that last sam breaks my heart

I am all here for Blitz and Hearth kissing for the first time in a time of distress (much like Percabeth’s first kiss) but I think this might be my favorite scenario right now:

Magnus and Hearth have to go one way, Samirah and Blitz have to go another. Magnus is having a heart-to-heart with Sam and they say goodbye. Blitz and Hearth are being their usual selves and talking/arguing. Before Blitz leaves though, he takes a long, meaningful look at Hearth and kisses him.

 It lasts for a few seconds and Hearth kisses him back while Magnus watches them, a bit embarrassed by displays of affection but he’s not going to say anything in this situation. 

They break apart and Blitz leaves with Sam. Magnus goes over to Hearth, snaps him out of an apparent daze and signs, I didn’t know you two were together.

Hands shaking a little, Hearth signs back, Neither did I.

My Reaction to the Bad Endings in Seduce Me 2 *WARNING: SPOILERS!!*

James: Accepting Destiny

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(his bad ending was the worse one yet, I’ll explain on a different post later)

Erik: You Hurt Me, Now I’ll Hurt You

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Sam: The Monster is Dead

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(oh no my heart totally didn’t break at this nope)

Matthew: The Last One Standing

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(in all honesty I did not expect this and was too shocked to cry, I started laughing like a mad woman hahahahaha what’s wrong with me-)

Damien: A Demon ‘Til the Day You Die

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Diana: Repent for Your Sins

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Right this is LONG so feel free to scroll right on by……there may be some things….a lot things that others disagree with feel free…..just sharing my thoughts over what’s been happening here the last few days!!

Side Note: I think I chose the worst week to bite the bullet & start a SamCait blog, gotta laugh at myself.

Anyways I’m here for this…..SAMCAIT……Sam and Cait…..Sam…..Cait……that is what 99% of my blog is & will be about, hence my blog name & daily shrine to these peeps.

I’m here for this person:

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Her talent, her beauty, her poise, her intelligence, her generosity, her laugh, her feminism, her voice, her charity endeavours and her unwavering, heart-breaking and empowering portrayal of Claire.

I’m also here for this person: 

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His talent, his commitment, his morals, his big heart, his selflessness, his humour, his kindness, his charity work, his dedication to not only MPC but also the character of Jamie, he is giving and allows Cait to shine at every damn moment.

I’m here for them individually & together………I’m not interested in shipping Tait or Samzie….why?? Not because I’m hating but because I know zero, nada, zilch about these ships, there is nothing to squeal over, there is no loving eyes to one another, there are no adorable selfies, there is no twitter banter, infectious laughing together, inside jokes……they haven’t shown us any of this……and they have every right not to if that’s what they want. If this starts to change & I see more then maybe I’ll change my tune, I’ll come around to the idea but I ain’t going to be shipping it… this point I’m more likely to ship T & MM together….could call them Tauzy or Mony or whatever…..yeah not great with naming ships!! Anyways point being if my ship sinks, then I’m not being rescued by The Tait Ship or The Samzie Ship, I’m swimming my ass to the shore & finding the nearest damn bar.

So I’m really going to try not mentioning T or MM on my blog as much as possible, I’m going to try my best to avoid passing judgement on certain SM activities & i’m going to try avoid waging in on other’s discussions of them on their blogs BUT I’m realistic and I know I can’t avoid either entirely, they will pop up because whether I like it or not they are part of this fandom now…..they affect my ship…..if they are solely there as PR/Starz plants then they affect my ship in hiding the truth…..if they truly are SO’s then they again affect my ship because it’s not the reality I want. 

So we have to expect it, everyone can react differently when she posts a new pic or they are snapped sitting next to each other at a party or someone sees them somewhere, you can laugh, cry, feel sick, snigger, roll your eyes, get angry, snarky, joke about the whole situation, that’s your right to interpret things as you see fit. But remember whatever MM is to Sam, a plant, a cover, a friend, a workout buddy, a romantic interest….she’s SOMETHING to him and she’s SOMEBODY….she has feelings just like the rest of us and hurts just as much and just as often. I know most of what is being said about her, both the good and the bad will go over her head & she’ll never see it, I highly doubt she’s on Tumblr EVERYDAY watching what’s being said about him, her, previous girls, their ‘tactics’ and what she’s taking notes?? But she does see what’s written on her IG & Twitter & its sickening. If a Christmas tree pic can rattle ppl so much…..hell I wouldn’t post a selfie with my new squeeze either!! Sometimes some ppl take it way too personally as if you just caught him cheating on you, he’s living his life, doing good things, and you are a fan of his, why should any of this change that and same goes for Cait & T.

