that line is why i love this relationship so much

okay pls let me elaborate on why i love “look for the force and you will always find me” so much one last time. chirrut and blaze’s relationship on based on trust, and this trust is absolute. these words, chirrut’s last words, are not a promise or consolation or some shit, bc they don’t need that. chirrut has no doubt that he and baze are meant to be together, he has no doubt that even death can’t change that, and he has no doubt that baze is gonna be looking for him in the afterlife. so he is not giving any promises, they are so past promises in their relationship; no, instead he leaves an instruction on how to find him. what he says is “we will always find each other, and i will be waiting for you, so here’s where you need to go so we can meet again and spend our eternity together”. i just can’t believe how big their love is and how sure they are of each other


The Lego Batman Movie was sooo good

  • Dick calling Alfred Grandpa
  • All of Bruce and Dick’s interactions
  • Bat/Joker, I felt really bad for Joker in the beginning. Everything about it them saying “I hate you” to each other as the sun is rising behind them
  • It was really funny
  • Dick Grayson is such a lil cinnamon roll I love him so much!
  • I cried like four times because of Batman family/issues
  • Batman giving all the orphans Batman swag, OMG I want more of this Batman
  • I was worried about Barbra Gordon/Batman relationship, I HATE BABS/BRUCE with a fucking passion! I think it was completely unnecessary to have the romantic subplot, but they didn’t cross the line but why do that?? in the first place??
  • Krypto the DJ
  • “LET’S GET NUTS!” lol
  • there were so many references it was a spoof Batman film more than it was a lego film
  • So MANY references, it was kinda exhausting seeing them all and they came at such a great pace
  • reluctant bat dad
  • Bruce the shark from Jaws was in the submarine?? lol it was so random that he could talk
  • so many obscure batman villains, dear lord lol
  • I had a great time

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So we could say that after that date, that conversation and that kiss that Malec are 100% officially dating now right? So thats why Magnus is set to know Max, how do you think Maryse is going to react? She was livid after them kissing at the wedding

It’s more between the lines but yes, when you take into account that Alec’s telling Magnus after their kiss that “relationship take effort” and Magnus’s replying with “I’m all for effort”, it is pretty obvious that they know what this implies. That they both are in it. And that they both want to make this relationship work. Gawd, I just love this scene so much.

Anyway, I have to say that I was really surprised when I first read the summary of episode 2x08 where it says that Alec wants his family to get to know Magnus. Then again, the fact that Alec AND Magnus are throwing this party together at Magnus’ loft with other shadowhunters and Alec’s mother around, had me pretty much shook. Especially when you think about Maryse’s reaction when Alec kissed Magnus in front of his family and the Clave. She was not thrilled, to put it nicely. Of all the people, a downworlder? Magnus Bane? And now she “agrees” that Alec and Magnus throw that party at their home at Magnus’ loft and not in Idris or the institute? Wow.

I mean I totally understand that Alec wants his mother and Magnus to get to know each other and be nice and civil towards each other. His future husband (seriously how married are they already, jeez!) and his mother. It’s understandable, I get it. Though I am still here sitting and being like…. is this even real???

So, I am really curious how this all plays out in the end. I don’t think Maryse will cause a scene on this important day of her youngest son. And Magnus would probably do everything for Alec that this would work out between him and Alec’s family. But I dunno…this whole thing is very strange to begin with, especially after everything that happened in episode 1x12.

Shrek appreciation post

 I thoroughly enjoy the Shrek movies. They have comedy and heart and…they’re just good movies.

 I love Shrek. And I love how much he loves his children. One of the first questions he asks when he wakes up in Shrek 4 is “Where are my babies?” and the way that line is read absolutely breaks my heart.

It sucks that Shrek has become a very inappropriate joke on the internet cause he is such an emotional character. He’s been judged for so long that he learned to shut everyone out and grew to hate people, but inside, he just wants to be loved.

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And I grew up with shrek. I felt his pain deep in my heart. And this is why his and Fiona’s relationship, to me, was so cute. I just love everything about them. They each saw each other as beautiful in every movie despite how they looked.

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and the movies gradually got better animation. And I just love how much emotion they show.

look at that tear though

This is my favorite scene because this is actually the first time we see Shrek cry out of all of the movies and it really touched my heart. I just love his character and his character development throughout the movies.

