that line applies to everything


“That would take time, Lady Montilyet, time during which the House of Repose will be obliged to hunt you.”

This is one of my absolute favorite Josie moments in Inquisition. The way you can see the pieces clicking into place in her head, and the entire mood of the scene changes in an instand, and now she’s in control. She has him figured out, and she knows it.

Josephine is such a badass I love her. <3

Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Taeyong
  • yo fam
  • oh boy, this is going to be so cute
  • taeyong is like the softest and fluffiest person alive so this is going to be lit
  • shall we i let’s start right away??
  • yes.
  • okay so~~
  • you guys were back home after you picked him up from a schedule he had that day
  • it’s really early rn tbh, i woke up at 7 just to write for y’all
  • “where do i take you?”
  • “to your house”
  • “??? you don’t have any other schedule today?”
  • “i don’t~~ i wanted to take you out for breakfast but i need to shower first, donghyuck didn’t let me”
  • but you didn’t complain because:
  • 1. you were sleepy
  • and you were really hungry so ;^))
  • so you would have time to choose an outfit and maybe even do your makeup while taeyong was showering and changing right
  • well, nope
  • when ty got out of the bathroom already changed and you were just starting to apply makeup in your face
  • and out of the blue he’s like
  • “can i..?”
  • and you didn’t understand at first like what you can what
  • and then you saw the product on your hand and you had to think about it for like ten minutes before agreeing
  • and taeyong spent those ten mins only whine at you cutely
  • “fine,,, but,,, don’t fuck up to much,,,,”
  • “i’m a pro in this, y/n! i have my makeup done everyday too”
  • he sat beside you and started laughing bc of how nervous he was??
  • and tbh he spent the whole time giggling cutely and doing weird sounds as he was doing your makeup
  • he’s a weirdo after all :’^)
  • you helped him in big part of the process btw
  • but it was mostly when he had problems choosing the products or when he wasn’t blending enough
  • but, overall this guy did great
  • the base was great, he may fuck up your eyesbrows a lil but it wasn’t terrible
  • and the eyes, oh god, he spent so much time doing your eyes
  • he’s really perfectionist so he would want to correct everything every two seconds and try do it as symmetrical as possible
  • that’s why he fucked up your eyebrows so much, lol
  • “eyebrows are sisters no twins, bby”
  • “y/n, they look like they never met before”
  • jesus christ fghjklñ
  • for the yes he actually tried to copy a makeup look based of a photo he found on the internet
  • he was like this colours are natural and it seems pretty simple, how hard can this be
  • wELL
  • this boy was clearly terrible at blending properly and wasn’t aware of how hard this shit actually is
  • so you probably had to do one of your eyes and teach him step by step so he could do the other one
  • so most of the time he was just cutely watching you and listening to you so carefully aw he’s adorable
  • he followed all your tips and made the same things than you but it still was really terribñe
  • he probably got really frustrated and let you do the other eye too, lmao
  • “okay, lips”
  • “*deep sigh*”
  • “this can’t bee too difficult, right?”
  • he lined your lips really fucking slowly
  • like, this guy is really weak for cute lips and especially if they were yours so he was trying to contain himself
  • but he couldn’t, lol
  • he applied your lipstick really well, following the lines he did before and everything,,
  • but as soon as he finished he already had his lips over yours and was kissing you sweetly
  • he probably had to re-do it bc he literally had more makeup in his lips than you
  • “i think you’re done, princess”
  • “gorgeous”
  • “i did a terrible job but somehow you still look stunning”
  • he showered you in compliments the whole day
  • and his idea was spending the rest of the day w you but hE HAD TO SHOW IT TO THE MEMBERS
  • but they probably started to flirt w you and he got jealous, lol
  • anyways, the end bbies
  • this wasn’t too trashy??? woa i should wake up early more often

So I was chatting with @renach4n​​ and unearthed something very fascinating about Yuuri and Victor’s dynamic. This one line here applies to absolutely everything they have ever said to each other. EVERYTHING. And even more so than you might think. Let’s take a look.

