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here are my shorts painted w/ van gogh & monet inspired crappy pockets (first time working with acrylics too yay) // ig: flower.kid (btw these are inspired from pinterest im sorry i couldnt get the link but if u could, pls tell me!)

Romance (Theme of Ikemen Sengoku)
Romance (Theme of Ikemen Sengoku)

I really like the song that plays during the more intimate moments in the game, so I wanted to try playing it. There are two versions (the piano one and the slower one) but this is… somewhere between the two? Also I may have reharmonized it a little bit, idk lol I transcribed it based on memory. And I just made up a track title because I don’t think there’s an actual name for it.

uhhhhh okay anyway hope you ladies enjoy!!

(original soundtrack copyright Cybird)

otp: you can’t leave (don’t) || kidge fanmix

“You can’t leave.” 

“You can’t tell me what to do.” 



catch me | demi lovato • moonlight | ariana grande • YOUR UNIVERSE | rico blanco • mess we’ve made | aj rafael feat. tori kelly • latch (acoustic) | sam smith • first heartbreak | tori kelly • wait for you | elliot yamin  • lost stars | adam levine • heart like yours | willamette stone • shelter | ray lamontagne  

album art originally by @k-lionheart-art. this will also update randomly. 

hope ya’ll enjoy!   

Lost woods redraw




I’m honestly so happy right now I LOVE YOU ALL *cries for the next 3 days*

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h o i s t - t h e - c o l o u r s 

I’ll eat when I’m hungry, drink when I’m dry
I make m’self welcome wherever I go
Doubloons when I’m hard up and religion when I die 

Black Sails Theme by Bear McCreary // Rye Whiskey by The Pirates Charles // The Sailor’s Wife by Alasdair Fraser // Northern Lights by Trevor Morris // Exile by Enya // Up Is Down by Hans Zimmer // I’m Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys // Enter the Oracles by Trevor Morris // The Devil Went Down to Doolin by Gaelic Storm // He’s a Pirate by Klaus Badelt // Titanic Set (Medley) by Gaelic Storm // Winter Song by The John Langan Band // Orinoco Flow by Enya // Rowmans Row by The Pirates Charles // Copper Title by Briance Keane // I See Dead People in Boats by Hans Zimmer // St Kilda Wedding by Alasdair Fraser // Rise of the Buccaneers by The Pirates Charles



Okay, so do you know about Edward Steven???

He was Ham’s best friend (1769 and so forth) and Ham became friends with him when Thomas Stevens (the guy who gave Alex his job working as a clerk for the mercantile house) brought Alex home. Thomas Stevens introduced Alex to his wife and children, which included Edward Stevens aka ALEXANDER HAMILTON’S BEST FRIEND. Edward was a year or so older that our dear Hamilton, but they both had similar personalities. They were both “exceedingly quick and clever, disciplined and preserving, fluent in French, versed in classical history, outraged by slavery, and mesmerized by medicine.” (Alexander Hamilton, Chernow, pg.27) 

Both Alex and Edward had a great friendship. AND OMG THEY LOOKED ALIKE. At one point, Alexander’s other BFF, Timothy Pickering (who was Secretary of State in 1799, etc.) commented that Alex and Edward looked so similar to each other he assumed they were brothers.

(Also, I kind of want to point out that Thomas Stevens became the adoptive father to Alex during this time (1769, when Ham was 14). Which, while good for Alex, kinda made James Jr. Hamilton, Alex’s brother, drifted away from him completely. To further add on, people thought Alex was Thomas Stevens son, so you know.)


  • Edward being a super protective older brother like figure.
  • Thomas Stevens being this supportive dad figure in Alex’s life.
  • Edward and Alex talking endlessly about politics, abolition of slavery, and so many more things.
  • Edward constantly fretting over Alex’s health (which is actually true, btw.)
  • Alex inspired to go to King’s college because Edward went.

Tbh, I would love to see some fanfiction with Edward in it, it would make things a lot more interesting. I honestly don’t care what pairing, it can even be a general FF but Edward Stevens needs some more love, guys. Especially with his connection with our dear Hamilton.