Hats off to you, Dreamworks, because I absolutely love these movies no matter what anyone says.

mamamoo as girlfriends (wlw)
  • hwasa: refuses to let you see her without her makeup until really late into the relationship. keeps calling you unnie despite being the same age. tries to get you to Wear More Fashionable Clothes. talks shit about creepy men on the train. would beat up anyone for you.
  • moonbyul: flirts 24/7. the worst puns and worst greasiest flirty lines but you still like them. doesn't get why you need so much time to do your makeup. hates wearing skirts but loves it when you wear them. is convinced that snapbacks are professional attire.
  • solar: winks at you a lot. she keeps introducing you as her girlfriend to everyone unnecessarily. always has makeup in her purse and when you cry she will stay with you until you're calm and then reapply your makeup while talking shit about whoever hurt you.
  • wheein: punches you in the shoulder jokingly and you almost fall off. she is strong but surprisingly mature. loves going Outside with you, but when it rains she makes hot chocolate for you. probably buys you cute couple items and gets super angry when you don't wanna wear them to work.
Am I the only one who loves Echo?!

I mean she’s beautiful and a badass! Yeah she’s done some bad things but all of them have “for my people”. Same line they all use so I don’t get why people dislike her due to her betrayal because that seems like that’s all anyone does on The 100!

I’m looking forward to her character development and how she affects the people and relationships around her. She’s very intimidating in both skill and beauty!

I very much hope she survives this season….


Crowley Appreciation

I love Crowley. Always have, always will. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Mark Sheppard. He is a fantastic actor. I love his accent. I love his relationship with J2M. I don’t want him off the show. 

2. Crowley has delivered some of the best lines in Supernatural. He is deliciously sardonic and hilarious.

3. He is one of the best villains the show has ever had because there is so much depth to his character, and Crowley has never underestimated the Winchesters, which is why he is still alive.

4. He balances out the spectrum of main characters on the show - where Cas is the angel on the brothers’ shoulders, he is the devil. This is very important.

5. He is not replaceable. After all the years he has been on the show, it would be impossible to fill the giant empty space he would leave if he was written off. Think about it.

6. Crowley’s character development is not over yet. Like Cas, he is still trying to figure out what he is. And, like Cas, he is hated by every one of his own kind due to his attachment to the Winchesters. That makes him interesting.

7. “Not moose.”


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So far the writers have done a good job of isolating the lightwoods so that jace and izzy can have darker storylines,alec is right now in honeymoon bliss so he doesn't notice some things, jace is out of the institute trying to forget every crap that is happening and izzy is now alone and too proud to ask for help and trying and failing so far to handle her yin fen addiction,they slowly separated over the season and although they love each they don't talk to each other like before

that’s true and i really hate it because the 3 of them used to be so close

and i’m not blaming alec at all, he deserves to be happy and he should take more of his time to work on his relationship with magnus. he’s already sacrificed a lot so it’s okay to do something for your own happiness

but why did they have to give izzy such a horrible and cruel plot line?
jace’s isn’t much better, he just has a different way of dealing with it

the 3 of them suffered enough and i just really want them to be happy…
but that’s not very likely in the near future…

Confessions of an Insonmiac

Summary: Aigonorus realized that there was a number of reasons why he couldn’t sleep tonight. [#9]

Notes: Fluff. Voltage Headcanon. My Happy Birthday gift to @euphorica-smiles! I am really glad we get to one day randomly chat. I hope our internet friendship continues on and we get to have more time to have proper conversations! Special thanks to @juniperotome for editing and leaving comments to the first draft! You made this story way better than I thought it could ever be. <33

So, yeah. Let’s get bunny fluffin’.

Inspired by this line:

Most of the gods disliked the idea of doing something mundane, but one of Aigonorus’ favorite human act—well, probably his most favorite—was: Sleep.

That was how it is everyday. You have gotten quite used to this part of Aigonorus. Loved it even. You weren’t even that bothered that his relationship with his bed was beyond compare. They’re practically married! you once thought out of amusement. He slept so much that you wondered why the god was still feeling sleepy. You kept the questions to yourself.

Tonight, both of you decided to sleep at your place instead of at his. Honestly speaking, Aigonorus didn’t care at all about the sleeping arrangements as long as it meant he could sleep right beside you. He wouldn’t admit it aloud though. But upon request—ah-hem an “offering to a god”—you wore an adorable, floral patterned night dress that wasn’t long enough to hide your knees and thighs… Aigonorus was quiet about his preferences but it was so obvious that he liked it on you. Every time you looked up to him, he’d look away again and pretend he wasn’t looking… the blush was a dead give away.

You smirked and teased, “Do you want me to pose?”

