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Texts Between Strangers

Note: female/woman ‘reader’

Hey, it was really nice meeting you last night. Maybe we can grab lunch tomorrow? This is Cisco btw.

The text pops up on your phone screen as you’re scrolling through social media. You’ve been lounging in bed on this rainy Saturday morning planning on doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day but binge watch The Walking Dead and order thai take out later. You just stare at the text for a minute, blinking.

You definitely didn’t give your number to anyone last night because all you did yesterday was pull a double shift at Jitters because they’ve been short staffed lately. A long day at work usually left you looking a bit wrecked so you’re damn sure there wasn’t anyone slipping their digits your way either.

This person has the wrong number.

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Porter Robinson quote starters

  Source of quotes

“ my freaking fans are the freaking best. freak “

“ wow im so adorable wow wow “

“ fuck the sore throat fairy. “

“ one of my favorite memories of the last year was telling _____ about my new music and him offering to be my therapist “

“ i played stepmania in front of my manager today and he asked me what was wrong with me “

“ list of things my cold is keeping me from doing: breathing “


“ i am and always have been secretly a robot “

“ my favorite feature is clicking to an unloaded part of the video, and youtube stops loading and forces you to refresh “

“ the entire athleticwear fad has been insanely convenient and comfy “

“ pump it up plebs “

“ tropical pineapple fuck offf “

“ this is me suppressing my hateriest impulses “

“ i forgot to breathe “


“ what’s an ekowraith “

“ this ‘very decent christmas’ compilation makes me wanna go to xmas party djed by ____ in a santa hat he doesnt seem to know he’s wearing“


“ you guys are my favorites (i have favorites). “

“ i’m being an insomniac piece of shit “

“ i will fuck you up at age of empires “

“ y'all are some straight-up buttlickers for not sending me or even telling me about krmt “

“ attn all boyfriends of twitter: may you all give jim halpert-tier gifts this year “

“ I’ll be the one dying “

“ Ideally, I’d be waking up at 7am on my farm “

“ untz untz untz untz “

“ Ay I will ay~ “

“ i tossed that fucker off “

“ Stand up and get out of my cool guy crouch “

“ Now i know how Olympic athletes feel “

“ I’m making smoke over here “

“ Our beautiful child has be ruined “

“ I’m starting to make weird faces, i can feel it “

“ we are definitely absolutely in the club “

“ my hand hurts! “

“ And there’s no question i think that i like cute things and shit “

“ These are kind of like Star Wars galaxies “

“ i like crying about moe girls “

“ put a fucking shirt on you bro “

“ im fucking crying and sad “

“ oh man, in game music is playing “

“ windows media player, killin it “

“ i’m the realist “

“ you can be a guy who plays a weird flute “

“ i was lmaoin “

“ now that i have your attention, check this out: people in australia think it’s funny that we say “badass” “

“ funny meme rukes. good shit “

“ I dreamed last night that I met Wolfgang Gartner. He didn’t know Say my Name. “

“ name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-nam “

“ this baristas name is tiff tiff “

“ neek thiyah “

“ meme-free since 1992 “

“ i couldnt find the version of the tour poster that had giraffage’s name on it so i improvised with ms paint “

“ .. join us…. “

“ (glances at watch, groans) “

“ im looking forward to corporate twitter accounts attempting the doge meme well into the year 2017 “

“ i woke up at 6:00 AM feeling sick and having a weird, delirious dream about needing to turn in a mixtape today “

“ eating poutine does nothing for me. “

“ im pretty sure the best way to characterize the amount of ice cream i just ate is “illegal” “

“ when someone starts talking while i’m trying to show them a song, i will 1) hate them 2) passive aggressively triple the volume right away “

“ I just burned the hell out of my hand on steam. “


“ You got gengar eyes “

“ someone just approached me & asked 1. are you in a rockband 2. are you on the Disney channel “because you look famous”. answered yes to both “

“ snapchats i have received so far: shirtless dudes, videos of college girls smoking blunts, pictures of cats “