Here’s the link if you want to know more about Edward Stevens.

anonymous asked:

all of those color pallettes you reblog- are you planning on using those to draw rhett and link or do you reblog them just bc theyre pretty?? (love ur art btw!! keep up the good work :D)

I usually reblog color palettes because they’re pretty haha :3c
They’re also a source of inspiration to look at, maybe I could look through them to draw Rhett and Link with some of them~
And aww gosh, it’s really wonderful to hear that you love my art! ;v; Thank you so much, I’ll do my best

Literary Inspired Webseries Masterpost

Those with * are still going, those with # are cancelled/abandoned & those with ~ still have to start, the other ones are already finished so you can binge-watch them ^^ Oh and it’s inspired by what’s in between the (brackets).
If you know some other series to add or notice any mistakes, please message me.


• Nothing Much To Do                (Much ado about nothing)
• Much Ado About A Webseries (Much ado about nothing)
• Lovely Little Losers ~               (Love’s labour’s lost)
• Jules & Monty                          (Romeo & Juliet)
• Any Other Vlog                        (Romeo & Juliet)
• Kate the Cursed                      (Taming of the Shrew)
• Call me Katie                          (Taming of the Shrew)
• Midsemester Night’s Dream   (Midsummer Night’s Dream)



• The Lizzie Bennet Diaries                 (Pride & Prejudice)
• Emma Approved                               (Emma)
• Elinor and Marianne Take Barton     (Sense & Sensibility)
• Mars and Elly                                    (Sense & Sensibility)
• Project Dashwood                            (Sense & Sensibility)
• Welcome to Sanditon                       (Sanditon)
• From Mansfield with Love                (Mansfield Park)
• North Hangin’  ~                               (Northanger Abbey)
• North Bound                                    (Northanger Abbey)
• the Elliots *                                       (Persuasion)


• New Adventures of Peter and Wendy         (Peter Pan)
• University Ever After                                    (a variety of princesses)
• Grimm Reflections                                       (Snow White with a twist)
• Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros *      (Cupid mythe)
• Or so the story goes *                                  (Peter Pan)
• Cindy  ~                                                        (Cinderella)
• My name is Mulan ~                                     (Mulan)


• The Jane Games                              (Characters of Jane Austen novels)
• The Writing Majors                           (Austen, Bronte, Wilde, Shakespeare)
• Classic Alice  *                                  (A lot of stories)
• Tell-Tale Vlog                                   (Edgar Allen Poe)
• SHAKES                                           (Shakespeare plays)
• Blankverse                                       (Shakespeare, Marlowe, Johnson)
• Kissing in the rain                             (A lot of stories)
• I didn’t write this                               (Variety, modern and classic)


• Carmilla *                                          (Carmilla)
• Frankenstein M.D.                            (Frankenstein)
• Notes by Christine                            (Phantom of the Opera)


• In Earnest
• Nick Carraway Chronicles                 (the Great Gatsby)
• Jamie Watson and Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)
• Baker Street  /  221B                         (Sherlock Holmes)
• East and West #                                  (North and South)
• Masked ~                                           (the Scarlet Pimpernel)
• Middlemarch: The Series ~               (Middlemarch)

• Green Gables Fables *                     (Anne of Green Gables)
• Project AoGG ~                                (Anne of Green Gables)
• March Family Letter *                       (Little Women)
• Misselthwaite Archives *                   (the Secret Garden)
• the Autobiography of Jane Eyre       (Jane Eyre)
• School of Thrones                            (Game of Thrones)
• Dona Moça Eventos  *                      (Senhora) [English subtitles]
• A Little Princess Vlog  *                     (A Little Princess)

NON-LITERARY (but still fun)

• the Late Nell Avery* ♡
• Squaresville
• MyMusic
• Wish it inc. *
• MsLabelled *
• Social Medium ~
• Untangling Tessa
• Dating Rules From My Future Self
• Wave Jacked

Maybe later on I’ll create links so you don’t have to search for them  yourself, but right now I’m to lazy to do that.

Oh btw, I got the idea from, but that one wasn’t complete so I decided to make one of my own.

Edit 7-1-2017: Not really updating this but if you want something changed or have a webserie to add, I’ll happily do that, I’m just not doing it if no one asks haha, don’t really have the time.