Realizing that you were taking advantage of his timid self, he clicked his tongue and ushered you to come under the sheets with him already. You gladly slipped into the blankets and rolled over into his strong arms. With your back against his chest, he held you closely. He wrapped a heavy leg over yours as if you were a body pillow (you probably were to him) then rubbed his cold nose against the exposed crook of your neck. You instinctively jerked from how ticklish it is but he wouldn’t let you go. “Aigo!—Stop!” Your laughter bounced quietly in your bedroom and it took a while before he decided to take mercy on you and settled deep within the tangles of your hair.

“I like your laugh,” he spoke softly though you felt the heat in his cheeks pressed against your skin.

“You do?”

“Yeah.” You glanced to find him already closing his eyes. You bit your lip until finally concern overpowered your hesitation, “Do you have problems with sleeping, Aigonorus?”

“No,” came his bland reply quickly. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Are you sure?”

“… Yeah.”

You nodded. That was all you needed to know to have a good night’s rest. “Okay then. Good night!” With that said, you shifted your eyes away from him and sunk deeper to your feathery pillow. He watched you close your eyes and when your breathing became deep and slow, he took it as a sign that you hit the bottom of sleep. He should do the same.

Sleep, he told himself… I’m trying to sleep… I’m trying to sleep.

Though after fifteen minutes, he couldn’t. Again.

Well. Gods don’t need sleep anyway so it wasn’t a necessity. But sleeping had become a human habit that he couldn’t shake off. After the unfortunate incident, his life was dependent on sleeping. It used to be a form that keeps him safe from the world that crushed him into pieces. Sleep was his only way of running away—from the life he thought he could have had… Now was different. He has always expected slumber to be something special and much easier with you. But he just… couldn’t.

He gazed at the wall clock of your bedroom. It read, 11:14 pm. Aigonorus became more aware of the ticking noise as if someone planted a clock in his brain.  

Sighing, the god weaved his fingers through his messy mop of brown hair and before he knew it, his arms snaked around your waist and pulled you closer. He then recalled your question before wondering to himself… It’s true that he often slept in the morning and hardly ever in the evening. Maybe he did have problems. What were they though? He never considered anything that happened previous nights ago a problem. With that question buried deep in his brain, he was more awake. He glanced at the time again. 11:16 pm.

As he waited for the drowsiness to set in, Aigonorus propped himself with his elbow on his pillow. The god traced his finger right across your cheekbone, testing to see if you’d wake up. Your nose twitched. Cute, he thought. He gently ran a finger over your soft slightly gaping lips—though soon he froze upon seeing your head jerk slightly. He watched you intently.


The god’s eyes flickered to your eyelids that were still shut tight. “… Yeah?”

“… mmm—no…mm…“

”… What is it?“ He eased in closer.

"No more cabbage…”


”… Angry…“

His brows furrowed. "Why are you angry?”


“I’m sorry?”

“…mm…” Your next words were no longer coherent. Aigonorus’ forehead creased as he watched in perplexity at how you were able to talk with your eyelids still closed and mind adrift on another level. Again. He held a chuckle within. Humans have really weird capabilities. You continued muttering gibberish under your breath but Aigonorus felt the ends of his lip pull up a little at the sound of his name slipped out of your mouth again.

12:26 am. He was still awake and was trying to figure out which colors would look nice on your ceilings. He decided that baby blue would be the best. He flinched at an unattractive noise. Was that a pig? It was absolutely deep and gruff! Aigonorus grimaced at your wide-open mouth. Human. Why did you make such noises at night? Last time he touched you at night, you were making these wonderful noises. Well, your laughter was always endearing to him. Unlike these weird sounds you humans call “snores”.  

Slowly, Aigonorus finger pushed your chin up to close your lips again. But to his dismay, your snore was stronger. And insistent! He tried. Again. And again. And again… again.

It was clear you weren’t shutting up anytime soon and so, Aigonorus rolled over to his other side with his pillow pressed against his ear trying to block your unpleasant night grunts.

It was a failure.

1:42 am. Getting sleep was impossible a while ago, but even more so now. Aigonorus was going to close his eyes, feeling more at peace… until he felt something brushed against his groin. Aigonorus’ eyes shot back open and as calmly as he could, he glanced at your sleeping figure and lifted the cotton blanket and bedsheet high enough to take a peek. Oh. That was definitely your hand. Judging by the expression your face was contorting to and the movement of your sprawled arms, Aigonorus believed you were dreaming of doing a tug-of-war you humans like to play. Except in reality: you were pulling something that obviously couldn’t be as long but definitely could be as thick as a rope. He frowned and internally groaned at that odd thought.

Well, it was almost two in the morning.

