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Are you interested in watching Adventure Time, but intimidated by the thought of watching 252 episodes? Have you watched the series before, but want to watch again without any filler episodes (unless it’s Bubbline, of course)? This is for you!

After seeing a request in the ATimers tag, I have compiled a list of all the Adventure Time episodes that contain major plot, important backstory, major characterization, and/or Bubbline moments. I have also included optional episodes that I think will increase your understanding/enjoyment of the show (I put the reason next to it; if it says something about being an arc, backstory, characterization, etc., be warned that not watching may make the major plot points of the show a bit more confusing for you). 

I condensed the show down to 128 of the 10-minute episodes (69 episodes if you don’t watch any of the optional episodes). Optional episodes are in italics. Episodes with Bubbline moments, characterization of Marcy/Princess Bubblegum (PB), or major backstory/plot related to Marcy/PB are in bold. Anything with a an asterisk (*) can be watched at any time (order doesn’t matter, though you may still want to watch it in the same season). 

I hope this helps someone out since I spent three hours putting it together! Without further ado… 

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Letters: #1 Open now [NCT Yuta scenario]


I’m glad people are liking the series! Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy the series - I promise it won’t get as angsty as the last chapter again but there will be angst scenes again lol. This hasn’t been edited but I’ll go through it tomorrow!

Anyway, please don’t expect too much from this chapter! It’s kind of like a filler chapter that I can’t exactly leave out otherwise nothing will make sense :))))) There’s also some little things you’ll probably overlook now but actually play some significance in the future chapters! Keep your eyes out but also good luck :) also Yuta cries in this, pls don’t tell me oh he cries too much or stop putting descriptions of him crying. bitCH he’s just lose someone and this is set on the same day it happened - chill

also between the  ❝ ❞ is the letter. sometimes i might close them to explain something, or mention a thought or something thats happened!

Word count: 2506

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if u find any gifs of yuta being serious, pls tag me in them bc every single fucking gif i find of him has him either being extra as fuck, smiling or some caption where he says something savage

Letters series {read from the beginning otherwise other chapters won’t make sense lol}

  • Letters: #0 The crash
  • Letters: #1 Open now
  • Letters: #3 Open when you miss me
  • Letters: #2 Open when you feel like giving up
  • Letters: #4 Open when you need some optimism
  • Letters: #5 Open when you’ve achieved your dreams
  • Letters: #6 Open when you need a reminder of how much I love you

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The Way You Move//Kim Yugyeom (Part 14)

Pairing: Yugeyom x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut

Summary: @morsalinou said:
Your rrequest are open omgggg ok,…. I will try requesting simething for the first time here😅 hmm can i request a smut (🙊💕) where yugyeom sees you dancing in a competition (like hit the stage) or you dance with him you can decide (this weeks theme is love did you watch this show btw😍) and the rest is up to you! I’m so nervous omg😲😂

Author’s Note:  Sorry for the lack of updates! Also, sorry for the length of this chapter, it’s short, but only because it’s a filler chapter! Enjoy it nonetheless!

xoxo Sara

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9  -

Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15

You saw the color drain from Yugyeom’s face before you turned around, beginning to walk back towards the door that led to the stage. Your heart broke into pieces inside of your chest, each piece stabbing you from the inside out.

“(Y/N),” You heard Yugyeom call your name softly, but before he could say another word, you were out the stage door, slamming it behind you.

You knew that your instructor was right; that all the girls fawned over Yugyeom and wanted to date him, but you never thought anyone would attempt to kiss him. Maybe it wasn’t expecting anyone to kiss him— maybe you didn’t expect him to let them kiss him.

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Guardian Angel - Part 5 - Jimin angst

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OKAY LISTEN TO ME, I KNOW THIS IS REALLY SHORT BUT THIS IS JUST A FILLER CHAPTER TO GET THE BORING CRAP OUT THE WAY OKAY???? For real though, I’m out of school for a while now so I have more time to write and I swear on my life the next part will be way way longer. I swear on my cats life. 

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

The car journey to Mina’s was the most awkward experience of Jimin’s existence. Even when the two of you met for the first time and he was decidedly favouring Mina over you - the thought of which made him cringe even now - it didn’t feel this unsettled and wrong. It made the journey last three times longer than it should have, and by the time Mina was sliding into the back seat of your car, sending Jimin a coy smirk through the wing mirror, he could have insisted that he tasted blood in his mouth.

If Mina mentioned anything to do with that night to you, he would do something drastic.

Angels didn’t often pray, but whenever they did, it was taken seriously.

“Hey Mina, how are you?” you chirped, the fake tone in your voice being so obvious that Jimin shrunk inside himself slightly and faced determinedly out of the window. You pulled away from the curb, heading in the direction of the cinema, and Jimin had half a mind to grab onto the steering wheel and made you turn around.

“I’m good, thanks, Y/N. How have you been?” Mina said, the very sound of her voice making Jimin’s skin crawl. “It’s been ages since we all hung out together.”

Now, Jimin often tried his best to see the good in people. He was an angel and angels were not petty creatures. Mina was a good person, and it was in no way her fault for Jimin’s actions; she was just as clueless as he was concerning his feelings for you and it was entirely Jimin’s fault that he had led her on like he had. In fact, now that Jimin was thinking about it, he had basically used Mina. At the very thought, the same sickly feeling rose in his throat and the idea of hurting both of the girls that meant so much to him.

She must have been confused waking up the next morning to find that Jimin had removed himself from her house so thoroughly it was like he was never there - Jimin didn’t even want to know what she must have thought of him in that moment.

Cheeks burning in shame, Jimin turned away and didn’t participate in yours and Mina’s happy conversation. To make matters worse, it had basically been Jimin’s fault that you hadn’t seen your best friend for the last few weeks. In addition, it would all come to a head when you inevitably found out that he had slept with Mina when he had lied to you in order to head to her house. Would that destroy all the good feelings you had towards him? Would it mean you would be unwilling to like him, to love him, if you thought your best friend did? That’s what most people did, wasn’t it?

The more Jimin thought about it, the more he wanted to dive out of the car and disappear forever.


It took way too long to get to the nearest cinema, even with the traffic being relatively good and the roads were mostly clear. Jimin all but dropped and rolled out of the car, forgetting to undo his seatbelt and being slammed back into his seat.

Ignoring the way Mina giggled at his error, he scrambled out of the car and waiting dutifully for the two women that he had done wrong to. A headache was beginning to press against the back of his eyes and he was shaking his leg in anticipation - nerves? - before you finally reached him and he was almost too preoccupied by the way that you smiled up at him for him to feel Mina wrap one of her arms around his left one, tugging him forwards.

“What film are we going to see?”

“Oh, I, uh…” Jimin stuttered, definitely not missing the way your face contorted as you took in the way Mina latched herself to him. “Y/N picked.”

“Oh, okay,” Mina said, smiling over at you. “What shall we watch Y/N? You’re the chosen one!”

You mustered up a half-hearted smile at her, but shoved your hands into the pockets of your jacket.

“There’s a showing of a film I really wanted to see. It’s an action film, is that okay?”

“Sure! Let’s go!”

Jimin felt sick again. Here the three of you were, him completely in love with you and your best friend was hanging off him like the two of them were dating or whatever. It wasn’t Mina’s fault. It wasn’t your fault. It was his fault for not paying attention when it was most important.

Subtly, ever so gently, he eased himself out of Mina’s grip, using the ruse that he was checking his phone. There was only a few texts from the tall doe eyed boy he worked with at the local café asking him to cover a shift tomorrow, and Jimin quickly replied confirming that he could. Some time away from both you and Mina was probably a good idea, and he could hide in the back room and beg Namjoon for help without getting weird looks from customers and other staff members.

In the queue for the tickets, Jimin’s face seemingly couldn’t lose the pink tinge and you still kept your hands deep in your pockets, shuffling around with your feet. Mina didn’t seem to notice, nattering about something and smacking Jimin jokingly when he merely shrugged in response to her questions.

His heart felt heavy with his mistakes. He liked Mina; he really did. She was a good friend and they had all had a lot of fun together over the last two years. But for the life of him, he couldn’t shirk the unjustifiable anger he felt towards her. It was his mistake, his actions that caused him to feel so unsettled and skittish, but he couldn’t help but feel mutinous towards her for her part in it.

Mina nudged him gently, breaking him out of his reverie. He could feel Namjoon’s gaze burning into the side of his face and Jimin blushed again, looking down to stare at Mina. She had obviously said something, waiting for a reply, but Jimin had been too lost in his thoughts to even listen to her. Feeling even guiltier, Jimin gently asked her to repeat herself and then his gaze locked onto you as you swept some hair behind your ear.

By God, you were so beautiful.

He could scarcely believe that he was given the honour of being your guardian angel, and he felt a sudden surge of affection for you again in that moment.

You were a stunner and Jimin wouldn’t rest until you were comfortably encased in his arms forever.

“I asked, are you okay? You seem distracted.”

He watched as you sunk your teeth into the flesh of your bottom lip and a sudden surge of something ran through Jimin’s entire body. He had never felt such carnal lust before, but watching you nibble on your bottom lip must have awoke the voyeuristic tendencies he didn’t even know he had and suddenly, he wanted nothing more in that moment that to sink his own teeth into your lip until the skin broke.

“Jimin?” Mina pressed, nudging him slightly harder and following his slightly unfocused gaze to your face. “What’s happening?”

“Hmm? Oh, sorry, I’m just thinking about work,” Jimin bluffed, gesturing to the phone he still had in his hand. “Jungkook wants me to cover his shift tomorrow and I’m trying to figure out how much extra pay I get.”

That was believable; Jimin was bad enough at maths that it didn’t seem so far fetched to believe that he had to take so long to add the two numbers together.

Even so, Mina looked suspicious and her arm latched around yours quickly, gently tugging you so yours and her bodies were leant against each others.

“Y/N! It’s been ages since we hung out, where have you been?”

“Oh, I know, I’m sorry Mina, I’ve just been so busy with life,” you genuinely looked upset by your separation from your best friend and Jimin’s heart sunk straight to his knees.

Nothing was going right at all, was it? He had accidentally pushed your closest friend away from you without meaning to, with little consideration as to how you feel about all this.

Shit. He was stupider than he thought he was.

“I could have told you that, kiddo.” Yoongi’s drawl echoed out of nowhere and Jimin grit his teeth in order to not curse out loud randomly.

“I get that, don’t worry,” Mina smiled, grinning at you. “You got a promotion right? I feel like such a bad best friend, we should have a girls night sometime! Come round mine and we can stuff ourselves on pizza and watch crappy films until we pass out.”

“That sounds really good actually, I’d love that.” you smiled brightly at your best friend, all signs of stress and anxiety melting from your face, and Jimin’s heart momentarily settled down.

Maybe everything would be fine.


Jimin could eat his fucking words. He was minding his own goddamn business, sitting between the two women (entirely accidental on his part, he just found himself jammed between you) and his hand was on his way to his mouth to shovel some popcorn in, when a hand slowly slid up his thigh and almost straight to his manhood.