Pre-post edit: RIP me, I got that won’t-allow-you-to-save tumblr bug right when I was about to click post and lost a massive chunk of this when I attempted to back it up, so I apologize if some sections (namely the airport and proposal scenes) seem lacklustre. Their re-write was mostly fuelled on salty tears. Hopefully I still got my point across well enough!

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I have the headcanon that when young Dalish are ready to get their vallaslin some of them additionally decide to shave their heads.

It is mentioned that when a clanmember comes of age they purify their skin and body in preparation for the ritual, in addition to meditation and praying to the gods. Somehow I can picture quite well that some might also get rid of their hair, as another symbol for this new beginning this whole process means.

For some tattoos I am certain that it is at least necessary to shave off their eyebrows for the tattooing session, otherwise it would be impossible for the keeper to apply those fine lines properly and make everything look even.

I hate everything about you.

Edward Elric/Envy

“I hate everything about you.”

This line couldn’t apply to the two more than ever. Edward Elric and Envy. The two were together, romantically, but they did still hated each other; nobody would ever know that though not with how the two acted. Even though Envy was the enemy, Ed still felt for the homunculi and same goes for Envy.

It all started when the two were in another one of their fights. Envy said something about Ed’s height, which set Edward off as usual. Envy always knew he was attracted to Edward, ever since he met him, and teasing him was Envy’s secret way of flirting a secret Envy thought would always be his own. One day, however, Envy’s little secret became known. Lust was very good at figuring people out, people like Envy, too. Though, Lust was not so good at keeping those secrets.

During a mission, the two ran into the Elric brothers, and Lust let it slip. The rest was history. After a few months Edward and Envy actually became ‘a thing’, so people would like to call it. Envy always thought humans were stupid for always having a word for everything, but he went along with it, under protest.

And now, here is where the story really starts.


Hate is a strong word, but it fit perfectly for the two lovers. The words hate and lovers contradict each other but it was their relationship. The lovers would always smile when with each other in public. Always seemed happy, and people were happy for them, even as weird as it was. When the two were alone was a different story.

Yes, the two were happy with each other, but they were also unhappy. They would fight, and not just little bickering fight. No, punches would be thrown, mean words would be said, meaner than usual, sometimes it would end with Envy leaving for a few days. Whenever he did come back (and he always did) they wouldn’t talk. No apologies were ever spoken, but they went on.

One morning ,however, was different. Edward, as per usual, cuddled up to a sleeping Envy but Edward laid there staring at Envy. Wearing his usual boxers and a black tank top, the blond sat up in bed. While he sat there staring at his lover, he crawled over on top of the other, his legs next to Envy’s sides. He brought up his hands and cupped the homunculi’s face. Leaning in, he kissed Envy very lightly, letting his hands travel down to Envy’s throat and wrapped his hands around it, not putting any pressure.

A tear ran down his face, landing on Envy’s face. Then a second one and at the third. Waking up, blinking his eyes at first, Envy brought his hands up to find Ed’s arms his hands traveled down to his hands.

“You can’t kill me like that, pipsqueak.” Envy looked into Ed’s tear filled eyes.

“I-I know.” Ed said through a sob, “I hate you, Envy. I hate everything about you. You’re a horrible person and I hate you.”

Envy just laid still not fazed by Ed’s words. Envy had already told Ed he hated him before in one of their not-so-little fights. Ed applied pressure to his grip around Envy’s neck. The raven did nothing to stop him; like he said Ed couldn’t actually kill him like that.

More tears fell from Ed’s eyes as he said his next words. “I hate everything about you, but I love you so much.” He applied even more pressure, causing Envy to choke. Still, the other made no move to stop him. Ed repeated the words and let go of Envy’s neck, sitting back as the tears continued to fall.

“I’m sorry, Ed.” The words shocked Ed, golden eyes snapping to Envy, who was able to move into a sitting position, wrapping his arms around his lover. “I love you too.”

Special thanks to jean-huh-kirschnickerdoodle

Fic based off of “I hate everything about you” by three days grace