that lady...always taking photos


Made the two hour trek to the Sunshine Coast today with my parents and brother. Beautiful place, the water was warm (sadly not safe to swim in) and the sun was bright and I saw lots of dogs. Dogs! Afterward we took our picnic lunch up the mountain and sat in this little park, eating sandwiches and krispy kreme donuts. A good day.


My cat is jealous he’s not living in Newt Scamander’s briefcase and so am I

Le Soleil, le foyer de tendresse et de vie, 
Verse l'amour brûlant à la terre ravie 

 Courfeyrac // Les Misérables 


I was tagged @bokouto @keitsukishima & @envy-and-pride (I know this is SO DAMN late but here they are *sighs*) but thanks a lot for tagging me :D *hugs* I’m not good at taking selfies lmao. On my last one I intoduce you to my lovely cow plushie, named Mu-chan LOL! I now realize how much loooong I have my hair again I need to cut it haha XD

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listen up:

yes, i’m all about natural studying, studying without filters, messy tables and scribbled notes. but on the other hand, don’t invalidate people who put effort into their pictures. don’t put down people who like making pretty notes. don’t make them feel guilty for ‘spending too much time on the aesthetic’ or for putting in that extra effort to take a nice picture of their notes.

studying can be done in different ways, and we should appreciate all of them. messy tables. beautiful bullet journals. all kinds of handwritings. a sea of blue ink or a multicolor rainbow of a page. whatever floats your boat.

just found this pic of me with this huge awesome-looking tree. it’s when I was an undergraduate. I was on my erasmus programme and travelling on a ten day trip. this was in Bruges, a very sweet little place. the weather was freezing cold though 🙊❄️🌿

I’ve not curled my hair in about a week and it is definitely softer and a little healthier.

My natural hair can be pretty inconsistent and untamable but the winter has helped and it’s been really beautiful actually. I just constantly touch it and flip it back and forth. When my hair is curled I try to not touch it too too much.

It’s my mom’s birthday! We’re not going to talk about how I am so far away from her. Instead I’m going to deliver people’s food. At least I saw her a week ago. Otherwise this would be a different post.