2:10 am. Aigonorus couldn’t doze off just yet. The coldness pierced through his garments and skin. He shivered uncontrollably as he tried to reach for the warmth blanket that his feet might have just shoved but he felt nothing. He tried feeling for the smooth fuzz of it with his feet but still couldn’t find anything in his space. The god sat bolt upright. He clenched his chattering teeth together as he searched for it in the midst of the dimness. It didn’t take him too long to realize that the blanket wrapped around you completely like a burrito.

How dare you stole his blanket. Aigonorus thought crankily, although he didn’t yank the blanket back like a foul beast. Instead, the god released a sigh and kissed you on the cheek softly before slipping to the only space the blanket offered.

It only covered one-fourth of his body… but he supposed that some people are worth getting frozen for.

3:31 am. This time, it wasn’t your arms reaching out for Aigonorus’ groin. It was one of your knees. And it wasn’t a gentle touch. It was straight-up a painfully rough knee-jab between his legs. He didn’t expect it. He thought you were just shifting in your sleep again! Aigonorus strangled a whimper to prevent waking you and his eyes were glassier than ever. He curled up on the bed; clutching his blanket, sucking his lower lip in and biting down to hold off the awful curses. When it stopped aching, Aigonorus checked on you. You were still fast asleep. Tsk. Good for you.

He huffed as he faced away from you again, squeezed his eyes shut, left a note to himself for tomorrow morning: Don’t ever make her angry. He tried to sleep again.

4:19 am. Just when he thought he could get some rest—it happened again. And it was so quick. He hit the ground with a loud thud! while you resumed snoring. Aigonorus got up with a slight wobble to his legs. Do all humans put up a fight in their sleep!? The god mentally groaned. His eyes cruised down at how your legs were spread. Your hair was in disarray like scattered sun rays. Your mouth was gaped open and your arms were bent and still in the weirdest pose (it was blackmail material!). This wasn’t your best look, but Aigonorus thought you were absolutely adorable. But to make it worse and more awkward for him: your constant shifting got your dress bunched up until it revealed your silky underwear. With his eyesight adjusted to the darkness, he could make out the horizontal striped design. If only you were awake, you’d find a god staring at you with a red beet face. Aigonorus sighed, shook his head and climbed over back to bed. He pulled your dress down and a blanket to cover your slightly shaky legs from the cold.

But Aigonorus’ eyes stayed open because he sensed that another kick was coming..

5:57 am. At this time, the tables have turned because he didn’t find himself on the cold floor. Aigonorus was more or less awake. He was still able to sense something warm looping around his waist. Aigonorus peered over his shoulder, half-lidded eyes narrowing at the sight of your peaceful face. You snuggled closer to him than he did with you. Your leg comfortably overlapped his; your face pushed up against his neck; the ends of your hair brushed across his back. Aigonorus counted the seconds of your breathing. Inhaling. Exhaling. Inhaling. Exhaling. How could someone so vulnerable hold another so tight?

Aigonorus’ eyes were kind of drooping now. He really didn’t mind this at all.

That was until you started snoring again.

6:25 am. Aigonorus heard a loud thud! and he abruptly jolted upright from the bed. But to his surprise, the god wasn’t the one who fell on the ground. He found his side empty. Worried, he scrambled up to his feet, ignoring the prickling cold. He slowly walked until he stood before your crumpled body on the floor. The god couldn’t understand how you were able to sabotage his attempts to sleep numerous of times tonight—with just your eyes closed. You even gave him a lot of pain as well which involved several heart-attacks like falling off the bed. Aigonorus sighed… He just didn’t like the fact that you could scare him this way. He didn’t like how you could get hurt so easily, how you could stop caring as much as he does, how you could disappear…

Aigonorus loved you. He really did and always had. In one smooth motion, he scooped you up from the ground—briefly concerned that you would catch a cold. The god enveloped you with the warmth of your blanket and he made sure that you settled comfortably on your side of the bed without your limbs going out of control. And so you wouldn’t roll off into an unexpected crash on the floor, Aigonorus wrapped his arms around you securely.

Now, you can’t leave the god that easily.

7:40 am. He watched the sunlight sifted through the bedroom curtains and eventually pooled on  your unkempt bundle of hair. Slowly, the streak of sunrays kissed your forehead then cast itself downwards to your nose, cheeks, lips. Aigonorus’ eyes widened in his quiet awe. Do all humans just naturally blend in the sunlight or were you really just that beautiful? He’d like to think it was the latter.

It was already too late for Aigonorus to be bothered to catch up on some sleep and oddly enough… there wasn’t an ounce of frustration or sourness in him. After all, in the past few hours he has seen something nobody has ever witnessed. Aigonorus knew that these moments of vulnerability were only meant for his eyes. You were far more horrible in one of the first nights he had with you, but each time morning arrived… His eyes softened. 

