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Stronger- Theo imagine

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Can you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader gets bullied and Theo defends her and turns her into a chimera?

A/N: Currently catching up with teen wolf and have fallen for Theo all over again xx

Words: 1731

“I’ve really enjoyed tonight, I hope you also had a good time” dean spoke softly, his fingers running across your cheek bone down to your lips. You blushed and nodded your head shyly in response. Dean was one of the ‘populars’ and also part of a group of people who seemingly hated you. He had the choice of any girl in beacon hills high, yet he had chosen to go out with you. You were flattered and a tad hesitant but the fact someone like him could like you, gave you confidence in yourself.

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Those Who Hunt Their Own

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(A/N: Just a story idea going my head, not sure how I feel about this.)

 Merciful wasn’t a word normally in Damon’s dictionary. Yet as he stared down at you, a tiny frightened girl in the backseat, Damon couldn’t bring himself to harm you. He reached out for you only to recieve a pencil through the hand. Luckily for you, the pain of it was overshadowed by shock. Then again… could he really be surprised?  

   You were child of a hunter. One who just attempted to kill him. “If you’re trying to kill me, you’ll have to do better than that.” Damon said, calm.  

     He bit back the comment about her mother failing to do the same. Kindness was another trait not normally displayed by him. Even when Damon faked being nice, he was still a sarcastic asshole. “You can’t come in!” You cried. “You are not allowed in!“

    Damon shook his head. “It doesn’t really work like that kid. Cars are fair game. Didn’t your mom teach you that?”  

  You responded by throwing a handful of markers at him. Your little face scrunched up in a mixture of fury, fear and pain. “Obviously, she didn’t teach you not to throw things at others.” Damon sighed.  

  “You’re bad! You eat people like the big bad vampire in Red Riding Hunter .” You sniffed indignantly.  

    “Well, I can’t argue with you there, but seriously? The big bad vampire and Red Riding Hunter? You hunters can’t be more original?” Damon mused.

   “I’m not scared of you! You’re just a-a bully.” You snapped, little fist shaking in determination.

   Damon couldn’t help, but smirk at your valor. He had admit you were quite impressive for a little thing. “No you aren’t ” Damon replied. His hands cupped your chin, forcing you to look at him. “And you’ll never be.”  

    Merciful and kindness may not be in his dictionary, but revenge definitely was. And what would be a better revenge than to raise a vampire hunter that hunted their own instead?  

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For the writing prompts, if you're still doing them: sugakookie and 9? Love you xx

9. things you said when i was crying

also @vmin-ontae​ also prompted the same thing!! so i am doing both in one hope u both enjoy :*** this is sort of inspired by the recent pics of jungkook looking tired and emotional and needing infinite cuddles

Jungkook’s feet clomp heavily down the stairs off the stage, and he feels each step jarring through him. Being in America is like being on another planet. No matter how much sleep he gets, he still feels the suffocating exhaustion that seems to drag on for days at a time.

And he tries so hard to be grateful. Because everything about it is incredible — the fact that they are even able to tour in sold out arenas in a country on the other side of the world to Korea is something that he still hasn’t managed to wrap his head around. Everyone has been so welcoming and the fans are amazing. It’s just… he misses his bed and their comfortingly chaotic apartment. He misses sharing a space with the other band members — doesn’t like the single hotel rooms as much as he thought he would.

They huddle after the show for a few minutes and Jungkook finds an abandoned hoodie that he claims. It’s probably Taehyungs. He’s always cold on their way into the concert and then runs hot for a few hours afterwards, discarding jumpers around the greenroom. Jungkook tries not to look like he’s anxious to get back to the hotel, dropping onto the couch and waiting until they get the go ahead to make their way to the van. Yoongi sits next to him, a hand on his knee to stop his leg from bouncing up and down.

“You okay?” Yoongi asks, voice quiet with all the noise around them.

Jungkook slumps against the couch. He just wants to close his eyes and sleep. “Yeah,” he says. Yoongi raises an eyebrow at the way Jungkook’s face falls when their manager says they’re going to have to wait at least half an hour before they go back to the hotel because there traffic around the arena is at a standstill. He looks up at Yoongi and his lip wobbles pathetically. He hates himself for it a little bit. “Okay, no, not really.”