“ that sneeze felt so good that i got chills “

PruAus things

-“I hate you” “I love you too!”
-A very “intimate” couple ;0 ;0 if you catch my drift
-Will call you out on your fashion sense together
-Also a very competitive duo
-Lazy Sunday’s are every day.
-Let’s sleep in and also cuddle forever.
-Austria is somehow lazier in the morning
-Prussia is also the flirty one but turns to a pile of mush when Austria does the same
-Basically, they’re a cat and a dog
-Prussia likes to follow Austria out when he runs errands, just so he can hold hands in public.
-Austria also likes to watch Prussia garden and play with dogs because he thinks its cute.
-Prussia only says Austria’s nicknames, like Specs, or Roddy, or just Rod, unless he’s being super serious.
-Austria says Prussia last name when he’s being “dominant” wink wink
-Prussia also finds that last one incredibly hot and dies
-Austria looks good in summer, fall and winter clothing and Prussia doesn’t know how.
-Prussia SPOILS Austria rotten. Absolutely spoils.
-Austria has a very soft laugh and Prussia finds it adorable
-Austria occasionally wears dress shirts, ironed and clean and everything, and ends up ruffled by the end of the day. Prussia finds it so freaking sexy because he’s a loser.
-Austria is both skinnier and shorter than Prussia so Prussia loves picking him up.
-“Is that a violin hickey?” “Oh my god…” “Ha, I’ll give you another one, no violin required!”

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Dad!Connor x Reader fluff headcannons

Hi guys this is my first request and I love getting them so send more in if you want! ————————————————

 -You would have a little girl that Connor would be SO protective of

 -her nursery would be really yellow which you had to talk Connor into doing because the guy doesn’t exactly love bright colors 

-during the labor Connor would have been freaking out more than you 


 -he would go with them when they do the check up on her cause he’s already like “no way is anyone gonna hurt my baby" 

 -he would see this duck stuffed animal on the way back to the room and he gets it because it reminds him of the nursery

 -the baby really helps him open up even more than you did. It makes him more protective but more caring than usual

 -she cries in the middle of the night ALL THE TIME. But like what baby doesn't 

-"I’ll get her” “no Y/N you got her last time go back to sleep”

 -you walk in and Connor is bottle feeding her while singing ba ba black sheep and you’ve never seen your daughter more content

 -Connor reads to her every night before bed. Her favorite is Mrs spiders sunny patch kids books 

-on her first day of kindergarten Connor did her hair in these little pigtails and she was so adorable. 

 -one day after Connor tried to teach her to ride a bike she got a really bad skinned knee and Connor freaked out “oh my goodness! That’s it no more bike without training wheels” and he smiled and picked her up to get her a baindaid and you went out for ice cream to make her feel better  

-you wouldn’t rather have anyone else be the father of your child

MiraGen plus Kuroko in their yukatas.

But wait. 

What is this?! 


The only one who can beat me is me.” — Aomine Daiki. 


AND OMG, KISE YOU CUTIE— If you are happy getting those apple candies, I’ll give you more than those just come to my house you freaking cinnamon rolls. 





Seventeen in a nutshell: Jeonghan

Jeonghan is next in the seventeen in a nutshell series! Make sure to check out the other ones on my masterlist !

Jeonghan in a nutshell:

  • Behold the mother of seventeen
  • is a hilarious balance of affectionate and savage towards the younger members 
  • but cherishes them all like a proud mother hen tbh
  • works hard with scoups to keep them in line and that is not an easy job at all
  • Vocalist with the voice of an angel dipped in honey on a summer day
  • for real its so light yet sexy it’s a freak of nature
  • okay go watch this immortal song performance and just wait for the “watch me move, watch me move part” you will understand
  • used to have long billowing majestic legolas hair
  • also was a pale lilac at one point which was oddly satisfying, however very short lived
  • when he has blonde hair and puts it up in a ponytail and lets only one strand down, what a good look.
  • the adore u acoustic version is a blessing for all of the vocal team tbh
  • For this last comeback GOD BLESS BOOM BOOM, cut his hair off and looks so similar to Johnny from NCT that Sehun from EXO confused them from the back rip sehun my precious bb
  • Always asks Dino “whose baby are you?” and waits until he responds “Jeonghan hyungs baby” because that’s the way it is until Dino’s thirty.
  • If I said this once, I’ve said it a thousand times, he is not a girl do not call him a girl just because he is more feminine does not make him the “girl of the group”
  • also lazy as hell, asks the other members to do things for him.
  • Watch the Boom Boom rearview dance practice or the pretty u one, sometimes he just chooses to not dance.
  • but we let it go because it’s jeonghan our precious, savage, angel.
Dear Journal,

Hey, it’s Teddy here once again. I couldn’t not write in here after what happened last night. It was all I imagined it to be like with James Sirius. Well.. I haven’t “imagined it” but you know.. The thought of doing it with him crossed my mind a few times. He was a bit nervous but he was ready. Merlin he couldn’t stop blushing! When it was getting to cold, we climbed on my balcony and went inside in the house. I didn’t want my dads to worry about me not being in my bed the next morning. The moon was glowing. James was cuddled against me and my arms were wrapped around him. He couldn’t hide the smile on his face. Our legs were tangled together and I could feel his cold hands under the covers.

