that left hand makes me so angry

Things that have happened so far today at work

• Got a call from my manager asking to switch shifts, so I now work from 10-4 tomorrow
• Came in to find out 2 of our 3 managers are leaving the store.
• Co-worker came up to me, handed me the rug magnet, and said “a customer wants a rug” with a shit eating grin.
• Subsequently, I got a little angry bc that’s not even my section tonight, and I hate having to be the one girl in charge of rugs bc apparently being fat makes me strongest.
• So I taught the other girl how do to rugs, and she was a little pissy with me for a little bit.
• Now they just called me to rugs while I’m on my break lolololol

You Don’t Know Jack (5/?)

Parts One Two Three Four 

By request, another short installment of inebriated Fenton angst. -Hj


Jack sighed and dropped his head into his hands. “Please, son.”

“No,” Danny shook his head, which felt heavy and queasy and not quite on right. “No, no, no, you don’t sit there and call me son, Dad. You know.

“What does he know Danny?” Mom asked softly. She didn’t look angry anymore. She looked frightened.

“Tell her,” Danny insisted. The world kept slipping off to the left, so he leaned hard to the right, gripping the table to keep from sliding off his chair. “Was it fun, huh?! Was it fun watching me s-struggle and fight and try making things work when I didn’t even know what had happened to me?!” 

The words came easily now, pouring out in a burning rush. “Did you get all kinds of data? Were you just going to keep letting me think that some part of me was normal? That I might still be human? Or were you gonna finish me off, whenever I got too…too…” the word wouldn’t form and he waved his arm around instead. Splatters of melted snow dripped off his sleeve.

“Kiddo, I…” Jack heaved a sigh and put his hands on the table. He turned them palms-up, staring at them. “I didn’t know how to say it.”

Coward, Danny thought. He stood up, dragging his chair back so the legs screeched against the tile, planting his own hands on the table and leaning forward. He felt the heat of his own eyes glowing. “Say it now.”

Jack looked up, eyes haggard. “You’re dead.”

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I swear Kylo made heart eyes at Rey every time he looked at her, even after she handed him his ass. I mean, when that chasm opened up he stared wide-eyed across the divide like she was made of pure starlight. He wasn’t angry, he was super impressed and even a little awestruck.

So… Give me one sided Reylo. Give me Kylo pining after her but never making a move on her because he respects her too much. Let his resolve to stick to the Dark Side weaken a little more every time they meet until he has nothing left, and yet he never breathes a word to her because he believes she deserves so much better than someone like him. Then he takes a proverbial bullet for her and dies happy knowing she’ll set things right. Because Rey’s his everything, unconditionally. Forever. And she never even knows.

I’m begging you, please, for the love of all that’s holy, somebody write this.

I Wish We Were

Requested Isaac imagine ♡

Hi! I was wondering if I could request an Isaac imagine? Where he would be really protective over the reader and he’s all flirty and stuff with her. But they’re still friends and Isaac just kissed her randomly one day? I hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance! ((:

Reminder: requests are open so hit me up! haha


You stared at the loft door with angry eyes as your left hand was handcuffed to the vent across the room.

The pack had found where another pack was and decided to go investigate.  However, just as you were about to leave with the pack, Isaac swiftly handcuffed your wrist to the vent preventing you from joining.  When you questioned him, he responded by saying “Sorry love.  We can’t risk you getting hurt can we?” Then he winked and left with the rest of the pack.

The two of you weren’t dating but a part of you wished you were.

So there you were, waiting for everyone to come back to the loft when finally the door was pushed open and the pack walked in.  “Well it’s about damn time!” You yelled, mostly at Isaac considering he had the keys to the handcuffs.

He walked over to you with guilty eyes and started to free you from the vent.  That’s when you noticed the wounds on his face that weren’t there before.  Your eyes softened as you spoke with a soft voice. “What happened?”

“There was a small fight but … I’m ok.” He looked up at you and smiled softly.  “Better me than you.”

“What do you mean?” You raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t want you getting any scratches on that beautiful face of yours.” He smirked and you smiled, trying to hid the blush that crept up on your face.

“Isaac.” You groaned making him laugh.  “Help me up.” You held your hands out for him to grab.

“What if I don’t?” He questioned, a small smirk still present on his features.

“I will hate you forever.” You couldn’t help but smile at your lame attempt of a threat.

“I’m not even gonna risk it.” He muttered before helping you up from the ground.  After you were on your feet you playfully shoved him aside.  You both laughed as you made your way to the rest of the pack to discuss the night’s events.

The next day you were sat next to your best friend Lydia in chemistry, doing an experiment that you didn’t understand at all. So Lydia did all the work while you wrote down what she told you to.

“So how’s Isaac?” Lydia asked as she poured some unknown liquid into a beaker.

“Good.” You said, not looking up from your paper.  Lydia laughed and shook her head slightly at you.

“You’re so pathetic.” She teased making you look up at her and laugh before returning to your work.

Scott and Stiles, who sat in front of you, turned around in their seats to talk to you and Lydia.

“You do know he’s in this class right?” Stiles asked, cautiously.

“Thanks for reminding us?” Lydia said, confused on the random fact from Stiles.

“And he’s a werewolf?” Scott asked in the same tone as Stiles.

“Thanks for the reminder Scott.” You said as you wrote more of the experiment’s results on the paper.

Stiles sighed.  “That means he can hear everything we are saying right now.”

You finally looked up at the boys and said, “That’s not a problem.  We weren’t saying anything that I don’t want him to hear.”

The two boys looked at each other then at Isaac across the room.  He was looking at the four of you, chuckling slightly.  Just to tease him, you smiled and waved at him before blowing him a kiss.

He laughed and pretended to catch it then placing it on his cheek.  You giggled and continued to make faces at Isaac from across the room.  He returned the faces until you both noticed your teacher looking at you both.  You and Isaac went back to doing your work, trying not to laugh.

“Miss (Y/L/N).” Your teacher spoke.

“Yes Sir?” You asked, not looking up from your work.

“I understand you and your boyfriend, Mr. Lahey-” He started.


You interrupted him, looking up at your teacher then at Isaac who was trying to control his laughter but failing.

“We aren’t dating.” Isaac clarified.  “I wish we were but we aren’t” He smirked.

You rolled your eyes playfully and continued your work as your teacher scolded you both for not working.

Later that night you sat on your bed, doing homework while music played softly from your phone.

You sighed as you started your math pages while quietly singing along to your music.  Everything was peaceful until your bedroom door opened, revealing a disheveled Isaac.

You looked up from your work as you spoke. “Isaac?” He started walking towards your bed.  “What are you-” He cut you off by kissing you forcefully.  He cupped your cheek with his hand as he made the kiss much softer.  It didn’t take long for you to kiss back, putting your hands in his hair.

You pulled back after a while and both of you had large smiles on your face.  “Thank you.  See you tomorrow.” Isaac said, walking towards the door.

“Lahey!” You said making him stop and turn around at you.  “You aren’t leaving.”  

Isaac’s smile got bigger if that was even possible.  He walked back to you and kneeled in front of you.  “You aren’t mad?”

“Does it look like I’m mad?” You asked.  He looked up and shook his head slightly.  

“Exactly.” You whispered before pulling him into another kiss.

When you pulled away you smiled and said, “I actually kind of liked it.” You winked.

Isaac laughed.  “Good because I will be doing it more often.”