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Eye Contact (M.)

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut

Word count: 3.7k

Description: Your boyfriend Jungkook was still a virgin, until one night both of you got heated up and it turned out a lot better than you ever expected.

Info: This is my first smut ever posted. I tried to make slightly sub!jk but my heart can’t lmao. Still I hope you enjoy it and please leave any feedback! And sorry if my english isn’t always correct, it’s not my first language. Enjoy y’all <3

Parts: 1 | 2 

You were laying on your bed, watching TV and getting more and more bored. Jungkook has been in the shower for only 3 minutes but it seemed like a whole hour. You just needed to do something exciting, to try something new and to spice yourself up a bit. Especially your sex life. Even though you and Jungkook were together for almost a year now, you still haven’t had sex. And that’s because he’s a virgin. Of course you respected him wanting to wait and you don’t want to rush into it if he’s still not ready. You love him, he loves you and that’s basically everything that matters. But every time he was lying next to you, kissing you, touching you or even just looking at you, you would immediately feel yourself heating up. “Why are you blushing again, honey?” he would always ask laughingly, finding it cute actually. You shook your head every time, even though you wanted to moan into his ear and tell him how much you wanted, no, how much you needed him. He is so adorable, sexy, hot and incredibly beautiful. You still couldn’t believe you got yourself a boyfriend like him. You know you’re hot yourself too, but still. You were such a lucky girl. Sometimes you entered the bathroom “by accident” when he was showering, so you could get a little sneak peak of his manly body. God damn, when you saw those shoulders the last time, you could’ve just cum right there by only looking at it. And those thighs…

“Y/N? W-what are you doing?” you heard a serious voice saying. 

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Summer Fling Part 9

Title: Summer Fling: The Time Dean Winchester Made Dinner

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,054

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions of Cheating, Mentions of an Unhealthy Relationship.

Summary: After months of struggling, an impulse decision puts you on the road from Sioux Falls to Lawrence Kansas, hoping that your father, Bobby Singer, will take you in for the summer.  A breath of fresh air. A change of scenery. But little did you know, this summer was going to change your life forever.

Summer Fling Masterlist

A/N: I can’t believe we’re on part 9 already! We’re almost halfway done the series! I would love if you could leave me some feedback. Literally anything would be amazing. Everything happens in time. Enjoy!


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You began to stir, your body felt relaxed and well rested for the first time all week. You felt a weight on your waist. Your eyes flew open and you soon realized just where you were. Dean’s room, you thought with a smile playing on your lips. It was Dean’s arm wrapped around your waist, and his chest pressed against your back. You stayed the night and spent it next to him. You opened up to him and here he was. Your boyfriend.

 You carefully turned in his hold, trying your hardest not to wake him in the process. You met with his sleeping form and a smile spread across your cheeks. Dean was so peaceful looking when he slept. The morning light shone perfectly, and you were able to see every freckle that peppered over his nose and cheeks. His hair was sticking up in different directions, his stubble was growing a little more. He was a handsome man and he was all yours. You wanted to drown him in kisses and show him just how much you appreciated him.

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3 Things

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: fluff and smutsmutsmut
Word count: 4,312

A/N: For anon, I hope you like it 💕 I think I’m getting better at writing smut?? Maybe??

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Your yawn drowns out the faint sounds of the TV, head lolling to the side as you stare blankly at the screen. It was well past eleven thirty – well past your bedtime – and you’re struggling to keep yourself upright and alert.

Jimin texted you around ten, letting you know that his shift at the convenience store was going to drag on a bit longer than expected and that he wasn’t totally sure when he’d be headed home. He advised you not to wait up but of course, when did you ever really listen.

Both you and Jimin were full-time students, juggling dead end jobs, homework and nearly non-existent social lives. Busy was an understatement for both of your lives and as a result, you two rarely got to spend much time together. The only time you two really got was when you both settled down to sleep at night. No matter how dead tired either (or both) of you were, when you were curled up in each other’s arms at the end of a long day, you would quietly talk about the events that had happened or catch each other up on the episode of a drama the other had missed that week.

Which was why you were being so stubborn about going to bed without him; not feeling quite right about sliding under those blankets without his cold feet there to press against your calves.

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i hope to god we get a bachelor party episode with jake being a happy little dork and it’s probably die hard themed and charles will be so damn excited (and if we’re lucky maybe doug judy will show up???? idk im hopeful)

and amy’s, with rosa and gina and they’ll probably do ‘boring’ stuff that amy loves like go to museums and gina will probably complain the whole time but secretly be really happy because she’s known jake her whole life and amy is so clearly perfect for him and im getting off track ok im just so excited for the rest of this season wow

I love you, I love you {Peter Parker}

Request: ’heyo could I get a peter imagine based on the song “I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting.” by Broadside? Thanks love 💖’

Words: 742

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Anybody who’s ever been in love will know that it’s the best feeling in the world, possibly better than that. Even if everything around you is crumbling and collapsing, it’s okay as long as you have that one person by your side.

Peter Parker knew what it was like to be in love, in fact he was head over heals just for you and he made sure that you and everyone else knew that. Peter wasn’t even really one to show much physical affection before you came along, but now he always had a hand in yours or wrapped around your shoulder.

The moment Peter Parker realized that he loved you was one that wouldn’t soon be forgotten.

You see, being a superhero was a perk in itself but it came with a downside, as Tony Stark had tried to teach him once before, ‘You win some, you lose some.” Sadly this time he’d have to lose some.

“H-he was only a kid, he should still be here” His voice cracks and Peter holds back a pained sob.

He’d just got back from fighting crime which would usually have him grinning from ear to ear, his stories would be uncontainable. But tonight was different, he’d watched a small boy, a child be killed right in front of him.

“I know baby, i know” You whisper “It wasn’t your fault” You rock your boyfriend back and forth, holding him close.He was shaking from both the shock and the cold, seeing as you were both resting on the hardwood floor

Sirens played in the background, after hours of it you’d become numb to the deafening sound.

“I’m Spider Man, i’m meant to save everyone” Peter looks up at you through cloudy eyes and for a moment you can’t help but think he looks small and frail, something you’ve never felt while looking at him before. “Thank you” He whispers, sounding anything but strong

You peel the Bloodied Spiderman mask out of his hands and place it on the floor instead, trying to take his mind off of the situation.

You held back your sobs, doing your absolute best to be there for Peter in what was the first break down he’d had in front you. “I will follow you Into the sea of eternity”

It was then, in that horrible situation that Peter Parker realised he was in love with you.

You were the girl who in his eyes ‘rescued’ him from the confinements that was his own mind. You told him it was okay when deep down he knew it wasn’t, but in that moment it was what he needed to hear.

“I-I’m sorry, I’m meant to take care of you” Peter tries to stand up but instead, falls immediately back into your arms, sobs rack his bruised and bloodied body as memories of tonight’s events replay. It was vivid. The images of the boy’s lifeless body never leaving.

“I’ll take care of your heart, No matter where we are” You reach a hand up to his hair and play with the roots, making a sigh leave his chapped lips. The boy in your arms is broken, beyond that.

Peter was grateful for you, he knew how lucky he was to have a girl who cared about him so much, so damn lucky.

“I love you, I love you so much” He whispers before swallowing harshly, closing his eyes and sucking in a deep breath. You halt your movements for a second and lean down, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“I love you too” You whisper the four words so only he can hear them. In the back the sirens stop and you’re allowed a moments peace. “The world is nothing without you, you see, If I had to spend my dying breath, Convincing you of nothing less… I would”

Maybe that night could’ve gone better. Peter could’ve come to see you with a smile wider than the moon, blabbering on about the little old lady he helped across the street or the robbery he interrupted- and successfully stopped. But having him here, in your arms was enough for you.

The next morning, Peter woke up besides you, the girl he was madly, head over heals, in love with.

Peter knew he was lucky, so damn lucky.


Our Coming Out Story

this is a story about a girl named lucky. oh wait,’s a story about how two sisters came out lol my bad. this is a god damn roller coaster ride of a coming out story so buckle the heck up, gals! please reblog it helps out our little gay channel a ton! thanks. xo

Colors Tell Stories - Sixth Color (final)

College!Tom AU

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Summary: Tom and reader are college students, both majoring in English - with an emphasis in Creative Writing. They met their first year and, as third years, have grown closer than ever.

Color: Yellow - the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness, has conflicting associations. The color yellow is the one color that links your mind to happiness and gives you full bliss.

