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Bitty cooks all the time to procrastinate, so of course Jack has gotten used to the “Here, taste this” and the proffered spoon of whatever Bitty had decided to whip up for the day. Jack doesn’t even look up anymore when he’s helping Bitty chop up the vegetables, or if he’s watching a documentary on his laptop in the kitchen so he can keep Bitty company. He just opens his mouth as he continues to do whatever he’d been doing, and gives comments like, “Mmm,” “Good. I like this,” “Is there chicken in here,” and the “Hm. It’s okay,” which Bitty has learned to interpret as a ‘No, don’t feed me this anymore.’

They start unconsciously doing it everywhere. At the Haus, when Bitty scoops up the chicken salad he’d been mixing and shoves it towards Jack, who’s already leaning in, Holster complains to Ransom, “Why don’t you feed me like that? It’s like you don’t love me anymore, bro.” (Ransom responds, “Bro I used to and then you betrayed me and ate more than half of your share of the sundae.”) When Bob and Alicia visit Providence, they witness Bitty in the process of feeding Jack a spoonful of something that looks like casserole, and Alicia didn’t even have time to comment, “Jack, I thought you didn’t like casserole” when Jack says, “It’s good. Is there more?” They go to a fair when they visit Georgia and Bitty doesn’t even think twice before spooning the slush from his snow cone and offering it to Jack, who nearly swallows the entire spoon because he hadn’t been paying attention.

Jack finally returns the favor at their wedding, when he offers Bitty his forkful of cake and kisses the icing off the corner of Bitty’s face.  


I am here tonight because Ava told me that I could have my family back.

“She Wants to Sit on Your Face.” [Dylan O’brien]

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New writing style. From now on I will be writing in First point of view instead of third person unless I feel the need to write in third person. Hope this doesn’t change anything :). I will still continue “can you let your baby be my girl” in third person though but not new imagines like this one.

Warnings: a little bit of oral smut. Time-Jump.

y/bf/n: your best friend’s name.

y/n: your name

Song to play while reading. 

Another song to play while reading this.

I have been standing in line to meet the cast of teen wolf for about thirty minutes. The line had been long, my best friend and I were finally two people away from coming face to face with an adorable sex god, of course the rest of the cast was there and I have been really excited to meet them especially tyler as well, but Dylan. Oh he was another story, I was basically how Stiles was with Lydia in season one. 

I loved his acting, and when he’s not acting, his ability to be such a funny person without ever being rude. From what I’ve seen. Fame hasn’t changed how he portrays himself at all. I really wished I knew him personally, but the chances of that can make me laugh for hours. 

The person in front of us has finally got to the front. Since I was closer now, I could hear his voice, and it was angelic. After two-three minutes, He hugged the girl in front of us as she was starting to move to the rest of the cast. 

Everything started going in slow motion now or at least it felt like it. I couldn’t believe it, he was right in front of me. My best friend started approaching him as so did I only slower. She greeted him first as he smiled beautifully as he hugged her.

His eyes then narrowed to me and I felt a little anxious. His smile disappeared as his eyebrows raised a little. Instantly I felt subconscious. Did I have something on my face? Was my outfit not good? Did my hair look like a mess? 

“Hey, come here!” His smile returned, as he was now greeting me with open arms. Suddenly everything I planned to say to him vanished.

 I couldn’t remember what I wanted to say. Do you ever plan a conversation in your head in case a certain situation comes up, even though you know the conversation won’t turn out that way because people don’t follow your brain’s script? 

Yeah well my brain’s script was corrupted right now. I quickly hugged him hopefully he liked the scent of my perfume. Yes I know, pathetic but I couldn’t help it.

“Well aren’t you a shy one?” I started pulling away, I could still feel the vibrations of his voice. Amazing.

“Shy?” y/bf/n chuckled.

“This little shorty is far from shy.”  Oh please don’t do it y/bf/n. Please don’t bring up something embarrassing. 

“She once told me that she wants to sit on your face.”

“No I didn’t.” I denied like a logical person would.

