that laughter is so forced

Recently Viewed - Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

My brother and I started watching Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return today. Digging it so far. The host segments haven’t quite clicked for me yet (mostly because they’re harder to justify, what with Netflix’s lack of commercial breaks), but the riffing—which was always the real meat of the show, as far as I was concerned—has kept us in constant hysterics, despite a few rushed deliveries and clumsy punchlines. Considering it took the original cast years to discover the perfect rhythm, I’m willing to cut the new guys some slack. And when the bots find the perfect running gag or drop a reference so obscure even I have to force laughter to save face, it’s just like old times, and those minor flaws seem a lot less important.

It’s just a show. I should really just relax.

watching a colbert video is such a strange experience because usually a laugh track is there to make you think its funny because other people do but the audience’s laughter to such mediocre jokes is so ridiculously overblown and forced that it makes you feel even more disconnected from it and the laughter actually makes it even less funny

today is a good day to have a good day
tell that to my bones, too heavy for me to bear their weight, keeping me laying in my bed, the exhaustion of living too much for me this morning, and i know i got a full night of sleep last night but i can’t stand to keep my eyes open for a second, the world is too bright, too much for me, so how am i supposed to have a good day when i don’t feel good? i know i’m not sick but i don’t feel well enough for fake smiles and force laughter so nobody asks what’s wrong, as if i know, but maybe - no, definitely tomorrow, tomorrow i will be better, tomorrow i will be well rested, tomorrow will be a good day to have a good day. 

you are responsible for the energy you bring into this space
but my energy is that of a dementor, sucking the life and joy out of everything, everyone, everywhere it goes, dementors are among the foulest creatures and surely that means i am no better than a soul sucking obsidian mass of nothing, and if that is the energy i bring into the spaces i enter then maybe it is best if i just stay home, that way i cannot hurt anyone except for myself. 

think positive! be positive!
i am positive that i want to cease existing for a day or two, i am positive that i am a shell of my former self, i am positive that i am rotting from the inside, i am positive that i’m trying my best, just because i can’t look on the bright side or blind myself with silver linings doesn’t mean i’m not trying but i’m positive that no one believes that i’m doing my best each and every day, i’m positive that surviving is the hardest thing i’ve ever done and i’m positive that no one else sees it that way.

—  why bullshit positivity quotes don’t actually help someone with a mental illness.
(cc, 2016)
The Quietest Are Always The Craziest

Character: Taeyeon (SNSD)
Word count: 1428
Summary: Taeyeon asks the girls for a favour: “Will you try and find out if (Y/N) likes me?” | #fluff

Originally posted by x3pinkerwindbeutelx3

“Hey, girls?”

“Yes, unnie?”

“Can I ask you for a favour?”

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Attack on Titan Junior High - Good for you, Nile!

Thank you for kind anon who contributed to this AoTJH raws! Here is quick translation of what happened in the story

Characters: Nile, Erwin, Frieda, Isle, Pixis, Hannes, Zackley and Marie

Nile look so happy and Frieda (she is teacher here) asked him what the occasion is. Apparently his wife is pregnant with 3rd kid. Frieda is so happy about it and she gave him wild flower as present (which equal to free present)

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AN: This request is adorable, I love it. Thank you anon for sending it in, I really hope you like it! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: a Bucky X reader where the Bucky & the reader were once together but for some reason broke up, little did the reader know she was pregnant with his child. she told him, and they still stayed separated but he always came to visit and talk to the tummy and sent money to help out. and because he was always around her they eventually fall in love all over again.

Warnings: Pregnancy, mentions of sex (no smut)


“One More Chance”

He is here, Miss. Y/L/N.”

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I’ll Make You Love Me Pt. 7



You wake up the next morning with a strange weight pressed against your chest. Your sleepy mind panics and you shove the oppression away as your eyes open, your heart leaping in your throat when you hear a startled grunt.

“ow!” sans cries out as he falls onto the ground, “what was that for?!” He rubs his skull and glances around before glaring up at you, “there’s nicer ways to wake someone up, ya know.”

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Light- Harry Styles imagine

Pairing: Y/N and Harry.

Summary: Y/N struggles with major depression and tries to hide it from Harry.

