that kinda looks like eddy


Jonathan Strange and his wonderful and frankly astounding technique for blowing out candles

Honestly my Chem lab partner is super cute…

He looks kinda like Eddie Redmayne and his smile is very attractive and his eyes are this killer blue green color.

Honestly fuck my life guys.

It’s never gonna happen 😩

(Nekkid?) Sly dreaming about playing in the snow with mini Sly from stypls AU. (ღ°ε °ღ) (I did my best, Senpai~! *waggy duck tail*)

Mom: “It looks like Jesus. But I know who it is…”
Sister: “… It kinda looks like Jesus.”

Eddie is Jesus. (・-・) (I’m sure James and Aleks agrees after tonight’s stream.) *cough*


GQ: Speaking of festivals, I got a chance to see you join Pearl Jam onstage at their recent 20th anniversary blowout festival. How do you know Eddie and the gang?

Dhani Harrison: I met them at the Bob Dylan festival, the tribute concert back in ‘92. I was like 14 or something. We were in rehearsals. My dad laid me on them cause he had to go and do rehearsals. So he left me with Pearl Jam. They were like my heroes. They were just like “Okay Mr. Harrison” and looked after me. That was the night that Sinead O'Connor got booed offstage. Remember that? I watched that whole thing go down from the wing of the stage with Kris Kristofferson, Mike McCready, and Eddie Vedder. It was crazy. And then about a year ago I was in Seattle with Fistful of Mercy [a trio he fronts with Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur] and we ended up at Eddie’s house, cause Ben Harper is obviously a really good friend of Eddie’s. Basically we ended up over at Eddie’s to play a game of Laird Hamilton ax darts—I’m sure you’ve heard the stories about the ax darts. We played ax darts, and I think halfway through the evening, Eddie looked at me and was kinda like, “Oh my God, you’re that kid! You were that kid from all those years ago, but you grew up.” And it was really funny 'cause he took me over to his stereo and he showed me that he had a copy of the Fistful of Mercy record. And I was just so blown away. Getting approval from your heroes is a very cool thing in life. I highly recommend it to anyone. (2011)