Markhyuck fluffy one shot ♡:

Title: long distance love

Kind: markhyuck online boyfriends long distance relationship au

Warning: words like “fuck” and “shit” said a few times also small kissing parts but not detailed so yeah almost none

Note: i am also in a long distance,online relationship rn so i’m kinda inspired by own relationship. Also i used the word “silly” as the meaning “being funny in a cute way” not in the meaning as being stupid at the part mark called donghuuck silly. Just to clear things.

Original aff link:

I wrote this for mark’s bday btw even though it’s pretty late 😅 happy birthday my baby 💙


People were saying it must be hard and it was to be honest. It was very hard. Loving someone so much but not being able to touch them, to kiss them, to hug them. It was hard seeing the love of your life’s face just from your computer screen. It was hard not being able to cuddle your other half especially when it was dead dark at night and you were cold and feeling alone. It was hard. But it wasn’t bad. And he definetely wasn’t regretting it.

Mark knew from the start that dating with someone who is miles away from him will be hard but he still said “yes” with a soft smile on his lips and loving look in his eyes when donghyuck asked if they can date. Cause he knew even though they were so far away from each other physically they were so close by the heart.

And it’s not like they weren’t communicating with each other well cause they were. They were skyping, messaging from kakaotalk, calling each other and all. Even at the most random times…

‘Can we skype ?’

'Like right now ?’

'Is it ok ?’

'Uhmm right now isn’t so okay to be honest baby’

'Oh…oh it’s ok. We can talk later.’

'Donghyuck babe i’m in bathroom right now. Do you really wanna see my face while i’m taking a dump ?’

'Oh shit’

'Yeah oh shit really *laughing emoji*’

'My stupid ass thought you didn’t wanna see me’

'First of all hyuckkie, don’t call yourself stupid, second of all there hadn’t been one single day that i didn’t wanna see your beautiful face. I would fly there and drown you with kisses and hugs if i could. God damn sometimes i just wanna ran all the way to there just to see you.’

'How the hello kitty you can get so deep while taking a shit ?’

'Cause i’m so in love with you lee donghyuck’

'Confessing while pooping oh how romantic’

'You can say whatever you want but i know you are blushing so hard right now’


'Yeah whatever just be ready’

'To what ?’

'To see my handsome face cause imma skype call you in like 5 minutes’

'Ok but make sure you washed your hands well’

'It’s not like you will be able to hold them babe’

'Still. Wash them well.’



'Love u’

'Shut up’

'U r blushing’



Yeah their relationship was a bit…playful ? Silly ? Even the first time they met was silly. They had a huge figt under a post about lee taeyong. Yes they literally met thanks to their fight about a male idol.

Booming-system-up-up reblogged tytrash’s post.

Booming-system-up-up added: uhmm maybe you would wanna give the god damn credit of the aesthetic to the person who made it ? Like idk me!!!

Tyrash added: uhmm i made this aesthetic myself. Who r u btw ?

Booming-system-up-up added: uhmm no it’s mine. I posted it like 2 months ago. And i’m lee taeyong’s number one fan. Hadn’t u see my url *shady kawaii face emoji*

Tytrash added: look darling you are wrong. I did this aesthetic myself today. And puhlease i am his number one fan. He even pecked my cheek once in a fan meeting. He called me cute. We r sailing.

Booming-system-up-up added: ugh *rolls eyes* i can’t with the liars really. Just everyone know it’s my aesthetic and this person stole it.

Tytrash added: hey stop blaming me i haven’t stole anything from anyone

Booming-system-up-up added: you did

Tytrash added: no i didnt

Booming-system-up-up added: oh yes you did

Tytrash: fucking come to dm u potato

Booming-system-up-up added: oh be ready u onion

Then they messaged each other and turned out it was all just a misunderstanding. Yes mark’s aesthetic was really similiar to donghyuck’s but there were differences and mark swore he really hadn’t see the aesthetic donghyuck made. After arguing a bit more at the end they both accepted they both were quilty and kinda became friends when mark added “btw pls check out my new friend’s aesthetic blog too. He makes great aesthetics ^-^ link: ……… "at the end of his post.