Warning: This might be triggering for some and I just want all of you who is dealing with depression or any sort of trouble to know that you are not alone. And my inbox is always open. I’ll be or at least try to be your light when no one else will. Stay strong! I love you very much!  ♡ ♡ ♡

Word count:


Depression;  feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

Which is the book definition for the aching feeling eating a way the little bit of happiness she stored away for a rainy day. But everyone’s depression is too different from each other to be stereotyped.

And Y/N would be the one to know this. After doing so much research on this terrible feeling she just cant seem to shake she realized there was so much more to what she was feeling.

At first it came very rarely. Like when she flunked an exam for college and couldn’t help but eat a carton of ice cream and cuddle against the person she loves the most. Or when she reads a hate tweet made about her that’s not as bad as some but still stings. And she marked it as normal cause at first it was. 

But then it came more often. Like when it rained and all she could was watch the little drops of free water run down her window as little bits of hope seeped out of her body. Or when thoughts of Harry leaving back for tour in two years popped in her head at the most random moments and all she felt was burning in her eyes and stiffness in her throat. And she knows it’s selfish to be thinking about that because so many of the people who need him have to go without for two years  

But she can’t stop thinking about the moments someone has or will leave her all over again. And once again she marked it as normal.

As time went on and that feeling drifted away from the thoughts of him leaving and sailed into the deep dark thoughts of hate she realized…this wasn’t going to be normal for very long. It hit her hard one night as she was curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and fuzzy blanket to make up for the lost of warmth from Harry’s body, who was out partying with the boys, and her favorite show play reruns when her phone buzzed against the soft cushions. 

She thought it was just another text from Harry telling her how much he couldn’t wait and get home so he could kiss all over that “prefect lil body of yours baby.” and the often “ ‘m so ready to get my hands on you” but had her hopes vanished when she saw it was a once fan of her tagging her in a hate post. Which led her into a night of getting lost into the hate pool of twitter and that feeling growing more than she thought it could. 

Hours upon hours later she was still sat on the couch, buried deep into her phone as her shaky fingers kept scrolling and her self esteem being ripped away with every blink of an eye. She couldn’t tear her eyes away. Couldn’t stop staring at all the things people hated about her. Things she never knew were worth hating on.

Like the way she says things. Or the shape of her eyes. The way her hair parts. Or sometimes doesn’t part at all. Her corny dance moves that always seems to make someone laugh in the end. Things that she’s always been told that people loved. Things that she loved…that were now turning into things she hated. 

The stupid way her words sound and sometimes slur together. The awkward and big way her eyes are. The disgusting way her hair just can’t do what it’s supposed to do and be perfect like all the models they say are better for Harry. Her ridiculous dance moves that probably embarrass Harry or other people. 

“I’m…disgusting.” She muttered and tossed her phone away from her. She couldn’t stop the words from spilling out of her mouth or the feeling of her heart snapping. All she could do was stare down at her bare thighs that seemed to look more horrible the more she stared at him. “I’m…ugly.” Her voice cracked into a soft sob as she traced a scare made from god knows what and bit her lip in anger. “Why can’t I be perfect?” She cried.

And it finally came fully. That aching and almost mind exploding feeling of nothingness. Except it wasn’t nothingness at all. It was everything and anything bad wrapped up into all one storm in her head. And not even the best weather man could predict when it would end. Or if it even would…

The night carried on with more hateful things slipping from her mouth and acid like tears slipping from her now dull eyes. “Why am I m-” Her sob was cut off by the lock turning from the door and the familiar drunk humming coming from behind it. She quickly wiped at her eyes, trying to get rid of any evidence that she was crying, and forced a small smile on her face when his drunk figure stumbled through the door.

He let out a few light giggles as he shut the door and toed off his boots, hair falling in his eyes. Her eyes watched him intently, waiting to feel that heart stopping happiness she always gets when he’s around, but was left with one little butterfly fluttering around in her empty stomach. His vibrant green eyes landed on hers and lit up with a mixture of childlike happiness and bone chilling lust.

“Baby!” He exclaimed, the little phrase of affection coming out slurred and rushed. “ ‘m so happy to see you.” He giggled, stumbling his way over to her and dropping down to his knees. His hands rested on her thighs that she just spent hours hating on and it took everything she had not to flinch away.

“I’m-I’m happy to see you too, Haz.” Y/N stuttered out, trying her hardest not to shove him away, She suddenly didn’t feel worthy to be touched by him especially in the way he was planning too. She bit her lip in discomfort as he kissed each of her thighs gently, humming softly against them. Something that usually had her floating in a land of bliss by now. 