His hyung moves instantly, turning on the couch to face Jungkook and pulling him forwards so his face is buried in Yoongi’s shoulder, facing away from the room. “C’mere,” Yoongi says as his hand soothes over Jungkook’s back. “It’s been a really long few weeks.”

Jungkook lets out a shuddering breath and maybe one little sob shakes his shoulders, his hands coming up to fist in Yoongi’s jacket. Not that Yoongi is making any indication that he’s going to let Jungkook go. In fact, he pulls him closer and Jungkook allows himself to go completely pliant, burrowing into his chest. “I miss home,” he whines and he knows how petulant he sounds, but Yoongi just sort of coos in his ear — the little sound is foreign coming from him, but it makes Jungkook feel okay for a moment.

“I miss home too,” Yoongi admits. “I miss having our own space where we can all just be together.” Jungkook doesn’t know how Yoongi reads his mind at times like this.

“Well how come you’re, y’know… not sniffling into someone’s chest?”

Yoongi laughs, the movement shaking Jungkook a little and he looks up at his hyung, bringing up a hand to swipe at his eyes. “Someone’s gotta be here for you to sniffle into, right?”

Jungkook smiles (albeit, it’s a little watery). “Thank you, hyung.”

“You’re welcome.” Yoongi boops his nose with his finger and it’s so unexpected that Jungkook is surprised into a laugh, a blush colouring his cheeks.

He buries his head into Yoongi’s chest again. Though this time, it’s not to hide.

Send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a minific

The City is Mine: Ch.2

Genre: gang au, angst, smut (eventually)

Character Profiles: AOMG | The Outsiders | The 88′s  (Please read these and the Prologue before you begin!)

Chapters: Prologue1234 /?

“The City is Mine” Ravi Open

Don Mills. Don Mills. DON MILLS. You repeated the name in your head over and over again, recording it to memory to ensure you wouldn’t forget it, not that you could even if you tried.

“Don Mills”, you breathed breathlessly, your orby orbs oogling the man wobbling in front of you drunkenly.

I’M DON MILLS!!!”, he yelled in agreement as he beat his bare, hairy chest with his clenched up fists. In all of your pathetic life you had never seen a sight more glorious. He was so raw, so primal, so animalistic, and you couldn’t stop thinking about how good it would feel for one of those sticky fists to be inside you, pounding a rhythm into your vagina like a sex bongo.

Once he had finished you stared into his dreamy, glazed over eyes, more beautiful than any night sky or doughnut, and whispered your name back, “Hello Don Mills, I’m Y/N”

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Plot twist: Bethesda releases a DLC that allows you to romance Strong but Deacon, Nick and X6 are still off-limits.

I would literally cry

We’re Getting Out Of Here

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Request:Hi! I was wondering if you could do a NewtxReader one shot where they all get captured by wicked and they threaten all of you and when no one will say anything they finally and take the reader and torture her and make them all watch, emphasizing on newt cause they’re dating and after that she gets really depressed and newt has to comfort her and really fluffy and cute plz 😁💖 I love your writing!!💖

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Rating: PG

*Thanks for the request. There isn’t much fluff and it’s a little different but I hope you like it! *

They caught us, I can’t believe they actually caught us. We were so close to paradise, we were so close to our freedom and here comes WKCD just popping up out of nowhere. We were pushed into the helicopter no one said a word. I clung to my boyfriend Newt… He was my first friend in the glade and over some time we developed feelings for each other and we’ve been together ever since. He looked down at our hands and smiled softly. Honestly, I wish I still had hope that we would get away again and maybe then I can actually have a life with Newt. A nice life that involved us getting married, having kids and growing old together. Since we didn’t have any memories of our old life it was only fair that we got to make new ones. Everyone sat in silence as we landed back into WCKD’s property. All of the staff there were staring at us and smirking and we walked, well technically we were pushed into the building.

“Now that you’re back, I want to enforce something.” Janson said. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Like we were supposed to listen to that shit face. Janson turned to look at me and then his eyes shifted down to my hand which was still stuck to Newts. “Oh…?” He cocked an eyebrow. “I almost forgot the two of you were an item. Newt’s grip on my hand tightened and through gritted teeth he said “Stay away from her.”  A smirk made its way on Janson’s face and if we were in a cartoon a lightbulb would be over his head. “Oh we will, as long as you don’t try anymore tricks” Was he seriously threatening us? Thomas wouldn’t listen to him and we all stick with Thomas no matter what. He’s the only reason we have a chance at living a normal life.