NOTE*: taglist update - guys, i don’t think i’m going to be doing a taglist anymore :( it’s just very stressful adding 130+ names to a post and it actually crashes down most of the time and takes me almost three times to do it! pls don’t hate me hfjkdehjk this might be my last time using a taglist. this just means i’ll be updating my masterlist EVERY time i write something so it’s up-to-date every time i post something. again, sorry xoxo

First Color | Second Color | Third Color | Fourth Color | Fifth Color


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You’re mine | Jonah Marais

Requested? Yes! by @amelie-wolfbane

Could it be something like where your dating Jonah but Logan comes to the Why Don’t We house and starts flirting with you. Jonah gets super annoyed and almost starts a fight with Logan but Logan backs off once he understands.

Warnings? Swearing I guess 

Summary: After you meet the famous vlogger, Logan Paul, Jonah gets a bit jealous. 

Word Count: 1,165


You turn slightly at the sound of Jonah’s voice but still don’t fully wake up. Suddenly you feel kisses pressed all over your face and you immediately break out into a smile. Your eyes flutter open to see Jonah leaning over you, his smile reflecting your own. You lean up and press a kiss against his lips before laying back down.

"What time is it?” You ask while laying your head back onto Jonah’s chest.

“Almost 10:30.” He says kissing the top of your head once again.

Jonah was always more affectionate in the morning and you loved every second of it. Waking up to those beautiful blue eyes staring into yours, short kisses in between falling in and out of sleep, and legs tangled  together in a mess was nothing short of blissful. You and Jonah lay there for a few more minutes just drinking in each other’s presence before having to get up for the day.

You slowly sit up to go get ready for the day when you feel Jonah wrap his arms around your waist and pull you back towards him. Before you can protest you feel Jonah’s lips attach to your neck making your previous thoughts slip away almost instantly. He travels from your neck to your jawline before kissing just behind your ear and then letting go. You turn to look at him and see a smirk resting on his perfect face. You can’t help but roll your eyes before getting up and heading into the bathroom to take a shower. Once you get out and dressed you walk back into yours and Jonah’s room to do your hair.

“Aw, you took a shower without me?” Jonah asks as you sit in front of your full length mirror.

“Someone’s affectionate this morning.” You say smiling up at him.

He winks at you before walking into the bathroom to take a shower. He comes out about 15 minutes later with wet hair and only a towel hanging from his hips. Your face immediately reddened as you take quick glances of him through the mirror.

“Like what you see?”

Before you can answer you hear someone open and close the front door and then shouting from downstairs. You turn to give Jonah a confused look and he shrugs his shoulders before walking back into the bathroom to change. Curiosity gets the better of you and you head downstairs to see what all the commotion was without waiting for Jonah. You jog down the stairs to the living room to see the rest of the Why Don’t We boys standing and talking to a tall blonde guy.

When he turns around you recognize him as Logan Paul, the famous vlogger who was close friends with the boys. He stops talking as you walk into the room and you flash him a shy smile. You see Zach nudge him from behind causing Logan to stop staring at you, making you blush.

“Hi, I’m so sorry I’m being rude. I’m Logan.” He says taking a few steps towards you.

“(Y/N).” You say taking his outstretched hand. He smiles widely at you staring for a beat longer before turning back to the boys.

“How have I not met her yet? She’s gorgeous.” He fake scolds the boys.

“Cause she’s mine.” Jonah says suddenly appearing behind you.

“Damn Jonah. You sure as hell know how to pick em.”

You hear Jonah huff in annoyance before heading into the kitchen. You give Logan an apologetic smile but all he does is wink at you causing you to blush once again. You head towards the kitchen to find a very upset looking Jonah leaning against the kitchen island. You stand in front of him but he refuses to make eye contact. You carefully lift a hand to touch Jonah’s chin making him finally look at you.

“Whats wrong?” You ask quietly.

“Don’t worry about it.” He says stepping away from you once more and walking into the living room.

You sigh in annoyance but follow him out to where the other boys are, trying your best to brush off his bad attitude. You walk into the room to see the boys practicing for what must be a mashup they’re about to film. You go and sit on the couch and pull out your phone to pass sometime. Logan walks towards you making you look up and flash him a smile.

“So, how did you and Jonah meet?” He asks sitting next to you on the couch.

“We grew up in the same town and have been friends since middle school.” You say while putting away your phone to place your full attention on Logan.

“How long have you been dating?”

“Three years.”

“Damn. Well little homie definitely got lucky. You are one hell of a catch.” He says flashing you an award winning smile that most girls would swoon over.

“Why thank you.” You say looking down at your shoes shyly.

You two talk for a bit more, bonding over your love of youtube and music. Out of the corner of your eye you can see Jonah walking over and flash him a smile. He doesn’t return it only stares Logan down.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” He says anger flashing in his eyes.

Logan wordlessly follows Jonah out to the backyard and you can’t help the worried expression that crosses your face. You follow after them and hear Logan’s voice responding quickly to Jonah.

“I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about bro.”

“You’ve been flirting with my girl all day long.” Jonah snaps.

“I honestly didn’t think I was.” Logan starts defensively.

“I don’t care.” Jonah snaps once again. “Back off my girl.”

“Okay bro I will.” Logan says holding his hands up in surrender. I hear Jonah sigh and I assume they bro hug before deciding to head back inside.

When you hear them start to walk towards the door you go to move back to the living room, but Jonah walks into the room and spots you first. He walks towards you and takes your hand in his and pulls you towards the stairs. Just as you step into the room and shut the door behind you, Jonah pushes you against it attaching his lips to yours.

Your taken by surprise but only hesitate a second before kissing back. He grabs onto the back of your legs signalling for you to jump. Barely breaking the kiss you jump up and wrap your legs around his waist, while your hands go towards his hair. You tug at the ends of his hair slightly causing him to moan quietly into your mouth. When you two finally break for air you push your face into his neck breathing heavily.

“You’re mine.” He whispers into your ear. You nod in agreement before attaching your lips to his once again hoping to convey your feelings. You were his and you always would be.


I hope you liked it! Feel free to request imagines for Jonah or any of the other boys :)

Over-Protective//Scott McCall

Characters: Scott McCall, Theo Raeken, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.


Scott kisses behind your ear, smiling when your shoulders rise.

“Babe, that tickles.” You laugh as he continues his assault.

“Hey, you two.” Theo sits beside you, everyone throwing him an annoyed glance. Scott pulls you closer to him and you nuzzle into his side.

“I don’t bite.”

“History proves otherwise.” Stiles mutters and you laugh quietly.

Scott looks at Theo, almost threateningly before turning his attention back to you.

He whispers little inside jokes in your ear, making you laugh.

“You’ve really won a a prize, Scott.” Theo says, his eyes falling on you.

“What?” Scott turns to look at him.

“Y/N, she’s beautiful. You’re very lucky she’s yours.”

“She’s not mine. She’s not an object, she’s a human being.” He glares.

“Yeah, stop being so damn creepy.” Stiles looks disgusted.

“I’m simply stating the truth, isn’t that right, Y/N?”

You don’t answer, you instinctively hide behind Scott.

“Leave her alone.” Scott growls.

“Let the girl answer, Scott.” Theo continues to gaze at you.

“Scott?” You whisper.

“Yeah, I know. Come on, babe.” He takes your hand and pulls you inside.

“What the hell?” You sigh as he hugs you.

“He’s creepy, that’s all I can say to describe that.”

You look up at him and he pecks your lips, “Don’t worry about it. You’re safe.”

You sigh, “I’m always safe with you, Alpha.”

He chuckles at your pet name, “Go to class, okay? I’ll see you after school.”

“Okay. I love you.” You kiss his cheek.

“I love you too, babe.” He watches as you walk down the hallway.

You’re on your way to Scott’s locker when you’re pulled into a classroom. You start to scream but a hand covers your mouth.

“ don’t need to make this harder on yourself.” It was Theo.

he duct-tapes your mouth shut and binds your wrists and ankles with zip ties . You lick your mouth, loosening the tape from your mouth. You don’t take it off, it’s too soon. You’re soon blindfolded and thrown in what you assume is a trunk. When the blindfold is removed you’re in a bedroom, it must be Theo’s.

There’s a knock at the door. “Stay here.” He grunts before going downstairs.

You like the tape off completely and thank the Lord silently you’d worn sneakers. You bring your shoes up to your chest and tie your laces around the zip ties. You pedal your legs, the zip ties breaking from the friction. You jump up and take your shoes off, holding them as you sneak out of the room. You hear Scott’s voice.

