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Some people asked because of my TONGUE IN CHEEK POST about it the other night, well!!! all it is, is being consciously aware that you’re dreaming. You can kinda train your brain to do it and it’s fukken awesome ok!  I learned from a bunch of books I got out from the library one summer back in high school and I have kept up all the habits since then until shit got weird but we don’t talk about that

sometimes you get to a point where you can control your dream and force yourself to dream about a certain thing . either way it’s really damn neat to just have conscious awareness while you’re asleep and if nothing else, it’s something fun to do that doesn’t cost anything.

I got into it a few years before Inception came out, if you can believe it. So when that movie came out talking about the same ideas my mind was  blown 

First things first:


This is your ability to actually remember your dreams. Because imagine, even if you end up having a lucid dream,  what’s the point if you completely forget it as soon as you’re awake? Some people think they don’t dream anymore but it isn’t true, everyone dreams. Some people just don’t remember.

So Write down  all your dreams, anything that you can remember as soon as you wake up.

I just text it to myself first thing in the morning and usually they’re super disjointed and barely readable but it’s just enough to have me remember them again. even if you can only remember little snippets, the more you do this the better you can get at remembering.


Dream cues are these little things that make you realize you’re asleep because they differ between reality and your dreams. They’re kind of like triggers that will make you realize you’re dreaming. The idea is to check in on these cues even when you’re awake, so that when it becomes a habit in real life, it will become a habit when you’re asleep.

It’s also a good way to check if you’re actually awake because sometimes dreams are super realistic. I’ve had a lot of dreams where I woke up in my bed, then did the reality check only to figure out I was dreaming.

Different people have different ones but there’s some common ones:

-mirrors: In real life you look like yourself. in a dream you’ll look like a really distorted version of yourself or like a completely different person. I don’t recommend this one because what you see in the mirror might freak you out into just waking up lol

-counting your fingers and seeing more or less than the amount of fingers you have

-electronics that don’t work

-text that changes when you read it, look away and then read it again

-dim lights [i hate light dimmers for this reason eugh]

-loose teeth

My personal ones are the and fingers and the changing text! So in real life, I count my fingers, and read some text, look away and read it again to see if it changes.

If I have more than 5 fingers, I realize I’m asleep and that’s where the lucid part starts.

Personally for me, all of these have served as dream cues, but these two are the ones that i literally check on. Another big one for me is if my teeth are loose, it’s an automatic cue for knowing I’m asleep.


So you made a habit out of checking in on your dream cues and writing down your dreams. Now how do you actually do this thing….

There are some REALLY SPECIFIC METHODS To inducing a lucid dream . Some people practice one method that brings you from wakefulness directly into a dream, with NO LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I find this a little rarer but it’s definitely happened to me

Others have the method where you fall asleep as usual, end up in a dream, and then your consciousness wakes up while you’re in the dream. This is more common I think.

my sleep science might be off but this is it as I’ve understood it.

so the general method is to go to bed super early. like 9pm. And set your alarm for Stupid O Clock. I am talking some ungodly hour that you will never be up, like 4:30.

Reason being: You will literally never go to sleep and immedeitly start dreaming. You have to have been asleep for a few hours, having gotten a few sleep cycles in. The longer you sleep, the deeper your sleep cycles run and the more restful sleep you’ll have as the night goes on. It’s only in the later sleep cycles that you start to dream.

This is the reason you’re groggy in the morning [you were just in the middle of your deepest sleep cycle] but not groggy at all if you wake up at like 12

So the goal is to wake up right before you’re gonna go into a deep sleep cycle.

Stay awake for a few minutes, go to the bathroom or something, read some stuff on lucid dreaming on your phone… You want to wake up your brain so that your mind is conscious and running even though you’re dead tired.

Now you can go back to sleep, and the conditions are pretty much met for having a lucid dream.

SO GENERALLY NOW, it’s really likely that you’re gonna have a regular dream.

But if you’ve been making a habit out of doing your dream cues/reality checks while you’re awake, at some point you’re gonna do it while you’re asleep.

stuff from the waking world carries over into dreamtown. it’s the same reason you’ll have super realistic dreams about your job or people you know.

IT’S ACTUALLY SUPER COOL When you do your dream-cues and you see different results from real life. Like I’ll count my fingers and realize there’s 6 of them and be like Ohhh shit! I’m asleep! Time to go wild.

Usually I just fly around like a motherfucker but it’s so cool to be your exact same self who is able to think about your family/friends/homework/life/memes except you’re flying


OK SO NOW THAT YOU’RE AWAKE while dreaming, you can  try controlling your dream. This is a bit harder to explain but in my opinion it’s as easy as focusing/dwelling on what you want to do..kind of like repeating a mantra mentally.

Like lets say you’re dreaming and you come across a house. As you’re walking towards it, tell yourself “Captain Kirk is in this house and we’re gonna have the time of our damn life.” TELL YOURSELF WITH CONVICTION! BELIEVE IT! CAPTAIN KIRK IS IN THE HOUSE! OVER AND OVER!

also try practising controlling on little things first. Like point to the sky and say “brighter” or “more purple” or “bluer” or think “I want it to be night time instead" and it SHOULD change.


There’s 2 tricks I know of that will keep you in a dream for longer when you feel like you’re about to wake up and you don’t want to.

One is spinning: If you feel yourself waking up, try spinning around on the spot till you’re dizzy. Things will blur around you and then they will clear up and get super sharp! Especially spinning while crouching. I have no idea why this works, but it does and others have said the same thing.

The other is, when you feel like things are getting blurry, focus on ONE spot in the dream. I usually crouch and like, stare at the details and texture of the road really really close up. For some reason, pinpointing your focus on one little thing will refocus the dream.



Honestly the more you read about lucid dreaming, the more likely you are to have one for yourself..Even by reading this you’re more likely to have one. It’s weird, but it works. When I would regularly read books on the topic they’d say the same thing and it was true. It’s kind of like, the fact that you’re aware that it can happen makes it likely to happen..

SO YEAH, before you go to sleep or when you wake up at 4 in the morning, google it, see what others have to say. Get your brain in gear for it. there’s lots of posts online that will probably talk about the same stuff that I have here but this is my legit personal experience with it and stuff over the years.


He’s Dangerous, But Not Around You: Part 2

A/N: Sorry for the delay. This is also kinda shitty.

Part 1

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Two months after Harry’s violent encounter with Niall, Y/n and Harry have been working on Harry’s temper. It wasn’t going so well, still coming home with bloody hands, cut knuckles, and covered in sweat. He was growing more frustrated with himself as time went on. He’s tried so hard to walk away from a situation that got him angry, but right as he’d walk away, every part of his body would go into fury and all he did from then on seemed out of his control. Y/n was always disappointed, but always stayed with him and defended him in any way that she could. She had never given up on him, not even for a second.

