie so you spend most nights at his house. When Jughead moves in, the two of you become friends and you quickly realize that your feelings for Archie aren’t as strong as they once were.

Requested by: littledancersun

Listen to: I Belong To You - Muse

“I’m not really in the mood for a horror movie,” you told Archie as the two of you sat on his couch. His arm was around your shoulders and your legs were draped over his lap which was the usual movie night position for the two of you. The indecision and argumentative nature was also a usual for movie night.

Archie sighed. “You’re never in the movie for a horror movie,” he noted.

“Cause most of the ones on Netflix suck,” you pointed out before eating a handful of popcorn. 

“We watched The Babadook and you liked that. Why don’t you trust that I’ll pick another good movie?” He laughed. 

“Cause you won’t,” you teased.

Before the two of you kissed, the front door opened and in walked Jughead. You took your legs off of Archie’s lap and you sat up straight, wondering why you were suddenly so bothered by Jughead seeing you that way with your boyfriend. 

“Hey, Jug,” Archie greeted him. 

“Hey,” Jughead replied looking at the two of you. “Another movie night?” He asked. 

“Yeah.” Archie chuckled. “But we can’t decide on a movie. Want to join us?”

“No thanks.” He laughed. “I don’t want to disturb the two of you.”

You felt a little disappointed. You enjoyed Jughead’s company and you especially enjoyed his commentary through really bad movies. He was fun to be around and you found that you always hoped he was around when you visited Archie. It was becoming an issue, you thought. 

“Alright, see you later,” Archie said before looking back at the TV and putting his arm around your shoulder.

You and Jughead looked at each other and exchanged smiles before he walked up the stairs to Archie’s room. You sighed and resumed your previous position before arguing with Archie about the movie he started playing. 

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OT4 Nonsense pt 4.

YES IT’S BACK! (I am reposting this without the art this is inspired by to make it easier to link to the others later.) This is set about a month or so after where part 3 left off. I might go fill in the gaps later. 

This chapter is based on the following art:


“GAAAHHH!” Nino shrieked, spinning towards his open window to see a distraught looking Chat Noir poking his head in. “Dude! I… Jeez, you cannot just sneak up on me like that!”

The hero hunched his shoulders, his cat ears flattening ashamedly.

“Sorry, I just… I needed to talk and I thought it would be ok…” Chat Noir began in what might have been the most pitiful voice his friend had ever heard from him.

Nino sighed, shaking his head slightly and trying not to laugh at the pathetic picture clinging to his window sill.
“I don’t mind that you are here just, I don’t know, knock or something,” he said, gesturing for him to come into the room.

“Sorry.” Chat said again, his transformation dropping away in a flash of green light to reveal a sheepish and somewhat disheveled looking Adrien. His small black companion immediately darted into the corner of the room where Nino had turned one of his old toys into a kwami den the last time they had stopped by.

Nino got up from his desk chair and sat down on the edge of his bed, patting the mattress next to him in a beckoning gesture.

Adrien wasted no time climbing up onto the bed and curling up into Nino’s lap, his arms wrapped securely around his boyfriend’s waist.

Nino began softly carding his hands through Adrien’s hair, knowing that the easiest way to get the severely repressed boy to open up about anything was to simply say nothing and wait.

It didn’t take long.

“Have you ever thought that something was one way, and then found out that you were completely wrong and that everything you thought was true is a lie?” Adrien said, his voice somewhat muffled as he buried his head into the fabric of Nino’s tee-shirt.

“Huh… I donnow. I mean, two weeks ago I was a normal guy with just a normal- well, somewhat normal- girlfriend. Now I find myself in a complex polyamorous relationship with both said semi-normal girlfriend, and my best friend, who apparently I have been unconsciously dating since November- who, by the way, decided for our one week anniversary to tell me that he has secretly been running around saving Paris for the last two years in a skin tight leather cat-suit. Nah, that is a completely foreign feeling. Your own your own my friend.”

“You’re so mean,” Adrien whined, squeezing his arms tighter and shaking his head in irritation. “I am going through a profound and deeply distressing emotional epiphany and all you can do is make fun of me.”

“I am not mean, you are just melodramatic,” Nino teased, eliciting an irritated huff from his boyfriend. “So do you wanna tell me what happened or are you just going to be vague and depressing?”

Adrien stiffened slightly.

