that last sentence is killing me :'(


aka. the moment Rory wants to say something and Logan’s waiting for her to say it and she just doesn’t

Bonus Theory

So at first glance, you could interpret “Always Watching” as Jack trying to make the pax video, but Anti interrupting and taking over the show.


Recall that moment in “A Date With Markiplier” where a screaming Mark pops out of Darkiplier?

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Mark said in the charity livestream after this, that this scene wasn’t him escaping but rather Dark’s shell breaking for a bit. So what does this have to do with Anti?

With the theory that Jack’s been “dead” since Halloween, Anti’s been running the channel and pretending to be him for about 5 months now!! And with Jack trying to fight back in Detention and Darkiplier taking the spotlight on Valentine’s Day, Anti and his attention-seeking self needed a release.

And considering that Pax was the place where literally SO MANY PEOPLE came for JACK (where maybe Jack could’ve gotten enough energy from everyone to defeat Anti maybe?), the video was a perfect way for Anti to A) be his glitchy self again without blowing his cover, B) stand his ground against Darkiplier, C) divert everyone’s attention from Jack to him with the whole camera thing (while also reigniting the antisepticeye fandom), all while D) making himself stronger, and making Jack’s chances of getting saved even lower than before.

And because of this, it’s probably safe to say that Anti has enough strength to keep Jack down for about another 5-7 months

and we all know the holiday that’ll come up by then…..

INTJ Translation

“Is there any way I can help?” - I probably have the best solution to this problem, the standard equation I use is Logic + Rationality = Answer. Just leave emotions out of it. That means if it does involve emotions, my equation will collapse and my advice should not be recommended. Better find someone else!

“That is so foolish.” - That is stupid, there are so many ways it is flawed. First of all, it cannot work because the two ideas contradict each other. Imagine this abomination put into effect. It doesn’t even make sense at all! Second, it’s stupid. Third, it’s stupid, Fourth, it’s… 

“It’s a waste of time.” - It’s neither useful nor applicable to reality, why should I care? Why should I keep thinking about it? I don’t even want to think about it.

*In response to adulation or highly formal greetings* - Yes, I’m quite flattered. Please don’t overdo it and start worshiping me as a deity, though.

*Participates or begins a long conversation, with excitement and eagerness with the same person many times* - Hmm, I find you interesting. I positively enjoy these type of conversations with an intriguing person. Or, you’re not bad at all. If this friendship continues, I will gladly be persistently loyal, but I do not forgive betrayals so easily. 

“That’s interesting.” - That is awesome, Pure awesomeness. I want to learn more about it and obsess even more and pour out everything I like and know about this fascinating concept—

“L0L OMg th@t iz s0 c00ol and raD!!$ I n33d ths!!! Sav4s my #life!!! IMP0rtat  & 3szenti@l in #life!!” - Please interpret this as sarcastic mockery concerning something that I find so bad it’s hilarious. 

The Hamilton Bootleg

Ah the topic that will divide the fandom…

If you can’t Say No to This and you’re going to watch it, do it. There are plenty of valid reasons to watch it. Just remember two things.
1. Lin doesn’t want you to watch it, and has said so himself. (See @linmanuel)
2. There should be a professional recording coming out in the summer, so if you’re willing to Wait For It, it could all be worth it.