Seeing you with a bit of drool on the corner of your gaping mouth, arms thrown in different direction and legs that stole most of his bedspace—you still glowed under the light and you were still breathing deeply and slowly… as if there was nothing to be worried or scared of… 

“Well, aren’t you amazing?” whispered Aigonorus, the self-diagnosed insomniac. He smiled and chuckled quietly at your crinkling nose… 

You really are the light in his darkness… and you will never know how you made a god feel like a human being overnight. 

And that will probably make the nights to come even more special.

8:00 am.  When your eyes cracked open, your vision was still blurry and distorted, though you could make out a nose, eyes, soft tufts of hair, ears, lips—you stare at Aigonorus who was staring right back. You found this unusual. Every morning, you would find him still asleep and curled up against your side, but not today it seems. You yawned and rubbed the drowsiness off your eyes. “Morning Aigo… were you… awake…mm… this whole time?”

“I do have problems with sleeping,” he answered, but obviously to a different question. Even though you couldn’t recall what inquiry, especially with the sleepiness still running through your nerves. “Oh, you do?” you said instead.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “But I like having them.” As if to prove his point further, he kissed you sweetly, muffling your protests.


Happy birthday again! Hope you enjoy this one! And if you’re not @euphorica-smiles but you enjoy this one, you could request for a story yourself or you could let this little guy ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  take you to other stories that I wrote! Now, go and greet HBD to euphorica-smiles because she’s amazing !!! :D

DA!Elsa||Supergirl: The Agent and The Assassin.

A/N: I’m obsessed with Frozen and Supergirl…so why not write a story with both?

Here’s an AU of an AU of an AU. 

I’ve always loved the dynamics of Elsa and Anna as sisters just as much as I love Alex and Kara’s relationship…so why not put all four girls in one story and scenario?

Hope you enjoy my little brain fart. 😉

Elsa knew Alex was upset. Understatement of the year, but she was a bit hopeful that it wasn’t that bad. Oh, it was only a matter or seconds before the inevitable outburst, but Elsa was prepared for this with her nonchalant expression in place, arms crossed against her chest, and her lips pressed into a line. She was ready for confrontation—or war. Whichever. Afterall, she had Anna for a sister…so why did it matter if she pissed off an elite, top-notch super agent with an expertise in hand-to-hand combat and firearms?

Alex Danvers was burning holes into Elsa’s skull with her glare while mimicking her stance. With her arms crossed, leaning her weight on one foot, and her hands away from the 9mm hanging incognito on her thigh, she clenched her jaw, trying very hard not to scream and jump at the blonde that was sat casually just a few feet away.

“So, you’re…you’re an assassin?” she managed calmly, scrutinizing Elsa who had broken eye contact at the mention of the last word. When Elsa didn’t answer, Alex continued on. The 9mm was feeling awfully heavy below her waist as she resisted the urge to snatch it and point it at the new threat in front of her. “For how long now and how many targets?”

Alex’ reaction took Elsa by surprise although she knew that the other girl had intense training in timing and patience like she did in her line of work. But it was different. They were friends, and for Alex to react so pragmatically can only mean one thing: Alex was wary and her next move could be unpredictable and maybe even deadly.

“Alex, I can explain,” Elsa sighed, raising her hands as a sign of surrender—and assurance that she wasn’t holding a weapon. She did a quick body scan, and she knew for a fact that Danvers was armed. There was no escape route nearby, and Kara’s apartment was inconveniently on the 12th floor. Elsa was not going to jump out the window like she did in Gotham on her last mission. She couldn’t risk another broken leg, and using another lame excuse about some sport injury would not convince Anna this time. Her only option was to talk or attack the agent in front of her, and she wasn’t going to do the latter.

Shit. Shit shit fuckity fuck shit.

“For how long and how many?” Alex repeated, her voice a bit louder and laced with controlled anger.

Elsa clenched her fists. It didn’t help that she was sitting down while Alex towered over her from across the dining table. “Two years. Forty-seven who are all notorious criminals and—”

FORTY-SEVEN?” Alex shrieked, eyes widening as her palms slammed loudly on the table, causing Elsa to wince. “Are you out of your mind? Elsa, this is capital punishment! What the hell has gotten into you? I can’t believe that you did—”

“….uhm…is everything okay?”

Alex and Elsa immediately snapped their heads to the door’s direction, confusing the unexpected guest with the horrified looks on their faces. They weren’t anticipating company until the next half hour, and the content of their conversation was not necessarily something that they would like to share. Unprepared and caught off guard, all Alex and Elsa could do was smile awkwardly at the blonde intruder.