“Where is she?” He shouts. “Stiles saw you with her!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I haven’t seen her.” Theo shrugs.

“Scott!” You scream, running down the stairs.

“Baby..” He breathes out.

The wraps his arm around your neck, putting you in a headlock. “I’ll kill her, Scott.”

“What do you want? What’s the point?”

“I want to be apart of the pack.”

You whimper and Scott steps forward.

“Not another step.”, Theo threatens.

“You can’t be in the pack. You’re crazy.” Scott shakes his head.

“Your choice.” Theo throws you down to the ground, pulling a blade from your back pocket and slicing a long strip acorns your stomach.

“Scott..” You cry out, shivering in pain.

“Get up.” Theo pulls you up by your hair.

“Now, what’s your choice?” Theo asks forcefully.

“Hand her over and we’ll talk.” Scott looks like he might cry.

“No. make a decision and she’ll either die, or she’s all yours.”

“Hand. Her. Over.” You see his eyes flash. Theo grabs you by the neck, his claw piercing your pulsing vein. You whimper, looking at Scott as he lunges for Theo. He knocks him to the ground and you’re freed, the small amount of blood coming from your throat doesn’t bother you. What bothers you is the huge gouge in your abdomen. You look down at your stomach, trying to not pass out.

Scott pushes Theo up against the wall, digging his elbow into his neck.

You black out from the pain, falling onto the ground. The last thing you remember is your name being called.

“Y/N? You awake?” You’re cradled in Scott’s arms.

“Where’s Theo?” You croak.

“Gone. God knows where.” He sighs. “Baby, I’m so sorry. This was all very..abrupt.”

“It’s not your fault, Scott…can you-…can you call an ambulance?”

“Already on the way.” He kisses your forehead. “I love you. I promise to not let another bad thing to happen to you.”

“I love you too, Scott.”

“You’re my baby, I can’t…I can’t let anyone hurt you again.” He looks miserable.

“Don’t blame yourself.”

“Who am I supposed to blame then?”

“Never you. You can’t control what other people do. You can only control your reaction.”

“Wise even when you’re bleeding from two large gaping wounds..” He chuckles. “My little warrior.”

A McDonald’s Date (Seventeen Reaction)

baby-baby-boo requested:  Hi! I really love your content, and I wish your brother well in the army! Can I have a seventeen reaction to you going to McDonald’s together and when they ask you want you want, you say a happy meal, and when they ask why, you say “because I’m a lot eater and they have the perfect amount of food!”? Thank you in advance!

Hey! I’m glad you enjoy my content, I work very hard on it! I understand there are many mistakes and I’m not the best at this kind of thing but I try so damn hard and I’m actually amazed at the attention it’s gotten. It’s incredible, I can’t thank you enough for your love and support! I also appreciate your comment about my brother. We’ve had a lot of problems with him as far as behavior goes and things like that so we’re nervous and excited for him. He shipped to his company yesterday on his birthday (yay him!) So now he starts basic training at this point. I won’t bore you with all of the information lmao you’re here for a Seventeen reaction! (I did see your other request and I’m working on it as well as many other older ones but I figure getting the new requests out first would be easier? Don’t worry, I did not over look you in any way, I’m getting to it lovely!) I hope this one makes you as happy as my other ones! You can always request again or just message me for fun. :) ~ A


“Pabo, that’s not enough food for someone your age.” 

Would really just be concerned about the amount of food in the happy meal and would order extra for you even though you told him not to. 

“We can fight about it later, eat.”

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He’d laugh and shake his head.

“Whatever child.”

Then you’d fire back with “I’m a child, that makes you a pervert so keep on with it old man.”

Which would result in a pouty Jeonghan, a happy meal and banana milk. 

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“If the toy is cool I’m keeping it”

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Dramatically rolls his eyes at you.

“Do we have to go to the park too baby? Yah! I knew you were younger than me but I didn’t know you acted like it.” Is just messin’ with you and buys whatever you want with a big obvious pout after you said “At least I don’t look like a fourteen year old who’s out with his big sister because he got good grades. By the way, milk won’t help you at this point.” 

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Giggles at you and shakes your head afterwards.

“Goofy girl. We should get some ice cream after we have lunch.” 

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Orders more food and sneaks it into the little box when you weren’t looking.

“What do you wanna do after this?”

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“You’re too cute.”

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“Do you want anything else, baby?”

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Giggles and enjoys his food with you

“You better eat those damn apples, too.” 

Throws french fries at you 

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Is an awkward mess the entire time ordering, especially when he has to say “And a Happy Meal” would then die from embarrassment 

“You’re SO lucky I love you.” He mumbles, sitting down with you. 

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“Yah! Why’d you pinch me?! You damn woman, why are you rude to me?” tickles you until you apologize for being snarky when all he asked was if you wanted some more food.

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Eats your apples whilst playing with your hand.

“You want another one so I can steal your apples again?” 

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He would just laugh and get your food without anything else to say.

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Beauty and the Beast

Summary: Baz is overwhelmed with feelings for Simon at yet another school ball, and when a chance to be with his Prince Charming comes up, he seizes the opportunity. 

I wonder if Snow notices me watching him as he dances about with his precious Agatha. There’d been rumors about the pair of them breaking up. It was, much to my dismay, enough to get my hopes up. Perhaps I could finally have a chance with the bloke I’ve been swooning over since first year. I allowed myself to become overwhelmed with a sense of positivity. I would find a way to comfort Simon later in the private walls of our room, until finally he would lean in to kiss me with those soft lips of his.

As always, the scene was too good to be true. They were back to snogging after Political Science.

He’s wearing a cliché black tux tonight—which, mind you, I will not complain about. I like the way it clings to his body, it gives me a rare form of pleasure. I don’t quite know where he got the thing, because I sure as hell have never seen him in an anything other than school uniform. My money’s on Wellbelove.

I, personally, have gone with a black dress shirt and crimson vest. My hair is slicked back, as always. I don’t bother to socialize; this event isn’t for people like me. It shouldn’t be for people like Snow, either. I’m surprised he bothered to attend, it’s not like that sidekick of his is here. Bunce is probably off studying in some forbidden library. The pair of them think I don’t know about her sneaking into Mummers house, but I damn well do and damn well have since the very beginning.

There’s something about the way he’s looking at Agatha that doesn’t quite seem so natural. Even from where I’m standing, on the other side of the room, I can tell that he’s holding back. His eyes—blue and ever so mesmerizing—carry an uncertain gleam. And his hands, they hover before her hip. It’s as if he doesn’t want to touch her, to dance with her in this place, this setting. This lifetime.

I smirk. Simon Snow, the most powerful mage ever to exist, the very bloke who’s wish is our command, doesn’t want to dance with his girlfriend. I suppose I could use this against him in one way or another, what, by luring Agatha into flirting with me in front of The Chosen One himself.

That’s what he’d expect me to do, at least. He has it in that head of his that I’m constantly plotting. Which, I suppose, wouldn’t be wrong. The difference is that he perceives me to be plotting against him, whilst the reality is that I’m plotting towards him. The only plans I’m setting are the ones leading me to him.

On the dance floor, a group of fifth years have taken to trading partners, and grabbing the hands of those looming on the outskirts. I sneer at the few who dare glance my way, but no matter, a young girl—she seems a little tipsy, if you ask me—snatches my wrist and drags me forward.

This, this catches Snow’s attention. His head whips wildly to the left, and his eyes narrow at me. You, I imagine him snarling, you’re plotting again, aren’t you?

And I would say something snarky back in return. I could come up with a clever response in my head, too, but I’m too distracted by the fact that he was so clearly watching me from way beyond yonder. I smirk at the thought.

I allow myself to be passed from person to person, offering up a waltz to each girl whom lands in my arms. A few of them return my gesture by biting their lips, trying for their most flirtatious gazes. I amuse them, if only for their sake.

Well, no.

No, it’s for my sake. Because for every girl Simon sees me with, the closer he gets to being my dance partner. Not even figuratively. He, too, is alternating across the floor. We’re moving in, drawing each other like magnets. I can feel him and his raging magic calling me out to me. Baz…Baz…Baz…

One last person, and then he’s mine. This girl is a brunette. She wears heavy eye makeup and excessively tall heals. She could never be my type, even if I were straight.

