that latin spice

Jay took a side step to the right, trying to follow Carlos’s directions without having to look at him for reference. “Jay it’s left, not right.” Carlos corrected him.

Jay stopped. When Carlos offered to help him learn some dance moves for all these supposedly unexpected dance numbers he figured that it would be way easier. “This is stupid.” Jay complained turning to Carlos, “Why does this school love breaking out into song so damn often.”

Carlos shrugged, stopping the music. “They just do, we’re trying to blend in remember.”

“They didn’t do this on the Isle” Jay said getting back into position for Carlos to restart the music, “I don’t even dance.”

“They just didn’t do it as much and it didn’t have so much dancing to it” Carlos said coming up next to him, “And what do you call all that not-dancing you did back on it anyways?”

“Very interpretative aggressive movements” Jay said obviously trying not trying very hard to lie well.

Carlos shook his head and laughed, “Whatever, we just need to get this right by the party after the coronation. Now, ready?” Jay nodded. Carlos started up the music.

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What’s your theory about havana mv?

I think that Camila wanted to make it fun and entertaining. One of a kind with the Latin spice to it. 😎👌🏻 I would not put so much meaning on every part of it tho cause there is a music director too. 😂

Fried Quinoa!

This recipe is basically a fried rice sort of deal, substituting quinoa for rice. The add ins I use give a more Latin/Southwestern spice/flavor instead of an Asian one, but. The base recipe for fried quinoa instead of rice can be used with any substitutions you wish, so that bit is up to you. I’ll just tell you which i used.

For the base recipe you’ll need:

  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 eggs
  • olive oil (or any frying cooking oil you please)

My additions:

  • cumin
  • chili powder
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • *Your quinoa will be quite bland unless you spice/sauce it somehow so keep that in mind when making substitutions*
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 2 sausages *obviously can be removed for the vegetarians*
  • 1 cup black beans
  • 1 avocado


1. Cook your quinoa! I cook quinoa in a rice cooker the same way I would rice, with 2 cups water for 1 cup of quinoa

While your quinoa is cooking in the rice cooker:

2. chop your bell pepper

3. drain and rinse your black beans

4. cut your avocado into cubes

Your quinoa should be done by now. 

5. Take a saucepan, line it with olive oil and add the quinoa, pepper, avocado and beans. 

6. Spice to taste

7. Turn on the flame to medium

8. Crack one egg over the mixture and mix it into all your ingredients.

9. Repeat with second egg.

10. When you are content everything is mixed, turn off flame on the saucepan.

11. Get a frying pan and line it with some oil. 

12. If you are adding sausage or some other meat, cook it over the frying pan until it is just about done. (If you are not adding meat, skip to step 13).

13. Heat the oil in the pan for a few seconds, then spoon some of the quinoa mixture onto the frying pan and move the quinoa mixture around with a spatula. The goal here is to get the quinoa as crispy as you would like and to make the egg cook a bit more. If you added meat, this step cooks the meat all the way. 

14. Enjoy!

When I made it, it fed 2 people, but this was all we had for dinner, and we both had seconds. Conceivably if you were a bit more well fed than myself and my partner and/or used this as a side you could stretch this to about four people. You don’t need to make this a side, though, because it has all of the nutrients you need! Mainly a WHOLE BUNCH of protein, as well as some veggies.

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it means that u usually look pretty white u know? without that mexican/latin spice ;)

MEXICANS AND LATINS ARE NOT FUCKING SALSAS OKAY? we don’t have a “spice”, this is far from a compliment…