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were planning on doing any translations for the cast interview portion of day breakers?

Jun Fukuyama (The Protagonist)

the protagonist is not the type of person who you can get to know easily, however he does have the characteristics of a leader and other members of the phantom thieves trust him deeply. the lines that impressed me the most are the ones in battles, there are also some lines that i love the most but those are from the very last parts of the game. so if i say it people from atlus will get really mad at me lol.


Mamoru Miyano (Ryuji Sakamoto)

as you might already know, ryuji is a problem child so his behaviors are surely a little uncontrollable, and he’s not really a tactful speaker… sometimes like a punk imo. but there are reasons why he acts the way he is which are related to things that happened in the past. he also gets quite a lot of lines to explain things that happens around the protagonist since he’s protag’s first friend. (q: what’s the charm of ryuji?) well..he’s an idiot lol…but that’s why he’s adorable. 


Nana Mizuki (Ann Takamaki)

by her looks you may think that she’s gorgeous, fashionable and girlish..etc. but she’s totally different on the inside. she’s really a pure, nice girl. and she’s very thoughtful for her friends. her heart is very strong and she has a sense of justice. although she looks very sexy, what i think is that she’s the type of girl who radiates her charm in a healthy way. even people of the same sex would be attracted by her. i really had fun doing her lines. the part when she’s in her swimwear and the guys gets shy is esp. fun. 


Tomokazu Sugita (Yusuke Kitagawa)

he looks pale and weak but he’s actually pretty tall, he’s the tallest among all the main character. the more you get to know him, the more you would change your impressions on him. yusuke has a very strong persistence regarding his way of life, so it gets more and more painful for him, that’s what i think while reading his lines. like he’s just trying his best to live his life. his charm is probably that you’re able to see many different faces of him. please look forward to see his parts in the game. 


there are many parts where they talk too fast and i couldn’t really understand. and there might be errors too. so please take it as a non-professional translation. (っ・Д・)っ 

To the girl who’ll love him next:

You probably don’t know him yet, maybe because you’re curled up in somebody else’s arms right now, or maybe you’re out there, exploring the world alone, spending time with yourself first, or maybe because I’m selfish and I still can’t let him go. For that, I’m sorry. Know this, though: when the time is right for him to walk into your life, you’ll know why you had to wait that long for someone like him. And be prepared to be changed forever, because you will be, and it’s gonna be the best change. I’m excited for you to see it for yourself. But then again, I’m sorry that you can’t meet him now.


When you meet him for the first time, it’s okay to tremble. I know you’ve been told that love shouldn’t be scary, but don’t worry–your hands will tremble not out of fear but out of excitement as they know that they’re about to hold a gift from heaven, someone so gentle and precious, and he’s yours, he’s yours to touch and to tremble with, and it’s going to be okay. When you meet him for the first time, it’s okay to not know right away. That it is love, I mean–that he is love. Although I hope that you both do, not because it is how love is supposed to be, but so you wouldn’t let each other walk away and just leave your story in the hands of fate.

Do not write him poems just because you discovered that I used to. If you can’t, then don’t force yourself. Instead, show him how much you love him through your own, special way. You’re good at painting? Then paint his smile, his happiness, his sadness, his heart, his music, and then maybe hang it in his bedroom wall, so he has a reminder of how much his existence in this world is appreciated. You’re good at something, at anything? Then use it to show him how much you love him; love him in your own way–he’ll like it better. But if you can write him poems, then do. After all, I believe that one can do anything in the name of love. So write him i-miss-you-so-much poems, write him you-complete-me poems, write him do-you-know-that-you-drive-me-crazy poems, write him i-hate-you-but-i-love-you poems, write him i-wish-you-were-here poems–go write him lots, translate his name to many, different words and lines. But, again, if you can’t, then don’t. Don’t compete with the words I’ve written for him–it’s not worth your time, and besides, I’m sure that he won’t let you feel like you’re competing with anyone, let alone with someone from his past.

Do more than I did and do less than I did. I wasn’t able to give him what he deserved, so I hope you do more. And I’ve given him too much, including the ones he didn’t even ask for, so I hope you don’t drown him the way I did. Be that in between those two–never lacking and at the same time never suffocating.

Lastly, forget about me, don’t let me haunt you at night. Forget the stories (about me) he might or might not have told you, forget the memories, my words, the things I did for him, my name even. Forget about me–listen to him when he teaches you how to.

To the girl who’ll love him next, be brave, take risks. I swear you’ll never regret it.

—  i.v.c.