“So beautiful, baby girl.” He mumbled against her skin, using his hand to gently press her stomach so she would fall back on the couch, before kissing his way up her stomach but stopped to suck gently on multiple spots.

She closed her eyes as tears began to form, her ears only hearing lies from his mouth. She wanted to hide away as he continued to kiss along her stomach. A place that over the last few nights has seemed to become uglier and uglier every time she sees it. “Stop lying to me.” She whispered ever so gently but the little sound picked up in Harry’s ear and forced him to stop his actions.

His darken eyes glanced up from his place at her stomach, lips brushing over the sensitive skin as he watches her eyes flutter against her cheeks and lips struggling not to fall into a frown. But the things that bothers him the most is the small glistening tear that managed to escape down her cheek.

“Baby…” He cooed and gently cupped her chin to tilt her head down towards him. Her eyes slowly opened and glanced down at him with a glossy shine. “What’s wrong?” He whispered quietly and she glanced away, blinking her eyes a few times. He watched quietly knowing that the best thing he could do for her right is just wait for her to open up.

“I’m…” Y/N trailed off and bit her trembling lip before closing her eyes. Her mind filled with all the hate she read which made it harder to compose herself and she felt like at any moment she would explode. But she couldn’t ruin his night. She couldn’t turn into the thing that constantly brings him down. So she sucked it up and took a deep breath before finally glancing down at his concern filled eyes. “I’m okay, love.” She whispered, gently brushing her fingers against his cheek and smiled softly once he leaned into it.

He turned to kiss the tips of her fingers before glancing back up at her. “Are you sure, baby?” He asked in a soft tone, watching her for any sign of sadness but was only met with a loving smile and small nod. There was a light that seemed to be slowly flickering away in her eyes but in his drunken state he thought it best to leave the matter alone. “You are so beautiful, Y/N.” He mumbled softly and leaned up to press a passionate kiss onto her lips.

But what he didn’t see before was that her lips fell into a trembling frown right as the words slipped from his mouth. Only to be hid away by a night filled of passion and sadness when it all ended. 

Weeks past by quickly after that and Y/N only seemed to be falling farther and farther into that feeling. Most days she curled up under the cover with only the wetness of her eyes to keep her company as Harry went on with his day. Part of her hated him for being gone so much. Like he didn’t even notice that she was slowly dying inside.

But he didn’t notice. How could he when she’s done such a great job hiding away the fact that she hated living more than she hated herself? With constant fake smiles and laughter. Forced light in her eyes and so many nights sneaking away to the bathroom so she wouldn’t break in front of him. 

And it was growing tiring living her days like she wasn’t broken. She was tired of putting on smiles for him and the rest of the world. She just wanted it to be over at this point. Just for everything to end. 

Today was no different from the others. Harry was out shopping or getting brunch with his friends while Y/N sat at the edge of their shared bed with a shining, sharp and almost soothing piece of metal in her fingers. Her eyes were blood shot and fixated on the little shard that could end everything with just one little cut. 

Y/N never thought she would get to this point. To the moment where all she could do was stare the razor in her fingers and mumble. “End it.” Over and over again as tears poured from her eyes. She didn’t think that she would get to the point where when she thought of leaving Harry…the lover her life…behind when it was all said and done that the only thing she could picture was him living happily without her bringing him down. “I’m burden to him. I’m a burden to everyone. Just end it.” 

She let out a shaky breath and slowly brought the razor to her right wrist, holding it over the artery that could make the whole world fade away.Her hands shook and her eyes burned as she pressed it slightly against her skin, not putting pressure to it. 

Her eyes cut over to the picture of her and Harry sitting on their dresser. Noticing the real smile plastered on her face and the light in her eyes. The fullness of her skin. The girl that would have never even had the slightest thought of doing what she was planning to do. And then she took note of Harry. Who was staring down at her like she was his whole world. Like the girl in the picture was the only thing that would ever make him smile the way he did.

And she was. “But I’m not her anymore.” She cried softly and looked back down razor pressing into her skin. “And I’ll never will be.” She closed her eyes and turned her head up towards the ceiling before counting down in her head. “1…2…”

Three never came because suddenly a voice broke through her barrier and the razor was slapped out of her hands. “Y/N!” Harry’s voice boomed in her ears and her head snapped down to find him staring up at her from the floor.Their eyes locked and her whole world was on displayed for him. His eyes filled with confusion, worry but mainly just sadness. 