“It’s stupid,” he said softly. “I’m just stupid. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“If it matters to you than it isn’t stupid. And if it matters enough that you are going to come chasing me down, after midnight, less than three hours after I got home from my trip- which you already knew- then clearly you should say something, regardless of how stupid it is. So talk to me, what’s going on?”

Adrien muttered something incomprehensible, burying his face further into the fabric of the tee-shirt.

“What was that? I didn’t catch a word you just said.”

“I said I don’t want to make you mad at me.”

“Why would I be mad at you?” Nino asked, scratching at Adrien’s scalp with his fingertips in the way he knew never failed to relax the boy.

“Because I am an idiot,” Adrien sighed dejectedly, his muscles going limp.

“Did you kill someone?” Nino asked calmly.

“No…” Adrien replied, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Did you suddenly decide to join up with Hawkmoth in his quest to seize the miraculouses in order to achieve… actually what does he want out of all of this?”

“Honestly? No idea. He wasn’t really up front with his motivations. And no.”

“Did you start dating Chloe?”

“God no!”

“Then I can’t think of anything stupid you could have done in the last 48 hours that would make me hate you,” Nino said smiling. “So, what horrible cat-astrophy brought you scampering to my window at one in the morning?”

“Did you just make a cat pun?” Adrien asked, his eyes lighting up and a hint of a smile playing at the corner of his lips.

“Well, I have it on very good authority that you like them.”

For the first time since his arrival Adrien seems to calm down and Nino smiled to himself. Score one for the boyfriend.

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hey, could you write something with Alfred and jason? And if bruce appears too I would be glad but it doesn't matter <333

Here you go anon - enjoy!

Jason bounces on the balls of his feet as he waits for Alfred out the front of Gotham Academy, absently biting his lip as he keeps a look out for the familiar black Audi. It’s not that he’s nervous. That would be ridiculous. He’s just, maybe, a little bit… unsure. Alfred had said there wasn’t anything to worry about, that it was just a routine checkup, and that’s all very good and well except. Well. If Jason’s ever been to a dentist before, he doesn’t remember it. He doesn’t know what to expect. And more than that, he doesn’t like the idea of some guy sticking all manner of pointy instruments in his mouth.

The Wayne town car finally pulls up to the curb and Jason hesitates only two seconds - Bruce should be proud; when they’d taken him to the doctor for a checkup he’d hesitated for at least ten - before opening the door and sliding into the backseat.

“Hey, Alfie,” he greets. Smiles big and wide like he isn’t headed for torture.

“Good afternoon, Master Jason,” Alfred returns, voice as pleasant and warm as always. “How was school?”

“It was fine.”

He’d been distracted most of the day by the anticipation of his appointment and had been called out for not paying attention three times, but overall his classes had been alright. Now he doesn’t even have history or math to try focus on, though, and it’s taking considerable effort not to unclip his seatbelt and throw himself out of the car every time they stop for a red light. Both Alfred and Bruce had told him the dentist was nothing to worry about but what if it is?

All too soon they arrive at the nondescript medical building and while Jason’s mind is buzzing with ways to stall, Alfred gets calmly out of the car and opens his door. “Come along, Master Jason,” he says, smile kind and patient. “We don’t want to be late.”

“Maybe they’re super busy and don’t have time to see me anymore,” Jason suggests even as he drags himself out of the car and follows the butler into the building. One last ditch effort to avoid this for at least another day.

Alfred just chuckles. “There is no need to be nervous,” he says, the reassurance crossing his lips for what must be the hundredth time in the last few days since he’d told Jason he’d made a dentist appointment. “Dr Payne is a lovely man and I assure you he is very good at his job.”

Jason might be filled with more confidence if his name didn’t rhyme with pain.

Bruce is already home by the time they get back from the city, having stopped to do grocery shopping after Jason’s appointment ended. Jason immediately retreats to the library to immerse himself in a good book and forget the whole traumatic ordeal, which is where Bruce finds him ten minutes later.

“Hey Jay,” he says. “How’d it go?”

Jason glares at him, ducking away from the hand that ruffles his hair. “I’m never going to the dentist again,” he declares, the words coming out a little garbed because his mouth is still kind of numb.

Bruce just smiles, squeezing his shoulder. “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.”

“It was,” Jason swears. He takes a careful sip of the tea Alfred made him then smiles, overly innocently, up at Bruce. “But ’s okay, I got my revenge.”

Bruce’s smile slips a little. “Jay, what did you do?”

