that little face in the last one i can't!!

mentioning the hiatus in 2015

In roughly chronological order. In some cases they’re literally just mentioning it, answering the oft-repeated ‘what will you do during this hiatus?’. I’m certain this isn’t comprehensive, but it’s pretty long, so I’m including a cut.

Harry was responding to a reporter across from him, and as far as I could hear, Louis says, “Oh no, never know!” (Summertime Ball, June 2015)

(Idol Sweden, 10/13/15)

(Sunrise Australia)

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Ok this one may be a little strange: Can I request headcanon about the guys being angry in general and angry with Candy. I can't decide😩 Thanks~

A special thank you to all of the people that have given me congrats by the way //cries// bc I can’t thank you all individually,, tysm for your kindness!!

I knew this day would come…angst headcanons. Angst hc’s are kinda hard, so some are short and shxtty so- Lmao nathaniel will be fun js- enjoy.


  • Always has to have the last word, no matter what.
  • Gives really dirty faces like the ‘natural face of I don’t like you’ faces.
  • Complains to himself a lot like “Why doesn’t she listen” or “This didn’t even need to happen" 
  • Complains to white, but she always walks away
  • Petty, he’s just so mad ? acts really petty
  • Doesn’t accept the fact he was wrong in the argument. 
  • Avoids Candy, barely speaks
  • The silent treatment is his specialty with a side of petty
  • Is mad for like the rest of week, depending
  • Sleeps a lot more, he’s worn himself out
  • v stressed about his anger, needs to control it better
  • Doesn’t talk to Candy for a few days, just suddle conversations. 
  • Tries to watch some documentaries or read
  • Can’t focus on his work
  • Student council of pettiness ™
  • Asks Melody for advice, 
  • Just glares a lot


  • Would try not to yell until Candy crosses the line, tbh
  • Doesn’t yell out of the blue, depending on the situation. 
  • Smokes a lot, goes into some place to smoke
  • Confides in Lysander
  • Is really shady, like not even petty, just so shady.
  • Walks around with a cigarette in his mouth sometimes.
  • Very stressed, so fxcking tired 
  • Would be mad for the rest of the day, 
  • Not playing this game, jfc 
  • Complains in texts, he’s tired
  • Doesn’t text Candy, which is RARE
  • Doesn’t talk to Candy, but if she does talk to him, he says nothing
  • Aggressively plays with Demon,
  • Paces around to just try and think for a moment
  • Gets some space for himself, needs to think
  • Balls his fist when he thinks about whatever happened
  • Can’t believe he’s mad at Candy, but kinda can


  • Is the king of the cold shoulder ™
  • Wouldn’t show his anger in any way
  • Ignores Candy, feels slightly bad about it
  • Doesn’t care for the last word-
  • Feels like he shouldn’t be mad,, 
  • just wants peace, to make things right
  • Isn’t good at staying mad for long, usually an hour or so - but never for a day.
  • Asks for Rosa’s advice
  • Depending on the situation he gives sour looks 
  • Stays alone, has some space
  • Can’t stop thinking about what happened,
  • If Candy lied he could be mad for a whole day,
  • Remembers it for a long time
  • Would write in his notepad some song about it
  • Really sad more than he’d be mad, he can’t forgive himself for hurting Candy,,
  • Honestly sits around a lot,
  • Sighs a lot, 
  • Really tired, he just ?? he just wants peace smh


  • Rarely gets mad like seriously, he’d be confused
  • Is kinda petty when he’s mad with a touch of shady
  • Not good at ignoring Candy, sometimes glances
  • Complain to Alexy
  • Gets bratty mad like ‘What the heck, it’s not my fault’ or the ‘over nothing’ kinda guy
  • Aggressively plays video games
  • Such a brat like really - he would just glare and everything else.
  • Refuses to apologize
  • Tries to have the last word, usually fails.
  • Is so mad while playing he can’t even enjoy the game.
  • Being mad at Candy, he’s kinda mad at himself for not talking to her..
  • Does faces, like narrowing his eyes, just a mean face -
  • Sleeps a lot, surprisingly
  • Huffs and puffs a lot jus t he’s stressed
  • Can’t be mad for a day, tbh this boy will be better in a few hours
  • Eventually gives up, can’t stay mad at Candy
  • Nope nope nope, he can’t - he apologies


  • Is great at the cold shoulder, he’s a pro
  • Very good at ignoring her too, if they’re not together
  • if they’re together his cold shoulder level spIKES
  • Doesn’t acknowledge her existence,
  • Asks questions about how she’s doing to Alexy,,
  • Wishes their argument never happened. 
  • Would overthink the argument, like if it’s worth being mad about
  • Only thing he texts is 'good night.’ with a period. 
  • Keeps it to himself,,
  • Can’t really sleep, feels pretty guilty
  • Don’t let this boy be mad,, he’s just upset man
  • Won’t crack anytime soon, he may be sweet, 
  • Gets v lonely and starts to get upset
  • He can be mad at Candy but ?? He can’t handle that
  • Eventually apologies,
  • If it’s Candy’s fault, he confronts her and asks if they can 'talk about it’.
Adore You

Summary: John had adopted you when you were young and you grew up as the Winchester boys’ little sister, but it seems like your feelings have grown differently towards the eldest one. 