And oh boy after that was a long ass ride. Cause mark learnt a few things about donghyuck (or haechan cause that was the name donghyuck used when they introduced themselves to each other) right at the day they met. 1, donghyuck had a pretty potty mouth and kept using some words like "shit” and “fuck” pretty much, 2 he already started treating mark like a friend even from day one so mark guessed he was pretty friendly and 3, donghyuck himself was also very pretty thanks to the selfies he posted on tumblr for the #tyfansselcaday that mark saw accidently(ok maybe not so accidently)(maybe he searched the tags “selfie” on donghyuck’s blog on purpose)(just maybe)

Looking back at the old days now mark was still surprised about how he actually fell for donghyuck a long long time before confessing him but noticed it so late. He tried to remember when he started loving donghyuck that much and realized that he already started falling for donghyuck after the first week of their friendship began. Donghyuck was just so amazing. Who wouldn’t fall for him really ?

'Then i said “cash me outside how bout that ?” Lol’


'wHY ???’

'Donghyuck darling it’s like the meme of 5 months ago.’

’*sassy hair flip* do i look like a care ?’

'No you don’t really’


'Why i can imagine your proud and sassy af smile rn ?’

'Cause i do have that smile on my lips rn’

'You have nice lips tho’

'What ?’

'Uhh i mean i said your lips are nice for’
'Shit im sorry i pressed send button accidently’

'Nice for what mork ? For kissing ? *wiggling eyebrows*’


'Merk i don’t wear lipstick babe’

'Well it would look good on you’

'Cause of how nice my lips are ?’

'Lee donghyuck i STG!!!’

'Ahh messing up w u is so much fun markimoo. What would i do w/o u babe ?’

'U’d die’

'Would really die without u mork ♡’

'If this is how you are confessing your undying love to me you are so bad at it hyuckkie lol’

'Oh shit sorry i’ll be more romantic next time i swear’

'Why are you talking so seriously like you really are gonna confess me ?’

'Cause i really am gonna confess you’


'Mark ?’


'Mark i’m so sorry do you…hate me now ?’


'Yeah ?’

'Skype call me right fucking now’

'You can tell me you hate me in here mark. Please just don’t say it right to my face…’

'Donghyuck fucking skype call me so i can confess you back face to face.’

'You what ????’


'Ok ok omg i cant believe its happening holy shit’

And that was how they both confessed each other and mark had never liked the person who made skype more than he did that night. There were “i always knew you are so hopelessly in love with me” and “then why you didn’t confess me already idiot” and a few tears that their owners tried to hard to hide them and donghyuck’s snot didn’t stop leaking from his nose but to be honest that was the best night mark ever had. He just confessed to and got confessed by the boy he was “hopelessly in love with”. What better thing could happen ?



'Yes baby ?’

'Can i call you ? I know it’s late a bit late but…i need to hear your voice. I just really need to hear your voice i’m sorry.“

Mark didn’t even wasted time at sending a message to donghyuck and called him as fast as he can. He tapped on "call” button so fast that he might’ve broke his finger.

“Baby are you okay ?”

Mark heard donghyuck’s sighing in relief.

“I’m okay now”

“Something happened, love ? Tell me”

“No no i just…i missed you…so much…i know it sounds stupid cause we never met face to face or spend any time together so how can i miss you right ? But i do. And i red a post on tumblr about how long distance relationships never ends well and how it might hurt both sides. Especially if one side is silly. And i don’t want you to break up with me cause our relationship is a long distance one and i’m sure there are lots of pretty girls or boys there that you can replace me anytime and i am just a silly boy who loves you and lee taeyong with all of my silly heart. And i-”

“Donghyuck! Breathe!”

And he did. Donghyuck was literally out of breathe, panting and hearing this made mark’s heart hurt more.

“Are you calm now ?”


“Donghyuck look i…ugh okay look first of all i miss you too. So much. So so much. Super duper much. Okay ? If i had any chance, any, i would run all those miles barefoot just to see your face. I don’t know who wrote this post but they clearly don’t know our relationship. Nor how much i love you and how much you love me. You remember the day you asked if we can date ?”


“What did i say that time ?”



“"Yes. Yes we can. It will be hard probably. So hard. To keep a relationship strong with all those miles between us. But i will never give up on it. I will do my best to make this relationship perfect. And as strong as taeyong’s love for febreeze. And i know you will do the same. So i promise you right now that we will be that one couple everyone whispers about.” And then i laughed cause you were just too cheesy and too serious for something that we both didn’t know if it will work or not.“

"But it does work dosen’t it ?”

