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Rules: answer 30 some questions and 20 something blogs you would like to get to know better.

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1. Nicknames: Roberta.

2. Gender: Female

3. ⭐ sign: Aquarius

4. Height: 1,80m i think? didn’t measured in a long while.

5. Time: 5:07 pm

6. 🎂: February 14th

7. Favourite band:  I do not have one

8. Favourite solo artist : I cannot decide between Arai Tasku and   Dmitri Hvorostovsky

9. Song stuck in my head: Like Lovers do- Hey Violet

10. Last movie I 👀: I Origins

11. Last show I 👀: Voltron

12. When did i create my blog: Uhhh 2014 March but it started as a normal blog. It turned into an ask blog about 1 and a half years ago?

13. What do I post (or reblog): I answer questions as 2P Italy and sometimes other muses.

14. Last thing I googled: Make me bark chapter 18.

15. Do I have any other blogs: Yes, I have 4 more blogs besides this one, 3 ask blogs and one personal blog. An Idol 2p Italy AU askblog , A Cardverse 2p italy ask blog(that is no longer active) and a 2p chibitalia ask blog.

16. Do I get asks: Only when I post new drawings. I get many asks but I am slow and they tend to pile up. I deleted about 600+ asks at once because i couldn’t cope before.

17. Why I chose my url:what?

18. Following: A lot of gay porn, hetalia related, good art(mostly pornography and gore) and make me bark fandom lately!

19: Followers:I had 3 flower pots but one died so now i have 2.

21.  Average hours of 💤:4-5 h per day or less

22. Lucky number: 7

23. Instruments: i don’t know any, i sing with my voice only.

24. What am I wearing: My pajamas.

25. Dream job:I want to be a graphic artist and animator and to help in making an anime in the future!

26. Dream trip: I dream to visit Venice before it will sink even more, and see the whole world. I would love to witness the other’s culture.

27. Favourite food: I no longer have a favorite food.

28. Nationality: Romanian

30. Favourite song right now:  Vitaly Beskrovny - Sad Song

Defense of Kamino

“Attention Clones! Commander Tex here, CC-2801 and I am conscripting you into my regiment. Kamino is under attack and I need every last shiny ready to fight! My boy repelled the first separatist wave but there is more coming! They want to disable clone production, wipe us out, signing with our genetic archive, take position and do not let their slices access the archive, go!” (Just some music that fits the theme)

I was bored messing around in SFM with the phase 1 clonetroopers until I realised about my old times playing the old battlefront game series and Kamino was always one of my favourite map to play on due to the chaotic battlefield taken place in a dark and heavy rain with multiple towering buildings surrounding it. So I made a star wars fanart about it and hope yall enjoy it.

anonymous asked:

So who is your favourite SteveTony Tumblr author? Looking for a good writing blog to follow

lmao there was a time when i would have had to have a Long Hard Think about this but now im just straight up. @goodmorningbeloved. Unholy noises leave my mouth whenever I see she’s written something new. Definitely check out some (every last beautiful one) of her works. 

30 questions tag

rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

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  1. nicknames: bothy, both, thyy, xiuting
  2. gender: female
  3. starsign: technically a virgo, but trust me, i’m a sagittarius
  4. height: 154cm
  5. time: 20.30
  6. birthday: 11th september 2001
  7. favourite bands: against the current, bts, oh wonder
  8. favourite solo artists: iu, ed sheeran, grace vanderwaal
  9. song stuck in my head: halsey’s hopeless
  10. last movie i watched: just rewatched tangled my lil eugene
  11. last show i watched: the mask singer
  12. when i created my blog: august 2016
  13. what i post: studyblr + random hp stuff
  14. last thing i googled: how to find your idol i’ve never actually had an idol before?? like, there’s no real person who influences me that much and i’m trying to find one now
  15. do i have any other blogs: i do
  16. do i get asks: i do, and you can always send me some asks!
  17. why i chose my url: #slytherinpride
  18. following: 154
  19. followers: 20.6k
  20. average hours of sleep: 6 hrs
  21. lucky number: 3, 7, 13, 28
  22. instruments: most thai instruments, ukulele, piano, violin
  23. what i am wearing: fila navy blue tee + sweatpants
  24. dream job: marine biologist but i suck at bio diplomat, interpreter, translator
  25. dream trip: peru, czech, scandinavian countries, uk, bhutan, the netherlands
  26. favourite food: massaman curry
  27. nationality: thai
  28. favourite song: ed’s perfect
  29. last book i read: either fahrenheit 451 or dracula
  30. top three fictional universes i’d want to join: hp, shadowhunters, riverdale

i tag: everyone who wants to do this ♡( ◡‿◡ )