“And what if we don’t listen” Thomas piped up. If looks could kill Janson would be dead by now. “Well then we won’t play nice. I will kill you and I don’t care what Ava says.” And with that he walked out locking us in our room (a.k.a jail cell).

“Listen, we all know he’s bluffing. They need us and they can’t use us if we’re dead.” Thomas whispered. We all sat in a circle on the floor. He was right. Janson can’t do anything to us or it would cost him his head. Which probably isn’t a bad thing honestly. “I’m going to go through the vent and see if there is an exit which doesn’t have much security. Newt is coming with me. The more we can cover the better.” Thomas had a point but why couldn’t he use Minho or someone else. I didn’t want Newt leaving my side. I know I didn’t have a say because Newt had that look on his face and he was set on getting out of here again. There was no changing his mind. Everyone agreed and Thomas crawled under the bed and yanked the grill off of the vent. “Let’s go” He crawled in first and Newt turned to me. “I’ll be back soon” I smiled and he leaned down kissing me softly before following Thomas.

It’s been nearly 30 minutes and they aren’t back yet. I paced back and forth before Minho grabbed my shoulders “They’re going to come back. They always come through” I smiled softly and nodded “I know but I’m still worried what if – “I was cut off by the door busting open only to reveal Janson and two other guards holding Thomas and Newt. My heart dropped and everyone stood up. “You guys really thought you’d get away the same way you did last time?” Janson chuckled and shook his head. “Oh Naïve children, we put cameras in the vents.” Newt’s face looked as if he was in pain and Thomas looked angry. “Since this group doesn’t seem to listen too well. It looks like we’ll just have to demonstrate exactly what you are going to go through if you try to pull a stunt like this again.” He motioned for the rest of the guards to come in the room and they held Minho and the others back, then he grabbed me. I screamed and tried to fight him off but he was too strong. Newt was struggling to free himself from the guard. “Don’t fucking touch her!!!” Janson smirked and cocked an eyebrow before bringing his hand up and slapping me. The entire room fell silent, everyone’s mouth agape. It really did hurt a lot and tears were threatening to spill but I refused to cry in front of the enemy. “Now that I’ve got your attention. Follow us.” He dragged me out of the room all the way to another room on the lower floor. It was at the end of the hall and it looked like it came right out of a horror film. Janson kicked the door open and turned on the lights. He threw me into a corner and went to the door to talk to the other guards. The guard nodded and Janson locked the door leaving the two of us in the room. “Now the rest are going to come in soon, and I want you to be ready” He put this thing around my neck. A collar? And he tied my hands together. “Bring them in!!” I put on my best face to mask how scared I actually was. If I looked scared, then so would Newt and everyone else. I had to be brave, especially now. I was forced on to my feet and turned to look at the room of guys. Ever since Teresa turned against us I was the only girl again.

“Now look, I’m going to do whatever I want with her and you guys are going to watch. IF anyone” He looked at Newt “Tries to stop me… I’m going to press this little button on this remote and she’ll be electrocuted.” Newts fists were shaking and his jaw was firm. “Like this” He pressed the button and a loud shriek left my lips as I fell to the floor. “The longer I press the more pain she’s in. So the choice is really yours”. The devil walked back over to me and smiled cynically “Don’t worry sweetie… I’ll be gentle” With that he ripped my clothes off. Literally. I screamed and tried to at least untie my hands but he wasn’t having it. He crashed his nasty lips onto mine and when I wasn’t kissing back he pressed the button again. I groaned in pain and brought my knee up to kick him in his groin. Of course he was a step again and this time when he hit the button he held it for much longer. I was gasping for air by the time he let go. “New Game” He pulled Newt forward to this table with this medieval looking machine that had a bunch of knobs. “Turn every fucking one or I’ll blow her brains out” Newt’s glare was cold but his eyes were full of pain. I knew that the higher the knobs got the more pain I would feel. Not to mention I was still naked in front of a group of guys. The tears fell rapidly and my screams got louder and louder until I couldn’t scream anymore. After a while I sat there immune to everything. I just stared at the wall opposite of me. Newts eyes were watery but I knew he wouldn’t cry and I knew he hated this. He had 5 more knobs to go. It couldn’t get any worse. Janson ordered him to turn all of them at once and he flipped him off but did as he was told. The amount of pain I felt could not be described. I would’ve rather him shot me. My body lurched forward and a blood curling scream left my throat. Actually multiple blood curling screams left me. Janson smirked and threw a blanket over me. And walked out leaving everyone there. Newt ran over and picked me up cradling me in his arms. The rest of the guys were crying but I didn’t have the energy to do anything.