Gazing over her shoulder, I meet Simon’s eyes. His stare is gentle, as if he’s taking me in, inhaling me like a whiff of his favorite cologne. It’s then that I come to terms with his beauty. It’s natural, you see. I could call him out of the ordinary, but it would be a lie. In all honesty, he is ordinary. Those blue eyes of his, they aren’t the color of the sky on a hot day, nor the ocean waves as they overlap each other. And while I suppose I haven’t been close enough to fully study them, I’m near positive that there aren’t specks of green or grey surrounding the pupils. They are average. A dull, unoriginal color.

 The boringness of his features doesn’t end there, either. His lips are small, his nose is big, his hair has managed to keep up with the trend—long on the top, short on the sides; though, the natural curls are a bit different than everyone else’s. The bronze color is fucking hot, as well. He’s far too thin, arms too long, legs too short.

Yet, I’m still astonished by him. Maybe it’s the freckles that pull me in. Ever since day one, I’ve wanted to take a fine tipped marker and connect the dots. I like to think they connect as easily as constellations.

It could be his voice, too. It’s chipper and sweet, while also low and seductive. He has some speech problem, acquired when he was young, after not being taught to speak correctly. He grew up in and out of children’s homes, leaving him little to no one-on-one time with speech therapists. And while I’m constantly giving him shit about it, the truth is that I love it. I love when he’s stuttering over his words, the look on his face as he glances down to his feet and bites his bottom lip. I’ve always wanted to wrap my arms around him and pull him close comfortingly. I would reassure him that everything will be okay. Calming breaths are key.

Instead, I rile him up.

Most of all, though, I suspect that it’s his movements, gestures, that get me going. When he wakes up every morning, he lays thoughtfully in bed before rising. His arms don’t raise over his head, stretching as he yawns. Rather, they slump in his lap. And at night, when he’s overwhelmed with drowsiness, his steps are heavy and slow. It’s in the moments before he falls asleep that he’s in his purest form. I wonder then, each and every night, if he would return my embrace, if I only took the chance to hold him.

Tonight, I’m going to do just that.

The girl passes me on to Simon, and his partner pushes Mr. Chosen One into my arms. Well, towards my arms. I’m not as welcoming had I intended to be, and I sure as hell don’t make a move to pull him in. I assume it’s the shock that’s making me like this. I never thought I’d see the day when Simon Oliver Snow was truly open to the thought of dancing with me.

He takes my dead, limp arms and guides them to his waist. “Don’t know how to dance, Pitch?”

I snarl at him. “Not with a bloke; and much less, an arse like you.”

Simon’s hands tangle around my neck, and I swear, if he tried hard enough, he could choke me to death right then and there. This should unsettle me, but oddly enough, I’m…comfortable.

“You don’t have to be so rude,” he says softly.

“I’m sorry, did my comeback offend you?” I return sarcastically. Snow rolls his eyes.

A new song queues up, and the room turns into a chaotic frenzy around us. While I should be passing Simon on to the next lucky girl, I don’t. I tug him a little closer without thinking twice; or at all, for that matter.

“What are you doing?” His whisper is barely audible against all else. And maybe it’s the shot I took beforehand fucking me up, but I’m damn positive he doesn’t mean it. The gleam in his eye gives it away. He wants me. And Crowley, do I want him right back.

“Part of dancing,” I start, overlooking Simon’s inquiry as if it were second nature, “Is moving along with the music. Now, do you know this song?”

It feels weird, standing still in a crowd full of movement. I wonder how many people are around us. I wonder how many of those people are staring, because damnit, The Mage’s Heir is holding a Pitch in his arms. It wouldn’t take much to turn my head and take a glance around. But I’ve never been this close to him, and quite frankly, I’m enjoying myself far too much to ruin the moment with something as silly as taking in the students nearby.

“Of course, who doesn’t know Beauty and the Beast? There are dozens of spells coming from this single song alone.” Simon is noticeably offended by my need to ask, but I pay it no mind. Not in the way I should, at least.

I betray my regrets by deepening the wound. “Look, just because you’re The Chosen One, doesn’t mean you should be.” Before he has the chance to make a snark reply, I push my chest against his and lean in towards his ear. “Simply follow the rhythm of the song. And if you can’t do that—because lord knows you have a terrible sense of direction—let me guide you.”

Simon, much to my own surprise, nods his head willingly.

I give myself an additional moment to grasp a hold on to the song, the tune, the movement. Along with, the feel of him. His hands are warm at the back of my neck, smooth and soft as they clutch onto me. And mine, they’re at his hips. Hesitantly, might I add. I’m afraid that if I rub off too eager he’ll be scared away. I can’t afford for that to happen, not after I made it this far.

“Tale as old time.” I take that as my queue, and guide Simon across the floor. We aren’t in the correct stance—we both knew that, clearly, as no one else in the room was tangled in the knot that we were, leading me to wonder if he really could return my feelings—but it takes us not a moment to rearrange ourselves. My arm his around his waist, my right hand interlocked with his. His extra palm rests on my shoulder.

He’s shorter now that I have him close to me, a surprising turn of events. I can just barely see past his head. I take advantage of the slight bit of view, soaking it in. It is an easy escape from the tension brewing between us. As much as I’d love to make eye contact with Snow, to look him the eye and smile during this raw, eccentric moment, the air is far too heavy, and I’m afraid of losing a hold of my breath. A dagger cuts cleanly through the crowd, giving me the perfect view of Wellbelove taking off down the grand hall.

“Your princess has left you,” I announce dully, just as the second line begins to ring out into the caverns of the ballroom.

“Hm?” There’s something about the way he says it that forces me to have to bite my lip to fight back a turned-on smirk. Perhaps it’s the obliviousness as he stares up at me, or more rightly so, my jaw line. I wonder what he thinks of me right now. It sure as hell looks as if he’s let his guard down.

I’m going to take advantage of his vulnerability.

“Wellbelove. Love of your life. Your soulmate. The Louis Lane to your Clark Kent. Who the hell else, Snow?”

Simon’s feet halt abruptly, catching me by surprise. He tears his hands away from me and folds his arms across his chest. I wonder what his bare chest looks like; I’ve only seen glimpses of his luscious body when he hasn’t closed the bathroom door all the way. I savor those rare moments.

“We aren’t together anymore, Agatha and I.” His blue eyes are narrowed at me, an unforgivable glare, just before they dart down to the floor.

“Barely even friends.”

I’ve never been good at reading people, if I’m being quite honest. I will tilt my head and allow Simon to notice my eyes drifting across his face as a cover up, but I will not take anything in. It’s like reading a book written in a foreign language. So, no, I could not tell you that his lips were tugged down in pure agony, as, for all I know, that’s his game face. It’s as I’m struggling to understand him that I cave in.

“Then somebody bends unexpectedly.”

I glance up at the stage, focus on the instruments that have been casted with dozens of spells to make them play themselves. The song is being played half a count slower than it is in the movie. I savor the melody for one last moment before turning back to him.

“I’ve never been in a relationship before,” I confess before I can change my mind.

Simon chuckles. “Yeah? Why’s that?”

I shrug. “Probably because everyone’s afraid of my, you know, fangs,” I tease, hinting at the rumors he’d spread about me. I regret it immediately, what, between the fearful look that sets in his eyes and the way this subject poke at me, drowning me.

It was never as easy as I made it out to be. I hated being called a vampire. Not because I was afraid of being exposed, but rather, because they were the very thing my mother hated. She died protecting Watford from vampires, and it is of the sickest irony that I became one.

Simon Snow, the almighty chosen one, he never quite understood that. It was so obviously a topic that he just couldn’t grasp. When it used to really get to me, I’d amuse myself and excuse his cruel behavior for his stupidity. He certainly was thick. When he first began to suspect my inhumanity, he would ask me questions about if I were immortal, or if I could see myself in the mirror. He’s always had the mind of a child.

But not the body of one.

He’s built like a prince. Not a god, not an emperor or lord. A prince. Simple but beautiful, young and innocent and pure. He’s thin, yet strong, and those eyes, god damnit those eyes, they will never not be beautiful to me.

I do not want a prince charming to see me as a deadly vampire.

I take my few, gentle steps forward, and stand silently next to him. We’re looking out at the great lawn through a wide set of windows.

“Just a little change.”

“Between you and me, I’m in love with someone. And no one else could ever be a suitable replacement.” With those words, a thousand weights get lifted off my shoulder.

He doesn’t bother to turn to me when he asks, “Who is it?”