Y/N cut her eyes away from him and down at the razor lying a few feet away from them. Tears began to fall as her body shook with sobs waiting to break through. Harry watched in utter heartbreak as he saw the girl who always never seem to fail and make him smile was breaking in front of him. 

“I-” She broke off with body raking sob and fell into Harry’s waiting arms. He held her tightly against him, his own tears falling as she sobbed into his chest the sound nearly making him break as well.

“Baby.” Harry whispered so gently she felt sick. She cried harder at his voice and slipped from the bed from the impact of the sobs and into Harry’s lap. He kept her in his arms for the whole thing, mind replaying what he just witnessed. Heart feeling with that horrible wave of terror when he saw her seconds away from ending everything. He let out a soft sob into her hair and gripped her tighter. “Baby, why?”

“I don’t want to feel this way anymore, Harry.” She wailed into his chest. “I don’t want to constantly feeling like I’m…like I’m nothing.” Her voice cracked at the end and so did Harry’s heart. “I don’t want to be a burden anymore.” 

Harry let out a shaky breath and closed his eyes as pain washed over him. He felt as he failed. Failed at being the one person to always make her feel loved and wanted. Made her feel exactly how she should feel. His everything. And watching her now. Watching her minutes ago with a razor pressed to her wrist. Hearing her words. Her sobs. Her hope nowhere to be found. He couldn’t help but feel like he had failed her. 

“Y/N, I am so sorry.” He whimpered into her hair. “Fuck, I’m so so sorry baby.” She clutched the back of his shirt and pushed herself closer. “Darling, why didn’t you say something? Why didn’t tell me that you were hurting?” He asked softly and lifted her head with his finger. Their watery eyes locked and more tears began to fall from both as the heartbreaking tension washed over them.

“I-I didn’t want to be a burden.” She mumbled and glanced away from him. Harry’s little bit of composer shattered at her words and a world crushing sob left him. Y/N’s eyes snapped back at him at the sound and felt her soul break at the sight of him. “Oh baby.” She cried and pulled him into his neck as he continued to sob. “Shh. Harry, it isn’t your fault.” She tried to reassure him but was only met with louder sobs.

He shook his head in her neck and pulled back to cup her face. “Yes it is.” He chocked out. “Because I didn’t show you how absolutely fucking amazing you are.” He stated, eyes never leaving hers. “You don’t get it, Y/N. You are my everything. You are my world. Baby, you’re my light.” He whispered before sealing his words with a kiss. Kissing her like he was just about to lose her and for a second there he thought he was. And he planned to never to have to go through that again. 

Y/N sobbed against his mouth but kissed him back with the same amount of passion, pulling his chest against hers. Harry pulled back, expecting to find a broken frown on her face but was met with the most genuine smile he’s seen from her in a while. 

Y/N had finally heard what she needed to hear. Did it fixed everything with a snap of a finger? Hell no. Not even to begin with. But was it giant step in getting better? We already know the answer to this so why ask. 

She got that little bit of hope back and it was enough to kick off the long journey towards recovery. But she had Harry and to her that was enough to take on the whole world.

“You’re my light too.” She whispered and pressed her lips to his. “You’re my light too.”

Eat your medicine dammit! (Group KBTBB)(Request)

Lol, Idk, I really liked the sound of this title XD (and I decided to just focus on the idea of her not wanting to have her medicine coz the idea made me laugh XD Hope I don’t disappoint you nonnie (>.<”)



Prompt: Can I request a group KBTBB where MC is sick and the bidders all take care of her at the penthouse, and they have to chase her around to get her to take medicine & they have to force her to do things & she whines a lot


“Aaaa—CHOO!” Everyone froze as your sneeze echoed across the room. “________…” Baba started, “…are you sick?” “What?” You looked up from your seat at his question. “No…” All this commotion caused Eisuke to look up at you suspiciously. “You are…aren’t you?” “Pfft, no I’m not! I don’t get sick!” but as you finished your sentence, your body shook violently as you coughed. Soryu put a hand to your forehead and stated. “You’re burning up.” “Wha-that’s impossibl- Ota…what is that…?” You watched as Ota began to approach you with a mysterious bottle and a spoon. “It’s medicine! Now be a good Koro and eat up~” “No! I told you! I don’t need medicine! I’m not ill!” You shivered at the thought of swallowing that bitter, foul-tasting antidote and jumped up from your seat in protest. “Heh. Such a kid you won’t even eat your medicine?” “Come on _________, have the damn medicine or you’ll infect us all!” “No! I won’t!” and with that you ran off, leaving them yelling behind you.

