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yoooo!! your scenarios are downright amazing-- can we be friends omg. anyhow! i have a request! c; you can pick between baekhyun/luhan for this! let's set the scene... you have been going out with said boyfriend for several months and you can say that you're gettin' pretty serious. HOWEVER, you don't know how to kiss properly. like a sweet, passionate, intimate kiss. so baekhyun/luhan teaches you how to kiss! ilysm<3

Gasp for Air ~Luhan~ ✘✘

Yes, yes, we can be best friends, actually. YAY EXOTIC BESTIES WWHOOOOO!! So I chose Luhan because I felt like he needed more requests. And he’s just perfect, so why not? I hope you like it! :)

Make sure you’re home in fifteen minutes, alright? I miss you so much :* -LuLu

You stared down at your text message from your boyfriend and smiled as you continued to walk home. Luhan had been texting you all day, telling you over and over again to be home on time because he claimed he “misses you”.

Even though his reasoning wasn’t hard to believe, you knew that there had to be something else behind this.

You sighed and began to pick up the pace, wanting to arrive home to your loving boyfriend as soon as possible. Seeing all those couples walking down the road hand in hand together only made you want to be with Luhan even more.

What really tugged on your strings though were those couples that were passionately kissing everywhere you turned. You wished you could do with Luhan, but you unfortunately couldn’t.

You literally just couldn’t. You didn’t know how to kiss properly.

There had been plenty of movies that you’ve watched where there had been kissing scenes, but you were never able to grasp exactly how to do it.

It may have seemed like the dumbest thing in the world, but you were just completely lost on the whole topic of kissing. You and Luhan had been going out for months now and things were getting pretty serious, but not once have you guys ever shared a passionate kiss.

Luhan was sweet about the entire situation, however. He was patient and understood you, which is one of the reasons why you loved him so much.


“I’m home,” you called from the doorway happily. The place was dark for some reason, as if all the lights in the house suddenly stopped working. You shut the door behind you. “Luhan?”

“I’m in the kitchen, ______!”

You kicked off your shoes and prudently walked to the kitchen, not wanting to stop on anything in the dark. “Why is it so dark?” you asked yourself quietly.

When you got to the kitchen, you noticed there were three single lit candles lined up together on the table. Right behind the table stood Luhan, waiting patiently for your arrival. When he saw you were there, he jumped with excitement. “Jagi!” he exclaimed and ran to you, enveloping you in a hug.

You laughed and hugged him back. “Hey, why is it so dark in here?” you asked.

Luhan pulled away and even in the dark, you could see the sheepish smile on his face. “I wish I could say that I purposely turned off all the lights like this to create a romantic mood,” he said. “But the truth is that the lights just burned out a couple minutes ago, so I had to light up candles everywhere.”

You burst out laughing. “Oh Luhan, this is still romantic though,” you said and gestured towards the candles. “How come you wanted me to be home so fast?”

He shrugged. “I just missed you.”


“Yes, really. What? You don’t believe me?”

“No, I do. But, did you have anything planned or anything like that? It seemed like you wanted me home for something.”

Luhan stepped closer and placed his arms on your waist. “I wanted you home so that I could spend some time with you,” he whispered. “I missed my girlfriend.” He leaned his forehead against yours and began to sway you from side to side.

This was literally the perfect moment to share your first passionate kiss with him. Everything about the moment was so right, but you cursed yourself for not knowing how to kiss properly.

“Luhan,” you spoke up.


“Can I ask you for a favor?”


“Can you teach me how to kiss?”

Luhan stopped and pulled away from you. Even though it was dark, you could still see his perfect brown orbs and you felt how they just burned on your skin from the intense stare. “You want me to teach you how to kiss?” he tried to clarify.

You nodded. “I know it may seem pretty dumb, but-“

“No,” he cut you off. “No, it’s not dumb at all.” He gently grabbed your hand and guided you to the stool beside the kitchen and sat you down. He then sat down right in front of you, making your knees just barely touch. “Alright, where do I begin?” he said to himself.

You nervously sat up straight and began to fiddle with the bottom of your shirt. You had no idea how this would go. What if you were a bad kisser? What would happen then?

You stopped thinking about all the negative thoughts when you felt Luhan place his hand on your cheek, causing you to look up. “I think it would be better to show you,” he said. He leaned in closer and pulled your head towards his. “Just follow my lead, okay?”

You nodded and closed your eyes, feeling all your muscles tense.

Then, Luhan suddenly placed his lips on yours. What surprised you was just how perfectly his lips fit against yours and how incredibly soft they were. Slowly, Luhan began to move his lips, and you mimicked his moves, hoping that that was what you were supposed to do.

Your lips soon began to move in sync with each other and you could feel Luhan smile against your lips, a sign that you were doing it right.

At one point, Luhan jumped off of his stool to step closer to you. He closed any sort of gap between the two of you and deepened the kiss, making your heart race.

When exactly were you allowed to gasp for air during a kiss? When did you finally get the chance to breathe? Or was that just not a thing while kissing?

After a while though, Luhan pulled away and gasped for air. You did the same, breathing heavily in your spot. Luhan smiled and made you lay your head on his shoulder. “You’re an expert,” he told you. “I can’t believe we didn’t do this earlier.”

“Did I really do it correctly?”

“You are an absolutely amazing kisser, ______. Wow, I hope that is the first of many passionate kisses between the two of us.”

You smiled and wrapped your arms around his waist, enjoying his embrace. “I hope so too.”

And because the lights didn’t turn back on any time soon after that, the two of you realized that kissing was indeed a very nice pastime for the both of you.

So I put two gifs because you guys don’t even understand how much I freaking LOVE Luhan’s freaking lips like AAAAAHHHHHHHHH

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Okay I’m gonna stop with this now. I hope you liked this scenario. Thank you for reading. I love you. Bye.