My heartbeat quickens a thousand paces a second. I inhale a sharp breath and truly take in this reckless scene. The singer—some sixth year with a grand voice—carries out a new line with crisp words I will myself to devour. “Small to say the least.” Snow’s hand is a mere inch away from mine. His eyes are now wandering up and down my body. I think he’s noticed that I’m clenching and unclenching my fist in agitation. He doesn’t say anything, though. I would kill for him to murmur just a single syllable right now.

He’s just a boy, I think to myself. Don’t let him wreck you like this.

No. He is not just a boy. He is Simon Oliver Snow and I am hopelessly in love with him. He is the greatest Mage in the history of magicks, our very hope of defeating The Insidious Humdrum. He is the reason I wake up just in time to witness his heavenly form walk out of the bathroom each morning. He is the last thing my solemn eyes fall on before slumber. This boy is not just a boy. He is my everything, and I will not stand by whilst he is debunked of his true value.

I glance over my shoulder. No one is around to see, not truly. It’s the time of night when everyone is drunk off the secret booze they’ve snuck in, and their dancing is all hands no rhythm. No one will have to know; as long as he keeps his share of the secret.

With a mutter masked by my breath, I spell the red curtains behind us closed. We are alone, not in sound, not in presence, but in sight.

“Baz, what’re you—,” Simon’s words fade to silence when I pull him towards me, grabbing him roughly by the collar

“You, Snow,” I whisper in a hysterical tone. “It’s always been you.”

My fingers cup his face and I hold him there, an inch away from my face, for what seems like forever. I think I’m going to kiss him. He’s so close, and I can taste his breath on my lips. It’s cherry scones and milk and everything that’s sweet in the world.

“Don’t be cheesy, Basilton,” he mumbles through a grin.

And then he kisses me.

The Crazy Girl who Climbed a Bookshelf

Title: The Crazy Girl who Climbed a Bookshelf
Series: Fairy Tail
Characters/Pairings: Gajevy, Juvia’s there too
A/N: Modern au, story of when Gajevy first meets


“Seriously?” Levy blurted.

Why did the book she wanted to read have to be so high? Levy looked around, no ladder insight. Well there’s only one thing to do know.

Levy braces one hand on a book shelf and a foot on the one below it and started to climb. She used to do this all the time in her pantry, her parents always put the candy up high but jokes on them.

Levy reached the book, the title “Eragon” in fancy script. She unconsciously stuck her tongue out in concentration as she reached for the book. Levy pulled it out, as she did she lost her balance and her feet wobbled on the shelf, she lunged with her hand but missed a hand hold and next thing Levy knew she was falling.

She shrieked as she fell, the world whizzing past. What should she do? Oh right go limp. Levy wouldn’t die from that fall, unless she fell on her head, worst case scenario she broke her legs Levy closed her eyes waiting for the ground impact.

Then she hit something, that wasn’t the ground. It felt like someone’s arms. Strong arms at that. Levy opened her eyes. She hadn’t broken anything! Yay!

“You okay?” A deep voice asked. Levy looked up to see a man with… face piercings?!

“Eep! I mean uh thank you.” Levy stuttered. He looked kinda scary. Unruly long black hair, narrowed eyes, at least 10 piercings in his face.

He set her down, Levy then realized her legs were shaking and she still had the book in her hand. Priorities.

The mystery man crossed his arms over his chest. “Why the hell were you climbing a book shelf?”

“Uh well about that…” Levy scratched the side of her face awkwardly. “I um, couldn’t reach…”

“Then why didn’t you just ask for help? That book better have been worth risking your neck like that, shrimp.” He said.

“Shrimp? My name is Levy! And it’s a really good book! Or so I’ve heard.” Lucy had recommended the book to her.

“Lemme see.” He grabbed the book out of her hands and looked at the cover. A blue dragon’s head. “Yeah it’s a good book. Anything with a dragon on the cover is gonna be good.”

He handed it back to her “But still you shouldn’t pull something like that, it’ll only get you hospital bills, believe me, I know.”

“Fair enough.” Levy smiled sheepishly. “Thanks for catching me uh….”

He smirked. “Gajeel.”

Levy smiled. “Thanks for catching me Gajeel. Nice to meet you!”

“Nice to meet you shorty.” Gajeel patted her on the head.

She scowled. “It’s Levy.”

“I know.” He grinned. Cocky bastard.

Levy pursed her lips. Time to make him uncomfortable. “Why do you have so many face piercings?”

Why would anyone get a face piercing at all, Levy understood ears but seriously? On your face?

“Why do you have blue hair?” Gajeel shot back.

“Touché.” Levy replied crossing her arms over her chest.

“Need anymore books because I want to be there to catch you if you fall again.” Gajeel snickered. “Gihee.”

Levy’s cheeks warmed. She looked away nose in the air. “No offense, but you don’t exactly seem like the type of person to hang out in a library.”

He snorted. “Your right about that. My sister asked me to get her a book. She said a good romance but I have no idea what to do with that.”

Levy beamed. “I can show you! I know this library like the back of my hand. There’s a few I’d recommend!”

Gajeel swept his arm to the side. “Lead the way.”

In the end Gajeel ended up checking out 7 books because Levy couldn’t decide which was her favorite.

“Is there a reason you couldn’t narrow it down? Do you just wanna see me suffer?” Gajeel complained.

“But I thought you were a tough guy.” She teased.

Gajeel looked away and muttered something. Levy giggled into her hand.

“I can carry a few if you want.” Levy offered, her own book already tucked away in her book bag.

“No. I got this. Besides my sister lives right over there.” Gajeel pointed with his chin at a house.

Gajeel kicked the door with his foot, since his hands were a little full.

The door swung open. “Gajeel-kun got the books!”

A girl stood in the doorway. She had long wavy blue hair and long eye lashes.

“Yeah she helped me picked them out.” Gajeel gestured with his head at her.

“I’m gonna go put these down.” Gajeel vanished inside.

She stuck a hand out. “Hi I’m Levy.”

“Juvia!” She smiled then looked around almost scandalously. “Are you Gajeel-kun’s girlfriend.” She whispered.

“Eh?” Levy’s face pounded with a blush. “N-no! I just helped him out in the library is all!”

“What’s going on here.” Gajeel was leaning against the door frame.

“Nothing!” They both exclaimed.

Gajeel narrowed his eyes at them suspiciously.

Juvia clapped her hands together. “Well, thank you for the books Gajeel-kun!” She pecked him on the cheek and darted into the house.

Gajeel sighed. “That’s her way of telling of telling me to hit the road.”

“She kissed your cheek.” Levy pointed out.

“Yeah which means goodbye I’m done with you.” Gajeel said.

Levy shrugged. “Yeah well I wouldn’t understand, I don’t have any siblings.”

Gajeel chuckled. “Consider yourself lucky.”

“Where are we going?” Gajeel asked.

“Well I’m going home where are you going?” Levy said eye brow raised.

Gajeel shrugged. “Got no where to be, so I guess I’ll walk you home. It’s starting to get dark, wouldn’t want someone to prey on a little girl like you.”

Levy scowled. “I’m short! That doesn’t mean I’m a kid!”

“Gihee.” Gajeel smirked. “I know your not a kid, your a damn kind and brave woman, I mean who else would put up with me?”

A blush crept up her face. “Well your not that bad.” She playfully punched his arm.

“Ow! Abuse! Abuse!” Gajeel stage shouted, and frantically fell to the ground.

“Your so weird!” Levy exclaimed, face hot.

Gajeel smirked and got back up. “Gihee. I was just messing with ya shrimp.”

Levy sighed. “There’s not a chance your gonna call me by my real name is there?”

“I’d say there’s a pretty good chance.” Gajeel looked at her. “Levy.”

Why did her face feel so hot! Her stomach swirled with butterflies.

Gajeel grinned. “Gihee what you blushing for?”

“Stupid Gajeel.” Levy muttered and looked away.

“Aw is someone getting pouty on me.” Gajeel teased.

“I’m pouty because your being mean.” Levy crossed her arms over her chest.

Gajeel shrugged.“ Yeah I’m a mean guy, and your a cute girl, you can’t blame me for wanting to tease you.”

Levy’s face was growing hotter by the second. “Oh there’s my place.”

Her apartment building was a few houses away. Levy quickly walked there, back to Gajeel.

“Well this is it.” Levy’s apartment stood in front of them.

“Thanks for walking me home”. Before she lost her courage Levy pecked Gajeel on the cheek and started walking towards the door, her back to him so he could see her burning face

“Are you telling me to hit the road?” Gajeel asked.

