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Gwaine x Mermaid!Reader: Kindness

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“As a symbol of our goodwill, I’d like to present you with an exotic gift captured a mere two weeks ago!”  The drapes covering your tank were wrenched off, and you hissed at the sudden light.  Gasps rose in the room and you glared out of the glass of your tank. 

“What is that thing?”  The King asked as he approached your enclosure.

“A mermaid, Your Majesty.”  Your captor explained.  “They’re quite abundant in our waters, but ones with this,” He motioned to your gold and silver scales. “Colouration are quite rare.”

“Thank you, Richard,” The man told him.  “It’s an honour to be in possession of such a rare artifact.”  Your silver eyes flashed with anger.  You were an artifact?  A…possession?  The man approached your tank.  “And what are you called?”  A surge of anger washed over you and you shot to the top of the tank.  You pushed yourself up and sprayed water right into the man’s face.  The court gasped and a few men in red capes drew what appeared to be long metal sticks.

“You are in the presence of King Uther,” The man said with a powerful voice.  “And you will show the proper respect.”  You glared. 

“You are not my king.”  Uther’s face hardened.                

“Arthur!”  He barked.  A man with blond hair stepped forward.  “Take her tank and put it in the center of the training field.” You looked at the snow falling outside and shivered.  “Two days. No food.  No water.”  Arthur looked at you, before sighing and turning back to Uther. 

“Yes, Father.”  He looked over his shoulder.  “Gwaine and Percival.” Two men nodded and approached your tank.  You pressed yourself to the bottom of your shallow tank.  They each walked to one side of your tank and grabbed the handles, hefting your tank over their shoulders.  You were taken out of the throne room and into the cold.  They put you down in the snow, and the taller one left.  The dark haired man stayed. 

“I’m Gwaine,” He told you.  You crossed your arms and turned away from him.  “What’s your name?”

“Why do you care?”  He chuckled.

“I make it my business to get on a first-name basis with every pretty girl I meet.”  You said nothing.  He laughed again.  “I’ll try again tomorrow.”  You heard his footsteps retreat and then you remembered the temperature of your surroundings.  You sighed and curled up as tight as you could to retain heat.

It’s going to be a long night.

“Hey,” Someone touched your shoulder, shaking you out of your sleep.  “Wake up.”  You groaned and sat up as you shivered violently.  “You gotta stay quiet.”  You looked up at Gwaine, who was wrapped up in warm clothes and holding a thick blanket in his arms.

“What do you want?”  He smiled. 

“I’m taking you inside for the night.”  You eyed him warily.  He raised an eyebrow.  “Would you rather stay out here?”  You weighed your options, before nodding reluctantly.  He smiled.  “Good girl,” He walked closer and crouched.  He put the blanket down and reached his arms out.  He easily reached an arm around your back, but hesitated at the sight of your tail.

“Never seen a mermaid before?”  You asked sarcastically.  He glared at you with a smirk.

“What do you think?”  You found yourself smiling.

“Here,” You said, and snapped your fingers and your tail began to tingle.  Your tail slowly shifted until it became a glimmering silver skirt.  Gwaine’s eyes were the size of saucers.  “Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a skirt,” You teased.  He rolled his eyes and grabbed your legs, hoisting you out of the water.  You shivered and instinctively pressed yourself closer to Gwaine.  He gently set you down, wrapped you in the blanket and carried you inside.  He quietly walked through the halls, checking around the corners until he stopped in front of a door.  He quietly kicked it open with his foot and carried you inside.  There was a small bed in the corner and a makeshift bed on the ground.  He set you on the bed.

“Are you hungry?” he asked you as he took off his coat.  You shrugged.

“A little,” You admitted.  He walked over to a wooden bowl and pulled out what looked like a shiny ball.  He threw it to you and you caught it, turning it over in your hands.  “What is it?” You asked.

“It’s an apple,” He grabbed another one and sat down next to you.  He took a bite.  “Try it.” You hesitantly took a bite of the apple.  It crunched in your mouth and the juice gushed out.  You hummed in appreciation,

“It’s good,” You said before taking another bite.  When you were finished you yawned sleepily and Gwaine smiled at you.

“Okay, miss mermaid, it’s time for you to sleep.”  He got up, took the apple core from you, and gently pushed you down to lie on the bed.  He tucked you in snugly and blew out the candle next to the bed.