“Your hands are cold.” I whispered.

He nodded and I took hold of his delicate hands, placing them on my warm thorso. I shivered at the touch but the thought of James getting warmer made me forget the freezing sensation sticking to my skin.

“Goodnight Ted.” He whispered, cuddling a bit closer.

“Goodnight James.” I whispered back, feeling my lids become heavier.


I woke up to the sound of birds and wind. My window was still open, letting the morning light enter the dark room. I sat up and sent a look over my shoulder at the sleeping James. His hair were messy and his cheeks were flushed. I stood up and tried to find some pyjama pants. I was only in my underwear and I didn’t want Sirius to tease me about being half naked with my boyfriend, you see. I silently walked to the kitchen, hoping to find some fresh eggs to cook for my boyfriend. The house was silent… weird. Thunder was sleeping on the living room’s rug and a note was sitting on the counter.

« My dear Teddy! Remus, Regulus and I went to the market to buy stuff for your birthday next week. We’ll be back for dinner. Love you xo

Ps: hope you had fun last night ;) »

I rolled my eyes with a smile while reading the note. I opened the fridge and prepared breakfast for James and I. I wasn’t the best cook but I could cook eggs and bacon pretty well. I was concentrating on the eggs when I heared the door crack. I turned around and saw James. He was barefoot and wearing his boxers with one of my oversized Hufflepuff t-shirt, making him look so small.

“Hey baby.. slept well?” I smiled as he approached me silently.

“Yes, I did. You?” He blushed.

“I always sleep well when i’m with you..” i smiled. “Why are blushing like that?” I chuckled, pocking his cheeks.

He giggled and sat on the counter.

“I was thinking about last night.” He smiled, biting his bottom lip. “I’m happy I got to have my first time with you. It was great.”

“Merlin you’re so freaking adorable!” I laughed, picking him up and twirling him around.

“HAHAHA STOP!! HHAHA!” He laughed.

I set him down and he kissed me.

“Where are your parents?” He asked, looking around.

“Birthday gift shopping.” I said, my hands on his waist.

He set his forehead on mine and kissed me again.

“You should check your eggs before they burn..” he said, jockingly.

“Oh shit!” I said, running to my eggs.

They weren’t burned thank Merlin. I put them in plates with the bacon and toasts and we ate on my balcony. It was a sunny and warm morning. I was happy to spend it with my boyfriend. My best friend. My love.

June 17th 2014


               “Are you at it, again?“ Eunha scowled behind you while you quickly shut your MacBook so she couldn’t have access to invade your secret.

               Geez, this sneaky head! 

               You cursed her inwardly, feeling embarrassed for caught stalking your ex-boyfriend.

               Stalking Kwon Hyuk.
               Yes, it’s the famous R&B singer which known as his popular name; Dean. Your ex-boyfriend who made you stuck in forever couldn’t move on phase, the passionate Hyuk. 

               "What?” you turned your head to face her, giving your innocent look as if stalking your ex was completely normal behavior. Well, it was normal and understandable when you had broken up with him one month ago, but the fact was you had been doing this for three years, three years five months three weeks two days in exact number. 

               "You will only hurt yourself.“ Eunha said, but her voice sounded sad. She was the one who knew how hard you tried to let him go, but until now you never did.

               "I know, can’t help.” You shrugged then looked out at the window, sighing. 

               You can’t stop thinking about him. 

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Last Holiday (2006)




Okay, but, what if...

Aurora was some kind of high-standing figure in the Azran society? Like the child of a king, or whatever sort of hierarchy system they had. She was loved by all, and probably had a hand in working on the golems (against a protective parent’s wish? or perhaps she did it in the name of a parent(s) that died when she was young). Then, the golems gained full sentience and began to revolt - she was the first victim. At the time, people thought it to be a freak accident, but no matter what, their prized, adored Aurora was gone. As the revolt grew, the scientists (magicians? who are we to say) realised there was no going back, so they created one last golem, imbued with the memories of the original Aurora. If anyone were to find her, were to wish to unleash the power of the golems once more, they would face the impossible task of killing the girl they all adored once more.


OTP Meme

[2/7] Episodes: How to Stop an Exploding Man                          “Your whole life you talked about your favorite stories… Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, Kensei… All the heroes you wanted to be. One day, people will tell the story of Hiro Nakamura.”