Levy giggled. “Yep!”

Gajeel sighed shoving his hands into his pockets. “Bye then.”

“Wait!” Levy ran up to him, grabbing his shirt, pulling him down and standing on her tip toes as she mashed their lips together. She kept her eyes snapped shut as they kissed. What may have been a couple of seconds felt like an eon to her.

His lips were rough, but Levy didn’t mind, her lips were always chapped from when she bit her lip when she was thinking really hard, an old habit she could get rid of.

They parted and stared at each other. Gajeel’s eyes where wide and Levy couldn’t tell wether he liked it or not.

“See you later.” She darted inside leaving a dumbfounded Gajeel in her wake. She couldn’t believe she’d just done that!


A/N: We all know this is what happened. Me and Levy both share the same problem, we’re short. I actually do scale the pantry to reach the stuff on the top, my mom always puts the Honey Nut Cheerios at the top? Like wtf!

The Civilian {ch.6}

Summary:What do you do after accidentally catching the government seemingly teaming up with a dangerous prisoner ? Will you take matters into your own hands to try saving those who will be put in danger,or will you fall back to keep your own life secure ?

Warnings: swearing , angst, drama , that’s it for now 😜

Pairings:(steve rogers x reader ) ( avengers x reader)( bucky Barnes x reader ) ( team cap x reader )

Masterlist   {The Civilian Series}

“ what could you possibly have to talk to me about ? You don’t know who-”

“Y/n, , grew up in (y/hometown) , broke your arm when you were 9, sprained the other when you were 14 , majoring in the medical field, you have 4 siblings , lives in with life long friend Kit with your dog in-”
You cut him off, horrified at how he knows such detailed things about you.

“ what do you want ?” You sigh,

“ I’m not the bad guy case you didn’t notice I’m trying to help.” He declares,

“ yeah. I get that, but that doesn’t answer my question mr stark .”

“ Tony, please call me Tony ,y/n. When this hearing is over, you know your life isn’t going to be the same , correct?”
Here we go

“ I’m aware. I’ve discussed a few precautions with tchalla already .”

“ yes, he discussed those with me as well.”

Damn it tchalla, what the hell are you thinking?!?!

“Relax dear , I’m here to offer further assistance. I think it’d be best if you came and stayed with us after this is over. Your family will be guarded, but tchalla didn’t mention anything about your safety.”

“ because I’m not worried about me .” You simply state. It’s the truth, you knew there would be consequences to your actions, no one should suffer them besides you.

He lets out a humorless laugh at your response,“ darling , I don’t think you quite understand what the government is capable of . You committed treason, do you think they’ll simply let you be ? You’ll be deemed as a massive security threat. So this is my offer , we’ll strike a similar Barnes, you stay at the compound under close supervision . ”

You’re stunned by his offer, I was not expecting this at all. Maybe he isn’t so bad after all .MAYBE. But he’s right, I’m gonna have a price on my head after this . Damn it .
“ unless you’d rather spend some alone time in the raft . Ya know , the giant under water prison, I heard its-”

“ why are you being so .. Kind? Shouldn’t you be mad about all this? You’re one of the first to sign those damn accords, and now you’re just going to welcome everyone with open arms ? So you have to understand that I’m a little confused on the motive for all this Tony .”
he leans back into the couch, sending you am impressed look
“ you’re an intelligent girl y/n . Slightly reckless , but intelligent. You’re actions could have had a completely different outcome. You took the gamble , and got lucky. You’ve got balls kid. The accords aren’t what I thought they were, the governments taking advantage of them and I can’t do this alone . I need my team, my family if you will . But because of the accords, my hands were tied . That was until a brave college student created all this noise against the government. ”
God does he like hearing himself talk? Geez
“ you found the loophole in the accords , you caught Ross doing a no no. And you’re the reason my friends are going to get their freedom. This is happening because of you, not me. I’m simply doing what I can to right my mistakes . Welcoming the girl that saved the avengers into my home is the least I can do . So what do you say? A plushy compound surrounded by heroes or a drafty, claustrophobia inducing prison ? ”

“ I think I’ll go with what’s behind door number one .” You reply with a grin . He returns it, standing & sticking his hand out for you to shake. Oh fuck it, you pull him into a tight hug , which he awkwardly returns

“ thank you Tony . ” you whisper .

The Hearing - open POV

The court room is filled , part of it with different governments representatives, part with individuals that signed the accords , including tony stark and then with the wakandan Embassy , and then there’s y/n. She was clearly out of place , sitting alone in one of the front rows . She fidgets with her fingers in her lap as she waits for everything to Begin.

 " I’d like to thank all of you to attending this hearing , the people of wakanda would also like to thank you for showing concern for the actions the United States have taken against our country, and the accords . “ tchallas voice is smooth, yet commanding . Everyone’s conversations come to a haunt as his words kick off the hearing . 

 ” we have gathered to discuss the mistrust shown against my country. All of you have been made aware of the Actions played by secretary Ross , and that’s why you’ve all agreed to come, correct?“ A chorus is various answers takes over the , most of them being forms of agreement . Tchalla raises his hand,bringing the room to silence . 

 ” the action of placing audio/video bugs for malicious use breaks certain parts of the Sokovian Accords .Ross acted on presumptions made by a criminal of the United States , a man whose actions cost many of us loved ones in the bombing of Vienna . I believe this is enough cause to have the accords nulled, and put into extreme review . “ 

 There are mutters throughout the court room, the only silent one was y/n, whose eyes are locked with Tchallas. Another country’s representative speaks up, setting things further in motion . Y/ns head drops , knowing this is the start of one of many scenarios she has rehearsed .

 ” you highness , if I may , how did you know about the states actions ? Certainly you had your own informant if you could of know about their plans to bug you . Isn’t that a break in trust as well? Why aren’t you on trial ?“

 Tchalla smiles at the man , ” governor , I can assure you , my country would not insult any others by having any sort of placed informant . I was brought this news from someone that witnessed a few things she felt needed to be shared . So she brought them to my attention .“ 

 The same man let out a dry laugh” you expect us to believe someone went against their own country? Do you take us as fools!?“ He shouts . 

Y/n winces at his tone , wondering if Tchalla can keep up his calm and collected mood . She can see him grinding his teeth and he tried to calm himself before replying To the outspoken man 

 ” may I remind you, you are In my court . This is a civil meeting , if you feel the need to be hostile , rethink it.“ Tchalla sharply states before continuing ” I did not expect anyone to blindly believe me , this is a trial based on mistrust and is calling for drastic actions , so I went to all measures to keep this situation from getting even more out of hand . Miss y/n , will you please come stand beside me . “ Tchalla waves y/n over , the entire room watching as the timid looking girl quickly approaches the king . ” you will all listen with respect , holding your comments until this young lady has finished . She has taken many risks , risks that helped my people so I will have her treated as she deserves . “ Tchalla stepped back, signaling her to begin her story

 ” my name is y/n , I live in New York, and I am the one that brought the kings attention to Secretary Ross’s plan against wakanda. It all began with a trip to the government facility in New York…“ Y/n finishes retelling the story of her experience on her tour , seeing Ross and Zemo, the exchange between Ross and the other man; she told them everything from that day up until she told Tchalla . 

The crowd was silent during , as Tchalla requested , but when she finished there is an uproar . Secretary Ross Keeps his eyes on the girl , as other turn to shout questions at him . Tchalla lays a gentle hand on her shoulder and guided her to sit in a new seat, one that behind the podium .

 ” everyone please , we still need to hear secretary Ross’s side before we begin discussing outcomes to these actions . “ 

 With that Ross took the podium , explaining zemos belief that Tchalla was housing the team, and that Zemo was incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to certain things- but the others weren’t having it . As soon as he finished , shouting started . Tchalla waited a moment before silencing everyone once again. 

 ” if Ross was able to blindly believe a criminal , and break the trust between our countries , I believe it will happen again . So now the first vote is whether to null the accords until further notice . Clearly the document needs to be re evaluated . “

 ” and what about the girl ? She committed treason against her country . Certainly she there will be repercussions.“ 

 ” this girl is under my protection, if it wasn’t for her braveness, you would of got away with your devious schemes . I have spoken to your superiors, and she is to be allowed back into her home country . It seems your superiors aren’t thrilled with your actions , Ross.“ 

 The vote was unanimous , only a few objected . Ross is fuming as Tchalla gladly declares the accords being legally invalid . 