“You’re a peach” she’d always say, with the cutest fucking smile he’s ever seen in his life, “I’ll always love you, you just have to get through this.”

And oh, how badly did he want to. Not even just for Y/n, but for himself.

“Just a bit more scotch.” Harry grumbles to the bartender, sliding his glass toward him.

He hasn’t been drinking much, in fact, he really isn’t a big drinker to begin with. He only goes to bars when the guys ask him to. Of course, since Y/n wasn’t planned to be coming back from her sister’s for a couple more hours, he agreed.

“Yo, guys, look at that bird” Zayn says, grabbing the boys’ attention to a tall, slender blonde woman across the room.

The boys whistle, but Harry just simply turned his attention back to his refilled scotch. Other girls didn’t phase him, they didn’t do anything for him. Y/n is the only woman he’s ever loved, even looking at another woman didn’t feel right to him.

He sips on his drink as the boys are encouraging Zayn to approach her. Harry scoffs lightly, quickly diverting his attention to the vibrating phone in his back pocket. Quickly sliding it out, he sees Y/n’s name with a “Just left. See you soon, my love xx.” He smiles, immediately texting back saying that he’ll be waiting for her and how much he’s missed her.

It had only been three days without Y/n, but he misses her terribly. He’d spent nearly everyday comforted in her company for two years. He misses how he is with her, so delicate and true. She’s the only person to bring that out of him, how could he not miss that? How could he not miss the only person that brings out the best of him?

Harry is drowned in his thoughts until Liam snapped him out of his trance.

“Harry? Harry!” Liam says, pushing onto his shoulder.

Harry shakes his head slightly, “Uh- yeah? Yeah? What’s up?”

“Isn’t that Y/n’s ex?”

Harry’s head snaps to where Liam is pointing. He already feels his fingers clench to fists and his jaw becoming tense.

Hell no. Not him. Harry’s supposed to be getting better, he’s supposed to be making an effort to help himself. He hasn’t been doing that well, but he hasn’t fought since Y/n left and he wanted it to stay that way. What’s a better welcome back gift than for him to have not let her down again?

But he has to. Although her ex had stopped harassing Y/n since Harry stepped in, something inside of him is igniting with every passing second he spends staring at him. How dare he say all those things to her and threaten her like that? How dare he do that to his Y/n? She lived in fear for way too long because of Kurt. How could he not do something about it?

“Mate, mate. Calm down” Liam orders when he sees Harry stand up from the bar stool, “He hasn’t spoken to her in a while, yeah? That’s in the past, man. Y/n wouldn’t want you to do thi-“

“You think I give a fuck what Y/n wants me to do right now?!” Harry hisses, “He threatened her, you understand me? How would you feel if the love of your life was being harassed by a scum so much to the point where she can’t sleep at night?”

Liam swallows harshly, “I just don’t want you to lose her.”

Harry roughly grabs onto Liam’s arm, staring at him harshly in his eyes.

“I will never lose her” Harry snaps, “I’m doing this for her. If this were any other person right now I’d walk out those doors before I can blink. He ruined her life, I will never let him live that down. Now leave me alone.”

He rips his hand away from his death grip on Liam, quickly looking around the bar to see if Kurt is still there. He is. Drinking beer, chatting with some mates, seeming as though he hasn’t even acknowledged Harry’s existence.

He hears the boys muttering under their breath, only picking up a subtle “just let him be”, completely fixated on the man he’s been dying to see for months now.

His fist clench at his sides, body storming in his direction. This is it, this is what he needs to do. He doesn’t care about what Y/n would think of him, not now, because in all honesty, he’d feel more guilty if he were to let Kurt get away with what he did to Y/n than to beat him in cold blood.

Kurt looks up the second Harry approaches him, but before he has any time to react, Harry punches him as hard as he could. He drops to the floor, a loud groan leaving his lips once he’s out of shock. Harry doesn’t waste any time before lifting him back up on his feet by the back of his shirt, mercilessly ramming his back up against the nearest wall.

The bar falls silent, everyone’s attention diverted directly to the violence unfolding.

You didn’t stop!” Harry screams in his face, teeth clenched as he speaks, “She asked you to stop and you didn’t until I stepped in! You’re fucking dead, you hear me?!”

He throws another wild punch directly to his face. Kurt almost falls down again, but his loss of balance is no match against Harry’s raging grip. He spits out blood before lifting his head up. He’s panting, teeth covered in blood, cheek already bruised with his blood smeared all over it.

“You think you’re any better?” Kurt questions between harsh breaths. “Think you can keep her with you when this is how you act?”

Harry grips his throat, glaring at him in the most threatening way he ever has before.

“Don’t you dare make this about me.”

“You know you’re a monster, Harry, yet you still keep her with you. Why do you keep doing that to her, huh? Why do you do that to her?”

Harry roars, pushing Kurt’s body towards him before throwing it back onto the wall. Kurt groans again, squeezing his eyes shut in pain.

I said don’t make this about me!

His grip is tighter against his neck. He watches as Kurt mildly struggles for breath, but he’s not giving up. Not just yet.

“You think I’m the worst thing that’s ever happened to her, but you’re wrong.” Kurt chokes out, “you are.”

Before he says anything else, in the midst of his uncontrollable rage, Harry throws one last punch to him. He immediately becomes unconscious. Harry lets his body drop to the floor, strangled breath making his way into his lungs.

He looks around the bar. Shocked faces, people cowering away. He doesn’t care. All he can feel are unwanted tears piling in his eyes and his hands shaking against his thighs. Everything was right, everything he said was right.

“Harry, man” Louis walks up to him, everybody still staring shocked at him, “lets get you home, yeah?”

Louis throws a jacket around Harry’s shoulders, noticing the small nod in agreement before the boys lead him out of the bar.

“The boys told me what happened.”

Harry is snapped out of his trance at the sound of her voice. He hadn’t even heard her enter the house. He hasn’t said a word since he left the bar, hasn’t even looked at anyone since as well. Something about what Kurt said affected him in a way he never thought was possible. It was like he picked on a weak spot for him, like he dug into his mind and told him that all his greatest fears have now come true. Y/n isn’t right for him, and she never will be.

Y/n sighs, sitting down on the chair next to where Harry’s sat. She grabs onto his hands softly, her thumb running softly over his knuckles.

“Don’t listen to him” she whispers, “he doesn’t know anything about us.”

Harry looks at her in confusion. How is she not upset with him? How is she letting him get away with this again? This should have been the last straw, the last chance she had given him. How could she be doing this?

