that little drop of hope

Neil is observant and convinces Andrew to house a Mr. Erik Klose for the summer 

  • Neil notices after a few days the longing looks that Nicky has been giving the fox couples 
  • Neil brushes it off at first because it’s Nicky and he is known to openly stare at EVERYONE
  • But during a weekend in Columbia, Neil walks past Nicky’s room only to hear him crying
  • Of course he’s alarmed because Nicky, as emotional as he is, does not cry over little things
  • Obviously something is wrong, Neil knocks on the door to find out
  • However, Nicky says in the strongest voice he can, “I’m fine”
  • But the crack in his voice and broken sob at the end does nothing to reassure Neil
  • If anything his reply stirs something in Neil that makes him want to punch a wall from hearing that stupid line
  • He wonders if this is what Andrew and Wymack feel when he always said those words

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Favors Cause Nothing but Complications - catbug_kom_tri_kru - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Favors Cause Nothing but Complications

Kara used to do favors for people all the time. Since becoming Supergirl it had gotten a lot more difficult. She just couldn’t commit to things anymore.

When she gets an emergency call in the middle of babysitting, she has no choice but to drop the little guy off to girlfriend. She hopes Lena isn’t going to be annoyed by the change of plans.

Babysitting AU T^T

(Loki x reader) Can’t Sleep pt.2

Originally posted by hard-on-for-hiddleston

A/N: This is one of my most popular one shots and I couldn’t help but want to continue it! I hope you guys like it 

Words: 1,956

Warning: none

Part 1


Loki shifted slowly in his sleep, the sunlight shining onto his closed eyelids and disturbing him from his peaceful sleep. Loki fluttered his eyes open slowly, trying to draw in his surroundings. He felt the floor beneath him and realised he was resting on a soft carpet. He suddenly noticed that he wasn’t alone. Loki looked towards his chest and where his left hand was resting. He realised that someone was resting on his chest and immediately discovered that it was you. He suddenly stiffened and stressed out, trying to remember what happened. He shifted his hand underneath your head and carefully shifted your body off his, treating you like beautiful china. Once your were rested carefully on the ground, he stood up and delicately placed one arm under your knees and the other beneath your shoulders and warily picked you up. He placed your still sleeping body carefully on your bed and pulled his arms out from underneath you slowly so he wouldn’t wake you. Loki pushed a small strand of hair out of your face and smiled slightly, finding you beautiful and innocent as you were sleeping. Loki’s smile broke when he realised what he was doing, he couldn’t feel anything for you. It wasn’t right, and you didn’t deserve him.

Loki sighed as he walked towards the door and opened it, taking a quick look at you before closing the door lightly and walking out of the room. Loki walked down the hall and saw all the avengers sitting on the couch watching TV. Nobody really paid attention to him at first except for Thor, who was beaming at him. Loki looked at him, creasing his eyebrows with a confused expression.

“There you are, I started to think you’d never show up” Clint said, causing all the avengers to look straight at Loki, something he didn’t really appreciate. Loki nodded and looked down at his feet, still thinking about you. “I was asleep” he said quietly. He didn’t have a witty comeback for the first time since he got here, and he wasn’t really up for it. Loki looked back at Thor who was still smiling, and after a few seconds he stood up walking over to Loki.

“I’ll just be a second, I need to speak to my brother” he said, still smiling. Thor walked over to Loki and grabbed his wrist, leading him towards the hall.

“Wha…what are you doing!?” Loki sniped, irritated by Thor’s confusing behavior.

“I don’t know, anything you’d like to share with me, brother?” Thor said, raising his eyebrow and grinning. Loki shifted awkwardly but tried to cover it up by playing it cool. He looked up at Thor, a confused fake look on his face.

“What is your damage this morning?” he asked, Thor continued to smile at his brother unfazed by his response.

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Last giveaway piece for the wonderful @thedestinychosenforme ! She requested one of the LOVE SQUARES so…i had to go with Ladynoir <33 !!

anonymous asked:

how do the paladins react to their s/o surprising them with the news that she's pregnant?

this ask gave me too much feels bless

- mod tee


A synonym for good, for something that’s affirmative and embodies constructive wellness. None of which you felt as you stared at the stick in your hand. You’ve long suspected, of course, when the morning sickness and sudden spells of exhaustion began to mark these past two weeks. Half of you was excited and the other half was terrified. Sure, everyone was in their twenties but still– 23 is a pretty young age to become a parent. You’ve managed to keep it a secret from your Paladin for the awhile, but it was time to let them know.

You sigh, “Good deities all around me and in the universe, please help strengthen my resolve.”

You stand on numb legs, ready to find your boyfriend and tell him the truth. It was time to let them know a baby was coming.