The popcorn missed his mouth entirely as he lurched, turning with wide eyes to stare at Mina who was facing the big screen. She would have looked entirely innocent if it wasn’t for the devilish grin on her face.


“What are you doing?” Jimin hissed, easing her hand off his leg, begging, pleading, praying to every single deity higher than himself that you didn’t turn your attention from the film that you were so enraptured by.

Fuck, if Jimin didn’t know you at all and happened to be in the same room as you and see you from afar, he’d have a fat crush on you anyway just from the way you were giving all of your attention to a film with no shortage of explosions and gunfire. It was like you were made for him.

Oh wait.

“Do you not want this?” Mina questioned, eyes turning round and mouth pulling down into an adorable pout. Mina was gorgeous, she was; but she didn’t hold a candle to you at all.

“No,” Jimin snapped, before realising how much of an asshole he sounded. He was about to open his mouth and apologise before she pulled her hand back, bit her lip and stood up hurriedly.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” she whispered to your inquiry, and Jimin could do nothing more than watch as she rushed out of the dark room.

Fuck his entire life.

Jimin sighed dramatically, turning to you as you elbowed him gently.

“What was that about? Is she okay?” You questioned and Jimin could do little more than shrug, sighing heavily. “I’ll go and check on her.”

Jimin wanted to protest, he really did; particularly as it was his own fault that Mina was hurt, but he couldn’t stop you from comforting a friend without it weighing heavily on his conscious.

Perhaps it was better if you found out. At least that would give him time to think of a way to earn your forgiveness.

You carefully inched past Jimin who rolled his head back and sighed again, closing his eyes as if he could avoid the reality. Everything was blowing up around him and, for the second time that night, he watched as you hurried out of the room, the symphony of explosions and yelling as your theme song.

Any moment now you would find out his secret and that had the potential to ruin everything.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

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Uh man...If Kishi really don't write Boruto,and if it's all in sp hands,what will happened with Naruto characters?More important,what will happened whit sasuke and naruto? Kishi is the one who created their bond and now when he is out of boruto,do you think that sns moments are officially over???I really hope that I have wrong opinion...

I actually don’t think that Kishimoto is working on Boruto. He, most likely, gave basic ideas of how the story should go and obviously we know that he wrote Gaiden. But, honestly, I don’t think he did any more than that. He definitely isn’t looking over every single episode which SP is making (especially these filler-type episodes) and SP also doesn’t have any manga material to follow, which gives them more freedom to do what they please. They do have the Boruto manga which Ikemoto is working on, but more than half of that manga is the Boruto movie and the rest is set after. That’s why it’ll be a while before we see any of the manga getting adapted.

What will happen with Naruto characters?

Not much, I guess. But it also depends if you’re looking at the old gen or new gen. It’s only been like 3 episodes, yeah? That’s why it’s difficult to judge the characters in this short amount of time. But, I’ll do a quick analysis.

Naruto - Okay, so we haven’t actually seen that much of Naruto (which is strange) but it’s been made pretty clear that he’s often made to look worn-out because of his work as the Hokage. We know he doesn’t spend time with his family and the one time that he does come back home early, he goes straight to bed without getting anything to eat. You’d think he would be happy to see his family after not seeing them for some time or he would at least greet them? It gives me a feeling that Naruto doesn’t particularly feel the need to spend time with the family that he often neglects because of work. 

I don’t find it strange that SP could be ruining Naruto’s character, or generally pushing him away from the spotlight because we all know what they did with him in The Last. There are major hints that Naruto might die, later on in the Boruto series, and maybe the reason for pushing back Naruto is so that we will focus on Boruto and forget about Naruto? They might be doing this so that fans start loving Boruto and don’t get overly upset when they do kill off Naruto. It’s all up to debate for now, though.

Hinata - Where do I even begin? -sigh- 

So, apparently, SP felt like retconning Hinata’s character and make her into a ‘scary mum’ as Boruto describes. I honestly feel so tired about talking about this over and over again so I’ll share two links which perfectly explain what happened: 1 & 2.

Since this is SP’s doing and Kishimoto isn’t involved then I’m not surprised that they’re doing all of this. They’re putting her into every episode to make her look somewhat ‘important’. But what she’s doing when she is actually shown is either taking care of the house or taking care of Boruto or Himawari. And that’s not anything important or entertaining. They’re just trying to shove her down people’s throats in any occasion which they can because she’s SP’s favourite.

Temari - I hate what they did with Temari. She is shown hitting Shikadai or pulling him by the ear because he did something at school. Like, she can just talk to him? And when Shikamaru tries to just stay calm and let go of the situation, Temari says that Shikamaru is being too lenient and that’s why Shikadai is behaving that way. But what way? Seriously, Shikadai is always shown to be good and he’s the one who watches over Boruto to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. So, he’s the sensible and responsible one. Yet, Temari is still complaining about him not behaving well. It’s like she doesn’t know her own son. She didn’t even let them have dinner because they were both thinking ‘what a drag’. Isn’t that going a bit too far…?

Sasuke and Sakura - I’m going to write about the two of them of them because it seems like they’re both being treated like side characters. I know that they aren’t playing a major role right now but it’s strange to see that these two really important characters are getting thrown off to the side like they’re nothing (kind of like Naruto, though he did get some screen time). But, for some reason, Hinata gets the most attention out of all of the old gen. Again, obvious favouritism. We’ve seen Sakura in both the opening and ending of Boruto but Sasuke was only shown in the ending. I’m not sure when we will see Sakura, but I think that Sasuke will be shown when they start to animate Gaiden. 

 What will happen with SNS? 

I honestly don’t know. It looks like SP is in charge of everything right now so we have to wait and see what they will do. 

There’s just one thing which worries me and that is Ikemoto’s take on the Boruto manga. I did a full analysis of how he removed the SNS moments or changed them to make it look platonic, which you can check out here. I don’t think SP dislike SNS and they might give us fanservice but that’s just not the same. Hopefully, SP doesn’t do the same thing as Ikemoto. There were plenty SNS moments in Gaiden so hopefully, SP doesn’t mess that up. But, we just have to wait and see. 

I just want to say that you shouldn’t worry because, as you said, Kishimoto is the one who created the SNS bond. That’s why we shouldn’t worry so much about this Boruto crap because we’ve already got the upper hand. We have all those moments that Kishimoto created himself. Whatever SP try to do, they won’t be able to destroy that :)

Part 3

Part 1+2

Part 3? Part 3. Kind of a filler but the last part will be up tomorrow at some point. Enjoy!

“See you around Optimus” you smiled a smile that you knew didn’t reach your eyes. And with those last words you turned on your heal and walked briskly in the direction of Ratchet. All while those blue optics seared into your back.


The ride back to the suburbs was quite. Ratchet had turned the radio to a low hum to fill the silence. You rested your head against the window mulling over the events that unfolded tonight. Overall a terrible endeavor on your part. You should have figured trying to confess your feelings to Optimus tonight was a horrible plan. Letting out a long sigh your breath fogged up the window.

“Wanna talk about it?” Rachet asked breaking the silence. You considered answering his question truthfully for a moment but thought better of it.

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The Quest for the Lost Treasure (Part 6)

Pairing: Adventurer!Jason Todd x Adventurer!Reader

Word Count: 1223

Summary: In university, you discover that an ancient treasure supposed to have been “found” was actually still lost. Determined to be the one to find it, you set off on a journey to find it, and run into Jason Todd and his adventurer posse. With Jason’s expertise of the land, and your natural talent for adventuring, you two are the perfect mix. Will you find the treasure smoothly? Or will you fail and lose a friendship?

Warnings: foul language, mild nudity [STILL SFW], sassiness

A/N this one is kinda short and honestly not my favorite. It’s just kinda a filler to move the story along. I still hope you guys like it!!

Parts: 1  |  2  |  3  | 4 | 5 |

Reader POV

Let it be known that I seriously hate boys. Not all boys. But this one in particular is driving me insane.

I slowly eat my food and revel in the peace. After taking a bite of my baked beans, I hear someone clear their throats from outside my tent.

“Can I come in?” The voice asks. I raise an eyebrow and swallow my food.

“Depends on who it is,” I say, but I had already figured out who it is.

“Jason.” The voice says. I knew it.

“Come on in, Jason,” I say and scoop another spoonful of beans in my mouth. He unzips my tent door and peeks his head inside.

“Hi. How are you feeling?” He asks softly, not coming inside my tent.

“I could be better. I fell into a ten foot hole for fucks sake,” I stop eating my baked beans.

“That was your–Er–Well, get some rest. That thigh wound might take some time to heal,” Jason says.

“Yeah, I can see that. Who patched it up?” I ask him.

“I did,” he tells me nonchalantly.

“Excuse me, what?” I ask in disbelief.

“I cleaned up your leg. What, do you not understand English?” Jason quirks an eyebrow.

“No no. I just wasn’t expecting you to help me, that’s all,” I swirl around the beans in my cup.

“I’m not a douche bag, Y/N. I help people,” he says to me.

“Yeah, I see that now. Thanks.” I avoid eye contact with him. He suddenly clears his throat and I look up at him.

“I’m–I’m sorry,” he begins, “for being an asshole to you. I guess I was jealous that someone else…had the potential and talent to find the crown.” He runs a hand through his hair. I narrow my eyes at him. I can’t tell if he’s being honest or not.

“I’m sorry for being a bitch. I should be more grateful that you took me to Colombia and patched up my wound,” I apologize as well. “Thank you, by the way.”

For the first time since we met, Jason gives me a smile. It’s small, but it’s genuine. I give him an equally small and genuine smile back.

This might not be that bad after all.

The next morning I decide to find a place to bathe myself. I haven’t taken a shower in 3 days. I smell terrible and I look worse.

I grab a set of clothing and the towel I brought (what? You can never be too prepared), and quietly leave my tent. The bonfire from the night before is still set up, logs set up around it like our previous one.

I tiptoe away from our campsite and wander around the forest for a while until I see it.

A waterfall and plunge pool. Perfect. I look around to see if anyone is watching. No one.

I take off my clothes and set them on a rock near the pool. I put my new clothes and towel on top and step inside the pool. I swim towards the waterfall and feel the cool water cascade over my body.

Ahhh. I feel cleaner. Fresher.

Wait. What was that?

I hear rustling of leaves and mumbling close by. I instinctively cover my body with my arms and sink into the water so only head is seen. I paddle away from the waterfall and see no one there. Weird. I swim back towards the waterfall and continue bathing myself until I hear a whoop and a shout.




“You guys are neanderthals.”

My head swivels in the direction of the noise and I slowly breast-stroke away from the falls and then I see them.

My male companions. In the plunge pool. Buck. Naked.

I shield my eyes as quickly as possible to prevent myself from seeing them.

“O-kay, I’m gonna pretend like I didn’t see anything,” I whisper to myself.

“Y/N?” I hear Dick’s voice call out.

“Yup. Yup it’s me. Y/N.” I wave with my eyes still closed.

“Why are you covering your eyes?” I can practically hear Jason smirking.

“Oh I don’t know. Maybe because you’re naked?!” I say.