“I’m sorry, I had too” Newt cried into my hair. I didn’t respond. I stared off into the distance. “I didn’t want you to die. I love you baby. I love you so much. I promise you I won’t let them get to you again. I’ll listen to them” He cried and rocked us back and forth. “Newt we have to get out of here” Thomas whispered wiping his eyes. “NO! Did you not just see what they did to her!! Or were your eyes closed the entire time. We are staying here”

—– Time Skip—–

It’s been five days. My emotions are extremely unstable and I nobody except Newt can come within 5 feet of me. He tried his best to get me to eat, to smile, to laugh but I’ve given up. We are going to be prisoner to WCKD forever whether we like it or not.

           “Baby,” Newt whispered joining me on my bed. “God baby I miss your smile and you have to eat” I shook my head. “It’s over Newt… They won” I could feel the tears coming again. “We’re never getting out. We’ll never have chance at our own life. We’re going to die here just like the rest and there is nothing we can do about it. You said it yourself we have to listen to them.” I sniffed and laid my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. “Don’t think like that. I’ve talked to Thomas. He thinks its best if we lay low and act like we’re on their side. When the guard is down we leave. I promise I won’t let anyone get near you. You’re the only thing I have to fight for and I refuse to let them take that away from me.” I looked up at him wide eyed and he smiled.

           “We’re getting out of here and getting to paradise. You and I are going to get married and have a bunch of mini Newt’s and (Y/N)’s. I’m going to give you the life you deserve and no one is stopping me from that. I love you and You’ve dealt with too much of my shit to go down like this.” A smiled broke out onto my face and the tears fell from my eyes.

“I love you so much” I whispered before leaning up and connecting our lips.

planes and trains

word count: 886

For the last two months, they had spent more time together than apart: watching bad movies, eating take out, taking the occasional shower together (they cared a lot about saving water). She fell asleep on the couch in his sweatshirts and he carried her to bed. He came home late from the studio and she would kiss him gently and massage the knots out of his back.

But, the time they could spend together was rapidly extinguishing and now they sat on the couch in silence. His bags stood by the door, a consistent and daunting reminder of what was to happen in but a few short hours. Her fingers tangled with his as they tried to watch some bad late night movie.

They had resolved to stay up together. Partly because his flight was leaving early and she would drive him to the airport before the sun had even dreamed of waking. But, it was also to be with each other. They didn’t say those words aloud but the meaning was there.

It never got easier. Shawn wished that it would, but that just wasn’t the case. He would spend more time missing her. He loved the road and he loved to perform. But he loved her more than anything. She had friends and work and she would be fine without him. But, he didn’t know if he would be fine without her.

She sat beside him, her mind running wildly. She never knew what to say. The little voice in her head always needling her, ask him to stay. She never would, she never could. But, she felt it nonetheless. Shawn had his team, and his fans, and his music, and he would be fine without her. But, she didn’t know if she would be fine without him.

The time on the clock moved rapidly. Dancing circles around them, warning them that their time was running out. He pulled her closely and kissed the side of her head. He hoped that it would communicate all of the things that he couldn’t say.

She didn’t want to cry. They had done this before, a couple of times actually, so she ought to be used to it by now. But, it’s hard to get used to saying goodbye to the person you love. He was so excited and she didn’t dare bring him down with her pessimism.

He felt something catch in his throat when he tried to speak to her. He ended up clearing it awkwardly for fear that a tear might dance down his cheek at thought of saying goodbye. The credits on their film rolled and she looked at him.

Her eyes were glassy and it looked more like she was looking through him, than at him. She crawled up towards him and placed a kiss against his lips. She hoped that it would communicate all of the things that she couldn’t say.

She stood up first when the clock told them it was time to leave. She held her hand out to him and they walked towards the door. When his luggage was safely packed in the car he hopped into the passenger seat and looked at her.

