that last one proves it

yoonbum isn’t crying out of fear in this frame like we have seen him do before. He just sits on the ground after rejection. This frame breaks me, because i relate. 

This type of crying is reflecting years of loneliness, being and outcast, depression, mental illness, little to no self love. Bum crying here, is after rejection, of being treated like he is unworthy, and for people to not care. He is blatantly pushed to the ground like he is some underserving creep. This kind of crying i have experienced a lot in my life. Of course bum is in a worse situation so his crying is probably more stress filled.

But in this frame i see myself a lot: The lonely outkast kid, who so desperately wants to be part of something with someone, so much that people being kind once can make love appear in their head out of the blue. The child who is rejected again and again, constantly and forever reaffirmed that he is not welcome, that he is gross and disgusting and wrong. His tiredness, his stress, his hopelessness. He is in this frame sensing that there might not be another alternative outcome; nobody wants to save the loner with poor social skills.

It’s no explosive crying, but it’s the rawest most heartfelt of them. There he sits, rejected again. I see myself in that and it breaks my fucking heart to at any point acknowledge these feelings myself. 

What an amazing artist koogi is, to convey this exact emotion of hopelessness and real raw sadness. 


“Pack your bags Percy, you’re always to blame”

“I’m good for nothing at all”

“I swear that I’m a good kid… yeah Percy that’s a good one”

“All I ever do is take the fall”

“I never meant to hurt anyone, I swear that I’m a good kid who’s had a bad run”

“All I need is one last chance to prove I’m good enough for someone”

YO¬?!?!?!??!?!!?!!!!! CHARACTERIZATION?!?!!?!?!?!!! SO EXCITED?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FULL CAST RECORDING PLEASE???!!!!!! 


The song ‘Good Kid’ that was released for The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical where the lyrics goes;

I swear I never stole anything

I never meant to hurt anyone

I swear, I swear that I’m a good kid

A good kid, has a bad run

And all i need is one last chance

To prove that im good enough for someone

What if he was pertaining to Annabeth?!?!?!?!!

prove them all wrong
—  one of the last things my grandpa said to my brother before my grandpa died. My brother has had a very long battle with drug addiction. i’m sitting here many years later still hoping he does.

NotW p. 407

“It was the first thing [Kilvin] had said yo me that I did not agree with wholeheartedly. Metal rusts, I thought, music lasts forever.
Time will eventually prove one of us right.”


near the end of chapter 17, when Sangwoo texts Ji-eun to meet him outside, she lies to her friends and tells them “I’m going home, I’m tired”.

now when she gets killed in the next chapter, there will be about 4+ witnesses to say that Sangwoo left early to drop off a friend, and Ji-eun went home to sleep much later. 

no one will be able to prove he was the last person with her, and he’ll get away with it. 

He’s Younger (Tony X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Jealousy 


Request: Hello Honeypie, I wanted to request a Tony/reader in which they have been dating for a long time , the reader is much younger than him, so he is insecure, Pietro joins the team and hangs out a lot with the reader because of their age and Tony gets really jealous and confront him first tellin him to back off and then confronts her because think she thinks he is too old and fluffy stuff :3

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You were in your twenties, while Tony was in his forties. When you both announced you were dating, everyone had something to say.

Your friends said he was too old for you. Your parents didn’t like him in the slightest because they thought he would use you. The Media called you a gold digger and said you were only dating him for money. The Avengers didn’t trust you for a long time.

Basically no one thought your relationship would last long.

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Yana’s favorite tropes

Today I feel like adressing one of the most popular topics in the Kuroshitsuji fandom, the BL subtext. The male on male fanservice has always been prominent in the series, has stirred up controversy, attracted many. annoyed some, and even spawned a funny rumor that the manga was supposed to be a yaoi one. The last statement, which has aready been proved false, has it’s roots in the author’s past as a yaoi artist and the shota BL works that she published under her pen name Yanao Rock. For this post I decided to read one of those works, Glamorous Lip, a one-shot consisting in six different short stories, and take note of the similarities with Yana’s current and most prominent work, Kuroshitsuji

First I want to note that with these observations I am not trying to prove a point or encourage any particular view of the manga, I simply thought that getting to know the author’s tastes might help to make future predictions on the current storyline. 

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'Westworld' Promotes Talulah Riley to Series Regular in Season 2

We will be seeing more of Westworld host Angela next season. After recurring in Season 1 of the HBO drama, Talulah Riley has been promoted to a series regular in Season 2.

Riley, who appeared in six of Season 1’s 10 episodes, will continue as Angela, the host whose beatific face welcomed guests to Westworld for decades. She will prove to be one of the last faces many guests will ever see.

HBO’s sci-fi drama Westworld, a breakout in its first season, was renewed for a 10-episode second season, which likely will launch in early 2018.

British actress Riley previously appeared in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Pride And Prejudice, the St Trinian’s franchise and Richard Curtis’ The Boat That Rocked.  She also starred in the British TV series Nearly Famous.

Riley is repped by Gersh, UK’s United Artists and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

Well, my heart has never been so toyed with in just that last one hour of TVD. Stefan, you proved once again that you are truly THE BEST character in television history. And Steroline, you never fail to get me so worked up (in ALL good ways of course). Loved the angst, loved the little “reunion” at the end. Like Caroline said in 8x5, she’ll be the one to remind Stefan who he truly is and bring him back. I know it. AHHHH THE FEELS


Snart isn’t even being a dick here, Snart is being honest.

This team are nice to him when they need him, then when the going gets tough they shit on him. Or sometimes when nobody has made a joke for a while, they shit on him because yeah why not?

He deserves better, and if this season has him dying to prove he was one of the good guys then it’s going to be even more of a slap in the face than the last one was. Ditto if he kills Snart to prove he’s one of the good guys.

Fuck this fucking show right now.

Yeah one of the messages I got was about that but like, it’s a big leap for them to say she gave hillary actual debate questions when even in her essay with Time Brazile said she emailed potential town hall topics, which a) wasn’t hard to figure out, b) topics were revealed anyways ahead of debates and townhalls c) like Hillary didn’t or would’ve prepared for any topic without Donna email? d) like Bernie (who she was also communicating about the debates too) would have a different answer for any topic then aside from “break up big banks”?

What she said she regrets was sending the email and that she played favorites, and I get that coz she was then a pundit at CNN and publicly she never outright said who she supports and it turns out she was rooting for Hillary all along, but while the optics look bad nothing inappropriate was actually done.

Also at least ten other things more important made news this weekend, and it’s stupid what they chose to give their attention to.


↳ prompt: friend and foe

it’s hard to trust the same flame that burnt your hand to warm you.


Black Sails meme: [2/5] relationships
  ↳ Eleanor and Richard 

“I was focused on the work and I saw no future in which a daughter would have a meaningful part in that. But, Eleanor, look how wrong I was. Look at what you’ve accomplished here. Pirate crews repurposed as merchant shippers and showing profits. You have proved the conceit possible. You are making real what was for decades a fantasy. The idea that this place can be transformed, made profitable, redeemed from within and on its own terms? You are doing this without any help from me, nor from Whitehall, nor from anyone in London at all. It is entirely of your own making. And it is miraculous.
One day, years from now, someone in London will sit down, light his pipe and tell his children of the unlikely success story that was Nassau. And he will say it all began with a woman who decided to make it so. You have proven me so very wrong. And I could not be prouder of you for it.”