“Aren’t you naked as well?” He responds. I don’t respond for a few seconds.

“…well yeah but at least the water is dark enough to conceal my body,” I say.

“Don’t be shy, Y/N,” I hear Jason’s voice come closer. I start swimming away.

“I’m not shy! I just don’t feel comfortable with showing my body. Especially to you of all people,” I protest.

“Open your eyes, Y/N,” Jason whispers in my ear. I can’t stop myself from removing my hand and opening my eyes to reveal the image before me.

“NO!” I yell and shoot up from my sleeping bag. I look around frantically and I realize I’m not in the pool. I’m still here. In my tent. I let out a sigh of relief. Phew. That was way too close for comfort.

I sigh and run a hand through my hair. What even was that? What kinda dream did I just have?

One things for sure. Jason can never know. No one can.

Jason POV

Something’s going on with Y/N. Last night I was sure we reconciled and set aside our differences and became friends. But since this morning, she’s been avoiding me. Why you ask? I have no motherfucking idea.

I tried to talk to her but she couldn’t even look me in the eye. Did I do something? Say something? Well. I wouldn’t know. Because she wouldn’t tell me. Why are girls so confusing?!

As of right now we’ve continued our trek to the city.

Tim has been walking with Y/N and demon spawn with Dick. Oh I’m sorry. I meant Damian. Whatever. You know what I mean.

Yesterday I overheard Y/N tell Tim something about giant spiders and scorpions. I tried to ask Tim but he wouldn’t tell me. That little fucker.

“Jason. Hey Jason!” I hear Dick’s voice behind me.

“What? What do you want?” I snap.

“What did you to Y/N? Why is she avoiding you? I thought you said you apolo–” he starts asking.

“I did apologize! I did make amends! I have no idea what the fuck I did to set her off. I’m just as confused as you are dickie-bird. But right now I could care less. Let her and nerd-fest do their thing. Right now, I’m trying to get to this damn crown and swipe it before some other asshole does,” I tell Dick.

“Jason, I get the feeling you didn’t tell her about Bruce.” Dick says. I stop dead in my tracks and swiftly turn around.

“We don’t talk about Bruce. Ever,” I growl.

“You have to tell her!” Dick argues.

“No! I really don’t. And if I hear one more comment about he-who-shall-not-be-named, I’m leaving you all behind!” I stomp away. I walk past Y/N and Tim, who are looking at their maps, and start slashing leaves with my own machete.

“Jason! Jason we’re not supposed to go that way!” Y/N calls out. “Jason!”

“Oh so now you want to talk to me! Well fuck you!” I raise my middle finger in her direction.

Jason! Watch out!

But it was too late.


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Strictly Business (Part 5)

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Reader/ Lay (Angst-Fluff

Part 1, 2, 3, 4

You woke up to the smell of coffee filling Lay’s apartment. You decided to stay the night here since your roommate went out with her friends. Plus, this got you out of that uncomfortable dorm room. You got up and left the guest bedroom, looking for Lay. You found him in the dining area, frantically working to finish some paperwork. 

“Good morning,” You say, sitting across from him. 

“Morning,” He replies, not looking up from the papers.

Seconds later, a woman came from the kitchen and sat a cup of coffee in front of each of you. Lay took one sip and complained to the woman about how awful it was. She took the coffee away, quickly apologizing for her “mistake.”

“Was that necessary?” You ask. “It was just a cup of coffee.”

“It was her fault for bringing me disgusting coffee.” He replied.

Lay acted like someone who lived life with a silver spoon in his mouth. Couldn’t he do anything for himself. 

“You could have been nicer.” You state. “She doesn’t have to do this for you.”

“And neither do you, but here you are.” He says, glaring at you. “Just remember Princess, there are plenty of other girls who would kill to be you.”

You stood up and went back to the guest bedroom, choosing not to fight Lay. 

“Didn’t you hear me?!” He yelled. 

“Then go find one because I’m leaving!” 

You slammed the door to the bedroom and began to gather your things so you could return to your dorm. Tears were forming in your eyes even though you should be used to Lay’s bitter attitude. 

“(Y/N) can I come in?” Lay asks before opening the door. 

“I didn’t say yes.” You say, grabbing your bag to leave for the door. 

Lay stands in front of the door so you couldn’t leave.

“Where are you going?” 

“My dorm.” You say. “Then you can find a girl who will put up with you acting like a spoiled brat.”

“(Y/N), I shouldn’t have said what I did,” Lay says. “I need you.”

“Yeah right.” 

“Yeah,” he says, “You’re the only girl that I knew wouldn’t try to distract me from the business.” 

“Then why do you talk about how many other girls would kill to be in my place.” You state. “If you’re so desirable, maybe you should rethink your choice.”

Lay’s expression softened suddenly and you pushed past him. 

“(Y/N)!” He yells behind you rushing to grab your wrist. 

“What is your problem?” You ask, yanking away from him. “Can’t you take no for an answer?”

Lay looked crushed with his eyes glossed over and slumping shoulders. 

“I’ll stop acting like some privileged brat, (Y/N), I need your help.” He says quietly, “Just trust me for once, please?”

You were sitting in the last class of the day, listening to Lay’s friends tease you. 

“Why don;t you fix your hair like her?”

“Why won’t you wear your skirts short like her?”

“Why aren’t your legs as skinny as hers?”

Tears began to fill your eyes at the comments that you should have been used to. 

“Can you guys give her a break?”

The familiar voice startled you. Lay sat beside you, remaining silent until now. 

After school you walked home with Lay in silence. When you got to your house, Lay followed you up to your doorstep. You were worried, he wasn’t acting like the Lay that you knew.

“(Y/N), I’m moving away.” 

With those words, a pain filled your chest, leaving you unable to speak. 

“I have to go be with my father,” he says. “I have no choice.”

“Lay you can’t leave!” You choke out. 

Your lungs seemed to shrink, leaving you with the feeling of being unable to breathe. Lay brings you into a hug, something that he never did. He spoke to you softly. His words weren’t hateful or even joking, they were calming, almost affectionate. 

“Just trust me for once Princess.”

I feel like this was total filler and I’m sorry~  

Part 6 will be up soon

Where Did PLL Go Wrong?

Originally posted by dilaurnts

So we’re less than 6 episodes away until the very end and since PLL isn’t on tomorrow due to some idiotic decision by Freeform (At the time ABC Family), we thought we would list where and how we think PLL went wrong. These are just our opinions, we have a “PLL Goodbye Letter” planned soon. Anyways so PLL will always have a special place in my heart, despite how terrible and confusing it’s gotten, and thankfully we’ll always have the good first 2 seasons to look back on. But every show has a end date and PLL is long past it’s end, imo the show should’ve ended years ago but we’ll get to that in a minute. The mysterious charm from the early seasons is gone and sadly we’ve had to deal with one confusing story line after another, plus millions of plot holes. But hey it’s PLL!!!!!

Too MANY Seasons! (Seriously way too many!)

No one wants their favorite TV show to end right? But isn’t it better to end a show when you’ll miss it as opposed to when your barely able to stand it anymore. ABC Family dragged this show out wayyyyy too long, we discussed this in another post about why the ratings went down. Marlene originally planned 5 seasons, had she and the network of followed through with that plan the show still would of ended with over 100 episodes and the ratings might not of gotten as low as they are now. I was expecting the show to end with S5 but after reading interviews, I assumed they would renew it for a 6th and final season. However I was not expecting them to do a 2 season renewal. This was too much and the network got greedy of the show’s success. It’s taken forever to answer our questions probably because of the double renewal. A show should only be dragged out for so long and in our opinion 5 seasons or a shortened 6th final season would’ve been enough. Tbh I don’t remember being that thrilled about a S7. 

Filler Episodes Galore!

Some filler episodes haven’t bothered me, the barrel episode (S5E16) was one of them I enjoyed, the fan base seemed to hate it. However filler episodes that focus on Hanna’s fashion career, Aria’s drama with Ezra, and story lines that literally do NOT matter are what bothers me. When we don’t get any more info on “A” or a current mystery, the episode feels pointless and stale. Take almost all of 6B for an example, while S7 has been better it hasn’t impressed us overall tbh regardless if these last episodes are amazing they won’t be able to make up for any filler we got at the beginning of a season. They might’ve reduced S6 and S7 to 20 episodes but that didn’t mean we did not get fillers. S6 and S7 should’ve been shorted to 10-13 episodes imo. The writers apparently love filler episodes. The fan base does not.

Enough With Irrelevant Characters

The show already has too many new characters, it’s even worse when you introduce a character in 601 and make her RC/BW, characters we saw in S3 and S4. That is what was the final straw with me hating 610. Sara might’ve been introduced as a storyline in S4 but we did not meet her ACTUAL character until 601. It was annoying enough they gave Sydney such relevance during the recent episode. She better of been lying in that limo. But maybe Syndey is more relevant, idk who knows anymore. Then we have Shana who ended up being Ezra’s shooter. We will go back to that in a minute. 

Confusion! Who Is “A” and Who Is NOT “A”?-

Honestly the reality with this show is anyone can claim to be “A” and it will instantly confuse the fanbase. Having Shana in the black hoodie in S5 was especially confusing. So she wasn’t “A” but she was wearing the black hoodie? Was she working for “A”? What even? During those “A” endings which “A” is who? The fan base has to assume answers, this show is extremely confusing. People act shady, are they connected to “A”? What even? Aren’t there other outfits people could wear without confusing the audience? 

Making The Ships She #1 Priority, and NOT The Mystery 

When I started watching this show, I watched for one reason, the mystery. I loved the persona of “A”, it was creepy, fun, exciting, and how the writers wrote the omnipresent character of “A” was what drew me to the show. This is why the show will always have a special place in my heart. The original mystery was so intriguing and fun. However as the show went on, the writers shifted towards the ships and made them the #1 as opposed to the mystery scenes we used to get. Honestly this is not what I signed up for, I get having romance, it’s nice to blend both the romance and mystery together, but it seemed Marlene and the writers turned it into a full on romance show. Because of the ships imo they couldn’t go THERE with main love interests. Toby being on the “A” team was an amazing twist and they wasted it by caving into Spoby. What a cop out that was. The special-ness of the show was ripped away when we got non-stop shipping scenes. Again this is just my personal opinion. 

Aghhhhh, That CeCe Reveal 

Honestly, I never imagined I would be disappointed with 610. Some people might’ve enjoyed it, that’s great if you did, but I couldn’t enjoy it. The episode was outright awful. Seriously that holograph screen was just……ridiculous and corny, CeCe’s story made no sense at all, and the worst part in my opinion was Sara Harvey. The dialogue felt off and it felt insulting, I was considering dropping the show at that point honestly the episode was that awful. Regardless if the writers fix these plot holes, it won’t undo the amount of disappointment that the writers caused on the fans. Nope, not gonna forget that awful episode. Because of that episode I don’t have much faith in the writers at all. Well the bright side of the episode was the girl’s emotional goodbye scene. 