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nickname: abs

gender: female

star sign: virgo

height: 5′3″

birthday: 9th september

favourite bands: bastille, linkin park, brand new, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, slipknot, the neighbourhood, two door cinema club

favourite solo artist: enrique iglesias, alvaro soler, 

song stuck in my head: modern day cain by idkhbtfm

last movie i watched: logan 

last show i watched: iasip

when did i start this blog: in april last year i think

what do i post: f1, sometimes k-pop (just taemin lmao) and football. also memes

other blogs: i have one other blog

do i get asks: occasionally

followers: 574

following: 396

average sleep: 6-8 hours when i have college. up to 12 hours when i have free days 

lucky number: 9

dream job: either artist or historian

food: chicken nuggets

last book i read: jenson’s book

what i’m wearing: grey shirt and black jeans

favourite fandoms: f1, shinee, marvel

i tag @nightvisionxpixels, @wouldwehaveknown, @softbottas, @vivianrosberg, @lucasdigrassis, @harlot-of-babylon, @theianitor and anyone else who wants to do this. if you’ve already done it or been tagged then ignore this :)

Thank you @geekmom13 ❤️ for the Tag

Goal: Find my own werewolf ❤️

Relationship Status: Single if you’re too jealous to count Remus and Sirius as my husbands (Yes, @geekmom13 you)

Favourite Colours: Black and navy

Lipstick or Chapstick: Anything, as long as they’re nudish

Last Song: Dusk till Dawn by Zayn and Sia

Last Movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (My husbands ❤️)

Top Three Shows: I used to watch a lot of shows. Sinchan, X-Men Evolution, old Pokémon episodes will always be some of my favourites.

Top Three Ships: Wolfstar, Wolfstar and Wolfstar (rest of the ships are all in the fourth position, Drarry, Scorbus to mention a few)

The ones I usually tag have already been tagged. If anyone wants to do this, please go on.

Yo yo I was tagged by @youreamonocoque to answer some questions right here so here are the answers to some questions right here (I can English real good)

Nickname: Jaboo, Boo, Jabubabu, and an assortment of swears

Gender: Male

Star sign: Leo

Height: 6ft (just around 185cm I think)

Birthday: 9th August

Favourite Bands: Gorillaz, Fallout Boy, Imagine Dragons

Favourite solo artist: Rag’N’Bone Man, Jamie N Commons

Song stuck in my head: The tetris theme

Last movie I watched: Jumper

Last show I watched: Peaky Blinders

When did I start this blog: I started tumbling (both literally and in the sense of this website) a few years ago but this exact blog was started sometime earlier this year I think, or late last year

What do I post: Absolute nonesense and drivel that I somehow formulate into a blog

Other blogs: One other blog

Do I get asks: Sometimes, yeah

Followers: 382 I think

Following: About 190 now I think

Average sleep: 6-7 hours most nights

Lucky number: None really

Dream Job: Football coach or F1 data analyst (of realistic dream jobs)

Food: Pizza

Last book I read: The Hobbit

What I’m wearing: My comfy pjs because I’m an actual grandpa

Favorite Fandoms: F1, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Football etc.

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Nickname: sam or sammy

Gender: female and dead inside

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 170cm = 5′7

Birthday: 30th January

Favourite Bands: AC/DC, The Who, Gorillaz, P!atd, One Republic, Linkin Park 

Favourite solo artist: Booba, Eminem, Usher, Frank Sinatra

Song stuck in my head: Beautiful Trauma by P!nk. that’s such a LIT song check it out !!

Last movie I watched: I’m rewatching In Bruges rn bc Colin Farrell 

Last show I watched: b99

When did I start this blog: oh gosh, like 5 or 6 years ago? have been really using it now for almost 2 years i think

What do I post: Marvel especially Tony and Valkyrie and Black Panther stuff, formula one especially Lewis My Husband Hamilton, shitposts, memes n sometimes other movies/tv shows and the occasional football post

Other blogs: my poetry sideblog @radiantdreamz . moved my travel blog to insta (@samanthascosmos !!!)

Do I get asks: from time to time and i cherish every single one of them <33

Followers: 729

Following: too many. 716. i really REALLY need to clean house

Average sleep: dont know, 6 or 8? sometimes only 2, sometimes 14

Lucky number: 13

Dream Job: writer or mayyyyyybe working in research if i get my shit together

Food: Milchschnitte (google it, it’s german, its fucking amazing.)