Suddenly, the day turned in to a game of hide and seek as you flew around the different rooms of the penthouse. There were several close calls. Once, when Baba barely caught the tip of your hair. Twice, when Ota just managed to grab onto your sleeve but lost his grip and released you. Three times, when Eisuke had managed to capture you in his arms but you elbowed him in the stomach and as he doubled over in pain, escaped. Four times, when Soryu had managed to block the doorway but you only just slipped past him. You were only defeated when you ran past Mamoru, who had been too lazy to move from his seat and he pulled you onto his lap, capturing you and giving you no way to run. When the others had caught up, all sorts of complaints arose. “Hey, Mamo, I don’t think I like the look of you keeping the pretty lady all to yourself like that…” complained Baba. “Yeah, don’t you think you’re a little too close to my Koro?” added Ota. “Oh shut up already! Just hurry up and give medicine to the kid! She’s not as weak as she looks y’know!” So, after Mamoru shut them up, Eisuke and Soryu held a foot down each, Mamoru and Baba held onto an arm each and Ota pinched your nose as he force fed you the vile medicine. “Bleugh!” You grimaced, “That tasted disgusting!” “Yeah yeah, just hurry up and go to sleep!” Mamoru ordered, “Thanks to you, I’ve used more energy in one day than I have in the last week!” Admitting defeat, you finally settled down. “Fine…I’ll sleep..” Sighing, with shoulders slumped, you walked off to you room to get a good night’s rest.

Bonus: The next morning when you woke up, you were completely healed…but as you went to greet the bidders in the lounge…

“Wh-What happened here?! It looks like some sort of death scene in a war movie!” you gasped, bewildered by the crumpled bodies that lay on the sofa. Coughing, Eisuke looked up in annoyance. “This is all your fault _______! If you had just had the medicine instead of making us chase you around the penthouse then we wouldn’t be at death’s door right now!” Seeing them in such a weak state, you couldn’t help but giggle at the sudden change in power. “You think this is funny kid? Thanks to you, I can’t even go into work today!” His statement was greeted with the entire penthouse bursting into laughter. It was weak, and followed by coughing fits, but it was still laughter. And so, you were forced to spend the rest of the day looking after them, though it felt more like looking after 5 year olds, but that’s another story.


Lol, idek XD hehe, hope you weren’t too disappointed nonnie >.<

Stay Beautiful~


anonymous asked:

what do you think sciles first time would be like?

whoop whoop, this ended up being less ‘first time’ and more ‘realization of mutual interest’ because I fail, hope you like anyways. :3


Scott sprawling across his bed, face down, and groaned against his sheets. “Oh man, I’m exhausted.”

Stiles sat on the bed beside him, resting against the pillows. “Yeah. Who knew being a true alpha in a town that’s a beacon for the supernatural would be so time consuming?”

“Haaa, you’re funny.” Scott turned his face towards Stiles, eyes closed. “I just want to sleep for ten years.”

Stiles tapped his knuckles across his shoulder blades. “Dude, no way, that’ll leave Derek in charge. You’ll wake up and Beacon Hills will be a wasteland. Maybe even the entire state of California.”

“Hey, Derek’s not that bad.” Lips quirking at Stiles’ snort, Scott pressed his face against the bedding. “I really hope nothing else goes wrong for a while. I’m getting tired of having to constantly tell everyone what to do.”

“But you’re so good at it! I can’t lie, Scotty, your alpha-ness is a huge turn on. Kind of makes me want to pin you down and feel all that strength underneath me.”

“Oh?” Scott smiled, playing along. “You should do it sometime and see what happens.” It was quiet for a moment before Scott felt Stiles swing a leg over him, his weight settling over his thighs. Long fingers gripped his wrists and gently pressed them against the bed.

“What’s going to happen?” Stiles asked, his breath hot against the nape of Scott’s neck.