“It’s okay, Harry” she smiles softly, placing her hand on his face, “you were protecting me. You shouldn’t have done that, but you did. Not because you wanted to, but because you felt like you had to.”

Harry’s vision clouds over with tears, slowly taking her hands off of him. He just can’t keep doing this to her.

“How are you defending me right now?”

“Because, Harry, you-“

“Why do you even stay with me, huh?” Harry growls, flinging himself off of the chair.

Y/n let in a sharp breath, not entirely shocked by the question, but by the way he asked it. He normally asks why when he’s his weakest, after a fight while Y/n’s cleaning him up, or in bed after love making for hours on end. He’s never said so violently, like he’d doubting the relationship they’re in. Like he’s doubting her.

“Harry, why would you even-“

“Look at you, Y/n, look at you!” Harry raises his voice, interrupting her "You have all your shit figured out, you’re pure. Do you not see that? You’re pure. The only part of you that isn’t is me. I’m the part of your life that is reckless and dangerous and you want me to live with that for the rest of my life?!”

Y/n’s eyebrows furrow at his comment. A part of her feels guilty that he feels that way, like he’s the bad part of her that doesn’t belong. But a part of her also knows he’s right. Yes, of course he’s the part of her life that’s full of danger, but she doesn’t care. If anything, it makes her stronger, makes her want to stand up for herself and stray from the idea that she’ll never be anything more than a shy, weak girl she once was. He may see them as the worst thing for each other, but to her, it’s the best.

“No,” she speaks up, “No, because that’s not something you have to live with! I’m in love with you. You- You make me a better person, Harry! It doesn’t matter to me if you’re the dangerous part of my life, because no matter crap you pull, at the end of the day you’re still the same man I will forever love. The fact that we make each other better people, Harry, that’s what you have to live with.”

“I’m a monster, Y/n.” He speaks slowly, eyes filled with tears.

“You aren’t anything like that and you know that! You aren’t anything like you think you are, Harry, stop confusing who you really are with this image you want people to see you as!”

“That’s who I am, Y/n! Have you ever thought of that?!” His voice suddenly became louder, stronger, desperately trying to make her understand how absolutely wrong they are. But his eyes are bloodshot, filled with guilt and tears, overwhelmed by her seeing this side of him.

“I can’t be fixed! You can’t fix me because this is who I am! I am like this with everybody except for you. Wouldn’t you stop to think, even for a goddamn second that who I’m with you is fake?! Have you ever thought of that?!”

“Stop it, Harry! Just stop!” She yells, her hands gripping the sides of her head momentarily. "You’re drunk and you’re upset and I understand that but this is not who you are. You are hurt. You’re only 20 years old, your parents died, H. You didn’t have a home, your siblings left you because they blamed you for their death. You do this because you’re broken and you’re in pain and you want to push people away so that they don’t leave you first. I know this because you told me this yourself. How can I blame you, H?!”


His voice is animalistic, roaring in so much anger Y/n feels a vibration in the air around her. He throws a glass across the kitchen, the glass shattering onto the hardwood floor. Y/n’s body stiffens, never seeing him react so violently around her. 

He’s guilty the second he’s done it. He’s never acted this way toward her, but he can’t help it. He’s angry with himself. He’s had Y/n by his side for the past two years, always willing to help him and be there for him whenever he needed her. Seeing her reputation being ruined because of him, seeing how she’s been wasting her last two years hoping to change a man that can never be changed, it destroys him. She’s wasting her time with him. He’s a dead end, a false hope, and Y/n shouldn’t spend the rest of her life loving a man who could do this to her.

“Do you see that?” Harry whispers. “Do you see why this is a problem? I almost hurt you.”

Y/n shakes her head, slowly making her way toward his defeated body. She looks up at him, his eyes glossed with frustrated tears, looking at her the way he almost always does- with guilt. She runs her hands softly along his muscular arms in hope to calm him down.

“You’ll never hurt me.” She says softly, “I’m not afraid of you.”

Harry’s face scrunches in agony. He turns his head away from her, refusing to even look at her anymore. He can’t be weak, he can’t be right now.

“No. No, Y/n, stop.” He mutters, his hands pushing her away from him. 

He turns his back to her, not being able to look at her right now because of how much guilt he’s feeling.

Y/n shuts her eyes softly in attempt to rid the tears clouding her vision. No matter how hard she tries, he just keeps pushing her away. It hurts her- it hurts her to see him in war with himself. How a part of him is trapped, screaming, on his knees begging to be saved, and the other part of him so sure that there’ll be nobody listening to his pleas, finding it almost comedic that he’s lost all hope in his humanity.

“What else is there for me to do, Harry? I don’t know what it is you want me to do.”

Harry keeps his back toward her. Every atom in his body is pushing him to look back at her, hold her to him until the sun comes up, but he can’t. He can’t stand how heartbroken she sounds. Hell, she’s crying. Soft cries ripping out from her, and all he can fucking think about is how this is all his fault.

“All I want to do is help you, Harry. All I do is help you and you keep pushing me away.” She sobs- broken.

Her teary eyes are desperately looking at his tense frame, just hoping he’d turn around just so they can work things out- like they always do. She hopes he can see just how much he’s hurting more than he ever has before.

“I know what you’re doing. You do this with everyone else. I know you love me, and I know you love me more than anybody else in your life right now. You’re just pushing me away because you think I’ll leave you. You think we aren’t going to last because everyone made you believe that but you know I don’t know how to live without you. I’m not everyone else, Harry, this is different, we’re different.”

Harry lets loose tears fall down his face, his fingers fiddling with each other as he tries to understand her. But he can’t, he just can’t

She walks over to him, her hand reaching up to his shoulder. She massages his muscles softly as she presses soft kisses to his back. She’s still crying, soul shaking sobs still leaving her, but she can’t help but keep trying for him to realize she’s utterly and helplessly in love with him. There is nothing to lose between them, not if he were to just believe she would never give up on him.

“Just tell me what you want me to do.“

Feeling Y/n’s lips against his back makes him exhale a breath he didn’t know he was holding. It still amazes him how much she affects him. After two years he still never understood it. But all the good she’s done to him has only ever come back to harm her. Her friends leaving her, her having to come home to her boyfriend’s hands covered in somebody else’s blood, her having to leave her life with her family because every moment without her was another moment of danger, all because of him. And he can’t live with that.

He moves his shoulder away from her, feeling her detach from his body. He looks down, eyes squeezed shut. He doesn’t know how to do this. Especially to her.

“There’s nothing you can do, Y/n!” He cries out, flinging his body around so that he’s finally facing her.

“I would do anything for you, and you know that. But I can’t change myself just so that I can be with you. I can’t change who I am for you.” He whispers the last part, staring heartbroken in her eyes.