The Time Jump + 6B 

Not gonna lie, I wasn’t too pleased when I heard they were doing a time jump, especially a 5 year one. The dynamic of the girls being teenagers would be gone, the show wouldn’t be the same. The writers probably did this because of the cast getting tired of playing teenagers (Which is understandable), but they didn’t handle 6B right imo. It was pure filler, it feels so good to vent about this season now. The dynamic of the show did change, Spaleb was pointless because Haleb ended up getting back together which resulted in Spencer getting hurt, the girls drank ALL the time (Seriously we get it, they are over 21, and are adults), and Uber A wasn’t that scary with their emojis, according to Marlene Amoji was Uber A/A.D. Gosh this “A” has so many names (Big Bad, Uber Bad, Uber A, Amoji, A.D., so on). The season just felt disappointing and boring. 7A was better but in my opinion it felt dull , but the bright side is 714 did in fact give us major answers so I really appreciate the writers for that. Overall my interest really went away after 610, my friend and I decided to give the time jump a chance, and while I was tempted to drop the show MULTIPLE times, I decided why not? Might as well just finish this show out. We’re almost done anyways. Had I of dropped the show I might not of met so many PLL accounts and so on, so there’s something positive to find I guess. Speaking of the current seasons, what happened to us getting “A” endings? We’ve only gotten a few this season and they are imo one of the most iconic parts of the show. Are the writers lazy or do they just not want to write anymore A endings? 

Unanswered Questions & Dropped Storylines

We could be talking about this forever, it seems that we are starting to get our questions answered. Hopefully a majority of remaining questions and dropped story lines are answered on the show and not another interview that Marlene did with 610. There’s some hope these questions will be answered now, 714 proved to be a very successful and information packed episode. 

So overall those were are thoughts. We have had fun watching this show for the most part but in all honestly I’m exhausted from this dragged out show and ready for it to end, all good things must come to an end. The main reason why I am watching is to finish the show out, say I finished it because half the time I’m terrible at finishing TV shows, and find out who the heck A.D. is. Tbh we’re not even sure if this person is Lucas, or Melissa, or Spencer’s twin. We might as well just sit back and enjoy these final episodes. Just pray we’re satisfied enough when 720 airs and this show is finally over. 

Again these are our opinions, but what are your thoughts on PLL over the years?


Grim Reaper PT. 7(BTS, Angst)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8  // Part 9 // Part 10  // Part 11  // Part 12  // Part 13 // Part 14 // Part 15 // Part 16 // Part 17 // Finale

Namjoon doesn’t actually show up in this chapter but hey lol…AT LEAST YOU GET TO SEE SEOKJIN NOW!! This is kind of just a filler chapter for later on. It’ll make sense in a bit…I thought it was going to be longer, but it turned out being pretty short. I may write chapter 8 right now and post it tomorrow, but no promises!!

Check out the side series of all the other reapers!!

Suga // J-hope // Jungkook

Words:  1708

Your eyes shot open to pitch black nothingness. You felt weak, tired, and you couldn’t even move. You were restrained against a bed, you could feel the leather digging into your skin every time you attempted to break free. 

“Humans sleep for too long.” Jimin snapped, flicking a light on in the corner. You could scarcely see him, your vision was stilled blurred from just waking up. He leaned over you in the bed, his expression unreadable.

“How long have I been out?” You wondered, looking around. You noticed you had an IV in your wrist, with water in the package. The time you had been asleep was so long to keep you hydrated you needed an IV? Jimin took hold of your cheeks, forcing you to look at him. Even if you were full strength, you wouldn’t be able to pull away from this grip.

“Long enough to make me realize Namjoon doesn’t give a shit about you…” He spat, and beads of saliva lined your face. You closed your eyes tightly, not wanting to see Jimin anymore. Just wake up, it’s all a dream right?

“Look at me while I hurt you.” Jimin slapped you, and your eyes snapped open. Before allowing you to respond, Jimin began to rip your jeans apart. He flung the ripped parts to the floor, and you begun to cry.

“No, please!” You choked out, writhing under him. He leaned closer to you, ripping your shirt as well. You felt strangled, but a scream still left the tip of your tongue.

“Jimin…”A soft voice from behind him sounded, and he halted his movements. Jimin’s eyes grew wider, and he barely turned his head.

“Seokjin…” Jimin returned, narrowing his eyes before scooting off of you. He stood tall, not looking at anything but the wall.

“Jungkook has woken up, you know.” The one known as Seokjin placed a hand on Jimin’s cheek. Jimin flinched, looking at Seokjin in the eye.

Hoseok had told you Jungkook would wake up after a few weeks? It had been too long, if Jungkook woke up you knew you’d been there much longer than you thought in the first place. For all you knew, it could’ve been a month since you last saw everyone in the real world.

“What about her?” Jimin jerked his head towards you, and Seokjin met your gaze. His lips upturned into a smile, but he eyes were entirely dead. You felt a shiver run through you.

“I’ll take care of her.” Seokjin promise, dropping his hand from Jimin’s cheek to the boy’s shoulder. Jimin nodded slowly, before turning around and disappearing into the darkness. Once you heard a door close, Seokjin flicked all the lights on.

“I’m sorry about him.” Seokjin apologized, coming back over to the bed and pulling free your binds. You seemed to be in a small wooden cabin, on a hospital bed. After you were completely free of the belts restraining you, Seokjin placed a blanket over you.

“Who are you?” You mumbled, guessing he was probably just another reaper. You’d never seen this one, but there were probably many reaper’s you’d never seen before. Still, the name Seokjin seemed to ring a bell…

“I’m death.” He responded with a sweet smile. Seokjin sat down on the edge of the bed, firmly planting a hand on your knee. He’s…death?

“Are you going to kill me?” What a stupid question to ask, you thought. Of course he’s going to kill you.

“No,” he responded almost immediately. He seemed bored, checking his nails every once and awhile. “Humans are too weak to fight back. It wouldn’t be fair, even after you’ve been asleep for so long.”

“Why am I here, then?”

He ignored your question. “Namjoon has been tirelessly searching for you this whole time… He hasn’t even stopped to collect a single soul. If that’s not true love I don’t know what is.”

You felt a stinging pain in the middle of your chest just hearing Namjoon had been searching for you.

“Jimin said he didn’t care about me…” You whispered back. Seokjin leaned over the table, picking up a glass.

“Did he? Drink.” He held the glass to your lips, and you opened them. It was just water, but you couldn’t care less if it had been anything else. If he wanted to kill you, he would’ve gone it long ago. “Jimin doesn’t know anything besides his love for Jungkook.”

“Is Jungkook okay?”

“He’s fine. I don’t just create them with the knowledge of their death.”

You choked on the water in your mouth, sitting up to finally swallow it. Seokjin shoved you back down lightly, placing the cup back on the bedside table with a clang.

“You create them?” You choked out, hitting your fist against your chest to stop the choking. After a moment, you felt fine.

“Yes, I created all of them, you know. Namjoon, Yoongi, Taehyung, Jungkook, Jimin, Hoseok. All of them. They were all lost souls once. I found them. They were all strong souls, unlike the others… That’s how I knew they would be useful. They’re my family.”

“They want to kill you!” You snapped, sitting up. Seokjin nodded sadly. You knew who he was, now. Namjoon and Yoongi had been talking about a Jin. They wanted to end him.

“Mm, they do. They all want to become human again.”

“Again?” You paused, thinking of Namjoon as a human. In truth, it was unthinkable. You could never imagine someone like him as a human.

“Yes, did you not hear what I just said? They were all souls, after death. All of them died so young. Jungkook was the youngest, so Jimin took him under his wing.”

“Why do they hate human’s so much if they were one?” You weren’t expecting him to tell you, but you were surprised to see he was willingly answering.

“None of them remember anything, I made sure of that. Although, I guess I’m becoming a little weaker at such an age.” He grinned. “They seem to have a feeling in the back of their minds, telling them to hate humans. They also seem to know killing me would bring them some sort of fortune. Although, they aren’t sure if it’s becoming human, or something else entirely.”

“I don’t think anybody wants to become human.” You murmured quietly. Seokjin let’s out a quick, fake laugh.

“It’s only to kill themselves after. Right now, they can’t die. Trust me, if you’ve seen all the time’s they’d tried to kill themselves you would believe me.”

“You’re right, I don’t believe you.”

“I wish I could show you all the times Namjoon has attempted to slit his own throat, jump off buildings, stab himself in the heart.”

“Stop,” you demanded, and Seokjin went quiet for a moment. He looked down at his hand on your knee, before glancing back up at you.

“I don’t want to die.” His voice was quiet, eyes sad. You watched him for what seemed like a long time. Why had every word you’ve ever heard about Seokjin make him sound so utterly despicable? He didn’t seem like that at all.

“I don’t think anybody want’s to die…” You murmured back, gently pushing his hand away from you.

“It’s not for the selfish reason’s human’s want to die. I don’t want to die for their own safety. After they become human, they’d probably all kill themselves with regret and pain. After taking their souls and bringing them back to the human world, I made them forget their past lives. I must admit, I don’t doubt their memories would be returned to them after they become human.”

“You don’t know what’ll happen to them after becoming human?” You snap. He shrugs.

“No, nobody has ever killed me before. Still, after they kill me, there’ll be no reaper’s left in the world to bring order. Every soul would be stuck in the human world, and no humans would live either.”

“Why don’t you tell them this?”

“They’ll never be able to kill me.” He responded after a long moment of contemplating. “They all have a sick view on how they’ll kill me, but none of them know for sure.”

“I’m sure they’d figure it out.”

He nodded. “You’re probably correct, but none of them are that bright. I’m the same as them. If they simply attempt to snap my neck, I’ll wake up a few days later. If they figure it out alone, I guarantee not one of them would share their knowledge with the other.”

“Figure what out?” You wondered, and Seokjin stood up.

“If they figure out that making me drink their blood would not only allow them to become human, but also enable me to die, they would never tell anyone else. None of them care about the other, not anymore. It hasn’t been this way for years. Once one knows, it’s all over.”

“What happens if they all feed you their blood, then?”

“They’re all able to become human, but none of them would want too.”

“They would,” you challenged, but Seokjin shook his head firmly.

“You don’t know any of them, human. They’re all weaker than you, mentally, not physically. After going through what they’ve gone through for hundreds of years, they’d become human alone. They don’t want the other to become human, because they don’t want to be left on this Earth after death. They’ve been here for many years, and after finally being able to die, they’d do it.”

You closed your eyes tightly, not wanting to believe it. Seokjin chuckled quietly, bringing your eyes open.

“I’ll let you go home, now.” Seokjin murmured quietly. His hand caressed your cheek, but you winced at the cold touch.

“You’re letting me go home after telling me all of this?”

“No,” his eyes darkened, narrowing. His once doe eyes now became black slits. “I’m making you forget ever seeing the reaper’s. You’re a good girl, (Y/N). I want you to go back to having a good, normal life.”

“Wa-” You gasped, holding out both hands. It was too late, Seokjin brought his hand against the side of your head. Blackness hit your vision again, before you fell back against the pillow.

School Supplies Haul 2016!

