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I am here tonight because Ava told me that I could have my family back.

Bitty cooks all the time to procrastinate, so of course Jack has gotten used to the “Here, taste this” and the proffered spoon of whatever Bitty had decided to whip up for the day. Jack doesn’t even look up anymore when he’s helping Bitty chop up the vegetables, or if he’s watching a documentary on his laptop in the kitchen so he can keep Bitty company. He just opens his mouth as he continues to do whatever he’d been doing, and gives comments like, “Mmm,” “Good. I like this,” “Is there chicken in here,” and the “Hm. It’s okay,” which Bitty has learned to interpret as a ‘No, don’t feed me this anymore.’

They start unconsciously doing it everywhere. At the Haus, when Bitty scoops up the chicken salad he’d been mixing and shoves it towards Jack, who’s already leaning in, Holster complains to Ransom, “Why don’t you feed me like that? It’s like you don’t love me anymore, bro.” (Ransom responds, “Bro I used to and then you betrayed me and ate more than half of your share of the sundae.”) When Bob and Alicia visit Providence, they witness Bitty in the process of feeding Jack a spoonful of something that looks like casserole, and Alicia didn’t even have time to comment, “Jack, I thought you didn’t like casserole” when Jack says, “It’s good. Is there more?” They go to a fair when they visit Georgia and Bitty doesn’t even think twice before spooning the slush from his snow cone and offering it to Jack, who nearly swallows the entire spoon because he hadn’t been paying attention.

Jack finally returns the favor at their wedding, when he offers Bitty his forkful of cake and kisses the icing off the corner of Bitty’s face.  

more bodyswap au! varethane requested a scenario where Genos gets sick (because he’s still stubbornly wearing sleeveless shirts despite now having a body that can get cold) and Saitama has to take care of him.

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On May 2, Bucky was 13.9 pounds. On May 9, he was 19.6 pounds. At this rate, I’m going to have a grizzly bear for a puppy.

And someone needs to fanfic my life. “Bucky, why are you eating a wheel?” “Bucky, stop chewing the dishwasher.” “Bucky, stop chasing the cat.” Though that last one will hopefully be the plot of Black Panther.


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