“God!” Y/n sobs out, punching her hands against his chest, “You know I’m not asking you to change! I just want to help you! And you won’t let me!”

Harry grabs Y/n’s wild hands in his, in hopes of calming her down. He feels like she hasn’t taken a fucking breath. She’s just so heartbroken, she’s lost and confused and on the verge of complete and utter desperation to have him stay with her.

It’s when Harry pulls her against him where she completely breaks down. He holds her head against his chest while she sobs against his black t-shirt. His fingers comb through her hair softly, chin held up by the top of her head. Harry hasn’t said anything, just listening to Y/n’s desperate pleading as she pulls at the back of his shirt.

“Pl-please don’t do this to me.” she cries out, taking in a harsh breath due to her lack of breath. “Please don’t leave me.”

She feels Harry tense against her body. He shuts his eyes softly, sighing out as he removes his hands from her.

“It’s over, Y/n.” He says softly, “Everything about us is wrong. It’s over.”

Y/n has never felt so much pain in her life. She pulls away from him, her eyes searching for any sign of remorse on his face, but there is none. He’s staring at her emotionless, but every part of him is breaking. The way she’s looking at him, he has never seen her look like that before. She just looks so- so defeated.

Just like that, everything she believed she had a purpose for has been ripped away from her. She doesn’t say anything as she lets go of him. Without a word, she half-heartedly makes her way up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Harry flinches when he hears the door slam shut. He wishes he could cry, wishes he could go onto his knees and beg for forgiveness. He wishes he could be angry, punch a wall, curse at himself, blame himself. But he can’t, he feels nothing. Isn’t that ironic? How the man who mostly feels the most dangerous feeling in the world now can’t feel a thing?

He stays in the same place he was left for what feels like eternity before he hears Y/n make her way down the steps. He turns around and rounds the corner that leads to the front door. He watches Y/n as she sets down her duffle bag, opening the closet door to grab a jacket. She grabs everything she needs before she finally opens up the front door. She can’t go back, she can’t turn around to look at him. She doesn’t have the strength.

She’s still crying. She still hasn’t said anything.

“Can you say something, please?” Harry croaks out, wanting nothing more than for her to at least say something to him, at least acknowledge his existence.

She stops walking, hand still on the doorknob. She sucks in a breath.

“You did it, Harry” she whispers, “you’ve finally hurt me.”

She turns her head, but not enough for her to be able to see him, but enough for him to know how much she means what she’s about to say.

“I never want to see you again.”


Okay, okay, I had a LOT of fun with these. For one I’m super proud of how the kissing one came out (I’m terrible at drawing kisses), and second, this request of Branch being kidnapped by Creek (poor thing Branch is so shaken up) was just a super interesting concept to me. I really got into it and even kinda expanded on the idea!

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[osprey anon’s back at it again]

Tanakage time because i have no self control [this got kinda long i had to stop myself sorry eheh]

  • My fave AU to start this list off: *secret dating*. Sneaking around before and after practice. Sitting next to each other when they hang out with the team, knees touching subtly. Using ‘extra practice’ after reg practice as a time to be alone, away from their friends and family

  • They probably didnt have much physical contact at the beginning of their relationship, because lets be real, i dont think either of them would know how to handle that. Eventually one of them gets the courage to grab the others hand out of the blue and that awkward barrier crumbles [bonus points: it was kageyama who made that first move]

  • So-called ‘study dates’ aka ‘get saeko off our backs so we can make out and not worry about her barging in on us’

  • Super supportive sister Saeko who all but adopts kageyama as her younger brother

  • (he gets flustered every time she calls him ‘tobio’)

  • ((he slipped and called her ‘sister’ one time and both Ryu n Saeko Lost Their Shit))

  • Tanaka’s social media is 85% pictures of kageyama, 5% gushing about kageyama, 5% noya n him, and the rest is shitposting

  • They came out together to the team because it was easier not being alone [Kages coming out as gay, Ryu as bisexual], and the team wasn’t surprised, but was at the same time

  • Protective boyfriends. Like the second someone tries to pull shit with Kageyama, Tanaka is in their face or getting held back by Daichi

  • Nishinoya started calling Kageyama by his given name and always gets him to join in with their antics [wingman noya is also a very important headcanon]

  • (daichi gets so mad having THREE of them goofing off but then he see’s kageyama’s happy and content expression and cant find it in himself to ever get too mad)

  • Ive always liked the idea of lowkey rich Kageyama, whos parents are very well off (but kinda distant) but he doesnt really care for that type of thing. But, he does use the money his parents give him to spoil the ever living shit of Tanaka (buying him lunch, taking him to movies and nice restaurants, that one time he showed up to practice with brand new knee pads because he noticed tanaka’s were getting worn out, etc).

  • (tanaka doesnt know how to handle it and noya and hinata are so jealous. Everyone else is just entertained)

  • They like working out together but at the same time they rile each other up so much they end up collapsing on top of each other afterwards and chill there for an hour before one of them has to pee and the cuddle session ends

  • (Tanaka enjoys sitting on kageyama’s back while he does push ups)

  • Most of their ‘dates’ include sitting on a roof late at night and looking at the stars in silence or running down the street and laughing and yelling and dancing in it while its pouring down rain

  • One time Tanaka jokingly told Kageyama to sit on his lap, and not picking up on the sarcasm, he did. Tanaka could not speak full sentences for a full minute but Kageyama was too comfortable to spare him

  • (he does it all the time now and while it doesnt freak Ryu out anymore, the team is still awed every time kageyama, face stoic as ever, plops himself down in Ryu’s lap.)
  • It took them a while to get used to calling each other by their first names, but once they did, the nicknames came
  • (and because i LIVE for half-chinese!kageyama: kageyama uses chinese pet names and terms of endearment, but mostly when hes tired and forgets what language hes supposed to use)
Little theory here:

So in CACW, Natasha says “You could at least recognize me.” and all us Buckynat shippers were hoping that was hinting at history between the two that we haven’t seen in the MCU. But I just want to make this connection:

“Cognitive Recalibration.” Go to way to get someone under mind control in the MCU to snap the heck out of it. It worked on Clint and some theorize that Loki was under a form of mind control and when he got Hulk smashed that snapped him out of it since he kinda just stopped at that point. 

Let’s say, for the sake of this, we forgo any theories of a relationship or past, and just go with what’s been presented as known information in canon. 

Natasha knows about Bucky/Winter Soldier’s history of brainwashing by hydra (she found that old No. 17 file, AND was in CAWS for all that “he knew me” stuff)Natasha knows something weird happened with the bombing and that if Barnes did it, it might be the programmingShe’s now seen Bucky in captivity and how calm he was (whether she read whatever body language subtext you want is up to you) and then the power went out and Barnes went WS and started attacking everyone

So Nat canonically can assume that this medal armed punching machine is under some type of mind control. What does she do?