“Where are you going to sleep?”  He pointed to the makeshift bed on the ground.  “No, I can’t let you sleep on the ground!” You protested.  He shrugged.

“Too bad; I’m sleeping here.”   He laid down and covered up to prove his point.  “You sleep too.  It’s been a stressful day for you.  And I’ll have to wake you up early so Uther doesn’t find out I brought you inside.”  You nodded, laid your head on the pillow, and fell asleep immediately.

You were gently shaken awake a few hours later.  “Time to go,” He said sadly.  You nodded and stood up.  He led you out the door and you crept back towards your tank, careful not to be seen.  When you were both standing over your tank, you removed his cloak from your shoulders and passed it back to him.

“Thank you,” You told him sincerely.  “For everything.”

“I’ll be back tonight,” He told you.  You smiled, and slowly dipped your feet in the water, gasping at the frigid temperature.  You slowly lowered yourself down, and when your legs were fully submerged, you snapped your fingers again.  Your skirt morphed back into silver scales as you adjusted to the temperature.    “You sure you’ll be alright?” He crouched next to you.

“Half-fish.” You told him.  “Cold-blooded.”

“What does that mean?”

“I adjust to temperatures easily.  Now get inside before someone sees you!”  You urged him.  He smiled.  He reached towards your face, but dropped his hand after a second thought.  He stood up and walked away, but not before waving at you one last time.  When he was gone, you sighed to yourself and sunk to the bottom of your tank.

It was quiet, for the most part.  The occasional guard would walk by, but you were left to yourself.  As the sun was setting, you spotted a lone figure carefully approaching your tank.  You sat up as Gwaine held up a cloak.  You snapped your fingers, your tail shifted, and you stood up.  You took the cloak and wrapped it around yourself, relishing in the warmth it provided.  Gwaine wrapped an arm around you and led you back to his room.  He sat you on the bed and passed you another apple.  As you ate, he sat down next to you.  “Why do you do this?”


“Why are you helping me?” You asked.  “I’m just the shiny new toy.” He was silent for a minute, before sighing.

“Because no one deserves to be treated like property, least of all you.”  You put your apple down.

“But you don’t even know me.”

“Do I have to?” He asked.  “You were taken from your home, and you’re on display every day. That’s all I need to know.”  You felt tears welling.  “Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked.  You wiped your eyes hastily.

“It’s nothing, I just—” You took a breath.  “You’re the first person to show me any kindness.”  You smiled shakily.  “Thank you.”  He smiled back, and gently grabbed your hand.  You stared at each other, and you both slowly leaned in. Before you could stop yourself, your lips gently brushed together.  You both pulled back and looked at each other again.  Then, Gwaine cupped the back of your head and pulled you in, more firmly this time.  When you pulled back again, he smiled more brightly and leaned back, pulling you on top of his chest.  He used his free arm to put out the candle and pull the covers over the two of you.  He pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Sleep,” He murmured against your skin.  You didn’t need any more prompting and fell asleep, dreaming of what the future held in store for you.

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rewatching king arthur 2004
  • Tristan: *hair everywhere his face*
  • My mom: Oh, Hannibal's looking dirty here.
  • Me: Mom this is King Arthur. His name is Tristan.
  • Tristan: *croons his pet bird*
  • My mom: Oh Hannibal has a pet here.
  • Me: Mom this is King Arthur. His name is Tristan.
  • Tristan: *gets killed by the Saxon leader*
  • My mom: Oh, they killed Hannibal.
  • Me: Nooooooooo Will Graham where are youuuuuu!!!!! Save Hannibal!!!! T_T
  • My mom: His name is Galahad, honey. Not Will.

I just can’t get over how GOOD he looks right now. It seriously looks like he’s shaved 7 years off despite the silver hair (which I love). This year’s photoshoots, King Arthur, whatever it is, it’s good. Aidan looks so fit and healthy.

No disrespect, Aidan’s always been handsome but there’s something different about him this year. He seems more relaxed and happy.

Everybody loves Tenma

I’m sorry, I was not home yesterday so I could’nt draw. I woke up at 6 AM to go back home this morning and the road is a slope and I was on my bike, so I’m dead already ahah.

Also, I’m sorry, I just went nuts with Taiyou’s hair xD

So here is @linabigface‘s original post ! Thank you for playing, and sorry again for Taiyou. I’m glad you choose Tenma, he’s actually so cute and I love drawing him (but why Taiyou please explain do you want me to die). It was my first time drawing Fey as well  !

