that kiss is for me!

But look closely here…

I just realized his eyes were open!

Until that last moment when his lips completely close around hers, his eyes were open a crack and on her.

And when their lips lock, his lashes fall down, squeeze tight, and he gives in completely. 

He was watching her up until the last second, while her eyes were closed… exactly like their first kiss 

where he opened his eyes first and just memorized her face while she memorized the kiss, until that last second.

The fucking parallels between 3x01 and 4x01 - his eyes were open before and after. 

I’m not okay.

Melting With You

A numbered prompt drabble, requested by @shultzygirl,  @dumbdogsss @starbuck1013 @vickiweis44 @markwatneyandensemble and @medicaldoctordana

She’d left her shoes in the car, pulled his jacket over her head like a tarp, and clutched her bag to her chest, and on the count of three, they’d made a run for it — but even the twenty yards from the parking area to the bungalow porch was enough, very likely, to ruin the skirt of her suit.

Dammit — why do I ever bother to buy dry-clean only? She thinks, trying to finger-comb her damp, rain-blown hair back into place and wishing she’d followed the train of thought that had them still in the car, steaming up the windows, making streaky handprints on the glass as they …

He’s next to her, shaking out his soaked hair like the world’s largest puppy. He sees her irritated expression and smiles that smile — the placating one that somehow manages to hint at things he won’t say, for instance that he wouldn’t have minded the staying-in-the-car scenario either.

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How about amnesia!dean giving sweet angst-free kisses to Sam and trying to seduce him in their motel room?

“God you are just gorgeous.” Sam whipped around to see Dean coming out of the bathroom, eyes laser focused on him. He laughed awkwardly but before he could say anything, Dean was advancing and speaking again.

“How. How did I manage to get someone so gorgeous in my hotel room?” Dean asked as he stepped up so they were chest to chest.

Sam’s heart clenched as he looked down into those green eyes and that perfect face that he loved so much and saw no recognition. He didn’t see his love reflected back at him, only lust. He bent his neck and lay a sweet, gentle kiss on Dean’s perfect lips.

“You’re pretty gorgeous yourself, you know.” He pursed his lips for another kiss, lingering a bit this time, pressing their bodies together and trying to just take some angst-free kisses. His hands slipped down onto Dean’s hips and his fingers curled into the flesh just above Dean’s belt.

“Do we have time for this?” He asked, letting everything go as Dean spun them around and headed them towards the two double beds against the wall. He let himself be gently laid back into the bed; he accepted the kisses from Dean as they got more and more physical. He helped Dean pull off both their over shirts and arched his back when Dean slipped a calloused hand up under his tee-shirt.

“I hate..oh.. hate to ruin the mood but, beautiful, you gotta tell me your name before this goes any further.” 

Sam squeezed his eyes closed tight to keep the tears from falling. He forced himself to breathe “Sam, my name is Sam” through a through that just felt like it had been punched.

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Okay you know how they say when you have (unprotected) sex with someone, it’s like you’re having sex with everyone they’ve had (unprotected) sex with?

Bear with me here.

So Meg kissed Dean that one time:

And Cas kissed Meg that one time:

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So basically what I’m saying is, if our sex ed teachers are to be believed…Dean and Cas have basically kissed.

Thanks, Meg.


This girl is like 95% of the shippers xD