So with all that being said I’m going to try and remain optimistic, I’m going to be open-minded and I’m going to take Sam’s advice as his fan, to try and be the positivity in the world. When he posts about MPC…’s purely that….him doing good once again. As well as that I will applaud MM for having to endure the trolling on her IG….even though if I were in her shoes, I would have disabled commenting back around Bafta time…’s little sacrifices you make while being in the public eye….but she’s an adult she can do what she wants….how I interpreted her latest pic on the ski lift which will be different to how others interpreted…..was as a big ‘F**K YOU’ to all those trolls who were writing nasty things about her and waging some ridiculous war on her posts about Purv, Super Shippers, Shatner & what not….things I’m sure she has no clue about because even if she’s just a friend or she’s more, nasty things were said about her regardless & for no reason IMO.

But like I said at the end of the day I ain’t here for her, over the last 5 months I’ve binged everything in this shipper fandom & feel like I’ve been on such a rollercoaster because I had to cram it all in & find all the missing pieces and figure out who was who & what IFH, WS, MM were all code for!! One thing I do know about what has happened of late is that it can’t erase the what last 3 years of things that have gone on between Sam & Cait, it can’t erase me being a fan of both of them….I’m here for SamCait…..So if all else I ship the f**k out of this friend….ship…..relation….ship….whatever the hell’s going on ship!!!

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  • osnapitzari: what's that noise?
  • Cat Valentine: Oh it's Ariana's fans!
  • osnapitzari: And who are you?
  • Cat Valentine: I'm Cat Valentine! You'll meet me in about a few years after 13!
  • Ariana Grande: Hey! Sorry I'm late! I just got back from my concert at Madison Square Garden!
  • osnapitzari: I performed at Madison Square Garden??
  • Ariana Grande: And acted on Nickelodeon!
  • osnapitzari: So your saying... I made it?
  • Cat Valentine: Mmhmm!
  • osnapitzari: Wow!
  • Ariana Grande: Congratulations Ari :)

Please don’t forget that Dean was desperate for Cas to answer. That he told him to get there as soon as he could because there wasn’t much time. That Dean just wanted to see Cas one last time before he died.  Because you know Dean made the deal and he wouldn’t let Sam be the one to die. And then he willingly got in the backseat and probably held his hand and Cas happily took it because he missed Dean so much.  Then five minutes later Cas realizes Dean intends to die and refuses to let it happen because there is no way he’s losing one of them again.

What breaks my heart the most about this stupid fucking video is that this kid, this poor kid is sitting here terrified for his life and he’s got no idea what’s going on or when he’s gonna take his last breath and he’s still trying to comfort that asshole. He’s crying and screaming “it’s gonna be okay dude, it’s gonna be okay”. How can you want to do something this horrible to that type of person. And then after that he proceeds to beg for his friends life and tell his “shooter” that his dickhead friend is “everything he has”. Why would you do that. How can you be that insensitive to human emotion?

Character Development
  • You know what I find heartbreaking. When you are watching a film/TV series and you look at one of the characters during the first film/episodes compared to the last and they are so broken and all the humour they had has gone. They look so sad and defeated with life and it breaks my heart

The fact that Sam thinks Dean is dead & has no idea that his mom is alive hurts so much. He genuinely thinks he has nobody, which is why the last scene in the premiere was so heartbreaking. Sam looks so small and alone and that just breaks my heart into a million pieces.

What’s That Supposed To Mean? (Steve Rogers x Reader)

sorry for lack of posting, i’ve been given two speaking assessments for german and spanish and my brain has mushed them together to form one super language 


Request; Could u do an imagine about a scene in the Winter Solider? Like the one scene where Steve and Nat r kissing @ the mall to make Rumlow feel uncomfortable but u see Steve and like ur heart breaks a little because u and Steve are ‘flirting’ w/ eachother

Other characters featured; black widow/natasha, brock rumlow/the dick that tried to kill my fave sam 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Word count; 736 

(this was written from memory of what what I remember from TWS, i’ve seen it so many times so hopefully this is sort of correct, and also if you get the how i met your mother reference then ily) 

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‘I’m on the top level, guys.’  You murmured, ducking behind a bench. ‘Three STRIKE’s are on the North part, right outside Target.’