Kara stared at her sister and then Elsa askance. “Is everything okay?” she asked, pushing her glasses up her nose bridge. “You guys look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

Alex cleared her throat as she willed her pulse to lower its pace. “Kara, how much of our conversation did you hear?” she asked warily, shooting her sister a deliberate look in hopes that she would catch on and realize she was referring to her super hearing abilities.

Kara squinted at her sister. “Not…much?” she replied, still very much confused. “What’s going on? You can’t believe that Elsa did what?” she asked, now turning her gaze to Elsa.

Before Alex could answer, another voice joined in on the conversation. “Hey guys,” Anna greeted, her head peeking out of the doorway. “I have pot stickers and ice cream,” she grinned excitedly, raising the bag of goodies in front of her. “Ready for movie night?”

Kara shot Elsa and Alex a quick look that said ‘you WILL tell me later’  before turning around to help Anna take their food out of the bags. Thinking that they were out of the woods, Anna—to Alex, Elsa and Kara’s surprise—opened her mouth and asked the dreaded question once again.

“Hey, Elsa…what did you do? I heard Alex asking you that when Kara and I were about to come in. Spill it,” she smirked, impressed by her own wit. “Go on and tell us!”

Elsa blinked. Once. Twice. Her mind went blank and jumping off the window didn’t seem so illogical anymore. “I—I uhh—I’m—”

“—she told Winn Schott she likes him when I told her not to,” Alex blurted out, her hands flying and vaguely gesturing at nothing in particular. “Your sister has a big crush on Winn,” she added quickly.

Elsa’s jaw dropped in disbelief. Kara covered her mouth as she tried to suppress her giggles. Anna could only squeal and run to her sister to crush her in an embrace.

“You like Winn? I thought you liked Tadashi? But Winn? He’s also a giant nerd like you!” Anna cooed, her arms wrapped around her sister’s neck. With her view angled away from Elsa as she continued to hug her and ramble on about weddings and babies, Anna missed the threatening glare that Elsa was aiming at Alex.

“You’re 48th,” she mouthed wordlessly, knowing (and hating) that Alex understood exactly what she said when her threat was returned with a smirk.

“I wanna see you try,” Alex mouthed back, raising a challenging brow. “This isn’t over,” she murmured, turning on her heels to walk to where Kara was stood with a plate of pot stickers.

Kara shrugged as her sister leaned on the wall next to her. “You know I heard everything, right?”

Alex chuckled dryly. “Yep. I know.”

“Does Anna know?” Kara whispered, making sure Anna and Elsa weren’t within earshot.

“I don’t know,” Alex shrugged.

“Let’s worry about this later when Anna’s gone. Potsticker?” Kara offered, lifting her chopsticks with the potsticker between it. “She said you’ll be her next target. 48th. She’s joking…right?”

“I wanna see her try,” Alex scoffed, “we both know I can kick Arendelle’s ass.”

“I know. But you still need to talk to her,” Kara said, the humor leaving her voice as her brows furrowed in concern. “She’s a criminal, Alex. She’s…dangerous.”

“I know,” Alex replied with an indecipherable tone while she stared blankly ahead. “I know.”

Shuffle write challenge

How to play:

1. Go to your music player and put in on shuffle.
2. The first song you get is your story line.
    (story can also be based off song)
3. The first kpop idol you have seen/liked/reblogged is your 
“who” person.
4. Tag four people!

People I (really admire and wish to be friends with) am tagging:



Person: Park Jimin.
Song: Pills N Potions - Nicki Minaj.

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Why is it so hard?

Being mad at you that is.

You have done so much wrong, such ungrateful and distasteful things.
from almost overdosing to dismissing the love I still cannot seem to forget.

It was like climbing a skyscraper to find courage and break things off,”
the seven years of relationship and the three of friendship.
There where times I wanted to release and stop climbing the skyscraper, but those things you done made me climb on.
And, even though it wasn’t quite your fault, because I very well knew what I had gotten myself into, I still blamed all on you.

But I am sure you, and I most definitely, knew all the things I yelled where only “ “in the moment” things “  you’re high self would say.
They where words that only came out because the heat of the moment demanded them and us humans could do nothing but obey.
Just like I obeyed your demand of trust, that I have to trust you no matter what.

Maybe I was a fool for dismissing those who warned me,
who tried to make me hate you.
But I couldn’t, I was blindly in love with the bad boy Park Jimin.
You where my personal nicotine, slowly destroying me from the inside out.
You took- take my breath away, made- make my stomach knot.
You made my body feel unpleasant yet relieving things, all except for my heart.
The one place your nicotine did not dare to enter, but your words did.