Last book I read: a Nietzsche biography :D i love my boy so much

What I’m wearing: a pink tanktop and sweatpants

Favorite Fandoms: marvel!!! motorsports. STAR TREK

im sorry im so bad at tagging maybe @sainzjrs @softbottas @crazyneoncupcake @brethewriter @fzhabsburg @andiib24 @pauldepleur @godbastian if you wanna :) <3

Oh my, Shinya is the most adorable thing in the word, look at his gorgeous eyes and his purrfect silver hair! 😱
Sad thing that he has to be the second in the line because the first one is Chuuya QwQ BUT TODAY HE’S THE FIRST!
It feels decades when I draw Nercassa last and I had to admit I really like her cheerful personality *^*

dragonflame185  asked:

hello! i adore your 'setting sun' fic so much, your characterization, dialog, and descriptions are so amazing and have made me laugh out loud and smile at my phone like an idiot so many times as i reread the chapters (they have also made me gasp out loud with an audible 'no' for some scenes- especially chapter 10's end oh my /g od/) but i wanted to ask what your favorite scenes were from the story? ones that you particularly liked writing, or you just love because its cute/heartwrenching/etc? <3

<3 <3 <3 oh my gosh, thank you! You’re so kind.

That’s a good question! I think the smut scene in chapter 12 is a favourite because it was the first smut I’d ever written, and I’m immensely proud of it. I love the last scene of the most recent chapter (with “One Day Like This”) because I’ve had that image in my head for most of a year and finally got to put it to paper. Basically all of chapter 8 makes me joyously happy, because I wrote it very early on and that moment when both of them finally have confirmed contact with each other was so much fun to write and makes me happy to read, even now. 

Thank you so much for asking, and for the lovely words. <3 it means so much to know that people like my work.

Thanks for the tag @estebaguette!!!

Nickname: I don’t have any really weird ones tbh, a lot of people call me Luce, and I also get called by my surname a lot.

Gender: Female

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5ft3/160cm

Birthday: 25th April

Favourite Bands: Don’t have one

Favourite solo artist: Don’t have one

Song stuck in my head: None (for once)

Last movie I watched: Moana

Last show I watched: I’m a Celeb lmao

When did I start this blog: December 2014

What do I post: Mostly F1 but sometimes about animals (mainly horses), occasionally other things will pop up as well

Other blogs: Nope, instead I’ve just turned my main blog into a total clusterfuck

Do I get asks: Very very rarely

Followers: 803

Following: 359

Average sleep: Normally more or less 7 hours, but recently it’s been more like 9-10 hours

Lucky number: 3 and 13

Dream Job: Something with horses hopefully

Food: I don’t have a favourite food tbh, but at the moment I’m really loving pizza

Last book I read: I have no idea lmao, it’s been like 4 years since I last read something that wasn’t a textbook or scientific journal

What I’m wearing: Jogging bottoms with a comfy tshirt and baggy hoodie

Favorite Fandoms: F1 is the only fandom I’m even remotely active in, I don’t have time to be in any more really (although I’m thinking of hopping on board with the FE people to keep me sane during the winter break)

Tagging: @just-another-dr3amer @rararaenbow @curbstones-and-cowboyboots @softbottas @walkyriez @sainzjrs @heggsys @penske @buckleuplads and anyone else that wants to do it

anonymous asked:

Your music taste is very nice! What are your favourite songs/albums in particular?

the smiths - i know it’s over, heaven knows i’m miserable now, asleep, last night i dreamt that somebody loved me

taylor swift - clean (i will cry everytime i listen to this song)

the neighbbourhood - wires, westcoast, sadderdaze, roll call, leaving tonight, r.i.p. 2 my youth

cage the elephant - trouble

catfish and the bottlemen - oxygen, postpone

arctic monkeys - i wanna be yours, fluorescent adolescent, 505, no buses

lorde - liability (my life basically), white teeth teens

nirvana - you know you’re right, lake of fire

twenty one pilots - truce (never EVer play this song in front of me if you do not want me to sob), kitchen sink, guns for hands, actually every song tbh

melanie martinez - mrs. potato head, dead to me, a million men

halsey - gasoline, ghost, now or never, drive

daughter - medicine (i cri everitime)

lana del rey - high by the beach, coachella (woodstock in my mind), lust for life, national anthem

the 1975 - fallingforyou, loving someone, sex, she way out

joy division - love will tear us apart (very basic i know)

radiohead - creep (also basic, but i love this song so much)

pink floyd - comfortably numb, please don’t leave me

fall out boy - uma thurman, the kids aren’t alright

alt j -breezeblocks

(and some lo-fi songs as well, like skinny ghost by happy trend)

just to name a few