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Not In That Way | Part 4

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Your big sister was certainly cheating on her boyfriend, but there were two things that didn’t make this indifferent to you. One, he didn’t know. Two, you were in love with him.

Words: 2500

Warnings: Fluff, swearing, nothing really harsh in this part.

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A/N: Thanks to @sleepywinchester for betaing and to you guys for reading! This part is way too fluffy for me but it reminds me that I love this series, and get ready because next part is where things get a bit tense ;)

Feedback is always appreciated, enjoy! xx

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As you made a new cup of hot chocolate, you could feel his stare on your back. Every move you made was like if it was memorized and examined within seconds by the guy sitting on your couch.

But it wasn’t just a guy.

It felt so weird to have him there, it was like if your two worlds were collapsing just meters from you.  

Going back to where Sam was sitting, you handed him the mug full of hot beverage as he thanked you, sipping it before you sat in front of him, imitating his move with your own drink. You could cut the tension and awkwardness with a knife.

A few seconds passed before you decided to talk first.

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I Like The Way It Hurts

Summary: 2012!Phan: After breaking up with Phil, Dan has been sleeping with pretty much every woman or man in sight and Phil has had about enough of it.

Genre: Smut/Angst 

Word Count: 2565

Beta: @annincalou

Warnings: Lots of sex, non descriptive hetero sex, possessive/jealous!Phil, dom!Phil, dirty talk, daddy kink (cause I’m a filthy sinner), rimming, use of the words whore, slut, etc, unprotected sex, and that’s about it. Enjoy folks.

A/N: I haven’t written a fic in 5ever, but here we go because I’m feeling angsty have some 2012!Phan angsty smut. It’s kind of crap cause I wrote it really fast but oh well. Enjoy, guys! 

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Your Choices

A/N: This is the first one shot I’ve ever published so fingers crossed that you like it! I’ve proof-read it but apologies for any mistakes! Aside from that, I hope you guys like this, I had fun writing it
Warnings: angst, a few curse words, slight teeny-tiny allusions to smut? 
Word count: 2,569

You and Bucky had been dating for about four months and you had yet to take any big steps in your relationship. Your date nights consisted of long walks at night when it was quiet (and Bucky had the excuse of draping his jacket over your shoulders), binge-watching films and TV shows until the early hours of the morning (you had yet to introduce Bucky to Stranger Things, holding off because Eleven’s history might hit a little too close to home for him), and near-fancy dinners in restaurants or in the compound (for the sake of everyone’s safety, you cooked, Bucky watched). Things were simple but stable and so comfortable with Bucky and you trusted him with your life, as did he. 

Which is why it seemed odd to some people (your co-workers) that you and Bucky had yet to sleep together. The Avengers themselves knew better than to get involved with your affairs or concern themselves at all. Yours and Barnes’ relationship was out of their spheres and they were more than happy to stay out of your business or prod for answers.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for your colleagues in the office. Although they thought they were being subtle, you could tell whenever you walked into the room that they had been talking about you and the infamous Winter Soldier (their words, despite Bucky breaking off all affiliation with his former alias). You knew that Bucky heard them as well because rumours spread fast in any office, even that in the Avengers compound; every time you both would be walking past one of them, he would hold your hand a little tighter, or drape his arm around your shoulders as if to say We don’t need to do anything you think we have to. Your co-workers’ words never got to you, and you were glad they didn’t get to Bucky either.

Or, so you thought. 

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anonymous asked:

prompt angst: dex and nursey breaking up but then one of them gets checked reaaaally hard and go to the hospital the other one is like 'but the last thing i sid to him was i fucking hate you and what do i do now'

Dex is impulsive. He’s impulsive and emotional and irrational and never quite manages to think things through. When he’s mad, all of his reasoning skills go out the window. It’s a flaw, and one he knows he should be working on, but at this point he’s half-convinced it’s just part of who he is. Irish heritage, and all that.

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open interval. 11x03 coda. (ao3)

Dean spends the evening trying to remember the feel of Cas’ skin under his fingertips.

It happens so rarely, the two of them touching in a way that isn’t hurting one another. Every time it does, every time the universe grants him that privilege, Dean tells himself, This time I’m gonna focus on it, gonna keep myself in the moment so the feeling sticks with me past the few seconds it’s actually happening.

He never quite seems to manage it, though. It’s only the stuff he would really rather forget that remains in his memory for weeks after.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the look Cas had given him sticks with him, too: that awful, heartbroken look Cas had aimed at Dean when he turned down Cas’ offer to heal his face. Dean’s mind hones in on that moment, replays it for him over and over as the night drags on.

It’s pretty damn hypocritical of him, but he hopes, rather desperately, that Cas will just let it go. He knows better, of course, because he knows Cas.

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People who say Destiel can’t happen because Jensen would be uncomfortable/Dean isn’t bi/other bull crap. Here’s a few things to prove you wrong, haters.