 ” uh hell- hi everyone, I believe you all know me-“ tony stands and speaks up   ” there is one more little detail that needs to be settled . What about the enhanced that refused to sign the accords , what happens to them?“ Tony questions 

 ” ah mr.stark , I believe if the accords are void, those who didn’t sign are no longer restricted . “ Tchalla answers . 

“ so let me get this clear , your highness , the avengers-”

 " are no longer controlled by any government . They may act as they please once again. But mr stark , a warning for you, maybe try to be a little less destructive when you save the world . I believe the clean up crews aren’t to fond of the damage .“ He advises . Tony sends a curt nod before sitting . Ross decided to engage in the dreaded conversation with Tchalla 

“so you’re saying rogers and his team are free to return home? As if they didn’t go against their country to save a Russian hitman?!? ” he barks .

 " I believe I said the accords are voided Secretary , so yes . They may return to their homes . “

 ” and Barnes ? “ 

 ” sergeant Barnes was framed for the bombing , I believe he is an innocent man. “ Tchalla bodly states. The crowd silently watches the interaction continues . 

“ so they’ll just be let free and believe they are above the law? Does that sound like justice to you, king Tchalla? Their actions deserve consequences , not a reward -” Tony clears his throat , making Ross snap his head around to meet his gaze , 

“"Hi, me again - I have a solution . Ross may have  a point, their actions should still have consequences  . So how about a compromise? If any of them chose to return , they will be require to stay in the avengers compound. They can be monitored there , Barnes will have a constant eye on him at all times and will receive a proper psych evaluation . And at the slightest wrong move, be turned over to the government . Those who don’t wish to continue saving the world , can retire and go back to being a civilian . I believe that’s fair .“ 

 Ross laughs ” yeah because we’d leave them in your hands stark . You can’t even open a laptop without destroying half the world . “ he snaps.

 ” I believe the decision isn’t up to you secretary. It’s up to all of us, your opinion is invalid in any decisions being made on account of it’s your poor lack of judgment that brought us here . “ tchallas barks. 

 The room votes, opting in favor of Tony’s suggestions. And just like that, the others freedom is finally legitimate; along with your own . This are going to get easier now , right?


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Request: “Hey I’m Kassidy! Can you do an imagine for me?? I want it be with Dean and I want smut or fluff whichever one you would like to do thankssss :) ❤️” + “Oh could you make one where Dean is like jealous of the readers and cas relationship?” - @ayeeitskassi

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Jealous!Dean (my fav), fluffy, giggly smut

A/n: This turned like SUPER giggly oops. (btw I got kinda hot and bothered writing some of this like damn)

Originally posted by pleasegivemecake

You giggled as Cas poked your side. “Stop!! Why do you always do that to me?” You tried to sound upset, but he made you laugh too much.

“Because I can.”

You laughed again. “Fair enough. But we actually have to go help Sam and Dean with research.”

“Are you sure you aren’t saying this just because you would like to spend time with Dean?”

You rolled your eyes. You had a crush on Dean since goodness knows when, but could you really help yourself? Cas was the only person, or celestial being, or whatever that you had ever told, and he always had to say something about it. “You know, you’re lucky I love you or else you’d be getting a fist in the gut.”

He smiled. “Shall we go then?”

“That’s what I was asking for in the first place, honey.”

Both of you walked into the library laughing. Sam and Dean looked up from their laptops.

“Hey guys, you finally coming to help us?” Sam said with an amused voice.

You chuckled again, still in a giggly mood from your conversation with Cas. “Yeah. Sorry.”

Dean did not look so amused as he looked back to the computer screen. “You know, we could hear you guys laughing all the way in here.”

“Sorry, grumpy pants. You allergic to laughter or something?” You replied, ruffling his hair and sitting in the chair next to him.


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Written On This Skin Part 7 - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 6

Part 8



There is a collective breath in the room before it starts.



“What do you mean can’t come on tour?”

The boys and their girl’s shouted these things at Y/N making her want to curl up in a ball and leave. It was true though, she couldn’t go on tour. She is in the middle of Finals Week in her last year of College. There is no way she’s giving up her dream for her Soulmate. Y/N has always wanted more. Everybody else seems content just having a soulmate, but Y/N wants a life. A life outside of her relationship.

“I mean, I can’t come on tour. At least not for a few days. Its finals week,” Y/N says, looking directly at Luke.

The shouting starts. They boys yell to screw school and that her soulmate is more important than an education. Their girls start off at the boys side, but slowly start to side with Y/N and Alyssa. The girls draw upon their own lives and what they gave up to be with the boys.

“I was going to be a doctor!”

“So your job is more ‘important’ than my dream job?”

“I may not have had a plan, but I didn’t need you,”

These are all quotes from the girls yelling at the boys. The boys, excluding Luke, yell back their own small comments, but what could they say? The girls did give up their lives to be on tour with the boys. Sure they seems to enjoy it, but they always had other dreams outside of the boys and their dreams.

“What should we do?” Luke whispers to Y/N. The yelling of the girls and boys continue in the background, but neither Y/N nor Luke is worried about them. They’re soulmates, they’ll work it out. They have to. It’s written into their genes.

“I have to finish Finals. I’ll come to wherever you are in like four days?” Y/N asks. She had been thinking about this for hours now. She couldn’t ask Luke to leave the band for her, so he can’t ask her to leave her life to go to him.

“Okay,” Luke says agreeing to her plan. It’s not that Luke didn’t think that Y/N would have her own life before him, he just thought that he life wouldn’t be so much of a problem. He just thought that she would want to be with him, her soulmate, more than she would want to be…well whatever her profession was. Was being her soulmate not enough for her? Was being Luke Hemmings not enough? He is successful, and he’s always told how handsome he is. What else could he do?

“Do you have a phone charger?” Y/N asks. Her phone died sometime during the police investigation, and she needed to check some things for a school project.

“Sure” Luke says, taking her phone and plugging it into his charger. The couples were still fighting about god-knows-what. They had moved off the topic of what they had to give up to be with the boys and were spread out into their own arguments now.

“Yo!” Alyssa suddenly yells, shutting everybody up.

“What?” Jackie says annoyed. Her finger is poised into Michaels chest. Michael looks more frightened than he ever has before.

“Nothing, this is just getting stupid. And we have the computer final in three hours,” Alyssa says looking at Y/N, “So what are the two of you going to do?” She says bluntly.

“I’ll catch up to the tour in four days; after finals,” Y/N says. All the girls give approving nods. While the boys look a little bug eyed.

“What if Luke gets sick,”

“We can’t lose out lead singer,”

“Just come with us”

Emily grabs Ashton’s collar and tugs him down to her height. “You are Lucky she is willing to come on this stupid tour,” Emily looks at the rest of the guys now, “So shut up,” She says darkly.

Y/N and Alyssa make eye contact after Emily says her thing; they both whisper a quick “Damn.” Michael, still looks frightened, while Calum stage whispers, “Whipped.” Luke just stays seated on the bed looking at Y/N like its the last time he’s going to see her. Y/N stands, preparing herself for what she is about to say.

“Alyssa is right, I need to go,” Y/N says, then she leans down and kisses Luke on the cheek, leaving the whole room surprised. She grabs her phone off the charger, a glowing 5% lit up in the top corner. It will have to do. Y/N and Alyssa are halfway out the door when Luke yells.

“Wait!” He yells, Y/n and Alyssa turn around, expecting the worse. Luke just takes Y/N’s phone out of her hand and inserts his name and number into it. “Okay baby,” He says, then leaning down to peck Y/N on her cheek. The girls ‘aww” in the background, followed by groans from the boys.

“I’ll see you in four days,”

“Four days,”

Then she left, again.

Worth Fighting For Chapter 2 - Reflections Of Time

Rating: M (violence, smut, language, references to abuse and violence)


He was ruthless, cunning and completely committed to protecting his city but her arrival to Dauntless called everything he ever thought he believed into question. Duty and following orders were no longer enough. They both found more than they ever thought possible. They both found something worth fighting for. Eric/OC AU M Tragedy/Romance

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A/N: Posting this here but is also on site.


Chapter 2- Reflections Of Time

Eric-Choosing Day:    Roughly one year ago

Whispers of silk moving against silk. Muffled gasps and moans. Flashes of delectable skin, so close and charged with a heat that called to me. These sensory images haunted me through my nights, leaving me in a tangled mess of my own making in bed. The space beside me remained cold but in those dreams it burned with the heat of passion. A passion I could never imagine existed and if ever asked would deny I would even want. Because what those images, those nightmares I was coming to call them, brought forth in me was a terrible burning in my soul and heart. A feeling of being so complete and of such rapture that the cold light of day left me a broken husk of a man.

