that little girl is so damn lucky

happy tfc hcs to get u thru the day;

  • neil looking up at random moments during the day like when the foxes go out for dinner together or the light from the sun rising  filters through the stadium just as they’re doing their morning stretches or when someone makes an amazing goal, or when wymack ruffles kevin’s hair with a scowl on his face and just being… so filled with warmth and love and practically feeling it leak out of him because he is alive and he is alive to see this and he has the privilege to see the sun rise every morning for the rest of his life and feeling so damn grateful and lucky that it evens feels a little sad, like that ache in your chest when you think about how much you love someone
  • dan and allison and renee having girls nights together where they talk shit about the guys and cuddle and do each others makeup and at 2 am when they should be asleep but are eating popcorn and watching silly romcoms, dan just says, “i love you guys so much” . allison teases her for being sappy and renee says i love you guys too right back and they’re all at peace and happy together for a night.
  • nicky is completely happy and comfortable with his sexuality and misses his boyfriend like hell so when they finally visit each other its like an explosion in his heart and he never wants it to end
    • nicky seeing his cousins repair some of the damage done between them and being so fucking proud becuase they’re growing up and they’re healing in their own way and they’re not the tortured, abused kids he first met
    • nicky having the realization that he doesn’t need to take care of them 24/7, and he can take care of himself sometimes.
  • kevin finding other interests other than exy. kevin learning how to be slightly less obsessed; watching the History channel instead of just exy games on tv, reading books, trying new things and new habits and seeing who he is outside of exy. kevin being happy. kevin recovering. kevin accepting the fact that he’s not the best at everything and he doesn’t have to be. that he can make mistakes and be awful at something and it can be fun and silly and have no real weight in his life.
  • i made a seperate post about this but andrew learning to trust other people in his life enough to let them touch him – that not everything has to be sexual or violent, he can be touched casually, and nicky can pat his arm, and renee can throw an arm around him, and neil can spend hours tracing his back or playing with his hair without the pressure of it ever becoming something else. andrew letting himself be vulnerable to the people he cares about because its an important part of his recovery.

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So Negan, a little birdie told me ur ultimate fantasy is holdin Lucille while u fuck the hell out of a girl from behind. I'd love to make that fantasy come true for you right now, if you don't mind me being the lucky lady that is. I know we only recently met but damn u are one gorgeous man. I want to help the Sanctuary and work for u but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of ur wives. Any chance theres room for another? I'd happily kill walkers with u by day and fuck u by night. Interested?

You sounds exactly like the right kind of goddamn woman for me then, babydoll. Most women get real nervous when I mention the fuckin’ fact that I’d like to let Lucille join in on this shit, can’t say I blame them, my girl is pretty goddamn intimidating *smirks* there’s always room for another fuckin’ wife, darlin’ and as hot as you are, I definitely need you in my goddamn bedroom. I’m more than fuckin’ interested, sweetheart. - Negan

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someones gonna have to save me if han decides to kill me for posting it, but i couldn’t resist. i can’t accurately put into words how much this girl means to me. I’m not really sure how i got so lucky but I’m damn sure not gonna ever let her go. this honestly made me tear up a little bit I’ve always been a quiet person ever since i was a child but its always been ridiculed or made out to be a bad thing, “speak up”, “why are you always so quiet”, “oh you’re so quiet i forgot you were here”. its always been a negative thing until now, until her. god I’m the luckiest girl in the world. its never been a good thing to be quiet, until now.

Steven Universe: Catch and Release

Ominous triangle



I like his pj’s

Yellow diamond failed peri so




peri you need to stop this team rocket shit like damn


Peridot didnt need her mechanical fingers confirmed

You think it’s lucky?

Not from Peridot


Peri has normal hands~

An angry little slice of pie

You’re going to harvest me?!


she called him a fuckin pebble

Zombie Apocolypse

Banana pajamas

Peridot ran like a frikkin dog

A fresh hint of Earth citrus

Home girl knows we’re gunna beat her

What a great souvenier of that other time you assaulted me

“For what?”

Positive thoughts please...

I feel so discouraged right now, my sugar friend told me she has like 3 or 5 dates with POTs and she has only 2 weeks in this… I have one month and I have none :/ I feel happy for her but also a little bit jealous, well she’s so lucky maybe because she’s a beautiful petite blonde girl with beautiful hazel eyes… Aww maybe this is not for me :(

Damn this actually can bring your self-esteem down or up.