that little comment makes everything different

Okay so I’m always talking about my mom’s goth phase and I feel like everyone should have a bit more context as to what went down.
My mom is a tiny little Asian lady, she looks like she could be a soccer mom minivan and everything (if any of her kids played sports that is), my stepdad is this big scary white biker completely covered in tattoos.
So because they look so different, no one ever suspects that they’re married which leads to a lot of unknowing ppl making rude comments (flirting with them, acting like they’re not together etc) so my mom was like “they don’t think we’re dating Bc we don’t seem like we’d be compatible. That’s why I decided that I’m going goth.

Basically for like 3 months she pretty much just puts on black eyeliner and asks us constantly "does this make me look goth” so we kept trying to tell her unironically “mom it’s a phase ur not goth, ur wearing pink chevron” “ITS NOT A PHASE!!! UR MOM IS GOTH AND U NEED TO ACCEPT THAT!!!!” And like she would throw fits if we told her she wasn’t goth