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Eye Contact (M.)

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut

Word count: 3.7k

Description: Your boyfriend Jungkook was still a virgin, until one night both of you got heated up and it turned out a lot better than you ever expected.

Info: This is my first smut ever posted. I tried to make slightly sub!jk but my heart can’t lmao. Still I hope you enjoy it and please leave any feedback! And sorry if my english isn’t always correct, it’s not my first language. Enjoy y’all <3

Parts: 1 | 2 

You were laying on your bed, watching TV and getting more and more bored. Jungkook has been in the shower for only 3 minutes but it seemed like a whole hour. You just needed to do something exciting, to try something new and to spice yourself up a bit. Especially your sex life. Even though you and Jungkook were together for almost a year now, you still haven’t had sex. And that’s because he’s a virgin. Of course you respected him wanting to wait and you don’t want to rush into it if he’s still not ready. You love him, he loves you and that’s basically everything that matters. But every time he was lying next to you, kissing you, touching you or even just looking at you, you would immediately feel yourself heating up. “Why are you blushing again, honey?” he would always ask laughingly, finding it cute actually. You shook your head every time, even though you wanted to moan into his ear and tell him how much you wanted, no, how much you needed him. He is so adorable, sexy, hot and incredibly beautiful. You still couldn’t believe you got yourself a boyfriend like him. You know you’re hot yourself too, but still. You were such a lucky girl. Sometimes you entered the bathroom “by accident” when he was showering, so you could get a little sneak peak of his manly body. God damn, when you saw those shoulders the last time, you could’ve just cum right there by only looking at it. And those thighs…

“Y/N? W-what are you doing?” you heard a serious voice saying. 

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3 Things

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: fluff and smutsmutsmut
Word count: 4,312

A/N: For anon, I hope you like it 💕 I think I’m getting better at writing smut?? Maybe??

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Your yawn drowns out the faint sounds of the TV, head lolling to the side as you stare blankly at the screen. It was well past eleven thirty – well past your bedtime – and you’re struggling to keep yourself upright and alert.

Jimin texted you around ten, letting you know that his shift at the convenience store was going to drag on a bit longer than expected, and that he wasn’t totally sure when he’d be headed home. He advised you not to wait up but of course, when did you ever really listen.

Both you and Jimin were full time students, juggling dead end jobs, homework and nearly non-existent social lives. Busy was an understatement for both of your lives and as a result you two rarely got to spend much time together. The only time you two really got was when you both settled down to sleep at night. No matter how dead tired either (or both) of you were, when you were curled up in each other’s arms at the end of a long day, you would quietly talk about the events that had happened or catch each other up on the episode of a drama the other had missed that week.

Which was why you were being so stubborn about going to bed without him; not feeling quite right about sliding under those blankets without his cold feet there to press against your calves.

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Our Coming Out Story

this is a story about a girl named lucky. oh wait,’s a story about how two sisters came out lol my bad. this is a god damn roller coaster ride of a coming out story so buckle the heck up, gals! please reblog it helps out our little gay channel a ton! thanks. xo

Written On This Skin Part 7 - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 6

Part 8



There is a collective breath in the room before it starts.



“What do you mean can’t come on tour?”

The boys and their girl’s shouted these things at Y/N making her want to curl up in a ball and leave. It was true though, she couldn’t go on tour. She is in the middle of Finals Week in her last year of College. There is no way she’s giving up her dream for her Soulmate. Y/N has always wanted more. Everybody else seems content just having a soulmate, but Y/N wants a life. A life outside of her relationship.

“I mean, I can’t come on tour. At least not for a few days. Its finals week,” Y/N says, looking directly at Luke.

The shouting starts. They boys yell to screw school and that her soulmate is more important than an education. Their girls start off at the boys side, but slowly start to side with Y/N and Alyssa. The girls draw upon their own lives and what they gave up to be with the boys.

“I was going to be a doctor!”

“So your job is more ‘important’ than my dream job?”

“I may not have had a plan, but I didn’t need you,”

These are all quotes from the girls yelling at the boys. The boys, excluding Luke, yell back their own small comments, but what could they say? The girls did give up their lives to be on tour with the boys. Sure they seems to enjoy it, but they always had other dreams outside of the boys and their dreams.

“What should we do?” Luke whispers to Y/N. The yelling of the girls and boys continue in the background, but neither Y/N nor Luke is worried about them. They’re soulmates, they’ll work it out. They have to. It’s written into their genes.

“I have to finish Finals. I’ll come to wherever you are in like four days?” Y/N asks. She had been thinking about this for hours now. She couldn’t ask Luke to leave the band for her, so he can’t ask her to leave her life to go to him.

“Okay,” Luke says agreeing to her plan. It’s not that Luke didn’t think that Y/N would have her own life before him, he just thought that he life wouldn’t be so much of a problem. He just thought that she would want to be with him, her soulmate, more than she would want to be…well whatever her profession was. Was being her soulmate not enough for her? Was being Luke Hemmings not enough? He is successful, and he’s always told how handsome he is. What else could he do?

“Do you have a phone charger?” Y/N asks. Her phone died sometime during the police investigation, and she needed to check some things for a school project.

“Sure” Luke says, taking her phone and plugging it into his charger. The couples were still fighting about god-knows-what. They had moved off the topic of what they had to give up to be with the boys and were spread out into their own arguments now.

“Yo!” Alyssa suddenly yells, shutting everybody up.

“What?” Jackie says annoyed. Her finger is poised into Michaels chest. Michael looks more frightened than he ever has before.

“Nothing, this is just getting stupid. And we have the computer final in three hours,” Alyssa says looking at Y/N, “So what are the two of you going to do?” She says bluntly.

“I’ll catch up to the tour in four days; after finals,” Y/N says. All the girls give approving nods. While the boys look a little bug eyed.

“What if Luke gets sick,”

“We can’t lose out lead singer,”

“Just come with us”

Emily grabs Ashton’s collar and tugs him down to her height. “You are Lucky she is willing to come on this stupid tour,” Emily looks at the rest of the guys now, “So shut up,” She says darkly.

Y/N and Alyssa make eye contact after Emily says her thing; they both whisper a quick “Damn.” Michael, still looks frightened, while Calum stage whispers, “Whipped.” Luke just stays seated on the bed looking at Y/N like its the last time he’s going to see her. Y/N stands, preparing herself for what she is about to say.

“Alyssa is right, I need to go,” Y/N says, then she leans down and kisses Luke on the cheek, leaving the whole room surprised. She grabs her phone off the charger, a glowing 5% lit up in the top corner. It will have to do. Y/N and Alyssa are halfway out the door when Luke yells.

“Wait!” He yells, Y/n and Alyssa turn around, expecting the worse. Luke just takes Y/N’s phone out of her hand and inserts his name and number into it. “Okay baby,” He says, then leaning down to peck Y/N on her cheek. The girls ‘aww” in the background, followed by groans from the boys.

“I’ll see you in four days,”

“Four days,”

Then she left, again.