“Oh really Then who is this? ‘Oh my god I want to strangle him with my legs!!’” She moaned a little mocking me.

Dylan was watching this whole exchange and I was embarrassed by every second of it.

“I do not talk like that!”

I was cursing so much in my head right now. I could feel my cheeks heat up as I was face-palming myself. Dylan literally heard all of that come out of her mouth! I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to look at him again some time.

“Why.” I glared at her, as I face-palmed myself for the second time but this time for a shorter amount of seconds. I decided to glance at him now, he was laughing shyly looking down. I’m sure he didn’t hear that from fans often. 

Of course in person I mean, online people even say they want him to stab their pussy along with calling him daddy or dad. 

“That’s very, descriptive.” He replied. 

Well this day turned out way different than I thought.


Dylan’s POV.

The day went well. I was getting ready for bed in my hotel room, brushing my teeth and face was the last task of the day.

As I finished, I laid on my bed. There was something I couldn’t get off my mind. It was that sweet fan and her best friend that confessed A LOT about her in a matter of seconds.

I remember her name very quickly. Y/N. She was so beautiful, I couldn’t help but stop my tracks when I first caught a look of her. Not to mention, she smelled heavenly. My thoughts soon started drifting to heroutfit though, and that skirt she wore.

The words, She wants to sit on your face and strangle him with my legs kept echoing through my head when I thought about her outfit. I started to imagine myself underneath her, eating her out, and It made me hard.

Did I stop these thoughts of mine? no. Did I feel guilty about thinking about a fan like that? yes. It felt unprofessional of me. 

But. I. Just. Couldn’t. Stop. So I just drifted to sleep as the imaginations became more vivid.

My dreams were very interesting that night.


(Time Jump)

Two years later, Y/N and I were now very close friends. It just happened, she started working on making films and tv shows, she was in charge of the editing and capturing the scenes together once they were filmed. This made it difficult to not bump into her.

She had worked with two movies I had done. Of course, when I saw her again last year she wasn’t the shy fan I had met.

She still was a fan last year but she had hid it well. Now, she sees me as an annoying dork who always texts and calls her about the most random things. 

Your POV.

My phone kept ringing making me lose focus every minute Dylan called. What did that annoying bastard want now? I was getting sick of it, so I gave up.

“What.” You sighed picking up the phone.

“It’s about time women.” He did a funny accent.

“Dylan I’m working.” I  laughed. I couldn’t stay annoyed with him for long.

“You’re still at work? It’s so late, I bet you’re just doing tomorrow’s work like you always do. I bet you’re even the last one there.”

I looked around, yep. No one else but me. How did he know this?

“Because I’m outside and no other car is parked here except yours.” I didn’t realize I had blurted out that question out loud until he responded to it.

 “Let me in”. his laugh was heard from the other line as soon as he knew he was right.

I quickly walked out of the editing office, as I passed the current movie set.  Unlocking the door, there he was in the flesh. Walking him to my dark office that only had a little lamp on, he set himself on the couch I sometimes slept on when I had to work a lot.

He was wearing light grey sweatpants and a black shirt. His hair was up in the usual way, and I could tell he recently shaved his facial hair. I see Dylan as a regular friend now but sometimes, I still want to jump on him like I wanted two years ago.

That feeling lasts one second before I stop myself though. 

“Are you hungry?” He spoke interrupting my illegal thoughts, that’s when I noticed the plastic plate with a wrapped foil around them as he was also carrying one soda with a straw. 

“Yes! I was craving tacos so much right now. Could you read thoughts?” I smirked, Dylan knew my appetite too well.

“I wish.”


I grabbed the food and sat next to him on the couch. He watched as I ate the first out of three tacos I had. Good thing I didn’t notice until now because I hated when people stared at me while I ate.

I always felt like I looked like a dumbass eating. Once I noticed his stare I turned to him as I finished eating the first taco. It made me wonder what he was thinking.

