that kinda looks like eddy

  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Mike Hanlon, Ben Hanscom
  • Looks like they are a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Beverly Marsh, Bill Denbrough
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll: Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie Tozier, Stanley Uris
  • Looks like they could kill you and can actually kill you: Pennywise

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For the fanfic, 100% Reddie and Stenbrough and going on a road trip together with the gang but they slowly fall in love!

(I had to write quick so I’m just doing all the losers but maybe I’ll finish with stenbrough some other time!)

(They’re like 18-19 now so if they’re making out suck it up they’re adults and they’re not even doing the dirty! I’m not writing a fic about 13 year olds so if you have an opinion about it please kindly tell me or keep it to yourself.)


“Come on guys we have to go!”, yelled Bill in the drivers seat. Stan hopped in the passenger seat. Mike, Ben and Bev took the middle and Richie and Eddie took the back.
“Hey Eds!”, Richie said excitedly. Eddie looked over to see Richie. Sure Richie was his best friend but after a while he could get pretty annoying. “Hi Richie”, said Eddie flatly. “Aw my heart”, said Richie jokingly falling back. “Sorry Richie I’m really excited to!”, said Eddie putting on a fake smile
“It’s fine you’ll get used to me”, said Richie smirking. Eddie blushed and hid his face. “Why was he blushing? usually he’d just ignore Richie”, Eddie thought. confused, he shook it out of his head and stared out the window.
“I fall in love to easily”, echoing in his ears.

“I fall in love too easily”
“I fall in love too fast”

When he was cut off by Richie’s annoying voice. “Hey Eds whatcha listening to? L, said Richie popping an ear bud in his ear.

“I fall in love to terribly hard”
“For love to ever last”

Richie swayed to the music. “Good song. Do you mind if I sit closer you’re about to pull out the earbud (pretend earbuds exist).
“Fine”, said Eddie glaring at him.
Richie scooted closer to Eddie putting his hand on top of the small boys leg. He heard Eddies breathe hitch then 5 seconds later Eddie pulled out his inhaler.
“Did I take your breath away Eddie Spaghetti?,leaning closer to him. “Too close”, said Eddie moving his face back.

The silence between them was broken as Bev asked if they wanted a snack.
Eddie gladly took one looking for an excuse not to talk.
He looked over as Bev snuggled into Ben.
He wondered what that would feel like having someone like that it must be nice.

The car pulled up to a two story ran building with the words “Sunrise Suites” on the front. “There’s one room with two beds and another room with one bed”, said the clerk they walked up to their rooms when Bill said, “Me and Stan will stay in the two bed room with Bev mike and Ben -”, said Bill cut off by mike saying, “I’ll sleep on the couch might be too crowded with me”. Bill then continued with saying,“ and Eddie and Richie will sleep in the one bed room.”, Eddie glared at Bill in anger. They left him with Richie because they knew Richie would annoy anybody all night long. Richie barely ever slept at sleep overs he was always the last person asleep.

Richie grabbed him and Eddie’s bag walking into the room.
“Well, Well Eds I guess it’s just me and you”, said Richie wiggling his eyebrows. Eddie just rolled his eyes turning around so he could whip out his inhaler,
Why did he keep getting so flustered every time Richie flirted with him? Did he like Richie?! He never thought of that but now it made perfect sense. Am I gay? He thought it over and realized he was. When all the guys where ogling Bev that one time at the quarry he realized he wasn’t I mean he was but only for show. So no one would think something was wrong with him.

Now that he figured out he had a crush on Richie it was even harder to speak and he constantly got flustered.
“Hey Eddie let’s play truth or dare!”,said Richie excitedly
“Sure”, said Eddie nervously
“Truth or dare”,said Eddie.
“Truth”,replied Richie
“Do you like boys”,Eddie said
“Kinda”, replied Richie looking down, “you’re turn truth or dare?”
“Truth”,said Eddie
“Have you ever kissed anyone?”, said Richie.
“Yeah this girl Suzie Reynolds I hated it. But now I know why.”, said Eddie blushing
“What do you mean, now you know why?”,said Richie
“I think I like guys”, said Eddie quietly
“Can I ask you another question?”, said Richie.
“Sure”, replied Eddie
“Do you like anyone?”, asked Richie
“Yea, you”, said Eddie.
Before Eddie had the time to realize that he’d just confessed to Richie that he liked him he felt a pair of lips on his. He opened his eyes to see Richie kissing him. He slowly kissed Richie back. Richie pushed Eddie against the bed frame bitting the smaller boys bottom lip for permission. Eddie slowly opened his mouth as Richie explored him. Richie slowly moved from Eddie’s moth to his neck causing the smaller boy to gasp. Each kiss living a red mark against his pale skin suddenly the door to the other room open.