Even though you popped pills, drank odd potions that made my body feel uncomfortable, I stayed with you.
Because, well, that was all you where and in those long years I never knew different. No one really.
So it was a great shock when you where all over her, in a zone that was only meant for us.
It was then when your nicotine poisoned my heart, only it a heavy feeling and tugs of giving you a second chance.

“Please, [Y/N], forgive me.” You begged, tears streaming down your face.
two years, for two whole years I was nothing but a bore to you.
Two years needed to be filled with more than drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, so that’s why you filled it with her perfume, drunken kisses and other things I do not want to think about.

“I’ll forgive you.” 

My stubborn feelings spoke before my mind could reason, simply because even then I was head over heels for you.
We had something that was not easy to be forgotten, and of course I was angry, furious even. But I still love you.

“wait, really?” Even you where surprised by my honest reaction.

“yes,” I nodded, wiping away mascara stained tears away.
Tears that I didn’t allow you to touch, because you didn’t earn that.
“But please leave, and don’t come back.”

“wait, what.” You stammered, brown locks falling in front of the eyes I fell in love with every time I looked at them, which was a lot.
“But you forgive me, right?” 

“I do, but that doesn’t mean we are still something.”

You had no right to be angry, but I let you.
My body was too tired for defense, so I let you wish all the bad on me.
My body was too tired for stopping you, so I let you leave me.

And just like you left me, many left you.
You weren’t beneficial for them anymore.

I wanted to come and support you, love you.
But I couldn’t.
I am angry, but I still love you.

I broke up with you, my childhood crush a good few years ago.
Life was suddenly looking much brighter, and I was doing exceptionally great.
Things truly went in the right track, until it crashed into you.

You looked different, yet the same.
You still rocked the stench of toxins, but you looked better than before.

“You look, great.” Jimin sighed, drinking in the new and classier me.

“and you look…” I eyed Jimin, not sure what to say.
He was in something else than jock jackets, but nothing much different.
“a bit better.” I managed to choke out.

“I know.” Jimin sighed, already catching on as to why my answer was what it was.

I just kept quiet, sipping at the hot bitter liquid I grew accustomed too.
Mind wandering as to why and how Jimin invited me to catch up and why I agreed on all this.
I specifically told him to leave and not come back, yet here we are.
No, here I am with the same feeling I had for Jimin when I was little.

“so,” Jimin sighed “how, how’s life?”

“It’s been great,” I replied with much cheer as I could muster.
“I have an excellent job, met some new people-”

“someone special?” Jimin interrupted, and I swear the whole cafe could have seen me glow red.
Yes, there was someone I had my eye on, someone much healthier.
But I didn’t dare to make a move due to my heart being restricted to the nicotine and sweet nothings of Park Jimin.

“ah, I see.” Jimin sounded disappointed, but we weren’t something anymore so I refused to take notice of it.

“How about you, how is your life?”

“uh, well…”  Jimin took a large swig of his coffee, not bothered by the heat.
“I finally am going to rehab, uh, my fourth already.

and, not really met anyone new, nor old…” 

“oh.” was all what I could say.
Don’t get me wrong, I was pleased to hear my constant nagging of needed rehab did finally work, but clearly if it was the fourth already it didn’t do much,

“and still no one special.” Jimin sighed.

“I see,” I nodded.

“Because I still love you, [Y/N].”

A chain of coughs started to fall out of my mouth, allowing Jimin to touch me in all my low defenses which made m stop coughing immediately.
Jimin, hunched over the cafe table, one hand holding my hand while the other slowly moved from my shoulder to my face. 

I never knew how much I missed your touch.

“[Y/N]…” breath danced with one another in the constricted space between faces, they danced and danced till they got captured by lips who took over the performance.
It was a kiss of longing, missing, silent please and apologies that I wanted to give in too, but knew shouldn’t.

So I retreated, eyes wide as I looked at the plump lips and slowly at the brown eyes hidden between brown curtains.

“what are you doing?” I sputtered out.

“I still love you.” was all you could say as an excuse.

“what?” I was dumbfounded.

“[Y/N].” Jimin slowly said.

“I still love-”

“No, don’t you dare.” I shut you off.

“Don’t you dare to tell me you still love me, when you where doing unholy things!”

“I know, I me-”

“No, stop!” I almost yelled, causing a sea of eyes directed towards us, but I couldn’t care.
“don’t come into my life uninvited and tell me you still love me, it’s unfair!”

“How is that unfair!” You yelled back.
“How is still loving you unfair?”

