that leg pop though

KatsuDeku Week 2a: Childhood

[here have this fluff while i fiddle with other things ayyy. Before u even say a thing, just know i’m setting this before Katsuki nicknames Izuku “Deku”. There were days before that, clearly, and thus also the setting for this is pre-quirk reveal and sad times.]

There was a sharp knocking at the front door, causing Inko to look up from the mending she was doing to Izuku’s favorite pair of pajamas. He insisted on wearing them around the house as much as possible and thus had, again, worn out the thin little soles and popped a seam on the leg. She didn’t mind the busywork, though, as it eased her mind from needless worry.

Setting down her stitching, Inko stood. She brushed herself off absently and walked over to the door. Peering out the peephole, she didn’t see any- Oh wait.

A small blonde head popped up, just barely in sight of the view port. Listening, she could hear the soft thump-thump of tiny feet jump and down on the mat in front of her door. Inko sighed and shook her head, opening the door with a fond smile. “Hello, Kacchan. How are you?”

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[[ On this episode of “Chicken Mun is Completely Defective” ….

So I was sitting cross-legged on my bed, the same way I’ve preferred to sit for Maximum Comfort™ for about as long as I’ve been able to sit upright by myself. No big, right? Well, it was starting to get dark out which means I had to go lock up the chickens for the night. So I got up, which started out as usual, until I tried to put my right foot down on the ground. Then heLLO SUDDEN COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED PAIN. And I don’t mean regular, ‘foot went to sleep’ discomfort, I mean an intense, sharp stabbing pain in the part of the leg that’s right under the knee. The pain was so bad my leg actually tried to collapse on me. For about 10-15 minutes I couldn’t walk or stand or just generally put any weight on that leg. I honest to god though I cracked or popped a bone in there just by sitting, somehow.

The pain is gone now, though that leg still feels a little weak. I’m mildly paranoid now. Like, okay look, my poor right kneecap has been smacked and banged against so many hard and pointy surfaces over the years, I’m surprised I don’t have MORE problems with it. And sometimes the knee itself does hurt when I bend it. But what happened tonight has literally never happened before, never that amount of pain or in that particular spot. I already have an old lady back(Due to pinching a nerve several times. Which is a whole knew level of crippling pain I won’t get into), I don’t want an old lady LEG too. =A=; ]]




Hermione doesn’t usually watch muggle movies but there’s this one film that became her instant favorite while she was on her summer break and “finally” decided to get out of her room, sit on the couch and have a movie night with her parents.
The movie’s title is the princess diaries. It’s all about a not so confident girl that’s living a simple life, hidden behind her braces, glasses and bushy hair but later on, changed into a beautiful strong lady when it was discovered that she was a royalty. Kinda like an ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful swan and she loved that story. It held a special place in her heart. Sometimes when she’s in the library, she’d find herself day dreaming about it. She wished she was as lucky as Mia Thermopolis. Even in the love department the princess was lucky too. That leg pop though. That leg pop when the girl’s lover kissed her for the first time she wondered if that was true.

“You know, in the old movies whenever a girl would get seriously kissed, her foot would just kind of… pop.”

But she didn’t let the thoughts linger. After all, she has to finish writing the essay that’s waiting for her.

Fleur Delacour saw Hermione Granger. Even when everybody sees her as an ugly duckling, including herself, the blonde saw her as a beautiful swan ever since they met. That explains the stares cast her way when Fleur thought she wasn’t looking. At first she thought that the blue eyed girl was scrutinizing her not because of admiration but of disgust. She’s nowhere near pretty. Her nose is always stuck in a book. Her hair is too frizzy. Nobody takes interest in her but she can’t help but wonder why. Why there’s a red tint in the French girl’s cheeks every time she meets her eyes. Why the veela’s always in the library pretending to be interested in the tome she’s reading though she didn’t even turn a page since she opened it. The blonde likes her. She sees her. The real her. Behind that uninteresting and unsightly individual that people around her branded her to be. She know that now coz when the veela pulled her close and kissed her for the first time, catching her off guard, she felt her leg pop. Just like in that movie. Oui, it was true. Fleur Delacour just proved it to her and Merlin, that kiss was serious. The blonde was definitely serious in getting her message across and when they met each other’s gaze, this time the veela uttered, “Hey, I see you.”