Alex Summers Headcanons

▪You and Alex grew up in a small town in Ohio. You knew each other from the first day of preschool until you turned thirteen without talking to each other.
▪At the age of thirteen Alex’s parents asked you to tutor him because he wasn’t doing well on school, he had more interest in fights and sports.
▪Alex’s GPA went up a to a 3.0 because of you.
▪During study sessions you would do things like read to Alex and then ask him a question like, “what we’re the three main things that Julius Caesar were famous for,” and Alex would respond, “yeah,” Because he was staring at you instead of listening.
▪At the age of fifteen he asks you to hang out as friends and you go to your house. There your mutation arises and Alex doesn’t care.
▪At seventeen his powers kick in and once he’s done with high school he sends himself to solitary confinement.
▪You meet again in 1962 and he’s a huge flirt and tease, but only to you. He also begins to call you doll which actually is a bit of a turn on.
▪After Cuba he accidentally admits his feelings at a dinner with you, Hank, and Sean. You’re shocked and Alex is an indescribable hue of red due to his embarrassment but you just say, “I like you too.” Bam, you’re a couple.
▪The two of you move back to Ohio and move in together in 1966, same year his younger brother Scott is born.
▪Alex is drafted for the Vietnam War in 1970. To know what happened before read Government Property.
▪Soon as he gets back you have literally the best sex of your life. Every time you thought about it, you but your lip and slammed your thighs together. Not to mention the fact that you couldn’t walk straight for two days and couldn’t sit comfortably for six.
▪A few days later Alex is making breakfast while you sit at the table and he says, “you and I should get married.” You choke on your coffee and you just say, “um, okay.”
▪It’s eight months later that you two get married and your honeymoon is just a quiet, secluded place in the woods.
▪That honeymoon is seven days straight of sex. Each day was something new, daddy kink much, and by the time you had gotten back home, you felt like you needed holy water.
▪Everything in life is calm, or at least that’s what Alex thinks. You on the other hand are flipping the fuck out because your period is two weeks late, you’ve been dizzy, sick in the mornings, and more. You take a pregnancy test and suspicions were proved true.
▪You told Alex that you were going to the store to buy ingredients for spaghetti. You buy Prego brand sauce and put a note on top of it that says, “Alex, I’m…”
▪You watch him as he pulls the jar out of the grocery bags and you see him cock and eyebrow in confusion. Suddenly you see realization sink in on his face and he turns to you with the beuggest grin he’s ever had since Scott was born.
▪"I’m going to be a dad…“ He runs over, picks you up, spins you around, and you worriedly ask if he’s sure he’s so calm about bring a dad. He admits he’s scared as hell but he’ll be fine.
▪When your first child, a boy, is born, Alex is literally in tears. When he was a delinquent who was afraid of his powers, he never imagined that he could be so lucky. That he could fall in love with you. To actually have a peaceful life and a kid with you. He just couldn’t stop crying but the smile never left his face.
▪Life is amazing, but Alex quietly suffers from nightmares of Vietnam. PTSD is all too big a part of his life. He can’t even sleep properly. You always try soothe him by being in his arms, whispering comforting words into his ear, and kissing him.
▪Nightmares get worse because once you have a child, its cries spur memories of terror of war.
▪By the time that your little boy is five, Alex’s nightmares stop and once your son turns eight you realize that he has the same gift as his father.
▪You move to New York and buy a house close to the manor so your little boy can go to school at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.
▪In 1983 Scott goes to that school and you get pregnant again, this time with a little girl. The pregnancy was actually planned that time and Alex actually found out that you even took the pregnancy test due to finding the box in the trash.
▪Alex cries even more at your second child. Part of him could never believe, no matter how much you went through, that he was so damn lucky. He didn’t even feel like he deserved it when he deserved the world.
▪You, Alex, and your children live out your lives in peace. There are a few times where asshole *cough* Magneto *cough* show up and fuck things up but your kids are badasses and help take care of it.
▪It wasn’t until 2022 that the whole Summers bloodline ended. An unexpected attack arose from Sentinels and Alex dies protecting his little girl. You die protecting your son. In the end your sacrifices did nothing.
▪The future is saved when Logan goes back in time. Alex comes home from Vietnam around the same exact time, and everything goes as it originally did until 1983.
▪Alex takes Scott to Xavier’s and you ask to go along, but Alex being the very protective father and husband he is, doesn’t let you. With a sigh you stay home and watch over your precious children.
▪Alex doesn’t come home. Then you see news reports of Erik causing terror around the globe. You can hear the ground begin to shake.
▪You convince yourself that Alex is fighting with fellow mutants as you and your kids run to the cement panic room under your house. That wasn’t your idea but Charles convinced you to get that instead of having a basement. You and Alex agreed knowing that at anytime the peace could fade. You both knew it would happen eventually but your stomach was in a knot knowing that it had finally done so.
▪Your boy is asleep so you grab him, his blankie, and his stuffed animal then run downstairs. You set him on the couch and lock the door. With a sigh you sit next to the couch, worrying about Alex.
▪You eventually pull yourself onto the couch and pull your son close. It was amazing how he could sleep through one of the world’s biggest disasters. You just held him, trying to not make him uncomfortable with your bun of seven months in the oven.
▪You eventually fell asleep and the next morning you wake up your boy and warily take him outside. The street is destroyed, some houses are lopsided, and your house is the only one that’s safe.
▪You wait for Alex to come home but he doesn’t. At one in the morning you get a phone call from Charles. You’re standing as you answer it but once the words he says sink in, you’re on your knees, sobbing. You hear your little boy. "Mommy?” You tell him to go back to bed and with a worried look he does.
▪Memories in the house are too painful so you move to Xavier’s manor.
▪You and Scott were always close, especially since he knew you since he was a baby, but after Alex passed away there was an even stronger unspoken bond that was created. They comforted each other on bad days and Scott was even there when you gave birth to your little girl.
▪At eight she enrolls to the school with the powers of telekinesis and the ability to calm someone down by touching them. An ability that comes in handy all too often.
▪You live out the rest of your life, watching your kids and Scott grow while you remain a widow.
▪You pass away on a mission where you protect a student from getting fatally injured. The worst part of it is that you feel some relief. You had lovely last memories and your kids were the most important things in the world to you but the fact that you knew you’d finally be gone and that there may be an afterlife to see Alex in, well, that brought a smile to your face as your eyes closed and your chest only took in one last breath.

Auston Matthews #1.5

Hi guys! This is the last part of the original drabble. This is finally coming to an end… but there are more Auston to come, I promise! :) Enjoy!!

Links for parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Word count: 1, 178

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Here’s an advice for everyone: if you decide to follow your heart, stand by your choice and never second-guess anything else. Buy the game ticket, book the flight, check-in at the hotel. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to an unfamiliar city or you’re not even telling him you’re watching his game… just go. Do it for love or whatever. Don’t forget: second guessing yourself will be detrimental to everything.

If only you practiced what you preach then you wouldn’t be stranded in the middle of Pearson International Airport with just two hours before the game starts, looking like a lost little girl. You don’t even know how far the arena is from the airport. God, you’re going to be late, Auston won’t see you and then you’ll have to tell him through text that you’re actually in Toronto right now.

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Request: “Hey I’m Kassidy! Can you do an imagine for me?? I want it be with Dean and I want smut or fluff whichever one you would like to do thankssss :) ❤️” + “Oh could you make one where Dean is like jealous of the readers and cas relationship?” - @ayeeitskassi

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Jealous!Dean (my fav), fluffy, giggly smut

A/n: This turned like SUPER giggly oops. (btw I got kinda hot and bothered writing some of this like damn)

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You giggled as Cas poked your side. “Stop!! Why do you always do that to me?” You tried to sound upset, but he made you laugh too much.

“Because I can.”

You laughed again. “Fair enough. But we actually have to go help Sam and Dean with research.”

“Are you sure you aren’t saying this just because you would like to spend time with Dean?”

You rolled your eyes. You had a crush on Dean since goodness knows when, but could you really help yourself? Cas was the only person, or celestial being, or whatever that you had ever told, and he always had to say something about it. “You know, you’re lucky I love you or else you’d be getting a fist in the gut.”

He smiled. “Shall we go then?”

“That’s what I was asking for in the first place, honey.”

Both of you walked into the library laughing. Sam and Dean looked up from their laptops.

“Hey guys, you finally coming to help us?” Sam said with an amused voice.

You chuckled again, still in a giggly mood from your conversation with Cas. “Yeah. Sorry.”

Dean did not look so amused as he looked back to the computer screen. “You know, we could hear you guys laughing all the way in here.”

“Sorry, grumpy pants. You allergic to laughter or something?” You replied, ruffling his hair and sitting in the chair next to him.


