that line is from deleted scene


FOR ANYONE WHO WAS WONDERING: The gif where Jacob says “I want to be a wizard!” Is from a deleted scene where Queenie and Tina sing the Ilvermorny school anthem. The deleted scene will be included in the DVD set. Alison Sudol who plays Queenie wrote the song herself, and sings the first few lines in this interview. Please reblog this for people who haven’t seen it

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Hannibal script project masterpost, seasons 1-2

As you may have noticed, I have an ongoing project, where I compile together deleted dialogue & scenes and other interesting parts from the scripts of each Hannibal episode. The posts often ended up being pretty long, because I would include almost every single deleted line, no matter how small.

Here are links to season 1 and 2 posts, season 3 is currently still in progress. When I’m done with season 3, I’ll make another masterpost where I compile everything together.

Season 1

  1. Apéritif
  2. Amuse-Bouche
  3. Potage
  4. Oeuf
  5. Coquilles
  6. Entrée
  7. Sorbet
  8. Fromage
  9. Trou Normand
  10. Buffet Froid
  11. Rôti
  12. Relevés
  13. Savoureux

Season 2

  1. Kaiseki
  2. Sakizuke
  3. Hassun
  4. Takiawase
  5. Mukozuke
  6. Futamono
  7. Yakimono
  8. Su-zakana
  9. Shiizakana
  10. Naka-Choko
  11. Ko No Mono
  12. Tome-wan
  13. Mizumono

They can all also be found under THIS tag.

Tell Her I Love Her (2x13 drabble)

Just a wee show-verse drabble (using the term loosely–100 words isn’t ever enough for me!) that I’ve been imagining since I saw the titles of the S2 deleted scenes several weeks ago and noticed

 “Tell her I love her” 

as the final one on the list. I’ve since learned it was NOT in fact having anything to do with the scenario I envisioned…but all the better, because now I get to write it! 

Check out @londonerbecky​‘s take on the same line if it were delivered by Murtagh, and one eventually from @suhailauniverse​ who imagined it being spoken by Jamie. Love that we all three came up with different ideas! 

My master list 

Tell Her I Love her (2x13 drabble)

“I will name him Brian… after your father.”

That made him smile and my heart broke again. 

Was this the last time I would see him smile?

He took me in his arms like—Jesus, God—like we were in the grand ballroom at Versailles. Dancing. 

“I love you,” I choked. My eyes darted frantically across his face, trying to capture his image, to burn him irrevocably into me, even as he was about to tear himself away, to fling me and our child into the void. I love you.”

He could barely speak. “And I—you—

Each step backward toward the stone was a death knell, my mind screaming, wailing. 

Jamie is going to die today.

Your Jamie will die today.

Jamie will be dead and—



“Jamie, tell—” I broke off. 

I couldn’t say it.

“Aye, mo chridhe?

I had to say it.

“Tell her—I love her.

He stared at me for a long moment….

…and then he understood.

“I’ll take good care of her, Claire.”

I threw myself forward and he held me just as tight, so hard that I thought I would break apart, as if I weren’t already on the verge of breaking. 

But there was the tiniest spark within me now.

Jamie would die today…

…but they would have each other. Jamie and Faith.

He pulled back and gently lifted my chin. He was crying, hard, and his voice shook…but I was given one more sight of Jamie Fraser’s smile, after all.  

“I canna wait to meet her.”


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(Read top speech bubble first)

Childhood Memories

Ever wonder what was Nick’s backstory before he met Judy? What were his parents like? Where’s his dad? What got him into the con-fox business when he was 12? Lets find out…

Guess what, after a few request on wanting me to continue this story…. I did it, and I kinda have some ideas now for a whole plot lined up for this, hopefully I would be able to finish it. (really, I’ve never made a long comic before!). I reference a lot from deleted scenes, ideas from the directors that never made it to the final film and some other things that I think its suitable haha! I don’t plan on having any tame collars involved. 

important note:  Please pardon my english, it may not be as good or sound professional enough as it is my second language, plus I’m still learning.

I’ve been asked many times to share some of my deleted scenes from the Raven Cycle. The outtakes. Here’s the thing:

- they do exist. The Dream Thieves is 125k words long, give or take. My outtakes file for it — stuff that I cut out of the draft — is about 150k words long.

- they’re not exciting.

- they are either more boring versions of scenes that are in the book, bits of scenes that were going on for too long, or aborted plot lines. Sometimes they were me just writing my way around in circles while I figured out what I wanted out of life. Bits of book 2 ended up in book 3 and book 1 ended up in book 4, etc. etc. Timelines were always strange — The Dream Thieves used to begin with a prologue where Ronan lost the Camaro to Kavinsky in a drag race, and a lot of the outtakes involve me writing my way out of that. 