You could see Steve and Natasha on the level below, quickly walking, disguised by clothes they stole from lost property. You were relying on old, dodgy earpieces you found in your jacket pocket. The sound was scratchy, but SHIELD (more likely, HYDRA) were tracking your texts and calls, and you had little means of other communication. Shouting ‘Rogers, STRIKE on your left!’ across a public mall wasn’t generally considered discreet.

‘Think you can escape?’ Steve replied.

‘Are you doubting me, Rogers?’ You scoffed in reply. ‘Gimme five minutes. I’ll meet you by the top of the escalators on the west side. Have you got the memory stick?’

‘Affirmative.’ Natasha replied.

You pulled your hood up and stalked off from the bench, joining a crowd of architecture students from the nearby college. Their professor was pointing out all the different features of the mall, so you feigned an interested look  and pretended to be part of the group.

Rumlow was now circling your area, and you glanced to the side, noticing that his eye were dancing between your group and a picture, presumably one of you, on his phone.

Your breath caught in your throat as he moved closer to the group, and you jumped even more when the students burst out laughing at a cheesy architecure joke, one you didn’t understand, that the professor had just told.

Seeing it as your only option, you burst out into fake laughter. ‘Oh, professor, you’re so funny!’ You pretended to clutch your sides. ‘Oh you crack me up..’ You squinted closer at his name tag. ‘You crack me up, Professor Mosby! Wow!

‘10/10 on subtlety, Y/N.’ Steve muttered through the earpiece.

‘Oh hush, I have to be convincing. Rumlow’s off my back now, anyways, thank you very much.’ You murmured back, beginning to walk away from the crowd of confused, mildly started students. 

‘Probably because you scared him off.’

‘Shut it, Rogers!’ You hissed, but smiled to yourself. You and Steve had a strange, love-hate relationship. He was undoubtedly one of your closest friends, but you were always flirting on and off with one another.

‘Meet us by the escalators now, we’re our way up.’ Natasha interjected.

You speed-walked towards the top of the stairs, spotting the ginger hair poking out Nat’s hoodie. Panic rose in your chest upon seeing Rumlow on the other side of the escalator. Natasha saw him too, and gave you a sort of ‘don’t worry, I’ve got this’ look.

She then murmured something to Steve and within seconds, she leaned in to kiss him. It took you offguard, and you suddenly felt overwhelmed with about six emotions at once. Anger, jealousy, confusion-

You turned on your heel and stormed off, leaving a confused assassin and a slightly uncomfortable soldier to follow you and work out what was going through the ever-understanble Y/N’s mind.

Taking a left to avoid some STRIKE agents, you pulled open the door that lead to the multi-story parking lot and began storming up the stairs. You heard the door open after you and two pairs of footsteps echo after yours.

‘Y/N!’ Natasha called. ‘What’s up with you?’

You ignored her, kicking open the door onto the second parking level. You spotted an older guy climb out his car, forgetting to lock it behind him as he wandered towards the lift. You mentally noted to make sure that would be your getaway vehicle.

‘Natasha, go and get that car. You see that blue truck over? It’s unlocked. I need to discuss a, uh, plan with Cap.’

Natasha nodded and made her way over to the car, casually opening the door and sliding in as if she owned it.

‘What plan?’ Steve frowned.

You ignored his question, asking your own. ‘So, you and Nat, huh?’ You raised your eyebrows, trying to seem playful, but failing miserably.  

‘What? Oh, no! I mean, Natasha’ great and all. Very badass, still very helpful. She kissed me to distract Rumlow. Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable.’

‘Oh, so you’re still…independent?’

‘If you mean single, then I am very much so.’

You smiled to yourself, nodding. ‘Oh good.’ You turned on your heel, having heard the engine of the truck spring to life.

‘Good?’ Steve called after you. ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’


Request by anon: can u do a break up image? where Sammy breaks ur heart or vice versa. i want something with feeling please


“Is that the last of it?” Y/B/F asked before leaving the room, holding a box of my things. “Yeah…” I sighed out. She went out into the car, shoving the last of my belongs in it. I slowly walked around the bedroom, fingers gliding against the bed sheets one last time. Glancing at the walls and pictures once more. I deep sighed and made my way down the hall way, down the stairs all in a slow pace, taking my time.