1) Reminder: Jensen had to flirt with the young actress who played Amara, which couldn’t have made him comfortable. Being with a guy, shouldn’t be any different especially since he’s an actor.

2) Jensen said he wouldn’t be uncomfortable with it, he just didn’t thing it’d go well with the plot (which I think all things considering, if Lucifer leaves Castiel, and Dean kissed him, or accidentally called him baby one time, or even at the end of the show, the last episode, Dean asks if Castiel will go out and that’s the only mention of it ever, would go perfectly with the plot, especially with this recent plot twist they just threw at us)

3) Technically, Castiel isn’t limited to gender, so Dean would still be straight, but Castiel would be in a male vessel. Dean wouldn’t be attracted to him physically, but would’ve fallen in love with his character, everything about him. His personality. Castiel is a celestial being, not male or female. Dean doesn’t have to be bi to be in love with Castiel.

4) The longing stares

5) They considered having Dean tell Cas that he loved him, but dismissed it later after deciding they didn’t think it would fit with that. Dean has said I love you to his mom, that’s the only time really. He said it to his mom twice, and maybe once to Sam (probably like one other time that I’ve forgotten) but the fact that he was going to say it to Cas, CAS, it huge. Just saying.


7) Misha Collins is the biggest fan girl ever, he ships this so much, it’s adorable. And when Misha thinks something should be canon, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE’S IN THE SHIP, you should ship it too.

8) Sam knows what’s going on.

9) Profound bond.

10) Castiel calls Dean FIRST when he LOSES his grace, and when he gets his grace BACK.

11) When Dean is influenced by the Mark of Cain, and is about to stab him, Castiel freaking GRABS his arm. In what could be his last moments, he freaking CLUTCHES onto Dean.

12) When Castiel is brainwashed and about to kill Dean, Dean also CLUTCHES onto his freaking COAT. in what could be HIS last moments, he HOLDS ONTO CASTIEL!

13) Destiel

14) Best TV Chemistry (2015)

15) Invading personal space.

16) Healing Dean by cupping his face when he could just put his index and middle finger on his forehead.

17) Beat 2012 Ultimate Slash Madness Winner Sterek in 2013.

18) I need you.

19) I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

20) I’m not leaving here without you.

These are twenty, TWENTY reasons that Destiel is my OTP and needs to become canon. Sorry, but this is too true and beautiful and in reality, I’m as sorry as Dean is about his jokes and comebacks.

The Benefits of Taking an Older Woman as a Lover
Benjamin Franklin/Haytham Kenway
The Benefits of Taking an Older Woman as a Lover

Franklin: Hello again.

Haytham: More Almanac pages?

Franklin: Not quite. It’s a treatise, actually.

Haytham: Oh? Concerning what?

Franklin: The benefits of taking an older woman as a lover.

Haytham: Really? This, I’d like to hear.

Franklin: First and most obvious – they’re wiser. And so this makes for far more stimulating conversation. Makes other things more stimulating as well. But more on that in a moment.

Haytham: Alright. Your argument for experience makes some sense.

Franklin: Second, when beauty fades, women must improve their utility – lest they be discarded and forgotten. Rare is an old woman who is not also kind, compassionate, and good.

Haytham: That’s something of a generalization.

Franklin: But also true. Now onto the third! Older women cannot conceive! Which means one less thing over which to fret. In fact, you also decrease the chance of acquiring something like the French Pox – its presence clearly visible – or the woman dead.

Haytham: And should one desire a child?

Franklin: Then make a young woman your wife. Let the older woman be a mistress. And that brings me to my fourth point: With age comes prudence. An older woman is less likely to reveal your indiscretions.

Haytham: Yes. I suppose you know quite a bit about that.

Franklin: And proud of it, thank you! As to the fifth reason: Because in every animal that walks upright, the deficiency of the fluids that fill the muscles appears first in the highest part: the face first grows lank and wrinkled, then the neck; then the breast and arms; the lower parts continuing to last as plump as ever: so covering all the above with a basket, and regarding only what is below the girdle, it is impossible of two women to know an old from a young one. And as in the dark all cats are grey, the pleasure of corporal enjoyment with an old woman is at least equal, and frequently superior, every knack being by practice capable of improvement.

Haytham: You mad bastard!

Franklin: Well it’s true. And believe me, I should know – I’ve sampled a great many. You should try one as well! Like a fine wine, they only improve with age. Although… I suppose if left unattended too long, they have a tendency to sour. And that, my friend, is a most unpleasant experience. Better to work in a field often plowed, you know?

Haytham: Is there more?

Franklin: Indeed, indeed. The sixth is this: the sin is less. To take a maidenhead is a great responsibility. Mishandled, it can ruin lives. No such risk with an older woman. And this implies the seventh: younger women are more given to compunction. Anxiety and unease are not present in the more aged and experienced. And as to the the last of my reasons. Well it’s really quite simple. Older women are so very grateful for the attention.

Haytham: You make a compelling argument, Mister Franklin. I might just have to run a few tests myself.

Franklin: I highly recommend it!