“It does…”

“Donghyuck, love, you might be silly sometimes, especially when you are sleepy and might be a little evil from time to time and might make me burn in jealousy with all your close pics with taeyong cause you are mine and only mine but it dosen’t mean i will break up with you or i will love you less. You pretty much have my whole heart and keeping it in your hands. It literally beats in your palms. How can you even think i can love someone else than you when i’m so "hopelessly” in love with you ? Please, please never thought about things like that again. I know you miss me so much and i do miss you too. So much. But i promise you. One day i’ll find a way to fly there right beside you. I’m already saving money. Please be more patient. Or else my heart will got broken. Would you want that ?“

"No” donghyuck said and sniffed

“Baby wait are you crying ?”


“Did you just screamed that you love me at 4am ?”


“Oh baby….your neighbor will really beat you up”

“I hate you!!”

“I love you too baby”

“I just wanted to hear your voice cause i was down!”

“Are you still down ?”

“……no i’m not anymore…mark”

“Yes baby ?”

“Thank you”

Mark smiled. Donghyuck and his cute, soft voice was too much for mark’s poor heart.

“No, love, thank you”

“I guess i gotta end the call now. You probably have things to do. Isnt it like 3pm in there ?”

“Yeah but most important thing ever in my life is loving you, you know hyuckkie”

“Cheesy lil ramen boy” donghyuck said and sniffed again “making me cry. Idiot.”

“You know whenever you call me "idiot"i take it as "i love you” right ?“

"I know”

Then mark asked something he thought he should ask. Just to be sure.

“Donghyuck we’re good now right ?”

“No. We’re perfect”


“Mark lee i swear to god if you keep singing that son-”






“Oh shit the neighbor is hitting on my ceiling. He’ll kill me. He’ll literally kill me mark oh my god. Save me”

“Oh opps  look at the time it’s time for me to go”


Mark laughed cause donghyuck’s voice was literally shaking.

“Nothing will happen baby don’t worry. If anyone ever lie a finger on you imma beat them with a kitchen table”

“Why kitchen table ?”

“They are stronger and harder”



“Oh the neighbor stopped”

“That’s a sign for you to go to sleep”

“Yeah. I really gotta sleep or else i’ll fall asleep on mr. Kim’s class and i don’t wanna die in school.”

“You can’t die before we get married”

“Yeah right whatever” donghyuck said in a joking tone and mark could see him rolling his eyes “imma go to bed now. Bye my ramen hair babe. Love you”

“Love you more my lil evil”


“You are a lil evil hyuck just accept it”

“No i meant it like you can’t love me more than i love you it’s impossible. Ugh just forget it. God that was cheesy”

“My cheesy lil evil”

“Mark go to sleep”

“It’s afternoon here baby”

“Then lemme go to sleep”

“I’m not holding you back babe”



“Goodnight then”

“Goodnight babe. Love you”


Donghyuck wasn’t eager for many things, he never had lots of wishes to ask from god even when he was a child. And he just wanted one single thing since he met with mark. Seeing him. Face to face. And hugging him. And kissing him. And cuddling with him. And doing all those coupley stuff.

He had been praying and asking god every single night to see mark’s face, to hold him close just once. Just once was enough for donghyuck. But maybe wishing for something that will probably never happen was silly.

“Donghyuuuck” donghyuck’s mom shouted from the living room and donghyuck shouted back

“Yes mom ?”

“You have a visitor”

“Na jaemin you are 40 minutes late. You are so dead."donghyuck said and got up from his bed.

"What the fuck made you be that late ?” Donghyuck asked when he entered the room but then froze when he saw a blonde, ramen like haired boy in front of him instead of his model like sassy bff.

“M-m-mark ?”

“I’m sorry for being late. Was dealing with some problems. But i’m home now” mark’s voice got softened when he said last sentence and he let out a sweet chuckle when donghyuck ran to him and pulled him into a tight and warm bearhug.

“Are you crying again love ?”

“Shut up. Shut the fuck up mark.” Donghyuck said into mark’s neck and sniffed “why the hell you didn’t tell me you will come ? You want me to die by a heart attack ?”