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She grapples onto bucky

And repeatedly hits him really hard in the head!

The last time she did that to a mind controlled former assassin (in Avengers)

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He looked up at her and said “Natasha?” and she proceeded to deck him but that’s not the point.

Hawkeye recognized her!


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The line typically doesn’t make too much sense strictly within the MCU but can act as a nod to the comics or maybe foreshadowing to things to come (and as a buckynat shipper I would love nothing more than to see these two together in the MCU) 

But I like this idea of mine because it fits right in with the MCU’s canon.

the closer theory and how everything is linked are u ready

my fantasy theory was kinda messy but we all got that ken is in control of everything and the evil eye was the side effect of the love potion and hakyeon was following in leo’s footsteps to get nayoung back and he succeeded(?) in dynamite

with that in mind!!!!! here’s my theory!!!! copied from my twitter thread

establishing points: 

  • ken is in control: we know this! we’ve known this since the first conception trailer came out. ken is the ‘god’. hongbin called him god-ken today lol
  • storyline order: theres no evil eyes in the closer until we see leo running from ravi. hmm~?? fantasy is the story of hakyeon getting the evil eye. in dynamite they both have the evil eye.
  • hakyeon vs leo: again in this video we see them both after nayoung.

HERE WE GO theory time!!! IMAGE HEAVY

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Not Okay - Winn Schott Drabble

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Spoilers for episode 2x09!

Words: 451

A/N: I was kinda pissed when I saw how casual everyone treated Winn after finding out he “got mugged” so I decided to fix it! It’s 1 am and I’m full of feelings! Also, this was going to be longer and angstier, but I’m tired and he’s been through enough. :P  

You walked into the control room of the DEO, giving Supergirl a nod as she passed by. She looked as though she was preparing to go on a mission. Looking towards the big screens on the far wall, you saw the man she was just talking to. Just the man you wanted to see.

“Hey, Winn!” You called his way.

You noticed him tense up the moment he heard your voice. Something didn’t seem quite right. You watched as he carefully pulled a pair of sunglasses out of his pocket and placed them on his face before slowly turning around to face you.

“Hey, [Y/N]!” He dragged out the syllables.

“Okay, what’s up? What’s with the sunglasses?” You asked suspiciously.

“Nothing, just a migraine.” He shrugged.

“Yeah, uh-huh!” You motioned for him to hand them over.

He reluctantly slipped them off and placed them in your hand, revealing a huge black eye.

“Oh my god, Baby!” You gasped. “What happened?!”

“It’s not a big deal… I got mugged.” He tried to sound nonchalant.

“How is that not a big deal, Winn!” You argued.

“I’m fine. Really!” He assured.

“Have you seen a mirror?” You hissed.

He opened his mouth to answer, but instead, he just made his way back to his desk. You followed close behind.

“Did they manage to take anything?” You tried to ask calmly.

“No, I’ve got everything.”

You took a deep breath and tried to calm yourself down. You could feel your blood boiling. If you ever got your hands on the person who hurt your boyfriend, they would get it back tenfold.

“Did you at least call the police?” You sighed.

“The guy’s in custody.” He grumbled.

“Hey,” you knelt down to be eye level with him as he sat in his chair, “are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.” He gave a small smile.

You took his hand in both of yours and gave it a gentle kiss. “You know you can talk to me about anything, right?”

“Yeah, I do.” His smile deepened, causing him to wince in pain slightly. “Hurts to smile.”

“Sorry!” You smiled back apologetically.

“Agent [Y/L/N], you’re needed!” You heard coming from another room.

“Duty calls.” You sighed as you stood back up. “Maybe after work, you could come over to my place and I’ll nurse you back to health?”

“I’d like that.” He agreed.

You began to make your way to the other room, but stopped when you heard your name.

“Hey, [Y/N]!” You turned around, “I love you!”

A huge smile spread across your face, “I love you, too, Winn!”

telltale’s the walking dead game season one | sentence starters


– taken and adapted from telltale’s the walking dead game season one. contains bad language, slurs, and themes of violence and death. feel free to change pronouns etc.

❛ are you dead?… HEY! ARE YOU DEAD? ❜
❛ you need to be quiet. ❜
❛ i got chased by a couple of dead people. ❜
❛ so, uh… what do you do when corpses aren’t walking around? ❜
❛ i… i have to pee. ❜
❛ they will find us, they will get in here, and none of this will fucking matter. ❜
❛ s/he’s kinda cute, in that parent’s basement sort of way. ❜
❛ you didn’t have a choice. you think you do, when you look back on it. but in a moment? when things are really out of control? you don’t have any choice. ❜
❛ open sesame. ❜
❛ dude, where’d your weapon go? ❜
❛ you’re not coming with us, you son of a bitch. ❜
❛ i’m not letting someone else get eaten today, especially a good friend. ❜
❛ this isn’t your own personal dictatorship. ❜
❛ hey, i didn’t ask to lead this group! ❜
❛ i’ve got charm coming outta my ass. ❜
❛ okay, ____  don’t pop a gasket. ❜
❛ i ain’t going back. you tell ‘em ____ ain’t going back! ❜
❛ oh calm down, princess. i’ll do it myself. ❜
❛ oh, you are NOT saying what i think you’re saying. ❜
❛ we’ll mourn him/her later, but right now we have to keep him/her from coming back. ❜
❛ are you stupid?! he’s gonna turn! you’re putting all of us at risk. ❜
❛ s/he was still alive, ____. s/he was still alive… ❜
❛ put the gun down, bitch! ❜
❛ we do whatever is best for the kids. doesn’t that make sense? ❜
❛ we’re strongest together. ❜
❛ it’s hell on earth and it’s coming this way. ❜
❛ you need to un-hear all of that. ❜
❛ don’t call me small. ❜
❛ you’re in no position to make demands. ❜
❛ you think you’re some tough bitch, don’t you? like nothing can hurt you, but you’re just a scared little girl. ❜
❛ what? you think there might be something dangerous inside an abandoned locomotive? hadn’t crossed my mind. ❜
❛ you touch any of my stuff? ❜
❛ you wanna scare people? scare me, motherfucker. ❜
❛ i guess i probably know everything then. being a little girl and all… ❜
❛ i hope you know what you’re doing with him/her. for his/her sake. ❜
❛ ask not for whom the bell tolls…. it tolls for thee. ❜
❛ what are you yammering on about? ❜
❛ so, you’re just gonna leave me on the bench here? ❜
❛ i find whoever’s doing that, i’ll ring their motherfuckin’ bell for them. ❜
❛ well screw you. i ain’t giving up that easy. ❜
❛ get that finger out of my face before i jam it straight up your ass. ❜
❛ oh, hey. you made it back. good job… good job… ❜
❛ what the hell happened here? i thought this place was supposed to be secure. ❜
❛ if this asshole thinks s/he’s getting on my boat after what s/he did, s/he’s out of his/her motherfucking mind! ❜
❛ there’s no time! you have to go, now! ❜
❛ i’m gonna pretend you didn’t say any of this and give you the chance to walk away. ❜
❛ if i were you, i’d choose my next words very carefully. ❜
❛ okay… this has to be done…. sorry, pal… i gotta do it… ❜
❛ i think i just peed myself. ❜
❛ they’re just people. people who have been dealing with shitty situations even longer than we have. ❜
❛ i’m just saying we should ALL chill. not just you. ❜
❛ i know i fucked up, but stop pushing me around and stop wishing i was dead! ❜
❛ dude, you ruined that guy’s face. ❜
❛ if you were me, you’d be a foot taller. ❜
❛ you don’t just end it ‘cause it’s hard. you stick it out and you help the folks you care about. ❜
❛ wa-AHHH! ❜
❛ at least it doesn’t look like a death trap. ❜
❛ you don’t smell good. ❜
❛ you’re covered in all that gross stuff. ❜
❛ please don’t be dead, please no. ❜
❛ i was so scared… i– i thought you left me… ❜
❛ please, no… no, that’s not true… ❜
❛ there’s no time to be upset. ❜
❛ you can take care of yourself, see? ❜
❛ keep that hair short. ❜
❛ i’ll miss you. ❜