Power Outage (Kyungsoo x Reader)

Bonjour, mon bichette! How are all you today? I’m literally feeling so baked right now because I’m hungover from my migraine medicine I took last night. I wrote this whilst slightly loopy, so if it’s bad we can blame the drugs on that one! Anyway, you all know how much I freaking adore Kyungsoo. I’m still going crazy for the full version of Tell Me What Is Love because its beautiful and wonderful and UGH. Anyway, this one was supposed to be fluffy and smutty, but it ended up also being slightly angsty at one point? My automatic writing style sometimes just comes out as angst for some reason or another. Well, hope you’ll enjoy this one! 

P.S. Cheers to Kyungsoo ruining all our lives!

“I love you,” Mr. Darcy quickly breathed out, his voice trembling ever the slightest.

You clutched your knees to your chest tighter, fingers digging into the soft blanket draped across your lap. You felt your shoulders quiver with excitement at his confession of love and you held your breath in anticipation.

Sir, I-”, Elizabeth started sharply-

A large clap of thunder shook the framing of the house at the exact moment the television gave a popping sound and blacked out, Elizabeth Bennett’s reply to Mr. Darcy cut off short. All the lights in the house shut off in that exact moment as well, like curtains falling on an unfinished play.

“No! What the hell?!,” you groaned, quickly standing up and approaching the black screen of the tv. You jammed your finger into the On/Off button angrily, but the blackness of the screen just continued to mock you in silence.

“Well,” a sigh came from the couch, “It was going to happen eventually.”

You turned to the boy who was lounging on the couch his hand propping his head up on the arm of the sofa. You felt like a petulant child, but it felt good to complain to Kyungsoo, he always had a solution. “I didn’t think the storm was that bad. And right in the middle of my favorite scene of the entire  movie! Now we’ll never know Elizabeth’s answer,” you moaned as you flopped down on top of Kyungsoo who gave a pained grunt.

“______,” he then raised one dark eyebrow, “You’ve seen this movie more than a dozen times, she says no and then rants at him for being a dick to her sister.”

You stuck your lip out, “I know, I just love Kira Knightly though.”

Kyungsoo chuckled, allowing the room to fall into silence. Rain was beating heavily on the roof of the house, a constant sound like the tattoo of a drum. It sounded like being rocked to sleep or…

“I’m so bored.

You picked at Kyungsoo’s shirt absentmindedly, “Isn’t there anything we can do? I might die if I don’t do something.”

“Well, try and think of something,” he reasoned. “We could play cards, draw, snack…sleep.”

You rolled your eyes, “When were you born Kyungsoo? The 1800s? You would fit right into the world of Pride and Prejudice, you know that?”

Kyungsoo looked exasperated, but as your friend he was used to this, “How about we first light some candles so there’s some light in here? My eyes are beginning to hurt from strain. After that, you can tell me what you want to do.”

It wasn’t the best, but it was something. You gathered all the candles you could find in the dark house and placed them in various parts of the living room before settling on the couch once again. Kyungsoo trailed behind you with a lighter, creating a trail of light in his wake. It mesmerized you to see how with each lighted candle, you could make out the planes of his face in greater detail. His dark eyes were illuminated by the reflection of the flames and it was hypnotic as he turned to look at you. He had always been good-looking to you, but now be looked completely unreal.

He smiled to himself at your look of awe, pleased as he placed the lighter on the coffee table. You suddenly reached up and pulled him down by his shirt so he lay against your body, pressing you firmly into the couch. His eyebrows were raised in surprise, but he wasn’t protesting your sudden strange behavior. A chill had crept into the house from the dropping temperatures outside, but Kyungsoo felt like the sun against you. Where his bare skin touched yours was like touching an open flame, you thought if it possible, you’d be singed by now.

You looked up at him coyly, suddenly a completely different personality from earlier. Kyungsoo had never seen that look in your eyes before and he shivered at it, excited about this new side of you.

You reached up and traced his plump bottom lip, your voice almost too soft to here underneath the pounding rain, “I think I know what I’d like to do now.”

He was barely breathing, “Yeah?”

You swallowed, a blush creeping up your neck, “Yeah.

Kyungsoo was suddenly too hot, you almost pushed him away. His fingers ghosted over your cheek shyly, “What would that be?”

You sucked in a gasp, realizing where this was going to go. Where you wanted this to go, it was now or never.