She was wrapped tightly in his sweatshirt and her big winter coat and he moved across the console to squeeze her knee gently. Her hand fell atop his cold one and she squeezed his fingers before bringing his hand up to her lips. She pressed a warm kiss against his hands and then started the car.

They drove along the highway, humming along to the late night radio. They finally made it into the city and when she saw the exit for the airport she breathed in sharply before taking it. Shawn heard her but pretended that he didn’t, sometimes it’s kinder to pretend you don’t hear.

The drive ended too quickly, and before she knew it they were standing in the terminal and she only had a few minutes to say goodbye. Her hands started shaking a little bit and she balled them into fists. Stop it, she told herself.

His hands found hers and he squeezed them tightly, trying to ground himself in the reality that he was saying goodbye. Rather suddenly she launched herself into his arms. He held her tightly and willed himself not to let a stray tear or two escape.

He heard his name called and they detangled themselves. Their eyes met, red and stinging.

“I love you,” She said.

“I love you,” He mimicked, “47 days.”

“47 days.”

And then she smiled.

He wished he could have pocketed her smile to pull it out on a dreary day. He heard his name called one final time. His hand found the back of her neck and he pulled her in for a final kiss. His lips pressed against hers and then they broke apart.

He moved through security and turned around one last time to see her standing there. His sweatshirt swallowed her whole and she raised her hand to give him a weak wave. He blew her one final kiss and she caught it, pressing it against her heart.

Then Shawn had to turn around because if he didn’t he would never get on that plane.

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Headcanons of what RFA + V + Saeran would do and how they'd react upon discovering that MC, being an only child, is suffering from an ongoing mental physical emotional abuse (it's been happening since childhood lmao) courtesy to MC's parents?


i’d just like to preface this with: if you ever need to talk, anon ( or anyone else! ) i am 100% here. you can send me asks ( on or off anon ), ims, or even ask for my main blog, if you want. i don’t know how much help i’d be, but i am here for you, and i am always willing to listen and do what i can, okay? anyway, i hope this reaction helps! i’m also an abuse victim, and i know it can be nice to imagine your favorite characters being there for you, and i tried to do that well here.

*not that i think spoiler warnings are even close to abuse triggers, but i couldn’t figure out how else to put it.

≫ yoosung:

he’d cry. he feels like the worst kind of asshole for it, because he’s fine, and it’s not about him, but he can’t stop his tears. he wouldn’t really know what to do, at first, but he does know he’d do anything he can to make it better. yoosung, after calming down a bit, would tell m/c how sorry he is. he thinks they’re wonderful, and he can’t even imagine anyone wanting to hurt them. he asks what he can do to help, and he’d do anything they ask, in an instant. he’d become very protective, always standing up for m/c, and sticking close to them if he feels like they need it. he also offers ( read: begs ) m/c to stay in his dorm with him, if they need to. he doesn’t mind, he just wants to have them safe.

≫ zen:

zen is the most understanding, out of them all. after years of emotional abuse from his parents, then his brother, he gets it. and he hates it. he never, ever would want anyone to go through anything like he did. especially m/c, who matters the most in his life. he’s quiet, for a moment, after he finds out, before he asks m/c if it’s okay if he touches them. if they say yes, he pulls them close, tucking their head under his chin. if they say no, that’s okay too! he doesn’t push. either way, he tells m/c that he’s so sorry this happened to them, and they can see tears pricking in the corner of his eyes. he acts calm, even though he’s reeling inside, because they don’t need him to be breaking down when they’re already upset. like yoosung, he offers them a place to stay, but he doesn’t push if they refuse. he gets that leaving can be hard. but he does ask thm to promise to call him if they ever need anything. any time.

≫ seven:

he’s so angry. he hears m/c’s admission, what their family has been doing to them, and suddenly he feels fifteen years old again, stuck in his parents’ house, watching the abuse his brother suffers and not being able to do anything about it. he’s fucking furious, enough that he might scare m/c for a second. once he realizes, though, that he’s doing the exact opposite of helping, he manages to at least pretend to calm down. if m/c looks closely, though, they can see his nails digging into his skin. but this time, he can do something. he’d happily and thoroughly ruin m/c’s family, given the opportunity, through his hacking. if they don’t want him to, he’ll desist, unhappily, but he knows that it’s m/c’s choice, first and foremost. like the others, he’ll let m/c stay with him. he might push a little, but it’s only out of worry.