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: implied smut, kiss?

Word Count: 1053

So, I’m sooo behind my to write list and I’m so sorry! I’m having partial writer’s block and my sched is just f-ed up so yeah. 

This is not a Wincest type of story, ‘kay? They’re like not blood related at all, but if this isn’t your cup of tea, just ignore it :))

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Dean has always been there for you from the start, may it be the ups or the downs in your life. There has always been something electric between the two of you, ever since you were both young, that squeezing feeling in your chest when you two were close. When you reached the age where the feelings towards him became drastic, when love wasn’t just love, it became more intimate.

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  • Yang: Are you sure I'm ready to transform into a bird? What if I can't?
  • Raven: There's only one real way to find out.
  • *Raven pushes Yang off a cliff*
  • Raven: I'll see you back up here when you're a tiny little goldfinch.
  • *Raven starts to walk away chuckling to herself when suddenly there's a very pissed off looking phoenix in front of her. The smile vanishes from Raven's face briefly before it comes back as a smirk.*
  • Raven: I knew you could do it.
  • *Yang angrily pecks at her*
  • Raven: Ow! Hey! Stop ruffling my feathers!

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They may dress Ali like a grandma at times, but they can't diminish her beautiful face. I loved how she looked, was lit in her big scenes in 7x15 (particularly last one) and then in 7x16.

Nothing will ever be worse than that atrocious pink sweater from S5.


The ongoing AU where Steve, Peggy, and Bucky are happily together in the future (and comfort each other on their bad days). 


My ot3 has been so happy lately I wanted to hurt them a little. So yes quick doodles of ot3 hurting and coping together. (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

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Those 'reverse flash ring' gifs are always love. I will squint past the last one because I still associated it with Eo/Wells more. But really have to say that second gif is one of my fave. Just can't stop staring. What is with that; can't even see his face, but the hand, the fingers & that move (THAT little massage move), the neck, and then having the ring just brings the moment with the perfect touch of super villainy. *speechless*

Oh, I love that scene SO much. 

I mean, first of all it’s shot so beautifully. The show rarely focuses on Tom as the sexy mofo he is, but THIS scene essentially starts with the camera in his crotch, then we get this low shot that totally emphasizes how ripped he is, really showing him as a formidable physical threat.

And then the shot you mentioned, which apart from being neck porn is such an interesting directorial choice:

The fact is, this little moment, despite focusing on the Reverse Flash ring,  is really NOT a moment of supervillainy. This is his moment of indecision, which for Eobard, Mr. Goal-Oriented, is unique. This is the moment he decides to go against his own best interests and jeopardize his entire 15-year plan in order to help his friends - Caitlin and Ronnie.

Sure he then rationalizes it to Gideon by saying his plan is useless if the city gets blown up, but that was literally what he was going to avert by shooting Ronnie/Martin. For him, the choice was “kill Ronnie/Martin and devastate Caitlin” or “try to save Ronnie/Martin by sending Barry, his ticket home, into the path of a nuclear blast.”

And, despite being a supervillain, he makes the heroic decision.


There is a big difference from begging and being desperate, Hiro, please understand that. XD

I needed to make something happy because most of you people were in despair in my last Big Hero 6 comic. 

fmlbrett  asked:

I need help! I'm looking for a well working cheap, like drugstore cheap, setting spray. I was using the urban decay all night one and I fell in love, but I can't afford to buy more right now! (Part 1)

Hello :)

If you want a really effective setting spray that you want to use AS a setting spray (i.e. - misting all over your face), I’d recommend the ones from NYX!  They’re a little more heavy duty than the ELF setting spray, which you mentioned that you didn’t love.  The ELF one is much better for other tasks, such as foiling eyeshadow or just creating a finished look rather than trying to keep your makeup on for longer.  

NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray - $8

NYX has two versions - their Matte Finish Setting Spray (above) and the Dewy Finish Setting Spray.  I’d say that the Matte one is definitely more along the lines of Urban Decay All Nighter.  The Dewy Finish one is great if you’ve got very dry skin, or if you like a glowing complexion.  The Matte Finish Setting Spray is not the best oil controlling setting spray I’ve ever tried (in comparison to expensive ones) but it works really well at keeping makeup in place and setting everything into the skin to make it look natural!  