  • “hey babe, can I talk to you for a sec?”
    • he’s just finished showering and emerges from the bathroom in nothing but his towel
    • Shiro’s eyes soften and he nods, “sure thing, love. Let me just put on some clothes, yeah?”
    • you encourage him too, bc at the rate how you were staring at the droplets of water trickling down his toned stomach, you were sure you were going to chicken out and ask him to distract you instead
    • once he puts on his clothes, he turns and smiles. he’s so gentle in the way how he takes your hands and presses them to his lips, rubbing your chilled fingers
  • “are you okay?” he murmurs, brow furrowed. “you look really tense.”
  • you decide it’s best to get things over with and gently extricate your hand from his, reaching inside your pocket for your pregnancy test
    • “you know how Keith once said on that night when we played Truth or Dare that he thinks you’re the one most likely to have a kid first? Well, y-yeah…surprise,” you say weakly and hand him the test
    • he takes it gingerly, going absolutely quiet that you fear he’s not even breathing
    • Shiro then surprises you by bursting out into laughter and he’s tugging you into his embrace, burrowing his face in your hair
    • “I’m gonna be a Dad?” he asks, and you’re confused. you expected a dramatic outburst, some groaning and slumping on the floor, but none of this.
    • “y-yeah,” you say, perking up with hope. 
  • his smile drops a little and you can see the worry clouding his eyes. “Oh my g-god…I’m going to be a dad! I can’t…a murderer can’t be a Father!”
  • you’ll soothe him, telling Shiro that he’s not like that, and slowly, he’ll come to believe you.
  • will hug you and apologize, asking if he can hold your stomach
  • you’re not showing yet, but he just wants to marvel at the fact that his child is in there
  • the kind of Dad who just casually mentions that you’re pregnant whenever he introduces himself
  • *on a diplomatic mission* “My name’s Shiro and I’m the Black Paladin. I’m also gonna be a dad soon. By the way, this is my team–”


  • he’s in the hangar with Blue, chatting with her animatedly as he wipes down her nose with some polish and a rag
    • “and then Keith said–” he catches sight of you and perks up, smiling wide. “Hey, Y/N!)
    • “h-hey! I hope this isn’t a bad timing,” you say, and he bounds to your side, wrapping you in a hug. he pulls back, frowning when he sees how worried he looks.
    • “what’s wrong, baby girl? you look really–”
    • “i have something to tell you,” you exhale in a rush, wanting to get this done. you can already hear the panic in his thoughts as he wonders if your reservations have anything to do with him
    • knowing your Lancey Lance, he will most likely chalk it to his insecurities and you need to stop it before it gets out of control as he will list all the things he thought he did wrong
    • “it’s…I’ll show you.” you pull out the tests and show him. lance’s brow furrows, and he tilts his head to the side, a confused “uhhhh” escaping his lips
    • “i’m pregnant,” you state the obvious, bc anyone could see the bright blue positive sign
  • he slumps against Blue, looking at you in disbelief. “you’re…you’re…”
  • Lance surprises you as he pulls in his arms and lifts you up, twirling you around until you burst into laughter, asking him to slow down
    • “OH MY GOD!! I’M GONNA BE A PAPA!!” he’ll let go of you and crow to Blue, “BLUE, MY LOVE! Did you hear??? I’M GONNA BE A PAPA!!” he runs outside of the hangar and yells into the comms, so that the others know
    • you’ll hear variations of “congrats Lance!” and glad laughter as news reach the other Paladins
  • his grin turns sad, and he chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck. when you ask him what’s wrong, he’ll say, “I just…I wanted my Mama to know as well. She would be so happy.”
  • you hug him, and say that he’ll see his Mama, hopefully with her grand kid in tow soon
  • the kind of Dad-to-be who would start strapping down on money to save up for his kid. 
    • “No, Keith, you can’t use our GAC supply to buy your weird knives. We need it for the baby– she doesn’t even have a stroller yet!”
    • Keith: “yeah, like you’re gonna take her out for an evening walk… IN SPACE.”