“Oh my god did you eat already? Sorry, here.” I offered him a taco, his face only refused. “I ate a while ago, thank you. I’m not hungry,” I nodded and kept eating. I was kind of glad, I was really hungry.

“-for that at least.” The last few words of his sentence caused me to turn around again, he was staring down at my bare legs. Shit did I miss a spot when I shaved my legs?

After five minutes, I finished eating. He kept giving me those stares again though. Annoying because I was now aware. What was happening with him today? He was more serious than usual. 

“Remember the first time I met you Y/N?” My eyes widened at the thought. The things that were said still haunt me.  

“When your y/bf/n said that you wanted-” This is the first time he had brought this up.

“DON’T you dare say it Dylan.”

“You really had a thing for me back then didn’t you.” He cracked up.

“Well I don’t. That was before I knew how you really were.” I felt a blush creep on my face.

“You wanted to sit on my-” That was it, I was getting fezzed up. I decided I was going to cover his mouth to prevent him from saying what he was going to keep mocking me about.

He unexpectedly moved back as I had to hover over his stomach to shut him up. I didn’t noticed the distance between our faces because my main task was to stop him. 

“Okay. I won’t say it.” My oblivious self believed it as I removed my hand and backed up a little. 

“Sit on my face.” Dammit. 

My eyes snapped back at him in annoyance, “You said you weren’t going to say it! Ugh!” Just as I was about to get off him he grabbed my wrist and pulled me as close as he could to him.

“No. Y/N. I mean, I want you to sit on my face.” His expression showed something I’ve never seen before. Lust. He didn’t seem to be joking. Where was he going at?

 His hands started roaming my hips, he kept them there for a little. His lips suddenly attacked mine. I was struck.

Of course kissing back wasn’t a problem for me. His lips felt so good. It made me crave more. I wanted them everywhere. I wanted his lips to kiss all over my body. 

His hands unzipped my skirt. “You were wearing this skirt when I met you. That’s why when I saw you today, it made me think of that day. Today I wanted nothing than to rip it off you.”

“That night I wanted so badly to pleasure you. To make you moan my name.”

He literally just said he was thinking about me sexually that night. Holy shit. What. the. Fuck. I turned him on. Damn.

He continued as my panties were taken off quickly.

“I want to taste you so bad.” His voice shivered through my ear. 

He wasted no time as he pulled my legs closer and wrapped them around his face. It was as if I was wrapping paper and he was the birthday present. The second his tongue touched me. I melted.

He was licking my clit so eagerly, it was as if it was his job. His hands tightened my legs and pushed them further into him. It was as if he didn’t want to miss a single place. “oH my god.”

“DON’T STOP.” His mouth kept going at it for many minutes, touching me more harsher the more I begged. 

I didn’t know I needed this so bad until it happened.

He felt so good, I gabbed the back of his head and pushed him more into me. He soon hit the right spot. Causing me to let out more various moans and cursing.



I finally cummed as I felt him smirk under me. “Let’s go to my house.” He seductively said referring to what we just did. “I want you to ride me on my bed.”

I repositioned myself next to him, as I put my clothes back on.

He looked at me and shrugged, “Guess I was hungry.”


HAHAHAHA. AHAHAHA. So I’m going to go take a cold shower now guys. Goodbye. I’m going to hell along with all of you sinners.

more bodyswap au! varethane requested a scenario where Genos gets sick (because he’s still stubbornly wearing sleeveless shirts despite now having a body that can get cold) and Saitama has to take care of him.

(you can find all of my bodyswap posts here!)

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Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Bernini

Van Gogh: Would you rather become famous after death or famous in life but forgotten after death?

I will die a legend or die trying!

Da Vinci: Do you have many talents or one thing you’re really good at?

A Jack of Many Trades, as the humans say! I’m great at watchin the big screaming box–uh, TV, singin on karaoke night, DANCING, and eating pizza! (though prime tries to stop me in the last one) oh yeah i’m also really good at strip poker but you didn’t hear that from me wink wink

Bernini: If you could work under a political official, who would you work under?

