that last korra face is my favorite!!!

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OH MY GOD huge fan of your work no lie! Especially your Legend of Korra stuff. Would you please draw another Korra with Naga and PLEASE GIVE A TUTORIAL ON HOW YOU DRAW KORRA LIKE WHAT THE HECK YOU ARE SO FREAKING TALENTED PLEASE! Sorry I'm weird 😁

Hey! Thank you so much!!!! You’re really sweet! 

About drawing Korra: there’s this wonderful thing in fanart that you can do, and that thing is REINTERPRETING AN OFFICIAL DESIGN. The show’s Korra is pretty darn cool, but I have to say, her facial features aren’t super interesting. Because of the artstyle in the show, most characters have relatively similar faces. Official Korra has very generic facial features: large eyes, small pointy nose, a single line for a mouth. And it’s fine in the show, really - it’s simple to animate, makes her look cute and likeable.

But in fanart, you can go deeper! Korra is from the Water Tribe, which is heavily based on Inuit and other north-american first nation cultures. You can already tell from her darker skin tone that she’s supposed to be a person of colour. But drawing a person of colour isn’t just about the skintone (although that’s important too, pls avoid whitewashing poc)! What makes them so interesting is the diversity of facial features! Look at these pictures of Inuit women, for example:

These pictures were collected really quickly in google images, but you get the general idea. Just from these 3 pictures, you can tell that most Inuit women (also applies to most men) have round faces, large, flat noses, defined lips and narrow eyes. They also seem to have pretty thin eyebrows. Of course, those are just 3 women, but you can see how different they’d look next to an African, East-Asian or Caucasian person for example. There are distinctive traits, and that’s what makes drawing poc so much more fun! Personnally, my style is also very simplified, so I don’t always draw lips in my drawing, but for the shape of the face, nose and eyes I always try to replicate these basic, Inuit-like features on Korra.

I think that last drawing is the best example! I always love seeing fanart done by other people of a Korra (and any other Water Tribe lad, really) with a much rounder face and nose, and more narrow eyes. They inspire me a lot! I feel like these designs fit her personnality a lot more - but maybe that’s just because I’ve been looking at so much fanart! My personnal favorite fan Korras are @shrimpea’s, @juluia’s, @bevsi‘s and @taikova’s!

Last advice I can give you for drawing Korra is, GIVE HER SOME FREAKIN’ MUSCLES. It’s not always super visible in each shot of the show but Korra is RIPPED. She’s not even that thin in the upper body region, just very rectangular from the shoulders to the hips (a little more masculine than how you usually see girls portrayed). The creators said she was based on professionnal MMA fighters, who look like this (only showing upper body pics because we never see Korra’s legs anyway, but they’re probably also ripped):

You don’t really HAVE to draw defined muscles on Korra, but it’s important to understand her proportions. If she’s in a resting position, she won’t look super chiseled, but her arms are still going to be pretty thick and her shoulders very squared. Oh, and logically, you shouldn’t be able to see abs through Korra’s shirt. Or her back muscle. I know the show showed those at one point but it was VERY UNREALISTIC, there’s no fabric in the world that can do that like pls (I was informed of this by my friend in fashion design so I’m not just saying that). Also, I’m pretty sure she’s wearing the avatar universe equivalent of a sports bra underneat, so I like to draw her with a flatter chest than in the show to reflect that. And I avoid drawing underboobs. At ALL COSTS

I hope that helped! Have fun drawing Korra!

A Korrasami Analyses Part 1

I’m not the best at analyses, but let’s give it a shot! Anyway, this is about the pictured hug and Korra and Asami’s feelings for one another, particularly in season 3 (as their feelings are made pretty obvious in season 4, but I’ll still cover it in a part 2).

To start off with, I mentioned in an older post that this hug was pretty awkward and I feel I am right on that point. Not to mention this hug seems to get dismissed quite a bit and never looked at in detail, so I’m going to rectify that.

(WARNING: Long post ahead!)

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This is what I love about Ikki.

She doesn’t like to take her anger out on anyone but the people she’s angry at. She has such a kind heart. She was so annoyed at Jinora and Meelo but look at her face when she saw she scared the squirrel (or whatever the fuzzy creature is), it softens. She immediately regrets scaring it. And then she even tries to chase it down when it dropped its food.

I’ll admit, I love Jinora, but Ikki is definitely my favorite out of the airbabies. She’s like Aang when it comes to having fun and energy level but she has Katara’s compassion and hopefulness. I really hope to see more of her this season.

Seven - Reunion
Title: Seven - Reunion Rating: K Notes: Mako and Asami reflect on Korra’s return in the most BroMasami way possible…which involves confessions, fluffy towels, and lemon shochu.   Something silly and cute for wanbender!  I love your list.  :D  And also because I [also] thought the restaurant scene was a bit…idk…and I wanted MOREEEEE makorra.  Oh well. Woohoo, material! ———- Mako steps out of his borrowed suite, his hair still damp from the shower.  He’s wearing the spare clothes of someone from his family–he’s not sure who–but they’re comfortable and they fit.  It’s actually nice to be rid of the stiff collar of his uniform, for once.   He’s about to head downstairs when he sees Asami staring out the window.  She’s standing in the hallway, wrapped in a long, plush robe as she works her ebony locks with a fluffy towel. When she hears his footsteps, she beckons him closer.   Mako sighs as he walks over; it’s been…a long day, to say the least.  He feels weary; all of him, both body and soul, but it’s his soul that’s bearing the majority of the burden.   When he reaches her side and looks down to see what–who–Asami is watching, his breath gets caught in his throat and his heart throbs uncomfortably within his chest.    It’s Korra, of course.  She’s wearing her own clothes because the benefit of being a water-bender as well as an air-bender is to be perennially clean and dry, whenever she wishes.  She’s standing outside, on a balcony a floor down, hopefully staring into the horizon, basking in the last rays of sunlight for the day.   “So?  Does it feel weird that she’s back?” asks Asami, rubbing the towel through the ends of her hair. 

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