You pulled Kyungsoo down to your lips, your fingers like a vice on the fabric of his shirt. You thought he would have been shy at first, like you, but he had no hesitation. His hands were in your hair pulling you closer and closer to him, his teeth tugging on your bottom lip insistently, begging. You slowly allowed him entrance and he practically moaned with joy, his tongue slipping in to taste you. You mewled against his mouth when he retreated to allow you to explore him. You didn’t understand how, but Kyungsoo guided you into his mouth, your tongues sliding against each other without abandon. The sheer feeling of them touching together sent heat coursing down to your panties, which were pressed firmly against Kyungsoo’s joggers. 

That’s when you realized for the first time that Kyungsoo was half hard underneath the loose material that already left nothing to the imagination. You blushed, hoping he hadn’t caught you staring at him, but nothing slipped past him. He locked eyes with you, his gaze burning holes through your clothing that now felt too tight and itchy. 

Kyungsoo broke his eyes away, pulling your hair ever so slightly to gain access to your neck. The moment his lips met your throat you moaned, your sensitivity heightened by the fact that you were squeezing your eyes shut in ecstasy. Every time he gave an open mouthed kiss, you couldn’t predict where or when. Each time it was a delicious surprise and you couldn’t help it when your hands wandered to his dark hair. You tugged and tugged him closer, nothing feeling like it was enough.

Kyungsoo please,” you breathed, your head swimming with want and pleasure. 

You felt his smirk against your skin, driving you up the wall with frustration. He let go of your hair, allowing you to crane your neck to see what he was doing. He kneeled above you, straddling your waist and looking positively sinful with his messy hair and swollen lips. He pulled his shirt above his head slowly, allowing you to worship the planes of his torso with kisses and soft touches.

He reached down and grasped the hem of your own shirt, “Your turn now, _____.”

Your ought to have fainted right then and there to save you from blushing from the sensual timbre of his voice, but instead you helped pull you shirt over your head, bra along with it. 

Goosebumps immediately formed on your skin from the contact with cold air, your buds hardening slowly. You couldn’t help yourself when you grasped one of your mounds, a finger brushing over the other one. Kyungsoo looked about ready to rip the rest of your clothes off and have his way with you, but instead he just watched intently. You faltered in your actions slightly when you saw his hungry gaze, so he placed his hands over your own and helped you massage your breasts for you. 

Your breath was coming in short gasps now and without realizing it, you had been rubbing your thighs together to somehow create friction between your legs. One of your legs brushed Kyungsoo’s crotch, causing him to flinch and give a shaky moan, “O-oh.” It strained against his throat and was higher than his usual voice.

You whimpered, dying inside from sheer sexiness of it. You’d never heard his voice sound like that before and you wanted more. You continued rubbing your leg against his hard on, hoping to gain the same reaction as last time. You weren’t disappointed.

Kyungsoo continued to moan the same as before, his eyes shutting tightly at the feeling of your thigh brushing against his dick. You were merciless in your administrations, speeding up then slowing down, teasing him. You thought he was going to snap on you and regain control of the situation, but he seemed to like the sweet torture you were offering him. 

Kyungsoo was beginning to lose his composure completely. He was humping and grinding into your leg now,  desperate for any kind of friction you could offer him. You gasped, your pussy throbbing every time his clothed dick made contact. He whined with each thrust, whimpering your name over and over. He sounded so desperate and needy, so small and helpless, “Hng!…Ah…Ah!…” He was so close to release, but you had another idea.

You didn’t know what prompted you but you pushed him back roughly, tugging down your shorts and panties before you quickly straddled him. You frantically tugged down his pants, pulling his erect dick out. Kyungsoo tugged you forward onto his dick, your fluids already leaking down the shaft, “Ride me, _____. Fucking ride me, please.”

You gave him no warning as you slid completely down his dick, sheathing yourself on him, “Oh!”

You braced your arms on the arm of the couch, rolling your hips roughly. You could feel his dick brushing against you inside you and you cried out in pleasure. His hands were digging painfully into your hips, bury it didn’t mind at that moment because your release was approaching. Kyungsoo freed one of your hips and used his thumb to quickly stimulate your clit, causing you to throw your head back.

He murmured words of encouragement to you as each bolt of pleasure shot through you, your pace increasing and becoming choppier. He groaned hoarsely as you began to tighten around him, “Just let go _____.”

At his words you came, nodding your head frantically as your release rolled over you like waves. Kyungsoo soon followed you, pulling out as his hot seed spurted over your thighs. You shivered at the rawness of his features and the way he shuddered at his completion. 

You collapsed into his awaiting arms, enfolding yourself against him. You’d never experienced such pleasure as that before, especially with him, who’d you thought would be the last person to make you feel this way. You’d always thought Kyungsoo thought you were a burden and annoying, continuing as friends just for the sake of someone to hang out with. You had always been just a little secretly possessive of him, afraid he would leave you and find a new friend or even a girlfriend. It was selfish, but without him, you’d be so lonely. What did he even think of you now?