≫ jumin:

for a while, he’s so silent it’s hard to tell if he even heard. if m/c tries to repeat themselves, though, he cuts them off. he doesn’t want to hear it again. he doesn’t speak, for a while, trying to get his thoughts in order ( pain, shock, anger, and protectiveness so vicious it shocks even him ), but he does make sure to let m/c know he doesn’t think any lesser of them for it. he offers, voice shaking just a bit, to use his connections to have the police arrest m/c’s family, to get them a bodyguard to move them in or just buy a whole new apartment for them. if they want treatment, he’ll immediately find them the best psychologists money can buy. and he definitely insists on donating to a multitude of domestic violence charities and shelters.

≫ jaehee:

not unlike jumin, she’s quiet for a while. she’s horrified. she can’t even imagine what it must have been like. she takes m/c’s hand in hers and squeezes it, and thanks them for trusting her with that moment, and asks if there’s anything at all she can do to help. for a few weeks, she’s very careful around m/c, almost hesitant, afraid to do anything that could trigger them. she makes sure that they know she’s there for them, no matter what they need, they just have to ask. she wants to help, because she loves them. she puts a lot of research into abuse and the aftermaths, because he wants to make sure she knows how to help m/c as best as she can.

≫ v:

v is good about it, for the most part. he’s sweet, and patient, and lets m/c talk as long as they need to. when they’re done, he tells them, very seriously, how strong he thinks they are. he wraps a blanket around them, and makes them tea ( blind people can make tea, yes, before i get messages about this! there are devices for it. ), and asks them what they need. like most of the others, he tells m/c that they have a home with him if they ever need one. all his attention would be on m/c and making sure they’re alright, and he barely pays attention to his own feelings. after m/c falls asleep, though, he cries for a long time, careful not to wake them.

≫ saeran:

it’s the worst for saeran, finding out. he goes still, scarily so, and all he can picture is his mother, and the horrible things she did to him happening to m/c. he shakes, a little, a his hands curl into fists. he hugs them, so tight it nearly hurts, and he can barely speak. he’s one of the few who doesn’t cry, just trembles with anger and fear. he can’t stand the thought of m/c being hurt. when both him and m//c manage to calm down a bit, he asks them what they want him to do. he’s willing to go to the ends of the earth to get them out of that situation, no matter what. he demands that seven lets m/c stay in his apartment, and refuses to take no for an answer.


The Truth (Sirius)

Requested- Could you please do a one-shot where Sirius and the reader are arguing and the reader accidentally confesses to liking him and then runs away because he/she freaks out and realizes what he/she has done and Sirius finds him/her and they kiss and things.

- - -

“No, just like I said for the hundredth time, I am certainly not going to help you bully Snape!” You frowned, resting your hands on your hips. You were currently standing in the middle of the hallway as your friend, the infamous Sirius Black, had asked you to be his accomplice in the upcoming prank. “What has he ever done to you?”

“Uh, sorry, did I hear you wrong? Did you just side with Snivellus?” Sirius asked with an exaggerated response, covering his mouth in fake surprise.

You rolled your eyes, “don’t call him that!”

“Yet you didn’t answer my question, y/n.” He replied accusingly and stepped closer to you. You felt your face heat up, and your heart was beating in a rather fast manner. You were almost certain that he could hear your heart beating. His warmth was noticeable as he spoke again, this time a little more quietly, “what, you like him?”

You gasped, “no!”

“How so? How come you care so much about him?” He said loudly, raising his eyebrow. A girl from Ravenclaw heard him while looking at you with a puzzled face.

“Stop it! I don’t like Snape!” You hissed.

“Who do you like, then?” At this point, the dark-haired boy’s fist was held tightly and shaking a little.

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Robbie the Reluctant Role Model

Based on a request for Robbie/twin interactions with Robbie as the world’s most reluctant role model.

On AO3 // On

Robbie Valentino and the Pines family had a somewhat complicated relationship.

They could stand each other, which was an improvement, but there was baggage on both sides.

So in general, they avoided each other. Or at least, Robbie avoided the sister, since the brother wasn’t exactly…around all the time. He’d never admit it, but a lot of that was guilt, for how he and Dipper had felt about each other while Dipper had been…had been human.