(double door so there’s a door in the middle of the room that the other people can cross over into)

Eddie gasped and brushed his fingers through Richie’s hair.
Eddie looked up and saw the losers standing in the doorway mouths gaping.
Eddie pushed Richie from his neck.
“Did I do s-” Richie said before he noticed the losers in the doorway.
Eddie and Richie both turned bright Red.
“We just came to check on you guys but we obviously need to leave you two alone”, said Stan While the rest where giggling.

“We were just about to sleep anyways” said Eddie getting under the covers.
“The Stan closed the door but Eddie and Richie could still here the laughing from they’re room. Richie looked at Eddie the silence forcing the awkwardness upon them. Richie kissed Eddies forehead saying "lets go to sleep”. Richie leaned to turn off the light getting under the blanket pulling the smaller boy onto his chest kissing him goodnight. Eddie wrapped his legs around Richie’s and fell asleep the last thing he felt was a kiss still tingling his lips.

They woke up the next morning to more giggling and camera flashes.
Eddie sat up seeing the losers surrounding the bed.Richie slowly following him.
“The two love birds are awake”,said Bev smiling sweetly, “you two are so cute”.

Blushing they both untangled themselves and packed up getting ready to go back on the road.

Richie and Eddie got in the back seat . The small boy leaning on the taller boys shoulder. As they listened to music this time it was “Happy Together”

“Me and you you and me”
“No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be”
“The only one for me is you and you for me”
“So happy together”

The lyrics echoed in Richie’s head as he reached down to grab Eddies hand feeling him jump and slowly calm down.
Eddie drifted to sleep leaning on the taller boy as the taller boy watched hands still latched to each other’s, hopelessly in love.

Also about IT opinions, James Ransone would be an excellent adult Eddie. He’s age appropriate (he’s 38) and is eerily reminiscent of Jack. Like, look at these clips of him in CSI, he’s basically college!Eddie. His character is even gay:

(I’m also ride or die for Corey Stoll as adult Bill)


Jonathan Strange and his wonderful and frankly astounding technique for blowing out candles

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can you do some st/it crossover headcanons?

aa, good shit! sure thing! my twin @eddiesghost helped out and you should totally check her out! or else.

  • okay, first off, imagine eleven owning pennywise? good shit right there.
  • here me out; will and eddie are so similar in so many freaking ways. both the smallest out of the group, but also yet sensitive and strong. they think they are the weakest but the others knows that it ain’t true. they also dealt with the same type of bullying. [ex. their sexuality.]
  • mike wheeler and bill denbrough would be close friends. they are both the leaders of their group with a similar hero complex. they are also both all about self-sacrifice. [ex. bill willing to die for the losers in the sewers and mike willing to jump off of the cliff for dustin.]
  • mike and richie will definitely roast the fuck out of each other. mostly the ladder though.

richie: frog face.

mike: you look just like me!

eddie: you know richie, you kinda do look like a frog too. got the eyes and everything.

  • stan and lucas will of course have an understanding. stan having to deal with richie while lucas has to deal with dustin. also, they are the sassy ones out of the group. after every time stan tells richie to shut up or even deny his high fives, lucas will turn around and clap stan on the back.
  • the losers teaching eleven how to say ‘beep beep’ to richie. she uses it whenever he speaks, even when he isn’t being annoying. mike barely uses it since it feels like hes telling himself to shut up.
  • beverly and eleven would have each others back, both are thrilled to have another female in the group. think about it; they’re both badass as fuck and are also so much stronger than their trauma. 
  • if you think dustin and richie won’t get along you are lying to yourself. 
  • whenever they say ‘mike” both mike hanlon and wheeler will turn their heads around, all confused. it always happens and its a huge problem, until richie comes up with an idea.

richie: i have an idea. why don’t we just refer to him as frog face to save ourselves the confusion!

eleven: beep beep, richie.

  • okay but richie would roast mike at any chance hes got. 

richie: what’s with the christmas sweaters? it’s summer. 

bill: i luh-like them.

richie: yeah, you’re right. it’s pretty cool.

mike: *internally* he doesn’t like my clothes? has he seen the way he dresses?