You opened your mouth, tears pricking at your eyes, suddenly awash with emotion. You were about to tell him you were sorry for forcing yourself on him like that. Oh, God. Did you force yourself on your friend?

He saw your expression and his dark eyes widened, “What’s the matter? Are you hurting?” He suddenly looked guilty and afraid, “…Did I hurt you?” He carefully extricated himself from your arms, making you miss his touch. He treated you as though you were made out of porcelain and you felt so pathetic at that moment. He really didn’t want you.

Kyungsoo felt a thousand miles away suddenly. You vehemently shook your head, “No! That was incredible and I’ve never felt so good before in my whole life!” You worried your lip between your teeth as you whispered, “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for forcing myself on you like that. It was rude and insensitive-”

“What?!,” Kyungsoo said in disbelief. “Force yourself on me?” He looked angry now, but it was strange, “I’ve been wanting you to do that for,” he gulped realizing the weight of his words, “For so, so long _____.”

He reached for your hand and enclosed it in his palm. You were shocked at his confession, so you stuttered lamely, “O-oh?”

Kyungsoo groaned, hanging his head in shame, “I’m such an idiot. I knew you weren’t going to reciprocate my feelings.”

You stood up suddenly, mad, “Do Kyungsoo! You need to start thinking more highly of yourself! Why can’t you see who I see in front of me right now? My best friend, my only friend for that matter, and the boy I’ve liked since he became my friend.”

Kyungsoo gaped at you, his eyes wide, “You’re serious ______? Really?”

“For God’s sake,” you rolled your eyes, throwing yourself into his arms, “Yes!”

He returned your embrace with even more vigor, holding you tightly against his chest. He peppered your face with kisses, “I still can’t believe it.”

You laughed, caressing his cheek, “Well you better start soon because I won’t wait forever this time.”

He chuckled, a smile breaking across his face, beautiful and heart shaped, “Trust me, I won’t be hesitating any longer.”

evakerlitvet  asked:

Hello Vic! I finished watching ep. 1 of voltron last night and started the second one. I. FREAKING. LOVE. IT. I know you like it as well so I thought I'd share my thoughts! Keith slays. Lance is amaZING AND HILARIOUS. Allura is adorable, I just hate the thought of lance flirting with her which he does a lot (look at our bisexual lance)??? I love how organized shiro is. And I also thought pidge was a boy but turned out she's not(I kinda proffered he/him pronounces for her but I'll deal with it)?

YAAAAAY!! Omg I agreeeeee!! Yes I totally accept the headcanon that Lance is bisexual XD I’ve read way too many fanfic lol. Shiro is space Dad and Allura is space Mom, of course. Pidge being a girl didn’t really change their character for me really - and yeah I’ve seen a lot of people call Pidge by gender neutral pronouns, which fits the best I think! 


“Death isn’t empty like you say it is. Emptiness is life without freedom, Darrow. Emptiness is living chained by fear, fear of loss, of death.
I say we break those chains.” 

- Eo/Persephone

A tribute to the amazing space saga written by Pierce Brown.

LISTEN (28 tracks)

The Bathtub - Beasts of the Southern Wild OST // My Oh My - Punch Brothers // The Foggy Dew - Sinead O’Connor // The Blood Is Love - Uncovered QUOTSA ft. Ambrosia Parsley // Blood on My Name - The Brothers Bright // So Long My Mind - AKA GEORGE // Weight in Gold - Gallant // Eye for an Eye - Unkle // Conquest of Spaces - Woodkid // House of Wolves - My Chemical Romance // Hammers - Niels Frahm // Battle of One - 30 Seconds to Mars // Lux Aeterna - Taylor Davies // Big Belly Horse - Ethiopians // The Deer - Woodkid // Movement and Location - Punch Brothers // Farewell Song - Vaya Con Dios // Oh Death - Noah Gundersen //Made of Stone - Envy on the Coast // Lazarus - Trip Lee ft. Thi’sl //Renegades - X Ambassadors // Die For You - Red // Freaks - The Hawk in Paris // Gloria II: Et in Terra Pax Hominibus - Vivaldi // Don’t Get in My Way- Zack Hemsey // It All Adds Up - Shinedown // Isle of Flightless Birds - Twenty One Pilots // Jupiter - Sleeping at Last

(Whoo, my first book mix! :D I adore this book and I’m already working on Golden Son, Mustang, Jackal, Sevro, Darrow x Eo (Deo?) and Darrow x Mustang (Marrow?) mixes. I always put the relevant book scene in the annotations, so you can read along and re-live the book as you’re listening.
Have a bloodydamn amazing day, my goodmen and women!)

