that keychain

throwback to when i was at vidcon having a mini crisis at the IRL store booth because i couldnt decide on which dan and phil merch to buy or if i was buying more than was reasonable but i also tried to justify it because it’s all here,,, might as weLL and not be forced to pay for shipping later on but do i really need a pastel phan poster and a japhan cap and a hollywood dan and phil shirt and lanyard do i Really Need That? No!! i don’t but do i want it???? y es..

Hey guys! My tictail store has been renamed and will be re-opening pre-orders for some brand new keychains! :D

There will be options to buy these individually AND/OR as a fullset.

Please note these are pre-orders. Orders won’t be shipped until Mid-Late April. If stock arrives before its expected date, I will ship them out early-mid April instead! n_n

The store will open tomorrow (Saturday 11th) at 5PM EST (10PM GMT) and Pre-Orders will close March 25th.