That said, here are some bits and bobs from the Dream Thieves outtakes file. Under a cut, because this is a lot of words. Still not even approaching the number of words in the outtakes file. But. A lot of words.

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Between the Lines

Here are the deleted scenes for Addiction - from chapters 14 and 15. Reminder: In terms of the relation to the fic itself I would say this is a ‘what if Kotori was right’ scenario. But as I mentioned, HonoUmi’s relationship is up for interpretation somewhat in the fic itself so these scenes are both just ‘what if’ scenarios and (if you choose them to be) missing scenes.

Warnings: Usual warning when it comes to Addiction i.e. cheating. If you don’t like Eli in Addiction maybe…don’t read this so as not to taint Honoka? VERY sexual scenes and general angst.

After Umi and Kotori’s argument - Kotori’s house

Umi knew that there wouldn’t be anyone home for quite a while yet so the second the door closed behind Honoka she turned and hugged her tightly, a choked sob escaping her. It wasn’t fair. None of it was fair.

Honoka sighed and wrapped her arms around Umi, vaguely hearing Umi’s bag fall to the floor. “It’s okay.” She whispered as the girl clutched at the back of her blazer. “You’re going to be okay.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

Honoka didn’t have time to question why Umi was apologizing before her friend pulled back and drew her into a forceful kiss. She didn’t resist, aware that it was what Umi needed. Her hands slip up to Umi’s cheeks and she pulled her in closer still, trying to soothe her. Her fingers swept over skin that was damp with tears, gently brushing them away.

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Preview of something I’m working on -u-

I’ve taken a very rough, keyframed deleted scene from TLK 2 and I’m planning to fully clean up, line, add all inbetweens, backgrounds etc so it looks as close to the film as possible!

Super fun! Kovu here needs a few fixes but I’ve given him all his inbetweens and lines -u- I cant wait to see the entire scene finished

But who even says “I’ll call. I hate the fall.” 

In the workshop Roger and Mark both say it 

MARK: Okay. Love you! Call.
ROGER: Love you too. I hate the fall. 

In the 1996 OBC recording, I’m like 80% sure that Mark says it. 

In the movie soundtrack, Mark says it. 

In the deleted scene, we just get a “I’ll call” from Roger. 

In the 2008 final show, Roger says it.

In the final script, it says it’s Roger’s line.

So like 

That throws me off. 

Deleted Scenes from Skin Deep Script + Picture References

(Again, this is taking sections from sgtmac7′s pdf of the Skin Deep script. Taking note of the parts that were not included in the episode, but according to the audio commentary, were likely filmed. As none of these scenes have been released, I’m simply trying to supply some picture references to make them more easily to visualize.)

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braveten  asked:

for the record: the radio show au cleared my skin, watered my crops, restored order to the world i loved every line of it


im glad that a lot of people liked it!! but it took me so many rewrites because i started it without figuring out how to end it OTL. I’m sure that i’ll mellow out about the fic in the future and appreciate it more but right now I’m still all mehhhhhhh about it. maybe i’ll post the ‘missing ending’ along with other deleted scenes from fics once i reach a milestone or something

What I NEED are the Suicide Squad deleted scenes. Like I don’t give 14 shits about Leto’s joker, but omg Katana??? Who’s entire motivation came from one flashback and like 3 lines of dialogue?? I wanna see the damn scene were her eyes  go black and she actually does something with those souls she’s holdin onto.

Also, I need that scene of Diablo ordering water at the bar

Top 10 Deleted/Changed Bits from the OB ep 1 Script

While searching up something for a fic I was working on I came across a pdf of Orphan Black’s pilot script. It didn’t take long to realize that there had been quite a few minor changes between paper and screen. These are some of my favourites. 

I guess this line got cut because they decided it would be too much of a spoiler…

In a cut scene where everyone’s scattering Sarah’s (Beth’s) ashes into the lake Vic just decides to wade right in and start throwing them in circles. 

Sarah is not impressed by Beth and Paul’s fashion sense. So decides this is the perfect insult to mutter while searching through their closets. 

Ok, this one is more serious and made me go off on a brain tangent thinking about how Sarah never cried growing up and it was all quite sad until I began to count the number of times she cries during the show. 

The original clone club initiation. Petition to make familyless a word! 

The Beth/Paul scene that ended up getting replaced by the marathon training one. 

Probably the most accurate description of Kira ever. Also, Kira is 9 for some reason. 


(Cosima was ‘the doctor’ instead of ‘the scientist’) 

Call back to the ‘you’re breaking my heart’ scene. Also Beth attitude. 


I’m just gonna leave this here. Yep, I met Garrick Hagon, aka Biggs Darklighter today! He was SO NICE. He even quoted his last line in the deleted scene that photo is from in my autograph!! My friend literally had to push me to his table because I was getting really nervous.