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can u rec some dnp blogs (mayb mutuals of yours??) mab list what u like abt each blog/person because I need more frendos and content 2 reblog as I'm a new phan blog!!!

oh god this is so stressful?!?!? i’ll try my best!!!

@snowbunnylester - Eliza is literally my best friend. I adore her so freaking much, she’s like the nicest person ever?? Even though we live across the country from each other, it feels like she’s with me because we talk so much and are always there for each other. Plus, she’s one of my fave writers and she reblogs the most wonderful things.

@moondaniel - Charlie and I have been friends for about a year now and he was my beta for the phandom big bang last year. he remains to be a close friend of mine and we’ve even sent each other packages of candy from our countries! (he lives in germany and i live in the US). He’s a nerd but i adore him and he watches all of the Skam crack vids i send him even if he doesnt watch the show

@jilliancares - I’ve always looked up to jillian ever since I found her writing and she remains to be one of my fave fanfic writers! I literally read everything she writes no matter what it is. Plus, she’s just a generally good person and always responds to all of her followers with respect! Good content 10/10

@themostfuniveverhad - Gabi is literally one of the most popular phan blogs that I know, and for good reason! She has like 50k followers???? like HOW??? Well it’s because she makes bomb ass gifs and has good content! Literally without her, we probably wouldn’t have half of the content we do currently! She’s wonderful.

@crescendohowell - I always considered Sam and I to be alike in many ways, except she is MUCH more artistic than me and she makes really cute edits! On top of that, she’s even good at writing? It should be illegal. I’ve never disliked any of her fics tbh, bc she has the type of writing that i adore!

@phandommother - Julianna, Eliza, and I are basically a little club. Our groupchat name is literally Bitcherinos. Julie is one of my best friends and she generally cares about everyone. She is known to the phandom as ‘mom’ because she is the creator of @phanfictioncatalogue and because she gives the BEST advice. When I met her the first time, it was like a dream come true. I want to shout about her to the world. 

@cafephan - Along with being the sweetest person ever, Kirsten has created some of the most beautiful fics I’ve ever read. I was obsessed with a fic of hers for a very long time (and it still continues to haunt me every now and then). On top of that, she reblogs really good content and is such a nice person to all of her followers! I don’t think i’ve ever seen her be mean to anybody!

@vivianadichiara - This blog is literally my FAVORITE blog to come to for art. They’ve made a few pieces of art for one of my fics and I literally cried tbh. Their artwork is. AMAZING. Like seriously you’ve never seen anything like it before. Plus, I love how their whole blog is so calming and aesthetically pleasing. It’s the place I go to when I wanna look at pretty things!

@huphilpuffs - Callie is such a lovely person and they make really amazing gifs and write wonderful fics! I know a lot of people who think Callie is such a wonderful bean, and I’m one of those people, guilty as charged lmao. They’re just super nice to all of their followers and I always see their gifs show up on my dash! It’s such a blessing tbh.

@maddox-rider - Once again, an AMAZING artist. Whenever I see Maddox’s art pop up on my dash, I thank my lord and savior jesus christ for blessing me once again. In fact, I also have a bunch of stuff in my queue by them currently oops (not sry tho). Seriously, if you want a good art blog to follow, I seriously recommend following them!

I know that I’m probably missing a few people, so I’m sorry if that was you! (feel free to message me and yell at me if i forgot you lol) These are just some blogs off the top of my head and i think everyone should follow them!

Sirius Black Imagine: “Animagus”

Sirius x Reader where the reader’s a bit of a rebel Ravenclaw. She’s wondering about at night, admiring the full moon. Remus sees her from far away and, cause he’s in his werewolf form, attacks her. Sirius steps in as an animagus but gets hurt and reverts back to his human form. She thanks him and takes him to the hospital wing and then like fluff pursues. Xx

Requested by anon

Notes: ravenclaw reader

You were by the Black Lake. It was late at night. The sheen of the stars and the full moon contrasted greatly against the infinite blackness of the sky. The wind was slightly chilly, but luckily, the sweater of your uniform kept you warm enough. It had rained earlier and you could still smell that fresh earthy scent that seemed to lull your soul.