Scott froze for a moment, taking in the weight of Stiles over him before relaxing into it. “To be honest, I’m probably going to fall asleep,” he said sheepishly. He could practically feel Stiles deflate over him but before he could move, Scott hurriedly continued. “But I’m pretty comfortable with you there so maybe you could…stick around? And see what happens when I’m not an exhausted mess?”

Stiles cautiously settled over him, his cheek resting against Scott’s shoulder. “Yeah? You want to rest up so I can make you an exhausted mess all over again?” Despite the brash words, his voice was soft, cautious. “Are you serious?”

“As serious as you are. So If you were joking-”

“No! I mean, I’m not. Joking. This is definitely not a joking situation.”

Scott nodded against the bedding. “Okay. Then stick around and when I wake up, you can make me an exhausted mess all over again.”

Stiles grinned and pressed his lips against Scott’s shoulder. “Dude. Awesome. This is so awesome. Go to sleep, Scotty. I’ll be right here when you wake up. And the exhausted mess I turn you into will be so much better than the one you are now. Trust me. I’ve been doing research.”

“Oh my God.” Scott rocked both of them with the force of his laughter before quieting, working his hands so that his fingers laced with Stiles’. “Okay. Good night, Stiles.” The last thing he felt before he fell asleep was Stiles’ fingers tightening on his and plush lips pressing against his ear.

Slow (Kagehina Fic)

Can also be viewed here.


They’re walking home, and everything is fine.

Kageyama has his hands in his pockets, and Hinata is walking beside him with his bike on his opposite side, knuckles white as they clench the handle bars of the bicycle. Kageyama talks about a new toss he wants to try, and Hinata tries his hardest to listen and pay attention, but all he can focus on is the way Kageyama’s lips move and how his eyes graze over Hinata before he’s scowling.

“Are you even listening?” He snaps, glaring at Hinata. He jumps a bit at Kageyama’s outburst, and quickly changes his focus to the road ahead of them.

Okay, maybe it isn’t fine.

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Daily preferences #180

You were at a party with your friends downtown and by 3 AM one of them asked if some of you were down to get out and wander in the dark yet warm summer nights.

None of you were alcoholized and you were all down to get out and breathe some fresh air.

As you were walking down the streets, laughing and talking pretty loudly, you were getting closer of a supermarket, with some carts tidied on the park lot.

“What if we were doing a cart race on this barely lighted up park lot ?” Taehyung came up with the idea.

“That would be bad.” Your best friend answered, quite anxious of her presence in the group at this precise moment.

“That would be so damn exciting!” you shouted. “Do you have some coins for us to get the carts?”

“Yes I have some.” Jungkook searched for his wallet into his jeans’ pockets. “Who wants to play?” He asked with the coins in his hands.

Five hands rose up, thus he gave two coins to his friends and kept one for him.

Taehyung, Hoseok and himself pushed your friend, Jimin and yourself into the carts and started the race.

The drivers all started to scream so you followed them; cheering up Hoseok who was the one pushing the cart you were in.

“Come on Hoseok, you’re the horse of my life, you gotta make us win tonight!” You burst into laughter and so did the others.

He pushed with all his force, spining around in the corners, making you bump into the other carts when he was struggling to gain distance.

You were rising your hands up, screaming out loud as you watched the stars and felt the fresh air slamming onto your bare skin parts. That was how summer must feel : summer must free yourself from every problems you usually have every day. Summer is made to have fun, to forget everything, to spend good times with your friend. Summer was not made for anything else.

“Guys, there’s a guard with a flashlight speeding up to us!” Namjoon interrupted.

The drivers ran to the rows of carts to tidy the ones they were driving. You all got out of them and ran away while screaming and laughing hysterically.

“That was the best part of the night.” You laughed out of breath.

“I could not agree more.” Taehyung gave you a high five when you were all safe and sound, making up the best memories of your respective youth.

To a fearful religious visitor the Master said, “Why are you so anxious?”
“Lest I fail to attain Salvation.” “And what is Salvation?” “Moksha. Liberation. Freedom.”
The Master roared with laughter and said, “So you are forced to be free? You are bound to be liberated?”
At that minute the visitor relaxed and lost his fear forever.
—  ADM

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Sorry to bother you, but can i suggest a prompt? How about Claire and Owen at their wedding when shes walking down the aisle to them kissing? Vows, tears and all?

an: if by tears you meant my own, I’d say this was a successful prompt

Owen can’t breathe.

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