Until Wendy read him the riot act.

That wouldn’t have been enough except, well, Wendy was right, and he was treating the currently sixteen year old Mabel a lot like the people back in Piedmont had, and it took about five seconds of watching her after Wendy had yanked his head back out of his ass to realize it hurt the kid.

And maybe Robbie felt just a little bit guilty. Fine, the kids had been, well, kids when all the personal biz went down, and he was being silly for holding a grudge. Mabel had always been kind of okay, if a bit too loud and rainbow for him. And she’d really gone out of her way to set him up with Tambry…

Ugh. Growing up was the worst. He had to, like, care about other people’s feelings now. Or at least he had to or be the asshole, and be self aware enough now to realize he was being one.

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Do you think that when Saitama is an old man that when kids make fun of him for being an old man in a hero suit and cape he’s just gonna shake his fist while walking in his little walker like “oooh you little whippersnappers I USED TO BE THE STRONGEST MAN ON EARTH I TELLS YA! I was B Class but they never listened, oh they never ever listened!”

Saitama would either be a really bitter old man or a really sweet one that feeds pigeons there is no in between

smol little hance fic for @fetrima 8) i asked them to give me a prompt a while ago, and they asked for hunk and lance with cuddles and fluff and the most gentlest of touches and soft tickles with lee!lance so that’s what i did. pls enjoy this toothache lmao xoxo

“I wish it rained in space,” Lance sighs, flopping down onto Hunk’s bed and sprawling out like a starfish. It’s late afternoon, and Lance is heavy with exhaustion from combat training that morning, his limbs sore and lazy.

“Why’s that?” Hunk asks, sitting on the edge of the bed so he can untie his boots. Lance shoves his own shoes off with his feet, kicking them to the floor before sliding closer to the wall.

“Cause,” Lance says, rolling onto his side and tugging at Hunk’s arm. “It’s more fun to cuddle in the rain. It’s more intimate.”

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Get To Know Me: meme: Films [8/10] : Elizabeth: The Golden Age 

Go back to your rathole! Tell Philip I fear neither him, nor his priests, nor his armies. Tell him if he wants to shake his little fist at us, we’re ready to give him such a bite he’ll wish he’d kept his hands in his pockets! I, too, can command the wind, sir! I have a hurricane in me that will strip Spain bare if you dare to try me!

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Can we get some Jealous Dipper? Like maybe Bill is playing around with Mabel and Dipper don't like it 😍 Also, triangleBill is best Bill!

Let’s see - Triangle!Bill? Check. Bill and Mabel being friends? Check. Jealousy? Check. Yep, that seems to be at least three of the things I really like.

How well do you know me, anon. Who have you been talking to?

Anyway, here’s a thing. 


Bill places his rook on the board with a soft ‘tack’ sound, then beams triumphantly. “Checkmate.” He says, smug and victorious. 

Ha! Quickest game he’s ever had. Easy as pie. 

Across the table, Mabel Pines frowns, glaring up at him. Kind of a sore loser, not what he would have expected from this human. 

“Nope!” She says suddenly, and smiles. Then she sticks her tongue out for a moment, and reaches over the chessboard, flicking Bill’s king over. 

Aw, hell no. 

Bill growls quietly, then rights his king, narrowing his eye at Shooting Star. “Oh really? And why is that?”

“Your guy caught dysentery and died,” Mabel declares nonchalantly, crossing her arms and leaning back, eyes closed. “He’s super dead now. You totally lost.”

Bill thinks for a moment. 

Change up the rules on him, will she? Well, Shooting Star’s got another thing coming.

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This Jily modern AU came out of pretty much nowhere apart from me being sick and having nothing better to do. (James is father but Lily is not mother. James is caught by Lily with a sick Harry in Boots. Slight chaos ensues).

“Shh-hhh-hhh.” James chanted to the squawking child in his arms. Harry twisted around, chubby hands fisting the material of his father’s shirt. “Shh, baby. Shh, Harry. Come on, baby. Come on, we’re okay, we’re fine, we can do this, can’t we? Huh, Buddy? Huh, Bub? We can do this, can’t we?”

“Bubba.” Harry squeaked between screeches. “Bubba. Now.”