“I bit his finger.”

Looking For Love // Steve Rogers x Reader // You - 1

//AUTHOR’S NOTE: I love all of you, we actually hit 100 a while back and we’re still going strong! Decided to write a series for someone other than the love of my boring life, (Bucky of course) so here’s a Steve Rogers series. You can request to be tagged, just message me.//


//OVERVIEW: Steve is broken after a harsh break up with Sharon Carter, Peggy’s niece. That is, until he finds you…//

Steve sat on the stairs, head in his hands, tears running through them. It wasn’t often that Captain America got to show his true feelings, but now, alone, he did. He was sitting on the stoop of his new townhouse in New York, trying to ignore the stairs he was getting from the occasional passerby. 

As long as he had his head in his hands, they won’t realize it’s you, he told himself as the wind ruffled his hair a little bit. Don’t let them see Captain America cry, they might think something really bad has happened and that the world is in trouble.

The world wasn’t in trouble, if it was, he’d get over himself, but something bad had happened.

After a year, he and Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter’s niece, had split up after a fight. It had been months since him and Bucky had left Tony lying there with his suit broken at that old Hydra base, and although Steve was sad it had ended that way, he didn’t regret his actions. 

Wanda had once told him something very true. Tony didn’t know the difference between destroying the world and saving it, and although it hadn’t been the world yet, signing the Sokovia Accords would definitely lead to the destruction of the world later. The government did protect the people, but not all the time.

Suddenly, Steve felt a presence. It was happy, joyful, but also confused. He looked up to see a beautiful young woman standing there, frowning. “Steve Rogers?” She gasped, clapping a hand over her mouth. She looked around frantically. Before turning back to Steve. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that so loud! You probably don’t want people seeing it’s you.” She said.

Steve just nodded, wiping away his tears. “I’m sorry, can I help you?” He asked, his voice coming out a little more stern then intended. “Sorry, again - just not having a good day.”

“It’s okay, we all have our bad days,” she had been holding a shopping bag, but she set it down and sat on the stairs next to Steve instead of just walking off. “I’m (name). Want to talk about it?”

“Wait - you only met me like, ten seconds ago. Why do you care?” Steve asked, perplexed. He wasn’t used to people being this accepting, this - caring. Something about this girl astounded him, and her almost mysterious aura pulled him in. He wanted to know more.

Of course, he was also internally kicking himself, because he knew someone like him couldn’t have a relationship, especially after what had just happened. He wasn’t good enough for Peggy, he wasn’t good enough for Sharon… he wasn’t good enough for anyone. He began to get up and leave, but the girl grabbed his hand. He was taken aback, and she looked down at the ground. “Sorry about that, I won’t bother you any more,” she told him before grabbing her stuff and beginning to leave.

“No, I - I just thought it would be nicer to talk inside.” Steve said, playing it off.

Her face slowly turned from a confused and disappointed frown to a smile, and she nodded eagerly. Steve opened the door for her, and she curtsied adorably before hurrying inside. For the first time in a while, Steve cracked a smile, as he walked in behind her, closing the front door.

After that, you and Steve Rogers became best friends. When he wasn’t out saving the world, you’d have sleepovers and movie nights. You found out a lot of things about him that you were surprised about. Like, who knew Captain America of all people had relationship issues? If you weren’t so scared of ruining your friendship, you wouldn’t mind taking a bite of him yourself.

Of course, you didn’t after he told you about Sharon. God, he talked about her like she was some kind of goddess. You just nodded and pretended to be interested, although you were really just disappointed that he wasn’t over her, and therefore, although physically available, he was mentally unavailable. 

Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff were also close friends of Steve’s and you all became friends fast. Sam was a bit of a flirt, though, he was constantly using terrible pick up lines on you and telling you how pretty you were. You would blush and tell him to go away. Nat would just roll her eyes. “He does that to every woman he meets,” she’d say.

Natasha was awesome. She was basically the definition of an independent, strong-willed woman, and you loved it. She even offered to teach you self defense, and you took up her offer eagerly, thinking it would be a good idea should you ever have to walk home alone at night in the streets of New York.

Of course, with Steve and Sam around you wouldn’t have to, you could just call them and they’d be there to walk you home and protect you from any trouble-seeking people slinking around. However, it was still a good idea for when Steve and Sam were out on missions. You could even call Natasha, too, but she was out on missions a lot as well. 