Batman, of course! Who else would I

hold up primes trying to tell me something


Post Crooked Kingdom Headcanon

What I want more than anything is like a short story or extra chapter or something set a few years after the end of crooked kingdom where they have some kind of reunion thing where they just sail around the world together on Inej’s ship.

- They go see Jesper’s dad at the farm in Novyi Zem, Jesper takes Wylan to see his mothers grave and Jesper and Nina and Inej go visit the Grisha girl that his mum died saving, Nina wants her to join the second army in Ravka but Inej decides that the girl is badass enough to join her crew on her ship.

- They then go to Ravka to visit Kuwei and Zoya and Genya and ‘Sturmhond’. Kuwei obviously tries to get Jesper to stay and 'train’ with him but Wylan goes into protective boyfriend mode again. Jesper laughs. Wylan pushes him in the lake. Kaz rolls his eyes.

 - They go see Inej’s family after that. Of course everyone in the show approves of Kaz for some weird unknown reason, most of all Inej’s parents. They all want Kaz to join the show as a magician. He refuses of course.

- They sail around after that for a while, helping Inej stop slave ships. They become a team again. Eventually though, they have to go back to all their lives. Kaz running the dregs in ketterdam. Wylan and Jesper running an empire in Kerch. Nina working at the little palace in Ravka. Inej being a badass pirate.

- They make one last stop though before everyone goes home.

-  They go to Fjerda. Nina shows the rest of them where Matthias’s body is buried. Its on the coast, where Nina and Matthias first washed up after the storm, when Matthias was still a druskelle. Theres no fancy grave or anything just a small marker with his name on. They don’t hold a ceremony or say anything, they just stand there in silence before each laying a flower on the grave.

- After that it becomes a tradition. Every year Inej comes and gets them from their various places around the world and they always visit his grave.

- And every year before Inej drops Kaz and Jesper and Wylan of in Ketterdam, the five of them go out for waffles in the city.

Sorry this isn’t that long and a bit kinda messy. I haven’t written headcanons for these characters for a while but I finished crooked kingdom last night and this has been floating around in my head since I finished it!

(also, sorry if the last few points made you cry, I cried whilst writing them!)

And as always, feel free to add to this headcanon if you want!  


today was weird

Calum Hood Imagine*REQUESTED*

Can I get an imagine where I find out that I’m pregnant but Cal’s he going on tour or something so I leave, then later we accidentally bump into each other etc. My names Kylie

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I thought to myself as I stared at the pregnancy test in my hand that had two lines.
“Fuucckk!”I yelled, dragging out the word. I’m pregnant, and I know for sure because I took the test six times with different brands. The tears began to weld up in my eyes and I sunk down to the floor, my hand covering my mouth as I let out my sobs. I can’t be pregnant! I’m only 18, with a three hundred dollar monthly paycheck, and- oh my God Calum. He’s going on tour in less than two weeks,  he can’t handle a baby right now. I can’t ruin his life, the boys’ career, and I don’t want to burden him.
“Fuck my life.”I mumbled to myself, wiping the tears from my cheeks and blowing out a frustrated breath. I stood up,throwing all of the tests in the bin and walking to my room. There’s only one thing I can do. I thought and I grabbed two big suitcases from the closet and began packing my stuff. I walked around the house collecting things like my books, discarded socks and shoes, dirty laundry, even my cookbook. I made sure to leave everything he’s ever given me so it would be easier to forget about him, not that I ever will. He’s the love of my life,the only person I’ve ever truly loved, and now I have to leave him because he couldn’t keep it in his pants.
“Bloody idiot.” I laughed a little at my thoughts. Just as I was walking down the stairs with my bags, the front door opened and we both stopped in our tracks.