Taking in one last glance of the house I shared with someone I thought I was going to spend forever with. I stood in front of the door, looking around, at the tv, at the couch, at the dining room table, the sliding windows, the kitchen, everything. Thinking of all the memories that was made in this house. The 2 of us. Memories of laughing, talking, arguing, chasing each other, carrying each other, everything we used to do together, just came rushing back. 

“I’ll love you forever.” “Forever?” “Forever.” I reminisced an echo of a past conversation we once had in my head, and smiled a little.

But that’s all over now. We’re not the same people when we first started going out. Our love changed. Our ideas of the future for us stopped. Our hope in love is lost. I was holding a framed picture of Sammy and I at the beach, smiling, having a good time. It had a taped letter to it with SAMMY written on it. I kissed the tip of my fingers, and pressed my fingers against the frame on Sammy’s face and put the frame down on the hallway table. 

I opened the front door, turned around for one last look, took in a deep breath, and closed the door behind me. “Goodbye Sammy.” I whispered to myself, tears rushing down my cheeks.

I pull myself together and walk to the car with Y/F/N in it. I wiped my tears before hopping in. “Ready?” She smiled. I smudged a smile on my face and nodded, “Yeah, I’m ready.” I turned my face to the house, and watched it get further in the distance. “Hey,” Y/F/N says, only driving with her left and grabbing my hand with her right, “Everything is going to be okay. I promise.” She squeezed my hands in assurance. I just nodded and watched the scenery out my window. We pull up to my new apartment and start unloading the car and the boxes.

“Done.” Y/F/N huffs out, emptying the last box and plopping down next to me on the couch. She turns to me, “You’ve been quiet the whole time unpacking. What’re you thinking?” 

“I thought he loved me…” My voice crack, yelping, crying hard and she just hugs me. “Oh, oh, oh.” She started rubbing my back. “Sweetie. He did love you. Never doubt that. But sometimes love doesn’t last forever. You’ll find someone who will love you forever. He was just a temporary love. I know it hurts now baby, but your broken heart will heal in time.” She squeezes me tight, stilling rubbing my back, calming me down. I finally stop crying and she hands me a tissue, “Thanks.” I laugh a little blowing my nose. “You never told me what even happened.” 

I sat there twiddling my fingers. I took in a deep breath, “He just….. Stopped loving me….. He stopped enjoying the things he used to love about me. He stopped wanting me.. He stopped… trying… I stopped being his everything and I can’t wrap that around my head.” We sat there in silence for a few seconds. 

“He’s fallen out of love with me. And fallen in love with another girl…. I overheard him talking to Nate. I felt my heart physically break hearing him talk about this other girl. He talked about how he loved her eyes, her smile, her laugh, her idea of love, her plans for the future, he’s head over heels for you. The way he was with me.”

“You’ll find another boyfriend Y/N.” Y/F/N starts rubbing my back again. “You don’t get it. I didn’t just lose a boyfriend. I lost my best friend.”

“My person. My comfort. My other half. He was my.. everything.. I put in my heart and soul into him.” I started sobbing again. “It’s fucking hard now. I want him but I deserve someone who gives a shit!”

“I needed him to be around, and he wasn’t anymore. It isn’t fair!! 3 years deep…. But I can’t force him to love me or want me anymore. I’m tired of being selfish. I’m letting him go cause the hardest thing you could ever do is watch the person you love, love someone else.. But I will always…. ALWAYS…. love him. And that will NEVER change. That’s the worse part about this.”

My heart aches just thinking about him as I start crying even more. “Oh sweetie,” she sits up and hugs me. “Everything going to be okay. I’m sorry.” 

“Please help me. I don’t want to feel like this anymore…” I beg her as she holds me tighter. “Goodbye Sammy. I love you.” 

writer’s note: I tried putting in emotion. Sorry if it sucked

Last kiss- Sam wilkinson

Your pov

Its been almost a year since me and Sam have broke up, Im on my way to the mall with my friend Y/F/N, we had my phone plugged into the aux chord, its like my phone knew my mood because it kept playing break up songs

Yeah its been a yeah since we broke up but that doesn’t mean my heart still doesn’t hurt, I loved him and will always love that dick head

Sad song after sad song, We pulled into the parking lot, and I parked my car, Taylor swifts song last kiss coming on, I quickly grabbed my phone and got out walking quickly into the mall, I couldn’t hold the tears back the faster I walked the more tears fell down my cheek