  • you find him sprawled on the training deck, catching his breath
    • he smiles when he sees you and struggles to get to his feet. “Hey, doll,” he drawls as he walks over carefully to you and places an arm around your shoulders
    • you love how easy it is for him to initiate physical contact now that he grew comfortable around you. you remembered the last time he tried to put his arm nonchalantly around you and nearly suffered an aneurysm when you hugged him back
  • your boyfriend had changed a lot, but he’s still the same Keith you fell in love with and so, you tell him in a quiet voice
    • “babe…I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant.” just like that, no bravado, no hesitation. 
    • Keith frowns, as if he didn’t hear you right, and he says, “Pardon?”
    • you bring out the tests from your pocket and show all three of it to him. 
    • he’s staring wide eyed at the tests, and you can hear his breathing deepening
    • “oh no,” he groans, and takes his arm from you. to your surprise, he sags onto the floor, needing a moment. 
    • “I can’t be a Dad! I’m not even a good person– Y/N, you know me! I don’t have patience, I’m too harsh, what if–what if my child h-hates me and–” his voice breaks on ‘hate’ bc he knows how he feels about his own father
  • on one hand, he knows nothing can change the love he feels for his dad, but on the other hand, Keith hates the way how easily Papa Kogane left him in the system and he worries that his child’s fate will be exactly like that
    • you would have to reassure him that the baby would have both his parents around, and that he or she won’t suffer the same fate
    • it takes awhile, but you finally convince Keith and he’s slowly smiling and even asks to tentatively touch your stomach
  • you both stay on the floor for what seems like hours as he gently feels your barely showing bump, immersing himself in this new reality that he’s going to have a kid with you, the love of his life
  • Keith silently makes a vow to himself that he will be the best Dad in the whole wide universe and makes it up to you for the next couple of weeks by hovering over you and carrying anything that weighs more than 2 pounds
  • the kind of Dad that would throw himself into research and watches hours of birthing videos to get himself ready much to Lance’s consternation
    • “if I have to endure another video of a strange woman’s vag–”
    • “sh ut u p Lance or I will personally kick your ass into a wormhole. They’re getting to the good part now.”
    • Lance: “What I wouldn’t give for Keith to be a normal, sane person.”


  • you find him in the kitchen, cleaning up after lunch as he wipes down the counters and stoves
    • he immediately senses your presence and turns around with the brightest smile. “Hey, Marshmallow Butt,” he says as he ropes you into a hug. “I haven’t seen you all day! Is everything okay?” 
    • you’re absolutely nervous, but it’s Hunk and he takes things well. “Pudding, I actually have something to tell you. I’m…I’m pregnant.”
    • Hunk.exe has crashed and he looks at you with wide eyes. “Say what?” he squeaks. 
    • you thought he would take it well, but he’s sagging by the counter, running his hands down his face. “Oh nooo. Are you mad? You sound mad–I knew I should’ve pulled out when I had the chance–”
  • you’re confused and it shows when you ask him.
  • “huh? I thought you would be mad at me for knocking you up. I’m happy about the baby, but…but are you?”
    • you could cry from Hunk’s beautiful honesty and you do let out a little sniffle. “N-No…I’m happy that you’re happy. God– I thought you’d be mad at me.
    • “whaaattt, no, I’m not!” he snorts, and pulls you into a tight hug now that the confusion is over. “I’m gonna be a Dad,” he’ll mutter to himself. “Oh good God–I’m gonna be a Dad!!”
  • much like Lance, he’s dancing around the room, shaking his pert behind and pulling you around in circles. he’s just so happy because he’s always wanted a family?? And now you’re about to give him one!!
  • celebratory sex on the kitchen counter if you know what I’m saying ;)
  • totes the kind of Daddy who would sit with midwives and take notes, attend all your pre-natal classes and ultra-sound appointments
  • he’s just so loving and attentive & you’re so v v lucky
(Loki x reader) Can’t sleep pt.5

A/N: I made this angsty, I apologise. I hope you guys like it tho! I’ll try to make the next chapter more fluffy 

Warning: Injuries/comatose, etc

Words: 1305





Loki sat on a discoloured uncomfortable chair in the hospital waiting room, silent and afraid. He hadn’t spoken for quite some time and Thor who was sitting next to him, was getting more and more concerned by the minute. Loki didn’t just feel sad, he felt numb. He felt helpless. He was so used to be able to do something to help. Now, all he could do was wait.

Thor put his hand on his brother’s shoulder hoping for some kind of reaction, even if it wasn’t a friendly one. He hadn’t moved, spoken, and had barely blinked for the past two hours of them waiting. He just wanted him to react to his contact and show some sign of movement, but he didn’t even stir. He simply stared at the floor, occasionally fidgeting with the skin of his cuticles which caused his fingers to bleed. Thor also felt helpless that he couldn’t do anything to help ease his brothers pain. That’s all anyone felt at this moment. Helplessness.

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I just wanna say that if the person who’s been actively wanting me to off my life think I’ll desable the anon ask for that you’re in for a big deception, because reading your msgs is a literal knee slapper to me x’) You must be an aokise hater for sure since my blog is basically 99% aoki soo it sorta cute to see that you’re unable to stop stalking my tumblr often which obviously makes you so bitter, but what can I say, Aokise is truly magnetic so I don’t blame you. Oh and don’t take out the party streamers yet, my lack of content lately is just due to the exam period I’m in right now, so, sorry boo, no suicide plans scheduled so far 💔  x) 

Also this is the only response I’ll be gracing you with, sorry. It’s been nice to experiment this famous hate-anon-msgs people talks about. It feels like a rite of passage XD Buuut I’m not writing this in the hopes of you stopping! By all means keep doing your thing! I love to see how many times you check my tumblr :3  

with love  ✨

Lena Headcanon #987

Lena has perfect recall. In “Survivors”, she writes down the next location of Roulette’s fight club for Kara without any reference to an email or note. By her own admission, she has no interest in the fights, so why would she memorize the address? She probably didn’t even think about it.

