that last one turned out bleh

So I watched Trollhunters!

Don’t get me wrong, its not a bad show, but i do have some gripes… (Jim could still turn out to be a changeling, and believe me, i already imagined a superdramatic scene about it and ill probably draw a troll!Jim just cause but i am still dissapoint)

You rolled around in your bed messing it up. Pillows were on the floor, the bed spread was half on and you, you were upside down just staring at the wall.

“UGH!!” you had let out in frustration. You just could not get comfortable no matter how many positions you tried.

You finally decided to get up and go bother your boyfriend, who had been in the living room the entire time.

You sneaked up behind him attempting to surprise him.

“BLEHH,” you shouted but he didn’t even turn his head away from the TV. Your shoulders slumped and you pouted. “Couldn’t have even tried to be scared? I could have really been a monster, or a.. robber.”

“A robber that would just shout out ‘bleh’,” he flailed his hands trying to mimic you. “Highly doubt that.” He still hadn’t turned to you.

“Anything is possible,” you mumbled. “Hey you hungry?”


“How about you go into the kitchen and make us something to eat?” you said a bit perky.

“What? Why don’t you do it?” he finally turned away from the TV.

“Because, one, we’re both hungry, two, I’m feeling too lazy, and three, I made dinner the last two weeks. You gotta put some work in too you know.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll cook. Only if we can have dessert later,” he smirked and winked at you.

“Let’s see how your cooking is first and then we can discuss dessert.”

You shooed him into the kitchen. You took his spot on the couch and began surfing through the channels.

After about 20 minutes of surfing you found absolutely nothing interesting to watch, and became uncomfortable on the couch.

You turned off the TV and went into the kitchen. The savory aroma tickles your nose. You jumped up on the counter and watched him work. You tummy began to rumble.

“Are you almost done?” you whined, holding onto you tummy.

“Uh, yeah, about 10 more minutes.”

“10 minutes? You make it seem like that’s not long.”

“It’s not.”

“Yeah it is." 

"No, it’s not.”

You two went back and forth until he was between your legs. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“You know, we can have dessert before dinner.” He breathed against your neck.

“Well I am hungry.”

You pressed your lips and against each other. It wasn’t long til his tongue swiped your lips asking for entrance. You parted your lips and your tongues danced together.

There was a ding noise and you stopped.

“Oh it’s done already?” You asked, a haze already fogging your thoughts.

“Well I’m just getting started.” he hooked one of your legs around his hip. You shivered in anticipation. 

“But I’m hungry.” It was hardly an excuse, and you knew it.

“Shut up and kiss me already.” and your lips and his met in a frenzy of wet hungry kisses. He pulled you closer to the edge of the counter and you wrapped your other leg around him, grinding so desperately against his growing arousal. 

He nipped at your lips to get air. “Well well, I thought you were hungry.”

“Let’s see if your as good in the bed room as you are in the kitchen.” you bit back, massaging the sting of your lip with your tongue. 

He watched, totally captivated as your innocent movement became wicked. You made to jump off the counter when he shoved you up aggressively. “I am having you. Right here, in my kitchen.” his eyes locked with your yours.

You heard your breath hitch as he trailed a hand up your thighs, skimmed over your small waist then slowly grazed a breast. You already felt it, the coil in your abdomen clenching. you released your breath slowly, waiting, anticipating his next movements. his fingers trailed over your mouth, a finger pulled at your lower lip. you opened further to allow him access. he shoved a finger inside. 

You moaned. “____” his name was a breathless plea. 

“Don’t you cum. I haven’t even done anything kinky yet.” His breath tickled your ear.

when did he get so close? you thought.

You wanted to bite your lips and grind closer, but he was doing your mouth like you knew he would do you else where later. 

His other hand rubbed against your thigh slowly, teasingly. The word kinky echoed in your mind. 

You knew he was enjoying this.

He pulled his finger out and put it in your mouth. he pulled it out with a wet pop. you swallowed, registering the sight taste of guksu bibim on your tongue. 

You closed your eyes for a while and when you opened them, he was standing in front of the fridge. You closed your legs and rubbed them together, seeking some kind of relief.

“I swear to god, if you touch your self, if any way, I’m leaving." His voice veiled you in need.

"Ohh.” You let your legs relax as he returns with an array of items in hand. "A-are we gonna use those?“ you swallow in anticipation.

"I’m making dinner ” He says dismissively. “I could hear your stomach rumbling from a mile away." 

"B-but.” You choked in disbelief. 

“Let’s eat this meal first. As much as I’d like to take you now, you wont last if your starving.” He answered softly.

It wasn’t much of an explanation. you knew he was just enjoying the game. 

Then you wanted to scream and yell at him for toying with you then leaving you. But he was right. You had his revenge mapped in your mind, and he would need to be full as well.

Smiling brightly, like nothing happened, you slid off the counter and set the table. Oh yea revenge later would be sweet. 

–Admin Panda & Oreo