I walked into the girls bathroom and continued to cry, then Y/F/N came in and hugged me I cried into her shoulder she still talks to the guys sometimes mainly not so much because I asked her not to but she doesnt have to listen to me

I stopped crying not bothering to wipe my face off, and walked out of the bathroom, we instantly went to the shoe store, my current favorite shoes have holes in them

We walked into the store and started looking

“Y/n?” I  heard from a familiar voice

I looked up to see skate Sammys best friend

“Skate.” I said “hi..” I slightly smiled

“Oh you’ve been crying” he said sitting next to where I was

I just nodded looking around to see if the others were here

“Don’t worry sams at a different store” he said and I instantly started crying “you’re still hurting from that aren’t you”

“Y-yeah I am skate” I said choking up a little bit he hugged me

I looked around and saw the others guy walk in, I saw Sam he looks better than ever…  His bleached blonde hair..

I waved at them

“I should go, see yah skate.” I said and walked back over to Y/F/N

Replying the lyrics over in my head from the song last kiss… Thinking how perfect it fits in this situation to me. Maybe he’s not even broken like I wish he was..

Sams pov

I walked into the shoe store to see skate hugging some chick and they’re talking it sounded like she was crying… Why the fuck was he hugging some random crying chick he never does that.

She turned around once she saw his facial expressions change, she saw us and told him she should go

God damn it, it’s Y/n, it’s been a year since we’ve broken up, I try not to let all the others see that it’s hurting me and shit but sometimes I can’t help it but slip through sometimes I loved her but I fucked up..

She looks better than she’s ever looked..
I wonder if she even still loves me the way she did..

Her and her friend y/f/n checked out and walked out waving at us all bye..

“Yo bro” skate said “she still loves you”

“I doubt it” I said shrugging him off

“I said your name and she instantly started crying Sam” he said “she’s still hurting and still loves you”

I put my hands in my pockets and hung my head down..

she kept my life in Order for the most part and one fucking huge argument fucked it all up because I said things I didn’t mean.

I’m mentally beating myself up.

“I’ll see you guys back home” I said and walked out of the store and left the mall all together..

Why did I have to say something I didn’t mean, oh right because I’m stupid

I leaned against a tiled wall, thinking about the good times we had, I punched the wall hearing my knuckles crack like something had been smashed..

“God fucking damn it” I mumbled, walking out

I got home and wrapped my hand up.

Masterlist  Part 2

The sunlight gleams through the gaps in the curtains to make warm, glowing spots along the blankets they’re laying on top of. They’re both clothed and on their sides, Castiel’s arm curled around Sam’s front (”spooning” as Sam liked to call it, and Castiel can certainly see the advantages of it), basking in Sam’s warmth and the calm beating of his heart.They’ve been like this for a while, laying down in the middle of the day to calm down from the last days of stress.

Castiel nuzzles Sam’s neck a little, an urge to break their comfortable silence shifting through him.

“Metatron put all of humanity’s stories in my head,” he began, “I wish I could have experienced them on my own instead. Books, plays, movies, it’s different to discover and experience them rather than just know them.” That’s why he’d loved his time holed up in Sam’s room, watching the newest series on Netflix, the ones that had been created after Metatron captured him. All those small moments of guessing what would happen next really made it a whole new experience.

“A lot of stories created by humanity are about love,” he continues, cuddling closer to Sam’s back, “You all have very varied ideas about romance. Sometimes ideas that I would not consider love.”

“What kind of ideas?” Sam murmurs, putting his own hand over the one Castiel had thrown around him and sinking deeper into the pillow. 

“Sometimes humans tell stories about people mistreating and manipulating each other,” Castiel furrows his brow, “and they call it love.” He holds Sam a little tighter. “And they believe it, too.”

He feels Sam bring his hand up to his mouth, feels his lips against the back of it. “People do weird things,” Sam says against Castiel’s hand, “we think love, especially romantic love, is difficult and sometimes… we get it wrong.”

“I want to do it right. I love you, and I want to do it the right way,” Castiel says and he can feel Sam tense a bit against him. Like he hadn’t expected to hear Castiel say he loved him. It’s the first time Castiel’s said it, but he hadn’t quite expected this reaction.

“Is this something that’s also more complicated for humans?” He asks quickly, “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I do love you, but I won’t say it again if you’re-”

Sam quickly turns around to face him, grab his face and kiss him. Castiel abruptly remembers he hadn’t expected what kissing would feel like - certainly not what kissing Sam would feel like that first time - but by now he utterly loves it. 