So it follows that all the little tidbits Kara drops throughout their relationship, her favorites and dislikes and hopes and dreams… Lena remembers it all, even if Kara only mentions it once. She uses it especially when Kara is feeling down or out of place (like, say, bringing home a box of those cupcakes Kara once mentioned Cat Grant had that looked so amazing), because it makes Kara feel special, to know that she’s being heard even when it’s just the little stuff.

The world does not give you a nightfall, without promising you a dawn. The world does not give you thunder so that you’ll be covered in lightning scars forever. The world does not give you rain so that you can’t fall with it when you absolutely need to. The world does not give you bandaids so that you can’t use them when blood is endlessly dripping. The world does not close a door without opening another. You can see the door, if you try your hardest. The world is not cruel, only if you let it be cruel.

Behind lonesome doors, there might be a doubt to empower you one day. Rain behind every footstep, rain behind every curtain. But little drops of hope that will hydrate your spirit. Inside a forgotten cottage, out in the moony black woods is a forgotten home left in the white snow.

Maybe dreams never fall without your permission. Maybe hearts won’t stop beating if they don’t allow themselves to. Maybe memories are meant to be held and understood instead of forgotten. Maybe eyes are never actually closed until you look away. Maybe you can’t consume the sun without getting burned. Maybe the moon isn’t meant to be yours forever. Maybe that’s what makes this life so interesting. 

And maybe it is true as they say, the world does not give you anything that you can’t handle.

—  Tina Jaxén // February 19th 2017

A small gift for katzirra

In With The Night

Pairing: Jughead / reader
Word Count: 7,464 (sorry it’s long)
Warnings: mentions of alcohol and blood, nsfw
Summery: You opt against attending one of Betty’s parties, only to wake up to Jughead at your window. You’d be annoyed if he wasn’t drunk and bloodied up. You trust each other but aren’t sure how to handle the situation. Will drunken secrets come out? Will dicks come out? The answer is almost for sure yes.
Song for the mood: Me -The 1975
A/N: this is the first fic i’ve writen in a while, i always appreciate feedback and suggestions, or requests, if you have them  ❤️ ❤️


The school year had started and was progressing as normal. Annoying tests and jocks. Not so annoying mall visits and sneaking out with friends. It was your second year at Riverdale high school and you were still adjusting to things a bit. There wasn’t a whole lot to do in there, but you always found a way to bide your time, and somehow narrowly avoid trouble. Being adopted by Jugheads group of friends really had its perks. And after more than a few parties you’d gotten a good idea of the social order here. You spent most either alongside Veronica, smashed and dancing, playing some dumb party game, or huddled off in some corner or the back yard with Jughead, when he showed up. In fact, a party is what you and Betty had just gotten into your first scrap over. 

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Full House pt 5

It’s been three months. You’ve been here for three months, and you’ve learned quite a lot since that first day. Like how Darks room is filled books and he’ll sit there and read when he’s not running the house,  Or how Wilford sings while cooking, sometimes he will grab you when you’re walking past and swing you around while singing obnoxiously. Host seems to have grown fond of you and will let you sit is his room while he broadcasts, sometimes letting you join in (Something that shocked everyone else in the house), Bing is still very kind to you and makes sure you eat properly, Google has come around since the first time you two met, and likes to ask you questions about how you perceive the world around you. Light will take you out of a room if he feels like a fight is about to occur so you don’t get hurt.  Anti will force you into the living room to watch some movie that he’d chosen and leaves you out of his pranks ever since you convinced Wilford not to shoot him when Anti ruined his favourite tie.

All the members of the house have seemed to grown fond of you, some of them namely Dark and Anti, get increasingly jealous when you spend too much time with someone else. Both have dragged you away from Light because, “The damned feather duster is gonna turn you against the rest of us” Or “I need you to help me, mortal, be grateful I acknowledge you at all”. Everyone takes a different approach to get your attention, Light will tap your shoulder and wait politely, Wilford asks you to help him polish his guns or knifes, Bing and Google will ask for help on a “Human problem”, and the Host will send you into a story and narrate you through it.

Currently, you were lying on a couch, you couldn’t be sure which room you were in, Wilford likes to changes them around on you. In your hands you held a book from Darks room, it was about some backwards romance. Wuthering heights or something. To be honest you weren’t surprised that Dark enjoyed this book. You were finally getting to a good part when there was a loud crash from upstairs and multiple people yelling, Sighing you stood up and made your way towards the noise.