Very few, two to be exact, had ever seen me any other way than the face I presented to all others at all times. Lately though, even they don’t get to see any semblance of the man behind the mask because that mask is slowly seeping into every part of me.

At twenty four years old I felt a man of eighty. The weight of a faction, no an entire fucking city, seems to be pressing down on me. Now I know why Max was reluctant to make me leader even with pressure from Jeanine. He had needed to know I wasn’t in it just for Jeanine because if I was then this pressure would make me snap. It would break me. It is trying to break me and it scares the shit out of me everyday how close it is coming to doing just that.

The screeching of the digital alarm clock on my bedside table alerts me that I need to get my butt in gear and get ready to face another day. One of the worst days of my year was about to start and I needed the coffee to be able to deal with this. So I began my day with a cup of coffee in my apartment, then went to the meetings that would take up most of the morning before the new initiates arrived. It messed up my normal routine so that was another reason to add to my foul mood.

Chase slid a breakfast sandwich across to me when he took his place at the conference table. “Zach put a couple of these together for us this morning since we couldn’t do the normal thing.” He mumbled around a large bite he had just taken of his own.

“Thanks.” I nodded and took a bite while looking over notes and waiting for the meeting to start. Lauren breezed in, late as usual, causing all of us to scowl but Chase even more since he was the one stuck with her for training the Dauntless born.

It was the same shit from every year although there were some new rules that were being implemented. Cuts were being made, steep cuts. I rubbed the bridge of my nose as Four spoke up about his displeasure in regards to the cuts and fighting changes. He kept shooting glares at me, as always pinning all this shit on me. Never mind there were four other leaders sitting around this table that were just as responsible for passing the new rules and Max the senior leader that had final say.

Chase shot me a look telling me to keep it cool as I looked away and clenched my fists on the table. You would think after over seven years of having to deal with each other we could move past old shit but that wasn’t going to happen with me and Four. At times I wish with all my being that I had been able to prove my suspicions about him. Get him out of the picture all together.

With a sigh I crack my neck and focus back on the meeting. It was going to be a long hour until the meeting broke and we could all finally head to greet the new blood.

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take your time (in a hurry), ch. 3

happy birthday, @ragwitch​!! i love you. ❤️❤️❤️

read: part 1, part 2

Chapters: 3/?
Relationships: wintershieldshock (Darcy/Bucky/Steve), Darcy & Tony
Rating: T (for now)
Summary: Darcy is the bastard daughter of one Anthony Edward Stark, who was banished from New York for getting a girl pregnant out of wedlock. Now that her grandparents have died, she embarks on a quest out west to find her long-lost father. Twenty years later. Should be a piece of cake. (old west!AU)

There was no warning, nothing. Later, Darcy and Maria would look back and see the little hints of escalation—the increasingly-frequent attempts by Mr. Zola to coerce the young woman into speaking with him, the rapidly-growing pile of letters that sat unopened and ignored on the corner of her grandfather’s desk, the fact that Darcy had to stop leaving the house because the odious man would show up with uncanny timing as soon as she returned—but at the time they just considered them to be annoying inconveniences. Creepy, perhaps, but certainly not dangerous.

After it was all said and done, Maria would remember catching a maid in the process of gesturing to Mr. Zola’s men, the garden door unlocked and cracked open. She dismissed the girl on the spot, ignoring her sobbing pleas; any woman who was willing to sell out another of her gender for a bit of coin was not someone Maria was willing to trust around Darcy. Not even with the chamber pots. And thus, the door was locked and barred against Zola and his henchman for another night.

She intended to pen a letter to Mrs. Carter and inform her that Zola’s schemes were getting more and more underhanded and unhinged. But then a servant accidentally set off one of Howard’s numerous mysterious inventions while packing up the study and shrieked loud enough to rouse the whole house, maybe the whole street. So, Maria hastily shut the door, barred it, and hurried up the stairs. The plans to move out west were hard on Darcy, even if the young woman claimed to be excited; Maria could see the wear of it at her eyes, her mouth, the lines of her face. And between her fears and the grief of losing her grandparents, she had enough on her plate. Which meant that Maria was even more determined to keep the process moving as seamlessly as possible, to save her precious girl what trouble she could.

If the servant hadn’t knocked into Howard’s mechanical figurine—a harmless one, thankfully, albeit extremely noisy—and Maria hadn’t had to race to shut the damn thing off, she might have noticed the rockaway parked on the other side of the street. It was hidden in the shadows, and the figure inside observed as the men came so close to gaining entrance to the house, only to be blocked at the last minute. As Zola watched the scene, the vehicle practically shook with the fury of his rage. He was denied access to the Stark bastard once again.

If Maria had looked out the window, she might have seen that something was off. In the way the henchmen slunk back to the vehicle, like dogs expecting to get hit, or the way the driver nervously shrank away from the passenger’s seat. If she had, she might’ve been able to prevent the fire. But she was busy dealing with Howard Stark’s mischief from beyond the grave, and she had no time to stare at shadows or darkness or any such nonsense.

And three nights later, someone set fire to their home.

Darcy woke up to a strange scraping sound, oddly like the creak of the garden gate as it pulled over the cobblestone path—the damn thing sagged at one end and always made the most awful, high-pitched noise—and it was entirely out of place in the middle of the night. Her room overlooked the garden, true, but never had she heard it this late; it was too heavy to open on accident, even with gusty wind. She laid perfectly still in her bed, holding her breath so as not to make a single sound in case it happened again, listening for the creak of the gate or the scuff of a boot against the stone path. But nothing happened. The garden outside her window was silent, though she could hear the creak of the wooden floor outside her bedroom as a maid moved through the hallway. Still, she waited.

Finally, deciding it had been a figment of her imagination, she rolled over and tried to drift back to sleep. It was most likely just a fragment of a nightmare that had followed her into consciousness, she decided; her worries over Zola and his schemes had taken over her brain, haunting her even in sleep. And now he was ruining her rest, too, keeping her awake with fear of what he might do. The thought of him having such power over her made Darcy angry, and she punched her pillow a few times before determinedly closing her eyes. Taking deep breaths, she started to silently count backward from one hundred—a technique that Maria had taught her as a child, when her brain was too active to shut itself off. She reached the number seventy-two before her mind went fuzzy, coaxed into that soft space between wakefulness and the peaceful lure of deep sleep.

The explosive sound of glass shattering against the foundation of the house startled her upright. With her heart pounding in her ears—she knew that she hadn’t imagined that, it wasn’t possible—she threw back the covers and sprinted to the window. The wood of the floor was harsh against her bare feet, but she paid it no mind. Throwing back the curtains, tossing aside modesty and caution in favor of haste, Darcy was blinded by the unexpected bright light that was overtaking the garden. The brilliant yellow and orange hues seared her eyes, and it took her a second to realize exactly what she was seeing.

(read more link here)

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Oh my God, this part still destroys me.  That faint little growl.  Those little shoes and that rainbow shirt.  Carol's first cry of "Sophia" and the way Daryl drops his gun to grab her as she runs toward her baby girl.  Carl and Lori's reactions.  Just everybody's quiet, horrified astonishment.  And then Rick.  Rick.  Damn.  Just damn.

I’m ugly crying.

Why does Melissa McBride not have an Emmy yet?  It’s seriously criminal that she’s not been recognized.  I don’t care that TWD is a genre show.  She’s been completely slaying me with her talent for years now. 

We’re so lucky to have her, y'all.  Her and Carol. 

Auston Matthews #1.5

Hi guys! This is the last part of the original drabble. This is finally coming to an end… but there are more Auston to come, I promise! :) Enjoy!!

Links for parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Word count: 1, 178

Originally posted by zetterbabe

Here’s an advice for everyone: if you decide to follow your heart, stand by your choice and never second-guess anything else. Buy the game ticket, book the flight, check-in at the hotel. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to an unfamiliar city or you’re not even telling him you’re watching his game… just go. Do it for love or whatever. Don’t forget: second guessing yourself will be detrimental to everything.

If only you practiced what you preach then you wouldn’t be stranded in the middle of Pearson International Airport with just two hours before the game starts, looking like a lost little girl. You don’t even know how far the arena is from the airport. God, you’re going to be late, Auston won’t see you and then you’ll have to tell him through text that you’re actually in Toronto right now.

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