Sam pulls back to smile at him, and Castiel feels like he hasn’t messed up after all.

“No, Cas, it’s just fine, it’s okay, it’s more than okay, you’re wonderful” Sam laughs out, and Castiel can’t help but pull him back so he can kiss him again.

dimensionhoppingrose  asked:

First boy who breaks TenToo's baby girl's heart. GO

First off, fuck you Sam :(

Okay, here we go:

The Doctor is angry. He is so angry. He is livid that anyone would have the audacity to hurt his little girl.

She’d been so excited about having her first boyfriend, and while he knew teenage relationships didn’t typically last long, he hoped that if her relationship had to end, it would end smoothly and cleanly.

No such luck.

She and her boyfriend and a group of their friends all went out together to the movies. Typical Friday night. The Doctor and Rose had a date night themselves too, not expecting their daughter home until like 11pm. So when they stumble home at 9 o’clock, slightly tipsy and more handsy than was proper for a couple their age, and they see their little girl sitting on the sofa in her jimjams with a tub of ice cream, they know immediately something’s gone wrong. She takes one look at them, and her eyes well up and she runs from the room, slamming the door to her bedroom shut.

He casts Rose and panicked look and he rushes down the hall to his daughter. Of course she won’t let him into her room, and that breaks his heart. It breaks further when Rose knocks on the door and their daughter lets her enter. (Rose looks at him apologetically for just a minute before slipping into their daughter’s room and closing the door behind her.)

The Doctor is at a loss as to what to do with himself. The night had been going so wonderfully. His daughter was happy to be going out with her friends and boyfriend for the evening. He and Rose had a lovely night of dinner and dancing, which they were planning to continue when they’d gotten. But now he felt like utter shite.

So he goes back into the living room and starts to tidy up. He puts the half-melted ice cream in the freezer, he straightens the stacks of newspaper and magazines, he organizes and reorganizes the bookshelf, he washes the three dirty dishes in the sink, and after all of that has been done and Rose still hasn’t emerged from their daughter’s room, he starts to worry again. What if something truly awful happened to his little girl? What if her no-good boyfriend had pressured her into doing something she didn’t want to do?

He clamps down on his panic and on his anger, and he starts to make tea. He takes his time making it just the way his daughter likes it, and he makes one up for Rose and for himself, and he grabs a box of biscuits from the cupboard for good measure and he walks down the hall again. He knocks on his daughter’s door with his foot. Rose answers, and he helplessly shows her the tea and biscuits he brought. She turns and asks their daughter if he can come in. The Doctor peers around Rose’s shoulder and see’s his daughter on her bed with red-rimmed eyes and a running nose, and his heart breaks. She mercifully lets him in. Rose takes the treats before he can spill them, and he gathers his daughter into his arms.

She sobs into his chest for a few minutes and he just holds her, thinking horrible thoughts he should not be thinking about her boyfriend.

The Doctor sits on the bed beside her and Rose hands them their tea, and their daughter snuggles up against the Doctor and thanks him. She finally tells her parents that she and her friends weren’t going to the cinema, but had gone to a party. She had drank a bit, and so had her boyfriend, and he had started getting handsy (the Doctor about has a coronary) but her boyfriend backed off when she told him to. But a few minutes later, she caught him making out with her best friend, and the two of them were even more handsy and grope-y than she had ever been with her boyfriend. She’d left immediately.

The Doctor scoops her into his arms and holds her tight, saying he is so sorry and she deserves so much better.

“You deserve the world, darling.”

Their daughter calms down enough to fall asleep, and they leave her be for the rest of the night.

Once in their own bedroom, the Doctor goes on a long-winded rant about teenage boys being no bloody good and God help that poor kid if he should ever see him again. Rose just hugs him tight and tells him that this, unfortunately, is part of being a teenager.

The (ex)boyfriend comes round the house the next day, trying to apologize. The Doctor has an entire litany of curses and “who do you think you are”s lined up, but his daughter beats him to it. She slaps him across the face and tells him to leave now, and she never wants to see him again. 

The Doctor has never been prouder.

come talk tentoo x rose with me!!