Upon reaching the commotion you were greeted with almost the entire household yelling at each other in what you assumed was the dining room. When you entered the room everyone went a deadly silent, You glanced around the room at all the men staring at you and you sighed, “What is going on? One second i’m peacefully reading, the next all of you are getting into a massive fight” You asked, your eyes going from person to person. Wilford, being he was the closest to you, got your attention first, “Willy, explain please” You addressed him, he smiled, “Nothing my dear, just a simple debate among us friends” He said, elbowing Anti (a bit too harshly), Who nodded franticly. You sighed and turned to Bing, “Bing, will you tell me what you guys are doing?” You asked, Bing froze as everyone turned to look at him, all of them knew he had the worst time lying to you, You put your hands on your hips and gave him what the guys call your “mom look”. he looked away, “N-nothing, like Wilford said, Just a friendly debate” He stammered, You huffed and turned to face Dark, “why do I feel like you have something to do with this?” You asked, he raised his hands innocently, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Y/N” He said calmly.

You frowned, “You’re all up to something. And now every one in this room cannot be trusted until I figure out what it is” You said crossing your arms, everyone’s faces dropped suddenly, Bing looked crushed, Wilford and Anti froze, Google looked like he had to reboot, Dark was forced into stony silence, and Hosts mouth hung open mid narration. You turned on your heel and spotted Light in the corner, no doubt trying to hide from your view, you looked at him for a moment and sighed, “Even you Light” You said  walking out from the room to go back to your book.


The next morning you were in the kitchen making breakfast when the doorbell rang. You grinned and ran to the door, swinging it open and hugging the man on the other side, “Mare! Ive missed you, you freak of nature you!” You screeched, he chuckled and hugged you back, “What’s up, buttercup! Hows life with the so called secretive ass holes?” He asked, You laughed And dragged him inside where a group of The guys had gathered to see who the unexpected visitor was. You pushed  past them holding Mares hand, leading him into the kitchen. “Is this the pancake recipe I taught you? You still use it!” He exclaimed excitedly, you laughed, “Of course, you nerd. These are the best Pancakes ever. I know Nate loves them” you laughed.

Wilford was the first to brave the kitchen, sticking his head in to look at the two of you, “So…whos the guy” he asked coldly looking Mare up and down. You frowned and glared at the pink haired man, “His Name is Natemare and he’s my best friend. We used to do everything together, and after last night I thought I’d invite him over.” You replied coldly, You left the room for a moment and Mare let out a low whistle, “What did you do to set her off this bad?” He laughed, Wilford glared at the entity, “We won’t tell her what we were talking about last night…stupid reason honestly” He grumbled, Mare laughed. “You’re lying?! To Y/N! Oh god, no wonder she’s so pissed! Last time someone lied to her she basically shunned him for months.” he explained leaning against the counter, Wilford opened his mouth to say something but shut it as you walked in.

Wilford walked out after a few minutes of your glaring and Mare laughed. You smiled and started on the pancakes, “So Mare, how’s Nate doing?” you asked glancing at the entity, he shrugged, “Fine I guess. Stubborn as always. He misses you” he said, you smiled sadly at him. “I had to leave, you know that” you said he nodded, “Yeah. I know”.  You piled the finished pancakes on to 9 plates and had Mare help set them at the table, when the table was set you went to the doorway to call the guys down, “FOODS READY YOU ANIMALS!” You exclaimed, you sat down as the guys began filing in and sitting down, you sat at one side of the table and Mare next to you, Dark and Wilford sat at either head of the table as usual and everyone else sat wherever.

You could feel the entire table staring at the two of you, when you looked up everyone looked away. You frowned and looked back to Mare who looked amused by the entire situation. Breakfast went on silently until Google finally broke it, “How do you know our human?” he asked bluntly, you stared at him as Mare answered, “Your human? “ he questioned, you shook your head “It’s fine, he doesn’t understand the concept of possession” you muttered, Mare nodded. “I’ve known Y/N since I was created, she was Dating my counterpart Nate at the time” he said, the entire table went silent. “She was dating him?” Light spoke up, Mare nodded, “Yeah, after they split she spent more and more time with me, we fooled around a bit and- OW!” he was cut off by you slamming your foot on his. The guys were all glaring daggers at Mare. You sighed and rolled your eyes before standing and taking your plate to the sink.

Mare followed you into the kitchen, snatching your wrist pulling you to him, “Hey, what’s up?” he asked wrapping his arms around your waist, you huffed “You know I don’t like that being brought up. And with all of them in there, I’m surprised Wilford hasn’t killed anyone. And no doubt Dark is Furious” you sighed, Mare rolled his eyes, “Who cares? Come on, I know you remember how much…. /Fun/ we had when Nate was gone. Hmm? I certainly remember how much you liked this…” he trailed off, head ducking as he nipped below your ear, you sucked in a breath and put your hands on his chest pushing him off, “Mare. We can’t. I can’t do that anymore. We had our run and we didn’t fit…” you said Mare sighed, and hugged you burying his face in your neck you smiled and hugged him back, “Mare, you’re my best friend, and I know you could make me love you with only your voice, so thanks for you know, not doing that” You smiled  and pulled away from him, he grinned, “You’re very welcome, now, how about we play some Mario kart?” he asked, you laughed, “you’re on pretty boy” you said leading him to the game room.