School’s just around the corner here in my country, and so that means it’s time for a supplies haul! (: Me and my mom bought everything in Divisoria, from a wholesaler under the company name PAMCO. I highly recommend this store for all Filipinos out there if you want to save money and get the best deals. Take note that as of now, they are not accepting retail orders for some products. 

Details are under the cut!

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Mitsu's Top Ten Anime of 2013

Mitsu’s Top 10 Anime of 2013

No particular rules here, these animes are ones I found were appealing to my own personal tastes and ones I recommend above others that came out this year. If something you love was missing from the list I’m sorry, but there were many of my own favorites removed from the list in favor of the ones I found most groundbreaking, inspiring, beautifully animated, written, etc etc. Some of these I haven’t had a chance to review yet! Please enjoy! (1 is the best, 10 is on the lower end (but these are the best of the best so number 10 isn’t by any means bad)

10. Nagi no Asukara

I added this anime after a great struggle to quietly push aside another anime I admire very much. Nagi isn’t done yet, but it’s shown great promise in its first half, being a show that focuses on an age group that usually is skipped over in most anime I’ve seen, preteens. It’s that awkward stage between childish innocence and adult maturity with the main characters fighting between the two while also trapped between the fight of the land and the sea. It’s about FISH PEOPLE to put it bluntly and to explain quickly (my dad cutely calls this “Fishy Anime”) that this anime is just incredibly beautiful and sweet, and paaaainful. I’m really hoping the rest of the series doesn’t disappoint me, but is a genuinely good series to carry over to 2014.

9. Silver Spoon

I love me some slice of life, and Silver Spoon is so much more. It’s educational, feel good, coming of age, and full of things I’d gladly show to anyone. It is a GREAT anime for just about anyone to get into. There isn’t a ton of action and fighting, it’s by no means supernatural, but it’s just so nice! I’m happy to see it return in January and excited to see what fun things we’ll learn next about agriculture!

8. Little Witch Academia


*coughs* I did a review on this one earlier, so much of why I love it has already been explained. Really Studio Trigger (and this little part of it) has just done so well in bringing life so such a tiny little gem like LWA. Anime is magical, and LWA takes that seriously, bringing forth animation that really stands out on its own, a story and characters (and their great designs) that bring color and light into the show and the fact that all of that, a small, half hour long OVA won itself an anime thanks to a mostly WESTERN audience! Please keep an eye out for announcements of the upcoming anime!!

7. Suisei no Gargantia

The Urobutcher strikes again!! And he makes a mecha anime about post-ice age earth nicer and more heartfelt than that painful magical girl anime. He is one backwards man, but Garganita was one of my favorite surprises this year, mostly for the writing and directing. The plot twists were insane I MEAN INSANE, the character development WAS AMAZING for all characters, and the world building and animation was just perfect (SERIOUSLY LEDO GETS A TAN OVER THE SERIES HOLY HELL DETAILS) and it went out with such a wonderful bang.

I wanna say I caught wind of some sort of sequel/movie in the works (I know OVAs came out but CR doesn’t DO OVAs which kinda is their biggest fault at the moment), but I’m not entirely sure, regardless, the anime to me at least ended at a point that was just perfect and I’d be okay if no more showed up, but PUMPED if more were to be released.

6. Kyokai no Katana

A lot of people were upset with KNK’s ending, which surprises me seeing as it was a pretty heart-racing, gut-wrenching and tear jerking climax in my book. I had read the manga for AOT and knew what was coming (and what’s to come) so the climax of THAT anime was not nearly as emotionally provoking as KNK was, as I’ve never read the novel.

Overall, Kyoani has just had a great year and I’m glad they did, but I still stand by what I said, KNK deserved more praise than Free, and I’m happy to see Free returning next year, I’m just more satisfied with KNK as it had an ending that was just perfect, along with a freaking amazingly great story, characters, comedy, romance, and wow the tragedy.  

5. Eccentric Family

One of the few animes I see hardly anything about around was Eccentric Family. It was a really nice short, concise anime with some great story telling and mythology. I’ve gotta say, this one had my attention nonstop, and I came into this series late, having to watch around 75% of the anime before I caught up RIGHT AT THE CLIMAX, so I was all built up and raring to go at the bad guys and crying over the big reveal, and praying that the ending would be good and not RIP MY HEART TO SHREDS, but in the long run, Eccentric Family is a BEAUTIFUL coming of age story, and a story about family.

4. Attack on Titan

I had to put it on the list, not to pander, but just to mention it as AOT really was the anime of 2013. People OUTSIDE of anime knew what it was and it had such a great online presence…The problem is, after months, AOT actually just wore out its welcome for me. It’s already hurt me emotionally in ways you cannot imagine if you haven’t watched the show, yet I absolutely love it. I should hate it, I should hate all of the characters, YET I LOVE IT. Maybe the huge outpouring of pornography keeps me going, and my colossal titan nendoroid, but since the last few episodes of the anime, the OVA, the prequel and the latest chapters of the manga, my soul is just dying.

No anime has caused such emotional chaos since Natsuyuki Randevous or Shiki, maybe even Fruits Basket, but the problem is, those anime are what make me LOVE anime. The pain is GOOD. ;_; There is something wrong with me…

3. Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen

You have no idea how important Rozen Maiden is to me. It actually had an effect on my life and I have been waiting YEARS for this reboot/special series. To explain to people new to anime, Rozen Maiden originally came out during one of the…worst time for animes based off of manga. None of them ever got an actually decent anime and because of this, fat was trimmed, and by fat, I mean STORY AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, replaced instead by pandering and FILLER.

Zurückspulen (German for rewind) was a completely new spin on this to fix the anime the best it could and wow…I could not stop watching it. I have a feeling it had to do with Kirakishou and older Jun. Oh, and that they just kept twiiisiting that knife into my back, which as you can see, seems to keep me interested in anime.

I am such a freaking masochist OTL

2. Kyousogiga

Wowza, this was a great year for anime, artistically and emotionally. I was…mostly mad at Kyousogiga at first (I’m about to watch episode 10.5 to get to speed on what I just watched). Firstly, let me explain: this story is NOT told in chronological order! So you’re jumping back and forth between 4 or 5 different worlds, time lines, character POVs it’s stressful and hard to keep up with, but at the same time, it felt like a puzzle I HAD to put together on my own, slowly putting the pieces together and watching as the big picture came together. I enjoyed every moment of it, the reveals, the concept, and I was SCREAMING in shock in the last two episodes at my poor TV.

Beautiful animation, symbolism, story (despite how hard it is to follow) and I just…I’m in awe of this anime. IT WOULD BE NUMBER ONE IF ONLY FOR ONE SHOW

1. Gatchaman Crowds

It’s great to see something like Gatchaman Crowds come out of the woodwork. It’s retro, but yet it has this new, almost futuristic appeal to it. To me, this anime feels lost in time. Gatchaman itself is an OLD franchise, super popular in Japan, but not in the west, but CROWDS brings forth new technology, character types, animation and music to make this beautiful chic anime that is a treat for the eyes, ears and mind.

I say eyes and ears mostly because of the music and visuals. This anime, from the second it started to the moment it ended had the most visually appealing art style to me all season. Yes attack on titan was beautiful in its own respects (especially once you see the source material), but Crowds had this poppy, minimalist art style and soft color pallet. A lot of people HATE CG in anime like in Tiger and Bunny, but Gatchaman just pulls it off beautifully, taking a new mecha like approach on the old Gatchaman uniforms that were actually one of the main trademarks of the original Gatchaman series.

The music is an absolute treat. As soon as I heard Tutu I was blasted back to 2007 when I’d be playing Katamari Damacy, and it’s such a mix. A lot of people joke that the soundtrack is very dubsteppy, but not in a bad way at all. It takes opera, orchestral works, rock, pop, alternative music, and electrocutes it with the industrial sound of EDM and Dubstep to bring out the futuristic appeal of the Gatchaman Crowds universe.

It also broke the mold on characters. There are characters, flamboyant, masculine, miniscule, feminine, awkward, strange, angry and all in places you don’t expect. I was in awe to see a character in drag…and hardly anyone pointed it out within the series. It was nice to see a lead female character who wasn’t of your normal pick of the litter. There was little to no romance in this anime (though I won’t lie, I will gladly enjoy some when the series picks back up) and WOW JUST THE ANIMATION IS GREAT.


Regardless of what my favorites were, be it Saint Young Men, Free, AOT or whatever, 2013 was a great year for anime. The year ahead looks incredibly exciting and full of many more TBAs and a great line up prepared for Winter and Spring. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL new year, stay safe, and resolve to watch more anime in the coming year!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, feel free to drop me a line be it via reblog, ask or whatever :3 I’m always up for feedback!


My Favorite Anime /Top 25

I always wanted to do a list like this. I have been watching anime since I was 4 so it has been 14 years now. Over the years I have been watching a lot of anime from all the different genres. I was never really picky tbh so I like the most anime I’m watching and there are only a few which I don’t like. Even then it’s not like every anime can be one of my favortites. According to Hummingbird I have watched 459 anime (including movies and ova). So obviously it was really hard to decide. There are many anime which are not in this list but I still love. But anyway here is my top 25 anime.

25. Gunslinger Girl

The first time I heard about Gunslinger Girl was when I was a bit younger. I was like maybe 10 (?) when I read about Gunslinger Girl in a booklet which was inside an anime dvd I bought (cough Whisper of the Heart cough). Anyway back then the summary sounded quite scary for me. Little girls who are killing people. Definetly something I wouldn’t watch back then. But 6-7 years later I saw Gunslinger Girl on an anime page again and it reminded me how I read about this once. So I thought why not starting it ? As you see I liked Gunslinger Girl a lot. I liked the plot the characters and the music (amazing opening) and so it’s definetly one of my fav anime. I haven’t watched Season 2 yet though since the animation completly changed and I heard that this season really sucks. So out of fear I won’t watch season 2 for now and just have this great season 1 in my mind.

24. Sket Dance

I heard about Sket Dance first when I watched Gintama. In the beginning I couldn’t really get into Sket Dance as I have this bad habit to get annoyed when something is trying to be too much like Gintama lol. I knew that the mangaka worked together with Sorachi Hideaki but even then it was kinda annoying at first. But I still kept watching it and I loved it. It kept getting better the more episodes you watched (just like Gintama) and ended up being a very enjoyable anime.

23. The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy is just great. I don’t even know where to start. Be it the unique animation or the smart plot and dialogues. We get to see the highschool life from the view of our main character as he is making choices about his life. But how do you know that you took the right choice ? And can you change it ? What would happen if I had taken the other choice ? Questions like this are standard in this show. Just watch it and you will be truly amazed by how well written everything is. Madhouse never dissapoints after all.

22. Psycho-Pass

I almost forgot to include Psycho Pass in my list since the second season sucked so hard. This doesn’t change the fact that the first season was amazing. Great characters, animation, setting and plot. Psycho Pass was one of those anime which really used this Cyberpunk genre in a good way and wasn’t wasting it potenial. Once you start watching it you get sucked in the world and setting. Not only is the world really detailed it’s feels quite realistic too. Great anime.