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boyfriend! Mark Lee
  • so there’s hesitance and loTS O F THA T ISH at first
  • Mark isn’t really a shy person but with you everything about him takes a 180 degree turn
  • his awkwardness which was probably just a 7 on daily basis skyrocketed to 812472384.732276 with you
  • because like
  • to think HE–Mark Lee–ended up with such a beautiful ethereal being
  • fr tho the boy could hardly believe it at first
  • when you uttered those 4 words in reply ‘i like you too’ [insert Mark’s ‘OH MY GAWD’ ‘DUDE ARE U SRS RN’]
  • the next day he literally thought that Taeyong was joking when he said he had a date with you
  • poor boy thought he was dreaming
  • but yeah, he really, really likes you don’t mess this up mark
  • tbh that would be an understatement bc the lovesick puppy adores you
  • y’know those guys who NEVER. FRICKING. SHUT. UP. about their girlfriends?
  • straight up yeah he’s one of them
  • the members are like yeah ok we’re happy for you two mofos and all, but like mark shut up that’s literally the 39th fact we’ve heard about her in the last hour please
  • please
  • anyway
  • when you first start dating Mark is really, quite far from smooth, but he does try his best!!
  • if anything, he’s just seriously hella awkward
  • he did try that practice flirting in front of the mirror thing but he just stopped bc he felt that that just wasn’t him and the last thing Mark Minhyung Lee wanted to do was be someone other than his absolutely fully capable swaggy-ass self
  • he really does care about you tho, and is always genuinely interested in what you have to say
  • he asks all of those questions like, ‘How was your day?’ and ‘What are you doing right now?’ when you’re apart, and not bc he saw all of those guys in the movies do it, but he is actually interested in probably everything that has to do with you and yes he is authentically curious on how and why Donghyuck was pissing you off again and yes he can relate 110%
  • he giggles a lot
  • but you don’t mind bc you find it cute that he finds you cute enough to cutely giggle at every cute thing you cutely do
  • would probably start giggling at the most random of times too, for things that people wouldn’t normally find amusing
  • ‘what’s so funny?’
  • ‘you did this thing with your nose just then, like, you scrunched it up, like this–it was cute’
  • skinship is foreign territory to this precious bby
  • with guys yeah sure no problem wassup man
  • but with girls
  • umm skinship ?? what ?? could ?? that ?? possibly ?? be ?? with ?? her ?? especially ?? you must be joking
  • but somewhere during those first few dates he sorta got the urge to want to hold you in his arms and just admire you like that??
  • it was just a feeling at first that he brushed off as nerves
  • but then he really, just really wanted to hold your hand and he sorta just asked on the whim without thinking about 
  • when you went like ‘hm?’ he internally face-palmed bc did i rly just think out loud again
  • but instead of saying ‘nothing’ he decided to take a leap of faith dude its just a hand come on
  • and he did that irresistible thing that cute guys always do where they put their hand on their neck and look at you with puppy eyes ugh go away mark
  • ‘c-can I hold your hand?’
  • ‘lol k’
  • and he’s a bit in awe bc that’s all it took 2 months and he couldn’t shake the feeling of the warmth he felt with your hand in his, with his heart feeling soft and butterflies fluttering around in his stomach
  • it was then he decided that he was going to marry you
  • lol jk not really tho
  • from then on Mark started to feel more comfortable with you and initiated more skinship, but he isn’t clingy and you’re both chill with that
  • it’s just small stuff like holding hands and playing with your fingers, or having his arm around your shoulder or just small touches like your legs touching or some ish like that, not anything over the top
  • not the type to cuddle often, only if you’re in need of comfort or something
  • he also enjoys hugging you
  • also not a common occurrence
  • his hugs are bear-like and really random and out-of-nowhere, sometimes he’d pick you up and spin you around ugh bYE M AR  K
  • never in public tho–NEVER IN PUBLIC
  • and it’s not bc he’s really embarrassed about it or anything, he just thinks that things like that are intimate and personal and should be kept in between the couple
  • not the over-protective type or the type to get easily jealous either–he trusts you–but if someone is giving you a hard time or is openly making moves on you, he wouldn’t hesitate to step in and help bc the last thing he wants is his precious angel to feel uncomfortable and unhappy
  • would probs just call you by your name tbh, lets be real here. i don’t think Mark would call his s/o baby because like he is one himself when he thinks of babies he thinks of ACTUAL BABIES and he’d just feel a bit weirded out
  • but even when he does there’s a certain sweetness and a different tone to his voice when he says your name. it’s hard to explain, but let’s just say that if your name was a song lyric, that would be the highlight of the song for Mark. anyone who heard would be able to tell that you were someone special to him just by hearing him say your name
  • on top of that, Mark would support you in literally anything you do. like if you got a basketball into the hoop he’d be super extra like ‘u are the most amazing being to ever exist’ even tho he could probably score like 10 in a row
  • you got an award at your graduation and Mark was hands down so damn proud, clapping the loudest
  • ‘GO Y/N!! hey, hey mister! you see that girl? thAT’S MY G I R L FR I E ND. omg–GO Y/N!!!!’
  • yo face was the shade of a sunburned red chilli but nonethless you couldn’t stop grinning
  • ‘is that your boyfriend? you’re so lucky!’
  • ‘damn straight’
  • Mark doesn’t say those three magical little words often, to anyone, really. he doesn’t say it to you a lot bc he knows you know that he loves you more than anything else in the world and that the feelings are mutual, but he does say it, when the moment feels right.
  • random rap battles in ingrish ftw
  • the term ‘boyfriend’ still makes him feel giddy don’t say it around him or he might start squealing lmao
  • in conclusion, a relationship with Mark is probably the best you could wish for in the romance department. he wastes no time at all in making you feel loved and happy, and all he wants by the end of the day is you, happy and content in his arms. he would be there for you no matter what, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say you would be his world. there’s lots of stupid laughter over the dumbest things, and while your relationship won’t be smooth sailing all the time, you know you’re in for that long ass ride when he utters those 4 little words to you years later on one knee with a box in hand.
  • it was in that moment that you realized Mark’s laugh was the one sound that you would never get tired of hearing for the rest of your life ♡

~ ~ ~

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Well that certainly tore my heart apart became longer than expected. See this is the effect Mark has on people, if his face wasn’t beautiful I would punch him but he’s too cute do you see where I’m getting at? yeah me neither. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, beautiful person ♡ have a great day ~


My SFCon Photo Op Experience:

I’m going to do a very long post on my whole experience later today but I just wanted to get into the photo ops first because, well … they tend to be the focal point of everyone’s con anyway.  Honestly, I was nervous as all hell for my photo ops. The only other experience I’ve ever had with a celebrity (as in, being that close to them), I basically went mute and nodded a lot. I couldn’t be like that this time—I had too much riding on my op with Misha … and of course, my op with Misha was going to be the first one I did.

So, on Saturday, we had already seen panels with Rob, Gil, Osric, and Felicia. We also had already experienced karaoke night, where I got to touch and interact with a lot of them … so I felt like I handled that well, and it gave me some hope for Misha. When we got to the theater on Saturday, we had the intro with Rob and Richard—they are fucking hilarious, by the way. I mean, we all knew that, but watching them bicker like a married couple in person? Oh my god!  I almost peed myself. They are so, freaking adorable! Anyway, I digress. So, we had the intro, a couple more panels and then … photo ops began. I had op-numbers 108 and 124. I thankfully, could take them both back to back so I didn’t have to get back in line. So, when they called for that range, I started freaking out. I had props and my book (for those of you who don’t know, I am writing a novel for Misha and I had the first eight chapters bound for him and I wanted to give it to him at the con) I still wasn’t sure if I would have time to explain properly what all these things were—or if the photo would come out right, or if I would even be able to give him the book at some point. Six months of work was riding on so much uncertainty and it was terrifying.

So, there I am in line and we finally shuffle through the doors … and there in the back of the room, is Misha fucking Collins. If you think the man is good looking on screen, it pales in comparison to him in person. Everything in him exudes perfection. I … I could go on for days, but I will put that in the next post. As I inch closer to this man that has become the world to me, I start to prep everything in my hands and go over what I want to say a million times. When they finally get to me, I am just too determined to choke. I walked up to him and handed him the signs (signs thanking the girls who helped me edit and beta read my novel). He looked at me a little confused. I held up the book and (I don’t even know if I said Hi first … I think I did, I hope I did) I said, “These two girls have helped me edit a novel I am writing for you, so I wanted you to help me thank them.” He nodded and we turned and took the photo, then as I was saying I have a second photo—he reached over and literally ripped the book out of my hands. He started flipping through it and then said “Oh, I really like the title!”  (which is “Gi’s Wishes” inspired by GISHWHES, of course). The he laughed and smiled, shook his head and said “I can’t believe you’re writing me a novel.” Then he turned and wrapped me in the hardest, tightest most genuine hug you could ever imagine. I don’t think either of us were really thinking about the second photo … as you might be able to tell because we look all squished and he looks like he’s going “Oh yeah … the photo”.  Immediately after, one of the convention volunteers was trying to pull me away but I hugged him again and he thanked me. I know at some point, I started to try and say that I had a copy for him, but I don’t think the words ever really came out. Anyway, I left smiling, then I got out of the room and I was shaking, and then I completely broke down crying. I was crying so hard that another volunteer came over to check on me, thinking something horrible happened. I ended up explaining to her that I wasn’t sad … I was just amazed that Misha took the time to look through my book, comment on it and then hug me, like he was really, truly appreciative of my efforts. She then started asking me all sorts of questions about my novel and made me feel even happier that I muscled through and got it done in time to show Misha.  Having that moment with him, was honestly one of the most validating and special moments of my life.