And that’s another chapter done! Natemare dropped by, hope you like that little tidbit! Anyway I’m working on 6 right now and don’t forget, criticism and requests are welcome!


Request: Aww I’m so damn in love with all your Imagines and your writing *smooooch*. So I saw you got a lot Bucky requests but I dare to send one in as well, cause he’s a damn cutie ! :) An idea where you’re his shy girlfriend (you dont work for shield but the other avengers like you a lot) and one day you surprise him after work in his room to see him just in some sweats after he had a shower. You cant resist and it happens he takes your virginity but all real gentle? :) (also with some metal arm kink)


Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

You’ve been Bucky’s girlfriend for about two years now after seeing him visit the museum you worked at. You were very shy at first and sometimes you still are. You had instantly recognized him and he was definitely nothing like people thought he was. People spread rumors about him and some were true but others were just ridiculous. You knew he had been though a lot and he asked you tons of questions about the stuff he saw in the museum.

Bucky wasn’t like the Winter Soldier at all, though you knew it’d always be a part of him. You’ve noticed a difference every day when he’d visit you at work. A few months after, he invited you to the tower to meet his friends. Two months after that, Bucky asked you to be his girlfriend. The Avengers all welcomed you with open arms, especially Captain America. Steve was so glad to see his best friend warming up to a girl and letting himself be happy.

You had just finished your shift at the museum and Bucky didn’t show up today, which you didn’t mind. He said he had to go out on a mission and he would be back at the perfect time. You wanted to surprise Bucky and see him at the tower and secretly make sure he made it through the mission without any injuries. You closed up the museum and said goodbye to the security guards as you left.

You loved visiting the tower and you swear every time you go, there’s a new invention Tony Stark has come up with. Natasha and Wanda always wanted you to stay longer, maybe even more than Bucky sometimes. Your friends had a hard time believing that you’d become basically like family to the Avengers.

The excitement in your stomach kept getting bigger the closer you got to the tower. You were excited to see Bucky and you hoped he’d be okay with the little surprise drop by.

You walked through the tower entrance and pressed the elevator button to go up to the common room. You adjusted your bag and your shyness started to peak through. You nervously stepped out and held your bag closer to you side.

“Hello?” Your soft and small voice rang through the common room. You didn’t see anyone around and you sighed softly. You walked back to the elevator and heard a manly yell. You gasped and turned around to see Sam.

He held his chest and exhaled heavily. “Y/N, you scared me!” Sam said, his chest rising and falling. You smiled and your face turned a bright red. “I’m sorry Sam. I wanted to surprise Bucky.” You said quietly, laughing softly when Sam calmed down. “He should be in his room. It’s good to see you!” Sam said with a wide smile.

You smiled shyly and nervously tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “Good to see you.” You said before waking back into the elevator. You took the elevator to Bucky’s room and sighed, biting the inside of your cheek.

The elevator stopped and you stepped out when the doors opened. The hallway was quiet, the only sound were your footsteps as you walked to Bucky’s room. You gently knocked on his closed door and waited a moment. When he didn’t answer, you walked in and gasped, seeing Bucky walk out of his bathroom with sweats hanging low on his hips. He was drying his wet hair with a white towel and your face turned red again.

Bucky smiled and jogged over to you, his eyes bright and smile wide. “Y/N! What are you doing here?” Bucky asked happily, picking you up and twirling you around. You smiled shyly and felt his muscles move against your body. Bucky’s strong arms held you and you felt him place a kiss on your cheek.

You giggled when he set you down on your feet. “I wanted to surprise you. I hope that’s okay?” You nervously asked, your eyes falling to his abs. Bucky smiled and took your bag from you, setting it on the chair near his desk. “Of course that’s okay! How was work?” Bucky asked, sitting on his bed and pulling you in between his legs.

Your mind was racing with naughty thoughts the longer you stared at Bucky. His hair was slightly dripping water still and you watched the droplets fall down his shoulders. You bit your lip and Bucky cleared his throat. “Y/N?” Bucky asked softly, his hands resting on your hips.

You quickly  looked up at Bucky, his blue eyes already on your red face. “W-work was fine. How was the mission?” You asked, your quiet voice squeaking just a tad. Bucky smirked and pulled you onto his lap. You breathed out shakily, feeling his hands raise your dress up your thighs. “It was fine. What’s going on with you?” Bucky asked but something told you he already knew.

You nervously swallowed and looked down at his hands. You gasped, feeling his hands disappear under the fabric. “I, uh,” you said, looking back up at Bucky, “I’m just-you’re, uh-” Bucky cut you off with a quick kiss and you sighed into it.