21. Dragonball/Z

My childhood anime. No matter what happens I can’t dislike it. Goku was the superhero of my childhood and it will always be like that. No matter how much the creators are milking the series I don’t care and I don’t mind seeing more and more about Dragonball. I will never forget the journey of Goku starting as a little kid growing slowly and end up being even a grandpa.

20. Bakuman

We all know Death Note. But sadly there are quite a few people who don’t even heard about Bakuman which is from the same mangaka. Personally I liked Bakuman even more then Death Note. The love the mangaka gave this manga/anime is really amazing. It’s so detailed and interesting. For everyone who wants to know more about the work “behind the scenes” should really watch this since being a mangaka is definetly not easy. The romance is a bit too cheesy and way too unrealistic but that’s bearable.

19. Kokoro Connect

This anime looks like a usual school/comedy/romance anime but it’s not. While it has those genre it adds another which is Supernatural. And this makes the series very interesting and good. I loved the psychological side of this anime and how it deals with emotions. They really did a fantastic job here. For everyone who wants to watch this don’t forget to watch the ovas afterwards since they are part of the story and very important.

18. Naruto

Ah Naruto. Back then after Dragonball finished airing on Tv Naruto was my new favorite anime. I loved every bit of it. The ninjas were badass, the jutsus were great and it just was a cool world to explore together with Team 7. With the start with Shippuuden it got even better. Even Naruto hater can’t deny the fact how great the Pain Arc was and how great every single Akatsuki Member was. The problem is that after the Pain Arc Naruto got really downhill. Like seriously. I finished the Naruto manga already and I wasn’t happy with the whole last arc. Not only that the arc is not good anyway the anime is killing us with Fillers now. It’s not even funny. But just because one arc sucks won’t make me forget all the great moments in Naruto and even though it let a rather bad vibe at the end Naruto is still Naruto and deserves the popularity it has.

17. Kimi Ni Todoke

I’m a big fan of romance anime. I grew up watching every anime on Tv. Shoujo was also there which is why I don’t mind watching Shoujo’s at all even though I’m a boy. I loved Kimi Ni Todoke for the slow pacing. There are many anime where they get together way too fast which makes it unrealistic. The slow pacing of Kimi Ni Todoke was great. This way we could learn more about all the characters. Even though sometimes you feel like hitting yourself the romance is really innocent and enjoyable. This is why Kimi Ni Todoke is one of my most favorite Romance anime/manga.

16. Detective Conan

“It was first new centuryin 100 yearsAnd when I felt like I should cryI laughed away my tears”
Not only is this opening epic and nostalgic as hell the series is still running. With over 700 episodes now it’s one of the longest running anime. I’m still up to date and I still love it. Even though I disliked Conan at first it grew to me and it ended up being something I used to watch daily on Tv.

15. Nichijou

It’s hilarious, It’s random, It’s creative and it’s just simply amazing. There is not anything I didn’t liked about this anime. From the fantastic animation (Kyoani does really a great job) to the funny characters everything works here. I really enjoyed the episodic style of this anime too as this gave Kyoani the opportunity to give us many different short and funny storys where they were also able to experiment with animation as you will see in the series quite a lot.

14. Hanasaku Iroha

My love for P.A Works started with Hanasaku Iroha. I’m a big fan of slice of life so this anime was enjoyable as hell. P.A Works has this animation style which I enjoy a lot. The character design is great and I love how much effort P.A Works puts in the background scenes. The story was pretty simple actually but that’s not that important for a slice of life anime. Important for me are the characters, dialogues and the interactions in general. The movie was great as well. Now I feel like rewatching this anime.

13. Kino no Tabi

Talking about Slice of Life Kino no Tabi is the next one. I think the most of you heard of this anime before. The journey of Kino is definetly worth watching and everytime he is in a different  place the area is just begging for getting analyzed. But it’s kinda hard to explain this anime. I think it’s better if you watch it yourself and enjoy this great anime.

12. Shirobako

P.A Works returns after the Flop Glasslip which never happened cough. Shirobako is an anime about making anime. Might sounds boring for some people but it’s definetly not boring. The diversity in the cast and dialogues are great. It’s really funny at times but also quite sad in some. What I love about Shirobako is the realism. To see how hard the characters are working and struggling. If you liked Bakuman then you also should check this out.

11. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

“Angel Beats is the saddest anime ever” “Oh Ao Hana is soooo sad”. If you really want to watch something sad then watch Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.  The story is about an earthquake in Japan and 2 Kids who are trying to survive and get back to their home. It’s truly a masterpiece and I rewatched it a week after I finished it for the first time.

10. Haibane Renmei

There are those anime which are easy to watch, are very enjoyable and you can watch it when ever you want and then there is Haibane Renmei. It’s an anime you can’t just watch randomly. You need to focus and try to understand what’s really happening which is why I wouldn’t recommend this anime for everyone. Haibane Renmei has a great plot and starts very myserious. At the begining everything seems confusing but with time you will slowly understand what’s happening. Overall a very slow and confusing anime which is a masterpiece if you give it a chance.

9. Welcome To The NHK

There are a few anime you finish and end up thinking “ why exactly is this not popular?"Welcome to the NHK is one of them. It’s in my opinion an oustanding anime which is funny but also very painful to watch. This anime deals with emotions and a focus a lot on the psychological genre. The anime is so realistic at times that it hurts but also so funny that you can’t help but laugh. I think it’s actually hard to dislike this anime as it offers something for everyone.

8. Sakurasou no ? Pet Na Kanojo

Might be suprising for some that this is so high but yes I absolutely love this anime.The first few episodes makes this anime seems like a typical school/echhi show but it’s way more then that. The drama in this series makes the anime as great as it is. Struggling for jobs and dealing with the ups and downs in life. Jealousy and all that stuff. Don’t let the beginning stop you from watching this very great show. I also love the soundtrack a lot and I’m writing this while listening to the Op’s and Endings.

7. Hunter x Hunter 2011

To be honest the Cover kinda made me think that this show won’t be that great lol. But good thing that I still started watching it as this was one of the best shounen anime I ever watched. I didn’t liked all the arcs though and specially the before Chimera Ants weren’t that great for me but that’s okay since Meruem made me forget all this. Really hoping that the mangaka comes back from his Dragon Quest nest and keeps drawing the manga one day.

6. One Piece

Do I even need to say something ? It’s One Piece. The most popular manga ever. And there is always a reason for that. One Piece is just one great adventure which takes you with the Strawhats into different and unique worlds and adventures which you can’t possibly see anywhere else. Oda has such a great fantasy that it’s always fun seeing the Strawhats exploring the world.

5. Hajime No Ippo

Easily the best sport anime/manga. While there is all this Knb and Haikyuu stuff nowadays Hajime No Ippo is the anime/manga which beats them all. A story about boxing ? Sounds boring is what many people keep thinking. And I was one of them. Heck I even hated Boxing but this anime completly changed my mind. Now I just need to start reading the manga which has over 1000 chapters…Well then.

4. Space Brothers

Yes not only Shounen at the top but also a Seinen. Space Brothers the story about two brothers who dream to fly to the moon one day. I kinda noticed that the story that seems boring at first ends up being the most interesting anime/manga. Space Brothers seriously is amazing and that is not only because the mangaka did so much researching in his work. It’s just the atmosphere in the anime which makes it so good. The realistic characters, the calming soundtrack and and and the list goes on. Believe me watch Space Brothers you won’t regret it.

3. Steins Gate

Time Traveling is always interesting and a dream of many peoples. But time traveling is very complex and invlolves a lot of dangerous factors such as changes. Steins Gate is one of the few anime I actually would rate with the highest number possible even though some people found it hard to get into (not for me). But even if you would find hard getting into it bear it. Because once it reaches "this” point you won’t be able to watching it anymore. Steins Gate is always at the top of many anime sites for a reason. I really can’t wait for the next season.

2. FMA Brotherhood

I kinda noticed that my top 3 is almost the same as the MAL top 3 only in a different order. But anyway FMA Brotherhood had for me the most interesting story so far. No anime did amaze me as much as FMA did regarding the story and characters. It’s such an epic and fantastic journey that FMA will always stay one of my favorite anime. I have to mention that I’m talking about FMA Brotherhood though as the first version of FMA wasn’t that impressive for me.

1. Gintama

Number one is clearly Gintama. Gintama was the anime which was the hardest to get into from all these 24 anime mentioned here but ended up being my fav. Wouldn’t it be for all those messages I got to keep watching it I would have dropped Gintama long ago. But once I saw that Gintama actually has a story I started liking it. And this was also the time where I enjoyed the Comedy before then before. With each season Gintama got even better to the point that it was my favorite anime.


Happy anniversary.

So I played through Half Life 2 / Episode 1 / Episode 2 again, to celebrate that little occasion. First time I’d downloaded them again in about five years - since the five-year anniversary, now that I think about it. Wanted to see how the game held up, wax nostalgic about it a little. I have about 1600 words on that, which you can read below the cut.

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the mc chris top ten movies of the year list. because you need more lists.

this list will make you angry. you will disagree and shake your fists at the screen, but keep in mind, just because i loved it doesn’t mean it’s the best ever, it just made me happy that day. it might not stand the test of time, but these films were still, nonetheless, a great day at the movies. 

10. evil dead - my zombie aficionado friends dismissed it, but i loved it. i think this is what every reboot should be. you hit the notes of the original and then you take it some place different. i think my only qualm was the mc5 shirt because that’s the kind of urban outfitters punk shirt that doesn’t make you as punk as you wish you were, but maybe that’s what they were going for. in that case kudos. i can’t believe sam raimi produced this and the great and powerful oz, which was one of the worst movies of the year if not my life. raimi, please return to horror. drag me to hell can’t be the end of it.

9. mama - sometimes when my wife and i are stressed we will watch a horror movie to release some steam. and the less we know the better. horror movies are great much like pizza and sex because even when they’re bad they’re good. but this was just good. it was a del toro production and like luc besson, if i see their name i’m game. i was beginning to think del toro, like jackson and raimi, who all had roots in horror, were losing their touch, but this felt like a return to form. we had no idea what to expect and had a great time.

8. before midnight - this movie was hard to watch. but it was one of those movies that helps you live life after you leave the theater, which is what all great movies should aspire to. my wife and i fought and agreed and thoroughly discussed this movie up and down. it felt true, it felt real, and we hope these movies keep going as long as these three people are alive. watch them back to back like we did and blow your mind to pieces.

7. gi joe retaliation - everyone hates these movies, but i have a great time, most likely because i was obsessed with gi joe as a kid. read the comic, watched the show, and bought just about all of the toys. since the last one wasn’t so hot, this one could only be an improvement. and it certainly was. it really felt like a gi joe movie this time, with tons of ninjas and also ninjas. the scene where they fight with snake eyes and jinx on the mountain ruled hard. yes there were tons of stupid bits, but overall i was so down with this. and i can’t wait for the sequel. 