“Bubba.” James said. “Bubba’s in the flat, Harry.” He knew he should have brought Harry’s stuffed rabbit, but leaving the house was stressful enough that he was lucky he brought Harry along. “But if we just hurry this along we’ll be back with him real soon, Buddy, promise. We’ve got formula and nappies and we’re on our way to the drug section, yes we are, we’re going to make that sore ear go away, aren’t we?” He cooed to his still crying son, trying to rock him properly with both hands and falling miserably.

“If I may?” A voice asks from beside him, small but strong and somehow easily recognisable despite the years it’s been since he last heard it.

Lily Evans.

The girl he spent the whole of secondary school infatuated with. The girl he thought he loved.

The girl he could have loved, if they’d had their chance.

“Lily, hi.” He smiled widely, turning to face her fully.

“Hey, James. Who’s this little fella?” She asked, although James could only assume she was being polite because of course they still ran in the same circles from school so she knows full well about Harry.

“This is Harry.” James said. “And we’re not this messy, usually. I promise. It’s just he has an ear infection and I’m not too hot myself and-“

“His mother just left.” Lily said, fighting to keep her voice level. James deflated. The pain was still raw, too raw for him to stand in Boots at 11 in the morning and talk about to Lily Evans, his previous enemy turned friend turned never quite something more.

“And that.” He nodded. “You heard?”

“I do still talk to Remus, you know.” James nodded. “I’m sorry. I didn’t really plan to bring it up, I just wanted you to know that you have support, okay? Can I hold him?” She nodded towards the still screaming Harry and James nodded.

“Watch your hearing though, I think he’s knocked me deaf.” Lily laughed and received him, settling the baby on her hip.

“Shh, Harry. It’s okay, honey.” She murmured to the baby, bouncing him slightly and swaying from side to side. James watched in awe as Harry calmed a little, then completely. “It’s okay.”

“How are you so good at this?” James wondered aloud. “Pop out any babies on the sly, Evans?” She glanced up from Harry to James for a second then settled her gaze back on the baby, speaking to him more than his father.

“My sister, Petunia, she has a little boy called Dudley around Harry’s age. She lets me see him sometimes when his father’s out. Just like his father he is, little brat. It’s nice to see Tuney though.” She rested her chin against Harry’s head, rocking him slightly. “Your Harry’s an angel compared to her Dudders.”

“Dudders.” James mock-shivered. “Harry’s only being well-behaved for the attractive woman holding him, wants you to think he’s cute - got sense like his dear old dad.” He said proudly, picking up his son’s chubby fist and shaking it playfully. Harry let out a little wail before calming again, just to let his father know he was still discontent, and James nodded.

“Right you are, kid. We need Calpol, don’t we? Evans, if you’ll return my child.”

“But he’s so cute,” She sighed, “Y’know, he’s the spitting image of you, Potter, but better, because he doesn’t have that big mouth of yours.”

“Yet,” James amended. “Give it time, Evans, I’ll have him running his mouth in no time.”

“You had better not. I just got a job in the local primary and if I have another mini you to contend with I don’t think I can make it.”

“The excitement too much for you? Because, you know, we can settle you into it. Starting Saturday night with dinner, maybe?”

“What if I’m taken?” Lily asked.

“Remus says you’re not.” James replied.

“So you’ve been asking after me?”

“You don’t ask after me?” James raised an eyebrow, well aware that she did. Lily rolled her eyes, but he’d like to think she did it fondly.

“Pick me up at 4 on Friday.” She said, smiling as she handed over Harry.

“From Huntington?” He tilted his head to the side. She wanted him to pick her up from work?

“I suppose you’ll want to be home to put Harry to bed?” She said, in answer.

“Yeah that’s probably best.” James was strangely touched she’d taken Harry’s schedule into consideration as well as her own. The boy in question rested his head on James’ shoulder as he watched Lily, his fist resting on James’ chest as he fought to keep his eyes open. Lily kissed Harry on the cheek and squeezed James’ bicep as she walked away (he thanked Heaven for those hours at the gym while Harry was with his grandparents).

“I’ll see you on Friday, then.” James listened for the bell as she left the store and watched her pull her coat tighter around her through the window.

“She thinks we’re cute.” He said to Harry, manoeuvring him and their supplies to the medicine aisles to get the Calpol and get out of the store before the next meltdown started.