If you walk past my room while I'm watching supernatural you would most likely hear these:

“Oh my god OH MY GOd, I mean, OH MY CHUCK”
“You two are breaking my HEART”
“Why you gotta be like this??”
*ugly crying*
*ugly laughing*
“Okay maybe after THIS episode I’m gonna go sleep”
“They are so gay like WHY ARE YOU NOT MARRIED”
*yelling one of the boy’s name and crying*
“I wonder when was the last time they smiled”
“It’s gonna be okay…*wiping their tears with a tissue through tv* baby”
*Singing carry on my wayward son and crying*

Robbie Thompson... You are a gift we must cherish

I needed a cup of tea before I wrote this… that episode was just… wow. I am so happy about it! It was so good and I was smiling like an idiot whilst watching even the Casifer stuff (which frankly still breaks my heart).

Things that stood out to me:


Well. Misha I adored your performance. I was worried he would be a bit OTT but he wasn’t, and that scene with Dean? Oh boy. What hurts is how easily he got Dean to open up to him. I still sensed a bit of anger or defensiveness on Dean’s part in this episode with regards to Cas, but I think this is due to Cas’ rejection of the lift last episode and the fact that Dean hasn’t heard from him. He was clearly trying to brush off Sam’s questions about Cas, slightly defensive about how Cas just left again. I don’t know if anyone else picked up on this?

When Casifer asks about “Attraction?” Dean’s reaction is interesting. You could read it as him being ashamed that he is attracted to her, but at the same time it’s almost like he wants to apologise to Cas for this in a different way? Maybe I’m reading too far into it?

Dean’s dismissal of those feelings though… that he is scared. Bingo. We have textual confirmation RIGHT THERE that Dean is totally NOT pining for the darkness. Thank god. He is being manipulated, controlled… she is ‘in his head’ sound familiar?

I’ll come back to that. Regardless, Casifer’s terrible advice about it being a good thing. Well, he clearly sees Dean as bait now. That won’t go well for Dean. That smile was so creepy. I can just imagine the conversation Lucifer is having with Cas in his head:

“Don’t you dare even THINK about it Lucifer!”

“Or what little Bro? Scared I’m gonna hurt your boyfriend?”

“You are NOT using Dean as bait.”

“Like you can stop me! I just need to invite him out for burgers… maybe I’ll make Amara jealous before I rip them both to shreds…”

Anyway… moving on before I distract myself:

Amara as the Banshee

Did anyone else pick up on this?

“A woman, long flowing hair, blood red robes, sunken eyes, feeding on Arthur’s head.” All you have to do is change blood red to ebony black. The Banshee was a parallel for Amara and no one can tell me otherwise. Banshee feeds on brains/ Amara feeds on souls, Banshee gets inside your head with screams/ Amara gets inside your head with manipulative talk and seduction. The way she controls Dean is no different from the way the banshee forces its victims to smash their own brains in. Amara is just more subtle about it.

Note how there was no redemption for the banshee. The banshee was killed. Though there are also good banshee’s out there…. I am not good enough at meta analysis to explore that in further detail but I think there was something in it.

Sam and Eileen

Guys this was SO CUTE. Remember Sam said in 11x04 (Robbie’s last episode) “Don’t you ever think of something? Not marriage or whatever but something? With a Hunter? Somebody who understands the life?” I feel like there might as well have been a great big neon sign above Eileen’s head saying I’M YOUR SOMETHING.

Yeah I ship it.

But seriously though, we have ALL been saying for far too long now that our giant puppy moose baby needs some loving. Some proper, comfort and love from a good person who he can connect to. HE NEEDS IT. Oh Robbie please don’t let those nasty other writers kill off another perfect female character that you created PLEASE! Can you just put her in a box right now with BUCKLEMMING FUCK OFF written all over it? OK? Good.

She was a legacy! They can live in the men of letters bunker and carry it on and have men of letters moose babies… awwwww…. Okay okay I’m done.

Back to Dean.

Retirement, love and pining

Dean is pining. Dean is thinking about settling down. Dean should follow his heart. Dean needs to send the heart emoji and not the poop emoji. Dean doesn’t like sleeping alone? Dean is grumpy that his husband isn’t returning his calls and is therefore acting on the defensive.

I went on my Dean x Amara rant earlier (here if you are interested – its badly written on tumblr mobile on my hurried lunch break) and after watching the ep I am 100% certain that Dean x Amara is going nowhere fast… nowhere in the romantic sense anyway. Amara is not the lover in this story. She is the Banshee. She is the monster that gets inside your head and feeds on your insides. Dean is SCARED. He said it himself, you don’t pine for something you fear.