You shifted in Bucky’s lap and you felt his semi-hard cock rub against you. “Bucky, I need you.” You quietly said. Bucky chuckled lowly, rubbing his hands down your thighs. The contrast between warm and cold comforted you and you felt goosebumps rise on your skin as you imagined what he could do to you with his metal arm.

Bucky leaned in and captured your lips again, kissing you slowly. You let your fingers run through his wet hair and you heard a soft groan fall from Bucky’s lips. You pulled away, your heart racing in your chest. You looked away from Bucky, only to have his hand raise up to turn you back to him.

Bucky smiled at you. “Y/N, are you sure you’re ready for that?” Bucky asked, his eyes searching yours for any doubt. You shyly looked up at Bucky, resting your hands on his bare shoulders. “I-I’m a virgin, but I want you, Bucky.” You said softly, hoping Bucky was okay with your situation.

You were nervous about this, but looking at Bucky shirtless, your mind was going crazy and so was your lower region. Bucky smiled and leaned in to kiss your neck. Bucky’s hands moved to the inside of your thighs, making your breath hitch in your throat. “Promise me, let me know if I hurt you. I want to take care of my best girl.” Bucky whispered softly. You nodded gently.

Bucky pulled away from you and carefully placed you on his bed. You crawled up to his headboard and laid down on your back, your head against his fluffy pillows. Bucky pulled his sweats off, leaving him in his boxers. He smirked, leaning on his knees on the bed. He slipped your flats off and dropped them to his floor.

Your breathing was unsteady as you felt Bucky kissing up your leg and his hands following after. His breath was warm and his lips were soft and plump; it was making you dizzy and you loved it. Bucky’s hands lifted up your dress and you blushed at your choice in underwear. Bucky smiled and looked up at you, gently rubbing his finger along the hem.

You shyly looked away, feeling Bucky smile against your skin. “Captain America panties? Really, Y/N?” Bucky chuckled softly. You hid your face in your hands and giggled. “They were a birthday gift from my friends and I had to do laundry today.” You whined, your face getting even hotter. Bucky chuckled softly and bent down to kiss the inside of your thigh.

You held in a moan and felt Bucky’s stubble scratch against your skin. You moved your hands to his hair, lightly tugging on the almost dry strands. A groan fell from Bucky’s lips again and he gently sank his teeth into the skin of your thigh, making you gasp. “You’re so soft, Y/N.” Bucky said, his voice raspy.

Bucky lifted your dress even higher and gently placed a kiss on your clothed pussy. You bit your lip as your hips jerked slightly from the sudden contact. Bucky smirked and teasingly rubbed a metal finger down your pussy. You felt yourself get wetter and you whined. “Bucky, please.” You begged, looking down at Bucky in between your legs.

You were getting impatient but you knew Bucky wanted to take things slow. Bucky smiled and placed a kiss on your pussy before sliding your dress up and over your head. You blushed and covered your arms over your chest. You tried to close your legs but Bucky’s large frame kept you from doing so.

Bucky shook his head and gently pulled your arms away. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, Y/N. Don’t hide from me, please.” Bucky said, looking into your eyes. You nodded and sighed, letting Bucky take your bra off. He tossed it away and leaned down to press kisses along your chest.

You swear he could feel your heartbeat it was so strong. You watched Bucky attach his mouth to one of your breasts, sucking on your nipple. You moaned softly and Bucky smirked before pulling away from your breast with a sultry pop. “You sound pretty. Keep moaning, don’t hide those from me either.” Bucky said, winking at you.

You giggled and blushed harder. Bucky sat up on his knees and your eyes fell to his boxers. Bucky smirked and hooked his fingers into the waistband of your panties, pulling them down your legs. You blushed as he pulled down his boxers and your eyes widened at how thick he was. “Bucky.” You whimpered out.

He bent down and captured your lips in a passionate kiss. You felt Bucky spread your legs open and he held his cock in his hands, slowly rubbing his tip along your slit. You gasped at the feeling and looked in between your legs. Bucky kissed your forehead. “Are you ready?” Bucky asked quietly. You nodded and Bucky pulled your face up to look in your eyes.

Bucky looked at you nervously. “Please, use your words.” Bucky said quietly, stopping his movements. “I’m ready.” You breathed out. Bucky nodded and watched your face, slowly started to slide into you. It stung as he stretched you with just his tip. You winced and Bucky immediately stopped. “Y/N, I-” You shook your head fast. “No, Bucky it’s just a little bit. Please, keep going.” You begged, wanting him to fill you up.

A sigh fell from Bucky’s lips and you kissed him, holding his cheeks in your hands. Bucky hesitated before he started to slide into your wet pussy again. You felt his breath hitch the further he went and you squeezed your eyes shut at how much he was stretching you. “Fuck.” Bucky strained, his hips finally meeting yours.