“Because,” I pursed my lips, debating whether or not to continue.
But I held it in for far to long, so I let it all out.
“Because I still love you, but I am not here just throwing myself into your life and confessing while it is already over between us!”

“what,” it sounded like a gasp
“wait. [Y/N], you still…Love me?”

“Of course, moron!

I have spend far to many years with you to not love you, so of course!
But I am trying not to because we are nothing!”

“no, no that is not true!” Jimin argued.
“we can still be something, you forgave me right?”

“forgiving is not a second chance, Jimin.” I spat.

“But, look” You pointed at yourself, desperation written all over your face.
“I am trying my hardest to chance but, but.”

“save it, Jimin.

This issue is already dead.” I said as I began to pack my stuff and readied myself to leave.
This was not how I expected my Friday to go. 

“No wait.” Even now your grip was tight.

“Let go.” I hissed, but you ignored.

“[Y/N], don’t go. 


I am trying, I really am.” Tears started to from in your eyes, but it was hard to tell if they where falling, because mine where.

“it’s hard, [Y/N].

I keep getting high and drunk because it makes me feel like I am there in our memories, but I am not.

I keep going to rehab, but [Y/N], I am afraid that I’ll forget.”

with a swift move my wrist was free from your grip.  

“That’s great Jimin” I must have looked like a fool, trying to keep my cool but my makeup stained face did not help with any of that.
“Keep getting high off your memories, but not even in due time we’ll be fine.

so, goodbye.”

I said and began to march away.

Practically biting away the sentence lingering on the tip of my tongue, wanting to spill out.

I still love you.  


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well, would you look at that.
I see that I forgot to mention, but if this challenge has been done before or is familiar to something else. My apologies.
I have not done any research in this and just went with it.

Really not understanding why the standards for this show seem to be so much higher when the story line is about Captain Swan?

Did people even watch previous seasons? Are memories that selective?

There have always been bad writing choices, lack of relationship development, OOC behaviors, giant gaping plot holes, magically contrived nonsense, and ridiculous retcons.

Season 5 is no exception nor should it be.

I’m just really baffled by people’s expectations for this show and the negativity I see about this last arc, it’s like people completely forget what show they’re watching with each new half season.

people who use “oh only complex male characters exist!! that’s why I only ship m/m ships!!” are actually the worst bye

do you know how much women-driven media there IS these days

do you know how easy it is to find a single well-developed lady/relationship to care about

y'all would wax poetic about that hot dude with approximately five lines in a movie and ignore the protagonist or dismiss her as love interest so don’t even tell me your rejection of all ladies to ship is about anything other than misogyny, internalized or otherwise, ok ok

anonymous asked:

what's your favourite thing about cassandra's romance? "everything" is not an option ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


no but seriously. my absolute favorite thing about her romance is that it gives her the fairytale romance she’s always really wanted but thought she could never have. she’s spent literally her entire life serving someone or something - her family, the chantry, the seekers, the divine, the inquisition, and potentially as divine herself (’why should what i want matter?’ OUCH) - so that’s how she’s used to being treated. she obviously has a desire for an ‘ideal’ relationship, but doesn’t think anyone, least of all the inquisitor, is capable or willing to give her what she wants (she actually has a great line in one of her breakups where after telling the inquisitor she ‘wants a man to sweep her off her feet’ etc that she ‘respects herself too much to settle for anything less’ GET IT GIRL)

and so i love that in her romance, she finds someone that thinks she’s more than worth their time even though the inquisitor has a thousand other things to do. i love that she’s #1 in his life and he goes so far out of his way to give her what she wants. AND MOST OF ALL i love that for once in her life, cassandra chooses to do something for herself, not anyone else, because it’s what she wants and makes her happy

Full Confession:

Rune Factory 4 helped me get through a really bad breakup. This is my first time playing the game seriously, as the first time I got distracted and left sometime in Fall of Year 1. But this time I’ve been playing it nonstop as I’ve needed something to make my heart flutter and make me care about something for the first time since the breakup. But when I got to Clorica’s sub event where I married her, I was completely blown away. I had grown up on Harvest Moon and its everything-is-perfect romances so I was completely surprised at how flawed my relationship with Clorica was. The things the characters go through were the same things I went through with my ex. The line “Rules can be binding” hit me especially hard. But that’s why I loved it so much more. Never before had a relationship in a game seemed like a REAL relationship. I love Clorica, not because she reminded me of my ex or I wish she was her or anything, but because they saw their issue where I could not and they worked through it and ended happily. It’s something that I needed to see whether I wanted to or not and I’m thankful for it.