Okay … my Jensen photo op was more silly than anything. I wasn’t as nervous. I didn’t have a huge speech for him or anything to tell him about. I just needed to take a picture. Mainly, I just didn’t want to drool all over myself because of his profound beauty. By the time my op came around, we had already had our morning panel with Jensen and Jared (video to come). So, I got to see Jensen and melt into his reality a little. Then, I went in line for the photo op. Jesus Christ, that man is perfection. And his voice in person … so many, dirty, inappropriate things come to mind. Oh my sweet, baby Jesus. Anyway, I decided that I was going to do the pose I had originally planned for my second photo with Misha (but I was so happy to take the genuine hug from him instead). So, I walked up to Jensen, said hi, he said hi back and looked me with those amazing, beautiful eyes … and I asked him if I could hold his hand. He said “Of course” and smiled in a way that nearly killed me. Then he grabbed my hand, cupping it like a five year old … I quickly adjusted so I could lace our fingers together … because there is no way in hell I was just going to cup Jensen Ackles’s hand. He kind of smirked at that but that’s okay haha. We turned to the side and I reached over and held his muscly arm, and I felt his head tilt down towards mine … and I melted. I am so, so glad the picture turned out well and didn’t look like I was thinking dirty, dirty thoughts … because I was. I turned and hugged him after the photo, taking a moment to feel how incredibly firm he is. Oh my god … it was amazing. I was shaking after that, just staring at my hand, going “It touched Jensen Ackles! It held his hand! AHHHHHH!” Honestly, I still can’t believe it.

Then, later came time for my Cockles photo op. I wasn’t nervous, just excited. I was hoping Misha would recognize me as the girl with the book, because at that point, I had already had his autograph and he had already taken a copy of the book (more on that later as well).  I got into line and started chatting with my new friend, Megan spncancercare (I hope I’m remembering your name correctly, my dear. I am so bad with names.) We bonded while in line and talked about the boys’ perfection … obviously, a lot to talk about with that subject. Anyway, as we got closer, I thought about the pose I wanted them to do. I wanted Jensen to fold his arms on top of my head, lean across and kiss Misha’s cheek. When I got up to them, Misha was talking to a volunteer while I was explaining the pose. Then he came back and was like “Wait, so what’s the plan?” and Jensen started to explain but he kind of got it wrong and in my diluted mental state of realizing; ‘I’m actually talking to both of them at the same time’ I was like “No, see Jensen, you’ll stand like this …” to where I reach across his body and turned him physically (which felt amazing at the time but I feel horrible about now, since it was probably so pushy and rude) and then I said again, how he would kiss Misha on the cheek. Suddenly, a volunteer was at my side saying “No, we can’t do any kisses. That’s not allowed.” I was a little surprised, to say the least, and then I think Jensen turned me around and I kicked off my heels to snap the photo … I didn’t even know what pose we ended up with until I saw the picture later. I was still fairly, obliviously happy at this point so I turned and hugged Misha. As I pulled away however, his face just looked like he was so, very done. I started to sink … I realized right then, as the volunteer was pulling me away—I was probably “that fan”. I was that pushy, demanding fan who treated them like puppets I paid for instead of people who are generous enough to give me this opportunity. That so wasn’t my intention but I just felt awful. I walked out and talked to Megan a bit more, but as the time passed and the more I thought about it, I just wanted to cry. I decided, during the rest of the panels, that during my autograph, I would apologize to Jensen and hope that he passed the message along to Misha. So that’s what I did. I handed him my thing to sign and said “I think I really annoyed you and Misha during my photo op, so I wanted to apologize.” He just smiled a little and shook his head, finally looking back up to hand back my book and said “No … you didn’t.” I just “Oh … okay. Thank you … bye” and walked away. I don’t know if the pause he had in the middle was to emphasize the “you”, as in “you weren’t the annoying one; or if it was just a moment to try and sound convincing. Either way … I think he was just very tired at that point, so everything was probably getting on his nerves. Overall, I ended the con at kind of a low point because the last thing I wanted to do was annoy two people that are such, huge role models to me. I hope I’m just over thinking it. I know I didn’t get as crazy as some people get. I just normally, wouldn’t act that way and I’m angry that I did. I just hope that Misha didn’t recognize me now, because I don’t want him to think “the annoying girl” wrote him a book. I doubt he would ever think that … he was probably just exhausted overall. I know, I worry too much, but I can’t help it.

Anyway , I should say though, I had an amazing time. I loved my experience and met so many, new, nice, amazing people. All my photos turned out pretty damn good, so I’m very happy with that. In spite of the little low point, I wouldn’t trade my time at the con for the world. It was so awesome and fun. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to get to do that. Thank you to everyone who was encouraging and helped me along the way! I love you guys so, very much!

Call Me Percival

Pairing: Percival Graves X Reader
Prompt:#4 or #1 with Graves? (pre Grindelwald pls) i’m total Graves trash oml  Same honey same..
I decided on #4 “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
Warnings: None… I don’t think!
A/N: Send me a prompt! Either from your own imagination or from the list on my blog! To the anon who requested this and everyone else, I hope you enjoy!

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William McKinley had a lucky flower that he would wear. Every time he wore it, he would win every election. He was wearing it when he was meeting people and gave the lucky flower to a little girl. A couple minutes later, he was shot and eventually killed. He should have never given away that damn flower...

That is so sad :(

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LOL at the line in only angel about wearing a "skirt that short" because I'm tall (5'10"-5'11") and literally everything is short on me. It's the fucking worst. Oh, you're at a friend's house and you spill something on yourself so she gives you a change of clothes? Welcome to the booty shorts club. Oh, you really like this dress? Better not bend over. Crop tops? No you mean bras right? Bc they're the same length. Short girls are lucky! I would like to think H would like it but I can't picture it

God he WOULD love it. He absolutely would. Always play with the things that were a little too short on you. “So very pretty. So short. Damn baby, are you trying to kill me?”

She gives me the wonders of what it feels to be alive, a reason to look forward for tomorrow. I can’t stop smiling whenever she leaves me messages about her little twerks of happiness in her everyday life while I’m busy. I really can’t. I peeked through my ipad and saw her messages about her agony while she was watching a depressing korean drama. I smiled irresistibly and thought “This girl is a big cry baby, but she’s my cry baby”

She doesn’t know what I see when I look at her. She doesn’t know how the little things she does makes me smile and constantly reminds me that this girl is a keeper. This girl is so damn worth it. And with this, I want to be the man she can rely on. I want to be the person she leans on when life gets tough. The one human being that makes her feel complete.

I can’t stress out how lucky I am to have found someone like her. I’m not a decent blogger, I go way broad with my thoughts. She’s the only one that narrows it down to one. I love her so much. Continue to have your eyes on me because you’ll always gonna have mine on you.

Rowaelin Fanfiction, "New Beginnings"

Slight NSFW.

Aelin was nervous. And rarely ever was she this nervous. Rowan had asked her to meet his uncle, his adopted father. Oh, gods, she had in-laws. Some miniscule part of her was thankful for this small bit normalcy, but— She shook her head and Rowan shot her a glance from across the carriage. “What’s wrong, Aelin?” His voice was soft, and he gently took her hand, running his thumb across the scarred back of it.

      She rolled her neck, and adjusted the hem of her sleeve. “I—Do you think they’ll like me?” Rowan pursed his lips, and pressed a sweet kiss to her brow. “Since when do you care what others think, Princess.” She leaned across the small space and leaned her head on his shoulder, and murmured onto his neck, “Since I had to meet your family.“

     Rowan smiled and kissed her elegantly styled hair, “It is going to be fine, Princess. You’ve already met Enda and Sellene.” He was right, of course, she had met them during the War, but the rest of his family, mainly his uncle, she had yet to encounter.

       Hissing, she nipped at his jaw, “Whatever, Buzzard.” His breathy chuckle warmed her neck, and she felt the carriage slow to an easy walk. She pulled back, and Rowan brought her hand to his lips, brushing a chaste kiss to her hand. “Are you ready, milady?”

     Rowan’s uncle’s estate was as to be expected; elegant, beautiful, and utterly extravagant. From the elegant arches, to the high-domed roofs. The warm light that glowed from the entry way and through the large bay windows, washed over the garden on the east side of the house. In the two weeks they had been in Doranelle, this was one of the most beautiful structures she’d seen.

      Beside her, Rowan smiled at the tall male striding down the walk towards them, his uncle, then. He stopped before them, and gave a deep bow. As he stood, Aelin decided that all of the Whitethorn’s had been blessed with a certain brutal beauty. The male was thin in his old age, but most certainly a warrior. A warrior not in the way most were, but one of mind and cunning and trickery—A Fae. He ran his pale eyes over Rowan, then over her, and gave a timid smile.

“Row— I mean Your Majesties,” the male’s accent was thick, his tone cool and smooth. Rowan gave a small nod, “Uncle Avan.” Rowan pulled his arm from hers, and crossed the distance between him and his uncle, extending a large hand. Avan took it firmly, and embraced him. Rowan withdrew, and came to stand once again next to her.