The Chase, part two.

Pan and the lost boys walked you back to the camp, it was a silent long walk and you hated it. Felix was ordered to stay guard over you incase you thought about running again.
It grew dark in Neverland and everyone was asleep. You heard a noise outside your tent that made you wake up.

You slowly got out of your tent and was surprised to see Felix tied up! At first you thought it was pirates but suddenly the rest of the lost boys appeared by the fire. They walked over to you with evil in their eyes.

“whats going on? Why the Hell is Felix tied up!?” You start to walk over to Felix but one of the lost boys that was leading the group pushed you backwards. You almost fell but you regained your footing and stood your ground.

“Pan may have forgiven you, but we havent. The lost boy you killed, his name was Adam and he was my brother! You bitch! We can’t forgive you (y/n)”. The lost boy pulled out a knife that he had been hiding behind his back.

You walk backwards in fear.
“Peter will kill all of you if he hears about this!!!” You try to reason with them but they had everything thought out.

“exactly, after we kill you we will blame it on hook. Peter knows Hook will do anything to destroy him”. They edge closer, they back you up until you have no where else to go. You hit the tent and were stuck. Two huge lost boys run out and grab one of your hands each, holding you down.

“Im sorry (y/n) but I have to do this, for Adam.” One tear ran down his check and then he put the knife into your chest with one swift movement, straight into your heart.

You shut your eyes, winching just thinking about the pain that should have come, but it didnt.

The lost boy looked down, he saw no blood. He saw no knife. It had disappeared, like magic.

“did you start the party without me?…pity”. Peter stood behind the gang of lost boys, then suddenly he was standing next to you. He lifted his hand, the three lost boys that tried to kill you started chocking. The two huge ones let go of your arms, all three fell to the ground scratching at their throats.

You ran to peter and hit your fits against his chest.

“PLEASE PETER! STOP! YOUR KILLING THEM!”. Your face was soaked with tears.

“good. That’s the point. I don’t want traitors in my camp.” You had never seen peter so mad before. This is the evil that you had heard about but wished it wasn’t true.

You take a deep breath.
“Peter, please. It was my fault. I killed Adam and they wanted revenge. Please don’t put more blood on my hands. I can’t handle it.” You lay your head into his chest and cry, “please”. You whispered with one last hope.

Felix had broken free from his bonds, he simply walked over to peter and said into his ear.

“peter your scaring her, if you carry on then she will ask to leave.” Felix knew that Peter wanted you to stay.

Thankfully Peter released his grip on all three boys.

You turn to all three of them.
“im so sorry, I really am.” You help them up.

“She’s said sorry, and your lucky that she is so forgiving, if I had it my way then you would all be dead along with Adam.”

Felix put his arm around you and walked you away.


Of all the gods and goddesses in Olympia, Regina was an enigma. She did not cavort with the other gods and goddesses, eschewing their presence. Many whispered it was because the dark had taken her and she could not stand to be in the light for too long. Others believed she was jealous of how beloved the others. After all, who could love the goddess of death?

            It was a question Regina herself pondered every day of her existence as Queen of the Underworld. The mortals who lived in Olympia would’ve been shocked to learn she chose this duty, a choice she had come to regret. She had made it when she was young and grief-stricken. Regina had fallen in love with a mortal, a young man who raised horses. He had found her offering an apple to one of his mares and offered to teach her to ride. She had accepted and as their lessons continued, they fell in love.

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Just because someone isnt participating in the spreading of information on tumblr doesnt mean they arent paying attention to it at all.  Some people come to tumblr for an escape and to have fun, and deal with ‘real world’ issues in the 'real world’ or in other places.  It doesnt mean they dont care. It doesnt mean they are turning a blind eye.  They just arent bringing it on to tumblr, because tumblr might be a source of stress relief for them. 

Not to mention some people go through so much shit on the daily that the last thing they want to do is dive face first into a shitstorm when they get a few minutes on the computer.  And some people might not be comfortable spreading information they arent 100% sure is true.  People handle shit in their own way and treating them like ignorant garbage for how they do so on ONE WEBSITE which is a SMALL FRACTION of their lives is not cool.  You dont know what theyre doing with the rest of their lives. Not to mention theres so much fucked up shit going on in the world right now, getting mad at people for not posting about specifically one seems a little hypocritical to me.

Unless your blog is plastered with information about every single wrongdoing across the globe and you are trying to get info out on absolutely ALL of it, you dont really have a right to judge people for not posting about one.  And even then, some people literally can not function when ALL of their time is occupied by the shit going on in this world.  Hell I dont think theres anoyne who could spend all day thinking about and discussing every problem in the world without being severely emotionally affected. Some people actually use tumblr to get AWAY from that.  And that is perfectly okay. That doesnt make those causes unimportant.  That doesnt mean those people think those causes are unimportant.

If you want to spread information on tumblr? Spread information. More power to you. Support your cause.  I really, sincerely wish you luck and success.  But dont target, insult, and berate people for not doing the same thing.