Everybody loves Tenma

1.Fei loves Tenma: Well In Chrono Stone, Tenma gets really close to Fei and cared a lot for him when we knew who Fei was. I don’t really ship it but I really see it as a strong friendship

2.Taiyou loves Tenma: I really think Taiyou has a crush on Tenma and also when you see how these two meet in the anime… I have to admit that his personnality ressemble a lot to Tenma’s.

3.Yuuichi loves Tenma: I really love how Yuuichi gets close to Tenma by saying everything about Kyousuke. I see them as a BrOTP

But Tenma LOVES Kyousuke :

If you have been following my blog for a while (shout out to my 15 followers who decided to follow someone like me) that I ship KyouTen so haaard but THESE TWO ARE FUCKING MADE FOR EACH OTHERS THE FIRST TIME THEY LOOKED AT EACH OTHRS.

I mean like you know at first Kyousuke is really hostile towards Tenma but even after that Tenma still believed him. Tenma followed him once at the hospital, there was that moment where Kyousuke saved Tenma, I always fangirl when I remember that, everytime Tenma jumps at him… Don’t tell me that Kyousuke isn’t jealous each time someone is too close to Tenma.The whole Galaxy season was filled with KyouTen. Also Kyousuke’s keishin is Lancelot,Lancelot is a character in King Arthur’s story,Tenma’s mixi-max is King Arthur and when he gets mixi-maxed he gets long blonde hair. THESE TWO THINGS ARE LINKED because as we know Lancelot feels in love with Guenièvre. I also really see Yuuichi as Tenma’s brother in law, Taiyou would be the one who keeps making Kyousuke jealous because he keeps being a bit too close to Tenma and Fei well..We already saw him jealous once because of him anyway. I also wished to see their little baby Kyouma in the anime

Those little moments made me ship it. I have to admit that at first I didn’t ship gay ships at all. I discovered Inazuma Eleven because I saw a KyouTen fanart and I loved Tenma’s eyes. I saw Naegiri through KyouTen and also I really think that Kyousuke is Dark Pit+ Kirigir Kyouko ‘s personnality fusioned and Tenma is Pit+Naegi ‘s personnality fusion (I don’t ship Pitcest btw, incest is not for me at all)

I would be able to talk about how much Kyousuke and Tenma are made for each others for hours but my post is already long enough with only KyouTen omg

I like Tenma x Taiyou tho. 
I remember once reading a fic where there were two main ships, Tsurugi x Tenma and Hakuryuu x Shuu. Well, I found that Tsurugi and Hakuryuu had a great alchemy in it and it’s the first I considered this pairing but in the anime it’s obvious Tsurugi cares A LOT for Tenma and there is indeed a link between them so… I ship them of course (but Tsurugi x Hakuryuu is still pretty amazing). Anyway, they are definitly cute together ! :>

Here is the list of unavailable characters : Kidou, Fudou, Kubuki Shirou, Touko, Hakuryuu, Midorikawa, Tachimukai, Suzuno, Sakuma, Tenma, Kirino, Tsurugi Yuuchi, Fideo

Wah, it’s amazing to see how much “Everybody loves somebody” have been done already ! School begins soon for me so I must stop this game friday or saturday. Well, stop the drawing part. You can stil play it as long as you want ! I am glad you had fun guys, I had a lot of fun too and I hope the next game will be as fun ! (next game ? maybe ? don’t know neither ahah)

vivo-the-author  asked:

Umm, Maria? May I ask for advice from a fellow author? In my upcoming novel I am about to create a female character with theme of Arthurian chivalry. In future. Problem is: I am itching to make her a saberface. Yay or nay?

Yay if it’s King Arthur or Mordred

If it’s another, don’t. Brown hair is way better than blonde hair anyways, and braids can fall. Don’t be a fool, don’t be takeuchi.




Gif source:  Tristan

Imagine fixing the braids in Tristan’s hair every morning.

——— Request for anon ———

“Stop that!” You giggle, reaching away from his half-finished braid to swat gently at the hand he was snaking town your back, catching the mischief in Tristan’s eyes, “Must you always be such a flirt?”

“Only with you,” he admits, relenting to your protests and allowing you to complete your braiding of his hair. “I think you enjoy my efforts.”

With a smirk, you teasingly move just out of his reach, “Your hair is done.”