6. thor the dark world - i loved the first thor and even though my friends didn’t like it i thought the sequel was pretty great. when luther runs up the bridge i was maybe the happiest i could be at the movies. i just love these movies that you don’t expect much from and then you get more than you could have hoped for. everything made sense to me. it wasn’t perfect but it was better than the first, and it gets me excited for the next captain america, avengers 2 and guardians. although that was maybe the worst sting marvel’s done so far and i thought it couldn’t get worse than schwarma. i understand why the director of this movie (who didn’t directed the post credit sting) hated it.

5. the lone ranger - this movie is on everyone’s worst list, but i think it wasn’t as bad as all that. yes it was violent and weird, but i liked that. i found it to be a perfectly acceptable origin story, where the hero starts totally different than how he ends up. and the last half hour, the last act was absolute perfection. when the william tell overture starts up and the train leaves the station i was in absolute heaven and even cried with joy. maybe it was because i thought my dad would have loved it, maybe it’s because i thought the music and the visuals were perfectly synched. i don’t know, i just completely disagree with the general consensus on this one.

4. hobbit the desolation of smaug - i loved the first one. maybe it’s because i watched it on my computer over three days. when the second one came out i watched it in a double feature. no one wanted to sit through 6 hours of hobbits so we had the theater pretty much to ourselves. i love the filler. i love radagast. i love the exploration of middle earth lore. gimme more i say! and they definitely did. it’s different than the book. there are invented characters, i know, but who cares? the book is its own great thing. why do we need movies to be checklists of what we already know? i love peter jackson, i always have, ever since i saw heavenly creatures. i want to see his interpretation of these books. the barrel chase was a great thing. i just marvel at these movies with my jaw dropped. i feel lucky to be able to see them. why wouldn’t you?

3. the wolverine - this movie was just about perfect. superman and wolverine can be boring sometimes because they’re unstoppable so this movie really made it interesting. and gave logan more depth, more challenges. i loved it. every fight left me breathless and the sting was the best sting ever. i didn’t see it coming. if only they had kept the costume reveal in the movie then i would’ve lost control of my asshole and mind all at once.

2. mud - what an awesome discovery! i watched jeff nichols other movies immediately, take shelter and shot gun stories. both great. this director is one to watch. he keeps his movies small and big at the same time. i loved the set up in mud, loved the pay off. loved the biblical allegories, the symbolism. it felt like a great short story, like all of his movies. i loved being surprised by small things and this one surprised me. i feel like it talked about life and how hard and shocking reality can be as you become a man. it made me think. it made me agree. i loved it. 

1. the worlds end - favorite movie of the year. i saw it twice while i was on tour this summer. and both times it was a highlight of my year. i stopped feeling like i was watching a movie, and started feeling like i was hanging out with old friends. i loved how tidy it was. the entire plot is delivered right away within a flash back. the cornetto trilogy plays like a puzzle and it’s fun to watch it and then go back and watch it again and catch all the clues and hints. please please please keep making movies together. spaced, hot fuzz, shaun and now this, i love it all. like linklater’s before trilogy and the films of jeff nichols, i hope it never ends. 

runner ups: frozen, the conjuring, fast and furious six, die hard five and spring breakers. all great but i guess just not good enough. movies still continue to enthrall me. they make me laugh and if they’re really lucky, even cry. here’s to next year!

ps. it should be said that i have NOT seen 12 years a slave, all is lost, blue jasmine, gravity, philomena or nebraska, but i plan to. i’m sure they’re all great.

The Handy Guide to Constructive Criticism, Criticism, Critique, Opinions and Flames

Fanfiction makes for a very large part of fandoms – and written works are so much easier to access than ever before. With platforms such as, AO3 and Tumblr, writers can post their work, get feedback on it – and improve. Likewise, readers can enjoy amazing works of fiction with a simple click, and leave a review for stories they’ve read.

Reviews motivate writers, and constructive criticism (ConCrit) can help writers improve – meaning better quality works for readers. This seems like a win-win situation, right?? But how do we, as readers, or fellow authors, write a helpful review (and in extension, write good and useful ConCrit)? What is ConCrit? What does it entail? What kinds of criticism are neither constructive nor helpful? At what point does criticism devolve into flaming?

Okay, so today, we’re going to talk about Constructive Criticism. What it is, how to write constructive criticism, what it’s not,  and other terminology associated with it. Why ConCrit is different from opinions and should be treated differently. While we’re on the subject, we’ll also cover what flames are, and what it looks like. Hopefully this post can help shed some light for writers and readers alike on writing and receiving feedback.

What is Constructive Criticism?

According to, ConCrit is “criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions.”

According to Wikipedia, ConCrit is “…the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome.”

So it is important to keep in mind that intention as well as execution is important in writing ConCrit. ConCrit needs to be helpful, well-reasoned, and for it to be useful, it needs to be actionable. The writer should be able to know specific areas to work on if they so choose to.

Remember these words: helpful, well-reasoned, actionable.

The presentation of ConCrit is also as important as the content itself. Your intended message may be lost in translation if not communicated effectively. Criticism can be hard to receive depending on the recipient. Therefore, being courteous when writing ConCrit goes a long way.

That is not to say that negative feedback is bad. Negative feedback can be good when it meets the criteria for ConCrit (helpful, well-reasoned, actionable). Works are not without flaws. It is alright to provide criticism of someone’s work as long as you suggest ways for the content creators to improve. Remember, your intention is just as important as the content and presentation. You want to help the author.

How do we actually write ConCrit?

It helps to be specific when writing your ConCrit. ConCrit is highly focused on a particular issue or set of issues, as opposed to providing general feedback on the item or organization as a whole. Pay attention to content, intent and presentation.

Let’s start with positive feedback. The following examples, while they might be positive, aren’t Constructive Criticism. They’re gushing. Admiring. Fangirling. It’s different.

  • “I like it.”
  • “It’s amazing!”
  • “ The way you write Character A is sooooo good! I love them!”

ConCrit, on the other hand, requires more thought and analysis. What can be helpful is instead pointing out a certain aspect, phrase, paragraph, dialogue, prose or part in the writing that you find relatable, affects you, that you find brilliant (or lacking). And write why.

  • “I loved how you described their interaction, especially in the making up scene. You captured the subtle underlying tension of two people with big egos trying to make up, in contrast with their previous actions.”
  • “The way you wrote Character A is very good. Despite her acts of kindness there’s, like, this undercurrent of dissatisfaction and need for approval. Reading this I could see the built-up between her and Character B, and how it showed through her actions and thoughts. I particularly like the … scene.”
  • “Oh my god that line is just brilliant. ‘ … (quoted line)’ Is that an intentional throwback to their first meeting? And how much they’ve changed since then? Because if it is, then I absolutely loved it.”

Moving on to examples of negative feedback now; negative feedback is not necessarily a bad thing – in fact, well written negative feedback in ConCrit can be very helpful for the author.

The not-so-helpful-possibly-bordering-on-flaming examples:

  • “I hate this chapter/I don’t like it.”
  • “Character B is so boring/characterization is horrible.”
  • “Plot is boring and pacing is bad.”
  • “You’re appropriating a culture/racism/discrimination/hurtful ideas!! Do your research!!!”

Why is it bad? Because there’s no value in it and it offers no insight nor help for the author. No direction. What might be more helpful is pointing out a reason why the plot is boring. What didn’t work for you? Why is the characterization bad? Was there something character A said that didn’t fit in how they are described?

  • “This chapter is a bit off continuity-wise – it doesn’t pick up well from where the last chapter left off. I got confused halfway reading the (….) part”
  • “Character B’s dialogue and actions in this chapter doesn’t match up with how you described they’re supposed to be. Is this intentional? Is character B a jerk or are they just putting up a façade? Right now Character B sounds more like they have 2 different personalities.”
  • “I find the plot in this chapter a bit slow, more on the side of a filler chapter. The built-up of tension from the last few chapters feel like it’s crashed and plateaued here.”
  • “Your depiction of Chinese culture was not entirely accurate. (specify why it’s not accurate and give examples on what you know is accurate).

By being specific, the writers can know what they have done right and what can be improved, and if it’s something they can address. Of course, the author always holds the final say to make changes (or not) for the bits that the reviewers referred to for plot/personal/writing-related reasons.

All ConCrit is subjective to a degree – the reviewer can quote from the story and add examples, but how they feel about them might be subjective. Just remember that the readers don’t know what you, authors, know.  If they point something out, it’s because they noticed it.

I’m not a writer and don’t understand specific writing terminology, can I still write ConCrit?

Yes, why not? I’m not a chef and I can tell if a dish is good/bad and which parts I liked/disliked when asked for comments. I might not be as helpful as a fellow cook, but it helps to be specific. Did a certain part bother you? Did certain actions/ideas in the story bother you?

What other things do we need to keep in mind to write ConCrit?

Being specific aside, how a ConCrit is worded may affect how the writer receives it. Keep in mind everyone has different perceptions. Written media does not allow tone or social cues to come out as clearly as in spoken conversations, so place due care on that. Try using a more positive approach and pair the good with the bad.

The “Feedback Sandwich Method

A popular method is called the ‘Feedback Sandwich Method’. In short; construct a ConCrit in a positive-improvement-positive form. This helps in getting the message across that we are not here to attack the writer and find their faults, and makes everyone happier and more receptive to your ConCrit.

What does it look like?

  1. Focus on the strengths, the positive aspects of the writing.
  2. Provide the criticism – be specific, well-reasoned, and actionable (meaning the author can actually do something about it).
  3. Reiterate the positives – end the concrit on a high note instead of leaving a sour taste in their mouth.

The Feedback Sandwich Method is preferable especially since we are strangers to each other on the net, and we are criticizing someone we don’t know and who doesn’t know us.

This method is not intended to give empty praises or praising for the sake of doing it, but informing the writer what we think their strengths are and what they are doing well. What we praise may well have been a new technique or a new style that the writer is experimenting with, and it lets the writer know that yes, they’re doing it right.

Don’t make a personal attack. Dont make a personal attack. We are reviewing a story, not the author. Don’t make assumptions on what the author’s personality is like and masquerade it as criticism for the writing.

Examples of personal attacks:

  • “You’re very ignorant in matters of  self harm and mental health / consent for sexual acts/ BDSM dynamics/ chicken wings/ice cream(……)!
  • “You’re not an asexual/sexual ‘minority’ if you think that all sexual ‘minorities’ act this way!”
  • “Are you sure you are a feminist if you portray women in this light?”

On another, related note – if you are an author, don’t make a negative remark on your writing personal. Don’t make a negative remark personal.

Constructive criticism is about the work in question.

What is NOT ConCrit? What is critique? What is criticism? How are they different from ConCrit?

Let’s go over this one by one by definition.


noun: critique; plural noun: critiques

1.    1. a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory.

verb: critique;

1.    1. evaluate (a theory or practice) in a detailed and analytical way.

So critique is not necessarily directed at the writer and not always with the intention of improving. It’s a detailed analysis and assessment of something. Some synonyms of the word critique are evaluation, appraisal, appreciation, and commentary. It’s like the things you write back for English class on Shakespearean plays.