“Kylie, what’s going on?” He asked, eying me supiciously.
“Dammit, you were suppose to be home later.” I said under my breath and he sat down his keys.
“Why do you have bags?”I continued walking towards the door, trying to ignore him but he grabbed my arm.”Where are you going?” He asked and I could see the fear in his chocolate brown eyes.
“Calum,” I started,” I’m leaving.”
“W-what do you mean?”
“I’m leaving you. I’m done with this relationship, we’re over.” I kept my blank face as his eyes began to get glossy.
“But why? What have I done wrong? I’m so sorry Kylie, whatever I did I can fix it. What do you want? More time together, more dates, vacations, shopping spree, what? Anything you want just say it and I’ll get it for you.”
“No,Cal. I don’t want anything. You didn’t do anyt-“
“Then why the fuck are you leaving me,Kylie?!” He suddenly yelled at me,his face going red and my favorite vein in his neck protruded from his neck. I jumped back a bit, startled at his outburst. “Why were you going to leave while I was gone and let me come back to an empty house with no explanation?!”

Think Kylie, think. I panicked not knowing what to say. You can’t tell him you’re pregnant, then you’ll have to stay and it’ll ruin his life and hold up his career and ruin the band and-
“Answer me, dammit! ” He yelled in my face again,snapping me from my thoughts. “I’m not letting you just throw away 2 years witho-“
“I’m leaving because I don’t love you anymore!” I blurted out, wishing I could take it back the moment I saw his face fall completely. He went pale, his whole entire expression dropped and was left blank. I began to feel scared because for once in my life,I couldn’t tell his emotions or what he was feeling. He looked down, his fist clenched at his sides.
“Y-you don’t love me? All this time you’ve been faking? The kisses, the sex, the cuddles, the “I love you”s, planning our future together, your happiness, the affection…” He trailed, looking me in the eye and I physically felt pain in my chest. “It all meant nothing to you?” He asked, a single tear falling from his left eye. I could see the pain in his eyes, I could tell that I just broke him with those five words and that’ll leave me broken for the rest of my life.
“For the last half year no, it meant nothing.” I carried on with my lie, trying hard to keep on my strong face and not let a tear fall.
“Why didn’t you just tell me, why let me find out like this?” He cried, not even wiping the tears that were rapidly falling non-stop.
“I’m sorry, Calum.” I told him, cupping his face and he closed his eyes at my touch. As I grabbed my bags to quickly put them in the car and came back for my purse, he just watched me because he knew he couldn’t stop me from leaving.
“Just one last time before you go, even though you don’t l-” He stopped himself, not being able to finish the sentence. “Make it seem like you love me.” I sighed and walked over to him, cupping his cheek and planting my lips on his, placing in  all of the passion and love I had for him. He grabbed my waist and I pulled back looking into his sad eyes.
“I will always love you, Kylie. No matter what.” He whispered.
“Goodbye, Calum.” I whispered in return before turning around and walking out of his life.


It’s 1:53am and I’m working on Part 2 now, it should be up in a bit or in the afternoon.

What What What!?

Gowther is one of the <Ten Commandments> ???  

Holy Cheese! What? Why?

And might I add that this picture alone looks scarcely like…

Seriously, though…

Chapter 153 has explained/shown some very interesting things today.

1. Gowther is possibly a demon, or at least a magical doll with a demons soul inside. From what Fraudrin was saying is that he went missing even before the war started. As to why? I don’t know. But that means he wasn’t involved in the war. My guess is in order to live longer he need a vessel to hold his soul. 

2. Demons only seem to have a lifespan of a 1000 years, and the war was over 3000 years ago. Which makes Gowther REALLY old. Maybe his real self visited a very powerful magician to create him a suitable body that wouldn’t age, rot or die so easily. Again all of this is just theory.

3. Many people (probably mostly Merlin) have most likely gone through multiple magical tools to keep him from going out of control, or remembering who he once was. 

4. Somewhere along the timeline (around the time he was about to join the Sins) I believe his true self awakened, but not fully. Before the war he was known as Gowther The Selfless. (a being who concerns themselves more with the needs and wishes of other than his own. If anyone care to know what that meant) During the period where he was doing GOD-KNOWS-WHAT he was simply Gowther. (again maybe, could have ran under many different names) But just before meeting the gang he did something bad, or at least was accused of doing so, which gave him the new title of Sin of Lust. My though is he started remembering who he was and was just doing whatever the fuck he wanted to around the humans. Eventually he got to curious over something and it escalated into a disaster. 