  • joyce hopper would adopt all of the losers and be that one guardian.
  • they own the fucking streets with their bikes. 
  • richie and mike will lowkey race each other to see who’s the fastest, only for big bill to win in the end.
  • ben fucking hanscom will woo all of the adults, including steve, nancy and jonathan with his poetry. don’t lie. 
  • steve will probably ask ben a few pointers.
  • whenever the losers are over at the wheeler’s residences, mike offers to help karen bake a few goods while stan insists on prepping the table. karen on the inside finds the entire event to be so pure.
  • they all get together playing some childhood game, while stan and el are gazing up at the sky and stan takes the time to explain all the different types of birds. 
  • eleven dropping an f-bomb one day because of richie. mike’s disappointed and asking where she learned that from and she immediately points at richie while dustin thinks it makes her more badass.
  • eddie has an asthma attack one day and richie isn’t around, so mike helps him calm down. richie comes back to see them crouching together and carelessly shoves mike aside before stating ‘that’s not your job.’
  • every male loser in the club is intimidated by max while beverly finds her to be cool.
  • max, eleven and beverly are a fucking team. girl power all the way! 
  • jonathan would totally show both bill and ben how to take pictures. its something they pass down to beverly and the rest. their bedrooms full of pictures of the club and its wholesome as fuck.
  • hopper would pay a dollar to beverly every day to stop her from smoking. 
  • mike loses a dare and dustin dared him to wear richie’s glasses. mike makes a comment that richie’s blind as a bat, eddie jokes that he can’t tell which one is richie which offends richie a lot. eleven thinks its cute and giggles along with beverly. will says that it suits him and smiles, along with ben who’s nodding. stan and bill are both making comments on how he looks hotter than richie, with causes both hanlon and lucas’ to laugh but eventually roll their eyes at richie’s outburst. max would be sarcastic as fuck and be all ‘wow i’ve never seen you look cooler dude.’ which has everyone in the room dying of laughter.

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Okai I know that its late but I just really needed to say this before I forget - so I dunno if you've seen Hard Candy?? But Ellen Page in Hard Candy is totally what I always imagined Eddie to look like and act like kinda?? Not when shes torturing or killing the guy but when shes like pretending to be all sweet and innocent?? Thats my Eddie man - I swear like I love Jack Dylan Grazer and think he did an amazing job but honestly?? Ellen Page from Hard Candy will forever be my Eddie

BABE this movie is on my To Watch list for almost…. a year, but now I REALLY need to watch it thanks to you (guess who will spend their night in front of movies once again…..oh jeez thats me)

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Me again! Could I please get a ship from IT (2017)? I've got short brown hair kinda boyish (honestly it looks like Eddie's not gonna lie) and I've got brown eyes. I'm pretty tall for a girl and my favorite attribute about myself is that I've got freckles around my nose and my mouth. I'm a bit standoffish until I get comfortable around someone then I'm just a big 'ol spazz. I'm more bark than bite but would literally fight anyone for my friends. And that's me XD

Okay, I strongly believe Mike would fall head over heels for you. He would love your fiery attitude and admire your freckles. You would most definitely be a power couple.

(Nekkid?) Sly dreaming about playing in the snow with mini Sly from stypls AU. (ღ°ε °ღ) (I did my best, Senpai~! *waggy duck tail*)

Mom: “It looks like Jesus. But I know who it is…”
Sister: “… It kinda looks like Jesus.”

Eddie is Jesus. (・-・) (I’m sure James and Aleks agrees after tonight’s stream.) *cough*


GQ: Speaking of festivals, I got a chance to see you join Pearl Jam onstage at their recent 20th anniversary blowout festival. How do you know Eddie and the gang?

Dhani Harrison: I met them at the Bob Dylan festival, the tribute concert back in ‘92. I was like 14 or something. We were in rehearsals. My dad laid me on them cause he had to go and do rehearsals. So he left me with Pearl Jam. They were like my heroes. They were just like “Okay Mr. Harrison” and looked after me. That was the night that Sinead O'Connor got booed offstage. Remember that? I watched that whole thing go down from the wing of the stage with Kris Kristofferson, Mike McCready, and Eddie Vedder. It was crazy. And then about a year ago I was in Seattle with Fistful of Mercy [a trio he fronts with Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur] and we ended up at Eddie’s house, cause Ben Harper is obviously a really good friend of Eddie’s. Basically we ended up over at Eddie’s to play a game of Laird Hamilton ax darts—I’m sure you’ve heard the stories about the ax darts. We played ax darts, and I think halfway through the evening, Eddie looked at me and was kinda like, “Oh my God, you’re that kid! You were that kid from all those years ago, but you grew up.” And it was really funny 'cause he took me over to his stereo and he showed me that he had a copy of the Fistful of Mercy record. And I was just so blown away. Getting approval from your heroes is a very cool thing in life. I highly recommend it to anyone. (2011)