“I wanted to surprise you” mark said and pushed donghyuck gently to cup his face softly “but it worthed right ?”

Donghyuck was about to lean forward to kiss mark finally after all these waiting but a voice stopped him.

“Please don’t make out in front of me. I didn’t made you two meet to see that. Please”

“Na jaemin!”

“I’m 40 minutes late. I know.” Jaemin said and laughed “but i brang some ramen with me as my apology so we’re good right ?”

“Did you two idiots planned this together ? Really ??”

Mark looked at jaemin “awww he calls us idiots”

“He loves us”

“I know right”


“Donghyuck, darling please don’t yell. Our neighbor was pretty pissed when you yelled at 4am last week”

Donghyuck sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

“Dear god, is it my punishment for loving these two idiots so much ?”

“Awww he loves us so much”

“Awwww baby”

Donghyuck sighed again and just pulled mark into a soft kiss. Jaemin didn’t say anything. just smiled, watching the two lovebirds, taking some pics.

“Awww i’m such a proud mom”

“Aren’t you a proud dad ?” Jaemin’s own boyfriend asked, appearing out of blue.

“No i’m a proud mom. Donghyuck you are doing amazing sweetie”

Mark pulled donghyuck closer and donghyuck felt something pressing on his chest.

“What is that ?” Donghyuck asked when they broke the kiss.

“My surprise for you” mark said and pulled out the cd he was keeping in the pocket of his jacket

“Is that…oh my god mark…”

“Yep signed cd of lee taeyong’s newest album. Deluxe version. He even wrote a few things for you in the card inside the cd. Also there is a video of him saying he loves you and appriciates how much you love him.”

Donghyuck just pulled mark into a hug again and cried more.

“Shouldn’t you be jealous tho ?"donghyuck asked playfuly when they broke the hug, mark was still holding donghyuck’s waist.

"Why would i be when i know you’re mine ?”

“True” donghyuck said and kissed mark again, linking his arms on mark’s neck.

Donghyuck’s one and only wish came true and he had never cried that much in one single day before. He thought he would be okay with just his wish coming true but now he had more wishes. Seeing mark again. Or mark never leaving him. Going to the same university. Graduating together. And marrying in future. He chuckled in the kiss suddenly. Cause oh…how silly wishes. Donghyuck knew there was no way those wishes could come true. But even just imagining was making him happy.


“Hmm ?” Donghyuck asked while playing with mark’s hair and panting softly.

“I have another surprise for you too”

“If that’s a diamond ring you gotta keep for a while babe i’m too young and hot to get married right now” donghyuck joked and laughed and mark did too but then mark pulled a paper out of his back pocket and gave it to donghyuck. Donghyuck’s eyes got wide while reading the paper.

“W-wait t-that says you are accepted to …… university”


“It’s the one that i will study in”


“B-but it’s here. So close to my house”


“B-but how ?”

Mark pulled donghyuck towards the window and pointed at a house pretty near to donghyuck’s house.

“See that house ? That’s my new home…well mine and jaehyun and doyoung hyung’s new house. My parents didn’t let me move here alone” mark said and laughed but donghyuck was quiet.

“Donghyuck baby”

“Pinch me or punch me in the face”

“What ?”

“It’s too good to be true. I’m either dreaming or i died and woke up in heaven”

“Well i mean you are angel so that would fit”

“I’m definetely dreaming you never call me angel. Pinch me”

Donghyuck held mark’s hand up to make him pinch his arm but mark put his arms around donghyuck’s waist, pulled him close and kissed him instead of pinching him.

“I’m definetely dreaming” donghyuck said between kisses and mark said “then let’s hope we will never wake up”

Donghyuck questioned how could all of his wishes came true. But then decided not to think about it a lot. Cause if it really was a dream then he was thinking same with mark. He hoped to never wake up. If it was real then he hoped it will last forever. Cause it was just too good. And his heart had never been happier. Mark was making donghyuck’s heart happy. And it was all that mattered.

“Shit. Fuck. There is no place left in my phone to record more. Jeno! Gimme your phone!”

“Babe should we really record them kissing. I mean isn’t it a bit too extr-”

“Jeno. Your phone.”

