that last one makes me make irl :') face


Hey guys!
I wanted to show you this video I found on YouTube by accident.

It’s a video by nicetsukki/ @v0idal in which he talks about his favorite webcomics. The very last one he mentions is Obsidian Heart <3
I’m so baffled and flattered. I mean, it’s only a short mention, but it means so much to me to see a face when someone talks about OH. So far I’ve only talked to my readers online and most of them I only get to see as a viewer count. I’ve never actually talked to someone IRL about OH or heard someone talk about OH (other than those couple friends that know I’m drawing a webcomic) and now I realize how happy it makes me when it does happen.

I really don’t like talking about my work. It makes me feel extremely self-conscious. But I just want you to know that hearing from you guys means the world to me. I’m probably gonna be the happiest little fluff ball for the rest of the day <3

Thank you so much, v0idal. You’ve made my day!