ahhh holy shit @oblivion-times 💜 surprise… kinda I mean.. I told you I was gonna make return gifts for you but– heck.

Sorry I made your hair look like you just got out the fuckin shower, I had to much fun with the highlighting and it gets outta control :’/
Also ur skele son💜👌 I love him, I will smoog him

while im on the topic of this fuckin nerd lemme tell you that I love chompy with all my heart, hes a fuckin pest and costs one trillion pounds in sawdust bc he has no concept of not running in mud and then jumping all over his hutch but this bun knows he got the good life. as said before he just kinda roams the back garden during the day. patrols the perimeter ynow controls them borders. but yeah one time I went out to check on him bc I couldn’t see him and saw the back gate was open and he’d gotten out and let me tell u ive never shat bricks quicker. hauled ass back into my house to get some shoes on to run round the neighbourhood thinkin I’ve lost my formidable Elder Rabbit forever or he’s been in the road or smthn. shot out my house like a fuckin bullet to scope him out and there he fuckin is, in the front garden, munching the grass. front gate wide open, main road right there, had been presumably free to wander out for at least half an hour but nah. in the front. chowin the fuck down. bc this little bastard probs got to the gate and thought wait. this sucker pays out of pocket for fancy fruit rabbit food when he could just get the generic one that tastes like ass. he grows a garden and gives me carrots straight out the ground. ynow?? im gonna Stick Around, might cause him a fucking aneurysm from the stress of him thinkin I’ve scooted my furry ass straight into a fuckin road but w/e


A/N: Hello all! Its been a while! Well, I posted a set of starters and requests during finals week never expecting a response, and got one! I hope you guys enjoy it, I’m always open for requests! I was feeling angsty myself when I wrote this so it kinda came out that way. Also the gif sucks. I know. I’m sorry.

@sleepy-rad requested 25 and 30! I’ve titled it partners and I hope you like it!

25. “Your engagement ring is fake”

30. “Why can’t you appreciate my sense of humor?”

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You hated steak out missions. They were boring and you always felt useless when the real stuff began and you couldn’t jump in. You’d always had control problems and being on a team like this really brought them out at times. Especially when you were assigned to watch. “I’m not into threesomes and watching. Its not going to work.” You’d tried that line on Bucky and Steve. It had only gotten you a dry stare and 100 more pushups added to your routine–it was worth the giggles you’d had with Nat later.  However you were not envious of your partner this time. You were giving it everything you could not to giggle over the line.

“You look great boys. That 1940’s swing vibe you’ve got going is very cute.” Two grunts came from the other end and you cover your mouth not so inconspicuously. You’d fought toe and nail to be Bucky’s partner, he’d worked really well with you. It had been smooth sailing. So when you had been told that he was partnering with Steve on this one you’d been spitting mad.

“What the fuck Barnes?” You storm into the training room and grab the nearest quarter staff, knocking him to the ground in one fluid movement. “If you didn’t want to work with me you asshat, all you had to do was say.” You huff and shove the butt of the staff in at his chest when he tries to stand. He wheezes out and you can’t really make out the words. “Look. I’m new. I get it. You like Nat because she and you have a whatever history together.” You ignored the wrinkle in his forehead and force the staff against his chest harder. “And you’ve known Steve for longer than I’ve been alive. Thats fine. I just figured if we had a problem you’d tell me.” You throw a leg over his torso and sink down on his chest, tossing the pole away getting really close to his ear with a menacing look on your face, “If this is about the Jakarta mission…” Next thing you know you’re on your back and Bucky is over you, holding you wrists above you with his metal arm and rubbing his chest with the other. “What the he–”

“Shut up and listen for a sec Y/N.” Bucky huffs, “You’re one crazy bitch you know that?” You splutter at that comment, you’d never heard him use that language at you seriously.

“The audacity that you have flipping me over and just–”

“The audacity I have? Me? You came in here, flipped me over, and threw a damn pole at my chest! I’m not switching partners. Its only this one time. One time.” He raises an eyebrow and tilts his head to the side, but your angry gaze doesn’t relent. “Look Y/N. Its a club. A dance club. And you just–”

“Oh so now I can’t dance?” You growl, pushing him off of you with your legs, his grip on your hands releasing in the process. He chuckles and your cheeks flame. You clench your fists and stand in retaliation. He looks up at you from the floor and smirks.

“You can dance Y/N. I know you can dance. Believe me. If you’d let me finish before you mouth off again I could explain. I didn’t know you cared about being my partner that much.” You open your mouth to interrupt and he cuts you off by pulling you back down next to him. “Well. I did, but I still like to tease you about it.” He stops and sighs, “But we talked about it. If something happens like what did in Jakarta again–”

“We wouldn’t partner together anymore.”

“You really like to interrupt me don’t you?”

“A little.”

“Well theres no reason to worry, Doll. Its for gay men.”