          Avan looked towards her and smiled broadly, “You must be Aelin.” She gave him a winning smile and nodded in conformation, “Yes I am, I want to thank you for having us.”

    The male gave an overly exaggerated laugh, and shook his head, his short silver hair rippling in the moonlight. “You needn’t bother with such formalities, my dear. You’re practically family.” And despite herself, she decided she sort of like the male.

     Rowan Whitethorn tracked every movement his cousins made as they passed through the elegant archways that led into the entryway, he tracked every movement his mate made. Ever since they had entered Wendlyn, every nerve in his body had been on alert.

       He had no reason, and as they walked he realized that if anyone should be anxious and edgy, it should be Aelin. The atrocities he and his mate had endured while here still made them both start awake in the dark of the night, pleas for mercy and screams of pain.

    He set aside the dark thoughts, and focused on the house around them. It had been his home; more so then that of his parents. A place for love and wildness. Glancing down at his wife, he smiled. He wanted that for them.

      In front of them, his uncle paused in front of a large elegantly designed door— the dining room. “We’ll be eating in a half hour, if you’d like to show Her Majesty around, Rowan. I’m sure you remember your way.” He smiled down at Aelin, who returned his grin. “We’d like that very much, Avan,” Aelin said rather distractedly.

      Aelin couldn’t take her eyes off of her mate as they walked through his old home, he regaled her with stories of his childhood, stories of training with his cousins. In her mind she could envision little Rowan running wild through the very halls she walked. Perhaps she would be able to give a child that kind of joy one day. Smiling, she laughed under her breath as Rowan told her of nearly breaking his arm after shifting too early and slamming into a staircase. She leaned her head against his shoulder as they neared a small open balcony. He nodded at the guards standing on either side of the large doors, and stepped through, the heavy doors closing behind them.

     Aelin gasped a bit as she beheld the vast gardens and the twinkling sky that spread before them. “It’s beautiful, Rowan,” she breathed into his ear. It was amazing— the velvet dark sky above them stretched on forever, and Aelin quickly decided she could easily get lost in it. Rowan gently pulled his arm from her own, but grabbed her hand and tugged her towards the railing. He set their intertwined hands on the marble railing, and braced his other atop the railing. “It really is, isn’t it?”

        The wind ruffled his short silver hair, and tossed her own. Abruptly, Rowan turned back to face her, and caught her lips with his. His lips moved gently over hers, his other hand slid around her. She marveled at how natural it was to open for him, and allow his tongue sweep into her mouth. Her knees trembled at the want the flowed between them through the bond, and she reached up to grasp his neck, but Rowan pulled away, causing her to whimper. “Aelin, I’ve been wanting to ask you something.” She pulled back and nodded, and felt her heart skip a beat as he sank to one knee. He reached into his jacket and extracted a small velvet box. She pressed a hand to her mouth.

       “I know we have been married for a while now, Aelin, but I don’t think you really wanted to be married on a ship in the middle of a war, so Aelin…” Her eyes burned and she offered him her hand, which he grasped. He lifted his eyes to hers, and smiled, “Will you, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, marry me? Will you grant me the pleasure of spending the rest of my life with you. To whatever end, Fireheart.”

     Hot tears escaped her, and she threw herself on him, shaking her head yes. Rowan sank to the ground, clutching her to his chest, kissing her again and again. “Of course I will, Rowan. Of course.” When they finally pulled away, Rowan slipped the ring on her finger. She raised it to her face and examined it. A pearl sat between two emeralds, which perched on a worn band of silver— it was beautiful. Rowan ran a hand down her side, his eyes still locked on her face, “I had wanted to really propose for a while now, and yesterday, while you were at the sweet shop, I came up here, and asked Avan if he still had my mother’s ring— he did. I asked him if— while we were up here— I could show you around, and find a nice place to give it to you. Of course, he said yes.”

     Rowan stopped and gave her a lazy grin, brushing a kiss to her brow, “He even said he’d plan a special dinner for us.” She had thought about this for a long time, she realized— since she had been a little girl. She had dreamt of a wedding, had dreamt of her proposal night, but she had accepted that she would never find true love, never find something like she had with Rowan. He cocked his head to the side, and rose a silver brow. “What are you thinking, Fireheart?”

     She gave a sly grin, “I’m thinking, Mr. Galathynius, that I am incredibly lucky to have you. I’m thinking that when we get back to the house, that people are going to be banging on our door, begging us to just stop, because it’s so damn loud. I’m thinking that you’re going to have to physically restrain me during this dinner because I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my hands off you.” Rowan’s hand tightened on her waist, his pupils flaring. Then she leaned in, brushing her lips over his cheekbone, “And I’m thinking that I love you, and that I’m so glad you are my mate.”

           Rowan heaved a breath, and kissed her again, soft and slow. Then he pulled back and stood, offering her a broad hand up, which she gratefully accepted. They stood there for a moment, hands clasped between them, before heading back inside.

    Rowan hadn’t doubted she’d say yes. Not for one moment, as they were already married— although he’d had his doubts at whether or not Aelin would want a wedding. But she deserved a proper marriage, a proper proposal. She didn’t even have a ring, as the war had only been over for a few months and they hadn’t had time to have a proper wedding. This trip to Doranelle was as much for pleasure as it was for political reasons. They had come to discuss how he and Aelin would rule both Terrasen and the Fae Country, and how they would merge the two courts. They were both rather frazzled.

   Noticing his thoughts, Aelin nudged Rowan with her elbow as they walked back to the dining room, and hissed, “Stop thinking, Buzzard. I want you to worry just about this dinner, then the rest of this evening is up to me.” He took a moment to take her in; elegantly swept back hair; honey-colored skin; golden evening gown that made him think impure thoughts— his mate. He kissed her brow, needing to touch her. “Alright, Aelin,” he conceded. “But we still should worry about Lys and Aedion, I sincerely hope they haven’t killed anyone yet.”
 Aelin scoffed, “I think we should be more worried about Elide.” Rowan growled his agreement.

   All in all, the dinner went magnificently. Avan complemented her on the ring, Sellene validated the fact that seventeen-year-old Rowan would barely be able to lay eyes on her without beginning to babble like an idiot. And at that Rowan had blushed and frowned at his younger cousin, who had laughed him off— to his snarling dismay. Then, true to her word, Aelin had ran her fingertips all over Rowan.

     And when the night came to an end, Aelin was… Happy. The past few months had been stressful and tense and sorrowful. But, on the ride back to Rowan’s home, she had found herself smiling idly, looking forward to what tomorrow and the night held. Rowan, too, seemed over-joyed, a smile plastered on his face the entire way. And as soon as they began to near his parents old home, the smile became predatory.

Leaning across the gap between the seats, Rowan whispered in her ear quietly, “When we get in there, we are going to sleep in the other side of the house, Aelin.”

     Gods, the way he whispered her name … she shuddered, but leaned in to his warmth, and nipped his jaw, making sure he heard every word, “Are you sure that’ll be far enough, Prince?”

    Resisting the urge to sprint for the door of his home, Rowan grasped Aelin’s hand as the made their way inside. And upon entering they found Aedion and Lysandra waiting for them. “What is that? Aelin— Is that what I— Oh, it is!”

    Lysandra shrieked as she beheld Aelin’s ring-adorned hand. Aelin’s smile lit up the room as she nodded, and extended her hand for them to see. Aedion gave him an approving nod, and walked over to view the ring. Finally, Lysandra pulled away from Aelin and wrapped them both in a crushing hug, which seemed to amuse Aedion, who began to cough fitfully. When the Lady finally pulled off of them, she pressed a kiss to Aelin’s cheek, and whispered something to her that Rowan didn’t catch, and wrapped her arm with Aedion’s and bid them goodnight.

   Aelin dragged Rowan by the wrist to their rooms for the night, stopping every so often to press a kiss to his lips, or allow him to push her against the wall and capture her lips with his own. Aelin glanced back as they walked and balked a bit at the lust in Rowan’s pine-green eyes. Just a few more doors…

     Aelin laughed as Rowan practically threw open the door leading to the large chambers. A quick sweep of her eyes told her that it would do for the night, and another quick glance had the candles in the room igniting. Slyly, she turned around, smiling like cat with a mouse, and faced Rowan, who leaned lazily against the pine door of the antechamber. “Well, Prince. I believe this will do.”

  He emitted a low growl, and swept his eyes along her body. “I think so, too.” She slid a hand up his chest, and kissed the corner of his mouth, the other corner.

