that kinda sounds familiar


I found this pic on Ryan’s Instagram and noticed something.

REALLY. LOOK. *ONLY FOR TONITE* on the top right. Doesn’t that kinda sound familiar… The 0:28 video he posted December 22 lyrics. Holy shit.

First of all: I fnally figured out the lyrics to the clip.

Oh, when you’ve loved so long.
You Gotta get back just to get her back
Gotta go away to make a comeback
And I don’t think I wanna live like that.
No, not tonight.


No, only for tonight.
and he could have tweaked the verse. Changed it from “only for tonight” to “no not tonight.” ——


This has nothing to do with anything. I just have a conspiracy theory I thought I’d share. That is….

At least we know he’s been working on new things.

1. And if he worked on the songs in pic in order, he presumably has other stuff ready to go.

2. With the song structure and the lyrical aspects of the clip, I realize that its much more EDM sounding than his past work. Okay he’s trying something new But it gibes off a new vibe to me. It gives a club sounding, happy, feel good anthem vibe. A song about letting go. Moving on.

And if *Only for Tonite* is the lyrics to the song he leaked on Instagram:

* The lyrics state: “gotta go away to make a comeback” He’s definitely gone away for a while. And does this mean that he’s ready to try again? To make a, dare I say it, a comeback? I hope so.

* so is this the song that tells us? Is this how he’s telling us? He’s coming back? Idk.


*is he telling us that he doesn’t want to live like that? THAT HE DOESN’T WANNA MAKE A COMEBACK? Not in the spotlight? Not releasing albums, singles, meeting fans? Is this like a goodbye letter?

*Or he doesn’t want to not release stuff? He’s ready to come back? I’m confused, Ryan. Are you telling us you’re coming back or staying out of the spotlight for now? He didn’t make this clear, lyrically, and it’s destroying my soul.


But if he’s been working on new things… Why would he not release them? You know what I mean. Why would he work on all this stuff and not share it with us?
To make a big, kick-ass comeback. To bless us all with so much at once.

The end. I support this theory. I believe it. He gonna make a comeback.

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Sounds Kinda Familiar...
  • Sounds Kinda Familiar...

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought so!! 

This is from the Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki BLCD: Nozomi’s whistling a short tune, that imo sounded a lot like Clear’s Song aka the Jellyfish Song from DMMD!?? 

It’s not the same exactly but I still had a mini heart attack when I heard it o_o

I was like - fandoms collide?? Hell yeah~ 

(You may wanna turn up the volume, the audio is quite quiet)

Edit: Well, apparently I’ve heard the original song before. Still sounds a little like Clear’s song. *shrugs*

But what if Xray and Vav/Camp Camp crossover?
  • David and Vav becoming fast friends who want nothing more than to see the kids happy. Max is suffering because now he has two obnoxious counselors to deal with.
  • Xray….is Xray. He’d probably fight a kid if he was allowed to. Probably does it anyway. Gwen admires his spunk.
  • Mogar has no idea how to care for human children but becomes a counselor because the forest reminds him of home. What do human kids eat? Dead things? Probably. He should find some dead things for the tiny humans. Nikki thinks he’s awesome. Max thinks he’s REALLY awesome, and also sounds kinda familiar.
  • Rusty punts Dolph off a cliff because he’s the worst fucking character in the show. Maybe the Quartermaster too, because of his shitty comments about Jewish people. Uncle Rusty’s the new Quartermaster now, kids.
  • Rusty’s probably old friends with Cameron. Maybe they’re exes.
  • Hilda brings a portable lab with her to work while the idiots teach the kids arts and crafts. Neil sticks to her like glue and becomes her little helper.
  • Ash is there to do a report on heroes being a good influence on the youth of tomorrow, or something. Vav wants nothing more than to impress her with his ability to handle children. Naturally, Max catches on and wants to fuck with him. He has no idea why, but something about Vav just really annoys the shit out of him.
  • Maybe the Mad King is on parole and has to do community service and be a camp counselor as well. This can only go so well for everyone involved.
  • Dragonface gets a chance to bond with kids his own age. Probably becomes fast friends with Space Kid. IDK, they seem like they’d get along.

lupedoodles  asked:

2, 15 for the valentine ask

Is there a ship you didn’t like at first but ultimately started shipping?