You can get NYX at Ulta (and some select drugstores) or on


See More Like This:    l  Setting Spray  l   NYX  l  Dupes  l     ::::     Beauty Advice for Every Budget

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This just, like, randomly came to me last night, but imagine Norway and Denmark were going to get married, and Denmark says that he wants to be the one to walk down the isle, so Norway agrees, and on their wedding day Denmark walks down the isle being his adorable, little, excited, puppy self in a dress, and Norway can't help but smile because Denmark looks so ridiculous and cute in a dress, and yeah... :)



That one time the world ended and Lee was busy snarking at his dad instead.

Library AU | drabble #4

Eren continues to bring tea for Levi. There is some kind of progress.

Eren has come to learn Levi’s tea preferences. It only cost him a couple weeks going through the entire menu at the Jasmine Dragon teashop and his spare change.

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Zuko paused in disbelief, just staring at her wide-eyed, and stunned. He shook his head as his good eye began to water. "You… what?" he choked, weakly squeezing her hand. "Why would you? Now you're in pain… and… you risked…?" He mumbled, closing his eyes as a tear fell. Zuko knew he was dying, and he knew this could be his last moments, but this was news to him- what she gave up. "I love you, Katara… thank you… I don't know what to… I can't believe you… Katara, thank you… I just… thank you."

“I wanted to do anything I could to try and save you.” She shook her head. “I’m fine. I’m just a little sore, that’s all.” Katara moved his hair from his face, swiping it to one side. “I love you, too. I always have, and always will.” She caressed his cheek, smiling sadly at him. “You deserve to live…” Katara waited a moment before speaking once more. “The doctor and I talked on the way here and she had a good point. I really think we should call our children. They need to know what’s happening.”


i don’t know if i ever showed you guys this, but here’s proof that my throne of glass obsession goes a little too far. This is me in the event I organized on behalf of the series last year.

I will never be over that smirk that crossed Root’s face when she said “and darlin’, you got a great shape” to Shaw in the middle of a giant gun fight. And that Shaw finally gave in and enjoyed it a little. Her tiny smile made my heart just about explode. It was a quintessential Shoot moment and I’m so glad we got one last one to savor. I will just never be over this character or relationship.

riftwarrior  asked:

As someone hoping to eventually write at least ONE book, I'm facing a conundrum... I had something I wrote last year, ended up not liking the way I wrote it out, rewrote it for NaNoWriMo, found it more acceptable and then I just... stopped. Any tips on getting over a hurdle like that? It's not that I don't have things to write for it, just that I can't get past this one annoying point... Feel like an RPG character facing a wall and my pathway is fixed so I can't just go around it.

I’m gonna kick your ass a little bit here.

Are you writing because you want to be a writer, or do you have a story to tell? Nothing wrong with writing for the sake of writing. It’s excellent practice. But it’s not always gonna be the best motivator for getting results.

I reeeeeeally want to be able to do the splits. I’ll work at it for a while, and then forget about it, because I realize I want to do the splits only if I don’t have to work at it. Really wanting to do the splits isn’t enough. I don’t have follow-through in that area. It doesn’t hold my interest long enough to accomplish it. There’s other things in my life I’d rather be doing.

But when it comes to my comics and writing, that’s what I actually want to do. I have so many stories to tell. I have something I want to say. I am willing to work at it, even when it isn’t fun. Because it’s often not fun. There are long parts of this job that are super boring. It gets done because I don’t stop. If something isn’t working, I find a different way to do it. There’s always another way to go at a story.

So first ask yourself why you’re writing this book. If it’s for the sake of being able to say you wrote a book, then just keep typing words until you have collected a lot of them and then write “the end.” But if you’re writing the book because you have something to say, then say it. Sit down and say the thing you wanted to say. It’s hard, but again, it’s work.

If you can’t write past this one annoying point, readers are even less likely to get past that point. If you’ve written yourself into a corner, back up. Keep hitting delete until you’re at a point where a character making a different choice leads to something more interesting that you actually want to write again. You might have to abandon some of the plans you had for its future. It happens.

Your path is never fixed when it comes to writing a book, because you can literally rewrite its history. Be patient. You’re not famous yet and there’s no editors hounding you with a deadline or fans demanding the next book in the series. You haven’t published anything yet so there’s no worrying about having to retcon something. Just write your story and don’t tell yourself these hurdles can’t be overcome. Don’t let yourself make excuses like that.