You moaned softly and wrapped your legs around Bucky’s waist. After you felt adjusted enough, you begged Bucky to move. Bucky’s hands rested beside your head and he started to thrust in and out of you slowly. Your breath came out short and quick as goosebumps littered your skin. “Oh my god.” You moaned, feeling Bucky’s cock brush against your g-spot.

Bucky grunted, keeping his eyes on your face. “You look so beautiful. Mm, you like that, don’t you?” Bucky said, his thrusts getting faster. You let out a rather loud moan and you let your nails rake down Bucky’s back. “You’re so tight.” Bucky said, reaching his hand down to rest on your lower abdomen.

You felt Bucky gently slam into you and he gasped, his flesh hand adding a little pressure. “Fuuck, I’m so deep, Doll.” Bucky moaned, his eyelids drooping a tad. You moaned and reached for his metal hand that was placed at a safe distance away from your head. You grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand to your throat.

Bucky stopped his thrusts and you breathed heavily, watching him. “Y/N, there’s no way.” Bucky said, his own breathing heavy and unsteady. You knew he didn’t want to hurt you, but you’ve fantasized about this for so long. “Bucky, I want you to use it on me.” You pleaded, grinding your hips against his.

You saw Bucky’s eyes land on his metal hand so close to your throat. He sighed and you heard his arm whirring. “Just tell me when to stop.” Bucky said softly, reaching his metal hand up to your throat and applying little to no pressure. You nodded and felt him start to thrust into you again.

Your eyes momentarily rolled into the back of your head and you moaned. Bucky cursed under his breath and you smiled when you felt Bucky’s metal hand grip onto your throat a little tighter. “Harder, Bucky.” You begged, resting your hands on his arm. Bucky groaned and thrust into you harder, making your tits bounce.

Bucky leaned down and quickened his thrusts. “You’re my dirty little girl, aren’t you?” Bucky asked, watching your face contort with pleasure. You moaned louder and felt Bucky’s flesh hand reach down and start rubbing your clit fast. “I’m gonna cum!” You squealed as Bucky sped up, his hips slamming into yours. “Fuck, I feel you clenching around me.” Bucky growled, his thrusts faltering as his own release was fast approaching.

You gasped and Bucky’s metal hand gripped around your neck even tighter as you started to cum around Bucky’s thick cock. “Oh fuck.” Bucky groaned, hot spurts of his cum shooting deep into your pussy. His thrusts slowed and you breathed heavily, feeling Bucky’s metal hand leave your throat.

A moan fell from your lips as Bucky pulled out of you. Bucky collapsed beside you and he rolled onto his back, breathing fast and hard. “God, that was amazing.” You said with a wide smile. Bucky pulled you into his side and kissed your head. “Was I too rough?” Bucky asked quietly. You blushed and hid your face in his neck. “No way.” You said with a small smile.

Bucky smiled and kissed your forehead. “I love you, Y/N.” Bucky whispered softly. You sat up and looked down at Bucky. “I love you too, Bucky.” You bent down and pressed your lips to Bucky’s, your chest full of happiness and joy.

Note: omg, phew!! it’s hot in here. I noticed I got carried away and it didn’t seem all that gentle, so I hope you like this. if not, I can try again. feedback is always welcome! .c

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The Arrangement Pt 18

Summary: Dan is a spoilt, drug-addicted kid with rich parents who cut him off when they get tired of his ways, so he finds a sugar daddy to supplement his rich lifestyle.

Word count: 1737

Content warnings: alcohol, drugs, dubcon

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One of Us Must Live

This just in:

We have reports of an explosion in the Overwatch Swiss headquarters in Zürich just now. At the moment there is no information considering casualties or the cause of the explosion, but the base is known to be fully staffed, as well as the usual posting of Overwatch Strike Commander Jack Morrison.

Emergency rescue personnel from the Swiss army are assisting Overwatch operatives from nearby bases in reaching the location as soon as possible. No comment has been given on whether Strike Commander Morrison was on base at the time of the explosion, or on whether this is an accident or an attack on the organisation.

We will be the first to pose the question: in the light of the allegations posed on recent years against Overwatch, has this been a long time coming? Does the recently revealed “Blackwatch” division have something to do with the explosion?

Stay tuned for further information, reported as we receive it.

[[Warnings: Angst, Guilt, Blood, implied character death]]

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Hey guys, I’ve been busy (again! ;’) ) and there are several Asks in my inbox that I am determined to answer this weekend!!!

But before then, jussst dropping this little guy here for you all, and hope you all have a great day~

And as one last by the way: if anyone is at Liberty City Anime Con this weekend, please stop by Table D4, Studio Momotsuki! ;’) Surprise, I’ve been so stressed that I forgot to drop that I’ll be at the con this weekend and I hope to see you there