A howl disrupted the nightly peace. The sound made you cringe in fear. You decided that it would be wiser to go back to the Ravenclaw dorms and call it a night. Before you could take the first step though, something shoved you, making you fall. You hissed in pain. It was then when you spotted the figure of a werewolf fighting against a dog. Your eyes widened. The fear you had felt before was nothing compared to the terror you felt now. You were paralyzed, your legs didn’t move, no matter how much your brain was screaming for you to return to the castle.

Suddenly, the dog was pushed back briskly, falling next to you. The werewolf was towering over you now. You could see his fangs, his mad eyes. You could nearly smell his hunger. You curled up into a ball, fluttered your eyes shut and waited the fatal fate, but nothing happened. Scared of what you might find, you opened your eyes. A stag was keeping the werewolf from attacking you.

You heard a groan. Quickly, you turned your head over the source of the sound. Instead of finding a black dog, you saw…


“[Y/n]…” his groggy voice came.

He was struggling to keep his eyes open and you could see some scratches over his handsome face. He lost the battle though, for he blacked out a few seconds later.

“Bloody hell!”

Your legs finally obeyed your brain. You rose up and levitated Black’s body, running clumsily back to the safe castle and trying to erase from your mind the idea that your life could have ended, had you stayed any longer.

Your [y/e/c] eyes locked with his silver-tinted orbs. They held a special twinkle that made you feel butterflies in your tummy.

“Madam Pomfrey, he’s awake.”

The matron approeached you and ran some tests to make sure everything was in line. She smiled softly and gave you a nod before she granted you two some privacy.

“Thank you, Sirius,” was the first thing you said. You didn’t specify why, but there was no need to.

“You’re welcome, [y/n].”

“How are you feeling?”

“Like a werewolf attacked me last night…” he answered in all honesty.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s nothing I can’t handle… I am not only handsome, you know? I am strong as well.”

You rolled your eyes at the conceited comment. The gesture made him simper and you found yourself thinking that he was right when he bragged about being attractive, mostly when he grinned like that.

“[Y/n], you’re blushing…” he observed with an amused smirk.

“I am not!” you denied, even though you could feel your cheeks heating up.

“You look so freaking adorable when you get all flustered like that.”

“Shut up!”

The request only managed to make him chuckle lowly. The sound made your heart stop beating. Sweet Rowena! What was wrong with you? You needed to change the topic before your dignity completely vanished.

“You are an animagus, and an unregistered one at that, I bet.”

Your expression was sober. He stared at you for a long time until he mumbled dead serious, “I think you hit your head last night, [y/n].”

“Cut the crap, Sirius! I know what I saw! There was a bloody werewolf that thought I was the perfect dinner! And then a black dog stopped me, but ended up hurt and turned into you!”

“Shhh! Lower your voice! Nobody else can know, OK?”

His eyes were frightened and his tone was pleading.

“You are an unregistered animagus!”

“Yes, yes, whatever.”

You smirked and blurted out, completely changing your worried behavior, “That’s bloody awesome!”

“Yes, it’s bad and- Wait, what?”

“You are a freaking animagus! That’s incredible,” you repeated, your excitement clear in your voice. “Teach me!”

“Come again?”

His eyes had seldom been so wide. He had never looked so confused.

“Teach me!”

“Why the bloody hell would you want to become an unregistered animagus?”

You tilted your head and twitched your lips into a smirk.

“Why, Sirius? Don’t you know me? I have always been a rebel at heart…”

He shook his head. “You are impossible…”


“And you won’t tell anybody?”


You stared at each other. For a moment, you lost yourself in his deep grey eyes. You didn’t snap out of your daze until his deep voice said, “Classes will start once I get out of the Infirmary.”

“Perfect…” you agreed. “And until then?”

“Until then keep me company. I quite liked the way you held my hand. I always knew you had a crush on me, but staying the night to make sure I was fine really touched my heart,” he teased. You couldn’t really tell if there were some hints of truth in the last sentence.

You blushed endlessly. You hadn’t left the Hospital Wing last night, worried sick about him, clasping his hand and praying he’d recover. There had been a moment he had stirred. Nonetheless, you hadn’t realized he had been awake.

“Arrogant prick!” you scoffed as you smacked his shoulder.

He caught your wrist and brought it to his lips, giving it a short kiss that made you feel like time had stopped.

“Thank you for staying, [y/n].”

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“If you’re taking requests could you do a dad Niall one of him freaking the fuck out coz his son/daughter has your clumsy gene and he’s all as if wasn’t enough I had to worry bout your mums clumsiness I need to worry bout yours too… “

An adorable daddy Niall request for the lovely @niallsaunicorn, thank you so much babes! I hope you enjoy it!

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