You might highlight or discuss the general themes, the characters and their interactions, or other things related to the work, but you are not providing feedback to the author on whether you liked the work/ how to improve.


noun: criticism; plural noun: criticisms

1.    1. the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes.

2.    2. the analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work.

In the second definition/usage, criticism can be said as being similar to critique, but generally criticism is more easily perceived as the first definition, but neither are necessarily directed at the author, because the intention is not to improve/help.

So now we are moving to opinion territory. What is an opinion?


1.  a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

2.  a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

Subjectivity is what separates opinion from ‘facts’. It’s important to keep in mind that to a degree, everything is subjective, but an opinion is a personal view. An opinion can be hateful, neutral, or positive. An opinion is that – an expression of what a person thinks of something.

Writing an opinion piece (possibly in the form of critique, or criticism) is different from writing ConCrit in that opinion is usually not directed at the writer. Take opinions with a grain of salt, because people have different opinions all the time. Don’t take opinions as criticism/hurtful things. Often it’s not a personal insult because an opinion is an opinion. People are allowed to have opinions. We have opinions on everything all the time because we are capable of thinking. There are 7 billion people in this world. There’s always someone with a different worldview than us.

Now this is delicate territory especially on the realm of the internet, but let’s just agree to play nice, shall we?


Now this is one part that is not okay. Flaming is loosely defined as hostile interaction that includes insulting and degrading the other party, or intentioned to aggravate the other party. Personal attacks are part of flaming.

It is not okay.

Hate, on the other hand, depends on context.

Disliking a certain aspect of a character, or a show, or a dynamic is okay. It’s a personal opinion. We’re all allowed opinions.

Flaming/insulting/degrading people for liking that character, show or story is not okay. Flaming people for not liking a character, show or story is not okay. Flaming people for having opinions is not okay.

Flaming sounds something along the lines of, but not limited to:

  • “Character B’s eyes are green, not almond! Read the original material before you write fanfiction, stupid!”
  • “Well your opinion is bullshit! I know for a fact that Character A deserves to die and you have to be blind to miss it!”
  • “Of course everyone who has a brain would understand but you can go on prattling about this from behind a computer screen in your parent’s basement.”
  • “This work/art/fanfiction/show is the best and I’m sorry you can’t see that with your mindless hating. Why don’t you go out and pet a dog instead of spewing toxic in other people’s lives?”

Let’s try not to return hate with more hate. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.

Still with me? Okay. Now this is sort of important.

TL;DR: To wrap it up, what differentiates ConCrit, criticism, critique and opinions are how they are expressed, intentions of expressing, to whom they are directed to.

Generally, ConCrit is helpful, well-reasoned, actionable, and written to help the author. Critique or criticism is more of the opinion territory, and an author doesn’t necessarily need to address every single one. Of course, they are perfectly capable of overlapping (as in, to an extent ConCrit is still an opinion, etc.)

But when you want to write ConCrit, keep it as specific to the work as possible. Keep personal feuds out of ConCrit. Likewise, learn to accept opinions as opinions, ConCrit as ConCrit and live and let live.

Oh, and don’t flame.  Like mentioned above, an eye for an eye makes the world go blind. Thank you, and have a great day.


Also big thanks to the people I’ve conulted and who’ve helped me with examples, structure, etc. when writing this, and if anyone wants to add onto this PSA, or dispute the contents, discuss anything, feel free to message me through my askbox, or the submit box for longer messages. I will reply in private if you so wish.

Collide Prt. 9

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Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans. Lucas Friar is a rich kid from Texas who’s lost his way. One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide.
A/N: Chapter 8 left off with Lucas’ POV and the advice he was getting from his older sister so this chapter I wanted to be completely in Riley’s POV where she gets advice. This part is Riley centric. It’s basically a filler part before the final chapter 10. I hope this is okay. 

Word Count: 1,884 (short one)

Part 9 - “Courage & Fear.”

♡ ♡ ♡

The last 24 hrs. haven’t exactly been my favorite. Somehow in a days’ worth of time, I’ve managed to embarrass myself in front of a bunch of wealthy strangers, lost my boyfriend and to top it all off, I’m pretty much homeless now. My roommate is finally moving in with her boyfriend and while I was expecting, waiting even, for this day to come, it still hit me like a ton of bricks.

After Isadora and Farkle broke the news to me about moving out, I just wanted some time alone. For the past few months Lucas had become my safe haven, whenever I was having an off day I’d call him up or ask him to come over but I couldn’t do that this time. I had to find a new safe haven.

I know if I go home, my parents will pressure me into moving back in with them which is the last thing I want to do. I still wasn’t comfortable enough to turn to Maya and I knew Zay would be there with her, so he was out of the picture too. Josh was busy crashing on mom and dad’s couch and Uncle Eric lived too far away to visit; but there was one person left.

I snuck back into my apartment when I knew Farkle and Izzy would be sleeping, grabbed a bag with spare clothes, my toiletries, purposely left my phone, grabbed my wallet and headed off into the night.

The three hour car journey from Brooklyn to Boston wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Driving offered a clear mind which was exactly what I needed. Once I arrive, I do my best to find my destination based on memory. Eventually I see it.

The Museum of Fine Arts.

I quickly check my appearance in the car mirror, making sure I actually still look human and nervously shuffle out the car.

The museum is different from what I remembered. I used to come up here in middle school to visit my aunt and in my mind it was a lot bigger. But still just as intimidating.

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OUAT and Consequences

You know what I think drives me the craziest about Once Upon a Time?  There’s no risk anymore.  I mean that in a lot of different ways.  (This is a really long one so brace yourselves).

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Say Something (A Shawn Mendes Fanfic)

Chapter 3

Chapter 1  Chapter 2


“A-w they’re so cute!”

“Nash, I told you they were dating.”

“Matt, shut the hell up!”

I heard the sound of the familiar voices saying around me. I could feel the weight of something going across my stomach. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that it was Shawn’s arm. He was still fast asleep. I carefully moved his arm off of me so I wouldn’t wake him and sat up on the edge of the bed.

I looked around and then saw who the voices belonged to. Taylor, Nash, and Matt.

“Guys what the hell?” I practically shouted.

“Good morning sunshine.” Matt said jokingly. I rolled my eyes.

“Sorry for waking you, the front desk gave us a key and we have to start getting ready.” Nash said.

“Can I ask you a question.” Taylor asked. I raised my eyebrows signalling for him to continue.

“Are you sure you guys aren’t dating?”

“Oh my god no!” I shouted annoyed. I noticed that Matt looked over at Nash smirking. Nash began to blush and shoved Matt a little. I ignored them remembering that they were still in here and I probably looked a mess.

“Can you guys please leave now?” I questioned. They all stood up and filed out of my room.

“Cassie?” Shawn’s tired voice said behind me.

I turned around and saw him stretching. He slowly sat up and smiled at me.

“How are you feeling."He asked. I shrugged.

"Okay I guess.”

Truth was, I just wanted to sleep all day. I don’t feel like crying, and I don’t feel like smiling or anything. I don’t know how I feel. Sure I was glad that I was no longer in a relationship where I was being cheated on but the fact that I gave him everything and he betrayed me.

“Earth to Cassie.” Shawn said bringing me out of my thoughts. “Did you hear what I just said?” He asked. I blushed shaking my head no. He chuckled.

“Are you coming to the event today or tomorrow?” I thought about it for a minute. I honestly don’t think I’m much in the mood today. Then I remembered my cousin Peyton lives here in California. I could use some girl time so why not hang out with her.

“I think I’m gonna go tomorrow. I’m gonna call my cousin and see if see wants to hangout today.” I told him.

“Okay. I’m going to go get dressed.” He said getting up, going to the door “Are you sure you’re okay?” I nodded. He gave me one last smile and then left.

I grabbed my phone off of the nightstand and went through my contacts looking for Peyton’s number until I finally landed on it. I tapped on her name and waited for her to pick up.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Hey Pey. So I’m in town and I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping.” I said.

“Of course! I’ll pick you up in about an hour. Just text me where you’re staying.”

“Okay I’ll see you soon.” I said before hanging up and texting her the address of the hotel.

I went into the bathroom to take a quick shower and brush my teeth. After I was done I decided on wearing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a maroon t-shirt, and my white hightop converse. I decided on curling my hair and putting it into a ponytail. I didn’t feel like doing much with my makeup so I just put on a little mascara.

I phone began to light up telling me that I had a new text message. It was from Peyton saying that she was outside. I grabbed my brown bag and left the room meeting her outside.


“So you need to catch me up on stuff. I mean I haven’t seen you since you guys came to visit over a year ago.” Peyton said pulling up to a traffic light. “Question, why are you randomly in San Diego?”

“You remember my friend Shawn right?” She nodded. “He’s with these guys going around on tour and he asked if I wanted to come with him.” I explained.

“And what about that love life of yours?” She said wiggling her eyebrows. I looked down at my lap and laughed a little.

“My love life is almost as nonexistent as fairies and unicorns.”

“I thought you were dating that guy…” She paused for a second. “Evan?”

“Eric.” I corrected her. “And no we’re no longer together.”

“Oh. I’m sorry Cass.” She apologised.

“No, no it’s fine.” An awkward silence followed until we finally pulled up to the mall.

We walked around a little looking for stores until we finally decided on just going into Pacsun.

I laughed at some of the things that she tried to get me into. Half that stuff I had to question if it was done being made. I grabbed a couple of crop tops, crew necks, and shorts, and then going into the dressing room.

After I was done trying everything on, I decided only on two of the crew necks and a phone case that I saw at the register.

“So you know what you should do?” Peyton asked getting in her car. I did the same shutting the door.


“You should find a new guy!” She stated.

“Um and who would that new guy be?"I questioned.

"Maybe Shawn. I mean why else would he want you to come all the way from Canada to come with him?” I thought about it for a minute but then shook the feeling off.

“No he’s my best friend. I’m pretty sure he would’ve said if he liked me by now.” She laughed a little shaking her head.

“Not all guys can admit their feelings. They more so show it by their actions.”

“I appreciate the advice Pey but I’m pretty sure that he just wants to be friends. ” She playfully rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. Well it was good hanging out with you Cass.” She said pulling up to the front of the hotel.

“I’m not leaving for another week so we should hangout again.” I said getting out of her car.

“Definitely.” She said before saying bye and pulling off.

I walked into the hotel with my bags in hand and ended up bumping into the guys as they just finished magcon day 1.

“Hey Cassie can I talk to you for a second?” Nash asked pulling me aside. The rest of the guys looked at us but I waved them off. Shawn starred a little longer with a raised eyebrow but slowly started walking to catch up with the rest of them.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I know I don’t really know you and this probably seems really cheesy but I was wondering if you wanted to go to the carnival on the beach with me tonight?” I was definitely shocked by Nash’s question but was kind of happy. I mean he was really cute and seemed really nice so why not.

“I would love too!”


(Sorry if this chapter kind of sucks, it was sort of a filler chapter because I couldn’t really think of anything to write :/ I hope you guys still enjoyed it though! )