I’d actually say Gratsu (Gray x Natsu from Fairy Tail). I was really iffy about them at first, but exposed to a lot of fanart and such, I got attached to the whole fire x ice, rival best friends, kinda dynamic (heh, sounds familiar?) and started shipping them hard enough to write fanfiction lmao

What is the first ship you had?

probably Asuna x Kirito from Sword Art Online!! I was so in love with their relationship and couldn’t see them with anyone else and just thought they were the ultimate otp. Kirito was so proud of his terrifying wife and so in awe of her and just uuuggghh <3 still love those two a lot. They constantly risked life and limb for each other both in-game and IRL and… okay, I could rant all day about them, but yeah, that was my first proper ship :P

the more i see about ni no kuni II, the more nervous I get :V

Kingdom building sounds kinda lame, and it looks like they took away the familiar system which made me fall in love with it? and stating that it’s going to “appeal to a more western audience” always makes me nervous when buying a new title.

in regards to the imagine ema skye post about her working with kay: pls imagine

shes rlly worried about working for a new prosecutor bc she like, does not have a good experience with prosecutors. she hates klavier and payne and probably hasn’t really had to work for edgeworth much (if at all)

so she hears that theres a new prosecutor whose name is kay and she’s kinda like “hm, that name sounds familiar, and at least now i know it’s not some fuckboy” n they like kinda recognize each other when they meet again but its been like what 9 years, ema’s personality has really changed!!! rip

as it turns out they can work better together than ema could with any of the other prosecutors because kay is just generally more willing to work with her. at crime scenes kay gets kinda excited and moves evidence around and ema has to try to Stop This Girl

they r a great team in court and can always find the truth give them a round of applause


The Squid Sisters have dropped an all new hit, and it sounds… kinda familiar.

This track was contributed by MtH. Submit to Gangnamcore 2 here!

That episode…Wow. It was probably one of the best so far in my opinion. The whole scene with Izayoi and Ruruka just killed me and I had to stop to cry for a moment. He did not deserve it. I’m glad she got what she deserved, but I still can’t seem to actually hate her..? It’s weird.

Juzo’s death was predictable, and I was literally saying “Just stab him already, you’re gonna do it anyway.” It was actually pretty sad that he got betrayed by the one person he actually trusted…Sounds familiar.

Ruruka is finally dead and I’m kinda happy…even though it looked pretty painful but that’s what she gets for being such a meanie butt ;-;

KYOUKO KIRIGIRI DESERVED BETTER AND I AM FUCKING PISSED OFF THAT SHE DIED IT WASNT FAIR. It’s like Bandai all over again, his action also wasn’t very fair. Both of them didn’t deserve it. I guess now the only FA code we don’t know is Ryouta’s…Interesting. Also, I’m wondering if Togami is still alive…I’m actually kinda worried about him.

I’m laughing so hard at double4anime right now

So I just saw a video of him getting pissed off at Pewdiepie for making fun of prank videos (clearly just dicking around), and he was saying how much he loves pranks and that pewdiepie is using his popularity to shit on smaller groups of people who like and enjoy something….


Huh… Sounds familiar, right double4anime? Kinda like how you completely shit on Sakura and people who like Sakura? Kinda like how you use your popularity in the anime community on YT to get everyone to hate Sakura with every fiber of their being? Hm… Don’t like it when people make fun of something you like? Then I suggest realizing how hypocritical you are as a human being first before you get mad at someone else for doing the exact same thing.


and fyi, a lot of prank videos (ESPECIALLY the ones you pointed out as your favorite) are just mean and cruel. Tricking a mother into thinking her child has died? Is that funny? I mean is it REALLY that funny? Oh, let’s all laugh at that poor woman’s tears and screams of hysteria when she thinks she’s witnessing the moment her child died, that’s fucking hilarious! ….. yea no.


I’d love to say I’m sorry people are making fun of something you enjoy, but I really honestly don’t give a shit. 

TG:re ch 57

I guess at this point we all know that the english scanlations we get every week are ahead of the actual release schedule in Japan. While we get the new chapter every weekend, the same chapter is released in Japan on the following Thursday. But what does this have to do with ch. 57? I’ll explain ^^

Mangastream scanlated and published ch 57 on Sunday the 13th of December. So it was published in Japan on the 17th of December. Now there is one interessting thing about that. This year the 17th is in the same week as the 20th and guess whose birthday is on the 20th of Dezember -right, Kanekis. So the chapter got released in the same week as Kanekis birthday is.

This could all be coincidence but rememberes what once happend on Kanekis birthday? He escaped Aogiri only to later depart with the guys of Anteiku. Sounds kinda familiar, because Haise just did the same! After ch 57 he left his squad, the Qunix.

It may all be nothing, but knowing just how much Ishida loves those things, it may be no coincidence that Haise left the Quinx in the chapter of the same week as Kanekis birthday, at which he once also left his friends behind.