Jeno sighed but gave his phone to jaemin anyway “whatever you want babe”

The slbp lords reacting to their edits (modern AU HC) part 1:

Soo… i got this idea from the bald edit of saizo by @mellifluoussanctuary XD… (i can’t link… TwT)

Not all the lords are available yet. yasu’s one broke me while writing it I couldn’t finish the others… maybe next time o:

The bald edit of saizo was the inspiration and Masa’s idea was all thanks to @mellifluoussanctuary (masa’s is longer btw 😃)

I’ll be tagging @dreamsinparadise too because i can

I hope this is not a disaster … .w. (Sorry i’m not on pc so i can’t add a cut)

• He already freaking knows….he’s been watching you from the start.
• Nope it’s not his sneaking skills this time, you were too lost in what you were doing you didn’t notice him.
• You were trying to make an edit of him naked in the shower drying his hair with a towel…
• But… where is his hair???…
• How did this happen, you have no idea…you become a confused mess
• Oh, he knows… he knows how it happened but seeing you like that made him want to tease you.
• You were busy muttering incoherent stuff, complaining…when you suddenly feel yourself trapped in a hug from behind.
• “And what are we doing little lady? A bald edit of me?
• You froze. This is not good… how do you explain?
• You struggled to explain that it was a mistake… you temporarily forgot that it was a naked edit of him…
• When he pointed that out… you were blushing too hard that anyone could mistake you to a tomato.
• When you turned your head to see his expression….
• He was grinning… he was clearly teasing you…
• “Well little lady… you seem like you want something, hm?”
• You just gulped and prepared yourself for what to come…

Ps: you decide to bribe him with lots and lots of dango to forget what you did… no such luck… he still teases you about it from time to time… because each time you blush hard, he still gets the dango though.

• How that happened you don’t know…
• You were editing some photos when the idea came to you…
• Nobunaga with his body being a giant cake…
• It was amusing in a way…
• Until he saw it that is.
• What are you gonna do… how do you explain…
• You decide to be clever and bold for once… so you steel yourself and say…
• “Well you see, this cake is sweet and delicious so I couldn’t help my self”
• Not the answer he expected, you thought after seeing him widen his eyes…
• You later know what that means… the hard way
• After he lifts you and walks toward the bed.
• Since you were confused he just flat out said it
• “Do you even know what you just said, foolish girl… you basically meant that you want me right now”
• You blush too hard… finally understanding
• But alas it’s too late to take it back.
• By the time he’s finished you were already passed out
• You couldn’t walk properly for the next two days.

• You finished watching card captors and were waiting for Masa to return.
• You were bored with nothing to do and while thinking of what you were watching…
• You had the brilliant idea to tease Masa by doing and edit of him with a pink frilly skirt and pigtails.
• Just imagining him like that made you almost double over with laughter.
• You rushed to your room to start on it.
• By the time you made the last touch you heard the sound of the door.
• You waited in your room for him to come and see trying not to laugh.
• And when he did see it, it was just as you expected…
• Seeing an edit of him dressed in a frilly pink short dress with makeup and cute pigtails….
• ……… He was baffled, eyes wide the blush reaching under his collar, completely shocked and embarrassed.
• You just couldn’t hold your laughter this time… his reaction was just… gold.
• Your voice made him return from his shocked state, walk to you in hurried steps with that angry blushing expression.
• “What do you think you’re doing?” He said while trying to snatch the mouse from your hand.
• After struggling for a while to take it…
• He barely avoided a huge pain…
• Just as he clicked on the close bouton…Shigezane burst from the door.
• He froze… did just see that… did he see it… tell me he didn’t…
• His blush deepened while waiting for Shigezane to talk..
• You were already laughing again at his reaction.
• Which actually made Shigezane confused especially after seeing Masamune blush that hard.
• “What happened? Why are you laughing doll?”
• “Nothing… why are you here?” Masamune asked relieved that he was safe… though barely.
• “We came to visit!” So Kojuro was with him too?
• Thank god they didn’t see that… he never felt this relieved about something before. Poor Masa…
• You just kissed his cheek and told him that you missed him in that smile he loves
• How could he not let you go with anything…