I loved the scene that we all totally over analysed in the promo. Mildred sitting him down to watch the sunset has some lovely symbolism (the sunset of your life/ themes of growing older, winding down, retiring…. Plus anywhere the sun is mentioned in anyway in supernatural my ears perk up and I think of Cas, since he is symbolically the sun in many ways… suns may set and darkness covers us… but even darkness must pass, a new day will come, and when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer… Lord of the Rings quotes. Heh. Good in every situation.)

Follow your heart Dean. Well, along with cold open love song “Will you still love me tomorrow” (in Dean’s case nope since his angel is now the devil), the heartbroken manager who should have sent the Heart emoji “I just wish she’d call me back!” and now Mildred’s speech about following your heart I think maybe Robbie is trying to tell us something… The underlying themes of love are once again extremely present in the text and the subtext. Since we have already established that Amara scares Dean and that his attraction to her is something that makes him uncomfortable, we can only logically assume these themes are not related to her.

So when we get to Mildred’s comment about Dean’s pining, well, are we all stumped? Who on earth is Dean pining over?

Maybe Mildred read his anxiety and fear and troubled mind over Amara wrong and he isn’t pining at all… Ah but that can’t be right…. Because we already KNOW Dean is pining:

“There’s things, people, feelings, that I’d like to experience differently than before. Maybe even for the first time.”

Yes this confession has been analysed to death over the past year. Yes it can be interpreted in different ways, but even the priest read this as romantic.

So Dean has been pining for a long time. Since before Amara came along. Since back when she was just a nasty mark on his arm, leeching on his soul and making him demonic. Huh. Guess that rules her out.

Maybe, as I said earlier, he is just pining over the idea of being with someone. The final beautiful shots of the boys going to bed really emphasised that. Dean is lying to one side, trying to sleep and clearly troubled. Maybe he just wants a partner but has no one in specific in mind.

Except that just before this scene the last things mentioned were Cas and Purgatory (by the way I LOVE Robbie Thompson for clearing the air there… Sam apologising for that and Dean accepting it and saying it was in the past. Healthy boys. You are talking. That’s very good…) surely bringing purgatory up is going to bring up memories of more than just Sam abandoning him. It’s like the scene in 10x19 with Benny again. There is a great big gaping negative space in the text whenever purgatory is mentioned but Cas isn’t. Because Dean’s entire time in purgatory was spent praying (and pining) for Cas.

Dean is very vulnerable right now, this was the major point to take away from the episode. Something is making Dean easy prey. This isn’t a love story, oh no. This is the story of a lioness stalking a gazelle. What she wants with Dean? Who knows? It isn’t love. I still don’t understand why she kissed him… other than to distract him from the fact that she couldn’t take his soul.

Dean was looking for support in this episode, when he opened up about this creature that terrifies him, that can control him and get inside his head just like the banshee, but when he looked for that support, he didn’t really get what he needed. He got encouragement sure “you won’t be alone”. But he didn’t get the kind of support that we are used to seeing from Castiel, which is why he is most likely was pining over Cas… over the Cas that isn’t ‘a little off’ and upsetting Dean by his apparent lack of care.

We can argue about the pining line all night long, but Robbie meant for it to be ambiguous.

Plus Robbie is a little shit who totally lurks on tumblr

Pining not praying? Wasn’t that a common tag after the longing retcon of 2015 @elizabethrobertajones that sounds like something you would write? in fact I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on this episode when I get a chance. hopefully you are also flailing over Robbie Thompson right now…

Also I swear the poop emoji was something I saw used on here waaaaay before this came into the episodes… after Cas admitted he liked emojis in that adorable scene. Perhaps I’ve read too much fanfic…

And he brought back the samulet.

Ultimately, I LOVED this episode and I LOVE Robbie Thompson even though he likes to troll us so much. Casssifer? Pfft. I still prefer lustiel… he was SO HOT in this. Urgh… why do I now have to be attracted to Lucifer… it’s just so weird.

Anyway that’s enough of me rambling. I plan to now go through and read a bunch of meta and episode analysis that is way better written than this and reblog every gifset I can find of Casifer’s faces because HOT DAMN. I also need to go to bed.


Sam: He woke up yesterday morning ready to get married, and now he found out that he’s Jason Morgan, and he has no idea what that means.
Alexis: And he may never know.
Sam: No, I refuse to believe that. I can accept the fact that Jason and I may never be together, that too much time has passed and our lives have gone in different directions.