      Rowan groaned as she stopped, and tugged him back to bed. “Lay down, Rowan.” He quickly did as he was told, and propped himself up on his elbows. Maintaining eye-contact, Aelin reached her hands back and grasped the laces of her dress and tugged. It took her a moment, but she finally shimmed free of the dress’ confines. It slid down her body, and pooled around her ankles in a golden puddle. Rowan’s eyes went wide as he took in her lingerie clad body.

    Although she hadn’t planned his proposal, Aelin had planned to. . surprise him. She slid her hands up her body, over the curve of her waist, along the side of her breasts, and to the golden hair pins restraining her hair. Throwing them to the ground, she shook her head, letting her hair fall in a thick wave around her shoulders. Rowan’s hands went to his shirt, reaching for the buttons, but she grabbed his wrist, and tutted.

       “Let’s just wait a minute, Buzzard,” she crooned. He raised brow, but moved his hand away. Aelin ran her fingertips up his thighs, and crawled up over him, the mattress groaning under their combined weight. She pressed hot kisses to Rowan’s neck, and hummed as he ran his calloused hands over the skin of her back. She sat again, and grabbed Rowan’s wrists’ again— this time pinning them above his head.

     He gave her a lazy smirk—one she was accustomed to— and chuckled. “So, that’s how it going to be, hmm?” She nodded, and bent down to nip his bottom lip, a movement that sent him groaning. Rowan arched of the bed, deepening the kiss, but Aelin laughed darkly, and pulled away. Below her, Rowan looked like a young god, his chest rising and falling in an uneven rhythm, his silver hair a ruffled mess. Rowan licked his sinful lips, and rolled his hips gently, causing her to bite back a moan. “Are you done playing, Princess?

She shook her head, and kissed him slowly. “Have some patience, Prince.”

Aelin awoke to Rowan carefully stroking her bare side, his head propped up on a tan arm. She scooted back and pressed her back to his chest, the silken sheets sliding off of her body. He brazenly surveyed her body, and kissed her neck. “Row’, what time is it?” He halted his stroking, and nestled into the pillows, pulling her closer to him. “About ten o'clock, dear.”

She smiled at the word, and nodded. “How long have you been up?” She felt him shrug, and he brushed a kiss to her shoulder. “Half an hour, you looked very peaceful, I didn’t want to wake you.” She nodded, closed her eyes again. She was tired, they had been up late into the night doing … things. Rowan ran his fingers over some of the smaller scars on her back, and she purred. His hand stopped, and she cracked open an eye. “Can I kiss you, Aelin?”

    “Of course, Rowan, I—.” She jolted as Rowan kissed her back, along one of the scars marring her flesh. “Do you want me to stop?” Rowan asked hesitantly.

It took her a minute to regain her breath, not because she disliked it, but because she wasn’t really expecting it. And in the months since she’d been freed from Maeve’s grasp, she had been reluctant to let him touch them. “No, Rowan. Keep— Keep going.” He did as he was told, turning her over to her stomach, and hovering over her. He kissed the small of her back, then the longer scar stretching from her shoulder blade to her waist. A small mewl of pleasure escaped her lips, and she let her head fall on the pillow. Rowan smiled against her skin, and continued kissing his way all over her back. He ran his calloused hands over each and every scar, all the while murmuring I love you.

  And as her mate worshipped her on that bed, she realized that no matter what, no matter the evil, no matter the enemy, she would face slavery and war and death and despair all over again for him. For her mate who had torn the world apart for her, for her mate who would gladly face everything he had endured again for her.

Daryl Dixon and Paul "Jesus" Rovia Smut

Idek… This is random.
Just to warn ya, English is not my first language. So I’m sorry for any mistakes and grammar.

Warning: Smut, Threesome, and swearing.

Imagine: You’re Neagan’s daughter but you left you dad’s camp because you couldn’t handle the violence.

Neagan’s part is somewhat made up.
Also the reader is 18 while Jesus is 33 and Daryl is 47.
Lastly Daryl will be somewhat the flirty kind.

-Your POV-

I started running to who knew where I was running to. The only thing I wanted is to be out sight of the guards of my father’s camp. I couldn’t handle the violence in that camp. I tried to talking my father out of this whole violent phase of his. Ever since mom died he’s been sleeping around with random women in the camp. I think he even calls them his “wives”. The dad that I loved and adore was now gone. He still showed his love towards me and protected me from danger. But I couldn’t handle what he was doing to people. Burning their skin with a flat iron, but the thing that was worse, was when he brought his most beloved love out. Lucille. Lucille can be deadly. Never mind that, of course Lucille is dangerous. She’s a bat wrapped around chicken wire for gosh sakes. My dad uses her to kill what he calls, the “competition”.

Back to my running. I was so caught up in thoughts that I didn’t noticed that I’ve had run almost 4 miles. Up to a gate, a gate that I presumably thought lead to safe heaven. I hid behind a junk car. But I was suddenly tackled by a zombie. Which led to me screaming out in fright. All of the sudden I hear a voice calling out. “Who’s there!?” It said. Sounded like a girl. But all I could do was struggle in the walkers grip. I tried to hold it from biting me with one arm while the other tried to reach for my knife. I successfully got it and with relief I stabbed the fuck outta the walkers brain. Rotten blood spraying all over me. Mostly my face which led me to almost throwing up.

I hear a gate opening. I quickly got my shot gun that contained a silencer on it and got ready for who ever was coming my way. “Hello? Is anyone out here?” The same voice I heard about a minute ago. I carefully stood up and came out of my hiding place. Once I was out of the hiding place the girl pointed her gun at me. I didn’t noticed the red head man standing next to her. “Who are you?” Said the girl with a firm voice. “Um hello I’m y/n… I um…” But I suddenly felt light headed and started to loose my balance. The last thing I saw was the red headed guy reaching out for me. Then it was black.


“Why is she here?, why did you guys bring her inside? We don’t know this girl. For all we know she can be dangerous” was all I could hear. Well aren’t they nice. I tried so hard to open my eyes, but my brain was stopping me from opening them. My third time I successfully did it. The light was so bright that I didn’t know it was now night time. Yet the lights were shining straight at me.

Tried to get my eyes to adjust, a firmed guy’s voice asked me harshly “who the hell are you? And what were you doing in front of our gate?” The man who had asked me appeared to be scruffy looking with blue eyes. He had a voice tone as if he were to be a sheriff. “Rick calm down she barely woke up, give her a break” a women next to him whisper yelled at who appears to be Rick. The woman had a beautiful dark tone skin, and dreads that made her look like a bad ass. “Hello, I’m Michone and he’s Rick. I apologize for his harshness” Michone apologized. “It’s fine, mind telling me why I’m in here?” I asked them. “Sasha and Abraham, two of our people brought you inside because you fainted. Our doc said that you fainted because it seems that you haven’t gotten anything to eat and you were also dehydrated” Michone informed me. “Now if you don’t mind telling us why were you in front of the gates I will be nice and give you a plate of food” once again Michone said. Rick was just standing next to her almost as if I were to do something. I wouldn’t blame him though. I took a deep breath and got comfortable on the bed I was. Wow it’s been long that I have been on a bed. Over at the camp they had really hard mattresses. Anyways the minute I got comfortable I told them my whole story how I ran away from my camp because I couldn’t stand the violence. They seem to believe me which that was good.

I felt so sticky and slimy I then remembered the Walker I had fought after I fainted. I think I still have its rotten blood on me. “I will send Maggie to get you a pair of new clothes, seems that you and her are the same size. The shower is right in the left corner of this wall. After you’re done come down to meet the rest of our people. Then we will give you that plate of food we promised you.” Rick finally decided to speak. I have him a nod and a thanks as well as I did to Michone.