“Enough with the comment’s Y/L/N,” Steve’s voice came through the line in a harsh whisper and it only made you want to laugh harder. You could pick up some of the chatter on the other end through the coms and it only made you want to laugh harder. An actual club setting would have made it all easier for you not to laugh at, but when Bucky had said “club” he hadn’t meant like some place people go to drink and dance, but a literal club. Like bridge club. Or stamp collecting club. It was a large group of gay men in a dance hall. Ballroom. Dancing. Why the hell an AIM correspondent came here you had no idea.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night Steve. Why can’t you appreciate my humor?” You mutter, before pointing out the scope of the room and the target. You explained the best way to move around the room and made sure the boys knew what dance was coming up. They were surprisingly good. Obviously both men were used to leading, but Bucky was slightly shorter and so everyone had agreed Steve should be the one to take on that role. Bucky grumbled about having to wear the ring, but it reminded you of yours and Bucky’s undercover mission. Not that you had told him that. It should be an easy pick up. The boys just needed to get to the computer and put the info on a hard-drive and erase the intel on the computer after. Easy peasy. Something they had all ton many times before. “Alright so it looks like they’re getting ready to start a tango? Maybe start a scene or get too handsy or something now so you can sneak off? Everyone else seems very…” You cough, “Into it.”

“Don’t judge. Last I remember you really like to–” You cough again at Bucky’s words and can see Steve shake his head through your telescope–Stark hated when you called it that.

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.” Steve mumbles.

“I wasn’t judging. Just making an observation about–woah boys incoming at your 5 o'clock.” You interrupt yourself and start furiously typing on your computer, looking through your files about who was going to be in the class that day. “His name is Caleb Walden. He’s been taking this class for years and helps teach now. He owns an antique shop and has never been arrested. He looks clean from here. I wouldn’t be too worried about him.”

“Your form is all wrong. You need new shoes. Your engagement ring is fake and you both look like you’re going to poop your pants. Classic newbies.” Both Bucky and Steve’s mouths drop at the new voice and you suck in a breath, your body ready to move in if something goes wrong. The new man, Caleb, laughs and puts a hand on Steve and Bucky’s shoulders to push them closer together. Both men look instantly on guard and uneasy. You can see Caleb motion for Steve to tighten his grip on Bucky’s waste–Bucky’s face hardens more and you snort. He looks to Steve, “I get it. Trying to get your partner to take dance classes before the wedding is a nightmare. Just relax. No biggie. And-” He cuts off and turns to Bucky, “Judging by the looks on your faces you didn’t know about the ring. Don’t worry. Its a knock off. I see a lot of these come through. Happens all the time. I’d take it back if I were you.” He smiles and moves on to the next couple while Steve and Bucky fumble over themselves.

“Holy shit,” you laugh until you lose your breath on the line, barely getting out an okay when the boys both agree to get there shit and get out as fast as possible. “Your engagement ring is fake and you both look like you’re going to poop your pants. Fuck. I can’t breathe.”

When the three of you get back in the tower both boys begin avoiding each other like the plague and it just makes the whole situation funnier to you. Steve would walk in a room and see Bucky and make an excuse to walk right back out. Both wouldn’t make eye contact in the halls. Bucky even started getting you up an hour earlier to train before Steve woke.

“I actually didn’t much mind working with Steve on that mission.” You comment while stretching during a cool down with Bucky. “He doesn’t like some of my comments, but his reactions are priceless.” Bucky grins and nods.

“You wouldn’t mind if I went back to working with Nat then, Doll?” Your head whips up at that question and you frown.

“I guess not. Not if thats what you want. I was mad before because I thought you hadn’t told me. But if you want to work with Nat I get it. Its fine.” Not fine. Not fine. Not fine.

“I like being your partner a lot Y/N. But I–”

“You liked what we were in Jakarta more.” He sighs at your comment and nods. “You know how I feel about this Bucky. We talked about it. We’re a good team. It seems silly to throw away what we can do working together for some silly crush. It makes me feel selfish and dumb.” Bucky nods again. It was a fantasy and you both knew it. You reach out for his hand and he pulls it away.

“No. Uh. No,” he stands and rubs his hands down his training pants. “I just don’t want to end up like Clint and Nat who talk about stupid Budapest and nobody understands except for it has some deep meaning to their relationship that never got resolved. You’re right. It is selfish. Its stupid and dumb and silly. So what? Just because we’re heroes doesn’t mean we don’t get to be people too. This isn’t some Shakespeare bullshit Y/N. No, we don’t get a normal life. Thats true. So how can you expect me to find a normal person?” He runs his hands through his hair in frustration and paces back and forth a few feet from you.

“I’m sorry. What do you want? For us to kiss and everything can suddenly be better? We’re partners and it works.”

“We were together and it worked.”

“We were in hiding for 2 months Bucky. It wasn’t real.” That comment causes him to stop pacing. He turns and faces you, his face dark.


“I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Its fine Y/N. Go back to your gutless humor and your stretching shit. I’ll let Steve know about the partner change.” He’s gone before you can get another word in.


quote inspiration → Jon x Dany

I wanted to give Jon and Dany what they lost out on in life. I’d like to think this isn’t weakness or… evasion… but a final act of kindness. I gave them their happiness.“

Kinda funny how planeswalkers react to the Planar Bridge. 

“It’s a threat to every plane! Too dangerous to exist!”

And yet none of them seem to have any problem with their own abilities. I guess it’s different when the rabble gets to do it.

Tezzeret controlling the thing is a great excuse to freak out, but Saheeli reacted that way to Rashmi’s initial work too. And it’s not like they’ve got any interest in rebuilding the thing for their own use, despite its enormous potential for good.

If I were writing the story I’d have some Kaladeshi progress-enthusiast call them out on it, and maybe try for a thoughtful discussion with obvious nuclear-power parallels. But obviously I’m not.

okay but am i the only one that can ACTUALLY see magnus and alec adopting madzie? 

like, idk if the writers have the rights for the rest of the books so, maybe they can’t make the story about the little warlock completely the same (that’s why malec’s first date is not like in the bane chronicles, bc they don’t have the rights for that book)

so, maybe they created madzie so they can adopt her later?? (i still haven’t watched the whole ep so maybe this is kinda off), like, her name is madzie (sounds a lot like max, or even maxie, even you could give her the nickname “max/maxie”), and if they couldn’t make her blue (like in the books) the most reasonable thing would make her a poc (bc…why the f not????)