5. The other things I’ve notice in this chapter is how adorable both Elaine and Arthur look in waiter/waitress uniforms. <3

AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STATED ON BAN!!! (Plus mister kitty is still keeping Arthur’s head warm. I wonder if he has a difficult time changing???)

Anyways, I have many theories running through my brain right now, but I couldn’t possibly fit it all on one post SO I will leave you all with one last though…

Someone REALLY needs to stop Gowther from watching those Disco movies cuz it’s just way to much for me to handle.

(The picture above might be to small to read the changes I’ve made. If you hit reblog you can read it properly)

Ok, I’m done. I swear… for now XP



On May 2, Bucky was 13.9 pounds. On May 9, he was 19.6 pounds. At this rate, I’m going to have a grizzly bear for a puppy.

And someone needs to fanfic my life. “Bucky, why are you eating a wheel?” “Bucky, stop chewing the dishwasher.” “Bucky, stop chasing the cat.” Though that last one will hopefully be the plot of Black Panther.


Hey, so I promised demigod-and-proud I’d write her something fluffy, especially since I “killed” her with the Caleo thing. So here it is. I hope you like it! :) I wrote it in around half an hour so it isn’t that good, sorry about that. I hope this gets your heart healed.


“Nico!” Will shouted from across the battlefield. Nico whipped his head towards the sound. “You’re hurt!” He stared at Will blankly, a horrible feeling creeping over him slowly. Will was standing with him now, wrapping his arm. Nico looked at his wound in surprise. When had that happened?

A rough push sent him to the ground. He turned to yell at Will, ask him why he did that, when the words got stuck in his throat. Will pulled the blade out of the emposia, smiled weakly at Nico, then collapsed. Nico crawled over to him, panicking.

“Will? Will!” He shouted, tears gathering in his eyes. He grabbed Will’s hand and squeezed it tightly. “You’ll be okay. You will, I promise.” Will chuckled.

“It’ll be alright. You’ll manage without me, just watch.” Will smiled softly at him. “Take care.” Will’s eyes closed gently and he squeezed Nico’s hand, taking his last breath.

It seemed as though time stopped, and no one heard Nico’s cries.


Nico sat up in bed, his chest heaving and heart racing. ‘It was only a dream. It was only a dream.’ He chanted in his mind, forcing his breath to become even. He got out of bed, shrugged on his jacket, slipped on his shoes, and was out the door.

A soft knock on Apollo’s cabin startled Will. He hadn’t meant to stay up this late, but he couldn’t sleep. He forced himself out of bed and to the door. He was surprised to find Nico standing there with his head hung low.

“Nico? What’re you doing here?” He whispered quietly. “Did something happen?” Nico shook his head, but when he he saw Nico’s tearstained face his heart dropped.

“Could you come outside for a second?” Will shut the door gently and turned to Nico expectantly.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Will’s concerned voice hurt Nico, reminding him of his nightmare.

“N-Nevermind. ” Nico turned away, already regretting his decision to come here. Will’s hand grabbed his upper arm and he turned Nico around.

“Nico…?” Will started, only to be cut off as the said person burst into tears. This was unlike him, but Will thought nothing of it, only pulled Nico in for a hug. Nico clung to his shirt tightly, sobbing all over it.

“I-it was awful…You, you had d-died.” Nico hiccuped. “I was s-so scared t-that it was true.” Soft hands stroked his hair, strong arms hugged him, and quiet lips kissed his forehead.

“There, there, I’m here. I’m still here, and I’m not going anywhere any time soon.” Will soothed, rocking back and forth gently. “Would you like for me to stay with you for the rest of the night?” Nico nodded mutely and lead Will to his cabin.

It seemed as though time stopped, but this time, there were no cries for anyone to hear.