Right after my warm shower I started to change to the new clothes that were left for me inside the room I woke up in. I then started to hear loud people speaking. I couldn’t make up the things they were talking about. I got dressed I had on some skinny jeans and a white v neck that fit me too tight for my liking. The bra made my cleavage pop out more. I put on my black dr marten boots on and pull my short/long hair in a ponytail. I started to make my way slowly down the stairs when I suddenly hear a familiar voice… Once I got to the bottom of the stairs I got a little shy and scared from all those stares I received. I put down my head down. “Guys this is -” Rick was about to introduce me to his people when the same familiar said my name “y/n! Is that really you!” I look up and my eyes locked to my one and only love Paul Monroe/Rovia or some people know him as Jesus. I ran up to him and hugged him with all my might. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and my head on his shoulder while his arms were on my ass. Typical Jesus. But sadly he let me down and hold my hand and led me to the table. We both sat down next to each other. In front of me was a man with a scruffy beard and long hair that almost fell to his shoulders. He had on a leather sleeves jacket witch a leather vest on top of it. I couldn’t help but squirm under his stare. His baby blue eyes made me melt just like Jesus gray blue eyes made me felt. All I got from that mysterious blue eyed man was a wink and a smirk. Fuck he’s making my panties wet. But how if Jesus is the one for me. Jesus was my first, he is the one who can only make me scream and have me begging for another round of glorious sex. I couldn’t be thinking like this for another guy. It made me feel uncomfortable with myself. I was startled with Rick’s firmed voice again “So Jesus how you know her?” “Well don’t freak out or anything I assure you that she’s no harm. She’s Neagan’s daughter the guy that we’ve been trying to look for. I know her because we’ve been together since all this shit happened. But her father took her when he found out we were together. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be alive today.” Jesus said while staring at me. I blushed from the stares I received once again. But the one that got me was the man with blue eyes. “Well I expect her not to be a problem to this camp and also she can be a great help once we get to meet that man Neagan” Rick said. “Okay enough with that lets introduced ourselves” Michone said. Once I met everyone, ate and drank a little, Jesus led me outside to the front porch where a couch swing was. We sat there kissing and caressing ourselves. Trying to show the love we missed. “I saw how you and Daryl were staring at each other” Jesus whispered in my ear. I moaned out from the feeling of his hot breath on my neck. It seems to be sensitive from the arousal stage I was in. “I uh well um sorry” I stuttered. “You see that house at the end of this door the one in the corner go in there that’s my home for a bit I’ve been staying here helping. So go get your naughty ass over there I expect you to be inside that room” I was shocked to hear what he just said but yet eager to see what was he planing on.

Once I got to the house he said I started to look for the room and I successfully did. I sat on the comfortable bed and waited. It didn’t took him long to get here. But all I hear were whispers. I started to squirm around. I then see Jesus and Daryl in the entrance of the room’s door. “I got a surprise for you baby, you see it’s been a long time since I had you underneath me naked. So now that you seem to be attracted to Daryl over here I’m going to make your night even better” he said while him and Daryl started heading my way. They made me stand up I was in between both of them. Then suddenly Jesus starts to kissing while Daryl starts to kiss my neck, it wasn’t to long that he found my sweet spot. I started to moan while Jesus was kissing me. I felt both bulges. Daryl’s right in my back while Jesus’ on my stomach. Daryl then decided to take off my white v-neck then followed by my push up bra. I was then thrown to the bed by both of them. I started to breath heavily. I then feel each set of hands on my boobs. Both men were playing with them. “Uh yeah” I moaned out while grabbing both of their long hair. Then suddenly Jesus started his way down kissing my stomach to the button of my jeans. He unbutton them. While Daryl took off my boots. Jesus then saw that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Naughty little girl ain’t she Daryl?” He asked Daryl while showing him that I didn’t have any underwear. “She sure is look at that pussy. Damn man you’re one lucky son’ of a bitch” Daryl said. I blushed so hard from the men that were staring down there. I couldn’t handle it no more so I started to play with myself. “Tsk tsk tsk who said you could touch yourself baby” Jesus said while taking away my wet fingers off my p*ssy. “I’m sorry just please both of you do something” I said desperately. Then they both started to get undressed. I just watched the striping show while squirming around. Once they were both finished Daryl got in between my thighs and spread them as far as he can and started to suck in my price possession. My little pearl. “Uh fuck yes just like that Daryl- Fuck” I moaned out. “You like it how he eats you out baby?” Jesus asked me. I just nodded while moaning out. Jesus then joined in but all he did was finger me. He entered two fingers inside of me. Daryl went to the side to give him some space. They were going so fast that I didn’t know that I was squirting everywhere. “Uh okay stop please no more” I tried separating them from myself. They finally stopped. “Oh honey we ain’t done yet. Daryl did you bring them” he asked Daryl. I gave them a questioning look. And Daryl went to his jeans and got out two wrappers of condoms. I didn’t noticed the size of his penis till now. Shit it was sure big… Even though Jesus looked a tad bit bigger than his. Daryl’s was thicker but Jesus’ was long.

They both put on the condoms and Jesus laid down on the bed. “Get on top of him girly” Daryl said. I got up and obeyed him. I straddled Jesus while he aligned his dick to the opening of my vagina. I slowly went down trying to adjust to his size. Once I was fully in and adjust I started to grind on him. “Uh fuck” “yes baby just like that” Jesus and I moaned. I then feel two big rough hands on my ass, Daryl then spread them apart.. The good thing was that I made sure I cleaned myself. Daryl then slapped my ass moaning out from the pleasured sting I received. I started to go up and down on Jesus faster. We were both moaning out. But then I felt myself being stopped by Daryl. His chest was on my back and his dick right on the entrance of my other hole. Shit. I started to squirm but Jesus and Daryl’s hands were holding my hips. Daryl started to slowly slip his dick inside my other hole. His thickness stretching it apart. I haven’t done this in my whole entire relationship with Jesus. But it sure felt good. Once I was all adjusted to his size. Jesus grabbed me and made our chest meet. I rested my head on his sweaty chest. Then it started both of them slamming into me with great force. Going in a rapid pace. All you could hear was moaning, screaming, the bed hitting the wall, the squeaking of the string of the bed, and skin slapping against each other. “Uh so close” I moaned out. After maybe 10 minutes later of pleasurable feeling. I felt the knot in my stomach ready to be released. “Go ahead girl, baby come for us” they both panted out. They were both kissing my neck. I couldn’t take it no more so I exploded. I came while tightening around both of them. That’s what triggered there ending as they both came at the same time. I could feel their warm cum inside me. Then Daryl got off of me and took of his filled condom I could feel my juices pouring out from my back hole. I then got off of Jesus and payed in the middle of both of them the feeling of my juices coming out of me. I was in a peaceful stage. That I didn’t feel both of Daryl and Jesus kissing me. And caressing my sore boobs. I kissed them back. Wow having a three way relationship didn’t seemed bad. I fell in love with Daryl even though I didn’t know him well but I knew that he was a total sweetheart like my Jesus. “How you feel to share her Dixon? Three way relationship. Are you in?” Jesus asked Daryl. “Only if y/n okay with it” Daryl said. “Fuck yes” I said dreamily while caressing both of their cheeks. “Then hell yes I’m in” Daryl said and kissed me. Then Jesus kissed me. “Go to sleep baby, it’s been a long night, don’t worry Daryl and I will be here when you wake up.” Jesus and Daryl kissed my forehead. And I just said goodnight and went right straight to sleep with both men besides me.

Well that’s that, sorry if it was too detailed. Lol. And long… Please tell me what you guys think.

Pearlmethyst soulmate/human AU:
Every person is born with a mark in the place that their soulmate will first touch them. Amethyst has a splodge of darker skin on her cheek and everybody tells her it must be nice to have such a tender touch awaiting her.
And then she meets Pearl. Except, she doesn’t exactly meet Pearl, she saves her from a robber outside her apartment but Pearl is still panicking by the time the robber has ran off, she’s utterly wrapped in terror so when Amethyst tugs on her arm gently, her fist flies up and cracks into her cheek.
And their marks vanish.
Pearl starts crying hysterically, her hands clenched in her hair and Amethyst is cackling a little manically because christ I should’ve known and Pearl spends fifteen minutes rambling apologies and holding an icepack to Amethyst’s face before at last stuttering something like, “honestly, you’re so pretty that the bruise doesn’t even look that bad”.
And Amethyst is just beaming despite her aching face because all she can think is she got real lucky with this girl ‘cuz she’s impossibly sweet, the prettiest she’s ever seen and damn she’s got a mean right hook

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Bringing Up Marriage


“Yeah, of course I wish he’d think about proposing,” she told her friend with a heavy sigh, “but it’s just not possible. They would never allow him to make that kind of commitment.”

Baekhyun listened to her through the door of their room. He instantly felt bad and a small part of him wondered if he was holding her back. She was right, he couldn’t offer her something like marriage. He had to wonder if maybe she deserved someone who could. 

“In the long run, it doesn’t really matter though does it?” she asked her friend as she laughed a little; he could just barely hear the sadness in her tone, but it was enough to know that she was crying, even if she was trying to hide it. “I have him and he loves me. We live together and I have never been happier. He has already risked so much for me. I am sure I can wait until he can afford something like that if he can do all of this for me.” 

He smiled as he stepped back and leaned against the wall. When did he get so damn lucky to find a girl like her who understood him like that? He’d never let her go. 


“I want to get married like that someday,” she said to herself as she pressed the head of the remote to her chin. 