One night, you had to work late at your job as a newspaper editor, and looking out the window, it was pitch black. The street lamps and car headlights were the only sources of light, and you weren’t taking that risk. There were still dark alleyways you’d have to cross, and you weren’t dumb. So you called Steve. Little did you know that that was what would start it all.

//AUTHOR’S NOTE: Figured I’d test this out. I know most of you are here for Bucky, but I like Steve, too, so here. Longer chapters will come, depending on feedback. If you want to be tagged, just ask!//

The Littlest Winchester - Tough

Character: Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 627

Sentence: “I wish I was as tough as you.”


   “Can you reach it?” the four-year-old inquires of her uncle.


   “Not even with your monkey arms?”

   “You need to stop listening to your dad so much.” Sam gets off the ground and brushes his palms on his jeans. No matter the angle, he can’t reach the rubber ball that has rolled beneath the Impala, and his niece is too big to crawl under and get it herself. “We’ll have to wait for him to come back with the keys.”

   “Noooo,” she whines. “I wanna keep playing.”

   “I think you won anyway. Rest your arm a bit.”

   “But I can make it go higher!”

   “We’ll get the ball when your dad gets back.”

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no more whores / tig smut

you sat at the clubhouse bar, in between, jax and opie. the boys were having one of their famous samcro parties and you were not exactly thrilled at the moment. some girl was in tig’s lap, grinding her sweet little hips into his.

jax threw back a shot and looked in the same direction you had been staring in. he slung his arm around your shoulder and leant into your ear.

“are you really gonna let her fuck your old man?” jax questioned

you shook your head before replying. “not a god damn chance, teller.”

you set your beer down and made your way to tig, tapping the whore’s shoulder and telling her to remove herself. she did so and then immediately latched herself to bobby. you grabbed tig’s hand and pulled him to his feet, dragging him off to his room in the clubhouse, ignoring the smirk on jax’s face.

you pulled him into the room and closed the door. “what’s your problem, babydoll?” he raised an eyebrow. you chose not to respond with your words and with your body instead.

you pushed tig against the back of the door, kissing him roughly. he kissed back. you jumped up, wrapping your arms around his neck.

you tugged his kutte and his shirt from his body leaving his bare chest before you. you were usually completely submissive, now it was his turn and he was certainly not objecting.

he was soon completely stripped, you however were still clothed. you pushed tig down onto the bed and tied his hands to the bed posts.

stepping to the end of the bed, giving him a clear view of you as you slowly stripped for him. your top fell from your body, ruffling your hair as it came over your head. you unbuttoned your jeans, pulled the zipper down and pushed them down your legs, revealing the little tattoo in between your hips that tig loved so much.

his mouth fell open and wrists pulled against the restraints, he was unable to free himself. he wanted to touch you, you grinned and climbed into the bed with him, straddling his hips leaning down and kissing him softly on the lips before making your way down his neck, sucking and leaving a brightly coloured bruise that marked him as yours.

you continued kissing down his chest, his breathing hitched when you reach his hips. you looked up at him with a sweet little smile before putting the tip into your mouth, sucking gently and proceeding to take him all in. he moaned your name and pulled on the restraints again, bucking his hips up. just as his length began to throb, signalling his release approaching, you pulled him out of your mouth.

tig groaned. “why’d you stopppp?” he dragged on.

you smiled at him and climbed up his body, wrapping your hand firmly around his shaft, rubbing it over your wetness.
holding back a moan you looked down at him, he looked like a ball of nerves that could explode at any second.

“you think that whore on your lap earlier could fuck you like i can fuck you, tiggy?” you asked and leant down to his jawline, sucking and nipping at it before whispering in his ear. “i can please you more than she can, daddy.” you aligned him at your entrance. “so let me.”

you kissed him, and pushed him into you, rocking your hips down on him. tig grunted and moaned, something snapping inside of him as he broke free from just one of the restraints. he used his newly free hand to slap your ass and you squeaked, increasing pace.

“fuck, Y/N.. i’m going to-” he stopped speaking as you wrapped your hand around his throat and applied a light amount of pressure.

“look me in the eyes when i make you cum, trager.” your walls clenched around him and your orgasm approached and he spilled inside of you. the two of you rode out your highs together before you untied his other hand and climbed off of him.

“no more whores?” you looked up at him with a hopeful glint in your eye.

“no more whores, babydoll.” he breathe heavily.

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