• He was insulting you too much lately.
• Normally you would just read under it and let it go… but this time he went too far.
• Maybe it was because you barely had time for the two of you alone… you just couldn’t take it
• In your frustration, as you were doing some stuff on your computer… you came across a photo of him.
• It made you boil with anger.
• You just decided to edit it as you imagined him now… a devil
• When he returned and saw the edit, he yelled at you
• “What did you do? Do you want to die by my hand?”
• “Well excuse me for trying to vent my anger on your picture instead of on your face. I just did what I see now in front of me lately. It’s just…” … you paused feeling defeated
• As he saw your tears starting to form, he just couldn’t bring himself to yell at you. He waited.
• “It’s just that you barely spent time with me… and when you do, you keep throwing insults at me… I miss my Yasu!” You cried finally…
• He froze… he didn’t know that he was doing that to you…
• This is all my fault… he thought.
• Feeling bitter after your confession… he hugged you.
• His apology was too faint that you thought you misheard him
• So he mumbled it louder enough for you to hear this time… “I’m sorry”
• You wanted to see his face but he didn’t let you… he was blushing
• You just hugged him back feeling better.

Omg this is longer than i expected… so what do you think XD….

Designation: Miracle

My first serious attempt at doujinshi. This was inspired by the amazing fic Don’t blink you’ll miss it by @umisabaku​. Check it out, it’s amazing!

BTW, it’s just the doujinshi of a small part in the fic and the first 4 pages. I’ll upload more once I’ve done drawing them. Enjoy the first four pages!

First part: here

Second part: link

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Can we have a cute scenario where Sidon's s/o is too shy/embarrassed to ask him for swimming lessons so they ask the Zora children to show them the ropes? How would Sidon react to his s/o playing with the Zora chlldren? (I'm sorry but they are just too cute OMG! Btw I freakin love your writing! I feel really inspired to maybe write a short fic or two based on your headcannons! <3 Stay awesome! :D)

If you do write those fics, PLEASE send a link to me, I’d be glad to reblog it and read it so many times over!

Also this is so fricking cute! My heart!

-Mod Pinks

Kids teaching s/o how to swim(Sidon)

The river was quiet that day, and Sidon appreciated it, laying on the surface and letting the river float him down. It felt nice to not have to swim back to the Zora Domain after such a long journey up river to take care of some business, truly, it did. It relaxed him and gave him time to think about things, such as what to tell his father when he returned, what other business the court might have for him, and, of course, his beloved (Name). 

When they had last spoken, (Name) had looked like they had wanted to say something, and despite his best efforts, the prince had been completely unable to find out what they had wanted, instead leaving with their words of “Later, it’s not important.” Perhaps tonight, when all was said and done, he could take them to the tower for a quiet moment to talk and figure things out. Yes, that would be the best choic-

Laughter. That was laughter he was hearing, and not too far away from the city. This part of the river was known for being a popular spot for young ones and old ones alike to swim and play in, enjoying the weaker current and the proximity to the city, so the fact he heard laughter didn’t surprise him.

It was the fact that it was (Name)’s laughter, in the middle of a river, despite them not being able to swim. 

Curiosity got the better of him, so he swam quietly to turn the corner sneakily to see what was happening.

And felt his heart explode. 

There in the water was his (Name), splashing and having fun, all while playing with a group of small Zora children, who were laughing in time with them. And from the way they were interacting, it was easy to tell that the young ones had been to teach them to swim and were now testing how far they could go in the shallow water by playing with them.

Would he later on swim behind them and join in the fun? Absolutely.

But for now?

For now, he settled against the warm stone, satisfied with laying on it while watching his (Name) playing with the young ones, imagining the day that they would be playing with a special group of children, all their own. 

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Hi! I'm new to your blog and I was wondering what the Virus!AU is exactly? The art people have made looks amazing!

The Virus!Phan AU started out as an idea suggestion from @crononightshade  
I do NOT have a fic for the au (yet)
(but there are a lot fics inspired by my AU so you can check those out)
I know a lot of you guys are asking for one but I won’t be able to finish it until probably next year? due to school and upcoming projects.
I have a HUGE announcement tomorrow which is one of the reasons of the virus au delay (its so worth it tho)

btw if anyone have written a fic inspired by the AU, please send me the link via tumblr chat (do NOT send via ask/anon)
I am trying to make a library and gather all fics based on it!

Hope you all are enjoying the AU so far :D

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