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My otp 15 IchiHime moments! (Part 1)

{Just to be clear, nobody asked me to do this, I just feel like doing this list for pure fun, because I love this couple too much. Otp of all otps. Now, I know not all the favorite moments were included here, but it’s a short list, so I just included my super, SUPER favorite ones. Putting under the cut because it’s LONG. This is part 1 one of my favorite IchiHime moments, mostly covering moments 15 to 11, the rest will be posted later. Also, please forgive my English, it’s not my mother language}.

Part 2 link!

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Naruto 675 *contains SPOILERS*

So, came back from work and unpicked the chapter and here are my thoughts.

I knew Sakura was going to be Kamui-ed out of there and I like how instant Kishi made it. He got her out real quick without making her look too weak.

FIRST I LOVED THE NOSTALGIC TEAM 7-NESS. I was reading so HUNGRILY because I feel totally STARVED of any Sasuke/Sakura shared panel time. Also found it really interesting how DIFFERENT this interaction was compared to the last one when Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura were last alone. When Sasuke was batshit crazy and tried to kill them both.

Loved this:

I just LOVE the look on Sasuke’s face, he looks so caught off-guard and CALM and NORMAL. Is it just me or does he seem to be VULNERABLE around her? Just me then? Nevermindlulz.

I’d like to think that had she shown up on her own without Kakashi there, Sasuke would have tried to act all cool and stuff which he does anyway later in the chapter, by default.

As always, we get a whole panel dedicated to Sakura’s “!?” when spotting the LOVE OF HER FRIGGIN’ LIFE.

I also LOVE how she practically IGNORES SASUKE after the initial greeting, because she’s too concerned for her Sensei. DAWWWWW. TOUGH LOVE, CHICKEN HEAD.

Moving on, Madara is such a BADASS. What Kishi is doing with him totally inspires me for QUIETUS where I’m planning on making him an equally as nasty piece of work. I LOVE HIS EVIL GENIUS CHARACTER.

Poor Obito, though. I felt for him, really.

Liked this part too, and am quite puzzled as to how SasuSaku fans and NaruSaku fans are taking this as ambiguous in meaning.

YOU STILL HAVE FEELINGS. SHE STILL HAS FEELINGS. Yes they might have changed IN DEPTH (I.E. THEY ARE DEEPER NOW as opposed to how shallow they were back in the Bell Test days) but they are STILL THERE.

Kakashi was remembering her feelings in relation to the BELL TEST day when they introduced themselves. Of COURSE SAKURA’S FEELINGS HAVE CHANGED AND ARE DIFFERENT FROM THAT DAY.

They now have a depth and meaning and sincerity that was lacking BACK IN THE MEMORY KAKASHI WAS RECALLING.

I’m sorry but whoever is looking at the comparison from a Part 1 perspective in general isn’t reading right. KAKASHI IS COMPARING ALL THREE OF HIS STUDENTS TO HOW THEY WERE ON THAT DAY AND THE GOALS THEY DISCLOSED TO HIM AS TWELVE YEAR OLD KIDS.

They have ALL CHANGED and MOVED ON since then. They have all GROWN.

And of the three, who is the ONLY one who HASN’T fulfilled their goal fully? Who hasn’t yet achieved her original aim (Sasuke, romantically)?

That’s right. SAKURA.

I’m sorry, whoever is doubting Sakura’s feelings at this point in the manga clearly isn’t reading the same story, because KISHI IS REPEATING IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. THAT MUST BE WHY HE KEEPS DRUMMING IT INTO OUR HEADS.

Lol at anybody who is doubting and thinking that Kakashi was talking about Sakura’s Part 1 feelings in general.

If Sakura wasn’t still into Sasuke romantically, why would she BLUSH and GRIN the second he jumped to her side FIRST after her smashy smashy attack on the battlefield?

Sakura in Part 1’s beginning was pathetic. I hated her and didn’t want her to get with Sasuke because she didn’t deserve him.

But you know what, now, guys? NOW HE DOESN’T DESERVE HER. That’s what makes their dynamic so beautiful. As much as I love Sasuke’s complex character, he has messed up big time in this manga, and he has to take responsibility for it. Sakura has grown and HE SEES IT TOO.

Remember that SMIRK he directed at her after witnessing her strength? The one that totally read, “HAWT DAYUM, GURL. I LEAVE YOU FOR A FEW YEARS AND YOU BECOME THIS? HELL YEAH.”

He remembered the pathetic Sakura he used to tell to train and it made him PROUD.

There seems to be an awareness of her that wasn’t there before. Just looking at the way he is angled toward her in that panel (clever perspective work from Kishi, I guess) and the way he is LOOKING at her and paying such attention when she speaks. He listens INTENTLY.

Kakashi’s narrative also makes it clear Sakura can’t just switch her feelings off, regardless of the shit Sasuke has done. LOVE WORKS LIKE THAT. You can’t just SWITCH IT OFF. CASE CLOSED.

The total icing on the case was this, though:

LOL… SLY SASUKE IS SLY. You never told NARUTO to watch his back… you said that to SAKURA, who BLANKED YOU, and has totally turned her attention to NARUTO who trolled us all and pulled a super healing jutsu outta nowhere because he has done something MEDICALLY AMAZING and of course nerdy Sakura wants the scoop on it and demands an explanation.