so… yeah idk this got out of control im sorry lmao


*Other Important Things*

  • If you take medications like (Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, etc) take the proper dosage and DO NOT mix them with caffein no matter how much you think you might need it to finish something. Too much stimulants are harmful for your heart and will worsen your anxiety, irritability and your behavior could become dangerous for yourself and others due to the lack of control. (I’m telling this out of personal experience, the anxiety got bad enough to create auditory hallucinations so please don’t mix)
  • Don’t feel embarrassed if you have to email your teacher the day after the class if you forgot something important or to ask questions if a projects isn’t clear enough. 
  • organize the materials you will need for class the night before to avoid forgetting anything. 
  • Once you build a routine PLEASE avoid in any cost to break it even if it was just for a day. If you have adhd you must know how hard it is to both create and stick to a routine. If it gets broken its going to be really hard to recover it.
  • On the bright side some or most of the classes are hands on therefore you won’t get as distracted since you will be busy both listening at your teacher, observing something and drawing or painting. your brain won’t have the need to look for distractions to keep it busy since its already busy. 
  • If you are forgetful in general don’t be afraid to tell a friend to remind you to do things. (I often forgot to eat so i had people to remind me to take a break and go eat, or told me to go with them to eat lunch or dinner)
  • if you catch yourself getting sidetracked just try to get back to the correct track even if it seems hard. 
  • NEVER think you are lazy or stupid and do not compare yourself to others, remember you have a condition and its not your fault but do not use your condition as an excuse to not do things. 
  • This applies to everyone but remember to ACCEPT criticism and learn from it, getting angry is seen as childish and immature. 
  • Remember to take care of yourself, and have fun because you are studying and working on something that you enjoy. 

so yeah don’t work around adhd but with it, notice your weak spots and work with them. This tips are useful for anyone and are based on my own experience so it could be a little different for everyone. 

I’ll add more things if I remember anything else.


YA aesthetics: Jude Sweetwine

Maybe Mom was wrong about that girl after all. Because that girl spits on guys who treat her badly. Maybe it’s that girl who’s been missing. Maybe it’s that girl breaking her way out of that rock at Guillermo’s. Maybe it’s that girl who can see it’s not my fault that a car with my mother in it lost control no matter what i did with this jerkoff beforehand. I didn’t bring the bad luck to us, no matter how much it felt that way.
…For the record, that girl rocks.

i wanted to draw the flowy scarf thing

…i like flowy things

anonymous asked:

Why didn't they make the Ruby Squad kinda like Team Rocket from Pokemon, the "evil" group who try to defeat the "heroes" but failed most of the time because they are to silly or get defeated by the others. Like: The Rubies had a mission but they lost control over they ship, the ship crashed up near Beach City and the Rubies are stranded on earth. They found out where the Crystal Gems are and since then, they try to attack them. Kinda like a Running Gag or something like this.

That would be really funny tbh. It’s kinda what Peridot was like for a while until she got redeemed. I think it’s highly likely the Rubies will be back so who knows, maybe they will be a bit like this?

Go (Gwash x reader)

Request: Angst time pwetty please. . “Please…you’re scaring me.” And “Are you okay in there? You’ve been so quiet” for Washington.

TW: None 

A/N: This is an interesting one. This is my first angst fic and it was honestly so much fun I’m not kidding I understand why people love writing it! Thank you so much anon for the request. I put it in a modern AU if that’s alright,I was having trouble putting together a plot in the canon era. But tbh I kinda like how this turned out oops. Hope y’all like it!! <333


To say that Thomas Jefferson had a temper was an understatement by all definitions of the word.

However, he generally knew how to keep it under control, even under the trying circumstances due to working in the same offices as Alexander Hamilton.

But, for some unknown reason, your roommate went absolutely ballistic on you the minute you got home from work. You had barely cracked the door when you heard Thomas’s booming voice, “Oh! So now you decide to come home. This place is a fucking mess. You do nothing around here, you know. I’m the only one who ever does anything in this goddamned apartment.”

You sent an apologetic look over your shoulder to your boyfriend, and coincidentally Thomas’s boss, George Washington. Thomas occasionally got frustrated about minor things like this, so you hadn’t thought too much about his spout of anger.

You opened the door wide enough to let yourself and George in and gave Thomas a pointed look that basically said, Behave. Or else. It didn’t appear to change his attitude much though as he simply glared back at you and continued ranting.

“You’re never home! You always come home at ridiculous hours and throw your shit everywhere like no one else lives here. Well news flash, whore! I live here too!” He threw your textbook across the room as he yelled and while it wasn’t close to yours and George’s heads, they were obviously the target.

“Please calm down Tom. You’re starting to scare me

“Mr. Jefferson. I understand that this is between Y/N and yourself but I would think that ‘whore’ is a strong word to use against someone in this type of argument,” George said, placing a calming hand on the small of your back.

“Whatever, Washington. You’re no better. You come in with her in middle of the fucking night and y’all act like no one else is in this apartment. You make so much noise and I know you’re just doing it because you know Martha lives across the hall and you want to make her jealous,” Jefferson sneered at George and threw another textbook at you both.

At the mention of Martha, George’s ex, your heart closed in on itself. That was a fear you had confided in Thomas about at the beginning of yours and George’s relationship. You were terrified of being used and you had never thought that maybe Thomas actually knew. You hoped, you listened for George to begin protesting but nothing came out. You looked up to see the man you were so hopelessly in love with gaping at Jefferson with wide eyes. You blinked back tears and shuffled back from him before turning into your bedroom and locking the door behind you. You then flopped face-first into your bed and began to cry. How could he? He knew how hard you had fallen for him. Is this why he never said he loved you back?

You eventually heard the argument start up again but Thomas had seemed to calm down and George had seemed to be more angry. You blocked it out with a pillow over both ears until you fell asleep, tears still streaming down your face.


You awoke to a timid knock on your door. The minute you stood up all the memories from hours ago flooded back into your head and you sat back down holding your pounding head in your hand.

The knock sounded again, this time followed by the silky sound of George’s voice saying, “Y/N, Is everything okay in there? It’s been a couple of hours and I thought you might be ignoring us, but it’s been so quiet, I want to make sure you’re okay.”

You stood up again, ignoring the pounding against your skull and opened the door a crack. “Look, if I’m really just a ruse to get Martha back than please don’t waste my time,” you mumbled unable to bring your bloodshot eyes to meet his.

“Why would you think that? He doesn’t know what he’s talking about he’s just angry and loses control of his emotions and becomes irrational easily you know that,” George tried to reason.

“Because I know you still text her sometimes and Thomas isn’t the first to wonder and you haven’t said you love me back and it’s been a month and I’m sure there are other signs but I’ve blocked them out because I love you that much,” you spat, sending a steely glance his way.

“Y/N, please just–”

“You don’t even try to deny it. Look I just want some space. If you can figure out what you want by the day after tomorrow then maybe we’ll talk but for now please just go,” you had brushed past him in your doorway and marched to your apartment door, holding it open and gesturing for him to leave.



You shut the door behind him then sank down against the door hoping you were doing the right thing.