Her eyes were utterly transfixed on the television and Chanyeol was pretty sure she said that more to herself than to him. However, it still made his nervous. Did she want to get married? Did she want to get married to him? 

He chewed on his lip and watched her face curiously. Was she the girl he wanted to marry? She was certainly important to him, but was he ready for something like that? It was instantaneous that he suddenly knew that she was the girl he’d marry, if he was going to do that at all, just by the way she smiled. 

Chanyeol pulled her closer to him and kissed the top of her head. She smiled and made a kissing face, but her eyes didn’t leave the drama she was engrossed in. He chuckled lightly and pecked her cheek before he started watching the show again. 

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“Do you want to get married?” he asked, trying to keep the conversation casual as he took a bite of his food. 

“Do you?” she asked in return, pushing her food around with her chopsticks as she avoided eye contact. 

She very clearly didn’t want to make it seem like it was important to her, but he knew it was. His girlfriend wouldn’t have brought it up if it hadn’t been bothering her. Chen wasn’t sure he could marry her though; he didn’t think his job would allow it. 

“Someday,” he told her with a smile. 

“Someday,” she said to herself, like it was some kind of raincheck that she believed would expire before she could attempt to use it. She thought he didn’t want her, but that wasn’t it at all. 

“Someday,” he said as he reached across the table and took her hand in his. 

She didn’t say it again, just dropped her eyes to her food. She sighed as she put some of it in her mouth, but he could tell that she didn’t really have much of an appetite anymore. 

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He almost choked on his food when she said it so casually. “M-Marriage?” 

“Yeah,” she said with a small smile. “I don’t know. Maybe I’m talking too soon. I just wanted to know your thoughts on it.” 


He was at a loss for words. What could he say to her that would make sense. He wasn’t ready to be married, but he wanted her to be happy. 

Kai pushed his lips into a smile and looked into her eyes. “I’ve never thought about it before now. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind being married to the girl I love.” 

She smiled at she looked at him inquisitively. “That had better be me you’re talking about.” 


“Good job, Kris. You’ve made her fall so hard she wants you to do something about it. What do you expect though? You’re beautiful.”


“Shush! I don’t want him to hear us,” she told her sister sternly. Kyungsoo snuck a little closer to the room, listening closer. 

“Seriously, he needs to commit,” she said in an annoyed tone of voice. “You have been together for five years. F.I.V.E. Five.” 

His girlfriend shook her head and crossed her arms. “Stop saying five. You’re making me think it sounds weird.”

Her sister rolled her eyes and then threw her hands up in the air. Kyungsoo didn’t understand what her problem was. He and her sister were incredibly happy.

“I know that is what you want,” he sister said impatiently. “Why not just say something.”

“I don’t want to pressure him…if he is going to ask me to marry him, he will do it on his own terms,” his girlfriend said with discontent clearly written into her tone. 

“Let me talk to him. I’ll tell him a few things about our neighbour Lee who has wanted to marry you since we were six.” 


“Yixing, can we get married?”

He would have spit his rice everywhere if he didn’t have more control. Instead he just stared at her with wide eyes. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to say

“Am I not supposed to be the one to ask?” he replied nervously. 

“I’m sorry,” she said as she began to twiddle her fingers. “I just get so ahead of myself. I have been sending you signs for like a month and you never understand.” 

“Yeah…” he said slowly as he looked at her and pressed his lips together. “You know I don’t notice stuff like that Baobei.” 

“Yeah, it was stupid,” she said suddenly as her cheeks flared red. 

“No, no, no,” he said as he held up his hands. “Just let me think about it for awhile, okay?” 



“Jagi?” she asked him curiously. 

“Yeah?” he responded as he looked at her with lazy eyes. 

He continued to eat his breakfast as she chewed on her lip. She did this sometimes, got so embarrassed that it took her awhile to finally get out what she wanted to say. Sehun always just continued whatever he was doing while he waited. 

“Why haven’t you asked me to marry you yet?” 


As soon as she said the word marriage he knew he wanted to ask her. He had been thinking about it for some time, but never actually bought a ring or brought it up. She had broken the ice though and now he was completely fine with running to the nearest jeweler and spending too much money. 


He sat on his couch, wondering about what he had read. He hadn’t meant to look at her texts, but his curiosity got the better of him when her phone went off. He bit his lip as he thought about it. 

“She thinks I’m going to propose,” he said to himself as he looked around the room. “Should I? I mean, we live together. I love her…I don’t really imagine myself with someone else.”

He shrugged to himself as he put the phone down and then leaned back on the couch and thought about it some more. The more he thought about it, the more he just wanted to go out and get a ring for her so she wouldn’t become so disappointed when he never did it. He also secretly enjoyed that getting engaged kind of undisputably made her his.  

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He was completely engrossed in the game he was watching on tv, hardly hearing what she said. It wasn’t unusual, sometimes she liked catching him agreeing to something he really wouldn’t ever agree to just so she would stop talking. As the team was getting close to scoring what could very well make or break the game, he answered her without thinking. 

“Are you going to ask me to marry you soon?” 

“Of course, Jagi,” he said. His mouth closed as he thought about what he said as he whipped his head to look at her grinning face. 

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Fic idea: Maggie unconsciously tells Alex she's a good girl outside of the bedroom. Alex is super embarrassed but also preens.

She doesn’t mean it like that.

And she doesn’t even mean for Alex – let alone her space dad and best friend and her freaking sister – to hear it. She just kind of says it.

Mutters it, really, because she’s always in awe of this woman, and she’s always proud of her, and it just slips past her lips, under her breath, when Alex single-handedly comes up with a way to power down Cadmus’s latest weapons tech remotely, without putting any agents at risk.

“Good girl, Danvers,” she mutters when Alex finally takes a breath after explaining her plan to the others.

She means it like nice going. She means it like that’s my girl.

She means it like holy shit Maggie how did you land the most brilliant woman to ever exist?

But when Alex goes bright red and when Alex splutters and when Kara notices and groans and when Winn notices breaks out into a laughing whoop and when J’onn notices and good gods and retreats from the room, Maggie realizes.

Realizes that Alex didn’t hear nice going that’s my girl holy shit I am so lucky to be with the most brilliant woman to ever exist.

Instead, in those little words, Alex heard the long nights, the early mornings. The bedroom talk and the bathroom talk and the kitchen counter talk and the shower talk and the back closet of the NCPD precinct talk.

The good girl, baby, that feels so damn good.

The god, you’re so tight for me, good girl, take me in just like that.

The you wanna be a good girl and strip for me, babe?

The oh, good girl, I love it when you beg for me like that.

The ugh, fuck Alex, be a good girl and cum for me.

Maggie is about to apologize and Maggie is about to backtrack, but when her now overheating face turns up to look at Alex’s, her girlfriend is standing straighter, her eyes shining brighter, her smile lifting higher.

Because she’s Maggie’s girl – and good, too – and damn, is it hot.

But she’s also Maggie’s girl – and good, too – and damn, is it perfect.

Original Imagine: Imagine Elijah pulling you into a passionate kiss and holding you there, not wanting to let go & Imagine Elijah asking you to undress for him. & Imagine Elijah watching you get undressed and calling you ‘Perfection’ before coming to help you out of your clothes. & Imagine Elijah grinding against you until you’re begging for him to fuck you. Imagine Elijah making you finish over and over again until you’re both exhausted.

Author: Amanda. The Outsiders FanFiction and More

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 3,762

Warnings: Smut, slight suggestions of sub/dom, a bit of fluff, blood sharing. Technically this is written as a sequel to “Sleeping With the Enemy” but you don’t have to read that one to follow this. Sorry that this is so long, I got a bit carried away. 

           I was supposed to be meeting Caroline, Bonnie and Elena at the Grill for lunch today. I was older than them by a few years but still liked hanging out with them. Most of the time. It had been a bit over a week since Elijah and I had first slept together - not to mention basically confessed our love. We had seen each other every day since, even after the reaction from Damon and Stefan - which was not good. Not slept together every day since, but we had seen each other. Though, we had slept together a few of times since. But it had been a few days. Stefan and Damon wanted me to stay away from him, big surprise, but I didn’t want to. They also thought I was an idiot for believing that Elijah loved me. (Damon’s word, not Stefan’s). Which resulted in Damon being held by the neck against the wall by Elijah. The whole conversation ended with us saying we would do whatever we wanted and Damon angrily storming out. Stefan, more calmly, followed. Damon and Stefan were some of my best friends and I really didn’t want them upset with me but I wasn’t going to stop seeing Elijah because they said to. 

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