Sasuke doesn’t like this, though. So he says ANYTHING to try and break up their friendly chatter. ’Cause, you know, he DOESN’T LIKE HER ADMIRING NARUTO LIKE EVER. JEALOUS MUCH. So he resorts to making nonsense up in the hopes that they’ll stop IGNORING him and Sakura will listen to what he’s got to say instead.

It’s kind of adorable, really. Why else would Sasuke say something he hadn’t told a genuinely baffled Naruto, who also wonders why he said what he said, too?

Kishi, we see what you did there.

I’m so proud of where Sakura has come emotionally. Kishi trolls her a lot but her unwavering dedication is admirable. And I do really think now, she is too good for Sasuke, which is why she is also so right for him. Kakashi sees it. We see it. And maybe, Sasuke, somewhere, also realises it.

Contrast this to Karin’s feelings… just saying.

Which brings me onto my FINAL POINT. This chapter was lovely in its Team 7 goodness, and I’m anticipating the next when Kishi will probably relegate Sakura to some ridiculous damsel role again but I am also FRUSTRATED.



I’m sick of “!?” and the even more annoying “…” between them!



I’m sick of waiting and waiting for anything from Sasuke’s end, and in that sense I can kind of get how some people can see that maybe their relationship WILL end up platonic. I’m not giving up on Sasuke returning her feelings eventually, even if it’s ten years after the manga ends, but I am frustrated at the lack of anything concrete from him with regards to Sakura, and frankly, I’m getting tired of it.

I feel like Kishi keeps dragging it out and it’s getting to a point where he’s done so too much. It’s like he dances around them all the time. He stalls, over and over again.

You have to wonder WHY, but at the same time, it’s incredibly INFURIATING.

Just my thoughts, anyway. What do the rest of you think? Can anyone offer any HOPE with regards to positive feelings from Sasuke?

I’m all but weeping over the lack of anything Kishi is throwing our way!

I typed this at a thousand miles a second so excuse any typos. Thanks for reading my rant!

Okay now that I’m home and settled, MTMTE 50 yellings and some thoughts, spoilers under the cut! Also a lot of hate for one character, I’m sorry, I tried not to, but I really want to say it actually. I’ll probably make a separate post about it at a later point where I explain what I mean in a bit more detail, but this is my initial reaction.

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I’m really worried about Kaneki

He just lost another important person in his life, and it obviously effected him as shown by the last panel. That’s enough to worry about, but there is also the fact that Kaneki might become the one-eyed king, hell even the thought of him following Eto, who don’t get me wrong I love her,  has always been the biggest risk taker, so her kill the one-eyed king plan might be more then she is letting on. I don’t think that Kaneki would try to kill himself again because he just realized he didn’t want that. Yet, I am scared about how he is going to deal with the loss. I also am scared of the fact that Kaneki is going to have to deal with carrying the lie that he killed Arima. I’m nervous because even though Arima was top dog and gave Kaneki his approval, their are still people better then him. I’m scared of the fact that last time Kaneki took the role of a leader, he literally fell apart. I know Kaneki has grown since then and he did a good job with the quinx squad. Yet, this whole arc the world has been slowly turning upside down. It’s just after this arc it’s going to be chaos and I have no doubt about that, but I’m worried how Kaneki will deal with it considering he is one of the major catalysts of what might be catastrophic loss for everyone involved. I’m scared of how Kaneki is going to move on from this.



First of all, you have to know that those two never stop looking at each other before answering any question, and laughing during the parts where the MC was translating their answers or the questions

Beautiful friendship right there

They tried to answer without spoiling anything, because some of the questions were … Finale-related, or about the future of their couple, but they did it beautifully

Jenna never stops fidgeting and Kevin always tries finding a good sitting position–his favorite appears to be the one in the last picture though ;))

There was only one hiccup in this panel, when a guy asked how it felt to film the Quarterback and how it felt to lose Cory, which had been instructed not to ask at the beginning of the day

But Jenna took it in stride, and explained that they had had their memorial for Cory, and this was for us (even if she choked a little on it, God i could have killed that guy)

But that doesn’t make me oversee how generous they are with their time and how funny they are and cute and smart and God, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us

anonymous asked:

Hi sweety, I wanted to ask if you think that "I am with you" play an important role in the future because we know that is not something I normally would say Gray and for some reason the volume emphasized that point in the section of love

Hello anon! ^^ 

Many, many months ago I thought the “Im here with you” would definitely play an important role in this arc. Now, however, where we already seem to have passed the climax of the Gruvia events without it being referenced, and without any direct contact between Gray and Juvia as of yet. I’m beginning to wonder. Maybe it really was just meant as a parallel/contradiction to the “rejection” scene after all. 

Or (and as I was chatting with kanarenee, who always has fabulous insight about Gruvia), it made me realize that maybe that’s partly what Gray’s flashback during his fight with Silver was about. Maybe he remembered that he had made that promise to Juvia about being here for her, and that’s a part of why her panel was so big, and why it was last in his mind before he started apologizing. Obviously, if he killed himself, he would break his promise, and as kanarenee rightly said, that would affect Juvia the MOST, since she is the one who needs him the most. 

But beyond even that, I certainly think in the overall Gruvia relationship it is one of the most important moments. It showed a tenderness from Gray towards Juvia that we’ve rarely seen before, and was certainly a huge step in their relationship, so it’s important in THAT way. Because it showed development from Gray’s side, and put into words what he’s already shown many times, which is that he will always be there for Juvia, and especially when she needs him most. 

Hopefully, though, it DOES get referenced again during the resolution of events in this arc, because that would give me all kinds of feelings lol!